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Prophetic Utterance through Bill Burns

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April 28, 2002:

Catch hold of the Wind in this moment. Catch hold of the Wind, and the Wind shall take you into the place that God has for you, the place of your destiny according to your calling and that which you have desired. I will transport you according to the power of My Kingdom, the power of My Spirit, and the Power of My Word. Lay aside all doubt and unbelief, for this is the moment of transportation. I will elevate you and bring you forth and impart to your spirit that which will come by way of the Wind, the way of the Spirit, the way of the moving of the Water, the manifestation of which you will see very shortly. Open your hearts and spirits, for I am bringing forth a manifestation of My Kingdom that abides within. Come quickly and lay aside all doubt. Come quickly and lay aside all hesitation. Come quickly, for I am the God that will bring you into the Kingdom and bring forth the manifestation in My Kingdom.

I say, mount up, for is not the horse and rider that has come against you thrown into the sea? Why are you walking when you could ride? Why are you struggling when you could be victorious? Why are you striving when you could gain that which I have given, that which I have spoken? Yea, I have seen you struggling, but have you not understood that the power of the blood has caused you to stand upon your feet and clothe you in righteousness and enable you to walk in the power of My Kingdom and receive the blessings and the promises that accompany salvation? Come forth, My children, and no longer walk for this is the day of running and even the day of riding on the Wind and power of My Spirit.

Get ready to move. Get ready to be transported. Get ready to received the promise of your inheritance, which exists in the realm of the Spirit. Now I prophesy to you that you may prosper according to the Word that has been given to you. Run the race with the expectation that you will win. No longer languish at the pools of destruction. No longer allow oppression to abide within you or to come upon you. Allow My Spirit to come upon you, and allow the manifestation of the Spirit to propel, promote and provoke you and cause you to be a warrior of the Spirit, for this is the day of war. Your adversary will be cast down. His devices shall be destroyed. It is the day that I call forth My glorious ones. No longer do you see yourselves as servants and stewards, but you are beginning to gain revelation that you are sons in the Kingdom. Today I translate you into the Kingdom of the Son of My Glory. I will move you and elevate you if you will receive and believe. This is the beginning of a new day for you.


April 26, 2002:

It is time to come up higher; it is time to move from the spiritual station you are in and become sons of God exercising kingdom authority and power. It is a time to walk over all the works of the enemy, a time to be renewed in spirit, a time to bring yourself to a rededication of your life according to My purposes. There is a great war coming and crisis in many lives in the days ahead. You must be fit for the battle you must have revelation of My kingdom. Be ready for the widening gap between right and wrong, between the lukewarm and those who worship in spirit and in truth, between those who just call themselves Christians and those who are really living in the Spirit. Be ready for the division and separation that will come, for surely it must come, for it is written that the wheat and the tares shall see the day when they do not dwell together. Ready yourselves and strengthen yourselves by way of desire and resolve for the war that is about to come. Do not concern yourselves with the cares of the world, for no soldier of Christ attaches himself to the world. The soldiers who are prepared are the ones who are taught by Christ; they know Him and will discern the works of the enemy -- his methods and strategies. You are My soldiers. Ready yourselves for the battle. Do not be distracted by the cares of the world.

April 14, 2002:

Do you not know that you are My children? Do you not know that you are destined to carry the greatest glory in this end-time temple? I have come and purposed to reveal Myself to My people, and My revelation within you shall bring forth a glorious light that those in the world around you cannot understand, but they will see and know that there is a God who lives among His people. They will acknowledge that there is hope in this dying world of degradation and compromise. You are the children of hope, and I give you as hope to the world. Do not underestimate My power within you. Simply believe and obey, and I shall bring you forth into the glory that I am demonstrating at this time. It is imperative at this moment that you forget all that is behind you and step forth into a new day, for I have revealed the coming of the morning of the Third Day, but now I am bringing you into the first rays and the first light of the glory and the manifestation of the Sun of Righteousness. The Morning Star is visibly bright, but I say that now the rays that come from My hand shall begin to touch you and heal you and restore you and prepare you for the journey that is ahead of you. In the process of this equipping I shall cause you to understand that you are My priests and kings, and I have great things for each one that will simply believe that this is the time and the season of the restoration of all things. Today, I say, come forth out of the darkness and death that Satan has for you, for you have been translated into the kingdom of the glorious God, and you have been delivered from the kingdom of darkness. Therefore, do not let it overshadow you; do not walk in fear, for My Word says that even though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death it shall not touch you. It shall not consume you. It shall not hold you, for I have come to give you life and an abundance of it. This is that day which was spoken of by the prophets, and you are the sons and daughters of this age. You are those who have the honor of coming forth in the power and spirit of Elijah to demonstrate that I am God Almighty, ruling from My heavenly place.

April 7, 2002:

Arise! Arise, I say; shake yourself from the dust, and shake yourself that you are not asleep. Have I not taught you to pray after this manner -- Father, Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven? I say to you that if you will pray that prayer with heart-felt faith and believe that I have called you for such a time as this, then you will see the establishment of My kingdom not only in your life, but in the prepared boundaries and habitations that I have given unto you. I have prepared for you a dwelling place where you might know Me, a high place where you might visit Me, a mountain top where you can come aside and know Me and My purposes, and there you will be prepared for those things that are coming at the end of the age. You are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood. I have come in this hour to prepare you as My priests and kings that you might learn to worship, that you might learn to praise Me, for I am worthy of praise, and that you might learn to minister unto Me, and then I will use you to minister to others. It must be that if you are joint heirs with Me, and if you are seated with Me in heavenly places, then you must be taught to rule under My authority, says the Lord. You are called to walk as kings, given all authority and all power over all of the enemy. I say that the enemy fears you, and he fears that you might understand who you are, and that you might rise to that occasion and bring forth the slingshot even as David did and with a heart-felt cry of "is there not a cause." My cause will become your cause, says the Lord, and when My cause becomes yours then the giants of this land will fall. Then, you shall walk without fear, and you shall walk in the glory that shall bring you from victory to victory and from faith to faith and from strength to strength. I have prepared a glorious place for you, a place of deliverance, a place of restoration, a place of teaching you how to minister in the power of My word and to walk in the authority as kings in My kingdom. Today, I have come to nurture you and to create within your heart a hunger and a desire to be restored, to be taught, and to become that which I have called you to be.

April 1, 2002:

I have been searching with My eyes around the earth to find the prodigals, the ones who were once Mine. I will move upon you and bring those into your lives who can speak to you and encourage you. I will bring you across the path of someone who has My fire, that you might catch the fire of the Holy Spirit. There will be a glorious impartation of the nature of Christ. I will come and restore those who have been hurt. I will restore you with the touch of My own hand. I will renew you in spirit and take your soul and heal the brokenness of your emotions. I will give you the mind of Christ, causing you to think like I think and to do like I do. I will restore your bodies that you may serve Me wholly. I will bring finances to some who have been in debt so that you are free to serve Me because you have used this as an excuse for too long. It is not that you even have great faith for that, but I will do it to take away your excuse. I will come suddenly into My temple; I will walk among My people and bring life and restoration, joy and peace. Those who don't know Me and don't serve Me will come under the power of My judgment. But, those who serve Me and are obedient to Me will abide in My glory and dwell in My presence.


March 24, 2002:


I hear the Lord saying that many of you have been in caves. You have even had understanding of the fact that you are supposed to be an Elijah. But, you have gone and fought against the Baals, and you fought in spiritual places of wickedness, even against the powers and rulers of darkness of this age. Even as Jezebel came to Elijah, she has come to you and forced you into doubt and unbelief and put you in a cave. But, if you will listen to the still small whisperings of My voice, to the very urgings of My Spirit, I would have you to understand that I will not leave you in that cave. Yea, you have been there for awhile, but I say that is not the end of your journey. That is not your destiny! The cloud of heaven is coming, even if it only the size of a man's hand in this moment, it shall be a great cloud of glory that shall cover the whole earth. I will use you as My voice in this earth. You are My people of the end; you are the last generation; you are the Elijah's of this age. That is why I am bringing you into the House of Restoration first. When I came to Elijah in the cave, do you know that I restored him? I called him out of the cave and restored his vision, and I gave him purpose and instruction. I gave him direction and told him to go anoint a king and to raise up a prophet. Did you hear what I said? I told him to anoint a king and anoint a prophet; you are the kings and prophets of this age. You are the kings and the priests of the Most High. I am going to bring the spirit of Elijah to anoint you for your kingdom position, that in which your destiny will be fulfilled. I am going to raise you up beyond the places of your own limitations, for you have this understanding that when I manifest Myself your limitations will leave. When I come to you and speak to you face to face, your limitations cannot stay. When I come and place My hand upon you, healing will come, freedom will come, deliverance will come. So, do not give up. Though you have been in a cave, it is time to come out.

March 23, 2002:

I have a sense that something is about to break loose. Something BIG is on the way. There is a wave coming; the glory of God is about to manifest in ways we have not seen. The river is about to increase. While we were worshipping Him, I heard the Lord say: "Transition is coming for some, but I would have you to make this transition with assurance and confidence in My ability to lead you and guide you and to prepare the path that is before you." Let the emphasis be on transition with assurance. Let the catalyst then be your assurance and faith in God to cause you to come through this time without fear or hesitation. Come in absolute assurance that He is ordering and orchestrating all things for His people in this season. He is preparing the way for you.


March 21, 2002:

You are the people of the Third Day. You are the called. You are the remnant. You are the anointed of this Day and of this hour. You are those that I have chosen to walk in My power. Forbid not My movings upon your heart. Spurn not My grace in any way. I will dwell among My people. I will walk in the midst of My people. Give yourself to Me, and I will make you into My image, and I will cause you to walk in high places. I will give you hind's feet so that you can traverse above the things of this earth and walk in the glory. If you will give yourself to Me, I will lift you up and cause you to walk in heavenly places. You shall see the demonstration of My glory, for it is written in My word and purposed in My heart that it is given unto you, the final generation. The glorious saints of old desired to see your day, for you are people of the end, the people who will see the greater glory of My kingdom. It is My purpose to demonstrate Myself to the people of the world and to reveal My kingdom unto them that they might see a true people, a true remnant, a true church where they do not see hypocrisy in the Company of the Redeemed. They will see the glory of God and sense the anointing, and they will desire to see themselves in that company. They will look for a way into the Kingdom because they see a people who belong to Me. Great is My majesty among this people. Great is My glory. Your opportunities are greater in this day than in any other day. If you know this, if this Spirit is quickening this to you, then desire to live in the fullness of this Day. Rise up to kingdom purpose in this Day. Come forth out of the world, and come to Zion where My glorious light is the light of the city. I say, come!

Joy unspeakable and full of glory and peace that passes understanding will be given to you. Today I would have you to bring forth an assurance of My presence into your heart. Desire possession of My kingdom. Let it come forth like living water, flowing and effervescent. It may have small beginnings and soft movings, but it will become a torrent in this Day. A torrent of My power will be released that will wash away the strongholds of Satan. A torrent of My power will be released that will deliver My people, for when the living water is compressed and put under pressure it will wash away all the works, the siege mounds and stumbling blocks that the enemy has set before you. I will have a victorious people, says the Lord, and they will march in the ranks where I have placed them. They will not shove one another, and they walk and march in My purposes over all the works of the enemy, for it is written, and the scriptures cannot be broken. Let the reality of My kingdom come alive within you, and join yourself to it by faith that you will be moved, compelled, captured, and motivated to desire nothing but Me. Then, you will see Me as you have desired to see Me, and I will lift you up as I have promised. Then, you will have magnificent visions, and you shall see My purposes and walk in them, for the enemy will not be able to sidetrack you or remove you from My purposes. My purpose is to bring a people strong and glorious forth in the land, a Church, Zion, the Tabernacle of David. I am in the midst of My people, says the Lord. Believe it. Receive it. Exercise faith, and walk in it.


March 16, 2002:

On November 11, 2000, I had a vision of The Bridge that the Lord was building. In that vision Jesus called His people out of Christian City (Mystery Babylon) and led them up a path called Zion's Way to the top of the mountain. At the top of the mountain a deep canyon separated the Second Day from the Third Day where Zion was to be established.

The people were required to lay their baggage down before they could cross over the bridge of faith and enter Zion. The baggage represented bondages that the people carried. In that vision I saw many people who desired to serve the Lord lay their baggage down and cross over into Zion, the city of God. The vision ended with the Church of the Firstborn entering the city called Zion as they passed through the gates of that great city.

I have now received part two of that vision. I saw a multitude of people (those who crossed the bridge) milling around in the courtyards of the Great City. These had crossed over into the Third Day, but they were not sure about what they should be doing. The people were happy to be in Zion, and they were glad to have received the revelation of the Third Day, but they still lacked direction.

At this point in the vision, the Master welcomed His people to Zion, and then He called our attention to three houses that were located in the center of Zion. He then told us that we are presently in "the Day of Preparation" (Nahum 2:3), which is the first minutes and hours of the Third Day. The three houses are places where we shall be prepared so that we might be equipped to rule and reign with Him in Zion.

The name of the first house was "The House of Restoration." This house was designed by the Lord as a place of healing for those who have come to Zion, but they have been wounded in their Christian journey. This house has been established to fulfill Hosea's prophecy that "after two days He will revive us." This house is a place of healing where the resurrection power of the Third Day will restore us and make us whole. Hosea declared that "on the Third Day He will raise us up."

We are in the days of the "restoration of all things," and the first order of restoration is the healing of God's people -- body, soul and spirit. Once we are restored by the Great Physician, then we will truly fulfill that which the apostle Paul spoke: Philippians 3:13-14 Brethren, I do not count myself to have apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

The remaining two houses are houses in which we will be taught by the Teacher how to rule with Him in Zion as priests and kings. The first revelation of Christ in the Book of Revelation is that we are to be made to be kings and priests of God (Revelation 1:6).

The name of the second house was called "The House of Priests." In this class room the Master will teach us how to become priests of God after the order of Melchizadek (Hebrews 7:15) in the likeness of Christ Himself. First, we will be taught to minister to God through our worship and devotion to the Father. This teaching will impart the divine nature of Christ to His people, which will result in our being changed into His image, causing us to do only the will of the Father. As we establish this as our primary objective, we will then be qualified to minister to men. We will receive a priestly anointing to minister to mankind in the same manner and power that Jesus did. (John 14:12)

The name of the third house was called "The House of Kings." In this house the Master will teach us how to rule and reign with Him over all of the power of the enemy (Luke 10:19) Revelation 21:24 tells us that the kings of the earth shall bring their glory and honor into Zion (also see Hebrews 12:22). We will receive training from the Master Teacher that will equip us to rule over the kings of darkness (see Psalm 149:8-9). The kingly anointing destroys the yoke of the oppressor and sets the captives free (Isaiah 61:1-4).

As kings of God we will be taught how to use the weapons of our warfare that are mighty through God to the pulling down of the enemy's strongholds (thrones of principalities and rulers of darkness). We are joint heirs with Jesus Christ and are, therefore, to rule with Him in heavenly places (spirit world).

Once we have been prepared by receiving from Jesus the benefits of these three houses, then we will be prepared to demonstrate the power of the kingdom in this, the Day of His Power, which is the Third Day of Christ. Then, we will have been changed from glory to glory into the image of the Firstborn of all creation, and we can be about the Father's business as Jesus was. And, the sons of the glory of the Day of the Lord shall shine forth as the Son in the kingdom of their Father.

March 10, 2002

You were born for this day. You are the lightbearers of this age. Satan is against you because he was the lightbearer in the beginning, but My sons of light are going to bear the light and the glory of this age, for he is now dwelling in darkness. Indeed, says the Lord, if you have heard My word today, and if you have received that which I have spoken to you, you shall be the sons of this Day, the sons of fresh oil, the sons of light, those who bear the light and the glory of this day as an indication, witness and representation of that which I am about to do in this world. There they shall find My glory and there they shall find My power, and there they shall be set free, for I have set you for this purpose. It will not be by your own power or your good intentions or any of the paneling to decorate your own houses, which was spoken by Haggai, but it shall be by My Spirit, says the Lord. Seek, therefore, to be filled with the fullness of the Spirit, and you shall indeed go forth in power. You shall speak to Gog (the mountain), and he shall be removed, for he has set himself against Me and My purposes. It is written that he will be crushed under your feet shortly. That day is now! The time that I spoke of as being "shortly" is this day, this time period, this season in which I will remove Satan's presence from My house. Then, I will pour out of My Spirit, and if you can hear it and believe it, you will walk in that place of My glory. You will be transformed by the glory. You shall be changed from glory to glory into My image. You are those who I have called to carry the third-day anointing, the anointing of the prophet, the anointing of the priest, and the anointing of the king. These are mixed together in the golden cup of the Lord and poured out upon the nations that need to know Me. Then, they shall see, and then they shall know that I am alive and that I have found a people who I can walk among. I have found a people who I can demonstrate Myself to, and I have found a people on whom I can pour out My Spirit, for even Peter understood this when he said, "This is that which was spoken by the prophets; in the last days I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh (kindred, sons and daughters), and they shall prophesy."

March 9, 2002:

Rise up, children of God. Rise up, you men of God. Rise up, you women of God. I come in power to release you into this Day, a day in which you will walk over all the works of the enemy. Why do you hesitate? Why do you go back? Why do you refuse to abide in the power of My faith? Why do you not believe in My word and exercise the authority of My kingdom? Have I not given unto you the keys of the kingdom? Have I not said that the gates of hell shall not prevail against you? Have I not said that you are the warriors of the Third Day? Won't you rise up and wear the armor that I have given you? Won't you rise up and speak by the power of the Spirit against the enemy? Won't you become the overflowing tide against all the works of the enemy? I have declared that My people shall not retreat! I have declared that there is yet a remnant that will be like the army of David who will walk over all the power of the enemy. I have made declaration in My word, and I Myself will perform My word in the hearts of those who believe. I say, rise up now and receive the anointing of the breaker and break through in the power of My kingdom by My Spirit. Because of My shed blood, I say, if you have this testimony within you that I am working in you, that I am for you, that I am teaching you how to make war...if you have this testimony in yourself that you have overcome by the power of the blood. If you have this testimony that you have received the Spirit of My power, then you can walk over all the works of the enemy, and My word declares that nothing shall by any means hurt you, for you are My chosen ones. You are the generation, that holy priesthood that I have called forth in this day to declare My praises, to declare My word, and to reveal My hidden mysteries. For, this is the Day of mysteries revealed to the servants of the Most High God. Come forth, you mighty ones. Walk in the power. Demonstrate the kingdom. Do it now!

March 3, 2002:

Though you have sown to the wind and you have been reaping the whirlwind, now the wind of heaven will come upon you. If you will listen, you will hear the sound of a mighty, rushing wind that is coming from the Father's throne to you to cleanse you and establish you and prepare you for the days ahead, for this is the time of preparation. It is the day of My glory and the day of My power, and I have come to make you ready. For even when I bring about a new thing on the earth, I Myself must still prepare My people. I must qualify My people by the blood and empower you by the Spirit so that you can do that which I have called you to do, says the Lord. I say, do not fear, and do not fret or worry, but exercise the faith that is within you, then I Myself will come and cause you to be that which I have called you to be.

February 24, 2002:

Know that I am indeed among My people. Know that I have come in this, the end of the age, to lift you up, that you might live in My sight and that you might know Me face to face. I say, get ready for fire. I am coming as a spirit of fire. Is it not written in My word that I would baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire? If you will submit yourselves to the fire of My conviction, the fire of My chastening, then you will be cleansed and empowered with that fire. Then, My words will come through your mouths with fire, and you will become the ministers of fire. You will become the torches of fire that I send into the fields of harvest. Your words of truth shall burn up all the stubble and will leave righteousness vessels behind. I am coming for a righteous people.

You, My people, cannot drink of the cup of demons and the cup of the Lord. I say, cast away the cup that the enemy is offering you, and lay hold of the cup of life, for what I have given you to drink will produce life in you, and it will produce an abundance of life and an abundance of joy and an abundance of peace. It will empower you for the Father's purposes.

I have come to release the weapons of the end-times. It is My fire that comes from My people, for My witnesses shall speak words of fire, a purifying word, an anointed word. That fire shall be a word of truth, which will establish the word of the apostles and true doctrine. Rejoice, for now the days of fire are upon you.

February 18, 2002

These are indeed the days of justice. Injustice has been done to many of My people, but in this day I am going to change that order and I am going to turn it over and cause My people to walk in the power of My justice. Many of you right now are standing on the threshold of brand new opportunities, places that you have desired to be. If you will just look for a moment in the Spirit, you will see that you are already touching the threshold of the door of new beginnings, of new opportunities in which you will not only know God, but you will know the glory of God and know the presence of God as He demonstrates Himself in your circumstances and brings those things you have desired into full focus and perfect perspective. Let your faith come into reality.


February 15, 2002

I am coming as the Lord of the Breakthrough, and I am going to break through the circumstances that you have dealt with ongoingly. I am going to bring you into such a revelation of the times and seasons in which you live that you will no longer be hindered by the mundane existence of days past. I say, I will in this time bring defining moments. Watch for them, for they shall come to you in the evening; they shall come to you in the night; they shall even come to you in the daytime. They will be defining moments when I will break through into your circumstances, and you shall surely know that I am there in the midst of you and that I am touching you and preparing you for the days ahead of you. So, I would have you come to a place of understanding that in these days and in these hours you must learn to walk with expectation. You would say, "What kind of expectation?" Expectation of defining moments when you know that I am in the house, when you know that I am among you, when you know that I have come to set you free, when you know that I have come to speak to you, when you know that I have come to reveal to you the mysteries that have been hidden away for such a time as this. I say to you, My people, these are not the days of old; this is a new day, the Third Day and the day of resurrection power, the day of revelation in which I shall define to you those specific missions I have assigned you to. I shall define My purpose for these days. I shall define for you specific avenues of prayer and intercession. In that defining you shall speak and I shall do. We shall be found walking together as one performing the will of the Father that the world may see and understand that there is a God who still lives among His people. Come in expectation of the breakthrough!

Now here is a word of instruction: Many of you are allowing other people to hold you in bondage by your attitudes towards them. They have no power over you. Why do you give them power? You give them power by taking the offense to yourself. The curse could not come if you didn't have an open door of offense. A curse without cause cannot stay. You will find yourself in bondage when you have and hold unforgiveness, bitterness, and accusation in your hearts. You allow the enemy to come and take you captive because you have open doors. When the enemy comes in like a flood, I raise up a standard. If you are righteous, without offense and without cause, the enemy cannot hold you. I will not allow the curses of the enemy when you are righteous. You must walk in total forgiveness and mercy. Amen.



February 10, 2002:

I have come to transpose a true image of Myself upon your spirit, that you would no longer believe the lies nor bow down to the false concepts and images that mankind has brought forth. You have imposed those upon your spirit. Today, I come as a transformer to transpose a true image of My Father, a true image of His kingdom, a true image of Myself upon your spirit by the Holy Spirit. When that transformation takes place, you will no longer think according to what you have thought in the past. There will come a revelation of the truth, a revelation of the power of My Spirit, a revelation of My purposes for you. You will no longer be bound by the limitation of those ancient images that have been established by the enemy, but you will come into a new understanding, and in that understanding a new purpose will be given to you. For, as I come and transpose Myself upon you, you will be transformed into My very image, says the Lord. Is it not written that you are changed from glory to glory into the image of the Holy One? I desire to reveal Myself to you. You will understand in this day that the glory that comes upon you is indeed the transformation that you need and that you require. You shall be changed into the image that is left upon you by the demonstration of My glory in this time, in this place and in this purpose. says the Lord. Do not be weak. Do not be bound by fear. Even though you have not attained to that which you have desired, I come to transpose Myself upon you, and then that transformation will take place, the fullness of the Kingdom of God. As you see the full image of My purposes for you, you will rise up to that purpose in this day, says the Lord.

February 3, 2002:

You are My people who are called by My name. I call you now to be outstanding representatives of My kingdom. I call you to do exploits in the name of the Lord. I call you to be the army that Joel prophesied. I give unto you feet that are swift to climb upon the walls. I give unto you hands that are strong enough to wield a sword and fingers that can pull the bronze bow. I give unto you the weapons of warfare for this, the end of the age. I call you to be a glorious people without spot or wrinkle. I am putting My mantle of the Third Day upon your shoulders even now. I say, the war is near; the war is here. But, you are equipped for that battle, and there is nothing that can be formed against you that will bring you down. I declare again that no weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every word that has been spoken against you, you yourselves shall condemn, knowing that it is a lie of the enemy. Instead, you shall recite My word and declare who you are in My kingdom. Remember that you are My chosen ones; you are a peculiar people; you are a glorious people, priests and kings of this age and of this day. You will do great works and mighty exploits for your God. The reason that you will do these works is that you know Me in the power of resurrection. You will know Me in the times and seasons in which you live. You will know Me as the First Born, and you will follow in My footsteps, being about the Father's business with no hindrance, with no opposition, with no trepidation, with no fear or anxiety. If I am for you, who can be against you?

February 1, 2002:

You are like the three Hebrew children, Shadrach, Meshech and Abednego. You have all been in the fire, and it has been according to My purposes, for I have allowed the fire. The reason that I have allowed the fire is that it will consume everything in you that is consumable. Understand that it was not because of the Hebrew children's own purposes that they found themselves in the fire. That fire represents the circumstances that you find yourselves in now. Many of you are in flaming fires, but if you will enter into the fire with the same attitude that those three children did, then you too will come out without the smell of smoke, and you will have left behind in that fire that which you have struggled with. Those things that have consumed you will now be consumed by My fire. Those children said, "Lord, we know that You will protect us in the fire, but even if you do not, we will go through it because it is according to Your purpose."


January 27, 2002: Indeed I am establishing a plumbline in Zion. It is time for you to rise, My children, out of your place of ease and to walk forth into the glory of this day. For, I say unto you, it is a day of doom, but it is also a day of glory among those who dwell in Zion. I have come by My Spirit to heal you and to raise you up into My presence where you might live in the glory of My countenance and My smile that comes upon you. My love is directed to you to change you, heal you, and lift you into the glory of My presence and purpose in this day. I say unto you that it is the morning of that day, and you are children of the morning. You are the sons of fresh oil that will bring forth the anointing into this land and into the earth, which will change the environments and bring forth My kingdom in the land of desolation, the land where the dry have been forsaken. Yes, you have walked in the wilderness, but I say, come out now by the Spirit of the Lamb of God with a sword in your hand and the trumpet in your mouth, and declare the coming of the Lord, for this is indeed that day, says the Lord God Almighty.


January 18, 2002:

I say to you, My people, sing to the Lord a new song, for this is a new day. Let all of My people who have the breath of the Spirit praise Me, for I am coming to walk among you.

Is it not written that on the Third Day I will come to you upon the earth as the latter and former rain? This is the rain of My presence, it is the rain of My anointing, it is the rain of My glory. This is the rain of My Spirit, which shall establish My reign among My people, and the kingdoms of this world will become Mine, says the Lord.

Many of My people do not expect My presence because they do not perceive My personal presence on the earth. They believe that I am only upon My throne, which is in heaven. Have you never read that I AM the One who holds the seven stars in the right hand of My power and that I walk in the midst of the seven golden lampstands, which are My churches?

I have come to walk among you with power in My right hand, and do you not know that you are the seven stars (messengers) of the Third Day? I have come to establish the Church of the Firstborn in the earth as a forerunner of My kingdom upon the earth.

This is the season of the firstborn sons of this present age. In this season the sons of obedience shall receive their inheritance, and it shall be a double portion. There will come an increase in spiritual gifts and material blessings in this year and beyond.

The firstborn of this age shall establish Zion, the spiritual habitation, in which My glory is made manifest. Rejoice, My people, for the time has come. Again, I say rejoice, for I shall walk among you. I shall touch you with the right hand of My power, and you shall be restored and elevated so that you will bear witness to My presence. I say, cast off every restraint and pursue the knowledge of the Lord in this hour of visitation. Ask, and it shall be given; seek, and you shall find; knock, and the door of the morning of this Day shall be opened!

December 30, 2001:

I say, expect closure. Have I not spoken to you that this is indeed a new season. In this season of My glory, in this day of My power, it is necessary that you first stand in My presence that I might touch you, that My Spirit might flow out and upon you, that I might close the doors which are behind you. Therefore, I say, have faith in Me and trust in Me, for without faith it is impossible to please Me. If you will come and stand, believing that it is I Myself who has begun the good work in you and will now bring to completion that which I have begun to manifest, then you will understand that your current position is not the final place of rest. I have opened a door before you, and there is a path of righteousness that I am bringing you forth to walk in, says the Spirit of the Lamb of God. I come Myself to walk with you to the place where I am leading you. Therefore, rise up in faith and expectation and dare to believe that this is a new season for My Church in the day of My power.

Indeed, you are arrows in My hand, and many of you have been held under tension in this past year. You have been waiting for release. You have been waiting for the day in which I would send you into the fullness of My purposes. I say unto you, that day which you have been dreaming of is this day, the day that the prophets recorded and spoke of in ages past. You have been in times of preparation. You have been even like David's mighty men, shut up in the caves of this world, in the Adullams, in those places of preparation and formation. But, I want you to know that there came a day when I called David out of the cave for the fullness of My purposes, and this is that day, says the Lord God Almighty. I am about to release you, and you will fly forth and hit the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus and the fullness of that which I have been putting in you by way of vision is about to come to pass.


December 24, 2001:

The lord has been speaking the word "quagmire" to me. Quagmire is a soft miry land that shakes or yields under your feet. It is a marshland or can be called sinking sand or quicksand. It is something you do not want to step in or get stuck in or caught in. It also means a difficult, precarious or entrapping position, which produces a predicament or dilemma. Then, the Lord gave me Nahum 2:1, "He who scatters has come up before your face. Man the fort! Watch the road! Strengthen your flanks! Fortify your power mightily." The devil has come up before your face in this season. Watch out for those things that can become holiday entrapments. Satan loves to use this season to get you into a wrong place spiritually, wrong attitudes. There will be opportunities to overcome, so fortify your place of safety.

The Lord says that in this coming year I will release abundantly, above and beyond anything that you can even imagine at this point in time, the power of My presence which will produce My glory. When My glory comes into this place and over this place (My church) it shall be completely surrounded, above and below. You will be astonished. All that you must do to position yourselves is to believe that My calling is upon you and My purposes are before you, and the work that I have begun I will bring to completion, says the Lord.

A new day I set before you, says the Lord, the day of the end of the age when the birthing of the Child, the Christ, the Holy One, shall come to fullness within you. However, not all will understand the season. Not all will recognize this birthing. Not all will know that I am among My people. If you will look at the pattern you shall see that which is required. You will see that there were both father and mother who understood that a child was coming, and I say to you that it represents the birthing of the apostolic, for I am about to bring forth spiritual fathers and mothers that will know the fullness of My intentions and purposes in this dispensation. Then, there comes the time, for was it not the wise men who understood the times and the seasons of the coming forth of My purposes, of the birthing of My heart into the earth. These are the sons of Issachar (1 Chronicles 12:32), I say, that understand the times and the seasons in which you, My people, live. Listen to them, for they shall point the way unto you, and they shall identify the moving of My Spirit, its coming and going, so that you may be in the right place at the right time, prepared for all things. Then, I say, was it not the shepherds who knew? For, there are those who have hearts of shepherds who desire to care for the flock. Yet the fullness of that calling has not manifested; it is simply a desire at this time, but I say that the harvest is coming, and I will call forth My shepherds and those that are able to nurture the young and care for the lambs. I say, that when I come into My temple the prophets will know. Was it not Simeon who knew he must remain until I come. Are you not like him, remaining until the last trumpet sounds? The trumpet itself is the sound of My voice calling you to prepare ye the way of My coming. There was also Anna, the prophetess. I do not leave the women out, but call them to manifest My prophetic word and bring it forth in this land that others may know what I am doing in this season. You are My witnesses. You are the candlesticks, man and woman together for My purposes in this age to announce My coming and My return. You can only remember at this point the day of small beginnings, but I say that the small beginnings will bring glory. For as I speak to you, My voice shall come forth like a trumpet sound, and it will lead you up to the top of the mountain, and from the top of the mountain, I shall meet with you. You shall be gathered together into the glorious house of the end of the age. This is My purpose, says the Lord.

December 16, 2001


I hear the Spirit say, have you counted the cost, beloved, that you might enter into the kingdom in the fullness of purpose? I say, this is the fullness of time, and in these times I am bringing you forth that you may contain and display My glory throughout the nations. So, you have wondered, "Why have I had all this trouble? Why does it seem as though I have not come to the place that I should be yet? Why is there so much hindrance against the purposes that I would fulfill in Your kingdom, Lord?" I say that it comes with a price. Glory comes with a price. To those who have been given much, much is required. What has been required? A demonstration of your loyalty, the demonstration that you would walk in perseverance in My kingdom, and the demonstration of your honor unto Me. Even in the midst of affliction, even in the midst adversity, even when the enemy presses against you, there is yet a way of escape. There is a way of overcoming and of victory, says the Lord. I say, strive to be found perfect in Me in these days.

I call My people forth to walk in the valley, but I never leave you there, for I bring you to the mountain top to show you My kingdom. In the showing forth of My kingdom there comes light, revelation, power, and anointing. Only there on the mountain top are My purposes established in your heart. I am calling you to be people of purpose, My purpose and only Mine, says the Lord. You will find in your journey that you will enjoy My purposes. Be renewed. Rekindle the fires. Get up and climb, and come to the high place, says the Lord. I have not forgotten you. I have not left you without hope. I have not left you without purpose. My seeds have been planted in you. Will they not bring forth a harvest? Will they not produce fruitfulness?

December 9, 2001:

The Lord says to you today, is it not written that the fullness of times would come? When would you expect that they would come? At the end of the age. In the days of John the Baptist there were people who were violently thrusting themselves into the kingdom of God. There arose a spiritual expectation that caused man to be compelled and to thrust and push until he found himself in the kingdom of God. How much more important that in these days, the final seasons of mankind upon the earth, that you also rise with a violent faith, where you rise up in the power of the Spirit and you push, you fight, you compel yourself to come into the fullness of times and into the restoration of all things. I say, arise with expectation. Put your doubts, your fears and your failures behind you, forgetting those things which are behind. And, I say, press, push, and bring forth the birthing of the final season, the third season of My glory, which comes upon the earth even now. I say, press into the Holy of Holies and abide in the glory. Let the glory consume you and overwhelm you; let it come upon you and forever change you. I will, by My presence, bring you to a place of glorification. Come now! Come forth now into this season, leaving the past behind.

Some are finding yourselves in transition right now. Understand that in transition there is an overlapping of that which was and that which is to come, and it can create some confusion. You will be wondering if you made the right choices. If that is in you, know that you have made the right choice to step out, but in the process of transition there will be times that you are not quite sure because you don't know how it will all come out. What the Lord does not want you to do is to get into a place of unbelief. He says you have begun the journey on the right track, you have made some right decisions, you have stepped out, but don't get into confusion about those decisions. The only thing you can do in transition is trust God. Having done all, stand trusting in God. He will always bring a completion of His purposes. Do not allow the enemy to bring confusion and muddy the waters or to cause you to regress or give up what God has called you to do.

December 3, 2001:

You will be called victorious, says the Lord. I speak unto you the word "victorious" so that you may move from the place of victimization to higher levels of faith. I have called you, and the call cannot fail unless you lay it down, for the gifts are without repentance. What I give unto those who are willing to receive, I say, you shall have that which you have believed for. It shall come unto you, for I have given it to you. I will empower you and strengthen you and cause you to be an overcomer and victorious in all ways. I say, for every day, enjoy that which is coming, for surely it comes quickly.


November 25, 2001:

Do you hear it My people? This is the sound of acceleration and the sound of My power coming alive within you. It is My good pleasure to bring you into a time of great blessings. Though much judgment comes to the world, I say that if you will not forget all of My benefits, then you shall surely have those things that you can believe for. I am not a man that can lie. I am God Almighty, and I do not lie, nor do I think as you think. My ways are above your ways, so you must be elevated to believe and think along the lines of My word, for My word reveals My will. My word reveals My heart towards you. If you can come into agreement with that in fullness of faith and turn from all iniquity and live in a position of right standing and righteousness before Me, then you shall speak, and you shall have those things that you call forth. They shall come swiftly even as arrows in this time. I say, the end of the age comes quickly upon you. Forget not all of My benefits, forget not the words that I have spoken to you, forget not the visions and the dreams that I have given to you, for you are in a time of acceleration. Time will now be compressed. Compression shall spring forth in power; compression demands that power be released, and that is My desire for the end of the age, and that is My desire for you. I say, if you will believe it, you will walk in it. If you will walk in power, you will demonstrate it, and it shall be seen around you, for it shall flow through you, says the Lord.


November 10, 2001: You, My people, have forgotten about the door that I have opened in the season of Pentecost, and I say unto you that door is still open. But, you must come up hither; you must come up to this place of openness; you must ascend by choice of your will in seeking My face, and then I will bring you into the holy place. In the holy place I will pour My glory out upon you, and when My glory touches you, you shall be forever changed. Seek My face in My glory. I have chosen you. You are called according to My purposes, and when you walk in My purpose for you and get out of your own desires, I will bring you fully forth into My divine will and into My holy place. All things will work on your behalf and be of benefit to you. I say, the door is open. I say, come up here. Come by choice. Come up higher. Give all diligence to your ascent. It is now expedient for you to seek Me with a whole heart, for this is the season of the changing of hearts.

Have I not said that I will rebuild the tabernacle of David? Is it not written that David had a heart after Me:? Then, if you are going to live in this tabernacle, then you must develop a heart that is totally for Me. You must step aside from your religious exercise to purify yourself and simply come to Me. I am the changer of the heart. I will give a new heart to those who desire to come before Me. The door is open for a season, and you have an invitation. Come boldly before My throne of glory. Come with confidence into My house. Come with confidence because of the blood. The blood is a purifier, the blood is a qualifier, by the blood alone you have the right to come boldly based on the faith of the blood. Come up here! Live in My presence. Live in My sight. When you come to this place I can change your heart. Come with a desire to know Me, to know My ways, to know My purposes for you, to know that I have called you. I desire to have fellowship with you. Have you forgotten that you have been created to have fellowship with Me? In the glory of fellowship, I will touch and change you. Your first calling is to fellowship. When you step into your calling, then all things become new, all things are changed. My word become a reality. I shall change those that love Me. You have been justified by the blood, sanctified by the Spirit, and I will glorify you in the holy place. Come up here. The door is still open; it will be open until the end of the age.

The door is open to the place of My glory, My dwelling place, My place of habitation. You are living stones. I am taking you and building you together for a place of My habitation. When you are built together by faith in one accord, then I shall come and sanctify the temple and glorify the temple. My cloud shall be seen over your habitation. My fire shall be found in your habitation, that place where you are made one with Me. Then, the reality of My kingdom and My word will come to you. Glory!

November 3, 2001: I hear the Lord saying, get up even as I got up! Take your place. Receive the impartation of that which I have given unto you. Are these not perilous times? But, I say, they are also glorious times. These are the times that have been set apart for My church to rise in the power of My kingdom and demonstrate My will, My power, My voice in the land that the sword of the Spirit may come forth from your mouths, a two-edged sword to strike the enemy. I say, devastation comes upon the world, but devastation will also come upon the enemy. It comes from My people against the evil one, for his time is running out. His time is near the finish, and your time is just beginning. You time begins in the eternal hereafter with Me in a kingdom that cannot shaken, a kingdom that is secure for all time, a kingdom that cannot be moved by the heart or mind of man, a kingdom that cannot be persuaded by the enemy, a kingdom that is steadfast and sure, a kingdom that has been brought forth by the words of My mouth. It shall come, and it shall stand in the security of My promise for all time, says the Lord. It is a kingdom born of eternity, birthed in the heart of My Father. Even before the creation of the world it was in My Father's heart to give you eternal life in an eternal kingdom, which shall last forever. Even though you may not understand that concept, you should be praying, "Father, Your kingdom come! Your kingdom come! Your kingdom come!!" It is not as the kingdoms of the world, but it is a glorious kingdom. You have only seen it in bits and pieces, says the Lord, for it is written that I shall wipe away every tear. Why would you not cry out for it then? When the last enemy is defeated and the sons of life arise, when the resurrection is extended to all of those as the last trumpet sounds, you shall be caught up with Me. Then, your life really begins, for this life is a carnal life, a temporal life, but you are being changed from glory to glory into My image. You are the sons and daughters of the very end of the age, and I am calling you to come aside now and be raised in resurrection power. Again, I say, get up as I got up. It is faith that causes the resurrection to come upon you. I am going to bring a foretaste of resurrection power and demonstrate it in My church even before that final and great day that the world itself may see that the sons of God are rising. The sons of the last days are rising. They will walk as I walked, and they will walk in faith and power. They will demonstrate the gospel of the kingdom, for I have purposed it. It is written, and My word shall not be broken. It then remains that you simply believe that you are who I have said you are, that you receive the calling that has come unto you, and that you let your faith raise you up in resurrection power even now. Live in resurrection life now where the enemy cannot rule over you. Live in the resurrection glory, and the enemy will have no ground in you.

November 1, 2001: The Spirit of the Living God says, I bless you, My people for rising up as warriors called forth in this hour. You have listened to My word and have taken My messages to heart. Even as I spoke to you that the last seven months of this year would be a time in which you would learn to rule in the midst of your enemies, and even as I spoke to you that the months of August, September and October would be a time of intense warfare in the heavenly places, you have risen to the occasion. You have laid aside your own desires, and you have taken up the sword, and you have said, "Here I am, Lord, send me. Here I am, Lord, teach my fingers to war. Here I am, Lord, strengthen my arms that I may pull the bow that would loose the arrows in the spiritual realm and let them fly towards their mark, the thrones that are set in heavenly places." I say to you, the journey is not yet over, for there comes much judgment in the world in these next two months.

But, your position of warfare will now gain a new focus. That focus will be again face to face with your adversary. In this battle, I will teach you how to rule over your heart, for the heart of man is wicked above all things. You have learned much about ruling in the midst of your enemies. You have learned how to rule over your flesh. Even though that war is not complete, you have learned much, and you have applied those lessons well. But now, I say, you will learn how to rule over your heart. When your heart comes into complete submission to the power of My Spirit and the word of My will, then you shall truly be Mine. Truly, you shall be found without spot or wrinkle, for the heart shall be purified above all things. I will join My heart to your heart in these days. You, My beloved, will become one with Me, says the Lord.

October 26, 2001: The Lord says, I have already warned you that you are to guard your hearts and not be anxious. The months of August, September and October have been times of intense war in the heavenly places. You are in the very last part of this phase, and the most extreme danger will be at this time. But, many of you have already gone to sleep and forgotten the times in which you live, which puts you in a critical place. There are three things you must repent of, and these are pretense, presumption and unbelief.

Father, we stand before you and ask you to forgive us for making a mockery of your word and that which you have spoken to us in our pretense. We ask that you would forgive our presumption, and we know that whatever is not of faith is sin. We ask that You forgive our unbelief in not taking seriously that which you have spoken to us. Come by Your Spirit and gird up the loins of our minds and cause that perimeter of safety to be established by the righteousness of our faith when we take You seriously and understand the times and the seasons in which we live. Amen.


October 21, 2001: I have come today to call My prodigals back. You have read in My word about the story of the prodigal son, how he forsook the father's kingdom and went off to satisfy himself with worldly pleasures, and he spent all that he had and found that it was worth nothing. But, he came to himself. And, some are going to come to themselves today, says the Lord. They are going to realize that they have been walking apart from My will, walking apart from My purpose. They have strayed from the narrow path. I hear the Spirit of the Living God say, come home today. Come back today. Know the times and the seasons in which you live; today is the day in which you must return. Today is the day of salvation; today is the day of entrance into the kingdom of God.

October 19, 2001: Many of you have been feeding under the Master's table, and you have been looking for a crumb here or there, but I say unto you, there is a chair at the table that has your name on it, and you must come up from low living to your place in the kingdom. It is written that I will prepare a table for you in the very midst of your enemies, and you shall dine there without anxiety and without fear or intimidation. I say, get up. Get up and believe; let your faith elevate you and move you so that you are seated by My side. It is My good pleasure to feed you; it is My good pleasure to cause you to come and partake of the good things of the kingdom that I have for you. This is the day in which you shall receive the fullness of the restoration of all things if you will but believe, and if you will believe that you are worthy to feed at My table. Stop feeding on the crumbs and come forth to have a full meal. It is My delight to give you a full meal; it is My delight to bring you into the fullness of restoration; it is My delight to restore your youth; it is My delight to heal your body; it is My delight to give you revelation knowledge; it is My delight to renew you in fellowship with Me that you might know Me face to face and come to a place of living in My glory. It is My desire that you come into the Holy of Holies and commune with Me in the heaviness and the weightiness of My glory and presence and power. This is My delight. I am calling you today to get out from under the table and take your seat in the kingdom where you will know Me face to face.


October 13, 2001: Run to the battle. Engage the enemy. Strike the serpent's head. Cut off the snake's head. Run to the battle! Have joy in the battle. It is My good pleasure to give you joy for the battle, for the joy that you sense as you go forth is the assurance of the victory that shall surely come, for the joy of the Lord is your strength. Where the strength of the Lord is, the enemy is defeated. Where the strength of the Lord is, the enemy cannot stand. Where the joy of the Lord is found in the house, the strength of the Lord goes forth like a mighty two-edged sword. In the power of joy My word is released in expectation for the victory. You might ask, "When shall I have the victory?" I say, as soon as you believe, as soon as you rise up, as soon as you fight, as soon as you demonstrate by faith the word that is given forth in the kingdom of God and exercise that word and allow it to flow out of your mouth, out of your being and out of your spirit empowered by My Spirit. Then, surely, you will have the victory, and you shall overcome all of the works of the enemy. For, I say, there is no weapon that has been formed against you that can prosper. It is written, and the scriptures cannot be broken. If I am God Almighty, and I am in you God, and I am filling your house with My presence, then is it not a natural assumption to know that you shall have the victory and walk forth over all the works of the enemy? It is written that I give unto you power to walk over ALL the works of the enemy. Have I not spoken in My word that nothing shall by any means hurt you? Nothing shall by any means hurt you. I say, nothing shall by ANY means hurt you. The weapons of the enemy shall not hurt you. His infirmity shall not hurt you. His curses shall not destroy you. You say, "But when?" I say, "Now." For, now is the day of the Lord. Now is the great battle of the Lord. Now is the day of My wrath. My wrath is against those who are against Me. My wrath is against those who are against you, for your enemies are My enemies, and My enemies are your enemies. I say, we shall fight this battle together, so rise up and take unto yourselves the attitude of victory, and run to the battle. The enemy shall flee before you. He will flee before you!


September 29, 2001:

I desire that My people would reach out and touch Me. I desire that My people would come unto Me. I desire that you would come to the altar and leave every care of the world. I desire that you would come to the altar and lay down your fears and lay down your anxieties. I desire that you, My people, would forget all that is against you and come unto Me, for I am walking among you. I have come to touch you; I have come to heal you; I have come to restore you; I have to equip you against all the powers of the enemy. I am here by My Spirit, says the Lord, to nurture you and to bring an extraordinary measure of grace upon you, that you might be aware in this very moment of My presence and that you might know that I am in you and you are in Me. I have come to encourage you and tell you, "Well done, My good and faithful servants." My eyes have scanned the earth looking for warriors that I could raise up, and you have lifted your hands and said, "Here I am, Lord, send me." You have said, "Here I am, Lord, equip me; here I am, Lord, use me." For your faithfulness, I extend unto you this measure of grace that is akin only to the third day, for there is a generation that shall be so filled with the fullness of My grace that they shall no longer be earth bound; they shall be heaven bound, found seated with Me in heavenly places that you may be nurtured by My glory, that you may come into the Holy of Holies and dwell in the Holy Place with Me, for this is the day and this is the hour that I have spoken of in which I am drawing to Myself a bride that is pure and without spot or wrinkle. I am bringing you forth into My presence, into the fullness of that which I have spoken that you may be encouraged and step up to the throne of grace and receive your measure, your healing, your miracle even now.


I will show you the mysteries of My kingdom and reveal to you that which has been saved for the end of the age. I have weapons that have been stored in heavenly places. I Myself will teach you how to use them, and the enemy shall fall. Believe Me, children, when I say the enemy shall fall before you; the enemy shall flee before you. The enemy shall be found fleeing seven ways from your encampment, for your camp is a place of worship and praise. The places in which you dwell are habitations where I and My Father will dwell with you.


There are some that have been laboring under the spirit of condemnation, and I have come to release you from that. Come out. Walk out from under that, for those are shackles of falsehood. They are indeed the lies of the enemy, and it is time to break out. There is no condemnation for those who are in Me. The devil would have you believe that you have failed, but I say that is a lie. The enemy has fallen before you, so he comes to deceive you and try to make you feel unworthy, but I say I have found you worthy. You have fought the good fight; you have not failed. Have you failed? I say, "No." No, you have NOT failed; you have only begun to run. Don't you understand that there are different legs to the race? You may have run the first lap slower, but I tell you that by My Spirit you shall run and be accelerated in this time and in this season. Run the race in power. Dare to believe that you are not condemned. I have not come to condemn you, but to say, "Well done." Rise up now and walk out from under the shackles that the enemy has put upon you, for I have come to defeat the enemy. I have come to break you out of bondage. I have come to tear down the bars and tear down the brass gates that you might come out into freedom under mercy and grace and My presence and anointing. Is there any lack in Me? Isn't My anointing able to break all bondage? Isn't My blood able to cover all sin?


This is but a foretaste of the glory which I shall bring, a foretaste of My presence. These are those days which were spoken of by the prophets, the days of My glory, the days of My power. Begin to expect My presence, for I will meet you. I will come upon you suddenly that you might know that I am with you always, with you wherever you go. Expect My appearance, My touch. Expect to hear the sound of My voice. Expect to receive the revelation that I have held in store for this time and this people. Live in readiness; live in expectation. Have no fear of the enemy. He was defeated at Calvary where I took away his weapons. Walk with Me, and the enemy shall be conquered.



September 15, 2001:

As a result of the terrorist attack that occurred on September 11, 2001, America is preparing for war. The question is, war with whom? This morning the Lord quickened an ancient prophecy that has relevance for today. The prophecy was given by the Prophet Isaiah that has to do with judgment that would involve America and Babylon. I believe that this prophecy (like many others) has a two-fold fulfilling, the second being one that is about to take place before our very eyes.

A prophetic preview was presented to us during Desert Storm when George Bush, Sr. was President. Now, in this present time what was begun by George Bush, Sr. will be brought to completion by his son. Even though this war may confront terrorist organizations in countries such as Afganistan, I believe that America's war against terrorism will ultimately be waged against Iraq. Isaiah's prophecy is against Babylon. Isaiah chapter 22 has to do with the judgment of the Babylonian systems and Mystery Babylon (the harlot church). But, I believe that chapter 21 has to do with the destruction of the most visible sign of Babylon that we have in the world today, which is Saddam Hussein and Iraq.

Saddam Hussein is physically rebuilding the city of Babylon and has called himself Nebuchadnezzar the second. President Bush Sr. stopped short of apprehending the madman of Baghdad, but some things are always left by the father for the son to complete. If you will keep in mind what took place during the Gulf War, you will remember the symbols (names) as we examine Isaiah 21 and the reality of that which will come into focus as present vision is established.

Isaiah Chapter 21:

Verse 1: "The burden (judgment) against the wilderness of the sea." The sea of humanity turned into a wilderness of desolation by radical leaders who promote jihad. "As whirlwinds of the south pass through, so it comes from the desert, from a terrible land." The whirlwind of an angry and terrible people will come from a desert land, Saudi Arabia. The attack will come from the air (wind) against Babylon.

Verse 2: "A distressing vision is declared to me; treacherous dealer deals treacherously and the plunderer plunders. Go up, O Elam! Besiege, O Media! All its sighing I have made to cease." The treacherous dealer is Saddam Hussein who deals in terrorism. The geographic region of Elam is in Southern Iraq and Kuwait. The geographic area of Media includes Iraq, Iran and Turkey. These whirlwinds or air attacks will most likely come from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Turkey.

Verses 3 & 4: "Therefore my loins are filled with pain; Pangs have taken hold of me, like the pangs of a woman in labor. I was distressed when I heard it; I was dismayed when I saw it. My heart wavered, fearfulness frightened me; The night for which I longed He turned into fear for me." Pangs, labor pains have seized those prophets who have and will see this dreadful battle, which is the beginning of worldwide sorrows that will come upon the land.

Verse 5: "Prepare the table, Set a watchman in the tower, Eat and drink. Arise, you princes, Anoint the shield!" The Twin Towers have fallen because the watchmen did not see and report what was to come. But now, the table of the Lord's food (His Word) is being prepared for our President, and the Lord will send him prophets who will take their positions beside him, and spiritual insight will become his counsel. The shield of war will be anointed by the Spirit for victory over the enemy.

Verses 6 & 7: "For thus has the Lord said to me: "Go, set a watchman, Let him declare what he sees. And he saw a chariot with a pair of horsemen, A chariot of donkeys, and a chariot of camels, And he listened earnestly with great care." The watchmen will "see" the weapons of the enemy like that of chariots of donkeys and camels. The watchmen will know and report the location of the weapons of the enemy.

Verse 8: "Then he cried, 'A lion, my Lord! I stand continually on the watchtower in the daytime; I have sat at my post every night.'" The prophet has seen the power of the enemy, which was depicted by donkeys and camels, but now he sees the lion who has come against Babylon. Ezekiel 38 outlines the countries that will come against Israel in these, the latter years. I believe the young lions are the United States (a powerful and young country) and her allies who will stand with Israel and challenge Gog and Magog.

Verse 9 "'And look, here comes a chariot of men with a pair of horsemen!' Then he answered and said, 'Babylon is fallen, is fallen! And all the carved images of her gods He has broken to the ground.'"The prophets who ride through the Valley of Vision on God's chariots have seen Babylon fall, and the god of Islam they have seen defeated and broken to the ground.

Verse 10: "Oh, my threshing and the grain of my floor! That which I have heard from the LORD of hosts, The God of Israel, I have declared to you." A great harvest of souls will be brought out of Islam and into the Kingdom of God as a result of Babylon's defeat.

Verses 11 & 12: "The burden against Dumah. He calls to me out of Seir, 'Watchman, what of the night? Watchman, what of the night?' The watchman said, 'The morning comes, and also the night. If you will inquire, inquire; Return! Come back!'" This is God's judgment on Dumah, which is Edom. The Edomites represent those who are against Israel (see Numbers 20:14-21). The Lord has called His prophets to come out of Edom, the territory of Seir (Ezekiel 35:2-3), and stand on the wall with Israel. The watchmen are called to come back and be joined with Israel and stop condemning Israel. Judgment will come upon religious leaders who do not support Israel.

Verse 13: "The burden against Arabia. In the forest in Arabia you will lodge, O you traveling companies of Dedanites." This war will be a burden to Arabia; it will bring hardships upon their country. The Dedanites are descendants of Dedan, son of Abraham by Keturah. These represent those who are grafted in sons of Abraham because they were not born by Sarah. These represent the Christians according to Galatians 3:29, "And if you are Christ's, then you are Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise." The young lions are Dedanites (Ezekiek 38:13) who will be under Christian leadership. In this war, the young lions will dwell in Saudi Arabia.

Verses 14 & 15: "O inhabitants of the land of Tema, Bring water to him who is thirsty; With their bread they met him who fled. For they fled from the swords, from the drawn sword, From the bent bow, and from the distress of war." Tema represents the Saudis who dwell in Arabia. Tema is an oasis or desert city in N.W. Arabia. Once again, the inhabitants of Tema will share their water and food with the young lions who left the battle before it was complete, before Saddam was removed from leadership.

Verses 16 & 17: For thus the LORD has said to me: "Within a year, according to the year of a hired man, all the glory of Kedar will fail; and the remainder of the number of archers, the mighty men of the people of Kedar, will be diminished; for the LORD God of Israel has spoken it." Kedar is a descendant of Abraham through Hagar. He was the second son of Ishmael and represents the ruling power of Iraq. If this prophecy does apply to the situation which I have just described, then it seems reasonable that within a year the mighty men of Kedar will be diminished. The name, Kedar, means darkness and most likely represents terrorists, for there is no darker work promoted by Satan than terrorism that targets the innocent.

The war against terrorism could very possibly be the catalyst that triggers the Ezekiel 38 war. The destruction of Mystery Babylon and the world systems would then follow the Ezekiel war, and you can read about that great conflict in the Book of Revelation chapter 8-19.

September 9, 2001:

The Lord says, I am bringing a revelation of my unfailing love and mercy to My people that they might walk out of bondage, and I am bringing them into My unfading glory, into the Holy of Holies where there is no diminishing of My presence, where there is an abiding glory, a tabernacling glory that you may enter into and abide in My presence. I say unto you, My people, that when you come then all the bondages of the past shall be broken. For it is written that I am a holy God, and when you come into the power of My holiness, and I say unto you that My power can only be demonstrated through holiness, then you shall be free. For, whom the Son has come to set at liberty will be eternally free to walk in an abiding place of fellowship into the glorious light of My kingdom, and I shall bring you forth into heavenly places and demonstrate My power through you in this world. Psalm 105:4, "Seek the Lord and His strength; seek His face forevermore."

September 7, 2001:

The Lord asks, will a lion roar without a prey? No! But, Satan is your prey. When the roar of the Lion of Judah comes up in you, you will go forth and take the prey. I am causing you to be hunters and not the hunted. I am reversing the roles. No longer will you be on the defensive; you will be on the offensive. Will a lion roar without a prey? No! But, Satan is your prey. You will rise up and stalk him and hunt him and destroy his works.


August 26, 2001:

In a vision I saw a vast expanse of sand, which the wind had blown into what I would describe as sand dunes. There was no vegetation growing on these mountains of sand, and the sun was hot and beating down on the sand. The wind had formed a ridge on the dunes, which was a sharp and distinctive line running from the top of the mountain of sand to the bottom. I then saw clear glasses, like fine crystal with stems, coming up out of the sand. These glasses were set in order along the ridge of the sand that was formed by the wind (Spirit) and heated by the sun (Son).

Glass is a substance made by the melting together of sand, soda ash, and crushed limestone. The most notable property of glass is its ability to transmit light. Glass is usually hard and clear, and it can be made to be stronger than steel. These glass vessels represent the people of the Lord who have been in a time of testing. These are those who have been in a dry, hot and desolate place. They have been in the fire of purging; they have been crushed and melted and have sat in sack cloth and ash.

The Lord then filled these purified vessels with living water, which began to produce an abundance of water. Living water flowed from these vessels, and the waters burst forth as streams in the desert until the sand dunes were covered with life-giving water. The parched ground became a pool, and the thirsty lands became springs of water, which caused the desert to bloom and produce the fruit of righteousness in the land.

The Lord then spoke and said, "The time of testing for many of My servants will now come to an end. You have been purged by My fire. I have shaped you and molded you, and I will now fill you with an overflowing portion of My Spirit. Living waters shall burst forth from your innermost being, and that which has been a desert to you will now blossom, and you shall bring forth the fruits of righteousness. Your land will no longer be barren, for it shall now become the land of plenty, and My provision will spring up in your desert. You will become an oasis in the habitation in which I have placed you. Rejoice, My people, and receive the water which I now give you."

August 12, 2001: Some of you are going to begin to start a revolution in the places where I have established you. By the anointing and the unction upon you, you will walk forth in righteousness and purity. My conviction on those around you will cause them to consider who you are and give you opportunities to prophesy and noise abroad the word of the Lord and to reveal who is the King, the Lord of your life. Your position of sanctification and safety will be revealed along with a sense of peace that surrounds you, which in natural terms should not be there. I will put My hand upon you, and you will begin to spoil the enemy's works, and you will start a revolution in the kingdom of darkness by overthrowing it and dispossessing Satan's positions and bringing the power of the Most High to bear in the places where you work and pray. I tell you to expect increase and expedience to those things that you believe, pray for and say. For surely, you are living in the end of the age, and these things shall quickly come to pass. This is that hour, and this is that day. Revolution! You are not here just to get by; you're not here just to get along.


August 3, 2001

I call you dread warriors, warriors who the enemy dreads, for the ground that you walk on the enemy shall give up if you will but believe for a moment that I can empower you and cause you to walk in authority and cause you to walk in power and the fullness of My Spirit. Is it not written that I give you power over every enemy? I tell you to walk upon the serpents and the snakes of this land, for they are evil spirits that have been loosed from the pits of hell. But, My people shall prevail, for it is written that the gates of hell shall not prevail against My church. I have already written in My word, and the scriptures cannot be broken. I say victory is assured, for I am the Lord of victory, and I am bringing you forth in power even now. I am teaching your fingers how to make war, and I am equipping you and causing you to know how to walk in the fullness of My armor, and the enemy is already beginning to dread you. I call you dread warriors even in this very moment, and I say, do not forget who you are. You shall go forth and trample the enemy. I say, blow the trumpet in Zion, sound the war drums, for I am bringing forth the power of My kingdom now upon My people, and you shall take the land, and the land shall submit to you, for it is My land says the Lord.


July 29, 2001: It is not by might, nor is it by strength of man, but it is by the power of the Most High, and these are those days that I shall surely come like a flood upon My people and raise up a standard in the very midst of My enemies. You are the standard that I am raising up. You are the instruments of My justice, the instruments of My judgment. You are the weapons of My war, for it is written that you are My battle axes. Do not sit down. Do not slow down. This is a time of acceleration, and I am calling you to the forefront, putting a sword in your hand, a trumpet in your mouth. Blow the trumpet in Zion. Let the enemies be defeated where you stand.


July 15, 2001:

The Lord is high and lifted up, and He's calling to His people today, saying: Have you seen the work that I am about to do? Have you heard of such a thing in your day? For, I am calling you as chosen ones, those who have determined to walk with Me in righteousness and holiness, those who have determined to walk with Me on the path that I have set before you. Each of you has walked upon a path, but do you not know that these paths come together to make the Highway of Holiness? Do you not know that you each produce your own water? For, you are streams in the desert, but I say, every stream runs into the river, and when the power of My river and the glory of My anointing comes, and it is produced in your hearts, My people, and flows in desire into the place of oneness, then there will be many that come and bathe in this river. They will be washed in this river; they will find salvation in this river; they too shall drink of this water and be filled with the Spirit, and they too will become the streams of life and will go out and the new will come in. This is the day of the demonstration of My power, the day in which I shall glorify Myself in a people whose hearts are wholly give unto Me. I have searched for such, lo these many years, but I say now is the time of destiny and the time of the fulfilling of all things. So, My word to you today is come forth. Come unto Me. Come up here, and I will equip you, and I will send My mighty ones down to war with you, for I have determined that victory shall come in this, the time of war, the hour of war, and the glory of My vengeance shall be seen, and My justice shall be demonstrated, and many shall see the works of God.

As I was worshipping God a moment ago, I saw a window open in the Spirit, and I wondered what God would give, and He handed a sword to me through the window. It was just a little sword wide enough to just fit through the window horizontally. But, when I took it in my hand, it got huge; it grew. And the Lord said: Let My people line up and receive the weapons of war that I will give unto them, for I am in this hour giving swords of the Spirit that produce the power of My word, which will be an effective weapon against the enemy. Then we can say, with Gideon, the sword of the Lord and (put your name in) as you go out to war on behalf of God Almighty.


July 6, 2001:

Once again I was awakened at the time of the morning watch (3:00 a.m.), and I heard the voice of the Master speak, "Windsong!" Over and over I heard this word, windsong. "Listen for the windsong for it is the song of victory that is now being given to My Church by My Spirit. It is the song of the Spirit declaring victory in the hearts of My people."

As I listened with joy to the song that came on the wind (breath) of the Spirit, I rejoiced. I remembered that it is the Third Day that is being birthed from the womb of the morning. I remembered that Zion, the Tabernacle of David, is being rebuilt, and this scripture was given to me:

Zephaniah 3:14 Sing, O daughter of Zion! Shout, O Israel! Be glad and rejoice with all your heart, O daughter of Jerusalem!
Zephaniah 3:15 The LORD has taken away your judgments, He has cast out your enemy. The King of Israel, the LORD, is in your midst; You shall see disaster no more.
Zephaniah 3:16 In that day it shall be said to Jerusalem: "Do not fear; Zion, let not your hands be weak.
Zephaniah 3:17 The LORD your God in your midst, The Mighty One, will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing."

What an awesome word this is! Sing and shout, Zion, for the Lord Himself is rejoicing over you with singing! The windsong of the Spirit is declaring the victory, for the Lord will cast out your enemy. It is time to rule in the midst of your enemies.

Zephaniah 3:5 The LORD is righteous in her midst, He will do no unrighteousness. Every morning He brings His justice to light; He never fails, But the unjust knows no shame.

"It is the time of the morning, says the Lord, and it is the time of My justice. I will now vindicate those who are truly Mine, and I will make a distinction between those who are My own and those who say they are Mine but serve themselves. Judgment shall come upon those who have spoken against My people because of their own envy and jealousy. I will now make My people and their dwelling places a blessing, and I will cause showers to come down in due season. There shall be showers of blessings for those who worship in Spirit and in Truth for those who are truly Mine."

"It is the morning of the Third Day, and I am now appointing the watchmen of the morning. These are those who will be given the windsong, for it is the song of My Spirit that sings the songs of the victory of this Day."

Isaiah 52:8 Your watchmen shall lift up their voices, With their voices they shall sing together; For they shall see eye to eye When the LORD brings back Zion.
Isaiah 52:9 Break forth into joy, sing together, You waste places of Jerusalem! For the LORD has comforted His people, He has redeemed Jerusalem.
Isaiah 52:10 The LORD has made bare His holy arm In the eyes of all the nations; And all the ends of the earth shall see The salvation of our God.

"I am calling for a season of rejoicing among My chosen. I am calling for a season of the blowing of the trumpets. Cry aloud, My people, lift up your voice like a trumpet and declare the victory. Let the windsong come forth, for as you worship Me and praise Me with your voices, with your trumpets, and with your musical instruments, the enemy will be defeated, and you will rule in their midst."

"The wind of Pentecost has come, and it has brought forth the windsong of victory. Let the song of the Spirit bring a new song to your heart. Sing to the Lord this new song, and bless His holy name. Prophesy to the breath, and His windsong shall come forth. The birthing of His songs within you shall surely bring the victory."

"Many of those who will be appointed to the morning watch will be psalmists who have the heart of David. And, I will give unto them My windsongs as instruments of war. I will teach them Myself and show them how to tear down the strongholds of the enemy with their instruments of praise. The music and praise of these psalmists will establish a windsong in the earth that will produce a prophetic vibration that will destroy the thrones of the rulers of darkness. I call you forth today to become My weapons of warfare. Come now, for the morning light is piercing through the darkness, and the sound of the windsong is announcing a new day."

Psalm 150:1 Praise the LORD! Praise God in His sanctuary; Praise Him in His mighty firmament!
Psalm 150:2 Praise Him for His mighty acts; Praise Him according to His excellent greatness!
Psalm 150:3 Praise Him with the sound of the trumpet; Praise Him with the lute and harp!
Psalm 150:4 Praise Him with the timbrel and dance; Praise Him with stringed instruments and flutes!
Psalm 150:5 Praise Him with loud cymbals; Praise Him with clashing cymbals!
Psalm 150:6 Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD!


June 24, 2001:

Are you not the Gideons that I am calling forth from the winepress, from the beaten down place? Are you not the glorious ones that I am calling forth in this hour to defeat the works of the enemy, and has it not been spoken and prophesied that you would rule in the midst of your enemies? I say, this is the day of glory; it is the day of victory. I see a people strong. I see a people being set in battle array. I see a people casting off the works of darkness. I see a people shaking off the dust of rejection, the dust of fear, the dust of everything that has been put on them by the words of the enemy. I see a people coming strong and set in battle array, the like of whom has never been. I see a people running against the enemy. I see a people marching in unison.

Come in faith; come knowing that I have called you; come knowing that who I have called I will equip. Those I equip I will preserve and protect. I will lead you forth out of the valley of destruction. I am bringing you to a high place. It is not the high places of Baal worship; it is not the high place that man has elevated himself to; it is the high place of My presence, the place of My glory. I am calling you to come to this mountain, Zion, through the gates of the city. Come into My holy presence, for you shall learn that from this moment on there is an abiding glory which is given for you to dwell in.

Destiny is being formed in you. I have placed in you words of destiny and now I am drawing them back out by My own power and by My own presence. This is a time of acceleration where all things shall be fulfilled, for these are the days of restoration. I am building the Tabernacle of David. These are the days when the mighty ones are coming forth. They are coming forth in faith. Can you hear the sound of the marching of the army? Can you hear the beat of My drum? Can you hear My calling to you? It is not only a calling, but it is a sending. It is a calling forth and a sending out. Begin to watch for opportunities in the highways and in the byways. Search to the left; search to the right. Awaken when I call you, and speak to the north, the south, the east and the west, and say, "Come! Come into the kingdom of God." I am equipping you and as soon as you begin to speak forth by faith that which I have put in you, you are going to see astounding things. Eye has not seen, and ear has not heard of the glorious things that I am about to do. Yes, you are but flesh and blood, but when I cover you with My divinity, when My Spirit comes upon you, then you become the golden vessels that I have saved for the end of the age. The word of My power declares that the temple at the end of the age will be greater than the former. You, My people, are that temple. Let faith arise in your hearts. Let the word of power be found in your mouth.

I say, do not again bow to the enemy! It is the hour of victory and the hour of My power in which I will equip you to rule in the midst of all of your enemies. Arise and take the authority which I have given you and carry it into every place you go. Establish My authority by My presence, atmosphere and power, for it is My desire to establish you as a messenger of the Most High in these days. Will you not carry forth My glory? Will you not come forth? Arise and shine for your hour has come. This is the Day of the Lord. Come forth as the sons of the Living God. Be equipped by My anointing. Allow Me to touch you, to lift you, to move you into the Holy Place. It is the Seventh Day, My people, and the veil has been removed. Come forth, I say, into the Holy of Holies. Come and join with the angels and let your cry by Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty.

June 17, 2001:

It is time for My people to come up to Zion. If you get on the path to Zion and cross over you will come into a new day, the day of the dawning of My power, the day of the dawning of My freedom. My liberty shall be found dwelling within you. Resting upon you will be the peace of Almighty God. I declare freedom in My camp. I will no longer allow the enemy to dwell in My house; I will put him out even as I put him out of the temple in the days that I walked upon the earth, says the Lord. The money-changing spirit shall be cast out, and everything that was sold in My house shall be removed. I will bring forth the righteousness of My kingdom in a new way, in the glory of My power, that My people may be totally free, for this is the day in which you are to rule in the very midst of your enemies. I said, RULE! It is the day of ruling and reigning as joint heirs of Christ over all the works of the enemy.

A DAY OF VICTORY -- June 8, 2001: Rise up, you sons of the Most High, and rule in the midst of your enemies, for this is the day of My power. Is it not written that I have prepared a table for you in the presence of your enemies? Come and dine, for the victory celebration is beginning. Rejoice, saints of God, for now comes the day in which those that offend Me with religious pretense and those who practice lawlessness will be removed from Zion.

It is time for My righteous ones to shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of My Father. The separation has begun in My house, and the enemy will not be found dwelling in Zion any longer. Is it not written that judgment will begin in My house? Truly, truly I tell you that the Spirit of Judas Iscariot dwells among you today even as he was among the twelve in the days of My suffering. Judas was dwelling in the presence of My glory, but he was not seated spiritually at My table, and he did not feed upon My words. Judas allowed Satan to enter into his heart, and for this reason he betrayed Me with a kiss. It was for this reason that he was given the bread of affliction dipped in the cup of My Father's wrath.

Judas means "praise," but he was a false worshipper. Was it not he who spoke against the true sacrifice of praise when Mary anointed Me for burial? Judas did not want the sweet fragrance of oil (anointing) to be released in true worship because it is the anointing that breaks the yoke of Satan's bondage and sets My people free. Judas wanted to keep the oil for himself that he might sell it, so that he alone might benefit from it.

It is true My brethren, that this same spirit dwells among you today, but this is the Day when I shall reveal and expose the sons of perdition, for it is time for Me to cleanse My temple. Watch, therefore, for the manifestation of the character of this spirit of the lawless one, for he is in your midst. Those who have given their hearts to this spirit are false brethren. They are accusers of the brethren, and they are mockers of My true servants. These are the self-willed and the presumptuous that Peter wrote of. They promise the people liberty from My established order, but they themselves are slaves of corruption.

These are those whom the apostle Paul warned you of -- that in the last days these men would have a form of religion, but they would deny the power of the conviction of the Holy Spirit. They are those who, like Judas, would be lovers of themselves and their own pleasures rather than lovers of God.

These are wells without water, broken cisterns that hold no living water. They are flatterers who speak smooth words to their followers so that they may exalt themselves in the assemblies. Set a watch for these, My sons, and condemn the words that they speak against you so their curses will have no power over you. Sing to the Lord a new song, for it is a song of victory. Rejoice in this, the day of victory, for it is written:

Psalm 149:6 Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, And a two-edged sword in their hand,
Psalm 149:7 To execute vengeance on the nations, And punishments on the peoples;
Psalm 149:8 To bind their kings with chains, And their nobles with fetters of iron;
Psalm 149:9 To execute on them the written judgment; This honor have all His saints. Praise the LORD!

The scriptures cannot be broken.

(Note: Although Judas means "praise," it also means that he shall be praised (shall seek praise). Iscariot means "a worldly man" and "he will be hired" (a hireling who will be employed by Satan) to condemn the true servants of the Lord. These are those whom the apostle Paul describes as "always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth." Paul says that "their folly will be manifest to all." (2 Timothy 3:1-9)

May 20, 2001:

I come today in the power of My kingdom and I reveal that kingdom to you even before the fullness of the manifestation comes upon the earth. I do it that you might move with all haste into the kingdom of My glory. I will have a people in this, the end of the age, that manifest My presence, who walk even in My likeness. They shall be given the joy of the Lord because they have the Holy Spirit. The kingdom of God doesn't not exist in just meats alone, I say, but in righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. I say, come forth and receive of the living waters. Receive the manifestation of the Spirit. I challenge you today to dare to believe that My word will be performed in your life if you will but believe and if you will make all haste now to move from the position of doubt and unbelief to a position of faith. In that faith I can bring the manifestation of the fullness of My grace. It shall come to you and be found living within you. I, Myself, will be your reward. I am calling you now to come and abide with Me in the Holy of Holies where My glory will be an abiding, continuous, overflowing presence of the Shekinah that I dwell in. It shall be given to you as a gift, I say, even today if you can receive. I say, move into the Upper Room. Be seated before Me. Learn of My Son, and I shall give unto you good gifts.

I hear the Lord also say to some today that He is about to change your kingdom position, and bring you to places you have never been before, places that you have hungered for, places that you have thought about and thirsted for. And, the Lord says, because of your perseverance, because of your continuation, I am going to change you and move you into an elevated place. I am going to bring you forth out of the clay that you have been mired in. I will set you in a high place. I will set you in the cleft of the Rock, and My glory will pass by you, and when My glory passes by you, it will forever change you because you have remained faithful to seek Me and to continue on with Me even in these many years.

May 13, 2001:

I say unto you today that the kingdom of God has come nigh unto you, for by the moving of My Spirit I have moved upon your heart, and I am calling you, calling to the depth of your heart and drawing you upward and drawing you out even as one would draw water out of a well. Such is the time that you live in. It must be that I have come to prepare you for that which is ahead. Is it not the fullness of time? Is it not the time when all things will be restored to their original pattern? If that is My will for you, and if that is the pattern I have given unto you, would you not then move up? Would you not move towards Me? Would you not make all haste to come before My throne in thanksgiving that I might impart to you the fullness of Pentecost? You yet lack the fullness of the demonstration of My Spirit. I say that you are sons and daughters, and I call you today to manifest the precious anointing that I have poured out upon you until it becomes full. I give you this instruction: when the river begins to flow is it not a small flow? But, if you will flow with the river, will it not get deeper? And, if you will come by faith and manifest that which I have given you, will I not give you more? And, will the kingdom of God not come to a fullness? For such are the times in which you live, and I say today that even the saints in the heavenlies would be with you if they could. If they could choose to walk in your shoes, they would. They are cheering you on from heaven's balcony, and they are watching with the eyes of expectation to see the fullness of My kingdom come to pass, the restoration of all things in this day, in this hour, and I say again, this day the kingdom of God has come nigh unto you. Embrace it. Move with all haste towards the manifestation of My kingdom.

May 7, 2001:

It has been prophesied that a transfer of wealth from the world to the church would take place. I had prayed and asked the Lord why we have not seen this transference take place yet. On Sunday during the worship service the Lord spoke to me about kingdom finances, and this is what He said:

"If I had given you the promised finances before you received the power of Pentecost, you would have not been prepared to receive the essence of the power that I am about to give you. I say, stop worrying about money, and start seeking to prepare yourselves to receive the fullness of the power of Pentecost.

"The finances that you require will come, but you must first receive the fullness of the power of the kingdom. You must first be able to say with Peter, 'Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have I give unto you.' When you see Me in the power of My kingdom you will be endued with power from on high, and then you can say, 'Such as I have.' First, you must receive that which will set you free, that which will heal you, that which will reveal the kingdom to you so you can know the way in which you should go. And, then I will put the finances in your hand, and the kingdom shall be manifest in the earth and flourish in the cities of refuge and the places that I have designed by My own will."

We must understand that God's plans are perfect, and He establishes all things in His perfect order. So, first His power must be realized in the church, and we must know what we have within and be able to demonstrate His power in the world before He will fund our efforts. God will not fund our own efforts apart from His power. He will not fund something that is going to shipwreck.

If we first receive the fullness of the Spirit, then we will not be distracted and hindered by money because it will be secondary to that which we have within us, the greater gift of His presence and His power, which indwells us and keeps us in the ways of His kingdom. Then, all things will take place according to His word. We must come into the fullness of His power, and then all that we need physically and financially will come to pass. These are the days of the restoration of all things. Therefore, let us not grow weary, but let us press towards the mark of the high calling so that we may receive all that the Master has for us. Amen!