by Bill Burns



January 2013 WORDS--

January 7, 2013:  The foundation of My government has been established in the hearts of My people. Now, My house will be built, and My kingdom will be established. Divine order will become the present work of My Spirit in this year. Order must be established in the lives of My people because disorder will govern the world and its systems. Make every effort to establish yourselves in My order. You can do this by staying in touch with Me, and by allowing My Spirit to guide you from day to day. Stay connected!

January 8, 2013:  Come forth My people in this time and in the freshness of this new year. Rise up with expectation that abounds. Rise up with faith that reaches out and calls those things which are not as though they were. For, I have determined to visit you in unexpected ways and to bring the blessings of this season upon you. These blessings shall be new and fresh and such as you have not received before. I am doing a new thing in the land. I am establishing you in the center of My will--that place from which the power of the kingdom flows. And, it shall catch you and hold you and draw you into My purposes in this the season of divine order, says the Lord Almighty.

January 14, 2013:  I challenge you to believe more so than you ever have before. I challenge you to depend upon Me more so than you ever have before. Test Me and see if I will not be the God who provides that which you need. Come now, My children, and believe. Come now and walk with Me. For, the way before you has been prepared. Find your way into My habitation and abide in it, for surely I will meet with you there. It is a place of security, safety, great joy and revelation--a place of knowing Me intimately. I love you and care for you. So, come. Come with faith. Cast aside your unbelief and your doubt and bring yourself fully into this habitation of joy. Enjoy your inheritance and the blessings of the kingdom that will now come, says the Lord.

January 21, 2013:  Tell the people to get themselves untangled in their position of life, says the Lord. Untangle yourselves one tangle at a time with understanding that as you finish the process everything will be in order. Do not leave tangled messes in your life. For, if you do so you will be caught in them and taken captive by them.

January 22, 2013:  Come now My children and stand before Me. Stand as Priests of this age, for I have established you as priests of this day. Therefore, arise to your position. Establish yourself as one who belongs to Me, as one who is under My rule and one who is under My order. When you do so I will speak to you, and I will lead you and guide you. I will commission you to take the responsibility for those things that I give you. And, not only will I give those things to you to deal with, but I will anoint you to assure you that you will have victory over that which I call you to pray, send you to do, and send to demonstrate. Surely, the Kingdom of God will be in demonstration in this season, says the Lord.


February 2013 WORDS--

February 4 2013:  Rejoice and rejoice again, My people. Though the times behind you have been hard, and though many of you have come through the valley of weeping, which we call the Valley of Baca, you have caused it to be a spring of fresh water, and it will be so in this season. For, you shall be renewed and revived. You shall be restored and come into a time of great joy. It is mine to give and I choose to give it to you in this moment and in this hour. So, I say, rise up in your faith now. Consider the past behind and go forward into the freshness of this era, says the Lord, who loves you and cares for you. I am the Lord who walks with you, the Lord who is for you, the One who goes before you and prepares the pathways that you walk upon, the One who is your rear guard, the One who nurtures you, the One who gives you life and the One who prepares you for that which is coming. I am the Lord your God and you are Mine; you are a delight to Me, says the Most Holy.

February 11, 2013:  Come now, My people, let us meet together. Let us communicate once again as we used to. Come to Me and talk with Me and express yourself to Me.  For, the things that you are troubled with I already know of.  But, if you can give them to Me then I can work with them. I can do something with them and I can bring them out of your sphere and into Mine. So, again I say, let us talk.  Let us once again enjoy one another’s company in sweet conversation.  As I speak to you, you will be strengthened.  You will be encouraged.  The word that I speak to you will become fresh manna and it will become the strength of your purpose in these days.  Come in faith, says the Lord.

February 18, 2013:  Come My children, watch and see, for great things are about to happen within the confines of your life. For, those things that are yet unexpected will take place. I will visit you. I will prepare you for that which is ahead. I have come to you in times past to prepare the way, to outline the way and to show the way. So, I tell you that as you enter into this time of restoration I shall indeed take you by the hand and lead you through the process that is required. I will bring you higher so that you can see more clearly than you have before. And, in the process of the restoration of our fellowship your commitment to Me and to the kingdom of God will become greater and stronger than ever. And, out of the flow of that commitment you and I, My beloved, will walk together and we shall talk together and indeed I will reveal to you those things that are hidden, those things that concern you in these last days. Come into the fullness of that which I am doing, says the Most Holy.

February 25, 2013:  Come now, My children, and rise up on your most holy faith. I say this because the world itself is spiraling into the chaos of humanity. And, this will forever get worse as you go to the end of all things. But, you are those who have been justified by your faith. It is a time when you must learn to live absolutely by faith. The word of faith that I have written is the strength and power of this day and you will do well to embrace it and put it to use, says the Lord.

March 2013 WORDS--

March 4, 2013:  I am establishing a standard among My people. I am establishing this plumbline so that you might see that as I visit you, the power of the kingdom will come to bear upon your heart and then the manifestation will indeed flow through you. For, this is the time of fulfillment in the day of My power. And, it shall come to pass even as it is written, for My word cannot be broken; the scriptures cannot be changed. They come with timeliness in the right season according to My will. So, I say to you, now it is time for you to arise to your position. It is time for you to become My priests and do the work of a priest. It is time for you to honor Me as it should be in your lives; give Me the glory, give Me the honor. Come to Me with words of praise and thanksgiving and I will indeed meet with you and reveal your purpose, for I am about to carry you into the things that I have designed for this season, says the Lord.

March 11, 2013:  If you will but step out and walk with me the realm of My kingdom will open to you in a fresh and new way. For the virtue of My house is hidden to most, but as you walk with Me it will be revealed; your eyes will be opened. For, I am the Lord who comes not only to walk with you but to lead you, to guide you, and to teach you in the ways of My Father. So, come and present yourself to Me. You can do it because you belong to Me and you are My people. Take that step of faith now. As I reveal Myself to you the kingdom will expand within you and the glory will overflow you. And, indeed it shall be as it is written that you will be changed from glory to glory, from encounter to encounter, from touch to touch and from faith to faith, says the Lord Most Holy.

March 12, 2013:  What will your one step of faith be in this new season?  It is the first step that leads to victory.  You will be given the opportunity to step out in faith in a new way.  You are a supernatural people, and your God is saying, “Take one step of faith to begin this new and exciting journey, and with your first step the supernatural will be revealed.” 

March 18, 2013:  Rise up now, My people, come and walk with Me. No longer cling to your religious exercise, but I say, come unto Me. Come now with renewed hope. For, faith is the substance of the things that you hope for. Begin again to walk with Me. And, in that I mean you’re not walking trying to find Me, you’re not walking to search Me out. But, you have taken hold of My hand and you are walking with Me into the perfect presence of reality and truth--a present truth that will guide you; truth that cries out from your inner most being. It is truth that puts aside those things that were not in faith and believes. If you will do these things they will serve you well. And, you will find yourself out of the dilemma that your are in and the kingdom of your God will become a reality to you in a more specific way, in a more personal way and in a more present way, says the Lord.

March 25, 2013:  Follow Me, and I will lead you to the wells of life. I will give the living water to you abundantly . And, I will also feed you with the hidden manna. Not only will I feed you with that which has not been revealed, for it shall indeed become revelation to you, but I shall also walk with you in fellowship. You will know Me even more intimately than you know Me today and understand by way of revelation My purposes for this season. I am about to bring you higher than ever you have been before. Come to Me, walk with Me, be one with Me, and drink the waters that I give to you and eat the manna that I feed you. In the days ahead, you will realize what a great treasure is given to you at this time. Follow Me now. Come on, let’s go on a journey, you and I together; a journey of joy in which you will experience the power of the kingdom of God; a journey in which your righteousness will be elevated and thus the power of it shall flow out before you; a journey in which you will have victory over all the works of the enemy, says the Lord Almighty.

APRIL, 2013 --

April 1, 2013:  I would have you, My people, to understand that resurrection power is available to you--the power of the kingdom to bear. The power of the authority of Christ has been given to you; use that authority; use that power. Fight the good fight of faith. Overcome all the works of the enemy that are against you. Live in freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of your joy in the kingdom of an Almighty God, who has made the way for you. All you have to do is walk in the way that has been prepared. Walk in truth. Walk in the glory of a great salvation. Walk in My presence day to day remembering the price has been paid. Do not forget the benefits that you have been given. For, the Lord says, what I have acquired and what I have laid hold of, I did for you. Get it spiritually. Press on! Never give up, never sit down, and do not allow yourself to be discouraged. I say, push toward the mark of the high calling in Christ, the Lord of glory.

April 8, 2013:  I will bless you if you will come to Me and believe. I will prosper you in new ways in this season. I, Myself, will be your guiding light. I will be your healer and deliverer. For, it is the set time of favor. I will come and accomplish that which you can believe for, because it is by faith that you receive all that the Father offers you in His kingdom. So, come this day by faith. Ask and it shall be given, seek and you shall find, knock and My door shall open to you, says the Lord.

April 15, 2013:  I have, indeed, called each of you My friend.  Have you heard My voice calling to you?  For, if you have heard My whispers, I have called you to come near. Let us walk together in this place of friendship, this place of unity of soul and spirit.  Come to Me all you who are heavy laden and relieve your burden.  For, I will take it from you and give you joy and gladness.  I will give you the favor that is yours to receive in this time.  Please understand that I am keeping no one, not even one of you, from this position of favor.  It is the time in which I have chosen to bless My people.  Rise up as on the wings of eagles today, and may it be that you gather the courage that is necessary to walk from where you are right now into the place of glory, into the habitation of My presence.  Come and walk with Me.  Come and trust Me. Relieve yourself of unworthiness and condemnation.  I shall clothe you with new garments.  I shall wash you as you have never been washed before, thereby perfecting you.  You shall indeed go forth from victory to victory because it is your destiny, says the Lord.

April 22, 2013:  The Lord God Himself comes to be one with you.  This visitation and that which comes in these days will be overwhelming to you when the fullness of it falls and invades your soul and your spirit.  For, the Lord Himself desires to come to you in unexpected ways; in glorious ways to bring His favor into your life.  And, when that favor comes understand that it will remove you from the heartache of the past and those seasons that have been difficult.  For, the hardness will fade away with the love and the glory of the Lord God Almighty as He desires to be one with you; to bless you, heal you, deliver you, prosper you, to lead and guide you in all of your ways.  So, this day shake off the chains, break out of bondage.  No longer be bound to what the enemy has done in the past season.  But, now be renewed in the spirit of your mind so you understand what the perfect will of the Lord is. Understand that He comes to you out of love, and He has no condemnation for you. And, He would say to you, "Rise up now and walk in the newness of this life that comes and is being given in this hour.  For, I have come to give you life not only everlasting, but life and joy and peace now. Come and prosper in your soul, in your heart, in your spirit.  Be connected to Me.  Stay with Me.  I will lead you and guide you in the path of those things that have been prepared for you.  I am the Lord of Glory--the Lord God who watches over you.  I am the Lord God of your life, and I have come to set you in order so that you may receive the blessings of this time."

April 29, 2013:  I am calling on you to come away with Me.  I’m calling you to come out of that which bothers you, hinders you and troubles you.  Yes, indeed, I am calling you into the secret place of My habitation.  And, from this place the wells of living water flow.  In that flow comes My presence.  And, with My presence comes healing, help, deliverance and all that you require.  Come dwell in My presence; come and abide; come be renewed.  Allow My peace to invade your spirit.  Allow Me to encourage you.  Allow Me to strengthen you.  Allow Me to heal you.  Allow Me to be your help in this time of trouble.  Come for I am calling you to come apart and to walk with Me this day in the presence of My glory, says the Most High.

MAY 2013 --

May 5, 2013:  Have you heard and do you know that it is indeed the season of the rain, My children? For, if you will watch the signs given in the natural you will know that a new season has been birthed. And, each season that comes must go forth in the power of that which I am doing. The rain comes forth to water that seed that you are planting even today; the seed that will become your harvest in the future. Those things that pertain to you can be put in good ground this day, says the Lord God, if you will but believe and obey. So take out your bag of seed and sow generously.

May 13, 2013:  The Spirit of the Lord is speaking to me about these days of destiny before us, and He is calling them "defining days." He says to you, watch for defining days, for there are not a few but many in the weeks and the months before you. Watch now because He has saved the best for last, and in His defining moments He will restore and equip His church to walk in the fullness of His power.  God is bringing forth a glorious church without spot or wrinkle. Besetting sins will fall by the wayside and drop off. Get ready to get free of those things you've struggled with.

May 20, 2013:  On this day my question before the Lord was, "What, Lord, what? What is this heaviness, this whirlwind that seems to bring chaotic conditions and uncertainty? A time, Lord when it seems I must remain very quiet to maintain my peace, a time when I just want to hide and watch, for my soul is restless, and my spirit is disquieted within me." And this was His answer to me: Tell My children that this is the time of renewal from the washing of the blood and water to the cleansing by wind and fire. In this visitation I am cleansing My bride. I am in process of restoring My church. I am restoring the revelation of the power of My blood that will be birthed into the hearts of the quiet ones, and it shall come with the wind and fire of Pentecost. If My children shall yield, every bondage will now be broken, and resurrection life will spring forth. Refuse to sow to the flesh in these times of whirlwinds. Instead, let My wind remove from you the old things and refuse to sow to the winds of self-consciousness that Satan is bringing. It is now time to discern between My cleansing wind and Satan's winds of adversity, says Almighty God.

May 27, 2013:  Get ready to move with the flow of this spiritual river. There is a new depth today. There is a spiritual order coming that will release My power through My vessels. It will no longer be a matter of hoping that I will move; you will walk in full authority because I am with you, for I will bring you into a greater depth of My power. Do the work to break the powers of darkness that have restricted the fullness of My flow, says the Lord.

JUNE 2013 --

June 3, 2013:  I speak a word of encouragement to you, My children. Do you not know that I see your trials? Do you not know that I see your struggles? I have seen you in those trials and tribulations, and I am increasing your strength and power in these days. I am giving you an anointing, the anointing of breakthrough. I will come and deliver you and bring you to victory.  I always bring you to a place of triumph.  Lift up the hands that hang down, and strengthen your feeble knees. Gird yourself for battle, put on your armor, and go forth, for the battle is Mine, and I will surely bring victory if you will but believe. Arise and strengthen yourself in Me, then I shall undertake on your behalf.  I will rout the enemy even as I have from days of old. You will gain the victory, says the Lord. Only believe!

June 10, 2013:  The enemy is going to loose the spirit of Judas in this time to offset the move of God that is coming. We need to fight and war against it. It will come by way of compromise in a number of different ways, but the result will be betrayal. Don't allow the enemy to cause you to compromise what God has called you to do. Stay true to the Lord and hold fast to Him. Be rooted and grounded in the sure foundation of Jesus Christ.

June 17, 2013:  I will pour out My Spirit on My people to punish the enemy through the anointing that I will place upon My chosen ones. I am rejoicing in the great victory that is about to spring forth. I will fulfill all that I have called into being. I have come to destroy the works of the enemy, and I will work through My people to do just that. I am going to break the bronze gates and release the promises that I have given to My people. What I have promised will come forth in the power of My kingdom. It will come to rest even as a mantle upon the shoulders of My beloved. I will bring you into your birthright and bring forth destiny. You will walk knowing that you carry My authority, says the Lord.

June 24, 2013:  You are entering into a new spiritual dominion. This day, I say to you, the very works that I have begun in you will manifest in a fuller dimension of My glory and My power. In that fullness shall come greater victory, healing, and joy than you have experienced. I shall be in all of your circumstances, so do not live in anxiety, but rise up in a spirit of boldness and call upon the name of the Lord, and I shall uphold My kingdom in you. Those who walk before Me in obedience shall surely see the manifestation of multiplied blessings. Believe and receive My word, says the Lord.

JULY 2013 --

July 1, 2013:  I tell you, My people, that these days will be known as the days of divine expression, for I am about to express My kingdom through you in a greater way. I am going to bring you forth into a place of resurrection power.  In the process of this resurrection I will restore you.  It is My desire that you come forth in health and with provision.  I say these are the days of divine glory, and I will bring forth a divine manifestation, a divine expression, to those who will simply believe in Me, says the Lord.  Position  yourself to be one with Me in purpose, one with Me in heart, and then I will express Myself through you. The world will know that I have a people, and they will know that I am the Lord of Glory.

July 8, 2013:  Destiny is being formed in you. I have placed in you words of destiny and now I am drawing them back out by My own power and by My own presence. This is a time of acceleration and fulfillment, for these are the days of restoration. These are the days when you will come forth in faith.  Watch for opportunities.  Awaken when I call you. I am equipping you and you are going to see astounding things. Eye has not seen, and ear has not heard of the glorious things that I am about to do.  You, My people, are My temple.  Let faith arise in your hearts.  Let the word of power be found in your mouth.

July 15, 2013:  My word is true, powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword. It is able to divide between the soul and the spirit and thereby bring a time of reconciliation. Have I not said to you that I would put a peg in My house?  This is for you to come lay hold of certain revival as it comes to you individually--forever changing you and bringing you forth into My image, says the Lord Jesus Christ.  For, it shall be from glory to glory that you are touched; from faith to faith that you are changed. As you go, and stay on the path that I have established for you, then I will be with you.   Ezra 9:8 "And now for a little while grace has been shown from the LORD our God, to leave us a remnant to escape, and to give us a peg in His holy place, that our God may enlighten our eyes and give us a measure of revival in our bondage."

July 29, 2013:  The new season is being birthed.  And, it is true, for My prophets have spoken it forth.  And, now it’s up to you.  Will you receive the treasure of it?  Will you put yourself in a position of faith and believe for all that I can do; for all that I will do?  Only believe, and you shall receive.  The work I do in this day will be great and it will be mighty.  And, I say unto you that you will hear My voice more clearly than ever you have before.  The sound of heaven is about to come and with it the glory of the kingdom.  New doors will be opened to you--doors of opportunity to come higher; doors of opportunity to flourish; doors of opportunity to prosper.  My doors shall indeed open and no one can close them.  So, get ready to come through.  Get ready to go forward.  Get ready to receive My order in this season, and you will not be disappointed, says the Lord God Almighty.

AUGUST 2013 --

August 11, 2013:  Come on up, My people; come higher, says the Lord.  Many of you are coming up to the mountain top where you can have vision that is beyond anything that you have had before--where you can hear more clearly, where things have been set in the proper order. The prophetic word will become stepping stones that you can walk on in this new season.  Where you can walk over the troubled waters and see the shining light of My word as it takes form within your heart and within your spirit.  Out of the substance of that word you will speak.  And, those words will be powerful and creative, and they will bring forth that which I am bringing to you. The inspiration of it will become a shining light to you that will shine on the path before you and it will not diminish. It will be there for the days that are ahead so that you can know that I not only brought the light and established the path, but it is no longer going to be hidden from you. You are going to walk on that path and find yourself in My flow.

August 18, 2013:  The Spirit of the Lord would say today, indeed there is a river; the river of God whose streams makes glad His people. And, as those streams flow to you and through you, you’ll be strengthened. And, you will be endowed with the wisdom of the kingdom. Out of that wisdom I will speak, I will give you visions and dreams. For, it is My purpose to reveal the kingdom to you in these days. When you see you will be forever changed. If kingdom reality is established in you, the world and it’s trouble will grow dim and the light of the kingdom will grow bright like the sun shining on a new day. So, position yourself now to get in on this new move of My Spirit in which prophetic rivers will be released; so that you, My people, can dwell in and drink of the water that comes from the Rock, Christ Jesus. It will refresh you and strengthen you and make you whole again so that your purposes in My kingdom can come to the fullness of My desires for you. So come. Come today. Don’t wait. Come now. Step into the river of life.

August 26, 2013:  Arise and meet your destiny. Arise to this habitation; this new place of understanding that has the ability to call forth that which you have not yet seen. For, you know that I call those things that are not as though they were.  And, certainly I have done so for you personally, each one of you, as I have written your destiny over the ages for this time. Come now and be renewed. Come now and be invigorated by the moving of My Spirit. Come now and rejoice in that which I have done.   For, it has not been a small thing nor is it a hidden thing. For, today you see clearly with eyes of understanding that I am for you, that I am with you and that you will not be dissuaded by the lies of the enemy anymore from this day forward.  The truth of My word shall prevail in your life,  and the leading and guidance of My Spirit will cause you to walk in the path that I have ordained for you.  Continue to go forward.  If you get off of the path simply step back on and continue this journey.  The gratitude, the glory, and the greatness of My work shall cause rejoicing to resound throughout the kingdom.   Right now is the hour of perspective--the time in which I reveal to you the things that you’ve not understood.  Come and see.  Come and hear.  Come and believe.  Come and be renewed.  Come now.  Come to Me, says the Lord.


September 2, 2013:  Hebrews 6:19  This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast, and which enters the Presence behind the veil.  I saw an anchor with the name "hope" engraved on it.  I saw a rope that extended into the heavenlies attached to the anchor.  The anchor was then lowered into a pool at the command of God.  And, the Spirit of the Lord said, "This pool of water represents a new level of faith for this season.  The things that you have only hoped for will now be realized because they will enter into the pool of faith that I am providing."  Hebrews 11:1  Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

September 9, 2013:  I hear the Lord saying, rise up My children.  Come into faith.  Forget the failures of the past.  Remember who I am.  Remember that I am yours and you are Mine.  Seat yourself deeply within My heart.  For, if you know My heart for you, you will make a determination that I am not only for you; I am with you. I will walk with you through this journey.  I will lead and guide you.  I will reveal Myself more fully to you.  Come today with renewed hope and wrap up the seed that you are now about to sow, in great faith.  Plant them deep within your own hearts, the very good ground that I am now providing for you.  Come and believe.  Come and receive.  Come unto Me. Let Me remove from you the stigma of the past.  For, in the removing of that stigma, surely hope will grow, and out of that hope will come faith for this season; out of faith will come the blessings in this appointed time, says the Lord.

September 16, 2013:  I hear the Lord saying, will yourself to Me. Will yourself to me! That would mean you have given yourself to Me. It would mean that I have responsibility for you--to empower by the anointing of the Holy Spirit. So, make that decision in your soul. The power of free will choice and say, "I will Myself into the hand of God this moment. I will myself under the provision of His kingdom, the blessings of His kingdom, the power of His kingdom. I will myself to become an overcomer; to be steadfast. To be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. I make the choice to establish myself by the power of my will to be what He wants me to be in these days." And, if you will do so, I will be with you and I will perform My word over you, around you and through you, says the Lord. Be wise. Don’t be deceived. Come to Me, and I will equip you and prepare you for the perilous times that you live in and the days of evil that are before you. For, I am the Most Holy One; the One who is able to keep you on the path of righteousness; to keep you in the power of My kingdom by which you overcome all the works of the enemy. Just become one with Me, says the Lord. I’ve kept you for such a time as this; to be used in this time. I will establish you in a position of righteousness, strength and power, so that you may fulfill your destiny, says the Lord God Almighty.

September 23, 2013:  Come now, My people, and enter your chambers until My indignation passes you by. For, when My judgments come upon the earth, they were not designed for you, they were not yours to be received. You are My chosen ones, My glorious ones, and I have revealed that to your heart in these past few weeks. And, now you know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the God that you serve, which God I am, loves you and cares for you, cherishes you, equips you, and empowers you so that you may fulfill your destiny in the end of the age. So, come into your chambers; come into the hiding place; come into the place of anointing; come into the place where My word runs like a river. Come quickly and eat the hidden manna I have provided for you. Freely I have given freely receive. Come now. Come to Me as you continue to look up, says the Lord.

September 30, 2013:  The Lord would have me ask you, what is it that you see right now? Do you see the glory of the kingdom? Have you seen this change in the atmosphere that you live in? Do you see and understand that I have something for you that is of great importance in this time? Do you see that I am bringing My church to a place of glory and I am washing her with My word? I am pouring out the living waters upon her. It is My desire to bring you, My people, ever higher and cause you to be such as has not been seen before. For, these things are written about My church as they live in the end of the age. So, now it is time for Me to do that final work. Will you perceive it? Will you see it? Will you understand it? Or, will you, once again, just let it flow by? Will you miss the opportunities or will you take advantage of them? The choice is yours. But, I say, arise this very day with a new understanding of the times and the seasons you live in and begin to perceive My presence, My works, and My signs. Says the Lord, Most Holy.

OCTOBER 2013 --

October 7, 2013:  Have I not said to you fear not? For, you have read that again and again in My word and yet you have fear and anxiety over some of the things that are going on in your life. And, I would ask you today, why? When My command is fear not, meaning that you are to trust Me with the whole of your life; you are to trust Me in the events that take place in your life. And, you are to trust Me even in the very circumstances that you live in and that you are going through. Trust in Me, says the Lord. For, if you trust in Me your faith will arise and you will become that which you are to be. You will be an overcomer; you will overcome these tribulations; you will overcome these matters. Why, you say, because I am with you to bring you through into victory in every case. So, again I say, fear not. But rather be moved into a place of humility, allow My peace and joy to abide upon you, and surely everything will be all right, says the Lord.

October 14, 2013:  Only believe, My dear children, and all things will become possible to you. These are the days in which I will demonstrate Myself to you. These are the days in which My fire shall indeed fall. These are the days in which the anointing that I have promised shall come to you. These are the days that shall be called the days of victory. For the chosen ones, the beloved ones who walk in My ways, those who will fulfill their destiny by walking this path of obedience, says the Lord. Now come; come on get up from where you are. Get up and come forth. Walk on this road that I am preparing for you. Walk and you shall see. Walk and you shall hear. Walk and you shall be delivered. Walk and you shall be healed. For, these are those days that you have desired to see and have yearned for. Only believe.

October 21, 2013:  I say to you My people, it is a true saying, that in Me you live and in Me you move and in Me you possess the essence of who you are.  I encourage you to continue your life in Me and allow the life that I have given you to grow. Come forward in this season with understanding, for in this season I will give an extra ordinary measure of the ability to see and to hear that which I am preparing to do.  The world itself cries out for restoration, and the sons of God are bringing forth the power that will release creation into the fullness of this destiny and bring a glorious deliverance to that which I have created. Take advantage of every opportunity for restoration--My glory resting upon you. And, in the glory of this restoration you shall see changes come forth.  Watch closely now for from glory to glory you shall be changed into the image of the Most Holy One.  Let it happen this day.  In your heart embrace it and say, Lord let it happen to me according to your word.

October 28, 2013:  It’s important in this season what and who you believe. Whose report will you believe? Will you believe what man has said? Will you believe what the devil has said? Or, will you believe what your Father has said? Will you believe the prophetic word and that which He is bringing forth now? Will you make it your own? Will you establish it in your heart? Will you allow it to become the symphony that moves you? Will you allow God’s presence to come because you have asked and because you have believed that? So, again, which report will you believe? If you will believe Me and My word you will become that overcomer that is spoken of,  and you will have My blessings in this season. Let it be so among My people, says the Lord, Most High.

October 29, 2013:  The Lord says to many of you:  "You are better than you think you are.  You are a far greater benefit than you think you are.  You have not failed.  For, I am with you and I am guiding you.  You are a blessed one.  You are a royal diadem.  You are a jewel in My hand.  So, you’ve been through the fire, but the fire is that which makes the jewel strong; it brings forth the beauty of that stone; it releases the power of My kingdom.  So, change your mind today.  Do not believe what has been spoken of you by others or by the evil one, or even by your own reckoning.  Believe in this moment that I know you.  I have not forgotten you.  You belong to Me, and I belong to you.  So, change your countenance and become happy in My kingdom—full of joy, full of blessing, full of that which I have put in you."

October 30, 2013:  I am going to allow My anointing to touch you and allow the rivers of anointing to come alive within you and begin to flow. Out of that flow shall come great joy and great hope and great understanding. This anointing is to restore you. Rise up and receive that which I am doing, and dwell fully in My kingdom. Be restored this moment, says the Lord.


NOVEMBER 2013 --

November 4, 2013:  I saw the symbol of the cross. I saw it changing.   At first covered by the blood of Christ.  And, then it developed a golden hue that spoke to me of His divine nature.  And from that golden hue came the glory of His crystallized light shining forth across the generations to touch you today--shining forth to bring restoration and great deliverance.  Shining forth to open the path that He has established before you. Shining forth to encourage you and empower you to walk upon this path and to take those steps with renewed energy and with great hope. The glory of the LORD will indeed carry you from glory to glory upon the path that He has prepared for you to follow. Take the steps. They will lead you to places that are beyond your wildest imaginations. And, they will reveal the things that even you cannot conceive of this day. For, out of this journey will come the revelation of the current season, and out of these steps will come revelation to you personally. Come now; walk by faith into My purposes, for this is the hour of perception and the day of My power, says the Most Holy One.

November 11, 2013:  Come, My children; this is your day.  It’s the day in which you volunteered to be a part of the process of that which I am doing.  So, cleanse yourself by My blood, and anoint yourself by the power of My spirit, says the Lord.  Come forth in a fullness of faith so that you may receive the promises completely, absolutely, and make all of them yours to live in, to move in, and to gain a glorious victory.  Receive today.  Become strong in the Spirit and let your heart cry be that which David had--create in me a clean heart and make my spirit steadfast.

November 18, 2013:  Let your faith arise. Let your faith be the prominent part of that which you pursue in this season. Use your faith. Allow your faith to grow. Allow it to become sensitive to My promptings. Allow your faith to come to Me unhindered by doubt or unbelief. Allow it to come and you shall receive that which I have for you, says the Most Holy. Let your faith arise because it is the very substance of things hoped for.  Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

November 25, 2013:  Do you feel My expression of joy over you?  If you do, then you know that I have been with you, that I have spoken to you, and I have encouraged you. So, let this moment rest upon you as the mantle of anointing for the season that is ahead.  I would have you embrace this season with joy and faith.  And, I would have you to march forward in triumph because you know that you will win the battles that are necessary.  You will receive your reward in this season.  For, I have chosen this time to demonstrate My love for you by the giving of gifts, says the Lord God Almighty.


DECEMBER 2013 --

December 2, 2013:  Hear My voice today and know that I have instructed you. I have called you forth for such a time as this, so that you may accomplish My perfect will as I lead you and guide you into the fullness of this season. Pay attention, My people, to the signs that come. Pay attention to those things that I highlight. Pay attention to the written Word when it becomes illuminated to you, for it will lead you as a light that shines in the Tabernacle itself. Receive the anointing that I am bringing. Allow that anointing to rest upon you like a mantle. Let it become part of who you are. Let the anointing engage you personally so that it overlays the whole of your mind set and your attitudes. Then, those things that I bring to your attention must be quickly dealt with under the power of My anointing. Become My anointed one, and I will lead and guide you. I will provide for you, heal, and strengthen you. I will do all of these things that I have promised you by way of My covenant. Victory is assured, says the Lord God, Most High.

December 9, 2013:  I am calling you into a time of jubilation and praise for all that I have brought you through.  Take your stand in an attitude of thanksgiving, and you will be positioned to receive the blessings of this season.  I dwell in the midst of those who praise Me with a whole heart.   You are in a time of transition that will move you out of heartache into joy and liberty.   Let your faith be established in this prophetic interlude between seasons as you wait for direction and instruction, says the Lord.

December 16, 2013:  I hear that word, "amazing", and I hear the Lord saying: You will be amazed in this next season. For, I am raising the ground that you walk on, which means that the opportunities that you have will be greater than the opportunities that you have had before to walk on the path of righteousness and anointing as the Spirit leads you. Those mysteries--those hidden things that have been reserved for you for such a time as this--will come to bear in your life. Destiny will be fulfilled because you follow the path of My presence. Be ready to turn to the left or turn to the right as I direct you. And, when I tell you to go straight ahead, stay on that path. For, it shall be if you stay on the path that I have prepared for you, all things will work to your benefit because you are called according to My purposes, says the Lord. These are the days in which you need to define who you are. You need to position yourself before Me with a question in your heart and desire to know what it is that I have prepared for you. These are the days of the revealing of those things in your life. Take heart this moment, this day and believe that you will receive that which I have spoken.

December 23, 2013:  Listen to the sound of the season and you will find My presence. Seek Me and acknowledge the fact that I am with you in a greater and mightier way than ever. Listen for My voice. Listen for the sound of the trumpet. This is the season of hearing. Listen and hear, and then you shall know what I am doing. Never ever forget that I am always with you. You will have a greater understanding of My presence than you have had before, says the Lord.