by Bill Burns

Archive 2007


December 24, 2007:  Beloved, I have deposited My seed in you, and I will cause it to grow exceedingly.  You will partake of My divine life as you exercise your faith.  I will fulfill My covenant promise of healing in you as I overshadow you with My glory.  Make a decree and proclaim that you are healed by My stripes, says the Lord.  You will be renewed by My strength in you.  I will renew the strength of My purpose for your life.  As you worship Me, I will open a door to you of My great favor and blessings, which will come down like the rain to water a dry and thirsty ground.  Leave the past behind along with those things that have hindered you -- fear, anger, grumbling, complaining and the like.  Then, step out on a brand new day with a new level of faith.  My glory shall manifest and bring forth life.  Face the new year with great courage without worrying about what the world says regarding war or the financial markets or food shortages or plagues.  Do not worry because I am with you to save you and deliver you from destruction.  You belong to Me, says God.

December 19, 2007:  It is time for you, My people, to believe My word and act like you believe.  It is time for you to arise and activate your faith and nurture a strong developing faith that will prevail over all of the works of the enemy.  For too long, the devil has brought delusion, and he has promoted lies among you.  I am the Lord of Hosts who comes to you to lay My sword upon your shoulder to deem you knighted for such a time as this to be a warrior in the Kingdom of God, never to retreat or back up.  I say to you, if you will arise and draw near to Me and resist the devil he will indeed flee from you, and you shall have the victory, says the Lord. 

December 18, 2007:  It is imperative that My people use the last two weeks of this year as a time of rejoicing for the goodness of the Lord.  This rejoicing will open the door for the Father’s great grace and divine favor that will come in 2008 – the year of the open door.  On some level victory has come to ALL of My people in this season, but you may not understand the fullness of it at this time.  Again, I say rejoice, for if you do, the fulfillment of that which has begun in the spirit will manifest in your lives in this next season, says the Lord.

December 17, 2007:  Please listen and understand that I told you that you would begin to hear the sounds of heaven as they came to earth, for with My sound comes My vibration, which brings the opportunity for change within your spirit.  What change would that be?  It would be a realignment of your spirit with heaven that you may experience the joy of your King and the peace of the kingdom.  Indeed, you will hear the sounds that were prophesied.  It is time now for you to know experientially that I have prepared an atmosphere in which the vibration of My sound invades your spirit and atmosphere whereby I can touch you at the very roots of your existence.  As I bring My sound to your spirit, allow it to change you and align you with My glory.  Let Me touch you and open the doors of the Spirit and bring the times of refreshing that you so earnestly desire.  You will look back soon and declare that this past year was both the best and the hardest of your existence.  You faced many trials and yet you experienced My glory and blessings as well.  These times were for your good and for your strengthening and growth so that the eyes of your understanding would be opened and that you might begin to know that I am in control of your destiny as I will unfold it before you day by day.  As you walk the paths of your destiny the doors of My kingdom will continue to open before you.  Get ready for the next season, for it will bring forth greater joy and fewer trials.  You, My people, have been overcomers even when you thought you had failed.   For, I lead you always in triumph, and you shall see the glory of your King who leads and guides you.  Receive the gift of great joy and peace.  Make it yours, for it will make you ready for the season that lies before you, which shall be called The Season of the Open Door.  In fact, many doors will open that you will walk through, and each door will show you an aspect of the Kingdom.  It will show you the specific work being done in you at that time.  Each door will provide an opportunity for you to come higher.  Lay hold of this sound of heaven as it comes to you.  Allow it to be the strength of My presence in you, says the Lord.

December 10, 2007:  This is the Day of My power, says the Lord, and I will lift up your head; I will cause you to walk in divine authority.  This is a time when you can be all that I have called you to be and a season when you must draw near to Me and resist the devil until he flees from you.  My desire is that you experience My presence, for these are the days of the revealing of My glory.  Walk it out and be amazed.  I have prepared for you things that you cannot even imagine or perceive.  I will show you things that you have not known but have longed to see and understand.  I will reveal these things to you, and you will experience My kingdom in a new, fresh and powerful way. 

December 4, 2007:  I have already spoken to you that I would come to you in this season between Thanksgiving and the Celebration of Life.  I said I would bring unto you gifts.  This day I declare to you that the first gifts you will receive are joy and peace.  It is My purpose to bring you joy that is full of glory.  It is My purpose to bring you the peace that passes all understanding.  I give these to you, My people, so that you might rejoice and take pleasure in the Kingdom.  I want you to learn to express joy in My kingdom; express it to Me for salvation; express it to others for their godly influence in your life; express your joy for all that I have done for you and will do, says the Lord, and surely you shall find peace.

December 3, 2007:  I keep hearing in my spirit, "fading glory."  And, the Lord says, the spiritual void that you are now experiencing is as a result of the fading glory of the season that is behind you.  That which is now diminishing will make room for the glory of the new season ahead of you.  The glory of the new season will far exceed the glory of the old season even as the natural seasons have their own glory.  I speak of the glory of spring which gives way to the glory of summer.  They identify a season change.  That glory which is coming is much greater than that which is behind.  Take a look at the season that you have been through and identify what I did, says the Lord.  What you have experienced will prepare you for what is ahead.  It will be a giant step up in the spirit.  In terms of spiritual reality and revelation of the Kingdom you will sense the fading of one and anticipation of the one to come.  Do not be alarmed or worry if you feel displaced in this transition.  There will be some adjustment as you make the transition.  As you seek Me, I will prepare you for a new season of life and its abundance.


November 26, 2007:  In this season, says the Lord, I will bless you exceedingly abundantly above all that you can think or ask.  You are My children; you are the children of the end of the age, and it is to your generation that the greatest gifts are given so that the greatness of My power will be manifest in the world and all may see and know that there is a God who lives among a chosen generation of people.  For you are My holy priests.  Come higher.  Let your faith soar.  Come a little higher in Me, and I shall bestow upon you the gifts of My kingdom.  I am the Bridegroom, says Jesus, who comes to the Bride to give to you those things that I desire for you to have.  They will contain the riches of the Spirit and the riches of the land.  All will know that you are Mine, My chosen, My beloved.  Come and see.  Come and taste the goodness of the Lord.  I will dwell among you.

November 20, 2007:  I say to you, My people, that  I am about to bring you in this season, between Thanksgiving (November 22) and the Celebration of Life (December 25) in this year, open doors that will reveal themselves as you seek Me.  They will be absolutely life changing doors of opportunity.  Watch and you shall see them, for they shall begin to open.  Watch for the light as the door beings to open.  When you see the light, go through and receive the blessing of a lifetime, says the Lord.  But, if there is darkness do not touch; do not handle, for the enemy will also entice you through his doors.  The only way you will know is by the light as you walk in the Spirit.

November 12, 2007:  I call My house into its destiny, into the fullness of My Spirit and life in this the end of the age.  I am building My house on the mountain tops, where My word shall flow forth and impact the nations.  I speak to your destiny of strength and health and call it forth, for it shall be such as in the days of Moses when he brought My people out of Egypt and there was none feeble among them.  I call forth the prophetic voices that I am raising up -- those voices that have been hindered by the enemy's work.  For indeed I have said you are My eagles, My prophetic ones, and it is now time to arise.  It is time to prophesy over your circumstances to proclaim the victory.  It is time to become so one with the Word that you are My representatives, says the Lord.

November 5, 2007:  The Lord says to you, little children, rise up now for I have prepared a path that you must walk on in these days.  But do not fear and do not come with hesitation but come in a fullness of faith  because I am for you. I will indeed show you the way and as I show you the way you will see the reality of your destiny as it begins to unfold as you walk down this path that is before you.  For surely I say unto you it leads to the new level of spiritual growth, it leads to the new level of spiritual power, it leads to the new plateau that you have been told about.  It leads to Zion's glory and this I say, I will have My church in that place of light, the light of Zion, and it will be a bright light for all the world to see.  You can be one of those that finds your way there if you so desire, but it will take dedication, it will take a cleansing of the mind and heart.  You must  purpose to go fully on with me to enter into the holy place and abide and rest in My presence.  Then, I say, I shall indeed overshadow you with My glory and bring you into the fullness of your destiny abiding in the glory and in the light of the Almighty.  Come let us adventure together for you shall find this time exciting.  Surely, you shall find this time with purpose in you own heart.  For those things you have desired to see in My kingdom, says the Lord, shall now begin to unfold before your very eyes and you will come to the place of saying, I knew about it Lord, but now with my own eyes I see it.  So rejoice in this opportunity, rejoice in this season, rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice.


October 29, 2007:  I call to you, My people, from on high.  I call to you that you might know your Father.  If you knew Him as I know Him, you would not doubt of His love.  You would be sustained by His love.  You will find as you go from glory to glory that His love is the sustaining grace and the power of the kingdom within.  Set aside all despair, all disappointments, and all disruption.  Come aside with Me, into My presence and into My rest.  Let the times of refreshing come upon you to nourish you in the power of His love, and then you shall go forth in that strength, and the banner over you will be His love to carry you forth into your purposes in the kingdom.  Let no one dissuade you or hold you back or keep you from knowing the love of the Father through Me, for if you have beheld Me you have seen Him.  Arise in this hour to a new height where there is new understanding and fresh revelation, says the Lord Jesus Christ.

October 22, 2007:  I am about to send you on a new journey, and I do not want the things that I have said to you in the past to hold you in restriction because of your past understanding.  Now you need to move beyond where you have become settled and into the unknown.  I am about to reveal to you the work that I have been doing in your heart.  I do not want this new work to be restrained by any past spiritual knowledge or experience.  You will be inclined to limit this new work by some aspect of your understanding or your thinking.  In order to gain spiritual perspective, however, you might need to go back to rediscover the ancient paths that you have walked upon.  And, in this process of rediscovery you will find some things that I have taught you that you did not come to realization about.  As you journey back I will show you places of victory and places of defeat, places of testing and trials.  You will gain new understanding of the present work that I am doing because some of those areas of failure will now become points of victory.  Along those ancient pathways the revelation of truth will come in new light, and you will be able to progress into this new day.  Please heed this warning, however.  If in your looking back you revisit the graveyard of regret, do not stop and re-establish a memorial.  Leave it there and keep moving forward.  You will find that the very thing you are now struggling with is exactly what you prayed for some time ago but have forgotten.  Examine for a moment what you have asked Me to do, says the Lord.  Didn't you ask Me to create in you a clean heart?  Isn't that what is occurring now?  I am currently moving in that dimension to answer your prayer.  1 Peter 5:10 But may the God of all grace, who called us to His eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after you have suffered a while, perfect, establish, strengthen, and settle you.

October 15, 2007:  Come!  Come and I will give you rest.  Come and I will remove the burdens that you carry.  Come and I will heal your brokenness.  Come and I will give understanding, revelation and inspiration for these days.  Indeed, I am with you and I am for you.  I am bringing you into a new spiritual dimension, and I will increase your faith.  I will bestow upon you a revelation of the Father's heart towards you.  I will demonstrate My love, My mercy, and My grace to those who believe.  You have struggled, but I have watched over you.   Even though the enemy has desired to kill you, you are still with Me, you are still alive and you are still here because you have determined to be an overcomer.  I have seen the difficulty of your struggle and hardship.  You have endured trials, but I tell you that resurrection life awaits.  The power of My kingdom will be demonstrated, and I encourage and touch you to bring life to the weariness of your heart and soul, says the Lord.  Arise now and walk forth.  Walk over the power of death and over the power of the enemy.  Arise and come to the trysting place that I have prepared for you in this time.  It is a place of communion and a place of the finishing rains.  The refreshing has begun, and the rain is falling.  Now is the day of My power, says the Lord.

October 8, 2007:  You have heard it said, My people, that crisis will bring you into divine order, and I say to you that this is truth.  When you are in the fire, My glory shall come forth.  Have you not heard of the fourth man in the fire?  Even in these days I visit you in the fires of tribulation and in the trials of your life.  I am bringing you to a place you have never been before, a place beyond where you have ascended to.  I am bringing you to a place of glory in My Kingdom, which has yet to be visited by your generation.  And, I remind you that you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood.  So come without hesitation, and allow the fire to burn, for surely it shall consume the works of the flesh, and what will be left is your spirit shining brightly in the Kingdom of God, doing exploits in His name.  These indeed are your best days yet.  Arise, and shake off every hindrance.  Come before Me in faith, and we will walk together in victory, says the Lord.

October 2, 2007:  Be afraid no more!  Be hindered no more!  Do not be consumed with the lies of the enemy or bound by rejection.  Do not give in to the spirit of condemnation, but come and leave those things behind you because this is a new day.  It is a day of the revelation of My power, a day of the revealing of all that the resurrection spoke of.  It is a revealing of the kingdom to come.  I shall use you to establish that kingdom upon the earth.  So, come today, I say.  Be refreshed.  Be renewed.  Sit down no longer.  Back up no longer.  Rise up in the Spirit.  Arise in light of My presence now.  Break forth as the dawn of a new day in this time of the latter rain.  Come and let My rain wash you.  Come to Me, little children, and receive the fullness of your inheritance.  I declare to you that those days behind you are finished, and the trouble that was in them leaves with them.  Arise in resurrection life. 

October 1, 2007:  Stir up the gift that I have deposited in your heart.  Stir up the proceeding words that I have spoken to you, for surely they shall come to pass.  Stir up the embers and cause the flames to come forth.  I say, that you are a people of understanding, a people who have wisdom.  Now it is time to do the work and stir up the impartation that you have received and bring it to the forefront of your lives.  Cause it to be a bright and burning flame that will light the path that you walk on.  Remember the days of old when you were a mighty warrior.  Remember those days and stir up again the shout of victory.  Open the Book of Remembrance that you have written and recount the exploits that I have involved you in.  Remember the prayers that I have answered!  Remember all that I have saved you from and the times when I watched over you when no one else would.  Remember My touch.  Remember that our hearts are joined together, and the two shall never be separated.  Remember most of all, My children, that I love you with a love that is beyond human understanding or human compassion.  I will never leave you nor forsake you.  I will be with you always, even to the very end of the age.  Do not forget My presence, says the Lord. 


September 25, 2007:  I say to you, My people, that I have brought you to this place to receive the glory of the latter rain.  These are the finishing rains that shall bring the Bride to perfection.  I set a ladder in your midst.  If you have eyes to see, you will see that this ladder ascends into the cloud of My glory.  Above this cloud are the flashing rays of My hand that I will lay upon you as you come up higher.  Many of you believe that you have neither the strength, courage, nor the ability to climb this ladder.  But, I say that if you will begin upon your knees, the first rung shall be easy to find.  As you take each subsequent step My presence will become strong and the glory shall overshadow you.  You shall be changed, transformed.  You shall be like My Son, the Beloved, the Firstborn.  Come without hesitation.  Abandon all that would hold you back.  Leave your unbelief behind, says the Lord.

September 17, 2007:  Come before My throne of grace, you children of Zion, and I will surely anoint you for the season that is before you.  I shall give to you strength, power and revelation of the Kingdom for these days.  I will bestow it upon you in a heartbeat, in a moment.  Be ready for the lightning flash that I will bring to open the way and clear a path for you to walk in the goodness of the Lord.  I come to "grace" you with the oil of anointing, the power of the Spirit within.  This is My purpose, says the Lord.  All you must do is be willing as you say, "Here I am, Lord; let it be to me according to your word." 

September 10, 2007:  Little children, if you could but see.  If you could see with eyes of vision the future that I have for you.  If you could perceive the destiny that I have for you.  If you could understand that even before the beginning of time it was purposed in My Father's heart to bring you forth in glory and cause you to walk in places that you have not experienced.  Do not be afraid, for I shall indeed give you hind's feet that you may climb upon the high mountains and come up to the Mountain of the Lord.  You have heard that this is your greatest hour, and it is so.  But, the enemy is raging against you, and you have endured times of warfare that have weakened you and caused you to doubt and even to despair.  But, I say that if you will call on Me I will renew in you a strong and healthy spirit.  So, arise in this moment and find new life.  Arise and receive the favor of your Father.  Forget those things which are behind, and press toward the mark of the high calling of My Father's purpose for you and you alone.  Come today and lift up your voice in praise.  Lift up your voice with thanksgiving, for you shall surely be renewed, says the Lord God.

September 3, 2007:  I say to you, My people, that the victory that you are about to achieve in this time will be far, far more reaching than you can even imagine.  It is found within My purposes to give you the overflow of the abundance of the storehouse of My kingdom as I give gifts to My Bride for the preparation of the wedding feast.  But, in this day I say that the greatest victories are before you.  Dare to believe and pull yourself up, as they say, by your boot straps.  Lift up the hands that hang down in weakness, and strengthen the knees that shake and tremble before the powers that are aligned against you.  Remember that I am the Lord of Hosts, and I will strengthen you and bring you through to victory.  I am bringing forth the glorious church without spot or wrinkle, and you are My church empowered by the spirit of fire, wind and water as you come to new places, new heights in My kingdom.  Get ready to move from the Church Age to the Kingdom Age, for you are kingdom children.  Your destiny will now be revealed through your circumstances as I call you to pray as you have never prayed before and to prophesy as you have never prophesied before.  I will open the eyes of your understanding, and you shall see My purposes, says the Lord.  When you speak them, they shall come forth!



August 20, 2007:  Rise up and regain your joy.  Refuse to allow the enemy to bring destruction and heartache.  Rejoice!  Again, I say, rejoice!  Dare to believe again.  If I am for you, who can be against you?  Who can have victory over you?  Who can have victory over your circumstances?  I say, no one, no person, no devil, no power can defeat you.  Walk over all the power of the enemy.  Come and walk on the water with Me.  Come and dance with Me.  Come and rejoice with Me, for surely as you regain your joy, victory is assured.  I am the God of love and peace, but I am also the God of victory, says the Lord.  Psalms 98:1 Oh, sing to the LORD a new song! For He has done marvelous things; His right hand and His holy arm have gained Him the victory.

August 17. 2007:  In these the days of the overcomer, the Lord of Glory will come.  The Lord of Heaven will come.  And He will begin to release resurrection life among His people such as not been seen since the days of Pentecost.  For these are indeed the days of the restoration of all things. 

I come, says the Lord, are you ready?  I come, says the Lord, do you have your arms open wide?  I come, says the Lord, do you have your mouths open with worship and praise?  Are you asking?  Are You seeking?  Are you Knocking?  For surely in this hour I shall come and tangibly manifest Myself as the wind, as the rain, and as the fire of the spirit to those who are hungry, to those who are desiring, to those that want to live in a different place, a place above this world.  A place of victory and a place of power, a place where My Kingdom is established. 

You will carry the message of this hour that Christ comes.  Lift up your voice for you redemption draws nigh.  I am the Lord of Glory and will manifest Myself in new ways among My people.  Be then a vessel ready to use, be ready to be in season, be ready to lay hands on the sick, be ready to give a word of encouragement, be ready to give when I say give.  Be ready, for I am the Lord of readiness and I come now in a flash, in a twinkling of an eye.  In a moment you shall know the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living for surely I walk among My chosen ones.

August 13, 2007:  Is it not written, "Resist the devil and he will flee from you"?  Many of you, My people, are asking for deliverance, but you are not resisting Satan's temptations.  Activate your will and fight the good fight of faith, and then I will join the battle, says the Lord.  Set your face like flint against the evil one, and refuse to allow him to sway you from My purposes.  If you will resist you will prevail, victory will be yours, and I will heal you.
Malachi 4:2-3  But to you who fear My name The Sun of Righteousness shall arise With healing in His wings; And you shall go out And grow fat like stall–fed calves. You shall trample the wicked, For they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet On the day that I do this," Says the LORD of hosts.

August 6, 2007:  This is your finest hour and your days of victory.  These are the days of the restoration of all things when I will raise up a glorious army, which will "run to and fro in the city."  You, My army, shall pray into the heavenlies, for you are My weapons of war.  It is written that the kingdoms of the earth shall become My Kingdom; heaven shall acknowledge it and the earth will believe it before the seventh trumpet blows, says the Lord.  I am looking for those who will dare to believe that you can be extraordinary.  Rise up and become the Army of the Lord.  What is a Captain without an army?  I need My army to manifest upon the earth so that My purposes can be fulfilled.  Dare to believe and then become what I have spoken in these, the days of My glory.  I shall pour out upon those who will establish the spirit of burning, the spirit of fire.  You shall bring forth the spirit of judgment upon the earth, for it is My intention to take back the land, says the Lord of Hosts.  I will use you to tear down the thrones of the principalities and rulers of darkness.  Rise up and go forth in battle and say, "No more!"  No more will you give in to the enemy, no more will you allow the enemy to run your camp, no more will you allow him to abide in your house, in your place of work, or in your body.  I will bring victory to every aspect of your life.  This I will do if you will only believe.  Rise up and fear no more.  Rise up and be what I have called you to be, says the Lord, for these are your greatest days.


July 30, 2007:  I encourage you to only believe in the Lord, your God.  Believe in the Father of Lights who desires to give you the goodness of the kingdom.  Believe in Me, the Lord Jesus Christ, who died for you and translated you into My kingdom.  Believe in the power My Spirit to anoint you with overcoming victory.  I say again, only believe, I will cause you to be the overcomers of this age.  Your destiny has been preserved; it was established before the beginning of time.  You are chosen to walk in power in this time when I will manifest Myself in divine ways among you, My people.  The world shall see that there is a God of power, love and peace, a God who has victory over all the works of Satan.  Take heart this day, mark it on your calendar, for I give to you a new season, which is called "The Season of the Overcomer."  Only believe, says the Lord.

July 23, 2007:  Take up the sword of the Spirit and cut off the head of the serpent.  Cut off his head before he strikes.  But, if he has already struck, be like My servant Paul who unfastened the serpent and dropped it in the fire.  Come forth in this season of victory.  It has been spoken that you are in a season of warfare, but warfare always lead to victory in My people.  If you are in My camp, you win.  I am the Lord of Hosts, and as you go forth to fight the good fight of faith I will send My warring angels to fight on your behalf and even beside you, says the Lord.  These are the days of the overcomer when you can overcome things that you have been unable to conquer even until now.  These are also the days of the restoration of all things -- restoration of the power of the kingdom and the blessings of the kingdom.   I am the King of the kingdom, and I will establish that which is rightfully Mine among My people.  Rejoice for surely you shall have the victory.

July 16, 2007:  I say unto you, My people, arise!  These are the days of the restoration of all things.  Do you not know that you are the Elijah's of the end of the age?  You are those who bring the freshness of heaven to the earth.  You are those that defeat the enemy wherever he is found.  I call you now to a place of redeeming the time -- the times of sickness, heartache, depression and the times of unrighteousness.  I call you to redeem all of these so that you may be well, healthy in body, soul and spirit.  Redeem that which the enemy has stolen, the days lost, the days of sorrow, and let them become days of great joy.  I am restoring My people to greatness and the demonstration of My power.  So, I say again, arise and shake off the dust of weakness and the power of the enemy against you.  Come forth in the fullness of the power of My Spirit, says the Lord.

July 9, 2007:  This is the very time of the rebuilding of the walls of your city.  In this season you will be like Nehemiah, and you shall repair the breached walls and re-hang the gates.  You shall go forth, for this is the work of My Spirit as I rebuild you as the City of God.  Let there be no gaps for the enemy to enter in through.  You will also have to work with a tool in one hand and a sword in the other, for the enemy will try to stop this work, but it cannot be stopped.  The pattern of this blessing has already been established, and it shall be according to My word in the likeness of the days of Nehemiah and Ezra.  In the rebuilding take pleasure in fulfilling the responsibility that I have given you.  When the work is finished, those who have opposed you shall know that this was the work of Almighty God among His people.  The door of hope is open.  Walk through it now with faith in what I have spoken to you.   I am with you to help you lay stone upon stone until the building is complete.  You shall indeed overcome, conquer, and be victorious in every battle.   Arise and run to the battle and do not be timid, for I give you the strength of war.  I have taught your fingers to make war and given you the strength to pull a bronze bow.  Go forth now and see the great victory, says the Lord.

July 6, 2007:  My children, you do not know who you are.  You live in the power of the greatest kingdom.  You live under the realm of My glory.  You are led by My Spirit.  You have not yet reached your potential, but if you will rise up and believe My Word and allow it to become seed to your spirit, then you shall see and know the hidden mysteries of My kingdom.  It is My good pleasure to reveal these things to you, and the mysteries shall indeed unfold and unroll like a scroll to the hearts and minds of those who are willing to receive it.  You are included in My plans, and your destiny shall be fulfilled.  When you turn your eyes upon Me and tune your ears to Me, then the glory of the kingdom shall be manifest in your life.  You will be transformed and changed.  Arise with new hope, and allow hope to be the door through which you enter the light of My presence.  I will walk with you, and we shall talk one with another, and I will give answers with regard to your circumstances as I give you wisdom, says the Lord.

July 1, 2007:  In a dream last night I was telling someone that this will come to pass when the sign of the seven sheep appears.  This morning, the Lord said to me that the sign of the seven sheep is here.  I asked the Lord what the seven sheep were, and He showed me that there were seven people in church today who don't attend regularly.  The Lord said when this sign comes I am going to bring My church to a point of breakthrough regarding all adversity.  There will come an overflowing tide of victory in the lives of those who receive this sign and believe that it is for them.  I am the Lord of the Breakthrough, and I will bring tremendous victory, says the Lord.


June 25, 2007:  I want you to believe Me for all things.  I want you to believe for the overflow and the increase that brings forth an abundance, so that you may truly be blessed and be a blessing in My kingdom.  As I lead you, you will be able to give -- not out of your lack or of necessity, but out of your abundance.  You will be building the kingdom of God and bringing divine blessings upon those in need.  Begin to believe in a new and fresh way today.  Sow the seeds that I have given to you, and watch for the increase.  Surely it shall come if you will only believe, says the Lord.

June 18, 2007:  I am bringing a season of the "suddenlies".  Position yourself to receive that which I am bringing forth, for suddenly prosperity will come, suddenly healing will come, suddenly the glory of My Spirit will rest upon you, says the Lord.  I shall lead and guide you all the days of your life.  You are moving very quickly to the end of the age, and it is My intention to pour out of My Spirit such as the world has never seen nor experienced.  I will have a glorious church without spot or wrinkle, a church that dwells in and manifests the fullness of My glory.  You, My people, shall wear this glory as a mantle, which will give honor to the Father.

June 4, 2007:  This is the sound of the brooding of the Spirit who is now brooding over you, and encouraging you to come boldly before the throne of grace.  Come boldly to receive.  Come boldly in this season, says the Lord, for surely you shall receive the blessing of the age.  Come and know Me and therefore receive that which I hold in tension for you.  For when you arise to that position of glorious faith it shall be given unto you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together will I pour out into your life the blessings of the kingdom and that which I hold for you.  There is no one else in the whole of the world that can fulfill your destiny and your position in My kingdom, says the Lord.  So come and fulfill your destiny.  Come and believe with the fullness of heart.  Come and receive with hearts and hands wide open.  Come and be that which I have written into your book of life and that which you will become, if you so desire, and if you seek Me with all of your heart, says the Lord God.


May 28, 2007:  What is it, My people, that you are hearing?  Is it not the sound of victory?  The reason that you hear that sound is because I have come to you as the Lord of the Breakthrough.  I will cause you to break through all hindrances, adversity, and everything that stands in your way.  I will interfere with the enemy's efforts to steal from you, for this is the day of My blessing and favor.  I say, write a decree and make a proclamation, for My word will not return to Me void.  Write it in My name, for I am the Lord of the Breakthrough.  I will bring victory.  I stand before the whole creation, and I rule the universe and all that is in it.  Therefore, I give you permission to use My name and write that which needs to be accomplished in your life that will break you through into the promise of victory in this season, says the Lord.

May 21, 2007:  I had a vision of a pathway before me that started where I was and went outward and upward.  And, I saw a sign that read, "Your Road of Destiny."  As I looked down the path I could see treasure chests of different sizes at different intervals along the path.  As you reach each point of destiny there will be a treasure chest to be opened, which will be the blessing of the Lord.  What you are able to receive at any given moment extends beyond you on the path of your destiny.  It takes faith to see the treasure along the path.  As you go you shall see, and as you believe you shall receive.

May 14, 2007:  Write a decree of My justice, for it shall become a flying scroll that enters into the house of the thief and the one who swears falsely by My name.  Write the decree, for it shall go out into all the land, and it will find My enemies, those who are against My anointed ones.  It is the time of My indignation.  It is a time when My wrath will come.  It will indeed even come to My house first.  I will strike the enemy with the fierceness of My wrath, and I shall strike him where he promotes injustice and where he lies and tells untrue tales.  So, My people, arise!  This is a day of justice and judgment; it is a day that I will come like an angry man against the enemies of My household, says the Lord.
Zechariah 5:1 Then I turned and raised my eyes, and saw there a flying scroll.
2 And he said to me, "What do you see?" So I answered, "I see a flying scroll. Its length is twenty cubits and its width ten cubits."
3 Then he said to me, "This is the curse that goes out over the face of the whole earth: ‘Every thief shall be expelled,’ according to this side of the scroll; and, ‘Every perjurer shall be expelled,’ according to that side of it."
4 "I will send out the curse," says the LORD of hosts; "It shall enter the house of the thief And the house of the one who swears falsely by My name. It shall remain in the midst of his house And consume it, with its timber and stones."

April 30, 2007:  Expect Me to come and water the seeds you have sown.  Even as April showers bring forth May flowers, so shall the rain of this season fall upon the promise that you have hidden in your heart.  And, it shall spring forth as My rain comes.  This is the time of the rain, so ask for the rain to come and to water your garden so that it will become a fruitful place, a place of harvest, a place of joy and peace, a place that I dwell in.

April 23, 2007:  You are entering a corporate time that will be like the feast days of old.  This will be an appointed time of My visitation and presence to open the door of blessing to My people, says the Lord.  When you come together with hungry hearts -- where the brethren dwell together in unity -- there the blessing is commanded.  There shall be a feasting upon My Word.  Not only will the power of My glory be upon you, but in that glory you shall be transformed, you shall receive the blessing.  You shall receive deliverance, and you shall receive new revelation of your gifting.  I will begin to draw these gifts out of your innermost being like a river of life.  As you turn your hearts toward heaven, lifting Me up, there shall come a glorious transformation in this season, says the Lord of Hosts.

April 20, 2007:  Did you hear it?  I spoke to you in the beginning of this year, says the Lord, and did I not say to you that in this year you would hear the sound of heaven?  What then would you believe would happen when you heard the sound of heaven?  I am walking among you to touch you (listen for the sound of my footsteps) and only one touch is all it takes for the dead to arise and for the lame to walk and for the blind to see and for the sick to be made whole.  One touch, My people, is all you need from Me.  Listen, then for the sound of heaven, whether it be a mighty, rushing wind or the sound of worship among My people or the sound of the crackling of the fire that purifies or the sound of the flow of the living water.  If you can hear the sound you can expect My touch to follow, which will bring health to your bones, strength to your body, victory to your circumstances, and the My glory shall rest upon you.  Arise, you who have been down-trodden.  Arise with hope in your hearts.  Stand before Me.  Come in faith and boldness, knowing that all that is required is that you believe.

April 16, 2007:  I have become manifest through My Word that you might be strengthened in your inner man and be healed of all oppression so that you can receive of the hidden manna, which is the wisdom of this age to be revealed to you personally.  When personal healing becomes evident, there will be a corporate healing and corporate instruction and direction for you, My church, says the Lord.  Be encouraged and remove all doubt from you.  Come and say, "I believe!" 

April 9, 2007:  In this past season some of you have sown the seeds of your own desires.  Some have sown godly seeds, which shall come to fruition.  But, I say that I have planted a seed in your heart, which is called "victory."  As you water this seed it will manifest and grow up.  The leaves will be for the healing of the nations.  Do not neglect the seed that I have deposited within you, but watch over it.  Protect this seed of victory so that it will become strong, and you will never be the same again.  You shall be even as I am, victorious in all things, walking the power of the blood.  Know that your outcome will always be victorious when you encounter the enemy.  This will change you and cause you to be a warrior who will establish My kingdom.  Stop struggling and rest in Me.  Stop striving and rest in Me.  Stop being anxious and just believe in Me.  All things are possible to those who believe, and if you believe, you will receive.  Allow Me to validate you, says the Lord. 

April 2, 2007:  Tell My people to journey and cross over to the Jordan, for it is necessary in this hour that you, My people, receive a fresh baptism of the Holy Spirit.  It will be by the power of My Spirit that you overcome all things.  It will be by the power of My Spirit that you regain your destiny.  It will be by the power of My Spirit that you recover all and be healed.  The door has opened, and I call to you to come forth in this season to recover all.  Come forth and experience the victory of a lifetime.  Come into My glory and the times of refreshing shall renew you.  Spread you wings even as the eagles do and allow the power of My wind to move you towards heaven, and your youth shall be renewed.  You will not only recover what you have lost, but you will gain even more, for I say that the time of blessing has begun.  My favor now shines upon you, says the Lord. 


March 28, 2007:  I am with you to bring you to the high places and to carry you to Zion, the fortified city that you may dwell there by faith.  I will transform you to fulfill your destiny.  Open your eyes wide in the coming days, for I shall reveal Myself and My purposes to you.  I will even reveal the spiritual gifting that I bestow upon you.  Even though you have not yet seen the gifting in manifestation, it shall surely come.  As you continue to seek Me, continue to ask, knock and believe the doors will open.  I will come and commune with you.  I am the Lord, and I will confirm My word.

March 24, 2007:  Set a watch for the enemy, for he will come to sow seeds of discord and discouragement.  He will spread his lies and cause you to fear.  But, I say, do not forget the LORD.  I am more powerful than all the works of the enemy, and I will encourage you and be with you.  Encourage yourself in the LORD, even as David did, and you shall recover all.  You shall receive back all that has been stolen or lost to the enemy.  You will overrun his camp if you will dare to believe and if you will rise up, take up the sword and shield, put the helmet upon your head, and go forth in faith, then you will overtake the enemy and plunder his camp.  You shall be victorious, for this is My purpose.  I came to destroy the works of the enemy, and I have made an open show of him and disarmed him.  You must only declare that by My power and by My deed he is defeated.  No weapon formed against you shall prosper.  Only believe and rise up.  Rise up!  Run to the battle, and I will give you the victory, says the Lord.

March 19, 2007:  I will indeed lead you out of the wilderness.  The wilderness experience of these past years have been hard for you.  Many of My people have been wounded and lost hope, and some have even lost faith.  But, I say that in this season you shall regain all.  You shall recover all that you have lost, and you shall see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.  This I declare that I will bring blessings to you to demonstrate not only My goodness, but it shall be a sign that what I have spoken to you is true and shall come to pass.  Encourage yourself.  Encourage yourself!  Forget those things that are behind you.  Get ready for the great crossing-over, for you about to cross over into a new level of anointing, power and glory.  There will be a greater demonstration of My kingdom, says the Lord.  All that is required of you is to rise up and say, "I'm going!  I'm going with the Lord.  I'm going to cross over into the goodness of the Lord."

March 12, 2007:  I will do great and marvelous things in this season.  Even this very day I have sent witnesses to proclaim the covenant that I am striking with My people, a covenant that is beyond and greater than any you have experienced.  This is a covenant of personal direction and leading and guidance by My Spirit.  This is a covenant of provision and healing.  There will be a demonstration of My power, says the Lord.  It is now that I choose to bring the greatest outpouring upon the Church than has been since the Day of Pentecost so that My kingdom may be demonstrated through you, My people.  I shall be with you to direct you, and you will no longer live in the realm of fear or under the pressure of anxiety if you will trust Me.  I will lead you through the maze of the next few months into the perfection of that which I have designed for you.  Be encouraged and be of good cheer, for indeed you will overcome every obstacle and recover all that the enemy has taken from you.  Believe it and receive it!

March 5, 2007:  I will open the windows of heaven and begin to pour out the blessings that you have yearned for.  I will pour out to the extent that these blessings will overtake you.  I will bring the promise of the Spirit, the promise of life, and the promise of prosperity.  I will give to you, My Bride, gifts that will prepare you for your Bridegroom.  Gird up the loins of your faith and dare to believe even though your faith may have been diminished by the events and circumstances of the past.  Rise up to the place of faith that you have known, for it is a seed within you that can sprout up and bring forth life again.  I have given you living water and the seed of your faith shall grow to maturity and even reach beyond places it reached in the past.  Dare to believe!  Activate your faith!  You are worthy to receive the treasurers of heaven, says the Lord.


February 27, 2007:  I come to you and ask a question.  Why is it that you have not asked to see My glory?  If you ask, you shall see.  Ask, and you shall receive.  Even in these days of My glory, I have many planned visits in which I will come to you, My people, to prepare you for the days ahead.  You are My Bride, and I come wooing, and I come courting, and I come to give gifts at this time.  I will bless you if you will only believe.  Come now, I say, to your trysting place where I will meet with you and you alone.  In that place I will renew and restore you, and I will speak to you.  The wisdom that you receive will enable you to walk on the path that I have prepared for you.  Ask your questions, and I will answer and show you the way.  I am the Lord of Glory, and My glory brings light to bear upon your hearts and reveals the path before you.  Do not go astray in this time and season, but submit yourselves to Me and dare to believe and let the cry of your heart be, "Lord, show me Your glory!"  In My glory, you will be able to see the things that are hidden.  It is time to rise up and believe with all of your heart, asking, seeking and knocking for surely I will not leave you out.   You will surely find that which you have been seeking for, even that which has escaped you over the years.  It is a time of the rising up of My Bride and a coming forth of My Army.  It is a time of preparation, says the Lord.

February 26, 2007:  The Lord says that everything will be okay in spite of the harassment from the devil.  The promises that I have given you will bring you into a time of the recovery of all things.  What things?  All things that you have lost, whether it be your faith, your desire to serve Me, your closeness to Me, your knowledge of Me, the prosperity that I have spoken of, health in your body or your strength -- all things that you have lost.  You are coming into a season of promise, which will bring the recovery of all things that the enemy has taken.  Only believe and move forward in this season with faith and your eyes fixed wholly upon Me, for I am the Lord of Glory.

February 12, 2007:  This you know -- it is indeed the end of time.  It is the time of consummation of all things.  The cry of your heart should be to establish the mountain of the Lord in divine order and divine government.  This cry is for  mighty Zion to arise.  As you cry for Zion, I will direct your attention toward the work of the enemy, and you will break down the walls that he has established around My people, for the gates of hell shall not prevail against My church.  I shall bring you forth into the Valley of Vision so that you will see My purposes for you.  Rise up and enter into the valley by My Spirit.  I will teach you My ways and show you that which is before you.  You shall be encouraged and strengthened, says the Lord. 

Get up from your place of weakness.  Get up from your place of poverty.  Get up from your place of regret and sorrow.  Come up into My presence.  I will restore and heal you.  I will show you things that have been hidden in darkness.  I am faithful, and I will cause you to walk in My strength.  I am with you always.   And, I will increase your strength and cause you to walk in the power of My purpose.  Lift up the hands that hang down in weakness.   I will lead you through the fires, tests and temptations and bring you through to victory.  I am the God who triumphs.  Be no more a victim, nor be angry with your brothers and your sisters, and have no accusation against them.  For, these things hold you in darkness.  Do not be offended with Me, says the Lord, nor spurn My grace.

February 5, 2007:  I have prepared a path before you, and that path is leading you into divine order.  But, I say to you My children, that it is imperative that you begin to see yourselves as I see you.  If you could look through My eyes you would see the compassion and love that I have for you, and you would see the provision that I have made for you if you will only believe.  In this moment rise up and cast off the garments of a beggar and receive that which I have provided for you in abundance.  It will surely come even as the spring rains come, for I am determined to bless you beyond that which you can imagine.  I am determined to bring My favor as a blanket over you and lead you in the fullness of victory.  All things are possible with Me, says the Lord, when you trust Me absolutely. 


January 22, 2007:  The Master came and showed me a vision of many windows and many doors being opened, and He said, "Tell My people to watch for the blessings that come through the windows of heaven.  But, tell them not to become so enamored with those blessings that they forget about the doors that I am opening.  These doors are portals that will carry and transport My people into heavenly places.  My people may come even as the apostle John came up when I called him, and they shall see the wonders of the age and the mysteries of darkness that will be revealed in this season."  So, I say, "Enjoy the blessings, My people, but do not forget the doors.  Knock, and they shall be opened to you, and you shall be transported into My presence and glory.  I call you to come up here.  Come up higher.  Come up and abide with Me."

January 15, 2007:  This shall be a time of divided tongues of fire in which I would have you to examine your past prophetic words and those promises you are holding in your heart.  I shall reveal to you whether they are "yes" or "no", whether they came from My Spirit or from man's spirit.  You must not have a mixed seedbed in this season, says the Lord.  Bring them before Me for validation or to be discarded.  I promise you that even if you have to discard a word you are holding because your desire is attached to it, you will benefit from discarding it  because all of My true words shall come forth in this season.  The reason that many of the promises have not come through is because there is a mixture of seed.  You have tares growing up with the wheat, and you do not know which is which until I show you.  Seek Me regarding these words as part of bringing your life under divine order.  Come boldly before My throne.   My word is a sword that rightly divides truth and error, and will divide your soul desires from your spiritual desires. 

January 13, 2007:  I say to you, embrace the season, for this year will be the greatest opportunity you have had up until now to advance in the kingdom.  I am pouring out of My Spirit the greatness and the glory of that which I have saved for the end of the age.  Even now, you have the opportunity to receive more in these minutes than you have in days gone by.  Position yourself by faith and believe that I am doing this work.  If you will believe, you shall receive.  I am for you and I am preparing the way and I will walk with you to bring you into kingdom destiny.  This is the season of opportunity.  Seize the moment.  Rise up in faith and let your heart's desire be to know Me as you never have before, says the Lord.  Your faith shall propel you into that which I am about to do and will carry you through this season. 

January 6, 2007:  I had vision of God's people lined up at a table that the Lord was standing behind.  There were leather sacks to be picked up, and many people thought they were for coins or jewels, but that was not the case.  As we picked up the sacks and moved along in a line, the Lord began to put seeds in the sacks.  The interesting thing was that we were not in charge of which seeds we received.  He had a scoop in His hand and He would scoop up different kinds of seeds and different measures of seeds and put them in our bags.  So, we each had a leather pouch of the seeds He had given us, obviously for this new year. 

I looked to Him for direction for the planting of these seeds, and He said, "This will be the nature of this planting."  And, He reached His hand into my chest and took my heart out of my body and laid it on the ground, and it grew into a little plot of ground, a planting field.  In that place I could see things that had sprung up as the result of the distillation of last year.  The Lord said, "There will be no seed-planting until the ground is prepared."  There were different things to prepare the ground; there were tools to break up hard ground.  Some of the ground was already prepared except for a few weeds here and there to be pulled up.  It became apparent that the condition of the ground was the result of how the season of distillation was dealt with.

He left me with these words, "When the ground is prepared, then you can sow.  You must be in proper order for the season ahead of you, for I have given you opportunities in the past season to see what has come to the surface in the power of distillation by the heat of My fire.  I have amplified the presence of My Spirit in your life, and have given you opportunities to ride upon the power of the Wind, the Water, the Fire.  Now, carefully prepare the ground of your heart, and when you find it prepared, you can sow the seeds.  Order, divine order, is the order of the day.  Order your life and get your heart prepared. The first three months of this year will be for the establishment of My order.   The seeds that you sow will have a short growing season and as they grow to maturity, you will find My favor, prosperity, gifts of My Spirit and all things that pertain to life.  You will find all that you need in the next harvest, but the first order of business is order.  As I show you the ground of your heart, come with a willingness to prepare it for the sowing of the seed I give you even now."

I saw the seeds representing many different things, but always according to His plan and purpose. 

January 2, 2007:  Truly, I say to you, heaven's sound will be heard (in '07).  The sounds of heaven shall come to you to establish kingdom reality.  It is My desire to cause you to be more kingdom-conscious than you are earthly-conscious.  Therefore, heaven's sound will now be heard upon the earth.  As these sounds are heard, kingdom reality will be established in you. 

Listen for the sound of My voice, for it may come from behind you or in front of you or above you.  My voice behind you will cover your past with words of assurance and comfort.  My voice before you will lead you upon the path that I have prepared for you in this coming year.  And, My voice above you will say, "Come up here; come up into the heavens, and I will show you the things to come." 

Listen, and you shall hear heaven's sound that comes forth through My psalmists.  As they hear, they shall play, and the glory of the kingdom shall be revealed.  Listen, and you shall hear heaven's sound as the angels worship the Father and as they join with you as you worship in the beauty of holiness.  Listen for the cry of the Spirit in the voices of My faithful servants.  This cry of heaven will prepare you for the days ahead and the anointing that comes with it will become a river that carries you into My purposes.

Listen, and you will hear the sound of angels' wings as My heavenly warriors come to fight along side of you, for the mighty ones of heaven will help you overcome every attack of the evil one (Joel 3:11).

Listen, and you shall hear the rustling of the garments of the Bride being prepared for the wedding feast.  The time is shorter than most think.  So, watch and listen, for I come quickly.

Listen for the sound of the trumpets as they come to announce the decrees of these last days, for when heaven's trumpets sound, the prophetic word will echo that which has been revealed.

Again, I say, listen and you shall hear heaven's sound (in '07), and you shall be strengthened by what you hear.  The reality of the kingdom will be reinforced as you hear that which is coming in this season.  He who has an ear to hear, let him hear, says the Lord.