December 26, 2005:  You shall be astonished as you walk forward from this day.  I tell you that I am going to build My house.  It is a house that no man can build, and I will build on the mountain tops, and I will build in the places that people will flow into.  I will build a house of power, for indeed this is the season of the horse (of power) when the sons of My right hand shall arise to their positions.  I shall dispel the lies that I no longer move in power.  I shall break through the darkness, for I am the light of this Day.  I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.  Truth is going to be revealed in an unprecedented way as I come forth in power and build My house.  It will be a house that I can dwell in, a place of healing and resurrection life, a place of revelation knowledge.  You, My people, will see that house.  Arise and rejoice, for I come, says the Lord!

December 19, 2005:  I will never leave you nor forsake you.  I have led you to the very tops of the mountains to sit in counsel with you.  I have directed you and told you the way in which you should walk and led you forth by the Spirit of Prophecy into the heavenlies.  I have opened the door to the Valley of Vision so that you would know and understand that My kingdom is supernatural.  I have instructed you and walked with you in the valley where you have learned to fight the good fight of faith and have learned to prevail through prayer and dependence on My strength, says the Lord.  Arise, for this is your finest hour, and I will lead you in power.  Arise into the new day by faith and receive the impartation of the power of My presence that is necessary for the days ahead.  I am establishing the spiritual boundaries of your victory.  Arise and examine the signposts that have been planted, which have declared your victory over various past challenges in your life.  Those signposts are a witness to you to arise and take the next position.  Arise now and cross through the Jordan, the place of anointing, into the power of this day.  Indeed, you are living in the age of power which is dawning upon you, My people.  Receive the light of this day.

December 12, 2005:  The Lord say, I have broken the reproach of the world from you.  Many of you, My people, have heard that word, but have not stepped into the victory of it.  But, I say to you that the reproach is rolled away.  Come out into light; come out into freedom; come out into the joy of My work.  Come and experience My presence for times of refreshing.  I remind you that victory is before you.  If I have promised that, will I not lead you into the fullness of it?  If I told you that you could have joy unspeakable and full of glory, is it not so?  Rise up, My people, and believe My word.  Do not have an evil heart of unbelief regarding the times and seasons and be against that which I have spoken.  I will truly fulfill all that I spoken and even more so. It is My great pleasure to bring you into the fullness of your inheritance, says the Lord.

December 5, 2005:  Rise up, My people, for ahead of you is a point of destiny.  I shall bring you forth into destiny.  It is My intention to show you the things you have longed to see and to teach you the things you have desired to learn.  I know that your hearts seek after Me, says the Lord, and you will do all of My will in the days ahead.  Look forward to the coming season with great expectation.  I shall do abundantly and exceedingly above and beyond anything that you could perceive at this time.  I will instruct you in the power of My word, and you will dwell under the power of My anointing, and the power of My glory shall indeed flow forth out of Zion to touch the world.  Believe that which I have spoken, for you shall become the horsemen of this age.


November 29, 2005:  You now know and understand that the season has changed and that you are entering into a new season.  This new season will be known as the season of the horse.  The last season that you walked through was known as the season of the eagle, which prepared you through the prophetic word.  Now you know that My return will be on a white horse.  The horse represents the power of the end of the age, apostolic power, which I will bring to My church, for I have found those who have desired to walk with Me in a position of obedience, and I will pour out of My Spirit, says the Lord, in a new and fresh way.  I will come to you as the former and latter rain together to bring the strength of My purpose forth and to give you the weapons are necessary to defeat the last enemy and to walk forth with Me in the flow of My anointing and glory.  We shall lift up the cup of victory together with grateful praise.

You must put your past firmly behind you and prepare yourself for the future.  Do not continue to dwell on the mistakes of the past, the failures of the past.  Stop comparing yourself with others.  Stop looking at yourself, and begin to look at Me, and you shall abide in victory.  Surely, I come to anoint you and give you eye salve, the anointing that will enable you to see ahead rather than behind.  I say, look up and I shall lift you up.  From your heavenly station you shall receive the anointing that will cause you to see My purposes, which will help you find your way. 

November 21, 2005:  And the Lord says, can you perceive that I am hovering over you even as My Spirit hovered over the waters in the great day of creation?  I am brooding over you for My purposes, and those purposes you know, for I am about to bring about the restoration of all things. 

November 14, 2005:  It is My good pleasure to reveal your destiny, says the Lord.  It is My good pleasure to reveal your worth to Me, for I have searched the world over, and I have found a people who have a heart after Me.  Where I find a people such as you, I will pour out My Spirit upon you.  I will reveal to you the mysteries of the end of the age.  I will reveal to you the blessings and pour for you the wine of revelation of this season.  My greatest desire is to come and dine with you.  I shall give you the wine of My strength, the wine of My deliverance, and the wine of My revelation for these days, says the Lord.  My desire is to sit with all of you who have chosen Me and serve Me.  I will show you clearly how you have fulfilled your destiny in ways that you did not know nor understand.  I have worked among you, My people, and you will be astonished at the power of your work, your words and the power of your prayers.  Beloved, I take great pleasure in your willingness and ability to walk by My Spirit.  Continue, for the time is short, and I come quickly, says the Lord.

November 7, 2005:  I saw the Lord, high and lifted up, and He declared from His throne:  Do you not know that the King's Highway is the road to recovery?  Many of you, even though you do not recognize nor have the fullness of understanding, have begun a journey to recovery.  Some of you are recovering your health, and others are recovering from the affliction of things that have held you in a place of bondage, the demonic powers that have harassed you.  But, I say, you have already begun the journey, so take heart.  Do not allow yourself to slip back into complacency.  Do no allow yourself to lose faith, but rather stir up the gift that is within you, the residing power of the kingdom of God, which abides in you.  Surely, I say to those who have begun this journey, as you proceed along and come to My table and feast upon the revelation of My word, which produces faith, I shall heal you completely, deliver you completely, and set your feet in a broad place.  I will give you the voice of victory and praise, for it shall come.  I am bringing recovery to My people, says the Lord.

November 2, 2005: Do you hear the sound of the rising of the eagles?  This is the season of the bringing forth of My eagles, says the Lord.  It is time to arise to your destiny, to soar on the wings of revelation, to come before My throne of glory.  Yes, I say, even with boldness you will arise in this hour to your destiny and to have the revelation and the understanding of your purpose in the earth at this time.  I am the Lord of glory, and I have a chosen generation of royal priests, a glorious Church which is about to come forth in righteousness.  Come forth, My people, and arise to your position of destiny.  Understand who you are, and shake off the dust of regret.  Come forth in expectation of the greatness that has been predestined.  Arise now from your slumber; arise now from your complacency; arise now from condemnation.  Arise and strengthen the hands that hang down in weakness; strengthen the feebleness of your knees.  Stand before Me and listen for the sound of the trumpet, for I have declared war against My enemy.  I have anointed you for battle and raised you up for such a time as this and to bring destruction to those who are against Me and that My Father may be glorified and honored and that His will be done on the earth as it is written, says the Lord.


October 24, 2005:  Arise, My people, for it is time to run to the gate and turn back the battle.  The enemy comes forth in his month of desire, but I will not allow him to rule over you.  I will declare his defeat in the sanctuary and over those who live in the power of My word and walk in the power of My Spirit.  Take up the sword and go forth to defeat your enemy.  I shall lead you in triumph.  You will not fail, for victory is Mine, says the Lord. Remember that everything will be all right; everything will be okay because I bring everything to perfection.  I bring everything into My purposes and My timing.  I have not forgotten you, nor have I forsaken you.  You shall know that all that you go through is under My power to strengthen you, says the Lord. 

October 18, 2005:  I say to you, the place of dining is not just a place of eating, but a place of receiving that which I have given to you.  For, the power of My Spirit comes like a dove to rest upon the psalmists and prophets.  Indeed the remnant church will be prophetic, and those that seek Me with all of their hearts shall receive that which I have saved.  The best wine has been saved for last, and I am pouring out the wine of My revelation upon the hearts of My chosen ones in these days that they may drink fully at My table and eat sumptuously in My presence.  They shall arise and fulfill their commission.  I will find a company of people who walk in faith, says the Lord.


October 17, 2005

I saw a demon spirit come in during the preaching.  He came in as a dark mist close to the ground and hid under a jacket.  He took a position of opposition to the message being preached.  I was going to bind him and make him leave, but the Lord told me to wait and watch.  He stood by the drum and created his pressure against the work of God.  He would thump the drum and point at people in the congregation.  This demon spirit created a vibration against each one he pointed at.  And, the pressure of his influence caused each person to get up and walk into the valley of death in the spirit realm.  In that place, you would go to a place where you had erected a grave stone.  These grave stones had many different names written on them.  Some were labeled "my peace"; some were labeled "my joy"; some were labeled "broken relationship"; some were labeled "hard circumstances."  One of the biggest monuments was labeled "rejection." Each person took flowers to place at these grave stones, and you were weeping and lamenting with great sorrow at what had occurred or what had been lost.  In some cases it was the death of a dream and in other cases it was a prophetic word that had not yet been fulfilled.  And, the Lord said, "You need to let My people know that they need to turn those grave stones over and never again lay flowers of lamentation, sorrow, and woe upon them, and when they do so, they are being moved by the power of death."  That death is preventing you from coming forth into what God has prepared for you and keeping you from His anointing in this season.  If you continue in sorrow, the devil can lock you into that place.  That valley becomes a valley of dead bones.  You cannot go there any more because to do so will perpetuate whatever situation is depicted by the monument.  Purpose in your heart to not go there again.

October 10, 2005:  I had a vision of a pool of blood.  It was a small pool of blood, but I saw the Holy Spirit begin to move on it like He hovered over the waters in the beginning.  And, the pool of blood began to expand.  The Lord said to me, "Do you know what you are seeing?"   I said, "Maybe, but I'm not sure."  You know when God asks you a question like that it is because He wants to show you more than you already know.  And, the Lord said, "I want you to begin to pray for an expansion of the revelation of the power of the blood and the blood covenant so that My people can live in the fullness of what I have given them.  There is tremendous power in the covenant."

The Lord says, "As you prosper in the word, so shall you prosper in the land.  As you prosper in prayer, so shall you prosper in the land.  As you prosper in spirit, so shall you receive the double portion and prosper exceedingly abundantly above all that you could think or ask.  As children of promise and heirs of all that I have, I will distribute My wealth as I see fit.  I shall distribute among the faithful and to those who prosper in the things of the Spirit.  But, also you will prosper in the earth, for in the days ahead you will need what I give to you,  My chosen ones, those who walk in covenant with Me and those who are faithful to meet the conditions of covenant.  It shall be given to you pressed down, shaken together, and running over.  All that you need you will obtain in order to do that which I have set you to do."

October 6, 2005:  I am the Lord of the breakthrough, and I am breaking you out of bondages that the enemy has established around you.  I will bring you into the glory of liberty.  Take hope and renew yourself in covenant, for I will perform My Word.  All the promises are yes and amen.  That which has been spoken will indeed take place and be performed by My hand. 

October 4, 2005:  October is a month for watching.  Take your position on the wall and watch.  Watch for the signs that will confirm to you and bear witness of the new season.  Indeed, I have brought you into this time of blessing.  Watch for Satan's schemes, for he will attempt to distract you so that you miss the signs, which are the seal to your spirit that I am doing what I said I would do.  I will bring you into the power and blessing of My covenant, says the Lord.

The Lord told me that there is coming a later harvest and October is a time for seed-planting, and He confirmed that to me this past week.  Often He confirms things to me through rocks.  I received a chunk of silver ore and a slab that has gold in it, and I believe that the Lord brought those to me and said, "The silver is mine and the gold is mine.  You do not have to worry about the coming season.  Deposit yourself in a position of faith and do not allow fear to rule and reign.  Put away fear and establish your harvest through the sowing of your seed, and you will be surprised at how I prosper you through these times when others around you will not prosper."

October 3, 2005:  These are the days of the restoration of all things.  I shall teach you how to hear My sound, the sound that comes from heaven.  I will teach you to experience it and allow it to refresh you. I will show you how to abide in My light and how to be aware of the light that is coming from down from the Father of Lights.  You will experience the flashing rays that come from My hand. I will renew you and cause you to experience My voice as I speak in the still small voice.  I have come to teach you how to experience heaven.  These are the days of the meeting together of earth and heaven.  I say to you, if you are to receive the fullness of restoration and walk in the power of the age to come, you must learn to experience My touch and know the leading and guiding of My Spirit, for you are being prepared for the age to come.  Hear My voice and obey, for the blessings belong to you as you say, "Yes and amen."


September 26, 2005:  Have you seen this, My people?  What a marvelous thing it is -- I sit upon the heavenly throne and send to you the rain, the anointing of this time, that you might become that which has been spoken of and prophesied.  If you will believe, you shall receive.  Only believe.  Step forward from the past.  Set your eyes upon your Lord; set your face like flint and move to the goal of the high calling in Christ Jesus.  You will become the kings of the earth that will bring glory to Me.  You are living in the days of restitution.  I am bringing restoration to My people that you might see beyond the veil to understand your calling and purposes in Me, for I am raising up a royal generation.  The kings of the earth shall now come forth and do what destiny requires.  Arise and go.  Arise and believe.  Arise and receive, says the Lord.

September 19, 2005:  Listen to My voice, My children, for I say to you that many of you have allowed the enemy to wear you out through you circumstances because you have forgotten the art of resting in My presence.  You have refused to become a worshiper.  I say, if you will open your mouth and open your heart and worship Me you shall be renewed continually, and you shall be reminded of who you are in Me and who I am in you, and you shall not grow weary.  You will be like the eagle, I say; spread your wings, for he does not become weary, but he allows the wind of My Spirit to carry him far above the trials of this earth, far above the tragedies of this earth, far above the turmoil of this earth even, and he brings himself to Me with wings outspread.  Into the heavenlies he soars and in the heavenlies he receives.  Then, his youth is renewed.  Let your youth be renewed likewise, says the Lord.

September 12, 2005:  Come.  Come again, My children, for the day is not over.  The night is far spent, but the day is the light before you.  The light of revelation that will be given to you this day shall bring you up and enable you to walk in heavenly places.  It shall lift you above the things of the world and cause you to experience heaven's glory.  Yes, even now, says the Lord.  I will reveal My ways to My people; I intend to bless My people.  I will bring you beyond the curse and into the joy of My kingdom, for in that place, says the Lord, you will understand the meaning of being changed from glory to glory, from faith to faith and from victory to victory.  Come -- drink the cup that I give to you.  The cup of new wine, the wine of My joy and peace.  I shall indeed reveal Myself to you, and all of heaven shall glory in the fact that you have given yourself to Me wholly and absolutely.

September 5, 2005:  There is chaos all around, but you know Me, says the Lord.  And, you trust in Me.  Glorious light emanates from your celebration, and the peoples of the world will see and be drawn to your light.  You, My people, will go forth without fear or anxiety.  You will rejoice in the goodness of the Lord because you know in Whom you have believed.  Through this journey you have been persuaded that you can trust Me and have committed all things to Me. 



August 15, 2005:  I speak to those who have wandered off the straight and narrow path.  You have returned to your old ways for comfort and have fallen back into bad habits that will lead to destruction.  But, today I come to you as the Lord of the Breakthrough to break you out and bring you through into the brightness of this Day and to make smooth the path beneath your feet.  Surely, you have thought that I have forgotten you, but I say, I have watched over you and have seen the devices of the enemy at work against you.  I have seen you slip and slide and sometimes fall, but this day, says the Lord, get up and call upon My name, for I am the deliverer.  Freedom is before you.  Walk in the path, and you will get free from everything the enemy has brought against you. 

August 9, 2005:  I put a crown of rejoicing on your heads.  Anoint the shield and go forth in great faith over all of the work of the enemy, and carry the flaming sword that burns up everything that defiles.  I give to you the sword that burns with zeal and the glory of My power; it is most certainly a weapon against the enemy, an effective weapon that will destroy all of his work.  Take up the sword, launch out in faith, and run with haste to the battle.  Surely the enemy shall be turned back at the gate.  I have prepared those who will bring forth My voice in the land that will declare the work that I am doing in this Day, says the Lord.  This is a Day of victory!  Can you hear the sound of victory?  Run in faith, knowing that you indeed shall be victorious in all that you set your hand to.  Rise up in the understanding of your authority this day, and be renewed.  You are warriors of the morning, men of renown.  Come forth!  I call you forth into kingdom position.  Live in victory!

August 1, 2005:  Are you not My children?  I have spoken it to you, and it is written in the Holy Scriptures.  You, My Beloved, are about to enter a new season of divine restoration in which you will experience great joy and absolute liberty of My peace.  In the days ahead, I shall continually lift you into the heavenly place and set your feet in the Valley of Vision, and I shall cause you to walk in the cool of the Garden with Me again.  It is My desire that you know Me, that you know My voice, that you know My touch, that you know My love, My peace, and My joy.  A father loves his children, and I have loved you with a heart that burns with zeal, for I am a jealous God who is jealous for you.  Would you now become jealous for Me, says the Lord?  In these days, I shall walk with you as never before, and I shall speak to you with greater clarity than before, and I shall open your eyes wider than before, for these are the days of the revealed glory as I manifest among My children the greatness of My kingdom.  I have desired this Day and the coming of the Day of Christ that I might pour out My Spirit upon you  in such a magnitude of glory that you will no longer be troubled by the things of the world or abide in anxiety or fear.  You will know Me to such an extent that nothing will hinder you, says the Lord.  Rise up now in faith and enter in to My throne room.


July 25, 2005:  Lift up your heads, O you people, for I am coming upon you, says the Lord.  Indeed these are the days that have been prophesied and been spoken of since the very beginning of the Church, the days of victory of the glorious Bride of Christ in which heaven and earth are joined together in the power of the Most High.  I bring good news -- the enemy will be routed, and no weapon formed against you will prosper.  Every voice that rises up against you in judgment shall be condemned, and the curse shall be broken.  This is a time of rejoicing for those who run to the battle and take the spoils of war.  Rejoice as you are led from victory to victory.

July 18, 2005:  The greatest opportunities for advancement in the Kingdom are at hand!  You are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, and upon you rests the final glory of the kingdom of heaven.  Do not allow the enemy to dissuade you or to take away the promise.  Do not allow the enemy to divert your focus from the kingdom.  Fix your eyes upon Me, says the Lord, and I shall lift you up above the realm of the earth and the things that are temporal.  I shall give you a visions of heavenly things, and your faith shall be quickened and be absolute,  enabling you to receive the promise.  Look up.  Do not give up.  Do not back up, but go forward. 

July 10, 2005:  You have broken through into a new level of faith.  You have believed that I am the Lord God Almighty and that I am able to deliver you.  You have believed that I am able to heal you.  You have believed that I am able to provide for you.  You have believed, for I have given to you the sure mercies of David, and I have quickened your faith.  I have brought from heaven My sound that will cause you to rejoice in your inner man.  Therefore, I say, stand up and shout.  When you shout the walls shall fall and the enemy shall be defeated, says the Lord.  You have entered into a new realm of faith, and you have demonstrated the power of that faith.  The faith that I give is an evidence of the new season, but you will see greater faith than this arise, for I am the Author and the Finisher of your faith, and I will come and write a new chapter in your life.  This new level of faith will only increase, for My people shall know the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.  Rejoice, I say, and rejoice again, for I have come to set you free and bring you into the fullness of the Jubilee.

July 4, 2005:  I say to you, My people, it is time to rise on wings of eagles, for this is an appointed time, a time of destiny.  Spread your wings, for I shall be the wind beneath your wings, and I shall carry you to the heights of heaven.  You shall see as you have never seen before.  I give you the eyes of the eagle.  And, it is time again for the cry of the eagle to be heard across the land, the cry of My soon return, says the Lord.  I tell you, it is time to arise, time to fly, time to speak with a voice of victory.  I anoint you for such this day.  Rejoice, for it is the time of the eagle.  Rejoice, for it is the time of victory.  Rejoice, for it is the time to receive your inheritance.


June 13:  Restoration!  Have you seen this, My people?  For surely I have given signs and wonders in the earth that you may know the presence of My power and the glory of My work.  Indeed the rains of the season have come, and a pool is being formed.  Out of the pool of My revelation, the water that comes from heaven, the river shall begin to flow.  When the river flows it will water the garden -- it will water you, My people, to bring healing and strength.  It will cause you to walk in the cool of the garden with Me, your Creator, and to know Me and to love Me as you never have before.  These are the days of the restoration of all things.  I have come to restore and renew.  I have come to heal you and prepare you to walk in the glory of the next season.  You are My trees of the field; lift up holy hands and give a clap offering of praise.  I will visit you and bless you and cause you to be fruitful in all things, says the Lord.

June 11:  One of the reasons you have open doors that the enemy can access is because you are still talking about other people in a negative way.  Set a watch, for you should not be involved in gossip and slander.  You need to tighten the ship and throw some things overboard.  Examine what you need to keep and what you need to get rid of.  It is time to be free from the works and deeds of the flesh.  Now is the time to move into the fullness of the Spirit.  Lighten your load and get ready to move forward.  You cannot carry what you used to carry.  Get ready!


May 30, 2005:  Have you not heard the sound of heaven?  Have you not heard the voice of the prophets in these days?  I am doing a mighty work among My people, for I have purposed to bring forth the manifestation of My power.  Gird up the loins of your faith and arise to new heights.  Spread your wings even as the eagles, and I shall lift you up with the wind and breath of My Spirit, which shall carry you into a pre-appointed place in this pre-determined time.  In this season, you will experience the kingdom in a new, fresh and powerful way, says the Lord. 

May 24, 2005:  I want you to understand that you have entered into a time of spiritual advancement unlike any in the history of mankind.  This is a time when you shall be able to realize the fullness of your calling, a time when you will be able to receive all that I have for you.  It is a time of spiritual advancement, for this is the time of opportunity for you to gird up the loins of your strength and begin to push into the kingdom.  I am coming to you to bestow upon you the glory of these times, and I shall equip you for these times and provide all that you need so that each of you may fulfill your destiny and all that you have been called to do in this season, says the Lord. 

May 23, 2005:  I have given you signs of that which I am doing.  You, My people, are coming out from under duress and bondage.  You will begin to enter a spiritual flow of blessings.  You have seen forerunners who have received great blessings in this season, but I say to you that I will bring these blessings to all of you who have been faithful and loyal to My work, particularly to those who have nurtured and cared for My house.

May 15, 2005:  It is time to shout!  Indeed, I say, that the blessings of the Jubilee shall now come upon you and become a reality.  I have a Bride that I am bestowing My gifts upon in these days.  Look up, for indeed your redemption draws nigh.  Redeem the time, redeem your faith, redeem your promises, for you shall receive if you will believe that which I have promised to give to you, My people, in this season of shouting, says the Lord.

May 2, 2005:  Rejoice!  This is the season of rejoicing, and it is with joy that you shall receive your inheritance.  I give you joy unspeakable and full of glory.  Joy is the evidence of the victory that is immediately before you, and as you respond with joy you shall walk into My promises.  Joy comes not only in the morning, but it comes in this specific season as you receive the promise.  Allow My joy to motivate you and propel you, for surely I will give you joy.  Abide in that joy, and it shall bring you forth into victory, for it is a weapon formed against Satan that will prosper in these days, says the Lord.



April 25, 2005:

Don't give up too soon.  This winds of change are blowing.  I am blowing a refreshing wind upon My people, for you have been through hard times, tumultuous times when the enemy has tried to wear you out.  But, I am seated upon My throne, and the court has been seated, and I have made a judgment in favor of the saints.  No longer will the enemy be able to wear you down.  Resurrection life will flow to bring restoration and healing.  I will give supernatural virtue that will wipe away discouragement from past days. 

Watch for a season of rainbows, for many do not yet believe that the Jubilee season is upon you. You will see the most magnificent rainbows in the spring and summer.  Behold the rainbow, for indeed it is the season of the rain.  And, with the rain comes the bow set in the sky as a reminder of My covenant promise to you.  That which I have promised I shall surely bring, and I will give to you individually.  Each one shall receive from My treasury, says the Lord, for I am opening the treasures of heaven to pour out a blessing that you cannot even contain.  This is the day of My power, the day of My glory, the day of My revelation.  I come to you now as the rain, the former and the latter rain together.  Watch for the rainbow, for it shall speak to you of the blessings of this season.  But, do not forget during this time to maintain a position of warfare.  It will be a different position because it will be warfare that is birthed from joy. 

April 18, 2005:  Do you know and do you understand that the gifts come before the wedding?  Now is the season of the giving of the gifts.  Now is the season of My favor upon the Bride, says the Lord.  Now is the time of restoration and healing and preparation whereby I am bringing you to a place of being a joint heir with Me.  You will walk as My kings and priests on the earth.  I will demonstrate My power and glory among My people and through My people, for I have determined to do this.  I have saved the best for the last.  This was revealed in the first miracle when the best wine was saved for the end of the wedding feast, and so it is again.  Children, drink and enjoy.  Drink fully and deeply of My Spirit, for I will give to you the wine of this season, the wine of the Jubilee, the wine of the blessing.  I have determined now to distribute gifts to My Bride.  Open your hearts and look up, for redemption draws nigh, and the gifts shall be poured upon you in this day.

April 9, 2005:  Do not forget that this is the year of the favor of the Lord.  This is not only a season of blessing, it is the season of blessing that I have chosen to pour out of My Spirit and to bring forth those treasures that have been hidden and stored up and reserved for those who will walk in the power of My name.  The distribution will come forth as you mount up to receive that which I have for you.  Children, spread your wings, for wind does not carry that one that has his wings folded and tucked under him.  My wind will not carry that which is sitting down, but the wind will carry that one who stands on a high place with wings of faith outstretched.  Then, I say, the winds of heaven will transport you and take you into the blessing.

April 1, 2005:  Listen, My people, to the sound of worship.  Does it not inhabit the whole of the earth?  Do you not know that it is not confined to just this house, but it is ascends into the heavenlies.  It ascends before My throne.  It carries with it the sound of faith.  Indeed, I say, I have received the sacrifice of your praise.  I have received it as a love offering, and I shall repay generously, abundantly beyond all that you could ask or believe.  These are the days of My glory; these are the days of the coming forth of the glorious church.  These are the days of the birthing of those who will carry the banner of liberty.  You will declare to the nations that the King is coming to rule His land and to rule among His people.


March 27, 2005

What day is it, My children?  Is it not the Day of resurrection and the Day of My power?  Is it not the Day of the Third Day Church?  I have called you to the forefront of this hour to proclaim the Day and to proclaim the Way and to release the blessings.  I say to you that the seeds for the Jubilee blessings have been sown according to My word, and I will fulfill what I have spoken, and I will bring forth the harvest of what has been sown.  You know that I am faithful in all of My ways.  Freely you have received; freely give and watch as the harvest comes.  These are the days of the blessing of the Lord.  Receive what has been given to you, says the Lord.


March 20, 2005

Come, children, gather around.  Let Me tell you of the season of the blessing that is upon you.  Many have struggled to believe that I am the God of all provision.  Many have struggled to believe that I am the God who heals.  Many have struggled to believe that I can give wisdom.  Many have struggled to believe that I can lead and guide.  But, I say, in this season there will be no question or doubt that I am walking among My people and that I have come to bless My children in this season with all gifts, spiritual gifts, even those things in the natural that are necessary to your well being, says the Lord, for I watch over My children.  I protect those under My covenant, and the benefits of the kingdom of heaven do now fall upon you like the rain of the season.  It is the season of the planting, and the season of harvest is yet before you.  Sow generously, and in the time of the rain ask,  for the former and latter rain will come together and water the seeds of faith that have been planted.  Those seeds shall indeed produce a harvest, and you will understand that I am the God who watches over you.

March 18, 2005

It is time to break the cycle of defeat.  Disappointment leads to discouragement, and discouragement kills faith.  When faith is dead there is no victory or overcoming.  There is no joy or peace, for you have lost all in the cycle of defeat.  You can break that cycle and begin to overcome by faith.  Repent for disappointment, walk away from discouragement, and go back to the place of faith.  You will overcome because I have caused you to be victorious in all things.


March 7, 2005

People, know that indeed this is the year of the beginning of acquisition.  I have things for you that have been held in reserve.  There are things that you have hidden in your heart, but the devil has blocked your reception.  In this season, I am going to bring you into the fullness of your inheritance.  It is with great joy that I will bless you.  The world itself will see the demonstration of My love for a chosen generation of royal priests.  Gird up the loins of your faith and believe.  Many of you have been discouraged because of the circumstances of life.  You have been through a time of testing, yet you have continued and prevailed.  Get ready to acquire the blessing.  Get ready to acquire your inheritance, says the Lord.


February 27, 2005:

I announce the Jubilee.  It has been prophesied, spoken, and believed.  Now is the time of the building of the altar of praise in which the whole Church can receive the blessings.  As you come together corporately and establish a place of worship, I will lift you up.  I am looking for a people of praise and worship, a people who will come to the high place and submit themselves unto Me this day, says the Lord.  Turn again to believe that I am the Blessed One, and I will bless My own.  Jubilee is not just a fleeting thing; it is the most powerful of that which I have done in this season.  I announce that you shall receive the greatest opportunity for advancement in your Christian life -- even more than the years behind you.  Step forth, establish an altar of praise in your heart.

February 21, 2005

You are My people, My chosen generation.  Have I not come and have I not spoken to you?  Have I not taught you Myself?  Have I not encouraged you and told you that you are the warriors of this day, the warriors of the morning?  Then, I ask you this question, "Why do you refuse to be free and allow the bondage of the enemy to settle upon you?  Why do you allow yourself to continue in disappointment?"  Have I not done enough for you?  Was Calvary not enough?  You have the precious blood that brings freedom from every work of the enemy.  I have given to you the shield of faith and the sword of the Spirit.  Why do you refuse to come forth in victory?  Why do you allow the enemy the hold you in bondage?  It is written, "Whom the Son sets free is free indeed."  I have come as the Lord of Hosts to lead you, but you must answer the battle cry and arise from your position of weakness and lift up the head and say, "Lord God Almighty, here I am.  I shall follow you into battle to defeat all the work of the enemy."  I have opened the door of heaven to you.  Arise and be victorious, says the Lord.

Arise and begin to shine, for in the gathering places of My eagles the righteous shall shine as the sun in My kingdom.  I have come not to preach only the message of salvation, says the Lord, but the good news of the kingdom.  My people, time is shorter than you think or believe.  I now provoke and challenge you to be all that I have called you to be.  Arise to your calling!  This is the hour of awakening.

February 12, 2005

Rise up, you who are weary.   The enemy has had his way with you, but this is yet another day.  I come upon you as the King of Glory and set you at liberty by the touch of My hand, by the breath of My Spirit, and the sound of My trumpet.  I say, be free!  Rise up to claim your inheritance.  Be free now from every lie.  Be free from every bondage.  Be free from sickness, for I have sent My word to heal you by way of covenant promise.  Be healed in the power of My name, says the Lord. 

February 6, 2005

The winds of change are blowing.  I am calling the kings of the Third Day to the forefront now to sharpen your weapons, to put on your armour, to dress yourselves for battle, and to go forth.  Run to the battle!  Turn back the battle at the gate!  I am manifesting Myself as the King of kings and Lord of lords.  I am the Warrior King, and I now inspire you, My people, to become all that you are called to be.  I am looking for and calling forth an army.  You are that generation of warriors.  Army of the Lord, arise to the battle!  Cast off every restraint.  Cast off the reproach.  Rise up to your calling, and go forth in victory over all the works of the enemy.  You shall bind the kings who have been set to work against My kingdom.  Arise to the call.  Be strong.  Go forth and do the exploits of My chosen generation, the Glorious Church.


January 30, 2005

If you have listened and received My word, then you know by the Spirit that this is a year of Jubilee.  I have called a Sabbatical year for My people that you might recover all that has been stolen and be relieved of debt and overcome every device that the enemy has formulated against you.  I say, if you will arise and go forth and fight the good fight of faith, then you shall surely recover all.  But, understand that recovery does not come apart from pursuit of the enemy.  If you pursue him you shall have the victory, and I shall give back to you what has been stolen, and you will take the spoils of war.

January 24, 2005

I want you, My people, to know and understand how much I love you and care for you.  Even though you have failed from time to time, I do not look upon your failure as a shortcoming.  I look at that which I have designed for you and to the end of the race.  I look at the place of your strength and power and the place of your overcoming.  It is I, the Lord, who calls those things which are not as though they were.  Do not be discouraged, for indeed in these days I shall strengthen you beyond what you can imagine.  The power of the kingdom is about to be revealed in My house.  The glorious Church is about to arise to the greatness of her calling.  I am the King of Glory, the Master of all creation, and that which I have created I shall bring forth to perfection and into the fullness of My design, says the Lord.  I say, gird up the loins of your spirit.  Strengthen the hands that hang down and the weakness of your knees; your walk shall now come forth in power.  I have not left you, forgotten you, or forsaken you.  I am the Lord who provides all of your needs, who heals you and who guides you.  Be encouraged and strengthened.

January 15, 2005

Have I not come and spoken to you and revealed Myself to you?  Have you not had a burning desire within your heart to know Me in greater ways?  All you have to do is come to Me, for the Spirit and the Bride say, "Come."  I have spoken to you about the changing of the guard, but what you have missed is that I am about to use you.  You will become the young eagles.  I have called you forth and have had My servants preach and prophesy to you.  Will you receive it?  It has been said and noised abroad that you have had a pastoral anointing, but in this hour, in this day the prophets must be as eagles and spread their wings and arise.  The war of the end of the age is about to begin, and I am calling you from pastoral anointings to prophetic anointings.  It is My desire that all of My people would have the word of the Lord in their mouths and prophesy.  Be instant in season and out of season, ready to deliver that which I impart to you.  I will give you the word, but you must first believe and then receive.  Again I say, "Come."  Arise in spirit.  When I visit you in the night times, awaken.  Shake off the slumber, and receive the vision and the word of the Lord.  Begin to prophesy that word into the heavenlies, for surely I shall perform every word that is given by My Spirit to My servants.  As you speak forth, I will perform that word.  I am the Lord God Almighty.

To My Psalmists:  The Lord says, you about to move into a new phase of ministry, a new phase of psalming where that which is heavenly will be heard on the earth.  That which comes by the Spirit shall flow from you like a river.  This river shall go forth and carry peoples and even nations into the presence of the Lord.  These are the days of  My glory, says the Lord, and My chosen vessels shall now receive fresh anointing and new revelations and shall arise, for they are a generation that will not retreat,  for My hand has been upon them from the beginning.  These are the days that those who have been hidden in the house shall come forth into the light and glory of this hour.  The sound of heaven will fill your heart and refresh and renew and encourage.  The sound of God is about to invade the earth like never before.  My people shall dance the dance of victory and dance the Jubilee, for they will hear My word and believe and receive.  The rain of this season is falling to refresh, renew and cause you to spring forth as a garden.  The seed of the Lord is in you, growing and coming forth.  It will bring forth the fruit of the Spirit.


December 27, 2004

These are indeed the very days of My glory and the outpouring upon the final generation, for I come to accomplish My will.  As I establish My kingdom, I will cause you to become vessels of honor, for I will make you honorable in My house.  The angels will cry out before the Father, "Glory, glory, and honor be to the saints who have persevered and have not given up.  Honor be to the saints who have seen the heavenly vision and have come to Zion's glorious hill."  You will become vessels of honor unto Me, says the Lord, which I will fill with My oil and My goodness.

December 19,  2004

All rise, says the Lord.  Present your case before the court.  Bring your requests before the throne, for this is indeed the day of My power.  It is the day of the revealing of My purposes, My times and seasons, and I have come to set My people free that they may follow Me without hindrance and in liberty.  Come and be free.  Have I not instructed you to sow the seeds of the Jubilee?  Have I not told you that those seeds will indeed bring forth a harvest?  The fruit of that harvest will be the greatest of all, says the Lord.  These are the days of glory when I reveal My power to My Church when the kingdom is restored and heaven touches earth and Zion is lifted up.

December 17, 2004

I had a progressive vision, hearing and then seeing ... hearing and seeing.  I heard the Lord say, "Come and get your Jubilee baskets."  He said that again and again.  Then, when I was reading the Word,  I began to see the vision of a table.  The Lord was standing behind the table filled with baskets of different shapes, colors and sizes.  I began to look in the baskets and I found that the baskets were full of seeds.  Then there was a label that said, "Spring-time Seeds."  And, the Lord said, "I want you to purchase your basket and sow these seeds for the spring harvest of the Jubilee."  Some of the seeds will grow very quickly,  like radish seeds, and some will take longer, like corn seeds.  Then, I asked the Lord about the price of these baskets.  He said, "You who have no money come and purchase, for the price is your faith.  If you will have faith to believe, you may receive these seeds now and begin to sow them for the upcoming harvest."  Some of the seeds were labeled healing,  and some were labeled provision, joy, revelation knowledge, understanding of the times and the seasons, peace.  Anything you need will be found in those baskets. 

Children, break up your fallow grounds, says the Lord, for the winter months are here.  In this season, you must go forth with faith and break up the hardness of your hearts, those places of unbelief.  Allow Me to touch you and fill you with faith, a faith that will see beyond the natural circumstances, a faith that transports you into the Valley of Vision.  Can you dare to dream that you can walk there?   Come and see; come and listen; come and hear; come and sing; come and dance.  Surely, I am among you, and My desire is to bring you forth into that which I have designed, and I desire to bring you into the fullness of My kingdom, into a place where you can see, hear and know Me.  My sheep will hear My voice and no other voice will they follow.  You will hear and you will see the way that is prepared before you.  Come, and see and listen and hear the sound of My voice, for you will be led into that which I have prepared for you.  Come and receive, says the Lord.


November 27, 2004

People of God, arise!  Come forth into My presence, for this is the season of My glory, says the Lord, and I come as the rain upon you.  I am now bringing the water of life to you.  Drink, I say, drink and be full.  In the drinking of My water you shall be refreshed.  Your times of refreshing come from My presence.  As the refreshing comes to you, then out of your innermost being that which has come upon you will come out of you, and you will be a refreshing stream to those around you.  You will be a refreshing stream to those who are dead and dry, and an abundance of life will come forth.   I, the Lord, have spoken; this is the season of the rain and the coming forth of My Church in faith and in glory, says the Lord.  Come!

November 20, 2004

Come up, come up!  Come up to where I am, says the Lord.  Come up to the mountain of the Lord.  Come up to Zion's hill, for from the mountain My glory shall be upon you, and the rest of the Lord is proclaimed in this season.  This is the year of the Lord's rest, a time of dedication whereby you come into the Holy of Holies and sit before Me and receive the glory of My anointing that provides perfect peace.  From the place of rest, My people, you shall go forth and do valiantly.  You shall strike the enemy and bring the blessings of the Most High down to earth.  You will go forth in this season to declare the Jubilee of the Lord. 

November 14, 2004

I will now reveal that which has been hidden, but I have not come to reveal only sin that has been hidden; I have come to reveal the hidden mysteries of the last days, says the Lord.  I will reveal the thoughts and intentions of your heart that you may be set free and no longer be taken captive by those intentions.  I will set at liberty those who desire to walk in freedom in this day, and I will reveal to you the open door and the anchor of your soul, that which the enemy has used against you.  I will bring these things to the light that you may be free.  I will bring revelation and the knowledge of the times and the seasons in which you live.  These things I desire to reveal to My prophets, for I do nothing unless I first reveal it to My prophets, says the Lord.

In this time of new beginnings, I declare a special Jubilee.  It is a day of Jubilee like no other, it will be a double portion of that which is written in the word.  You will be a standard, for the favor of the Lord will shine upon you.  I will bless you in ways that you cannot even understand in this time, for I will do exceedingly abundantly above all that you could imagine, for this is the Jubilee of the Lord of this day, says the Lord. 

Get ready to rejoice, for that which has passed away is being removed, and you will receive your inheritance in this time, says the Lord.  Take it and apply it; believe it and then receive that which I do and give Me glory for each revelation of My presence and My intervention and the signs that I give to you.  Surely you shall see the goodness of the Lord in the land

November 12, 2004

I am changing the guard, says the Lord.  The watchman's eyes have grown dim, and many can only see the darkness of these times.  But I say, "Arise, shine; for your light has come!  And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.  For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and deep darkness the people; but the Lord will arise over you, and His glory will be seen upon you.  The Gentiles shall come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising."  (Isaiah 60:1-3)

You are children of light, My people.  Do not dwell on the darkness that prevails in the land.  "For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord.  Walk as children of the light."  (Ephesians 5:8)

The watchman's eyes have grown weary of the sin in the land, and so they prophesy judgment.  But, I say, "Where sin abounded, grace abounded much more."  (Romans 5:20)  These are the days of great opportunity to bring in the harvest.  It is true that judgment must come, but I say:  "In that day the Branch of the Lord shall be beautiful and glorious; and the fruit of the earth shall be excellent and appealing for those of Israel who have escaped.  And it shall come to pass that he who is left in Zion and he who remains in Jerusalem will be called holy -- everyone who is recorded among the living in Jerusalem.  When the Lord has washed away the filth of the daughters of Zion, and purged the blood of Jerusalem from her midst, by the spirit of judgment and the spirit of burning, then the Lord will create above every dwelling place of Mount Zion, and above her assemblies, a cloud and smoke by day and the shining of a flaming fire by night.  For over all the glory there will be a covering.  And there will be a tabernacle for shade in the daytime from the heat, for a place of refuge, and for a shelter from storm and rain."  (Isaiah 4:2-6)

Can you see, My children, that my judgment is just, and it produces My glory?  And, My glory establishes the safe habitation of My presence.  So, do not fret when those who are weary declare judgment from the bitterness of their own soul.

I am raising up a new order in these days, says the Lord.  These young eagles will not declare that which establishes a curse in the land.  They will declare the kingdom of God is at hand.  They will reveal the light and the glory of this day.  These are the coming ones -- the Elijah's of this Day.  These are those who are filled with the Spirit of the Living Christ who will say, "The Spirit and the bride say, 'Come!'  And let him who hears say, 'Come!'  And let him who thirsts come.  And whoever desires, let him take the water of life freely."  (Revelation 22:17)

These will not be prophets of doom and gloom, for their hope is in Jesus Christ, the Son of the Almighty God.  These have vision of the coming Kingdom, and their message is one of victory!  These are those who follow the Lamb wherever He leads them, and they will reveal the glory of the times and seasons in which you live.  Rejoice, My people, and listen for a new proclamation in the land -- one of grace and hope, for the kingdoms of this world are about to become the kingdom of your Lord and of His Christ!

November 5, 2004

Rejoice, My people, for you have fought the good fight of faith, and victory has come.  You have answered the call to turn back the battle at the spiritual gates of your land.  The enemy has been pushed back, but not yet defeated so, having done all, now stand and watch.

The victory will be maintained if My people who are called by My name will enter into a season of thanksgiving.  Give thanks to the Lord, your God, who has taught you to wage war.  Give thanks to the Lord who has empowered you for victory.  Give thanks to the Lord who watches over you and leads and guides you.  Give thanks to the Lord who delivers and heals you.  Give thanks to the Lord who provides for you.

You are entering into a season of great grace.  My favor will now be bestowed upon you because of your thanksgiving.  Rejoice for My blessings will begin to flow like a river.  I say, enjoy the flow of My river of blessings.  The spoils of war are yours to enjoy.  Again, I say rejoice!


October 17, 2004

From the mouths of My servants you have heard that which I am doing in the land, for indeed I am now releasing a two-barreled cannon, the power of the prayer of agreement, in a fresh and new way.  I am releasing the power of this age to come upon My people so that those around you may see the reality of My presence in a fresh way.  They will see Me in you because your countenance will be filled with joy.  Your countenance will demonstrate light that will draw many to salvation.  There are multitudes, multitudes in the Valley of Decision in this time.  I, as the Lord of Hosts, call you to speak to the multitudes, to be a light to the multitudes, to be the salt of the earth, and to give opportunity to those who are downcast, those who are locked away, those who are sick and oppressed to come under the hand of My power.  I will release a freshness in this day, for this is the day of the release of resurrection power, says the Lord.

October 10, 2004

I am giving you space and time by which you can redeem the time.  When I speak to you about redeeming the time, I speak about the bondages of old that hold you.  I would have you come before My throne of grace and seek Me that I might reveal to you the way of liberty and the path of truth so that you are indeed free, for whom the Son sets free, I say, is free indeed.  I give you this time of great grace by which you can overcome old bondages and press through into the newness of this day and forget those things which are behind you and press towards the light of a glorious new day.  I say, come and walk with Me.  Join with Me.  Come, and I shall show you the way to an absolute freedom.  This is the day of liberty, says the Lord.


October 3, 2004

I have watched over you, and I know the thoughts of your hearts, your intentions, your joy and discouragements.  Today, I reveal to you why the spirit of heaviness has come.  Do you not know and understand that with each new season the enemy brings discouragement?  Do you not know that with each new season you must become a new wineskin, for the old will not stretch?  If you understand these things then you will also know that I am stretching you, for it is necessary to make room for more of that which I am about to do.  You will be stretched in your abilities and stretched beyond the limits of your own understanding, for this is how I work with My children at the beginning of each new season.  It must be so or you would not grow.  I say to you that you will each understand the wisdom of this hour.  I am stretching you and requiring more of you.  I will stretch you even to what you think is your breaking point, for I am bringing forth a people in this hour that shall indeed carry the glory of My power and reveal the power of My prophetic word in the earth.  It is written, lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes, stretch out the curtains of your habitation, make room for the new.  Why is this a surprise to you that these are difficult times?  You are going through a time of uncertainty.  Each new cycle brings with it uncertainty, but take heart and lift up your voice.  I am the Lord God Almighty.  Am I not able to cause you to walk in the way of victory?  Am I not able to bring you forth and cause you to be a new wineskin?  Am I not able to show you that even as you are being stretched beyond the limits of your own understanding that I will give you wisdom?  I have prepared the path that is before you and will cause you to walk in that way.  Strengthen yourselves today.  Take heart, and lift up the feebleness of your body, soul and spirit.  Lift your voice and cry out, for I will come and show you the way in which you will walk. 


September 26, 2004

It has already been broadcast from the tops of the mountains that you have entered a new season. This is a brand new day. Step up, get up, take up the bed of infirmity that would keep you from walking in the fullness of this day, and begin to walk with expectation. Walk with your eyes fixed on Me, and I shall come and walk with you and empower you by My Spirit to be all that you are called to be. It will again be said in this day that it is not by the might of man or the power of man, but it is by My Spirit, says the Lord. You will begin to function and operate from a new level of anointing, for it is My purpose, which is being unfolded. I have already told you that I would bring forth the gift of the psalmist that will bring the power of My Spirit upon My people and create a spiritual atmosphere that is conducive for My work. I will broadcast and release a spiritual language through the musical notes, the dance, the singing of the hearts of My people. It will give new strength to bring you forth prophetically from the old dead ashes of religion into the presence and power of the work of this day, says the Lord. Watch and be amazed at that which I am about to do. Watch and cry out with a heart that says, "Lord, I want to be included in all that You do. Bring me forth into the newness of life. Cause me to be a warrior of the morning. Cause me to believe with all of my heart, and cause my desire to be so fixed upon You that surely I will serve You with a whole heart."

September 19, 2004
My people have come to the beginning of a new spiritual year. Foundations have been swept clean. Destruction has come so that even the revivals of old are no longer in place. Those past moves of My Spirit are but distant memories in the light of what I am doing now. The revival of this day is called the Kingdom of God. Let go of the past and allow Me to take you up to the heights, places of revelation where you are joined with Me in resurrection power. Allow the living water to remove old hurts and destruction and darkness. Come into the light of this new day with hope and joy. Seek Me for restoration. Come into a new level of expectation of My goodness and My blessings.

September 11, 2004
Listen to the cry of the eagle. I have called you in this season to spread your wings and come up higher than ever before, to fly higher than you have even thought possible. I am the Wind; I am the One who will carry you above the heights of the mountains into the secret places of the heavenlies. Yes, even where the weapons of the end of the age, the hail that you have read about is stored. From that place you will be able to perceive and to know My plans. From that place you will know the battle and how to address that which is against you., for from on high comes the cry of the eagle. He cries to those who are yet earthbound. Come up here, My people. Come up to where the vision is clear. Come up to where I am waiting for your ascent, says the Lord.

August 29, 2004

I want to sanctify you and bring you forth and use you. I am looking for warriors as I build My temple. I am preparing you to fit together with your brothers and sisters that the house of God may be built. You are not ordinary stones; you are precious stones. You are the stones of the New Jerusalem that I am shaping and faceting to fit in My house. You will fit in your perfect place. I will set you on the foundation of the apostles and prophets.

August 28, 2004

I began to see a vision of the Lord standing on the top of a mountain, probably Zion. He had a trumpet in His hand, and He began to blow the trumpet, and then He said: I am calling to the 144 and the thousands, those true worshipers of this day and of this hour. It is time to climb and not go back; it is time to scale the mountain and come up higher where the air is clear where you can see heaven's glory. It is time to be one with Me. Wherever the Lamb goes you shall go; where I lead you shall follow. I will lead you where the pastures are green, beside the still waters, and I will give you food for this season. My glorious love, that which you have called irresistable, shall be meat and food for your life and for your spirit. When you feed upon My love you shall be strengthened and will come to know Me truly as I am. This is the purpose I have given in this day and in this hour, that you should seek Me and you should know Me, and have knowledge of the times and the seasons. In this season you and I, beloved, are to be one joined together in the harmony of the spirit and in the bonds of love. Come!

August 16, 2004

I am the Lord God, and indeed there is no other. I am bringing forth the anointing that will birth the sons of Zadok in this hour, for it must be so. You have read and understood the pattern that those who are called the sons of Zadok are those who have been faithful to Me and served Me with all of their hearts, minds and souls. They are those who desire to see My kingdom coming in glory. I am calling to you now. Lay aside your diappointments and your hopelessness. Come with expectation and faith, for surely you know that it is My anointing that breaks the yoke of bondage. That which the enemy has put upon you shall be broken if you will only believe, says the Lord, for I shall set you free and bring forth My Church without spot or wrinkle in the land as a witness to all of the earth. Surely I come quickly.

August 8, 2004

Do you not understand that I am moving you into the kingdom age? This has been My great desire even from the beginning. But, now I say to you that the glory of the kingdom shall be revealed as a witness to all before My second coming, says the Lord. I will have a bright and shining Church in the land, a glorious Church, a Church that moves like I moved, walks like I walked, preaches like I preached, heals like I healed, and delivers like I delivered, says the Lord. You are that people, the chosen generation of this age. You are the people of the morning light of this Day. You are those who have seen the morning star and its light and have arisen in the dawn to praise Me with all of your heart and with the sound of your voice. That praise becomes a habitation for My presence. I will pour out of My Spirit the rain that will fall upon you and bring forth My purposes, which shall be seen and known in the land, for I come to take a people for Myself, and you are that people!

If you will listen, you will hear the sound of the next wave. It is the wave of power and glory that comes. Be like the surfer who takes his board and goes out to meet the wave. You cannot catch the wave if your remain on the shore. You must get in the water and swim with all of your might to get to the place where the next wave is forming. You must be positioned to catch the wave and ride the crest and the glory of the wave. Do not miss it, for it will be the most glorious that has yet come to the earth and upon mankind. I come to cleanse the earth and empower My people to do that which I have called them to do, and you can hear the sound of it if you will listen. The wave is beginning to break. Get into the deep water, and ask Me for the strength to position yourself for the breaking of this wave.

August 2, 2004

I say unto you, it has been preached and it has been spoken, and you must understand the times and seasons that you are in. You are moving from the tent to the temple, from the church age to the kingdom age. You are the living stones, the precious stones, and you have been called to shine and reflect My light into all the earth. I have formed you and polished you and caused you to be a reflection of My glory. Do you not know that the whole creation is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of this age? All of creation awaits those who will walk in apostolic power to establish the kingdom of Almighty God. This is your purpose, says the Lord. Walk with Me, and I shall be your shield and buckler. I shall show you My glory and bring you forth into My purposes, for I am the Lord, and you are My children, and you are those being prepared in this day to walk in the power of the Most High. Arise! Stand in My presence and receive the anointing of this age and walk in the power of My might, says the Lord.


July 25, 2004

Children, I have announced it, but now I proclaim that you are moving from the age of the Church to the Kingdom Age. It is written, and the scriptures cannot be broken. The kingdom of God is within you, and the kingdom will flow out of you, for it is written that out of your innermost being shall flow rivers of living water. I call My own to a high place. I call the warriors of the morning, the remnant that shall ascend in the spirit, to take the sword, the trumpet and the drum, the timbrel and the stringed instruments and war against the principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places. I say to you that they shall fall, for they must come down and yield to My authority and dominion, for indeed the kingdoms of this world are becoming the kingdoms of Christ, the Lord. Arise to the battle. Hear the trumpet call. Hear the sound of war, for it surrounds you and is throughout the land. I have called and prepared you for this season, for I have taken you out of the cradle of peace and caused you to become a warrior. I have taught your fingers to make war, and I have strengthened your arms to pull the bronze bow. It is time for those who have been fed and nourished in the Tabernacle of David to arise and be mighty men in this hour, for the mighty men must go forth and destroy the power of the enemy. Their fall shall be great in the land and the dust of it shall be seen, says the Lord.

July 19, 2004

You have desired to know where the Church is. I say to you, My people, that I have had My Church on the threshing floor. My wind has been blowing, and My winnowing fork has been at work, for I have been tossing up into the air those things that have hindered and held you. I have even been tossing many into the air who would be blown away as chaff, for they have called themselves by My name but truly are not. This is a time of separation. Those things that prevent true unity among My people are being removed. This is My purpose, says the Lord; I am bringing together a glorious remnant that will walk in the fullness of My Holy Spirit and be empowered and enabled by grace to do the works of Christ. I am bringing forth that remnant now. They have been to the threshing floor and been purified. I am now calling them out of the caves of the earth where I have prepared their hearts and have mentored them personally, for they call unto Me as their rabbi. I reveal to them the hidden things and revelations of the end of the age that will be spoken in the land before I come for My chosen generation. You are that people; you are those that I call the Holy Remnant.

July 12, 2004

This is the Day of My power. Is this not the Third Day? Is it not the Day that I have prophesied through those who have gone before? Have I not spoken that this is the Day of visitation? Even though I have taken afflictions from you, My greatest desire is to reveal Myself to you that you may know that I am with you. I am the Lord who comes to you as the rain, the former and the latter together. I give you the rain, the water of My Spirit, which produces life. This shall be called the Day of Deliverance among My people. No longer will I allow the enemy to hold My chosen generation. No longer will I allow the enemy to hold those whom I have called in this day and in this hour. I am the great deliverer, and I will set My people at liberty and break every bondage of captivity. Believe it, for this is the Day of the demonstration of My power among My people.

July 10, 2004

You have entered into the season of the eagle, for I am raising up eagles (prophets) in this season. I will give them wings with which to rise up in the Spirit, and I will give them vision for the season that is before them. It is necessary that My people again have the vision of an eagle. I give vision to My Church and purpose to My people. Now, in this season, I am bringing forth the eagles who will begin to have vision, which will cause them to rise up from the earth and fly over the waters (multitudes) and cause the fire of My Spirit to break out wherever I send them. This is the purpose and the season that I have chosen to demonstrate the power of the eagle, says the Lord.

July 5, 2004

Warriors of the morning, I call you forth into battle. You are a people the nations have not yet seen or observed, a people that the Church has desired and waited for, even the sons of the living God that are coming forth in the Spirit of God in these days who will change the spiritual atmosphere of the nations and bring forth the power of divine purpose. I call you out of dry and dead religion and out of self-serving. I whisper and call to you to come forth and stand fast in the liberty of the Spirit. Come forth and be inspired. Come forth with dedication and purity of heart. Come forth, for I have risen to be your Warrior King. I have a sword in My hand, and I go forth to do battle. Come, My people, and be empowered to join me in this battle of the end of the age, says the Lord. Let the warriors of the morning arise!

July 3, 2004

I had a vision of flashpoints in my life from childhood until now. I asked the Lord, "What are these?" And He told me that these are points of destiny. I was able to see that God was there upholding me, sustaining me, teaching me, protecting me. He said, "Tell My people to redig the wells of old and to re-establish those anointings that must be brought forward into your destiny in this time and in this season. This, My people, is another point of destiny. The flashpoints of those times in the past have become vague memories, but it is now time to write a book of remembrance in your own heart. Ask Me, and I will show you your destiny. I will even take you back to those points from the beginning of your childhood to show you how I protected you and that I was with you to bring you forth in the process of your destiny. Your destiny is not complete; there is more before you. This is a critical time, a crossroad, when you will progress in your spiritual walk and go higher, or the opportunity will vanish. Rejoice that I have been with you from the beginning; I have never left you. I will bring you to the completion of My plans and purposes for your life. Only believe."


June 26, 2004

This is a time in which My kingdom can be advanced mightily. Even in your personal life you can accomplish much if you will set yourself to the task and call upon My name and come unto Me for the energy of the day. If you will stand against procrastination and set yourself to the task, I say you will be able to accomplish more than you even thought possible in the days before you, says the Lord. I have given this time, and call it a time of accomplishment, that you, My people, might set yourself to the task and deal with those things in the natural that must be dealt with quickly so that you are ready for that which I am about to do. Rise up! Rise up and resist complacency. Rise up and refuse to be overwhelmed.

June 13, 2004

I remind you that I am the Lord of the breakthrough. I say to specifically in these three months of June, July and August, you have the potential and possibility of coming to a great personal victory. I have already spoken to you that it will either be a turning point or a vanishing point. Some of you need a reference point for turning, and I say, is it not your faith? Is it not faith in Me? Am I not the author of your faith and the finisher of your faith? Am I not the Lord of Glory who always leads you in triumph? If you are to achieve that personal victory, you must turn to a position of faith. You must turn and cut off the defilement of the past and face the future. Face it in My face, for in My face you shall see My eyes that burn like fire, which produces the glory of resurrection power. I am bringing you to live in such a place, the power of resurrection life even in these days, says the Lord.

You are a final and glorious generation, a holy priesthood, and My work is being done in you. All that I require is your submission to that work and your faith that the good work I have begun in you will be accomplished, says the Lord. This is a time to gird up the loins of your strength. Lift up the hands that hang down with infirmity. Strengthen your legs and knees and feet in the walk of faith that is before you. Learn to call upon the Lord in your time of need. Come with ears to hear and eyes to see, for I shall surely show you the way in this dark hour of the earth. Out of the gross darkness comes the greatest light, for I am the Light of the earth; I am the light of My Church; I am the light of the Temple. I will come and show you the way. If you will follow the path and believe in Me, then you shall see My glory. If you will believe, you will see the glory of this day, says the Lord.

June 6, 2004

I had a vision of a fountain that was coming up out of the earth. And, I heard the Lord say, "The great treasures, the deep waters, that have been hidden in the earth are now beginning to come up." I first saw these waters coming up as a mist, but they are becoming streams and will continue to get stronger. The hidden things that God has established will become known. In the beginning the earth was watered from beneath. Then, It was watered from above. This water represents the anointing of those who have gone before us ... those who have died and were buried in the earth. This is the anointing of that great cloud of witnesses who have deposited their anointings in the earth. Remember that the anointing in Elisha's dead body brought another dead man back to life. That is what is represented by the fountains that I saw. The seeds of these great men of faith are about to bring forth a great harvest on the earth. These anointings will come as the former rain and latter rain upon God's people. The anointing of Kathryn Kuhlman is being multiplied on the earth, as well as Smith Wigglesworth, and John Lake and others. They left something in this earth, and that anointing will now be multiplied in the Church. We will again see the manifestation of great healings and miracles and great revelation because of these anointings that water our spirits.

June 5, 2004

Too many of you are crumb-eaters instead of table-sitters. A crumb here and there will do you, but crumbs don't last. I want you to sit at My table and have a whole meal in the midst of your enemies. Eat with joy! As you come to My table I will speak to you and lead and guide you into your destiny in the next season. You must come! Do not allow a condemning spirit to keep you on the floor and hinder you from receiving your heritage.

Stop worrying! Anxiety is stealing your faith. Anxiety will make you weak and sick. It will hinder the prayer of the righteous, the prayer of the Spirit. Do not be afraid! Stop striving and clamoring. Your striving keeps you from receiving. Come and rest in Me.

I am calling forth a remnant, and you have already heard it spoken; you have heard it prophesied that the sons of glory of this day are about to arise. I have called such into being in this time. My word never returns void, for that which I speak is accomplished. Those things which are not shall indeed come to pass, and the things which you cannot see shall be formulated and seen. When you see them by the Spirit you will believe, and you will have what you believe.

May 23, 2004

Many of you have a situation that you have been struggling with for some time now ... perhaps your health or various other circumstances. I believe the Lord instructed me to tell you to believe for a miracle. We are entering into a season of miracles that will manifest in a variety of ways. Bring your situation to the Lord and acknowledge that you cannot do one thing about this situation except believe Him.

Father, we thank You that miracles will begin to occur in this season that will deal with those things that we are unable to do anything about. We ask for the miraculous to manifest in Your Church again. Amen.

Now, receive God's wisdom and revelation into your life. The devil has hindered you long enough. Believe in God's miracle-working power.

May 16, 2004

Ascend to the hill of praise. Zion is a mountain filled with the shout of glory. Zion is a mountain filled with praise. Zion is the place where My justice comes forth through proclamation through those who will worship Me. Truly, I will not give My words through the heart of a bitter vessel, which would defile My people. I will speak through the obedient and those who have the cry of the Spirit because they have been forged in the love of My heart for My purposes, says the Lord.

May 14, 2004

You are My chosen generation of royal priests, called after the order of Melchizedek. I call you into your kingdom position to fight the good fight of faith. I call you to war a good warfare. I call you to act as kings. I call you to wear the crown of life. I call you to speak forth out of divine decree and to proclaim the victory. I call you to walk with Me. I come to you to strengthen you and prepare you for the war that is ahead and to equip you and cause you to be strong. Arise! When you hear the sound of the trumpet, run to the battle, and I say, run with joy. My glory shall be your covering in all that I send you to do. In the power of My glory and My light the enemy shall fall. In the power of My presence you shall know Me.

The sound of the wind does blow across the land, and the cry of the Spirit comes forth. The earth itself is in travail calling forth the manifestation of the sons of God. You are My sons and daughters. You are the first-born generation of the third day. I call you to arise to the war and to be the warriors of the Spirit this day.

May 10, 2004

These are defining days in which you will have defining moments. There will be vanishing points if you do not receive the turning points that I am giving in this season. If you choose not to seek after Me and listen to Me, the opportunities that I am giving you in My Church to arise will vanish, for your part in that will be lost, and you will not fulfill your destiny. My people, rise up and hear and believe that this is a defining moment. I am revealing Myself, for I have scattered the ashes of your sacrifice across this place signifying that I have received your sacrifice of praise.

You can no longer drink of the cup of the devil and the cup of the Lord. You can no longer associate with the dead and still be part of the living. How long will you halt between two opinions? This is a defining day, and it is a time in which the opportunities of your commissioning will either vanish, or you will turn to Me and serve Me with all of your heart. No longer can you be found in the camp of the enemy and in My camp, says the Lord.

I am bringing forth the power of new beginnings and release the celebration of My presence. Celebrate, for I have come and walked among the candlesticks and released My light among you that you may see that which is hidden in darkness. No longer hide your light under a basket. Remove the old limitations and restrictions and allow My light to shine through you. I am the Lord of Glory touching you, healing you, setting you free. Fulfill your destiny!

April 25, 2004

I speak a word of encouragement to you, My children. Do you not know that I see your trials? Do you not know that I see your struggles? I have seen you in those trials and tribulations from the day your were born; I have seen you bathed in the blood. I am increasing your strength and power in these days, says the Lord. I am giving you an anointing, the anointing of the breaker, the anointing of the breakthrough. I will come and deliver you and bring you to victory. My word declares that I will always bring you to a place of triumph. Lift up the hands that hang down, and strengthen your feeble knees. Gird yourself for battle, put on your armor, and go forth into battle, says the Lord, for the battle is Mine, and I will surely bring victory if you will but believe. Arise and strengthen yourself in Me, then I shall undertake on your behalf. I will rout the enemy even as I have from days of old. You shall possess the good land and gain the victory, says the Lord. Only believe!

April 18, 2004

Is it not written that all things must be shaken before the end of the age? It is not written that My Church will be judged first? Those things are written, and the scriptures cannot be broken. Indeed, I am coming in these days to shake you. Have you considered that I will chasten those that I love? I will shake you for My purposes so that all the things that are not worthy of Me may be removed and that your mind be renewed and your eye become single in focus on the Lord of Glory. Get ready for the shaking and the judgment that now comes at this time. I will have a Church without spot or wrinkle. I am preparing My Bride. She shall be glorious, circumcised of tongue and of heart, and will worship in spirit and in truth. These are the days of the fulfillment of those things that were written long ago, for many have wondered, and many have desired to see these days. The angels have desired to look into the events of the end of the age and see and understand the mysteries that will be revealed in My Church before that great Day of the Lord. Get ready. Get ready to be shaken. Get ready to move in power.

Rise up, My people, for you are My battle axes. It is time to gird up the loins of your strength and go forth as a mighty man to battle. I, the Lord, have risen up like a mighty man, and I will do battle on behalf of My people. I come with a sword and a sling and a bow. I come with hail stones from My storehouse in the heavenlies. I, Myself, am angry with the enemy. I am against the voice of the enemy, and I am now arising to go forth to battle. I will bring judgment upon those who are against My people, says the Lord. I will pull down their vain imaginations, and I will make a distinction between those who are truly Mine and those who are not.

Come into the Holy of Holies, for in abiding and rest you shall be victorious, says the Lord. As you abide in My presence you shall take on My nature. As I show your fingers how to war, I will send you forth. I have strengthened your arms to pull the bronze bow, and I will send you forth to loose the arrows at the enemy. This is your inheritance, to pull down the strongholds and the powers of the kings that are set against My people and against My land.

April 12, 2004

I call you to remembrance today that this is the year of the open door. What does that mean to you? I have opened a door in the heavenlies and have sent forth invitations to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see and a desire to come through the door. What is it that I will give you when you pass through this open door? I will give you resurrection life and an understanding of the life you live in Me and the power that comes with that life. I will give you understanding of My authority and power. I will give you understanding of your own life and purpose. I will give you the mysteries of the kingdom that are to be fulfilled at the end of the age.

I have looked for those who are willing to be My servants. I have watched for those who desire to be My prophets. My eyes run to and fro over the whole earth looking for those who have a heart and a desire to serve Me, not according to their plans, but according to My will, says the Lord.

I also remind you that you are living in a time of birthing those things that I have spoken to you. The promise, which has been hidden, will come forth. Did you hear Me? It is a time of birthing. You must press in and push to bring forth that which I have revealed and spoken. Do not lose heart; do not give in to the lies of the enemy; do not be weakened in your resolve. There is a time from the conception of that which was spoken until the birthing. This is that time to receive the promise. Come through the open door and live in the abundance of My resurrection life. You are called to live in Me and I in you. I shall perform My will and purpose through you in this earth in this season, says the Lord.

April 10, 2004

Have you considered the ways of the warrior? When the warrior hears the enemy coming, he does not rest in complacency, he does not flee from his assignment, but he girds up the loins of his mind and his strength, and he begins to make his strategy and goes forth to check his equipment, to sharpen his sword and polish his shield. He gets himself ready. He may even put a new bow string on his bow and sharpen his arrows, and he rises up and prepares himself for battle, causing himself to become alert in spirit and to know the ways of the enemy. He prepares himself to strike the enemy before the enemy strikes him. The warrior who conducts himself in the wisdom of God will have success.

March 28, 2004

Now you are coming out of a time of revelation of new beginnings and entering into a time of birthing of those things which I have spoken. Fear not, My children, and let not your heart abide in heaviness, for though trials and tribulations come upon the earth know absolutely that I am with you and I am for you and I will never leave you nor forsake you. I have come to lead you through the Valley of Despair. I will lead you out of hopelessness and will give you hope. I have come to be one with you so that you may know Me in a fresh way. I will reveal Myself to you not only as King of kings but I will come to you in intimacy and be your Friend and strengthen you for that which lies ahead. I will reveal to you the mysteries of this world and the mysteries of your own life, the things that transpire that you do not understand or have reckoning of, for I know your heart more than you know your own heart. I call you to a place of trust today. If you know that you can trust Me, you will trust Me with your heart. If you heart condemns you, I am greater than your heart and the condemnation that has been heaped upon you, says the Lord.

I tell you that you will reckon and understand and see before you the place of turning, for this is a turning point, a place in which you will turn from that which has hindered you. You will have opportunities that will bring the grace to turn now from the path you have been on, from the bondage and mindsets, for it is the time for turning around and lining up with divine purpose.

March 21, 2004

I sound the trumpet, says the Lord, for these are the days of glorious victory in My house. I shall give heavenly weapons, the prophetic word. Corporate power has never been exercised in the history of mankind as it is now being activated. It will come forth as a mighty sword against the enemy and destroy his devices, tear down his strongholds, and establish My rule in the land. It is My land, and I will take back the title deed to planet earth. I am establishing it now through the voice of My servants. I will bring forth a victory in the land that will astound even the greatest of intercessors, for they have desired to see My kingdom established. You have the sword of the Spirit, the torch, the glory, and the anointing by which you will break the power of the enemy. It is written that the anointing breaks the yoke. Go forth in the power of My might and become that which I have spoken. You are My priests and kings, My warriors ordained for victory, says the Lord. Walk it out and perform My will in the land, but begin where you are by taking dominion back from the enemy.

March 14, 2004

Lift up your voice like a trumpet, says the Lord. I have come as the eagle to spread My wings over you and to release a prophetic flow that shall be given to you. I say to you, speak and proclaim in the land My soon return. Proclaim My goodness among the nations. Speak aloud the word that I give to you, even if it is only for your ears, and hear the sound of My trumpet that will stir your spirit. You shall be strengthened and empowered by My presence. I come to give voice to My people and speak to your hearts those things that I am about to do, for I will reveal the mysteries of the age and those things hidden in darkness. I will reveal to you, My chosen generation, that which is to be spoken in this hour. Arise with hope and be renewed. Be anointed for you are My voice in the land. Lift up your voice like a trumpet!

March 8, 2004

Do you understand that you, My people, are My precious jewels? I have hidden you away in My treasure chest for such a time as this. Now I bring you forth into the glory of My light that will be reflected through you and shine forth from you to touch those who are lost and dying and hurting. The light in you will show them the path that is before them that has been hidden in darkness from them. You will be a living stone, a testimony of My kingdom. It is written that the Spirit and the Bride say, "Come!" It is for this reason that I give unto you the light and make you My jewels that will show forth the radiance of the resurrected life. You too will say, "Come; come and let me show you the way into the kingdom and resurrection life; let me show you the King that I serve."

March 5, 2004

I come as the Captain of the Hosts; I come as the Warring King, and I make this announcement. There is a new wind blowing. It is blowing because it is the season of the wind, for it is the fifth day of the third month. The three represents the power of the Third Day Church, and I am sending upon My wind a decree of divine grace, the empowerment to be the army that I will lead. The enemy has been relentless and has tried to bring fear into your hearts, but today I send my own decree even as I did on the day or Purim long ago. You are once again in the season of Purim (March 7), and I give you the grace to plunder the enemy. Rise up and strike the enemy! I will lead you and empower you by My Spirit, says the Lord, for it is the spring of the year when the kings go out to war. You are My kings. So arise, kings of the earth, arise and do battle. Arise and turn back the battle at the gate. Draw your sword and strike the enemy of fear. This fear has been promoted through your circumstances. I have written a decree that gives the right to plunder. Run to the battle. Obtain the victory. Take back what he has stolen. Do not retreat.

February 22, 2004:

You are a chosen generation. You are the Esthers of this age called for such a time as this. You have been chosen to carry the message and the anointing that I have poured forth in this season. I have called you and spoken to you and said that this is the time that you will now become new wineskins. You are the living stones, the anointed stones that have been cut from that Rock whose name is Christ. It is written that from the Rock, Christ, the water comes. You are stones in the kingdom, the precious jewels, the living stones of that City, the New Jerusalem. You are building that City, for you are the stones and you are walls and you are the foundation of that glorious City. I am the Light of that City, and there shall be no other light upon My people. Encourage yourselves and come to Me as living stones, alive and fresh and built upon truth. Come with new hope and new joy and peace. I have called you for such a time as this.

February 21, 2004:

Have I not spoken to you that you should go forth into battle and do preventative warfare? Have I not called to you to awaken? Have I not told you to dress for battle? Have I not encouraged you to run to the battle and turn back the battle at the gate? If you have heard My voice, says the Lord, then arise to your position and dress yourself for battle. Get ready to march, for the trumpet of the Lord is about to sound, and all of hell is trembling and waiting for the manifest presence of the sons of glory. The earth itself is quaking and trembling looking for the warriors of this season, for they are about to arise and run forth in the morning light under the guidance of the Morning Star, for He is the Lord of Hosts, and He is sounding the clarion call. Arise for battle! Run to the battle! Take the battle to the enemy and do not wait for him to come to you. I say, arise and take the battle to the enemy! It is written that the gates of hell will not prevail against My Church! The gates of hell will not prevail against My people. Arise and release the captives; let those who are in bondage go. Call them out of the prison house, for I have come to defeat the works of the enemy.

February 15, 2004:

I would have you know Me as the Spirit of Wisdom. Get wisdom, says the Lord, for in these days you shall need My wisdom. The gift of discernment that I am about to bestow upon My people will birth and bring forth the wisdom of My Spirit. In that wisdom you will know the way and have the right to speak forth the treasures that come from heavenly places. I am about to give wisdom that will manifest in the power of judgment. There now comes the necessity of becoming spiritually aware, sensitive to your environment and the attitudes that prevail. Seek to know Me as your Friend, and I shall birth in you that spiritual sensitivity. Begin today to set yourself to pursue wisdom, and you will hear My voice and know the way in which you should walk.

February 14, 2004:

I am bringing My people to a time to tremendous victory, says the Lord, but it will be somewhat different that what you have experienced in the past. Now I am bringing forth worshiping warriors who will worship in spirit and in truth. As you worship on the earth, going forth into battle with a song on your heart and in your mouth, I will release My angels to war on your behalf. You are in a time of breakthrough. You have endured long enough, and the day of breakthrough is now upon you. I am the Lord of Hosts.

The enemy has come against you and brought a code of silence, for he has come to steal the prophetic voice in the land. If the prophetic voice is not heard My work is hindered. I have called you for such a time as this to walk in the power and authority of the blood and to declare in all the world that I am coming to war on behalf of those who worship. I will empower you for the war at hand. Run to the battle, and turn back the battle at the gate. Do not allow the enemy to find his way into your house or into your body or into your mind or into your business or into your family. Bring forth your praise and the prophetic song. Prophesy the enemy's defeat!

I am the Lord of the breakthrough. I will break the bonds of darkness and release My light upon you and bring you into the land of plenty, the land that flows with milk and honey. I am bringing you into a new day, a new place, a new outpouring of My Holy Spirit whereby you can receive the blessings of My kingdom and that which I am giving in this hour, says the Lord.

February 2, 2004:

Seek wisdom and seek understanding, says the Lord, for I speak to you today to reveal something you may have forgotten. Do you not know and understand that you are entering the seventh month of this season? Is not seven the number of completion? Those things that I have been doing in you, teaching you, imparting to you are now coming to a close, but they are not completely finished. And, it is necessary that you position yourselves now to move into that which is before you. The past and those things that I have built in you will now begin to manifest out of the strength of My grace and will empower you to take the next step of the journey, for that journey is being revealed to you, is being opened to you. I have spoken, and said, "The door is open; come through it." The door that I give unto you is the door of this season, and through that door are the wonderful works, which I am about to do in your lives. You are called to come out and come through the door by faith and position yourselves to be instruments of My work in this season, says the Lord.

January 31, 2004:

What I am doing now is necessary for the preservation of the saints in the days ahead, for troubling and perplexing times are coming upon the earth. I will have a people who know how to dwell in peace and safety, a people who know how to possess the kingdom, and people who will enter My rest and be sustained by My divine strength, wisdom and provision.

Do you not know that I live in the high places? I ride upon the clouds of darkness, yet I am above them and have dominion over them, and though they come upon the earth, My authority will break through and make an opening above the camp of the Redeemed, Zion where My people dwell. There I shall give safety and provision, for I will not forsake My chosen, beloved ones, says the Lord. I shall nurture you and watch over you and cause you to walk in high places. You will mount up with wings of eagles and ascend the hill of the Lord where you are seated with Me. I say, ready yourselves in this hour and enter into the place of rest. Learn to possess My peace, for surely you live in perilous times. The enemy is watching for even a small opening, waiting for an opportune moment to strike you, but if you will keep yourselves in Me, says the Lord, then I will be your Protection, your Shield. I will give you the neck of your enemy.

I have given you a window of opportunity to prepare yourselves spiritually, for there is a season that has just been given to you, a season of preparation and of the oils of anointing and of the new wine. This season will be the preparation for that which is yet to come upon the earth. In this season I will give you strength and oil and wine, and yes, even the bread of heaven that will become your food to cause you to know Me and to know My ways and to know the way in which you are to walk. Take advantage of this time. Do not be like the sluggard who does not gather in the harvest, but be that one that knows the times and seasons, and set yourselves to know My purposes in these days, says the Lord, for there is yet coming a famine for the truth of My Word and for My presence and My glory. It will be given only where a place has been made ready. There is a people of praise and worship who have sought Me with all their hearts and minds. In that place I will give abundantly, but in other places there will be a spiritual famine, for famine is yet to come upon the earth.


January 24, 2004:

I have called you to walk in high places; I have given you hind's feet to tread upon the high places where the enemy has controlled the airways of the world. I am causing you to be able to walk in the place where the enemy has been hiding, for the powers of darkness are beginning to tremble as the power of this age comes upon My people.

Everything that can be shaken will be shaken. I have chosen to use you, My people, to shake the heavenly realm, for there the princes are seated upon their thrones and have established their authority. But, when the shaking comes forth by the heart of My people, the enemy shall fall.

The heavens open, and angels are being dispatched. They are bringing forth announcements to the people of God. In their hands they carry My written purposes for My people. Those purposes shall be deposited in you and received in your inner man. It is the manna from heaven that is being given at this time that shall sustain you for the journey. Announcements are being given. Oh ... not only announcements, but invitations! Some are receiving invitations to come before the throne of Glory.

Come boldly before My throne, says the Lord! I am sending My chariots of fire to lift up My people above the earth and bring them before My throne. In your spirit you shall go, and in your spirit you shall run, and in your spirit you shall be charged by the power of My word and My glory.

January 18, 2004:

I call to you today to say that I will walk among you in this season. There are many who need My healing touch, but also need My compassion. Broken hearts need to be mended and fears removed in order to move in the realm of expectation for the glory that is now to come.

I come today as your Healer, for My Spirit has been sent among you to strengthen you and release the gifts of healing, but I will also visit you with great compassion in the days ahead. There will be times even as you go about your daily duties that suddenly you shall feel My overwhelming love and compassion that will renew, strengthen, and prepare you for the journey that is before you.

There are many that I have called into positions of ministry who have not yet arrived, and even have come to a place of unbelief of that which I have spoken in times past. But, as My compassion surrounds you and as My love lifts you, you will know surely the words that were spoken by Me and the words which were not of Me. You will embrace the true word, and you shall see it come to pass even in this season, says the Lord.

I have great love and compassion for those who have been wounded, but I cannot leave you there. You are needed in the kingdom for the Father's purposes. I come as the Lord of Restoration to strengthen you and prepare you. What lies ahead is an exciting time, a glorious time, but at times it will be difficult. Yet it will also be easy, for I shall carry you Myself. If you abide in My love and My compassion and My glory, you will look back on this time in years to come and say, "There, in that season, the Lord did begin to visit His people."

January 11, 2004:

My people, I tell you to get ready for demonstration, for it has been written and the scriptures cannot be broken that I will raise up a Church without spot or wrinkle, a Church that walks in righteousness. The righteous acts of the saints shall give birth to the manifestation of My presence on the earth if you can hear the sound of My voice and come to Me in faith, even in small faith, even as the seed of a mustard tree. It is My desire to use each one of you to bring the demonstration of the power of My word and the power of My kingdom in these days, says the Lord.

Watch, for even My people shall be astounded. Watch, for those around My people shall be astounded. As you walk in faith My light shall shine upon you and there shall come an abiding grace, an abiding glory that will rest upon you. The mantle of My authority shall be placed upon your shoulders, and you shall know that I am with you, says the Lord.

Because I am with you, faith shall be ignited to speak forth My word and do as I direct you. The glory and manifestation of My kingdom shall be in evidence in this season, says the Lord.

I will give you demonstration. I have given you My word and brought the prophetic word alive in you and have brought you to a higher level, a higher place. Not only do I give gifts and bring forth prophetic teachers in the land, but I will bring the demonstration of My power as confirmation to that word. Expect the manifestation of My power.

I shall make you overcomers, for I have overcome the world, I have overcome the power of the devil, and I have overcome all things. There is coming a famine in the church for the word, but the righteous who live in Zion shall have the word of the Lord in these days, for out of Zion the word shall flow forth from that place. I have found Myself a people, a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, and I have come to sound the trumpet Myself and tell you that I am among you. Glorious and wonderful things I am doing, says the Lord. I am releasing the sound of the trumpet, the spirit of prophecy to come forth.

January 4, 2004:

My people, hear Me. I am about to shake you from within and without. Many of you will go through radical transformations and changes, but if you do not approach this season and go through these changes with faith, you will be discouraged and shaken in your kingdom positions and even in your worldly positions and opportunities, and you will not receive that which I have for you because you will allow the shaking to bring fear and discouragement. I say to you, gird up the loins of your strength and approach this season in absolute faith.

January 1, 2004:

I urge you to enter this new year with great expectation for that which our Great God is about to do. I believe with all of my heart that 2004 is going to be a glorious year for the saints. We will see an increase in miracles, healings, and provision in this coming season. Let us take to heart that which the apostle Paul wrote:
Philippians 3:10-14 "That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death, if, by any means, I may attain to the resurrection from the dead. Not that I have already attained, or am already perfected; but I press on, that I may lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of me. Brethren, I do not count myself to have apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus."

May the Lord of Glory bless you in 2004 beyond your greatest expectations.


December 27, 2003:

There is a threshold before you, and I invite you to step through without hesitation. Come boldly before the throne, for entrance has been given to you. Fear not, little ones, but come into My glory for the times of refreshing. Step through the door. I declare to you that a new door in heaven is being opened. This is a new season that I have prepared and called forth and released by My Spirit. I say to you that the only way to enter in is by the door, and you do this by faith and as you trust in Me.

This is the year of the open door. I have called you for such a time as this, and I have prophesied and spoken to you through My servants of this season and the fresh oil and the wine that is being poured forth. I am filling your cups to overflowing. Come and step through.

Leave the past behind, the heartache of old, for you have been in a wilderness, but I say that the wilderness has a purpose. It is in the wilderness that you get to know Me. In the wilderness I strengthen you. In the wilderness I feed you with heaven's bread. In the wilderness I bring forth the water from the Living Rock. In your wanderings you have learned of Me and found Me in a fresh way. Because you have not let go of the promise or left the vision now you will cross over the Jordan. Through the waters you shall come and receive the promise.

You must now rise up and walk in obedience, for it is written that the children of Israel refused to follow My direction because of unbelief. I say now, gird up the loins of your faith and get ready to cross over. I am sounding the trumpet, and the door is open and the threshold is before you. It is but a small step of faith, and you will be transported into the newness of life and into the place that I am taking you in this season, says the Lord.

In this place I will give bread, and I will give living water. You shall be transformed. You shall be renewed. You shall be healed. You shall walk into your destiny, for I have ordained it and spoken it forth. Now I am revealing it to you that you may simply believe and receive that which I am giving in this season, says the Lord.

December 21, 2003:

The Father says, I have sent you My Son who gave His life. This day, I say unto you, I am bringing a move of joy to the earth that cannot be denied, for it is written, and the scriptures cannot be broken that I have given you My joy. Come and abide in that joy. The joyous and glorious conversation of the saints shall be voiced and heard abroad. That joy will set you free from disease and shall bring into the house of God and into your own homes a glorious expectation of that which I am about to do in the earth. I will not be denied. Those I have called will learn to abide in a continuous glory, which shall be full of joy and fulfillment of all that I have spoken, says the Lord.

December 14, 2003:

You have not yet experienced the depth of My love, says the Lord. You have not yet found the outer reaches of it, for there are none. I would have you come unto Me with a heart to know Me and a heart to search out and find My love, for if you knew and understood the power of My love you would never allow the enemy to hold you. My love covers a multitude of sins, and My love brings My people through always. It was because of the love of My heart for you that I went to Calvary and suffered its torment and humiliation. You must also take up your own cross and follow after Me, and you will find the abounding glory of My love. I pour it out upon you now to sustain you and strengthen you and keep you in the abiding glory, which I have spoken of, which is the power of restoration that your joy may be filled with the consciousness of My glorious love which is extended to each one, says the Lord.

December 6, 2003:

I am the Lord that heals you, and I come to quicken your faith and that you might know that in this season I will demonstrate the power of healing once again as it was in the 1950's. There shall be a people who understand, who know and desire to see My glory manifest in the earth. To that people, I say, there is coming the abiding glory upon My people, a glory that will not lift or be removed or be diminished in any manner. You are a people who are abiding in Me, and those who abide in Me and are obedient to My word and to that which I have ordered in your lives shall find the glory cloud of My presence and power. It is spoken, and it shall come to pass.

November 24, 2003:

You are the people of the Most High, and you have been called for such a time as this. I say that I am calling the Remnant who will be fearless of heart, those who will rise up to join with Me and My purposes in this time, says the Lord. I am renewing your faith and opening the eyes of your vision that you may see, understand, and know the intentions of My purposes individually and corporately, says the Lord. Come and receive the wine of this season. Receive that which is being poured out by the Holy Spirit. Is He not to be your Teacher? Will He not open the eyes of your understanding? Will He not reveal to you My perfect plans? You know the answer already, so what keeps you from coming? I encourage you to come to the table of the Lord. Come and have your cup filled. Come and receive the anointing of this season, for you shall walk in the glory, and you shall walk on the high places. I give you hind's feet to walk in high places above the devil's kingdom where you may see his plans and know his intentions and understand the mysteries of darkness. Go forth My people and pull down those things which are born out of darkness and reveal a great light in this land, the Hill of Zion. It will be a light that beckons to the nations of Edom and the Gentiles who do not know My ways. When they see me as I am, then surely they shall come, says the Lord.

I am moving upon your Spirit. You will feel a harmony within your spirit. I am bringing forth the power of the song and the power of the dance. I am bringing forth the power of prophetic utterance,and I will begin to move when you establish a spiritual place for Me to come. I will bring the sound of My voice on the wind. I will bring the dance of victory into your lives and into the land where I have led you to, released you into, and established you in. I release you to come into the power of My kingdom, for these are the days of the restoration of all things.

November 16, 2003:

Do you not know, and do you not understand that I am the Lord of the breakthrough? I have come this day to break through on your behalf. I have revealed My word to you and identified the times and the seasons. But, you must understand that once the promise comes there is a season of testing. So, if you are wondering why your circumstances have been assaulted it is because of this time of testing to see if you will step forth by faith into the new season. That time is now over, and I come as the Lord of the breakthrough to break you through into the power and promises of this season, for I am the Lord God Almighty, and I have all authority. The times and seasons are within My hands, and I make known to you that now is the time of breakthough, so lift up your heads and rejoice. Now you will see the demonstration of that which I have promised, says the Lord.

November 3, 2003:

I come now as your counselor, and I say that there are those who wonder what to do about your circumstances, for there have been things occur that have overwhelmed you and caused a spirit of dread and confusion to come upon you. You are wondering what to do, for it seems hopeless. But, I say, this is not a hopeless situation, for I have given you dominion and authority and power. And, I say, what you must now do is bind the strong man. Fight the good fight of faith. War a good warfare. Do you not know and do you not understand that every new move and every new thing that I bring to the earth will be contended for by the enemy? I say, do not let him have his way! Rise up as mighty men and women; take the sword of the Spirit (the Word) and confront the strong man and break the power of that hindrance. Break the power of the curse. Exercise by faith the authority that I have given you, for I have promised that I will fill your horn with the anointing, and that anointing will break the yoke of every bondage. Rise up! Do not allow the enemy to hold you down. Come and be filled, for I am the One who fills the horn, and I am giving you at this time that which you need for the season that is ahead of you. Turn now from all disappointment and despair, and encourage yourself with this word. I am for you, and I am the Anointed One. I am bringing My anointing to you that you may be filled with all fullness and power. Receive now that yoke-breaking anointing, and then address the strong man in the power of My word and watch him flee seven ways from you, says the Lord.

November 2, 2003:

This day, says the Lord, I am releasing the anointing of the Rose and the Lily as a foretaste. Even though it will not be predominant in this year, today I release it among you so that you will know that I am with you and that I have indeed called you for such a time in this. I will anoint you with this fragrance, and you will move and sing even as the lilies do by giving glory to their Creator. You shall war in the Spirit in the power of the blood as the anointing of the Rose comes upon you. I have called you and this very day I am bringing the anointing of release into your destiny to you. Be sure that you look up and that your heart is filled with faith and that you receive what is available now, for this is but a foretaste of this season. Enjoy the glory of it and know that I am your God.

Watch for a season of signs and wonders, says the Lord, in the next three months. Watch for the signs that I will show you personally. Watch nationally for the signs that I will reveal from the heavens and bring forth in the earth. Watch internationally, for you are entering a season of signs and wonders. I am doing this because I am revealing Myself to the world and to those who said that I am a God who has all power. You shall witness and see that which I do in these next three months, for I have determined to make Myself known in the land, and I am going to anoint My servants who will release signs and wonders in the earth, which will be seen by those who have eyes to see. You shall know that which I am doing, says the Lord. It will be a time of encouragement for My people in this time of great trouble in the earth.

October 26, 2003:

Do you not understand or realize that I am raising up not only a prophetic generation, but I am raising up those who will indeed walk in the kingly anointing? These, my friends, will be the true worshipers of God, for the days ahead of you will be perilous. You know by now that you live in perilous times, but I say, faint not, for I shall be found among you even in the worst of times. I am raising up a glorious church, a church who will give witness unto Me, a church who will live in the kingdom and demonstrate the power of the kingdom and walk in the glorious light, which shall be found shining forth from each of you as a beckoning light. You shall be as a lighthouse to draw those who are in the world into the kingdom of the Father. My eyes are searching over the earth, and I am looking for the Mary's of this day, those who will be willing to go all the way to Calvary with Me. They shall indeed break the alabaster box, and pour out the anointing of their worship. I am raising up a generation who will be unashamed of Me, a generation who will worship Me with all of their hearts, for this I desire. These are those who will receive the kingly anointing, the crown, the scepter, and the ring. They shall walk in these last days under the unction and power of apostolic anointing, says the Lord. I say unto you, I have been calling you. Have you heard the sound of the trumpet? Have you heard My words coming forth? Have you listened by the Spirit to discern the times and seasons that you are living in? Even now you will sense a fresh wind, a fresh anointing that comes upon you to get you ready for that which is ahead, says the Lord.

October 19, 2003:

I am here to encourage you, says the Lord, for the enemy has come in like a flood. Have you not noticed a spirit of heaviness that dwells in the atmosphere around you? But, I say to you My people, you are not victims. Rise up in the Spirit, in the power of My might. Rebuke the enemy. Speak to that spirit and tell it to go in My name. And, I release upon you today a spirit of joy and thanksgiving and praise. You have not been put on the earth to dwell in heaviness; I came to set every captive free and break the chains of bondage. If you will use the faith that you have and rise up this moment, you shall indeed be free.
Isaiah 59:19 So shall they fear The name of the LORD from the west, And His glory from the rising of the sun; When the enemy comes in like a flood, The Spirit of the LORD will lift up a standard against him.

October 12, 2003

I have you coming to a new understanding of who I AM. I am releasing in your spirit man the seed of great expectation, which will enable you to move up into heavenly places and cause the gift of faith to be birthed within you. Out of that place of relationship with Me, out of that place where the waters are uncovered and the hidden manna is stored, there shall flow forth rivers of living water that shall bring forth the words of My purposes in this age and in this season, says the Lord. You are that generation. You are that people who shall go forth in the power of the kingly anointing and the operation of that which I have said. You shall carry the scepter of the Lord and wear the crown of the Lord and walk even with the signet ring that I have given you according to My will, says the Lord. Believe this day that you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a kingly people who shall rise up in the glory and power of My anointing and My enablement to move forth into the fullness of My purposes. It is a set thing, an established time frame and a dispensation which I have ordained. It is written in the heavenly books and cannot be violated or broken. The only thing that remains is: will you come and will you walk in it allowing the Holy Spirit to anoint you, enable and empower you to do that which I have called you to do. Rise up, people of the Lord, for this is the day that the King of Glory shall come in to the Church and establish His house. It shall be seen among the nations. A great light shall go forth, and people will come to that light. Get ready to go higher.

October 5, 2003

The Lord asks this question: Is it well with your soul? Is it well with your soul? All you have to do is believe in Me. All you have to do is believe in My word, and the wellness of the kingdom shall come upon you, and you shall indeed prosper in all things. It is My intention, says the Lord, to prosper My people as a sign to a fallen generation, to a backsliden generation. It is My intention to bring forth a people in glory without spot or wrinkle that the world itself may see that I do indeed have a people who live by faith, a people who abide in My kingdom, a people who draw their strength from the Vine, a people who believe wholehearted that I am the Righteous One, the Holy One, the High and Lifted Up One. These people who will come and say, "This is the mountain of the Lord's house; we have come up in these days to partake of His Word and His goodness and have His touch upon us and receive His grace and be restored." This is the hour of restoration for these people, says the Lord, they shall prosper as no other generation has, for I must demonstrate My kingdom on the earth so that all may see that there is a kingdom in process, a kingdom being established. That kingdom is My kingdom, says the Lord. Come today and live in the joy of your salvation in the place of restoration and receive the anointing of prosperity to your body and soul and to every circumstance. Surely I shall come and perform My word. If you will believe you shall be established in that which has been spoken, says the Lord.

October 4, 2003

Isaiah 42:9-10 Behold, the former things have come to pass, and new things I declare; before they spring forth I tell you of them. Sing to the LORD a new song, and His praise from the ends of the earth, you who go down to the sea, and all that is in it, you coastlands and you inhabitants of them!

There is a new breed of leadership being raised up in the earth. The young men and their generation are coming to a place of prophetic maturity, and I will do a dramatic thing with the next generation of children. You will be astounded. There is coming a greater release of prophetic insight and apostolic power to My people. My plans and My purposes shall be spoken forth. The prophetic voice of those who have been willing to go the way of the cross and death to flesh shall now wear the armor of oil and light and bring forth a great victory against the powers of darkness, for a great light shall be seen in the land, says the Lord. It shall be seen upon My people and found among My people, for I am going to pour out the wine of revelation and the oil of the power of this generation who shall rise up in the fullness of their dominion and authority. They shall see and understand My purposes, and the enemy shall be defeated.

September 29, 2003

Awaken, My people. Come into My house. Stand before Me in righteousness. Walk with Me in My purposes according to My plans, for surely I shall be seen over you, says the Lord. I will lead you and direct you into the fullness of this day and the fullness of My purpose for each and every one of you if you will but yield to My dominion and follow My directives. Then, come!

I am bringing you out of places of wounding and hurt from the past and out of your own disabilities. In this day I will raise up many who will preach even those who cannot preach. I will bring forth My prophetic voice even from those who do not believe they can speak for Me. I am doing a new thing in the earth. I proclaim it today. I announce that I have chosen you to be My trumpets in this day. Today I am blowing a trumpet in your face. My word will permeate your being and resonate the sound of the blowing of My trumpet in your inner man and speak forth My words, says the Lord. Great shall be the power of My word, for it shall change situations and circumstances. My word shall bring forth blessings and even be used to bring a curse upon the disobedient. I say, it is the day and the hour of the voice of the prophets even according to the former rain, and shall be heard in the land going forth even as a trumpet sound. That which is sounded shall be brought forth and performed.

September 15, 2003

I speak to you as a people of destiny. I say again, I speak to you and call you as a people of destiny. I call you forth into this new season according to that which is written in the heavenly books. Don't you know and understand that there are books in the heavenlies other than the Book of Life, and your destiny has been recorded therein. I speak to you according to that, which has been written, and call you forth into your end-time position, a position of faith and absoluteness in trusting Me, for surely as you absolutely trust Me in all things and as you acknowledge Me in all of your ways, as you go forth in the anointing and the power of My Spirit in these days, the manifest presence of My kingdom will be released into your lives. I, therefore, speak to you and call you into your station on the earth and the place in the spirit where I will become your Teacher. Do you not remember what My servant said? The psalmist declared, "I know more than all of my teachers because You, Lord, have taught me." Believe likewise, says the Lord, and you too shall be taught by Me and brought in to the destiny of this age.

September 13, 2003

My people, I have watched you struggle. I have watched you strive. I have watched you try. I have watched you fall, and I have watched you get up. But, I say, take hope for you have persevered. You have not given up the faith or gone back. You have continued to go forward even in hard times and even under the persecution of the evil one and even dealing with the curses that have been formulated against you. Now, I say, you have come to a new day, a new time, a new beginning, a day of blessing. You have endured the struggle for life and spiritual reality and to know Me better. You have withstood these days of affliction, and yet they have been days of building and of strengthening, and they have been days of preparation for this new season. I encourage you in this time to gird up your strength and your love for Me. Look upon Me with faith and trust in Me as you walk into the days before you. My blessings shall surely come upon you. As it is written, I will restore the years that the canker worm and the locusts have eaten, and that which has been stolen and taken from you. Today, begin again to trust with all of your heart. You have seen good things and you have seen bad things, and that cycle will not be broken until I return, but you will see greater things in the season ahead than you have seen in days gone by. It is MY good pleasure to give you the kingdom and to bring the blessings and the manifold increase in a time of multiplication upon you, says the Lord.

September 2, 2003

As we were singing, the Lord spoke to me and He said, "It will be as it was in the days of Noah", and I immediately began to think, boy that's not a pretty sight.  But then He changed the picture for me.  He began to show me that in the days of Noah there was a preacher of righteousness who preached in the land.  He's bringing his people to preach in that same Spirit of righteousness. And He also said that "there will be an ark built for His people to come into." We know that the Ark symbolically represents the heart of God.  He said, "that symbol is becoming alive for my people in these days because there were eight that entered in it in those days.  Eight is the sign of new beginnings."  The Lord said, "as you come into the Ark my people I will close the door behind you and I will seal the door for you so that the enemy cannot come against you; cannot spoil what I have given unto you.  And you will notice then the that the rain begins to fall and even as it has been given in this place, in this season, as a sign of the former and the latter rain, the rain will fall upon my people.  And the rain will form and the floods will come and my people shall be lifted up above this earth; for the water of My glory shall sustain them and lift them.  But, I urge you today to forget not this one thing, there is a window in the ark that is ever looking to the heavenlies and as you fix your eyes upon that window surely I will come and I will speak to you.  For do you not know and do you not understand it was from that window that the dove of My Holy Spirit was released to go forth into all the land and to bring My Spirit to all of those who would desire to live in that presence and in that power, says the Lord.  So I urge you today, and I call to you, and I beckon to you and I say, come into the ark, come into the heart of the Father, for soon the door of this season will be closed and the manifest presence of My rain shall come even as it is written and you know the scriptures cannot be broken," says the Lord.