By Bill Burns
Archive 2016


January 31:  Come a little higher, says the Lord, for I have called you to be creatures of the heavenlies, no longer bound to the earth.  Come, for the glory of My kingdom cannot be fully understood upon the earth.  So, I say unto you come up into the light of the glory of this season, for you will not be disappointed by the things I show you, nor will you be powerless as many have perceived.  For you are a people who dwell in the power of the kingdom, and the manifestation of My kingdom is about to take place in a greater way than you can even imagine, says the Most Holy.  For I shall come and demonstrate Myself in the land.  I shall come even in the night time and whistle for your presence.  As I call you forth through the sound of My voice then I shall empower you, and impart to you the heavenly gifts that cause you to be more than mere men.  You are joint heirs with the Christ, the resurrection power of this age.  Come and drink fully of My Spirit for the word of truth shall come forth in power and in greatness. 

January 25, 2016:  Gird up the loins of your mind because as you think, as you think in your heart, so you are. You will become that which you are meditating on. You will move into what I am doing as you begin to believe and process the word that I reveal to you. I will direct you and be with you in unity. And, you will be empowered to gain the victory over all the powers of the enemy. From this moment on begin to believe My word and you will excel in this season, says the Lord.

January 21:  Tell the people to get themselves untangled in their position of life, says the Lord. Untangle yourselves one tangle at a time with understanding that as you finish the process everything will be in order. Do not leave tangled messes in your life. For, if you do so you will be caught in them and taken captive by them.

January 18, 2016:  Many of My people are now entering the year of the full circle.  You are being brought back to the point of your spiritual beginning.  Your obedience and faithfulness has brought you back to the point of origin, the place of beginning and of being.  Your spiritual journey has now brought you full circle and into a place of becoming one with Me.  This process has qualified you to receive the rewards of your journey, and it will also allow you a new freedom from those things behind you.  You may now begin a new spiritual journey into this season of light.  Enjoy the journey.

January 11, 2016:  Mount up, says the Lord, and you shall go higher, no longer be earth bound, no longer be troubled by the circumstances that you are walking through. Don’t be troubled by those things that come against you, for I have given you power over all the work of the enemy and over every circumstance that you will find yourself in. So, be encouraged even in this moment that I am with you. I will never leave you or forsake you. I will lead you, guide you, and anoint you so that you will have victory over all the work of the enemy.

January 4, 2016:  I hear the Lord saying, "Watch for the rain, for the rain will come. Waters of My Spirit will fall down upon you and they shall begin to carry you. The waves of this season will be formulated as the rain falls and the waters get deeper. So, I say to you, come forth and step into the water. Use your faith even as you would use a surf board to be carried by the waves. Waves of My goodness will carry you into that which is ahead of you and will bring the blessings of the season into your life. There shall be showers of blessings."


February 28:  Your natural eyes will deceive you because things are not always as they seem.  Things are not always as you see them.  Things are and do exist in My spiritual realm, and those are the things that are true.  I would have you see beyond the things of the world, so that you no longer look through natural eyes, but look through the eyes of faith.  Begin to overcome those things that are set against you by the power of your faith.  Your faith will sustain you in these days; it will keep you and be the avenue by which you receive your provision, says the Most High.

February 22, 2016:  Now is the season of elevation. This is the time when you come up to the mountain of the Lord-- come before My throne of righteousness. Commune with Me and grow up in all things. It is your time to grow and to receive the revelation of who you are and who I am. I will outline your destiny and will cause great joy to come into your life, says the Lord.

February 21:  Listen, My people, and I will show you and will demonstrate the kingdom that I have in mind. Come forth in faith. Come forth full of excitement. Come forth, and I shall bring you into the land of discovery. In the process of time, you will indeed discover those things that have been hidden away from you for such a time as this. The discovery of these revelations will set you free, for they will bring you higher than ever you have been before. This time of discovery will lead to elevation, says the Lord God Most High.

February 15, 2016:  I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying that refocusing is a necessary function of your spiritual life in this season. You must focus on the values that will carry you into the spiritual destiny that I have designed for you. Stop for a moment and re-evaluate who you are, where you are, what I have for you, and then go forward with the ability to see with greater clarity. The work that I am doing is to cause you to be able to see and understand that which I am doing on your behalf. Rise to the revelation and understanding that I am God Most High and that I am for you and will lead you and guide you into all that I have for you in this specific season. Don’t disregard it. Re-establish your focus and walk with Me into the fullness of your destiny.

February 13:  It is time for you to become new wine skins, for the old wine skins have become dry and hardened and will not be able to expand with the revelation of that which I am doing in this season. So, let your wine skin be renewed by the oil of this moment and the oil that I am providing for you. Let the oil of My touch and My glory soften and refresh you, anoint you, and hold you. Let the oil of My glory come upon you. Be renewed. Be made into a new skin so that you may hold the glory of this season and so you may not only have a taste of it but that you shall become full of it; that you shall contain all that I am doing. Let My glory come upon you and change you, says the Lord God.

February 8, 2016:  Some of you My people are believing with a fullness of heart. Others of you have doubt that lingers on in your lives. Because of the doubt you don’t receive the fullness of that which I have for you because you are double minded and receive nothing. So, I would advise you to develop a life of full faith so that you can receive the blessings that I am revealing. In this specific time, allow My light and My grace and My power to come into your life in a fresh way so that you will be more than victorious in all things, says the Lord. Let your light shine.

February 7:  The gates of heaven are opening, and I am calling to you to go through the gates and receive all that is being opened to you.  Press in until you receive the anointing of this season.  Praise Me, and I will come to you and position you for victory and the blessings of this time.  All things are possible if you will only believe.  Come by faith into the fullness of what I am doing, says the Lord.  Prepare the way into My kingdom.  Come and establish yourself at this time as citizens of My kingdom.  Come!  Isaiah 62:10  Go through, Go through the gates! Prepare the way for the people; Build up, Build up the highway! Take out the stones, Lift up a banner for the peoples!

February 1, 2016:  Rise up my children and become adults within My kingdom. Get over being a child. Let faith abound in your life and lead you. The doors of the kingdom shall open to you if you shall just rise up into the present work that I am doing in this season. I am about to take you on a glorious journey; a journey in which great surprises will come and great blessings will come. Don’t miss what’s going to happen, but prepare yourself and position yourself to be ready to go with Me. Be ready to move on into the fullness of that which I have for you, says the Lord.

MARCH 2016

March 27:  What day is it, My children? Is it not the Day of resurrection and the Day of My power? I have called you to the forefront of this hour to proclaim the Day and to proclaim the Way and to release the blessings. I say to you that the seeds for the Jubilee blessings have been sown according to My word, and I will fulfill what I have spoken, and I will bring forth the harvest of that which has been sown. You know that I am faithful in all of My ways. Freely you have received; freely give and watch as the harvest comes. Receive what has been given to you, says the Lord.

March 21, 2016:  I (Bill) was just sitting, and all of a sudden it was like Christ walked into the room. I could not see Him physically but there was an elevation of life, well-being, strength, light, that just rose up in that room and it lasted for a couple of hours. And, then I said, Lord what is this about? This is what I’m going to bring to My people this season. I am going to bring them life, more life than they have ever had; more strength than they have ever had; more light than they have ever had. So, let them know to be ready for and aware of it. When it comes they will recognize it and it will be good for them. That’s His present word.

March 19:  Rise up now, My people, come and walk with Me. No longer cling to your religious exercise, but I say, come unto Me. Come now with renewed hope. For, faith is the substance of the things that you hope for. Begin again to walk with Me. And, in that I mean you’re not walking trying to find Me, you’re not walking to search Me out. But, you have taken hold of My hand and you are walking with Me into the perfect presence of reality and truth--a present truth that will guide you; truth that cries out from your inner most being. It is truth that puts aside those things that were not in faith and believes. If you will do these things they will serve you well. And, you will find yourself out of the dilemma that your are in and the kingdom of your God will become a reality to you in a more specific way, in a more personal way and in a more present way, says the Lord.

March 14, 2016:  You can do this! You are called as My children to reap the benefits that I have set forth in My word. For, it will be given to those who abide in My kingdom, which will manifest in your life in a fresh way. So, from this point on make a determination that you can be what I have called you to be. You can do what I have said you can do. You can come higher into the realm of the Spirit and be more effective. You can see My power move in your life, which will cause your life to become inspired. Your journey into faith can be exciting. The glory of the kingdom will be demonstrated, says the Lord.

March 12:  What will your one step of faith be in this new season?  It is the first step that leads to victory.  You will be given the opportunity to step out in faith in a new way.  You are a supernatural people, and your God is saying, “Take one step of faith to begin this new and exciting journey, and with your first step the supernatural will be revealed.” 

March 7, 2016:  You are standing in a pivotal position by which you can turn and have things change in your life. Turn! Just turn and let My word bring you into spiritual reality. Allow revelation and wisdom to become active in your life, and your faith will advance so that you will receive everything that I desire for you to have in this season, says the Lord.

March 5:  Let faith arise in your soul. Let it rise to new heights. Now you examine it; examine the faith with which you are fighting the good fight. Examine the faith that allows you to prevail. And, as you examine it in these days, you will come to a greater position of faith. For, the faith that I have given you indeed was a measure, but you have nurtured it, you have examined it, you have carried it, you have walked with it, you have used it, and it now becomes your weapon. It becomes a weapon that causes you to prevail in times that are hard. It causes you to come forth with a shout of victory rather than with the wailing of the unvictorious. Come forth, not as a victim, but as a victor. Walk in the land that I have provided for you. Walk in the faith that I have given you and cause it to grow exceedingly in these days. It is a time in which the seeds of faith that are planted in your heart and are nurtured by the anointing will come and produce a harvest in your life, says the Lord God Most High.

APRIL 2016

April 30: I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying, you have forgotten to come to Me in your time of need. Come in faith, believing that I will interact on your behalf.  Come and be renewed; come and be healed; come and be the child that I have called you to be.  Come and walk with Me in relationship and be one with Me in Spirit.  Let the power of My Spirit invade your life.  Let My voice be a beckoning power to you. Get up this day from your place and come unto Me with the full assurance that I will touch you.

April 26, 2016:  My desire is that My people really do, in this time frame, listen and pay attention to that which I’m doing. Because those that do not will miss out on the glory of the season, and they will be extremely disappointed after the fact. So, it will behoove you to pay attention. Let your faith be attached to what I am doing, says the Lord, and you will be okay.

April 25, 2016:  You will now find yourself in “defining moments”.  This time of transition will define your journey and establish your path into the future.  You will soon realize that you are on the path of no return.  New developments will come quickly, and will create a spiritual rippling effect throughout your life. World conditions will be upset, and things will never be the same.  These days will be like the days when Israel came out of Egypt and entered the land of promise.

April 18, 2016:  I would have you position yourself by faith with regard to what I am doing in these days. For, this is the season of light, the season of revelation, the season of elevation, the season in which you will have an opportunity to go higher than ever. You can get to know Me with greater depth. It is the time in which I am establishing the framework of your journey into and through this next season so that you can receive the blessings and learn the lessons of the season thereby going higher and higher.

April 16:  The gates are open.  Go through the gates.  Raise the standard.  Run the race.  Believe and receive.  My glory is raining down on My people.  Come and abide in My presence, says the Lord.  Come and receive the anointing; let it heal, nurture and strengthen you.  Come higher in My kingdom than ever before.

April 11, 2016:  Have you heard My word, My people? It is My greatest and profound desire that you begin to climb even higher in this season, that your faith will grow even more, and that you will become the manifestation of My presence on this earth. Do not forget that you are a generation that is to carry the torch of these days--a generation that is to bring the light of My Kingdom.  For, all around you will see death and destruction. In this world hypocrisy abounds, but you are a people of faith. Begin now to live the life of faith, says the Lord.

April 9:  It is written and it is true, that greater is He that lives in you than he that is ruler over this world. For I have come to live in you; to empower you; to encourage you that you will always have victory if you will join yourself to Me and to My purposes. For, the power of the kingdom is to be made manifest in you. The joy of the kingdom is to be seen in you. The peace of the kingdom is to come upon you. Arise now; arise and march on with full assurance that I am with you and I will never leave you. You will come through into the glory and the manifest destiny that I have for you, My beloved. Let resurrection power flow through you and let it bring that which is needed. Be renewed, healed and strengthened. Come into eternal life and joy for it is My kingdom, says the Most Holy.

April 4, 2016:  Many people, prophets, teachers of the word, have made My Kingdom very complicated and perplexing. And, many people come to the understanding in and of themselves they cannot do the things they are supposed to do. But, I say unto you today, all you have to do is be full of Me. Be full of My Holy Spirit. Make an effort to be one with Me and find the power of the Spirit that lives within you. Let Him lead and guide you, and let Him dominate your life. Let Him be in control of your life rather than trying to be in control of it yourself, says the Lord.

April 2:  Now comes the season of the prophesied blessing. This blessing shall come upon you because you have been determined to go through. You have fought the good fight of faith. You have demonstrated a remarkable perseverance in this last season. You have held fast to My word. You have used the weapons that I have given you.  You are about to enter into the season of great blessing that will extend beyond your wildest dreams and the imaginations of your heart.  These are the days of the demonstration of My kingdom, and I will demonstrate the kingdom through you. You have believed and therefore you shall receive, says the Lord God Most Holy.

MAY 2016

May 30, 2016:  You are not the spiritual person I want you to become. I want you to see as I see and to believe as I believe. I want you to walk in purity. I will open doors for you to be changed, moment by moment into the My image. All you have to do is believe. It is possible for you, for I am the Lord of Glory, and I guide you into that which I am speaking about this day, says the Lord.

May 28:  Come boldly before My throne of grace and receive the help that you need in this hour. I give the power that you need to overcome and be renewed. It is the power to bring the provision into your life that you require. All of these things I do for you, says the Lord, because I am the One who loves you and cares for and watches over you absolutely and completely. Be renewed in your faith today. I will present Myself to you in a fresh new way.

May 23, 2016:  I will have you, My people, believe My word. I would have you position yourself by faith to receive the revelation of who I am and what I am doing on your behalf in this specific season. For, in this season light is extremely important. Light will reveal the path that you are about to walk on. Live in the light and walk in the light. Allow My light to manifest in your life, and let it shine upon those things that need to be brought to your attention for consideration, says the Lord.

May 21:  I would have you to remember My goodness, for I have watched over you even when you felt alone, even when you felt desperate, even when you felt forgotten, even when you have been without. I have never left you. I have never forsaken you. I have been with you all of these days from the very first day you gave yourself to Me, and I have watched over you. It is true that I have allowed you to walk through some hard circumstances, but do you not know that they are making you stronger? And, do you not know that they are giving you the right to exercise the authority that I have given you? And, do you not know that they cause you to cling to Me? Your destiny is already written and it is one of victory, not failure. So, walk with Me in trust and love. Victory is assured. Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Dare to believe you can be what I said you can be, says the Lord.

May 16, 2016:  This is My will for you, that you receive that which I am doing. Let the living water from heaven come and wash, cleanse, and anoint you with the purpose of this time. So that you, My people, will never again be in fear or condemnation. Come to the revelation and reality that I am for you and with you, and I will never leave you nor will I ever forsake you. Be encouraged. Be renewed. Let the waters of the Spirit flow to bring that fresh anointing upon you this day. Receive that which I have given and let it come mightily into your life. No longer allow hindrances. No longer allow the enemy to throw you down and tread upon you. I am with you to lift you up into the glory of My kingdom. Let Me reign supreme over your life, says the Lord.

May 14:  A spiritual time frame is before you, a time in which I will give unusual signs so that you may know that I am with you and that I am at work among you.  Therefore, watch.  Look and listen for My intervention into your lives with unusual signs that will confirm that which I am doing, says the Lord.

May 9, 2016:  Mount up! Mount up on wings of Eagles. Mount up into higher places of faith. Mount up into My presence and maintain this path that you have set yourself upon this day. For surely I say to you, victory is assured. Victory is My way. My people, you shall be astonished in the days ahead because of the magnitude of the victory that I will provide on your behalf. So be encouraged. Be encouraged and spread your wings, says the Lord.

May 7:  My beloved, it is indeed a time in which you can grow; even exceedingly and abundantly beyond all that you can imagine. So, I say now, plant your seeds; water them; hold them under the tension of faith, for My word never returns void, but it always brings forth that which was spoken. Enjoy My presence and be filled with the gladness that I have for you. Come to the place where your joy is unspeakable and full of glory. Come into My peace, which passes all understanding. And, remember that I am not only with you; I am for you. I am here to lead, guide, and to bless you with all goodness. Receive!

May 2, 2016:  If you will fight through you will win. It is a done deal. If I am for you who dare be against you, says the Lord. Come to this place where you believe with all of your heart, and trust with all of your might. I am the one who has sustained you, the one who provides for you, the one who heals you, and the one who walks with you. For, if you believe that and re-establish that in your heart and in your spirit today, you will have a phenomenal and glorious victory in the days that are ahead of you.

JUNE 2016

June 27, 2016:  There is a river that flows from My throne to you.  It's flowing into you even now, in this moment, to strengthen you, to heal you, to bring My presence to you.  It comes as a spiritual rain from time to time. It falls upon you to strengthen you. It comes to anoint you.  Ask for the rain in the season of the rain. Let the river come to you and refresh you.  Let it anoint and heal you.  Let it bring you forth into My purposes, and let there be an increase of it in these days, says the Lord God Almighty.

June 25:  I say to you, arise. Shake off the defilement of discouragement. Fight the good fight of faith against the power of heaviness. Indeed, you will prevail for I am with you. I am with you to strengthen you and to carry you through the ordeals of this life. I will walk with you through the fire and on the water. I will be with you when the wind carries you into the fullness of My purposes. Get up and lift the hands that hang down in weakness. Strengthen the feebleness of your walk. Those that come with Me and lean upon My strength and My power shall have the victory. I am delivering you from all that hinders you. I’m removing from you the stumbling blocks the enemy has placed in your path. I will make a way for you to come into the fullness of your destiny. For, it has been determined in the heavenly council and shall be performed by My Spirit, says the Lord.

June 20, 2016:  Let My glory be upon you so that the light will lead, guide, strengthen, and help you walk into the fullness of that which I am preparing for you.  For, indeed you are living in perilous times.  But, be reminded that you are a Kingdom child--achild of the light.  You can walk in the glory of the light of My kingdom with the fullness of My blessings in your life.  For, I am the Lord that gives.  I bring the glory to bear in your life, says the Lord.  Live in the glory and the light of this present hour.

June 18:  My people, rise up with determination.  Come fully into the kingdom that has been established for you--My kingdom, the kingdom of glory, the kingdome where you will find peace, joy, and love.  Set your heart on pilgrimage.  Take this journey into the fullness and the goodness of that which I have provided for you.  Do not allow the enemy to dissuade you.  Do not allow him to hinder you.  Come!  Get up from your place and come forth to receive that which I am doing in this hour, says the Lord.  For, indeed I am bringing forth a glorious church in the land, and My glory shall rest upon her.  My glory shall manifest in and through her.  Come and rejoice, for this is the day of My power--the day of great joy, the day in which I manifest Myself not only among My people but in and through My people.  Encourage yourself and come forth into the understanding that I am with you and for you.  I will never leave nor forsake you.  My presence will lead you forth in triumph.

June 13, 2016: You have heard and you know the thoughts that I have for you. It is My will that you prosper in all things and find yourself in a position of divine health. For, this is the will of My Father to cause these things to be in your life and receive them. They are given to you. They are yours to be received. That is My will for you, says the Lord.

June 11:  I reveal Myself as the Master over My house. Even though you have not understood nor known My presence in the way you would like to know it, I have indeed watched over you and been with you. I have even revealed Myself through the circumstances of your life. Those circumstances are designed to cause you to become the kings of this earth that bring glory in to My house. So, I say, renew yourself in spirit. Reach out with faith and allow Me to touch you. I am with you and will never leave you. I am always with you in your time of need. I am always for you. I know you, and My desire is that you know Me in a greater way. Open your spiritual ears and eyes; listen and watch for I am coming in unexpected ways in these days with unusual signs and miracles that will show you that indeed I have not forgotten about you. For, My word declares that I will be with you always, even to the very end of this age, says the Lord.

June 4:  Set a watch over your circumstances. Watch for the enemy’s intrusion. Be still and know that I am God, and watch for that which I will teach you as I work in your circumstances. Only believe. The hardest of these trials will bring you to a place of perfection. They will bring you to a place you have never yet been. They will establish you fully in My kingdom, says the Lord, living under My divine rule. And, out of that rule shall come the glory that I carry and distribute as a result of your faith and trust in Me.

JULY 2016

July 30:  A new spiritual habitation is being presented to us, and Jesus is saying, “Come up here, and I will show you things.  Things you need to know.  Be a watchman.  Become like the sons of Issachar who have understanding of the times and seasons.”  1 Chronicles 12:32 of the sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do...

July 25, 2016:  Stay in touch with Me so that you know what I am doing and understand the directives that I give you in the journey you are on.  Stay in touch with Me.  Don't go off by yourself .  If you go off by yourself without Me you are going to wind up off in the weeds of this life.  You are going to make wrong judgments and do wrong things, and whatever you sow you will reap.  So, stay in touch with Me so that I can guide you through these perilous times, through the maze of these few months that are before you.  Stay with Me.  Be one with Me, says the Lord.

July 23:  Do not be troubled. Do not allow anxiety to torment you. But, indeed, come to Me this moment where you and I can be one. In that position of unity you will be strengthened, healed, and encouraged. You will receive the wisdom that you desire and need. Come and hear My voice, for I will reveal the direction that you should go. I will show you. I will keep you steadfastly on the path of righteousness and cause you to know Me better. So, lay aside all hopelessness, all discouragement, all worry and all anxiety and come be one with Me, says the Lord.

July 18, 2016:  I, the Lord, am the door of this season.  Come to me, and the doors will be opened for you.  Only believe.  My signs have been given to confirm the prophetic words that have been spoken.  Believe and receive the new anointing for victory.  This anointing will activate My word and cause it to become yours. 

July 16:  I am the Lord who watches over you. Have you forgotten that I know you? I know your troubles. I know those things that you struggle with. I know those things that you think about and the things that you set yourself to do. I know your motives and your attitudes. I know all about you. I know you better than you know yourself. I am leading and guiding you. I have never left you nor will I ever forsake you. I know all the things that are before you; the things that are yet unfulfilled. I know what the enemy is planning for you. And, because I know all of these things I am able to work on your behalf, and I am able to bring you through the storms and through the valleys of desperation and through the wars that you encounter. I am able to bring you into the place of liberty and victory if you will believe in Me, trust in Me, walk with Me, says the Lord.

July 11, 2016:  Many of you, My people, do not have the understanding of the times and seasons in which you live.  Therefore, you must reach out and come to Me.  You must ask for and acquire the wisdom that is available to you at this time, so that you can get on board with what I am doing.  You can be recipients of the good works that I am doing and receive the blessings that I desire to bring to you. Walk in a position of revelation and knowledge, peace, joy and safety, says the Lord.

July 9:  Allow Me to restore and strengthen you. Allow Me to bring you fully into the blessings of My kingdom. All the things that I have given to you are yours by right, by inheritance, and as you release your faith you shall receive. Come with renewed hope and expectation. Shake off the doubts and fears that have plagued you, and dare to believe absolutely. Do not allow yourself to forget that this is a time of favor. Come and receive, says the Lord.

July 4, 2016:  Above all activate your position of faith in Me.  For, I am able to do the things in you that you cannot do, and I am able to lead you in the things you cannot see.  I am able to speak to you and tell you the things you do not know,  I am with you and for you.  I will guide you through the maze and trouble of this life into the perfect will I have spoken over you.  And, your destiny will be fulfilled if you will but believe in Me, lean on Me, and come forth in My power, says the Lord.

July 2:  I prophesy to you, My people, that indeed it shall be that you shall see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Not only in the land of the living but the land in which you live. The space that you occupy in this earth belongs to you. It is yours to rule over. For, I have given you the power of My Spirit and by that power comes the dominion of the Holy One. So, rise up and take control. Remove the chaos in your lives. Establish the peace of God. Live and dwell in the joy of God. Understand that I am for you. I will not forsake you. I will not ever leave you without help in this land, says the Lord.


August 29, 2016:  I will give you that which you need. I will bring My word into your life with such strength and power that it will become the lens through which you look. And, as you view your circumstances and the things that are taking place around you through My lens, you will have the understanding of which way to go. You will have an understanding of what you should do. You will have understanding, for it is by My Spirit that I speak to you. It is by My Spirit that I lead you.  And, it is by My Spirit that I reveal to you, My people, those things which you need to know and to do, says the Lord.

August 27:  Lift up your heads, My children, and walk with Me. I have not forgotten you. I’ve watched over you from the day of your birth. I have brought you through circumstances. I have been with you, I have loved you, and I have shown you the way. I am for you and not against you. I will reveal to you the hidden mysteries. I will bring a present truth into your life that will create the amplification of My Spirit. Come and dine, My beloved, come and feast on present truth, says the Lord.

August 22, 2016:  Don't stop. Don't quit the race. Run the race in such a way that you will win it. Run and you shall find that you have extreme energy and extreme speed because I will anoint you with My purposes in this dispensation and in this very time that you find yourself in. For, you are in the last stages of the race. Run the race now to receive everything I have for you.

August 20:  My people, take for yourselves the sword of the Spirit, which I have given to you, and use it against all the work of the enemy. Come to that place where your faith is ignited by My word; where you know that My power is working in you and through you. The Spirit of the living God dwells within you because you are indeed My temple, says the Lord. Come to this place today by faith and allow My weapons of war to work on your behalf. Be rejuvenated, be renewed, and be set free from the bondage that the enemy has imposed upon you. Freedom is available to you for I have spoken it and My words will not return void.

August 15, 2016:  Stand up! Rise up! Become one with Me and you will indeed have the victory that is promised in My word. Fight the good fight of faith. Declare your victory before you can see it. Rise up against the enemy of your soul. Do the warfare and you will be victorious and come through in great glory at this time in this high place. I am raising you up to be a glorious church, a glorious people. Believe it, receive it, and apply it.

August 13:  I say to you, come with boldness; come into My presence; come apart from the world; come as you are. Come and you will be changed. Come and I will show you that which hinders you. Come and I will impart the wisdom that you have asked for. Come and I will bring liberty and healing to you. But, you must rise up from where you are and come to Me in faith knowing that I love you, I care for you and I will bring a determination upon your situation that shall be effective in your circumstances and bring you forth in victory, says the Lord God.

August 6:  I am revealing Myself to you as the Morning Star. Indeed, I speak of the brightness of the revelation that I shall bring at this time. Look for the treasures that have been hidden in darkness. Watch for what I show you to come to pass. I ask you, "What is it that you see? What is it that you understand? What is it that you know about what I am showing you?" You will have to think about your answers. But, you shall come forth strengthened in your relationship with Me, says the Lord.  Walk with Me.  For this purpose you were created.

August, 2, 2016:  It has been spoken over you that the blessings of this season are for you.  These blessings you may receive simply by believing in that which I have spoken about, which I have confirmed by My word, says the Lord.  So, be blessed in this time.  Activate your faith.  Let the voice of the Lord be heard.  Let His signs be received.


September 26, 2016:  I hear the Lord saying very, very strongly that you are My people. Don't believe the lies that the enemy tells you that you don't belong to Me and that you have done things that are too hard for Me to forget about; too hard for you to overcome. That simply is not the case. So, come forth with great joy. Come into the land of the living, for in the land of the living all things are possible for you. Come in with joy and determination to position yourself now.

September 25:  I hear the Lord say, rise up My people. Make for yourself new garments in this season, for the kingdom of God is at hand. The glory of the Kingdom shall become a covering to you and to those with whom you walk. So cast off the old, forgetting those things which are behind. Come into the newness of time and into this season with strength, joy and peace. Most of all come with a glorious expectation of My goodness, My presence and My power. For, surely I am the Lord your God who provides all those things necessary for you. So arise to a new position of faith today and call those things, which are not as those they were. Retain your joy and I say again rejoice. For, I have not left you, I have not forgotten you, or forsaken you. And, it is true that I will be with you always to lead and to guide you; to empower you and to teach you the things that pertain to the kingdom of God. For such is the time and such is the season. Come forth, My beloved, and be what you have been called to be, says the Lord.

September 19, 2016:  Spiritually understand the times you live in. Understand that which I am doing. Understand what the enemy is doing against you. And, understand that I have designed you to prevail over all of the works of the enemy. I have designed you to win the race that you are running. I have designed you so that you may have faith in Me. Walk with Me and therefore receive all the blessings that I have spoken on your behalf. So arise now. Arise and wake up so that you can see and understand that which is taking place around you. Pay attention to those things so that you can indeed walk in the Spirit and run this race to win.

September 18:  In this season, says the Lord, I will astonish you. For, I am about to demonstrate the power of My kingdom in your lives. And, as you rise up and say, "Here I am, Lord, come to me", indeed I shall visit you from on high and the manifestation of My gifts shall begin to unveil themselves in your life. The results will be a quickened faith, a faith that brings you higher into the kingdom, a faith that compels you to live under My divine rule and challenges you to come boldly before My throne of grace. Get ready for that which I am about to do. Position yourself to step fully into this new season. For, it shall be that the glory of My kingdom and the fire and the power of My Spirit will now come to you.

September 12, 2016:  I see you and I know you. I know the struggles that you are going through. I know those things that the enemy is bringing against you. I know the seductions that he will use against you. So, if you will stay close to Me I will show you through the process of discernment his tactics against you. I will empower you to resist him so that he will flee from you. This is My desire, it is My will, I desire to see you in a position of victory, says the Lord. Trust Me, obey Me, believe in My ability to help you come through. Be aware, be aware, I will help you win, says the Lord.

September 10:  I am releasing the strength and power of the anointing of this season to rest upon you. And, when this anointing comes in its full measure you are going to be changed. That spiritual oil will flow through you and ignite you and cause your spirit man to come to attention and come alive. Then out of your innermost being will flow the rivers of living water that I have prepared at this time. Be encouraged. Rise up to receive that which I have given to you. Be ready to be changed and ignited for this new season, says the Lord God Almighty.

September 5, 2016:  All you have to do, My people, is believe. Rise up in faith and fight the good fight that you are involved in. And, if you do so you will surely win, for I am with you in the struggle. I am with you in the war, and I will cause you to be more than an overcomer as you address the situation and come against the enemy of your soul who has caused you to compromise, says the Lord.

September 3:  Many of My people have been discouraged because they have not arrived at the place of understanding and power that they thought they would. But, the Lord says today, do not allow discouragement to hinder you any longer, but rise up in a new faith. For, indeed it is a new season and a new day. And, My mercy and goodness are renewed and will come upon you in a fresh way. Allow My Spirit, to wash away the disappointment, the discouragement, and the disheartenment. Hosea 6:1-3 Come, and let us return to the LORD; for He has torn, but He will heal us; He has stricken, but He will bind us up. After two days He will revive us; on the third day He will raise us up, that we may live in His sight. Let us know, let us pursue the knowledge of the LORD. His going forth is established as the morning; He will come to us like the rain, like the latter and former rain to the earth.


October 31, 2016:  I hear the Lord saying clearly: Come up to the mountain of the Lord's house. Come and sit with Me, talk with Me, and let Me show you the things that are before you. I will empower you to overcome anything and everything that the enemy brings against you. You are, indeed, more that a conqueror. Exercise the authority I have given you and become that person I have designed you to be.

October 29:  The Lord says to many of you: "You are better than you think you are. You are a far greater benefit than you think you are. You have not failed. For, I am with you and I am guiding you. You are a blessed one. You are a royal diadem. You are a jewel in My hand. So, you’ve been through the fire, but the fire is that which makes the jewel strong; it brings forth the beauty of that stone; it releases the power of My kingdom. Do not believe what has been spoken of you by others or by the evil one, or even by your own reckoning. Believe in this moment that I know you. I have not forgotten you. You belong to Me, and I belong to you. So, change your countenance and be full of joy, full of blessing, full of that which I have put in you."

October 24, 2016:  I hear the Lord saying that you are now prepared to come up into higher realms, places in the spirit so that you can see, know and understand My purpose for you. Do not forget that I am with you. I am with you to help you, to lead you, and to guide you. I am with you to heal you and to provide for you.  I will cause your life to become one of productivity, liberty, freedom and victory. So get going. Walk in that direction.

October 22:  I will bring you beyond the journey that you have been on. I will bring you into the valley of vision that you might see and understand My purpose in this season. Come with faith, come to receive, come and be refreshed, renewed, restored, and healed. Let My Spirit burn in your spirit and let that fire transform you and take you beyond the natural. Let it take you into the supernatural realm, says the Lord.

October 17, 2016:  Many of you don't understand the time and the season that you are living in. Many of you don't understand that you are living in a time when I will bring your destiny to a fullness and perfection as I lead you and guide you into all that I have for you. So, get ready to move with Me. Get ready for this next leg of the journey to reveal to you the glorious things that I have for you in this season. Keep you eyes open. Keep your ears open. Go with expectation of meeting Me and finding Me in a brand new spiritual way, an unusual way, a way that you have not yet experienced, says the Lord.

October 15:  I have set those in this earth, those who are My psalmists, and they shall establish a flow, a flow of My river among My people, a flow that will help My people come higher, a flow of My presence. Because their songs come from heaven and their songs are anointed, they shall indeed impact you and bring you into what I am doing. So when you hear the sound of heaven impacting your heart and when you hear the sound of heaven coming upon you embrace it and let it do its work. Let it bring peace to your soul, let it bring joy to your heart and let it bring healing to your body. Let the Spirit of the Lord flow in the sound that I am bringing forth as promised. For such a time as this embrace My sound, says the Lord Most Holy.

October 10, 2016:  The Lord wants you to come into His presence and into His strength. The revelation of His nature has been given to you prophetically so that you can be more than you have ever thought you could be. You can rise up into a spiritual climate, a spiritual habitation and place of victory in your life. It is God's desire for you be victorious in all things. So, come. Come in His presence. Come with joy. Come with expectation. Come and be all you can be in this season and He will do the rest.

October 8:  I will lead you in the paths of righteousness. The ancient paths will lead to the top of the mountain where Zion is established; where the hills are pouring forth the goodness of My presence. And, out of that goodness My provision will come, My healing will come and My presence will come. For, you are living in a time where the glory of the kingdom is to be made manifest. And, in this glory of My kingdom you shall be forever changed. For, it is written that you will be changed from glory to glory into the image of the Son of God. And, no matter what the price is that you pay, whether it is affliction, sickness, or heartache, no matter what it is at the end of the journey you will be able to say, it was well worth it. It was well worth walking in the Spirit of God. It was well worth standing in faith, contending for the faith and rising up to be one with your Maker. You will say, "It was well worth it", and I will say to you, “Well done My good and faithful servant.”

October 2, 2016:  This is indeed a brand new day. Many will miss it. But, if you will understand that which I am doing then you will walk this new path of life with Me. And, you will know those things that are going to take place. As you go I will reveal them to you. And, you will understand that I am sharing with you My plans for this season. When these plans are completed in your life you will be strengthened, and you will come up higher. You will become like the lion in strength and power. For, this is ordained by Me, says that Lord.


November 26I have brought you into the kingdom, for such a time as this, that you might grow exceedingly and abundantly beyond all that you can imagine or think of as My work is being developed and demonstrated in you. For, I am the Lord of glory. I am about to bring you into the glory of this age. Strengthen yourself. Understand that in this season I will make Myself known to you in ways that you have not known Me before. So, allow your faith to soar. This is a time when the greatest of My people shall arise to their positions of glory and demonstration by the power of faith, says the Lord.

November 21, 2016:  Whatever you believe you will receive. Do not let this opportunity slide away from you, but hold the promise close to your heart. Begin to meditate on the things that I have shown you and the things I have challenged you with. Those things brought under the power of My Word will become beneficial to you in this season. All of the blessings will be "Yes" and "Amen" on your behalf, for that is My purpose for you, says the Lord.

November 19:  Let your faith arise. Let your faith be the prominent part of that which you pursue in this season. Use your faith. Allow your faith to grow. Allow it to become sensitive to My promptings. Allow your faith to come to Me unhindered by doubt or unbelief. Allow it to come and you shall receive that which I have for you, says the Most Holy. Let your faith arise because it is the very substance of things hoped for.  Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

November 14, 2016:  Come and be one with Me, says the Lord. Have you forgotten that faith prevails? Have you forgotten that faith, in and of itself, will bring you into victory; that faith is the very substance of the things that you hope for? So, these signs and these wonders that I have performed should bring you into a position of extreme faith that will become the substance of your hope so that you can receive all I have for you. You can become who I designed you to be--powerful, mighty men and women of God. Let this season birth that in your heart and bring it forth in you.

November 13:  Have you noticed that the spiritual climate of your nation has changed, America? This is because the trauma of the election is over. For those who are disappointed with the results, you must now refocus, or a spirit of heaviness and dread will continue to pursue you. Here is the truth of the matter: You do not live spiritually in the kingdom of the world. You live in the Kingdom of Heaven. You are a citizen of the Kingdom of God, and you are living in a time when the kingdoms of this world are becoming the kingdoms of our Lord. Revelation 11:15 Then the seventh angel sounded: And there were loud voices in heaven, saying, "The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever!"

November 7, 2016:  Rise up and encourage yourself in the same way David encouraged himself when things were not going well for him. Rise up and believe that I am for you, that I am with you and that I will bring you through to a position of victory. Rise up in this hour and allow your faith to soar. Allow yourself to again believe in My goodness and watch the blessings of My kingdom come to you in this season, says the Lord.

November 5:  I saw the symbol of the Cross. I saw it changing. At first covered by the blood of Christ. And, then it developed a golden hue that spoke to me of His divine nature. And from that golden hue came the glory of His crystallized light shining forth across the generations--shining forth to bring restoration and great deliverance. Shining forth to open the path that He has established before you. Shining forth to encourage you and empower you to walk upon this path and to take those steps with renewed energy and with great hope. The glory of the LORD will indeed carry you from glory to glory upon the path that He has prepared for you to follow. Take the steps. They will lead you to places that are beyond your wildest imaginations. And, they will reveal the things that you cannot conceive of. For, out of this journey will come the revelation of the current season, and out of these steps will come revelation to you personally. Come now; walk by faith into My purposes, for this is the hour of perception, says the Most Holy One.


December 31:  You will experience a greater measure of clarity than you have ever known. I will begin to reveal to you the hidden mysteries that have been saved for this time. I have some things to teach you and to show you. Get ready, for My work is about to be demonstrated in you. Watch! Learn! Listen! Obey! For, you shall be well pleased with the demonstration of My power that will flow into your life like a wind that is blowing through the tops of the trees, says the Lord.

December 26, 2016:  Come to Me and receive the blessings that I am pouring out in this season. These are indeed the days of overflowing blessings. It is My great desire to reveal to you the things that are taking place in My Kingdom, and the things that are taking place in your circumstances. I want to bring revelation so that you can deal with those things and gain the victory, says the Lord.

December 24:  I know the path that you have walked upon. I know the circumstances that you have dealt with. I have been with you, and I have seen. I know, and I understand the things that you wrestle with, the dilemmas that you have gone through, and the questions you have asked. I know your worst fears and I know your faith. Today I have come to encourage you. Those things you have worried about, those things that you are anxious about are known to Me.  Release them to Me, and I will deal with them. I will bring you through the valley of the shadow of death and bring you into the place of wisdom and knowledge. There are things that you must have understanding of so that you can proceed in an absolute faith and trust in Me.  I will bring you to a place of clarity with regard to things that concern you. Be at peace in this season, says the Lord God.

December 19, 2016:  I hear the Lord saying, "I am love. Love is the very essence of who I am. Love is My nature. My love I distribute to all so that each and everyone that receives it may be blessed and may prosper in My kingdom. Receive and abide in the love I give to you. In this coming year great will be the blessings that come to you."

December 17:  These are days of perplexity when you can stray from the path I have established before you. It is possible for the very elect to be deceived. And, the way you avoid that possibility is by staying close to Me, walking with Me, talking with Me. Surely, I have stated absolutely that My sheep will hear My voice. So, listen for the sound of My voice. Listen for the prompting of the Holy Spirit. I will lead and guide you, and establish your feet firmly on the path that I have established for you, says the Lord.

December 12, 2016:  Listen, My people. Listen. I am shouting from the roof tops; this is the season of great joy. And, great joy I will release to you, which will bring strength of victory and power within you. I know what is coming and I know the outcome of everything. Receive that which I am doing right now. Let me deposit My joy in your heart, and despair will go. Come into your rightful position of allowing Me to lead you into all joy, says the Lord.

December 10:  The time of the eagle has come. I am raising up true prophets who will have eagle vision, and they will see and speak of that which I show them. No longer will My Church want for true prophetic voices. No longer will they listen to false words. My people will become supernatural and will not be deceived by the voices of compromise. Rise up, My eagles, and take flight and soar above the calamity of this world, says the Lord. Psalm 103:2-5 Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits: Who forgives all your iniquities, Who heals all your diseases, Who redeems your life from destruction, Who crowns you with lovingkindness and tender mercies, Who satisfies your mouth with good things, so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's.

December 5, 2016:  Arise, My people, and receive that which I have given. Receive the joy of My presence within and upon your life. Receive it. Let joy overshadow you, so that it imparts greatness. Speak in faith and proclaim My will so that you can gain the victory over your circumstances. Establish yourself in thanksgiving and let My peace engulf you. I am with you and for you, says the Lord.