by Bill Burns

Hosea 8:1  Set the trumpet to your mouth!



September 19, 2021:  Come on, get up. It's time for you to advance in the kingdom of God. It's time for you to move forward. It's time for you to fulfill your destiny in those things I have spoken over you. Many things will come to pass in this time frame. Rise up to walk on the path that I have designed for you, and your destiny will be fulfilled as you go. And, along the way I will reveal things you need to know. I will empower and anoint you to overcome. I will be with you to lead and guide you.

September 12, 2021:  I see you and know you. I know the struggles that you are going through. I know those things that the enemy is bringing against you. I know the seductions that he will use against you. But, if you will stay close to Me, I will lead you through the process of discerning his tactics and empower you to resist him so that he will flee from you. It is My desire and My will to see you in a position of victory.

September 5, 2021:  The Lord of Glory would say to you today: I am the light and the revelation of the times and the seasons. These seasons and times change for your benefit. I am advising you to get up from whatever position you have seated yourself in and go with Me on this great journey that will create a new dimension of excitement in your life. And the blessings that will flow out of it will indeed cause you to know that I am the Lord of all things. I am the Lord of your provision, your healing and of your relationship with Me. You and I will become one in this time. AUGUST 2021

August 29, 2021:  These are dangerous times. Therefore, I am calling you to a higher level of understanding, a level of being able to see and hear and to know the direction that you are to walk in. Stay under the shelter of My outspread wings so that I can protect you and guide you. The travesty of the world need not touch you. Even though you will see it all around you, you will find yourself in a secure and safe habitation in Me.

August 22, 2021:  Don't stop. Don't quit the race. Run the race in such a way that you will win it. Run and you shall find that you have extreme energy and extreme speed because I will anoint you with My purposes in this dispensation and in this very time that you find yourself in. For, you are in the last stages of the race. Run the race now to receive everything I have for you.

August 15, 2021:  Have you heard, My people, the things that you must now do so that you can be free from bondage and live absolutely in the purpose and the power of the spirit of life with liberty? This day I set you free of everything that has held you in the past and show you the road that leads into the future. Walk this path that is before you, the path of light. And on the path of light you shall be renewed. You shall be healed. You shall be able to receive all that I have promised because you have determined to walk with Me on that path.

August 8, 2021:  I would have you to be an overcomer. Overcomers are those who fight through every circumstance--every situation that is established against them. The overcomer is the one who casts down the vain imaginations and the arguments that the enemy brings against them. The overcomer lives in My promises. Choose to be an overcomer and begin today by the renewing of your mind, says the Lord.

August 1, 2021:  Rise up today from the dead ashes of religion and religious concepts and precepts that bring failure after failure upon your life. Rise up into a new hope, into a new place where you have understanding of who I am. I am God who is for you and with you. I empower you and carry you to victory. I am for you, My dear children, and you must understand that the enemy cannot win. Understand that his weapons are useless against you. So, I say, activate your faith and dare to believe that all things are possible to those who believe. Dare to believe that I am for you. Dare to believe that I am with you. Dare to believe that I am empowering you so that you can live the victorious life.

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