December 30, 2006:  As we were worshiping I was caught up in the Spirit and saw a group of people walking along a path.  They were somewhat sad and yet they had a sense of anticipation of something new and something great.  And I said, "Lord, what is this journey that the people are taking?"  And He spoke to me and said, "This is the annual journey to the graveyard of regret, which My people take.  With the ending of each year they go there to bury the regrets of the past year.  Tell them that once the regrets are covered they must not establish a headstone, for this is a place that must be forgotten.  They must turn and move from it into a new journey in a new year.  Tell them to leave their sorrows and heartaches there, for in that place their regrets will be removed as they go forth into that which I have prepared for them." 

December 25, 2006:  I hear the Lord shouting, Rise Up, My People!  No longer will there be a delay.  No longer will the days proclaim that I am not at work.  I say to you that in this very season you will carry a power that you have never experienced before.  It is My will that you rise up in the Spirit and have power over all of the works of darkness.  Do not be deceived, My people, for the evil one troubles you even in times when you do not recognize him in your midst.  Fight the good fight of faith.  Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.   Dress your self in the armor of light.  You shall be vindicated and victorious.  And, you will live in victory.  Ride on victoriously and be empowered.  I will be to you a shield and a refuge, a place of safety, says the Lord.

December 18, 2006:  I had a vision of a maze of corridors, and I saw people going back and forth, hitting dead ends and having to retrace their steps.  They could not find the way out.  But, I was looking down from above them and could see the way out.  The Lord said, "Call them up higher.  If they come up,  I will show them the things that have been and those things that are still hindering them.  And, I will show them the things that are yet to come."  So, I said, "Yes, Lord, I do call them up higher, above the situations they are in that they may have eyes to see and know the way and be given the wisdom of this hour so that they may have victory over all the works of the devil.  We shall rise up in the Spirit and know the way of the Lord, and He will lead us out of those places into victory."

December 11, 2006:  I would have you become an expression of My joy in this season, for the joy of the Lord is indeed your strength.  But, it is more than that; it releases the power of worship from your innermost being.  That joy of worship and praise will release in you an anointing of ease, the anointing of the Kingdom that overcomes the works of darkness against you.  I give you joy that exceeds the happiness of mankind and is heaven bound and will bring the manifestation of My presence.  I would have you to know that I have great joy and that I even went to the Cross with joy for the purpose of it.  So, now you can become an expression of that joy so that the world may know that I am among My very own people, says the Lord.

December 4, 2006:  You, My people, are caught in a prophetic progression that will reveal the greatness of My kingdom, says the Lord.  To each one has endured suffering and gone through trials, discouragement, and disappointment, I say, you can be assured of victory.  Know that your struggles will cause you to be strengthened in faith as you rely upon Me.  Do not doubt My purposes for you.  Nothing will by any means hurt you.  I decree a time of restoration for you.  You will begin to see and receive restoration in every area of your life.  This is a time of breakthrough.  You will indeed break through the veil that the enemy has placed over you.  Only believe.



November 27, 2006:  I say to you, My people, your wilderness journey has come to a conclusion, for the doors in the heavenlies are now open, and it is time to move higher, to ascend to the mountain of the Lord.  It is, therefore, time for you to turn and leave that which is behind you.  Turn from those things that have bound you.  Turn your face into the wind.  Set your face like flint, and fix your eyes upon Me, says the Lord, for surely I shall guide you.  I will be one with you and walk with you.  I will indeed show you the way in this new season.  It is time to lift up your feet and go forward.  It is not a time to remain seated, nor is it a time of contemplation.  But, now put yourself in a forward motion to rise up into the presence and purpose of the Most Holy One.  This is the season of the open door.  Go through and enjoy!


Many of you have asked for wisdom, but you have not let go of your request.  Rather, you are stressing over it.  I tell you that My wisdom will come in a place of rest.  My wisdom will be given in your place of peace and not anxiety.  Now, abide and rest in Me and then I shall lead you into the wisdom that you require, and then you will be equipped. 


November 18, 2006:  I had a vision of a door opening in the heavenlies, and I went through the door.  The Lord was waiting there in a room; He didn't say anything at all to me, but He just looked around the room, and so did I.  I saw two different doors, and as I came closer I could see that one door had the words written on it "Hope Deferred," and the other door had "Hope Renewed."  These doors both opened inwardly instead of outwardly.  I opened the door marked "Hope Deferred" and was reminded of the scripture in Proverbs 13:12:  Hope deferred makes the heart sick.  In that room was great darkness, and on the back of the door was written words such as hopelessness, helplessness, weakness, heaviness, sickness, and the Lord said, "Such is the condition of some of My people."  When I opened the door marked "Hope Renewed" there was a great light.  On the back of that door was written, "Those who hope in God have renewed their hope.  The renewing of this hope re-establishes faith, which becomes the substance of those things they have hoped for and desired to see."  The Lord then spoke to me and said, "This is a time of a great cross-over.  It is a time of choices when My people shall decide to go back into darkness, defeat and sickness; or they will turn their eyes again upon Me, for indeed I am the author and finisher of their faith, and their hope will be renewed, which will cause a faith explosion.  Dare to believe Me in this season, and the promises of old that have slipped by or even been forgotten will be remembered and renewed in their hearts.  As those promises are re-ignited and mixed with faith, My people will come forth and receive that which I am giving.  I say to you again that the season before you is a time of acquisition and of receiving the blessings and taking the spoil.  The glory of My kingdom shall come upon you and fulfill the promises that I have made to you, the promises that are written and have been prophesied for this season.  Only believe, and you shall receive, for it is My intention to give the goodness of My kingdom to those who will stir up hope again and believe."


November 14, 2006:  The Lord would say to you, I come to you today to bring a message of hope.  For many of My children have indeed been wounded, but I say all will be healed.  For it is My purpose and it is written that there shall come forth in this earth a glorious church; a final generation who shall walk in my power; a people who will carry the banner of Zion to its highest level ever; those who shall ascend the hill of the Lord and come up into that holy atmosphere where heaven has been joined with earth.  There you shall abide until the day of the great catching away when you hear the last trumpet and the sound thereof and the voice of the Arch Angel who calls you forth. But do not miss this, My children.  Before that great day do not miss the greatness of my presence among you.  Do not let this time pass you by, but now take up hope and walk in faith and cross over into a brand new day into the third day of Christ.  Cross over into the new season and be all you can be.  Dare to believe, says the Lord.

November 13, 2006:  The power of the horses is now being released to carry My people to the finish line.  The finish line is the place of victory. The footmen have run the race in the natural, but in this season of the horsemen you will ride on My power in the Spirit if you are to win the battle.  It is time to mount up with the expectation of being carried by My great power, says the Lord.  Jeremiah 12:5 "If you have run with the footmen, and they have wearied you, then how can you contend with horses? And if in the land of peace, In which you trusted, they wearied you, then how will you do in the floodplain of the Jordan?

November 6, 2006:  It is the appointed time for you, My eagles (prophets), to spread your wings and ascend into glory on the wind of My breath.  These are the days of the revealing of all things.  Let it be known that I decree a time of visions and dreams, and in these next three months I shall give many.  You have experienced these dreams and visions here and there, but the day will come when it is normal for you to see through the eyes of the Spirit the things that I am doing, says the Lord.  I will unfold secret things to you and reveal My purposes.  I will uncover the schemes of the enemy, so that you will know beforehand the traps that he lays before you, and you will not be ensnared.  I shall open the eyes of your understanding and show you the way of safety.  I will show you the path to walk on.  For those who have ears to hear, there is a greater dimension of My kingdom and purposes than you have seen or understood.  I tell you that I shall clearly open the scrolls and reveal things that have been hidden from the beginning of time.  I shall reveal My glory as I live among you, My people.  I shall walk with you and be one with you.  I will cause you to experience the power of My kingdom, so that you will become that which I have intended.  Rise up, and walk in faith.  Believe that you are able, for I come to empower you, says the Lord.


October 30, 2006:  Rise up, My children, and receive that which I am providing in this hour.  I have come to touch you and bring you forth for such a time as this in the Holy Kingdom.  I will restore you, heal the wounds, and remove the hurt and heartache of the evil one and the works that he has perpetrated against you.  I will give you a new beginning.  You are the clay in My hands that has been scarred, but I tell you today that I am making you again into another vessel, and I will set you on My table to be filled with fresh water.  You will receive a fresh anointing and My power that will break every yoke of bondage.  You shall be set free and brought forth into My kingdom in restoration and fullness, says the Lord.  Receive that which I provide.

October 23, 2006:  My great desire is that you will rise up from the weariness of soul and from the heartache of the past and come forth into the brightness of this new season.  I will be your guiding light and the power that carries you into the fullness of your destiny.  It is time to arise and enjoy the moving of My Spirit.  You will both go out and come in with the presence of My Spirit. It is time for you to understand that we are one.  I have not forgotten you, nor will I, but I will cause the winds of heaven to blow upon you, and you shall find yourself riding on the horse (power) of My Spirit into the fullness of this Day.  It is true that what is written cannot be broken, and every word that is found in the Holy scriptures will manifest in the end of the age, from the very beginning of time when I said, "Let there be light," to the very end of time when the Spirit and the Bride say, "Come."  You will come into completion and perfection of who you are in Me.  Mount up, and come into the fullness of your purpose, says the Lord.

October 16, 2006:  You have come to the kingdom for such a time as this that you might understand that it is in this season that the fullness of your destiny shall be revealed to you.  It shall unfold before you even as the clouds of glory unfold before Me.  My light shall shine forth, and you shall see My intended purpose.  In the revealing of My intended purpose, you will not believe that you can arise to that stature or fulfill that commission in the beginning.  But, I say to you that as My Spirit comes upon you and the anointing overshadows you, you shall speak as I speak, and you shall be the anointed one that I send forth in this season. Only believe.  Rise up in faith and believe that I will anoint you and send you into My purposes, says the Lord.

October 9, 2006:  This is your season of ascension.  I have left a path for you to follow, so arise and come boldly before the throne of the Most High God.  Rise up in Spirit above the burdens and heaviness that the enemy has put upon you.  Come boldly, but first remove the reproach and forgive those who have reproached you, says the Lord.

October 4, 2006:  You have come to the table of My serving, and I have given you the food of righteousness, which will be strength for your journey.   The revelations of the season will come with impartations of wisdom and knowledge to you to lead and guide you.  I send the light of My Spirit to illuminate the path before you.  There are doors for you to go through and paths for you to walk, and I will unfold the dynamics of My kingdom in such ways that you have not begun to think of. But, beware because not all of the doors that will open are opportunities that I bring to you, for the evil one will open doors as well.  You must walk with discernment.  This is My wisdom for this hour; walk in wisdom.  Take heart, however, and do not fear -- I am for you, and I am with you to lead you on the paths of righteousness so that your journey will be successful, says the Lord. 

October 2, 2006:  My children, I have known you from the very beginning of time.  For, I was there in the day of the birthing of your spirits.  And, I was there when you were born into this land.  I’ve watched over you these many years and those things which you have done have not gone unnoticed nor are they unappreciated.  For, I take great delight in my children.  And so, because of your faithfulness today I come to you and I walk among you.  And you might say how are you walking among us?  I am coming to you on the sound of heaven that comes to you, says the Lord.  That sound comes down within – down where your spirit man breathes and has his essence.  There comes in that sound a regeneration, a touch of my sound down deep within.  And you may hear my voice come to you even from behind you on the days ahead for I shall indeed come upon you even as I came upon John upon that lonely island.  And you will hear my voice from behind and when you hear the voice coming from behind do according to the pattern and say, "I know that voice is you, Lord," and turn and face the glorious one, the first and the last, the Alpha and the Omega.  For, surely I am with you until the very end of this age.  Now I come in the power of the age to equip you that you might become the warrior generation. That one that satan fears and trembles about; that one he worries about; that one he knows about.  So again, I encourage you to lay aside the old garments and look back no longer.  Turn your face towards heaven's glory and allow me to lead you into the very final days of this age.  For, surely I shall walk among you.  Surely I shall touch you and take your hand and lead you out, for I brought you in and I deposited you in this place and time that you may receive the seeds of your destiny.  So be encouraged; lift up the hands that hang down in weakness for I have come to bring the down trodden into a victory march of celebration of that which is to be.  For it must be so that you learn to celebrate the victory before the victory comes.  But have no fear, says the Lord, for I am with you.



September 26, 2006:  Remove the hindrance of your own thoughts and accusations so that I may move you into kingdom position.  Those who I call I equip, and those who I equip I bring the revelation of the times and seasons so that you may speak those heavenly things.  But, you must remove the limitations that you have inadvertently established for yourself.  Raise the standard.  Break the bronze gates that the enemy has placed before you, and come forth.  I have not called you for nothing.  I want to expand your horizons that I might open to you the fullness of your destiny in order to bring you into your kingdom position.  The enemy has lied to you to tempt you to discount yourself.  Roll back the limitations and put on faith.  Then, come forth, says the Lord.

September 18, 2006:  Hear the sound of the harvest?  I am about to bring forth the harvest of the seeds sown in the season of your faithfulness.  For, your faithfulness has come before Me as a sweet smelling savor, an incense that soothes and satisfies.  I look for those who will serve Me faithfully without hesitation or pretense.  Now, watch for the harvest of your work and prayers.  Just as you have served Me, I will bring reward to you now, says the Lord.

September 11, 2006:  Do you not see the very first rays that come forth from the Bright and Morning Star?  I say to you that I have come to woo you; I have come to court you and to reveal Myself to you in a greater dimension than you have ever known or seen.  I give you ears to hear and eyes to see.  "To hear what,"  you say?  To hear of the glory of these last days and the mysteries that I have held in the treasure chest, that which is given to you, so that you can both hear and see the invisible realm of the Kingdom.  And, you will come to Me with a heart that desires to know all about Me, says the Lord.  I will demonstrate the glory of My love, which will shine out to be a light in a dark place, and men will be drawn to that love that they see that you have.  Take heart, you who have been down-trodden.  Lift up your weary hands and lift up your face toward heaven, and I will bring new hope to you.  This will be your greatest hour.  You will be an ever-present light shining through the darkness in the world. 

September 4, 2006:  The sons of glory are now coming into manifestation.  The sons of glory will sing with the Morning Star, and those that worship with all of their hearts will come and lift up holy hands in praise.  The sons of glory are now arising whose spirit man is a bright and glorious light that many do not see, but I see, says the Lord.  Arise, my children, for this is your finest hour.  You have been tested and tried, and yet you stand in faith.  The enemy has done what he could to convince you that you are unworthy, but I say that I  love you with My whole heart.  And, in My glory you shall know My love as you never have before.  This love shall sustain you and bring you fully into the Holy of Holies before the Ark of My Covenant, which is a resounding demonstration of My love for you.  My angels stand over it and give glory to the Most High God. 

Watchmen of this new season, I call you forth.  Take your position on the wall; walk into the Valley of Vision having eyes to see and ears to hear.  My sheep shall indeed hear My voice; they shall dream dreams and see visions.  I will open your eyes to see the works of the enemy.  You shall become the most prophetic generation ever to walk on the face of the earth.  The prophetic mantles of the power of the age to come are now to be given.  Only believe, and you shall receive!  Walk on the paths that the prophets of old walked on, for in doing so you shall discover the keys that will open the doors of my mysteries, the mysteries of these days, says the Lord of Hosts.



August 30, 2006:  New realms of glory are being opened to you, My people, says the Lord.  Places that have been kept as treasure houses for the last days are now being opened, and I am pouring out of My Spirit upon you the revelation of these last days.  You are to be a prophetic generation, a generation who knows the sound of My voice, a generation who will speak forth My words.  The power of those words will produce the fire of this season, and the fire will bring judgment to the earth.  These words will bring personal revelation to each one as to whether he belongs to Me, or not.  I say, that many of you are watching for judgment in the last days in the heavenly realm, but have you not read of the fire of My Spirit that comes from My end-time witnesses?  It will come forth as a proceeding word, the sword of the Spirit that cuts to the left and to the right and releases the power of conviction on those who would hinder the moving of My Spirit and the establishment of My kingdom.  These days of glory are not just days of My goodness, but they also bring My severity so that righteousness will be established through conviction and correction.  Yet, the brooding of My Spirit will produce the joy that I desire that you will learn to abide in.  Prepare yourselves, even as John the Baptist prepared himself to play his part in the history of redemption in bringing forth a message that prepared the way. I call you to come forth and be instruments of preparation.  I will, by My Spirit, move upon you, I will cause you to pray, and I will cause the proceeding word to flow from you like a torrent from your innermost being that will establish My truth and bring forth a spiritual atmosphere that you will dwell in, and I will abide with you in that habitation.  Be prepared this day and allow the proceeding word to invade your life.  Have ears to hear, eyes to see, and a heart to serve, for surely I am with you, says the Lord.  Romans 11:22 Therefore consider the goodness and severity of God: on those who fell, severity; but toward you, goodness, if you continue in His goodness. Otherwise you also will be cut off.

August 28, 2006: Awaken! Do you hear the sound of the trumpet? Do you hear the sound of My voice? Do you have ears to hear? Many of My people have forgotten how to listen to My still, small voice. I say to you, begin to learn the art of listening. The days ahead of you will be the perilous times that are written about in My Word. Shake yourself until you are awakened to the cry of the Spirit. You must begin to be led by My Spirit, says the Lord. The times that you live in will require your attentiveness to My voice. Dangerous situations can be averted if you listen to Me, for I will show you the way to safety. Again, I say, awaken!
Ephesians 5:13-17 But all things that are exposed are made manifest by the light, for whatever makes manifest is light. Therefore He says: "Awake, you who sleep, Arise from the dead, And Christ will give you light." See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be unwise, but understand what the will of the Lord is.

August 22, 2006:  The prophetic word of God will now come in new ways to reveal new dimensions of His purpose and to reveal the fruit of the season.  And, I see an eagle flying in the air and under that eagle a very powerful horse.  And, the Lord says, now I am bringing the prophetic word, wisdom, and insight together with apostolic power that you may be transported in the kingdom by this power.  You will also have eyes to see and ears to hear those things that I am revealing in these days.  Indeed, My word will gain new recognition because it will release power to set free those who have been held captive.  The power of the revealed word will bring unity of the Spirit among My people as truth is established.  The way of truth will bring the way of life in the kingdom, which will cause a realization of spiritual potential, and you will rise up with new zeal, vigor, hope and purpose. 

August 21, 2006:  Jesus came to me to talk to me about the coming revival.  The interesting thing was that Jesus had around his neck a leather pouch, a wineskin, and it was very, very noticeable.  As we spoke, I was very hot and began to get thirsty.  The unusual thing about this wineskin was that some of the wine kept oozing out the top and was covering the entire skin so that the outer part of the wineskin was moist.  The light glistened on it as the Lord spoke to me, and I couldn't get away from looking at the wineskin.  I was surprised that He did not offer me a drink because I could tell that He knew that I was thirsty.  Yet, He ignored me.  Finally, I asked, "May I have a drink?"  And, the Lord answered, "That is the only way that My people shall receive the wine of this season -- by asking."  So, because I had asked, He took off the wineskin and handed it to me, and I took a huge, long drink, not knowing if I was only going to get one drink.  But, I held on to it for a moment.  And, Jesus said, "You can have as much as you want."  Something happened as I drank; I experienced the life and the joy of the Kingdom.  The Lord said, "This is the new wine of the season, and it will cause you to experience kingdom life in a way that you never have before.  It will be with great joy, a renewing of soul and spirit, and great vitality.  This is what I am serving this season.  Tell My people to ask, and they shall receive that which I am giving." 

August 14, 2006:  It is time to move into the Kingdom, for when you find your kingdom position, you shall enjoy the reality of all that you have read in My word and all that you have experienced.  The days of My glory are upon you, and you are changed from glory to glory into My image, says the Lord.  These are the times that you have yearned for and prayed for.  When the reality of My kingdom becomes a fact in your life, you will experience the joy and peace of the kingdom, and victory will be manifest.  Arise and come forth.  Make the transition between the old and the new.  It is My good pleasure to usher you into the reality of the Kingdom.  I delight in you, says the Lord, and My delight is to have you experience that which has been prepared for you.  Come forth and abide in the glory of this hour.   You have received a foretaste, but now taste and see that which I do, and be satisfied.

August 7, 2006:  I am coming to you in greater revelation and with greater power, for I have waited for this time when I am magnified among My people, says the Lord.  Enjoy this foretaste and allow it to linger and show you the way to bring you back again and again to this trysting place, this resting place, this place of union with Me.  I have demonstrated My love for you, and I have opened a door before you that no man can shut.  The heavens are open, and the Ark of the Covenant is being seen in this hour.  The curtains have been drawn back, and My glory shall be revealed to My people on earth.  I now prepare you to be the kings and priests of this age, and you will carry the glory of My anointing and My power where I send you.  Rejoice, My people, and give thanks for this time of visitation.

I have heard the groanings, the speech that cannot be uttered, and I am going to cause you to articulate that which you could not speak before this time.  You will prophesy the deep groanings of the Spirit within you.  I have nurtured you and hovered over you for such a time as this when My glory comes upon you.  Out of your innermost being shall flow forth rivers of living words.  The prophetic word shall flow out of Zion and touch the nations.  Multitudes shall be set free, for I come to bring this river forth in clarity and precision to reveal that which is hidden and bring forth My purposes, says the Lord.  Receive the gift that I give to you now.  I give you wisdom so that when you go out you will be able to understand what happens around you, and you will respond with My words.  I give you the word of knowledge so that you will understand the mysteries of this age.  I will even reveal the enemy's tactics and the curses that come against you.  I will reveal the mysteries of darkness so that you can mount up and overcome everything that is purposed against you.  Learn the secret of abiding in the Most Holy place that you may be renewed, strengthened and encouraged.  Receive My strength, says the Lord.  Let your youth be renewed.  Arise to My purposes.

I see heaven opened, and I see a great army, the army of the Lord is mounting up on the power and purposes of God.  I see them going to the north, to the south, to the east and to the west to defeat the works of the enemy and bring the manifestation of the Kingdom of God to this earth.  Even now, the Lord says, "Mount up!"  Dare to believe that He will use you.

Write this date in your book of memories, for it is certainly a defining moment in the history of your lives.  Remember it well, for from this point on I do My marvelous works among My people, says the Lord.  The wedding is before you, and I come to give gifts to My chosen Bride. 


July 31, 2006:  I say to you that man shall live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.  It is written that the scriptures cannot be broken, nor shall they be.  But, I have more to speak with you about than that which is written.  Find your place in the Secret Place, and come before My throne with boldness, for there are many of you who are seeking direction in these days and have not yet received an answer.  If you will position yourself to receive that answer, I will indeed speak to you and give you the wisdom that you need.  If you need wisdom, all you must do is ask in faith, believing, and I shall reveal that which you are seeking for.  I will direct you in the days ahead, says the Lord.

I had a vision of Jesus drawing a circle of light around each of you.  And, the Lord says that circle of light will become a place of translation to you.  You will be translated into the realm of the Spirit so that you might walk in the Valley of Vision and see the things that are in store for the end of the age.  In that circle of light, that Secret Place, you will ascend before the Most High God.  Today, I have marked you and touched you.  Today, I have drawn you into My purposes and will translate you into the Kingdom of My power.  You will begin to experience My love in a new and fresh way, and you will have My peace that passes all understanding.  You will know the joys of heaven and the glory of My kingdom, for it will be given to those who have hearts to know Me, says the Lord.

July 24, 2006:  I see a vision of the mighty men of this age beginning to come out the rocks and caves, out of their hiding places.  They have been directed by the Lord to stay in those places until this time.  God, Himself, has taught them and empowered them, and is showing them the way of life.  The Lord has given them the power of His word of truth.  They will now begin to come out from places around the world, and they shall become a mighty army such as has never been seen before.  Their power is about to be demonstrated.  God is now calling to them to come out.  Behold the mighty men of God -- the army of the Lord is coming forth.  I see in this vision that they are carrying a sword and implements to both work with and play with -- to play on instruments of worship.  The sword is two-edged to represent both the written word and the prophetic word that will become the revelation in their hearts, and that message will go out and strike the enemy.  The enemy shall fall, and God shall be glorified.

July 17, 2006:  I have come to set you free!  Where My Spirit dwells, there indeed is liberty among My people.  When liberty breaks out you shall have the very catalyst for the revival that you seek.  Deliverance begets liberty and liberty begets revival.  I say unto you, My people, begin to believe that you are free of all hindrances and oppression -- free from all of the works of the enemy.  Ask for a fresh baptism of My Holy Spirit and fire to reign in your temple.  And, then revival will break out and cannot be contained.

July 10, 2006:  I am a supernatural God.  For the most part, My people try to receive My blessings naturally, but when you arise in Spirit and come before My throne with boldness and an expectation to receive, then I shall transform you and grant to you the desires of your heart.  You know that I have given you those desires, so will I not, then, fulfill them?  Expect a faith explosion in these days that shall come forth in your innermost man.  Out of that explosion, living water shall flow, and My power shall be released in the land.  Healings shall take place in your midst, deliverance shall be accomplished, for bondages shall be broken and the enemy defeated, says the Lord.  My name is the Lord of Hosts, and I rule over you as My army, and I put in your hand today a sword, a two-edged sword, the revelation of the written Word as well as the release of the prophetic word.  Live by every word that goes forth, and the blessing of this season shall come.  Surely, I have given it, and I will perform My word with zeal.  You will know that I am among you and that I empower you and quicken your spirit.  You will be a glorious and righteous Church, My people.  Take hope and believe My word.

July 3, 2006:  My people, I have given you only a taste that you would understand that I am about to pour out of My Spirit.  You can take the taste that I give you and make it a meal.  It is time to stand up and exercise faith based upon the taste that you have had so that taste, that lingering moment of victory, might become even a greater victory, a complete victory, a whole victory with regard to every aspect of your life.  Believe now, and act by faith upon that which has been given.  Be renewed, be strengthened, be encouraged, says the Lord, for these are indeed the days of glory, the days that you have prayed for and waited for.  You have desired to know My presence and feel the touch of My hand  upon you and the refreshing that follows.  This is the Day of My power.  Let it be done on earth as it is in heaven. 


June 26, 2006:  If you, My people, who are called by My name will only believe, heaven will come down to you.  The glory of the kingdom that I have established is meant for you.  It is not only for the angels but for you as well.  That is why I have taught you to pray, "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven."  I say, rise up in these days and in these hours and believe with all of your heart, for surely I will visit you.  I shall come to you and reveal Myself and allow you to know that I am with you as I touch you and strengthen you for the days ahead.  This is My purpose, says the Lord -- to revive you and to bring you higher than you have ever been; to strengthen you beyond your natural abilities.  I will revive the power of revelation knowledge again in My house that My people will know what I am about to do.  You shall arise as a mighty army, even as the army of God to defeat the enemy who prevails from time to time.  My purpose is to defeat the works of the enemy, and you shall be My instruments of war, My weapons of war that I shall use to regain the title to all of the kingdoms of the earth.  Arise, believe, and become that generation who lives in resurrection life and resurrection power, for I give it to you, says the Lord.  Only believe!

June 19, 2006:  From the Valley of Vision I see a glorious Church arising from the dust of dead religion.  I see a people who will not be denied, who will come forth in the power of the Spirit.  They will not be afraid to declare their faith.  They will pray for the sick and will not be afraid to confront, powers and principalities and spiritual wickedness.  I see a people who will pray in full expectation of answered prayer.  These are the people who are prophetic and apostolic, an empowered generation because they have desired and hungered.  And, they shall be fed by the power of My right hand, says the Lord.  I shall extend the bread of life, and the glory of that life shall flow through them even as My blood flowed through My body, and the power of that blood shall flow through you.  You are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation that shall now walk forth in My power.  I declare unto you the abiding power of My kingdom shall be found resting in certain places on the earth where My people have humbled themselves and prayed and asked for revival to come.  If you desire to see revival, My people, you must first stir up the embers of the coals within your own heart until the Wind of heaven blows upon those coals to start a fire within your heart.  Then, you will come together corporately, and the fire of Pentecost shall ignite as a flash point from person to person and engulf the whole assembly, says the Lord.  If you so desire, then ask and keep on asking, for surely I give to those who ask and seek and knock.

June 12, 2006:  The revival of this day has begun.  I have looked down from glory and do speak forth in purity, and My love does saturate My people.  I have watched over you these years.  I have seen the trouble and the attacks against you.  I have seen all that Satan has tried to bring to you that would promote destruction in your life.  Yet, you have stood against him, and you are standing against him with a willing heart and a refusal to move away from what I have called you to.  You have found favor in My heart, says the Lord, and I will pour out of My Spirit. The prayer that you have prayed, let it be done on earth as it is in heaven, shall indeed take place.  You will witness this with your own eyes, for the greatest of all revivals in the history of mankind is beginning.  Step out.  Believe with all of your heart, and allow this word to cause your heart to tremble as you say, “Lord God, let it be unto me according to Your word.”  Set yourself to be found within the constraint of this revival, and let your mind so think upon Me, and let your spirit so run after Me that I am caught by you.  Let My glory be revealed among you, My people.  It is written that My Word never returns unto Me void, says the Lord. Let the revival begin in the hearts of My people!

June 5, 2006:  If you will present your heart to Me, I will bring the sound of glory.  I will strum on the strings of your heart and bring forth a sound of joy and words of peace.  You, My people, have forgotten how to worship Me as David worshipped Me.  I will find those who are willing to be raised up in the morning light and cause them to be instruments of praise.  It is written, "Let everything that has breath praise the Lord."  Your praise has diminished in these days, and that is why the power of Pentecost is not found among you.  For, you have entertained worry, fear, and anxiety instead of becoming an instrument of praise.  If you will again turn your heart toward heaven, seek Me and present yourself as an instrument of praise, I will surely play upon your heart the song of joy, and the sound of everlasting peace shall invade your being.  Then, you shall be restored.


May 29.2006:  I come as the Rainmaker, says the Lord.  The former and latter rain will fall from heaven's glory to the earth to water you, the trees of righteousness, that you might grow and bear much fruit.  Many nations will feed upon your fruit, for you are the trees of life that others partake of.  Receive the rain freely, for it is the rain that prepares the ground of your heart for life to spring forth.  There is a lost and dying generation that will surely perish without the fruit of life, My spiritual food.  I call you today to receive the rain that will indeed birth a new prophetic order in the land to bring forth My truth, a word in season that shall carry the fullness of My power and demonstrate My kingdom on the earth in this age.  Even now it begins.  Receive the rain! This is the rain that cleanses the soul and washes away the sting of failure.  Let it come and break the power of every curse against you and remove the presence of every demonic stronghold. 

I call to you today by the voice of My Spirit.  I will cause you to be watchmen on the wall, and you shall see, hear and report My comings and goings.  I will reveal mysteries to those who cry to Me from the depth of their heart who want to know Me and be one with Me, says the Lord.  They shall be the blessed of this age.

May 20, 2006:  I had a vision of the Lord Jesus standing on a cloud in the heavenly places, and He clapped his hands three times, but down here I didn't hear any sound.  So, the Lord said, "Come up here."  And, when I went up and He clapped His hands, it sounded like thunder that vibrated all of heaven and all of the earth.  Then, He said, "Go back down and now listen."  When I descended, I could sense the vibration, which was like a percussion instrument, even like a bass, that produced a wave that impacted my spirit man and caused me to look up.  When I looked up, the Lord spoke and said, "Tell My people that they must listen with the ears of their spirit, for many have tried to hear by their natural ability.  But, I say to you, My words are Spirit, and when they are heard in spirit, they give life to the hearer and bring forth that which begins in heaven to the earth as a still, small voice.  Yet, it will impact your entire spirit man and cause you to be strong.  Vision must be restored.  As you sense the vibration of heaven, you shall also see (perceive) My will and purpose for you.  In this time, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might, for I come to do a new thing in this season that will astonish you and carry you beyond previous limitations.  Be ready to ascend to a glorious, fabulous, and most impressive realm that will begin to open to you as you sense the sound of My clapping that will bring direction to you and release the heavenly host to war on your behalf and work with you.  Know this and be assured, for surely you have entered into the realm of victory.  Again, I say, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might!"

May 16, 2006:  The Lord says that you will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living!  I say to you, well done!  You have endured the trials and have overcome them one by one.  Now get ready for the amplification of My power that you will see manifest in your life in the days immediately before you.

May 6, 2006:  My voice calls out to you as deep calls to deep.  I am manifesting an increase of anointing that will now flow among My people, says the Lord.  It is a yoke-breaking anointing of power, which will cause you to be lifted up into My presence.  A fresh oil shall be poured out in this season as the sound of heaven is released upon the earth.  You shall know that I am among you and walking with you.  Be encouraged.  The long famine is over and the day of feasting is at hand.  My table is prepared before you; take your place and be seated in My presence.  Eat sumptuously of that which I serve you.  Your delight shall be to know that I am with you and that I am carrying you into the power of this age.


April 24, 2006:  Behold the Lamb who brings a new level of glory, a new level of revelation, which will bring forth a new level of power in My house, says the Lord.   I announce to you that the end of the age will be the most glorious days.  Even as the wine that was saved for the end of the wedding feast was the greatest wine, so will be My glory in the end of the age.  You, My people,  shall be transformed.  This transformation will be the power of redemption that will flow from you as you go forth to do My work and release My power so that the kingdom may be in demonstration.  Believe and ready yourself, for the glory of heaven now invades this world and comes upon those who find themselves in the spiritual Zion that I have established around the world.

April 17, 2006:  I do have eyes to see, says the Lord.  I am not blind like the idols that men worship.  I have eyes to watch over My people.  It is written that the very hairs of your head are numbered, so you must know that I have watched over your life and do watch even now.  I know the things that you have had to deal with; I know the troubles and cares.  I am very aware of the affliction and persecution that have come against you, My people.  But, I say, today I impart to you the spirit of resurrection.  Resurrection life gives you the ability to overcome all that is set against you, for I live in you and pour forth that life so that you can be renewed this very day.  Let me touch you and heal you and renew your spirit, which will cause you to go forth in victory. 

April 15, 2006:  Some of My people have opened a door to the enemy by obsessing over their personal desires.  This obsession  has interfered with "seeking first the kingdom of God" and has allowed demons of destruction to work against you in your circumstances.  Set a watch for a seducing spirit that would pressure you into various obsessions. This is the present work of the enemy against My people, says the Lord.  This is a time of transition into the new season, a season in which My power will be released.  The enemy seeks to disqualify you from receiving the power of the present season.  The way to victory over Satan's seduction is to keep your eyes firmly fixed upon Me.  If you choose to focus on yourself and your desires, you will become a victim of Satan's plans for you. Rise up and fight the good fight of faith.  1 John 5:4 For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world––our faith.

April 10, 2006:  I have come in this hour to teach you the way to victory.  You have read of My servant, David, who always had victory -- victory in every battle that he fought because he sought Me, says the Lord.  But, more than that he was a worshipper, a true worshipper.  By the power of his worship he established the atmosphere of victory.  You, My people, can do likewise if you will arise at this moment and allow the song of the Lord to come into your heart.  Certainly I will give you a song in the night and in the morning and in the daytime.  Learn to worship and exalt the King of kings and the Lord of lords, and you too shall walk in the victory that David walked in.  I am a God worthy of praise, and your praise will establish the way of victory.  Receive this word as a seed that will produce victory.  I will move on you by My Spirit and you will indeed have a song, or a dance, or perhaps a moment of intense adoration, which you must exhibit in the natural realm.  Then, you will have the victory, says the Lord.  Arise and live in victory, My people, for the time has come for the restoration of all things.

April 3, 2006:  And you would say, "What is this stirring that I feel?"  I say, I am bringing the power of the breaker anointing upon My people.  Indeed, in these days, I am calling for the dread warriors to rise up.  Is there not a cause?  Do I not have a purpose?  Am I coming to bring My kingdom to earth?  Then, I say, war must take place.  I have revealed the season of the horse and My power.  You must arise.  Rise up in zealous faith and become My warrior for the end of the age.  Rise up to be a warrior of the morning, for I call you to take up the sword.  Become the dread warrior who pushes back the powers of darkness from My land.  For, it is written, decreed, and declared that the kingdoms of the earth shall now become the Kingdom of God, and you, My people, shall be instrumental in bringing it about if you will believe and rise up in the power of My anointing.  Break through, break through the barrier of the woman, Mystery Babylon, who sits upon the multitudes.  Break through into My presence, and you shall have the victory.


March 27, 2006:  I have come in this season, says the Lord, to bring victory -- victory over the powers of hell and victory over death, the final enemy.  I have brought you forth at this time to be My representatives within the kingdom, and upon you, My witnesses, I will bestow much honor.  I will give unto you gifts that you have not earned, houses that you have not built, fields that you have not planted, for I will release and give gifts to My Bride.  I am calling to My Bride, the spotless Church, to come and see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.  For, where the brethren dwell together in unity, there the blessing is commanded. 

March 20, 2006:  I had a vision of people standing in a building, all Christians, and the force of the power of the enemy came through, and these people became spinning tops, spinning out of control, spinning in different directions.  As the spinning slowed down, they began to wobble and were ready to fall over.  But, I saw the hand of the Lord come down and He spun the tops again, and then He said, "Tell My people that they will now begin to spin under My control and not under the control of the enemy.  As you spin under the power of the Most High God, you will find that I am doing a most amazing work, for I have called for a prophetic selah in the heavenlies.  As you spin, you will find that all things that have hindered you in the past are now being spun out of your life."

Then, as I saw the tops, under the power of God, begin to stop, they did not wobble.  They came to a standstill perfectly balanced and upright.  They (the people of God) knew the way in which they would walk, and they knew that all things that had caused them to spin out of control, in confusion, and in indecision became perfectly clear. They knew the direction to go.  They knew what the Lord would have them to do.  They had full assurance that they could go forth under  His power from that moment on to accomplish all things that He had set them to do.  The enemy has come against you, but God has kept you spinning  longer than you wanted to, but it was under His power so that He could set you free and position you to go forth with perfect clarity.  Know this one thing ... God, in all of that confusion, did a mighty work in your life that will enable you to walk forward with renewed hope and vitality. 

March 13, 2006:  I say unto you, arise, My children, and activate your faith.  For, if you receive the love of the Father as He gives to you this moment, your faith shall ascend to heavenly places and you will no longer live by the measure of your own faith.  But, the Lord Himself will touch you and activate faith within your heart.  The gift of faith will come alive in you, and in the power of that faith you shall accomplish all that you have been called to accomplish.  And, you shall have victory over all of the works of the enemy.  I say that even now I am bringing a faith explosion alive within the hearts of My people.  You will no longer live by the measure of your own faith, but now you will live by the measure of the faith of the Son of God.  So be it, for I decree it, says the Lord.

March 6, 2006:  Behold I stand at the door of your heart and knock.  Come forth My children into the power of  this season.  Come to receive, for I am distributing among My people the greatest glory, the greatest opportunity to serve, the greatest opportunity to be a witness, the greatest opportunity to bring forth the victory.  For, you, My people, are destined for victory.  I say, lay aside all that causes you to be a victim, and rise up in My power, says the Lord.  My heart yearns to meet with you, and My heart cries for you in the sense that I am here in My heavenly place, looking over the balcony of heaven, cheering you on in the race that is set before you.  Lay aside all that weighs you down, and push toward the goal of your high calling.  Now, at this time, you can either arise to your position, your place of strength and greatness, or you will sink to the destruction of failure by way of your own choice.  But, I say to you, choose life, choose victory, for I draw a line in the sand, and you must choose who you will serve.  You cannot serve mammon and Me.  If you choose Me, says the Lord, I will not disappoint you.  I will bring the blessings of this age upon you, and you shall dwell in a place of peace and joy that you have never before known or understood.  Come this day and say, "I will join you, Lord,"  Step across the line and be fully Mine.

February 26, 2006:  And, the Lord says, get up from under the table and seat yourself at My table, and I will feed you the sumptuous food.  I, Myself, will server you and watch over you.  I will provide for you and anoint you and bring you fully into your destiny. 

February 20, 2006:  Do you not know and understand that which I am doing?  You have heard My word, and you are beginning to understand the times and the seasons that I am bringing you into.  Today, I reveal that in this season, even now in these next seven days, I will give you opportunities to plant seeds that will grow, come to fruition, and produce a great harvest in this coming year.  This, indeed, is a time of planting of seeds both spiritual and physical.  There is a time for planting and a time for reaping of the harvest, but this is the season of planting.  Do so, and be amazed, says the Lord.

February 13, 2006:  My people, this is the hour of transformation, a time of new beginnings.  It is a time when I would have you forget all of those things that are behind you so that you can press and push toward the mark of the high calling of your Lord, which has been set for you, your destiny fulfilled.  You are entering a season in which you can be all that you have been called to be in My kingdom, says the Lord.  But, you must let go today of those things that have held you back.  Begin again, and let Me, your Master Potter, take you in My hand and make you a new vessel.  There are new opportunities ahead of you.  I will move you by the power and might of My Holy Spirit.  Behold, I come as fire upon you to bring you into the fullness of your destiny. 

February 6, 2006:  I come to undergird you and equip you by My word, says the Lord.  I also will empower you to fight the good fight of faith.  It is written that My saints shall prevail and that the glorious church without spot or wrinkle shall arise.  My power shall go forth as a light that breaks forth in the hearts of men.  Encourage yourself, for I know the enemy has harassed you and that vexing spirits have been sent against you.  I know of the work of the enemy against you, but he has only a little authority, and I have the greater authority.  I have watched over you and kept you and even hidden you.  My children, you shall prevail, for I am with you.  Strengthen your hands that hang down and the feebleness of your walk.  Come forth with expectation, for I come quickly.  Prepare yourself, for My house shall be built, and you are the workers of this day.  Arise and build.


January 30, 2006:  Speak into your crisis.  Bring your crisis before Me, says the Lord, and then speak into your crisis, for the Word has power to change circumstances.  I say, it will bring My favor.  My Word spoken shall indeed remove the mountain that is before you.  Rise up in this time and speak to your mountain and it shall be removed.  Prophesy and proclaim My Word over your situation, and no weapon formed against you shall prosper and every tongue that has risen up against you is condemned.

January 23, 2006:  It is written that the silver and gold are Mine, and I have given you a sign in the natural of that increase (as the value of gold and silver in the world markets have increased).  Know this, that it represents not only financial blessings that will come to My people, but it represents the increase of My gold, the divine Spirit, and My silver, the power of redemption, that will come to My people at this time.  I am opening up a river of revelation that will flow forth from the Throne and come upon you.  You will have a greater revelation of Me and My purposes in these days, says the Lord.  Consider yourselves a blessed generation and rise up and defeat the enemy of your soul.  Ascend the hill of the Lord, and walk forth in power.  Your destiny will be fulfilled because I am for you, and if I am for you, who can be against you?  Prosper in all ways in this season.  Prosper in your knowledge and understanding of My word.  Prosper in your giftings.  Prosper in the power of deliverance.  Prosper in financial blessings that will loose you from the bondage of debt and bring you in to freedom.  I will certainly bless My people abundantly.  Rise up in your faith and believe!

January 17, 2006:  Many people are still in training and moving towards destiny.  They began to see and hear, but they are not yet mature enough to lead with prophetic words.  Some are still desiring a preferred position instead of dying to flesh desire.  Exercise your discernment before receiving any word of prophecy, says the Lord.  And, it is imperative that you not allow discouragement of any kind to come upon you or into your circumstances.  Do not allow other people to be a discouragement to you, but submit them to Me.  Continue to trust Me.

January 16, 2006:  Man the fort, you saints of God.  He who scatters has once again come up before your face.  He (Satan) has come to discourage your soul so that he can steal the promises of this new season.  I have spoken to you about the blessings that I intend to bring to My people in this season, says the Lord.  The enemy has heard My word and will contend for the power that has been released through the prophetic word.

Rise up and fight the good fight of faith, for if you do, you shall be victorious over the enemy of your soul.  You have already had a foretaste of the power of the end of the age.  Do not allow the evil one to steal that which you have tasted, or he will be able to cloud your vision.

Trust in Me, for I will empower you for victory.  Start now by renewing your vision.  Come, and enter the blessing flow today.   Regain your spiritual perspective.  Turn your eyes upon Me, and I will renew your faith.
Hebrews 12:2-3  Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.  For consider Him who endured such hostility from sinners against Himself, lest you become weary and discouraged in your souls.

January 1, 2006:  You have heard it said, and it is written that My people shall rise up on wings as eagles.  If you do, the power of heaven shall come upon you, and you shall run and not be weary, you shall walk and not faint.  But, I say that even as you have learned to spread your spiritual wings and mount up, it is now time for the new season of the "horse."  You shall mount up in My purposes and understand that this "horse" will only go the direction that I have set him in.  He will not go by your leading or your own reining, but get ready for a ride.  I am about to release the apostolic power of My kingdom among My people and among you who have a desire to use what I give for kingdom purpose and not for selfish interest.  I say, mount up!