by Bill Burns

Hosea 8:1  Set the trumpet to your mouth!



January 16, 2022:  I say to you, examine the nonsense in your thinking. For I say, indeed, many of you are occupied with nonsense. But, I would have you choose to believe and receive that which I am bringing and imparting rather than leaning on your own understanding. Reflect on and examine your thoughts, attitudes and motives. My purposes for you are not to muddle around in the things of the world, but for you to ascend on high and live in the realm of spiritual experience. So rise and come higher, and let the wind of My Spirit move you, and let the anointing of My word perfect you, says the Lord.

January 9, 2022:  Mount up and go higher, no longer be earth bound, no longer be troubled by the circumstances that you are walking through. Do not be troubled by those things that come against you, for I have given you power over all the work of the enemy and over every circumstance that you will find yourself in. So, be encouraged even in this moment that I am with you. I will never leave you or forsake you. I will lead you, guide you, and anoint you so that you will have victory.

January 2, 2022:  Come and walk with Me. If you walk with Me you will learn of My ways, the ways that have been hard for you to find in the past. If you walk with Me you will become one with Me and if you become one with Me then you will know the way in which you should go. You will be able to receive all that I will reveal in this season. If you come with Me on this journey you will be blessed beyond measure. So come, says the Lord.


December 26, 2021:  I know the path that you have walked upon. I know the circumstances that you have dealt with. I have been with you, therefore I have seen. I know, and I understand the things that you wrestle with, the dilemmas that you have gone through, and the questions you have asked. I know your worst fears and I know your faith. Today I come to encourage you. Those things you have worried about, those things that you are anxious about are known to Me, and this day as you release them to Me, I will deal with them. I will bring you through the valley of the shadow of death and bring you into the place of wisdom and knowledge. There are things that you must have understanding of so that you can proceed in an absolute faith and trust in Me, says the Lord God. I will bring you to a place of clarity with regard to things that concern you. Be at peace in this season.

December 19, 2021:  The Lord says that the enemy has been bringing a fog into your spiritual atmosphere. This has caused you to be unable to see clearly. It has created doubt around the things that you are making decisions for. It has caused you to be unclear about that which you are to pray and that which you are to do. But, watch now for I will send a wind to remove the fog which has encased you and the obstruction that has kept you from seeing clearly. You are now entering into a time of light and great clarity, purpose of mind and strength. Go forth with renewed hope.

December 12, 2021:  I am speaking to you directly and very personally. I know your situations and I know what is taking place in your circumstances. I know what the enemy is doing to you and what the enemy has planned for you, but I have plans for you as well. If you will depend on My plans and come to know My ways and walk this path that I am establishing before you, then you will receive everything that I have in store for you. On this journey worry is defeated and unbelief is destroyed as you rise to a higher position of faith, knowledge and understanding of Me, says the Lord.

December 5, 2021:  I have called you forth for such a time as this, so that you may accomplish My perfect will as I lead and guide you into the fullness of this season. Pay attention, My people, to the signs that come. Pay attention to those things that I highlight. Pay attention to the written Word when it becomes illuminated to you, for it will lead you as a light that shines in darkness. Receive the anointing that I am bringing. Allow that anointing to rest upon you like a mantle. Let it become part of who you are. Become one with Me, and I will lead and guide you. I will provide for you, heal, and strengthen you, says the Lord God, Most High.


November 28, 2021:  I have brought you into the kingdom, for such a time as this, that you might grow exceedingly and abundantly beyond all that you can imagine. My work is being developed and demonstrated in and through you. Strengthen yourself. Understand that in this season I will make Myself known to you in ways that you have not known before. So, allow your faith to soar. This is a time when My people can arise to a position of the demonstration of faith in powerful ways.

November 21, 2021:  Let your faith arise. Let your faith be the prominent part of that which you pursue in this season. Use your faith. Allow your faith to grow. Allow it to become sensitive to My promptings. Allow your faith to come to Me unhindered by doubt or unbelief. Allow it to come and you shall receive that which I have for you. Let your faith arise because it is the very substance of things hoped for. Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

November 14, 2021:  You have been given precious promises that you have not yet received, but do not lose hope. Have patience and persevere through these times that seem to be so hopeless. You will receive all that I have promised in due time. Hebrews 10:35-36 Therefore do not cast away your confidence, which has great reward. For you have need of endurance, so that after you have done the will of God, you may receive the promise.

November 7, 2021:  Rise up and encourage yourself in the same way David encouraged himself when things were not going well for him. Rise up and believe that I am for you, that I am with you and that I will bring you through to a position of victory. Rise up in this hour and allow your faith to soar. Allow yourself to again believe in My goodness and watch the blessings of My kingdom come to you in this season.


October 31, 2021:  Come up to the mountain of the Lord’s house. Come and sit with Me, talk with Me, and let Me show you the things that are before you. I will empower you to overcome anything and everything that the enemy brings against you. You are indeed more than a conqueror. Exercise the authority I have given you and become that person I have designed you to be.

October 24, 2021:  I hear the Lord saying that you are now prepared to come up into higher realms, places in the spirit so that you can see, know and understand My purpose for you. Do not forget that I am with you. I am with you to help you, to lead you, and to guide you. I am with you to heal you and to provide for you. I will cause your life to become one of productivity, liberty, freedom and victory. So get going. Walk with Me in newness of life.

October 17, 2021:  I have set those on the earth who are My psalmists, and they shall establish a flow, a flow of My river among My people, a flow that will help My people come higher, a flow of My presence. Because their songs come from heaven and their songs are anointed, they shall indeed impact you and bring you into what I am doing. So when you hear the sound of heaven impacting your heart and when you hear the sound of heaven coming upon you embrace it and let it do its work. Let it bring peace to your soul, let it bring joy to your heart and let it bring healing to your body. Let the Spirit of the Lord flow in the sound that I am bringing forth as promised. For such a time as this embrace My sound, says the Lord Most Holy.

October 10, 2021:  Come into the presence of the Lord and into His strength. The revelation of His nature has been given to you prophetically so that you can be more than you have ever thought you could be. You can rise up into a spiritual climate, a spiritual habitation and place of victory in your life. It is His desire for you be victorious in all things. So, come. Come in His presence. Come with joy. Come with expectation. Come and be all you can be in this season and He will do the rest.

October 3, 2021:  This is a brand new day. Many will miss it. But, if you will seek to understand that which I am doing you will walk this new path of life with Me. You will know those things that are going to take place because I will reveal them to you. I will show you My plans for this season. When these plans are completed, you will be strengthened and reach new spiritual heights.

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