by Bill Burns

Archive 2011-2012

January 2012 WORDS --

January 3, 2012:  I want you to join the revolution. Down with tired and worn out religious exercise. When I came to the earth I came with a sword. I came with a sword to bring a separation between the flesh and the spirit; between that which is alive and that which is dead. In like manner you must also start a spiritual revolution within yourself. Cut off dry and dead religious exercise that does not profit you. Sow to the Spirit and you will catch fire and you will become a flaming torch--a light of brightness that will light the path before you. The path of light will lead you into the glory of My presence. And, in the process of this I will reveal to you the hidden mysteries. I will show you more clearly than you have ever seen before the destiny that is yours. Indeed, I have already provided for you, but as it unfolds you will see My goodness. So, position yourself, and set yourself, so that you may gain all that I have purposed for you in this time, says the Lord God Almighty.

January 16, 2012:  Come and follow Me. Follow me, I say, for the path of the season has been prepared even before the foundations of the earth were laid. This path has been in existence and resting in eternity and now I lay it before you to be walked upon in this season. Walk with Me on this path and you will find victory. Walk with Me on this path and you will receive the blessings. Walk with Me on this path and the healing power of the Most High shall come upon you. I will be with you and walk with you. The Kingdom shall be established and your destiny will be revealed, says the Lord God.

January 29, 2012:  As you come to Me in this season, says the Lord, then I will bring forth the true manifestation of the nature of the Father that indwells you. I will bring you to a place of understanding that your citizenship in heaven has already been established. I will enlighten you with words that will carry you into My purposes and into the glory of the kingdom. I say come. Get up and rise up. Come forth into My kingdom and into the power of My anointing. Let My glory overshadow you. And, let there be a covering over the glory and let it remain upon you until the fullness of it’s effect is brought forth. Position yourselves, therefore, to be Mine and to be only Mine and to come with a heart that is wholly given, says the Lord.

February 2012 WORDS --

February 6, 2012:  The gates of heaven are opening, and I am calling to you to go through the gates and receive all that is being opened to you.  Press in until you receive the anointing of this season.  Praise Me, and I will come to you and position you for victory and the blessings of this time.  All things are possible if you will only believe.  Come by faith into the fullness of what I am doing, says the Lord.  Prepare the way into My kingdom.  Come and establish yourself at this time as citizens of My kingdom.  Come!  Isaiah 62:10  Go through, Go through the gates! Prepare the way for the people; Build up, Build up the highway! Take out the stones, Lift up a banner for the peoples!

February 7, 2012:  Lift up your head all you gates so that the King of glory might come in. For, when the King of glory comes in you shall be forever changed. As He comes to you in this season the anointing of His presence shall rest upon you and inhabit the atmosphere of the places where you dwell and walk through. So, I say, rise up. Rise up into the glory of this day and into the presence of My kingdom, says the Lord. Lift yourself above the mundane and the things that create doubt or oppress you. Rise up into a position of new faith so that you no longer live by the measure of your own faith, but that you now live by the measure of the faith of the Son of God, who has given Himself for you and will always be with you.

February 8, 2012:  Rise up with a new hope in the freshness of My presence. For, I am calling you up to the mountain top even as I called My servant, Moses. And, there I will reveal My word and there I shall manifest My presence. So come up to Zion. Come up to your position, to the station that I have designed for you personally. I shall open the book of remembrance and destiny, and they will bring revelation of your spiritual journey. Come to the mountain of the Lord. Come and walk among the stones that flash with fire and perceive in the valley of vision and come forth with eyes wide open and ears to hear, says the Lord.

February 13, 2012:  It is time for you to become new wine skins, for the old wine skins have become dry and hardened and will not be able to expand with the revelation of that which I am doing in this season. So, let your wine skin be renewed by the oil of this moment and the oil that I am providing for you. Let the oil of My touch and My glory soften and refresh you, anoint you, and hold you. Let the oil of My glory come upon you. Be renewed. Be made into a new skin so that you may hold the glory of this season and so you may not only have a taste of it but that you shall become full of it; that you shall contain all that I am doing. Let My glory come upon you and change you, says the Lord God.

February 20, 2012:  Listen, My people, and I will show you and will demonstrate the kingdom that I have in mind. Come forth in faith. Come forth full of excitement. Come forth, and I shall bring you into the land of discovery. In the process of time, you will indeed discover those things that have been hidden away from you for such a time as this. The discovery of these revelations will set you free, for they will bring you higher than ever you have been before. This time of discovery will lead to elevation, says the Lord God Most High.

February 27, 2012:  Rise up now, children, and enter into the time of fruitfulness. Enter into this time with faithful hearts, with joy, worship and peace. You will not only prevail, but you will prosper in the wholeness of your lives. You will prosper in your bodies because divine health will become one with you. You will prosper in freedom because the oppressor and his work against you will be broken. You will prosper in your knowledge of kingdom ways, the ways I have prepared for you to walk in. Arise with confidence and faith in this hour. I will prevail on your behalf and in all that you set your hands to do, says the Lord.

March 2012 WORDS --

March 5, 2012:  Let faith arise in your soul. Let it rise to new heights. Now you examine it; examine the faith with which you are fighting the good fight. Examine the faith that allows you to prevail. And, as you examine it in these days, you will come to a greater position of faith. For, the faith that I have given you indeed was a measure, but you have nurtured it, you have examined it, you have carried it, you have walked with it, you have used it, and it now becomes your weapon. It becomes a weapon that causes you to prevail in times that are hard. It causes you to come forth with a shout of victory rather than with the wailing of the unvictorious. Come forth, not as a victim, but as a victor. Walk in the land that I have provided for you. Walk in the faith that I have given you and cause it to grow exceedingly in these days. It is a time in which the seeds of faith that are planted in your heart and are nurtured by the anointing will come and produce a harvest in your life, says the Lord God Most High.

March 12, 2012:  My banner over you is victory. If you will look and if you will spiritually connect with Me you will see you are destined to victory. No matter what the odds, no matter how intense the war, no matter the level of correction that is necessary, no matter what it might be that you are going through at this time, understand that it is a time of war and the enemy is after you. Your enemy is chaos, and he will create those situations and those things that will be a deterrent to you. But, make the determination today to win because I am with you, always leading you in triumph, always bringing you through, and watching over you. You are not alone in this battle. I encourage you to continue to fight the good fight of faith. Rise up and declare your victory into the heavenlies. Write a decree of victory over your life. Arise and go forth into the battle. I will am with you, says the Lord.

March 25, 2012:  It is the time of the latter and former rain. The first anointing and the last anointing of the season are to mix themselves together and come upon you as raindrops from the realm of My kingdom. As they come down upon you they shall invigorate, renew and supercharge you into a place of well being. Allow the rain to come. Ask for that rain for it is the time of it’s giving and allow it to wash from you the defilement of the world and the devil. Allow it to wash from you your discouragements and disappointments and take them down the river of no return. Allow Me to come on your behalf right now and to show you a new day and to reveal a new path into My ways.. Come, I say, and allow Me to do in you that work; the work of My presence and glory. Come and present yourselves to Me for the times of refreshing that come from My presence. I am about to release the power of a prophetic word that will shake My kingdom. I am about to release apostolic power in such dominion that the enemy will have no place in you, around you or upon you. This is your destiny, says the Lord God. That destiny has been written so blow the trumpet in Zion and assemble the people and call them forth into victory. Today is the day of victory.

April 2012 WORDS --

April 2, 2012:  Now comes the season of the prophesied blessing. This blessing shall come upon you because you have been determined to go through. You have gone forth in battle array and you have fought the good fight of faith. You have demonstrated a remarkable perseverance in this last season. You have held fast to My word. You have used the weapons that I have given you. You have, indeed, fought the good fight of faith. And, for this reason I now come to bless you. You are about to enter into the season of great blessing that will extend beyond your wildest dreams and the imaginations of your heart. For, I come to bring My bride in the fullness of her treasure. These are the days of the demonstration of My kingdom, and I will demonstrate the kingdom through you. You have believed and therefore you shall receive, says the Lord God Most Holy.

April 9, 2012:  It is written and it is true, that greater is He that lives in you than he that is ruler over this world. For I have come to live in you; to empower you; to encourage you that you will always have victory if you will join yourself to Me and to My purposes, says the Lord. For, the power of the kingdom is to be made manifest in you. The joy of the kingdom is to be seen in you. The peace of the kingdom is to come upon you. Arise now; arise and march on with full assurance that I am with you and I will never leave you. You will come through into the glory and the manifest destiny that I have for you, My beloved. Let resurrection power flow through you and let it bring that which is needed. Be renewed, healed and strengthened. Come into eternal life and joy for it is My kingdom, says the Most Holy.

April 16, 2012:  The gates are open. Go through the gates. Raise the standard. Run the race. Believe and you shall receive. My glory is coming upon My people -- coming to you to provide a spiritual atmosphere in which you will be forever changed. Come and abide in My presence, says the Lord. Come and receive the anointing. Come and receive the glory and let it nurture you; let it strengthen you; let it heal you; let it bring you higher within My kingdom than ever before. I am now providing hinds feet to My people so that you can climb the mountain and come up to Zion’s hill into the glory. Come!

April 23 2012:  I hear the wind blowing, the river running, and the fire burning.  And, the Lord says, if you will only but believe that which I have spoken then you shall have it.  You shall make it your own and it shall become a living reality in these coming weeks. 

April 30, 2012:  I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying, My people have forgotten to come to Me in their time of need in faith, believing that I will interact on their behalf. So, today, I say come. Come and be renewed. Come and be healed. Come and be the child that I have called you to be. Come and walk with Me in relationship. Come and be with Me in Spirit. Let the power of My Spirit invade your lives. Let My voice be a beckoning power to you. Get up this day from your place and come unto Me with the full assurance that I will touch you; I will speak with you; and I will nurture you. I, Myself, will come. For, indeed, My word declares where two or three of you are gathered in My name there I will be in the very midst of them; touching, healing, renewing, blessing, and bringing the favor I have spoken of.

May 2012 WORDS --

May 7, 2012:  My beloved, it is indeed a time in which you can grow; even exceedingly and abundantly beyond all that you can imagine. So, I say now, plant your seeds; water them; hold them under the tension of faith, for My word never returns void, but it always brings forth that which was spoken. Enjoy My presence and be filled with the gladness that I have for you. Come to the place where your joy is unspeakable and full of glory. Come into My peace, which passes all understanding. And, remember that I am not only with you; I am for you. I am here to lead, guide, and to bless you with all goodness. Receive!

May 14, 2012:  A spiritual time frame is before you, a time in which I will give unusual signs so that you may know that I am with you and that I am at work among you.  Therefore, watch.  Look and listen for My intervention into your lives with unusual signs that will confirm that which I am doing, says the Lord.

May 21, 2012:  I would have you to remember My goodness, for I have watched over you even when you felt alone, even when you felt desperate, even when you felt forgotten, even when you have been without. I have never left you. I have never forsaken you. I have been with you all of these days from the very first day you gave yourself to Me, and I have watched over you. It is true that I have allowed you to walk through some hard circumstances, but do you not know that they are making you stronger? And, do you not know that they are giving you the right to exercise the authority that I have given you? And, do you not know that they cause you to cling to Me? Your destiny is already written and it is one of victory, not failure. So, walk with Me in trust and love. Victory is assured. Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Dare to believe you can be what I said you can be, says the Lord.

May 28, 2012:  Come boldly before My throne of grace and receive the help that you need in this hour. I give the power that you need to overcome and be renewed. It is the power to bring the provision into your life that you require. All of these things I do for you, says the Lord, because I am the One who loves you and cares for and watches over you absolutely and completely. Be renewed in your faith today. Receive My love. I will present Myself to you in a fresh new way. Remember My words--I will never leave you nor forsake you. I will be with you always even to the end of the age.

June 2012 WORDS--

June 4, 2012:  Set a watch over your circumstances. Watch for the enemy’s intrusion. Be still and know that I am God, and watch for that which I will teach you as I work in your circumstances. Only believe. The hardest of these trials will bring you to a place of perfection. They will bring you to a place you have never yet been. They will establish you fully in My kingdom, says the Lord, living under My divine rule. And, out of that rule shall come the glory that I carry and distribute as a result of your faith and trust in Me.

June 11, 2012:  I reveal Myself as the Master over My house. Even though you have not understood nor known My presence in the way you would like to know it, I have indeed watched over you and been with you. I have even revealed Myself through the circumstances of your life. Those circumstances are designed to cause you to become the kings of this earth that bring glory in to My house. So, I say, renew yourself in spirit. Reach out with faith and allow Me to touch you. I am with you and will never leave you. I am always with you in your time of need. I am always for you. I know you, and My desire is that you know Me in a greater way. Open your spiritual ears and eyes; listen and watch for I am coming in unexpected ways in these days with unusual signs and miracles that will show you that indeed I have not forgotten about you. For, My word declares that I will be with you always, even to the very end of this age, says the Lord.

June 18, 2012:  My people, rise up with determination. Come fully into the kingdom that has been established for you; My kingdom; the kingdom of glory; the kingdom where you will find peace, joy, and love. Set your heart on pilgrimage. Take this journey into the fullness and the goodness of that which I have provided for you. Do not allow the enemy to dissuade you. Do not allow him to hinder you. Come; get up from the place that you are and come forth and receive that which I am doing in this hour, says the Lord. For indeed I am bringing forth a glorious church in the land and My glory shall rest upon her, and My glory shall manifest in and through her. Come and rejoice, for this is the day of My power; the day of great joy; the day in which I manifest Myself not only among My people but in and through My people. Encourage yourself and come forth into the understanding that I am with you and for you; I will never leave nor forsake you. My presence will lead you forth in triumph.

June 25, 2012:  Arise, My people, for indeed this is your finest hour. This is not just a cliché; it is a spiritual truth. For, I intend to bring forth a glorious church. And, it shall be done. So, I say to you, arise. Shake off the defilement of discouragement. Fight the good fight of faith against the power of heaviness. Indeed, you will prevail for I am with you. I am with you to strengthen you and to carry you through the ordeals of this life. I will walk with you through the fire and on the water. I will be with you when the wind carries you into the fullness of My purposes. Get up and lift the hands that hang down in weakness. Strengthen the feebleness of your walk. Those that come with Me and lean upon My strength and My power shall have the victory. I am delivering you from all that hinders you. I’m removing from you the stumbling blocks the enemy has placed in your path. I will make a way for you to come into the fullness of your destiny. For, it has been determined in the heavenly council and shall be performed by My Spirit, says the Lord.

July 2012 WORDS--

July 2 2012:  I prophesy to you, My people, that indeed it shall be that you shall see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Not only in the land of the living but the land in which you live. The space that you occupy in this earth belongs to you. It is yours to rule over. For, I have given you the power of My Spirit and by that power comes the dominion of the Holy One. So, rise up and take control. Remove the chaos in your lives. Establish the peace of God. Live and dwell in the joy of God. Understand that I am for you. I will not forsake you. I will not ever leave you without help in this land. You are called for such a time as this, says the Lord God.

July 9, 2012:  I hear the LORD saying, come and be restored. Allow Me to restore you. Allow Me to strengthen you. Allow Me to bring you fully into My kingdom and the blessings thereof. For, in Me you live, move, and possess your being. Because you are made alive in Me all things are possible to you. All the things that I have given unto you are yours by right, by inheritance, and as you release your faith you shall receive. So, come with renewed hope and expectation. Shake off the doubts and fears that have plagued you and dare once again to believe absolutely. And, in this kingdom you shall thrive and you shall obtain a double portion of My blessings because I am your God; the one who has not only saved you, but the One who has provided for you. Again, I say come. Rejoice in the blessings of this day. Do not allow yourselves to forget this is a time of favor. In this time of favor you can receive by faith all that I have for you in completeness and in absoluteness. Come and receive.

July 16, 2012:  I am the Lord who watches over you. Have you forgotten that I know you? I know your troubles. I know those things that you struggle with. I know those things that you think about and the things that you set yourself to do. I know your motives and your attitudes. I know all about you. I know you better than you know yourself. I am leading and guiding you. I have never left you nor will I ever forsake you. I know all the things that are before you; the things that are yet unfulfilled. I know what the enemy is planning for you. And, because I know all of these things I am able to work on your behalf, and I am able to bring you through the storms and through the valleys of desperation and through the wars that you encounter. I am able to bring you into the place of liberty and victory if you will believe in Me, trust in Me, walk with Me, says the Lord.

July 23, 2012:  Do not be troubled. Do not allow anxiety to torment you. But, indeed, come aside unto Me this moment where you and I can be one together. And, in the unity of that oneness you will be strengthened, healed, and encouraged. You will receive the wisdom that you desire and need. So, come aside for a moment in these times to be with Me. Come aside and hear My voice and know that I will reveal to you signs and wonders. Then you shall see things that will reveal the direction that you should go. Therefore, watch for those things that I shall show you. Know that I am pouring out unusual signs and wonders among My people that will lead you into the very end of the very age. I will keep you steadfastly on the path of righteousness and will cause you to know Me better than you do even now. So, lay aside all hopelessness, all discouragement, all worry and all anxiety and come be one with Me, says the Lord.

July 24, 2012:  There are those who are worried about their own spiritual progression. And, there are those who are worried about other people’s spiritual progression. And, so I say unto you bring them before Me. You come to Me personally and if you have thoughts and concerns about others, bring them to Me. Bring them to Me in prayer. Bring them to Me spiritually. Fight the good fight of faith on their behalf. Raise up a standard in your own life that they many see. So, that they may follow the standard that you have established through your relationship with Me, says the Lord. Do not be deterred and do not be dissuaded by the work of the enemy.

July 25, 2012:  The greater the glory that is revealed in you, the greater the battle will become.  The battle is designed for your victory, not for your defeat.  The battle and the victory are designed to give you a testimony of the power of Christ.  So, come and turn back the battle at the gate; do not run from the fight, but rather run to the fight.  I declare that your enemies will be defeated, says the Lord.  Behold My power as I demonstrate it to you and through you in these days.

July 26, 2012:  Let your spirit arise.  I say to you, come up here and behold My glory, says the Lord.  My glory is being poured out, and you will be changed with each encounter that you have with Me.  My glory shall be in demonstration to bring transformation.  Deep calls to deep at the overflow of My presence into your life.  The latter rain is coming to stir your spirit and bring elevation to your being.  Have I not said that I would come to you as the rain--the former and the latter rain together?  I will come and wash you and empower you for the days ahead.  Zechariah 10:1a  Ask the LORD for rain in the time of the latter rain.

July 27, 2012:  Storms in the natural realm are signs of spiritual storms.  Have no fear, but prepare yourself for the storms.  Be alert, for these storms will challenge you by causing you to get into moments of reflection that will cause you to remember failures from the past, which should be forgotten.  The enemy will bring lies and accusations against you, My people.  Prepare yourself even as Paul prepared for shipwreck; the ship was lost, but there was no loss of life.  In the same way, the ship of your past, your own desires and failed dreams may go down, but you will be positioned in another place of blessing where you will walk in the power of My Spirit and not in the power of your own strength, says the Lord.  (Acts ch. 27)

July 30, 2012:   A new spiritual habitation is being presented to us, and Jesus is saying, “Come up here, and I will show you things.  Things you need to know.  Be a watchman.  Become like the sons of Issachar who have understanding of the times and seasons.”  1 Chronicles 12:32 of the sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do...

July 31, 2012:  Rise up My people with the voice of faith, and believe. In this dispensation I am bringing forth a royal priesthood, which has been prophesied for the end of the age. They shall come forth and rule with a mighty hand. They will not be deterred. Their ranks will not be overrun, for they have received the vision of the Lord and the anointing of the Most Holy One rests upon them and causes them to run the race to win. This is the authority that I am releasing in this time. Only believe, says the Lord.

August 2012 WORDS--

August 6, 2012:  I come today and reveal Myself to you as the Morning Star. Indeed, I speak of the shining brightness of the revelation that I shall bring at this time. Listen to the sound of the thunders and look for the treasures that have been hidden in darkness. Watch for what I show you to come to pass. I will come and ask you, "What is it that you see? What is it that you understand? What is it that you know about what I am showing you?" You will have to think about and even muse upon your answers. But, you shall come forth strengthened in your relationship with Me, says the Lord. You were formed out of the dust of the earth, that you would come forth and walk with Me so that I can speak with you and you can speak with Me. For this purpose you were created.

August 13, 2012:  I say to you, come with boldness; come into My presence; come apart from the world; come as you are. Come and you will be changed. Come and I will show you that which hinders you. Come and I will impart the wisdom that you have asked for. Come and I will bring liberty and healing to you. But, you must rise up from where you are and come to Me in faith knowing that I love you, I care for you and I will bring a determination upon your situation that shall be effective in your circumstances and bring you forth in victory, says the Lord God.

August 20, 2012:  My people, take for yourselves the sword of the Spirit, which I have given to you, and use it against all the work of the enemy. Come to that place where your faith is ignited by My word; where you know that My power is working in you and through you. The Spirit of the living God dwells within you because you are indeed My temple, says the Lord. Come to this place today by faith and allow My weapons of war to work on your behalf. Come and be rejuvenated, be renewed, and be set free from the bondage that the enemy has imposed upon you. Freedom is available to you for I have spoken it and My words will not return empty nor will they return void. Be free and do not allow the spirit of divination to bring a bewitching effect upon your spiritual lives.

August 27, 2012:  Lift up your heads, My children, and walk with Me. I have not forgotten you. I’ve watched over you from the day of your birth. I have followed you on the path of life. I have brought you through circumstances even as I brought the three Hebrew children through the fire without the smell of smoke on them. I have been with you, I have loved you, and I have shown you the way. I am for you and not against you. I will reveal to you the hidden mysteries. I will bring a present truth into your life that will create the dynamic of this next season that we call, the season of the dove--the amplification of the Spirit, the manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit. Those nine ways that I amplify Myself through you are gifts of My Spirit that will come upon you and flow through you. The gifts will change the atmospheres around you, will deny the devil access, will bring the power of healing into your life, provide for you the miracle that is necessary, and will bring the voice of power that will sustain you and become the fresh manna of this day. So, I say, come and dine, My beloved, come and feast on present truth. For, it is the dish that I am serving in this day, says the most Holy. Come and receive and make it yours by faith this day.

September 2012 WORDS--

September 3, 2012:  Many of My people have been discouraged because they have not arrived at the place of understanding and power that they thought they would. But, the Lord says today, do not allow discouragement to hinder you any longer, but rise up in a new faith. For, indeed it is a new season and a new day. And, My mercy and goodness are renewed and will come upon you in a fresh way. Allow My Spirit, to wash away the disappointment, the discouragement, and the disheartenment. Allow My Spirit to come upon you even as the dove and allow Him to renew you, encourage you and to deliver you from the powers of darkness. I say this to cause you to cooperate with Me in this process. For, I cannot do it alone; I must have your obedience to the Word, says the Lord.  Hosea 6:1-3  Come, and let us return to the LORD; For He has torn, but He will heal us; He has stricken, but He will bind us up. After two days He will revive us; On the third day He will raise us up, That we may live in His sight.  Let us know, let us pursue the knowledge of the LORD. His going forth is established as the morning; He will come to us like the rain, like the latter and former rain to the earth.

September 4, 2012:  This is a new day. I come to bring hope to you. I am giving you gifts of glory and gifts that will reveal the presence of My power and the ongoing purpose that I will work within you. That work that I have begun in you I shall bring to its completion. No longer entertain the lies of the devil for I am for you and I am the Spirit of truth. I will give you revelation that is birthed out of the truth of My heart--the truth that shall set you free. I will carry you into the fullness of that which I am doing in this season, says the Lord.

September 10, 2012:  The Lord says I am releasing strength and power in the anointing of this season that shall rest upon you. And, when this anointing comes in its full measure you are going to be changed into the image of the Most Holy. That oil will flow through you and ignite you and cause your spirit man to come to attention and come alive. Then out of your innermost being will flow the rivers of living water that I have prepared at this time because it is My purpose and My good pleasure to water the garden of My people so that the seeds that have been sown will grow. The water that I give at this time carries with it a measure of faith, faith that will bring forth the harvest, faith that will produce what the seed itself contains. Be encouraged. Rise up to take your inheritance, that which I have given to you. Let your faith arise now to receive that which I am doing. Be ready to be changed and ignited for this new season. For, the trumpet shall blow in Zion and Zion shall arise to its position in the earth as a spiritual habitation and you shall dwell in the midst of My purposes, says the Lord God Almighty.

September 18, 2012:  In this season, says the Lord, I will astonish you. For, I am about to demonstrate the power of My kingdom in your lives. And, as you rise up and say, "Here I am, Lord, come to me", indeed I shall visit you from on high and the manifestation of My gifts shall begin to unveil themselves in your life. The results will be a quickened faith, a faith that brings you higher into the kingdom, a faith that compels you to live under My divine rule and challenges you to come boldly before My throne of grace. Get ready for that which I am about to do. Position yourself to step fully into this new season. For, it shall be even as the trumpets have declared that the glory of My kingdom and the fire and the power of My Spirit will now come to you and come upon you.

September 24, 2012:  Come now, My people, and enter into your chambers. Come now, and hide yourself until the indignation of this season passes by. Hide yourself in a position of righteousness. Hide yourself in a position of safety. Hide yourself under My outstretched wings for surely I shall cover you in this dispensation of judgment. I have provided a safe place for you. My house and My habitation for you will be secure in these days. I call you now to come forth and make your home in a place that you can call spiritual Goshen, a place of protection, a place that I rule over and guard. So, I say now, come into this place. It is a glorious place. It is a place of My presence. It is a place where My world prevails. It is a place of blessing and it is a place of favor for My people, says the Most Holy Lord God Almighty. Be free! Be at liberty!

October 2012 WORDS--

October 1, 2012:  I’m calling to you today. This is a moment in time when the depth of My Spirit calls to the depth of your spirit. It is a time of preparation, a time of expectation. Indeed, it is a new era. I am bringing forth the power of My church and it shall be seen and it shall be witnessed in the whole of the earth. For, many do not think I have a people, but I say to you that I have always had a people. I’ve had a few hidden away here in small places, a few hidden away there in small places. But, My voice is now calling to those who belong to Me, calling you out of the world, calling you out of the power of your own self destruction, calling you into the kingdom of light and life. I am calling you to walk with angels and to see beyond the natural. For, I have opened wide the double doors on the valley of vision and I am sending My people forth that you may see, hear and understand Me and My purposes for each one in this time frame. Let the hallelujah’s rise up within your spirit in the night vision. Let the amen’s come forth as I come to bear witness to your spirit. Do not deny Me for you belong to Me. You have been bought with a price, the price of the blood of Christ. You do not belong to the world. You are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood. You are those who have been saved for this, the end of the age, so that I can demonstrate through you the power of My kingdom, says the Holy Lord God Almighty.

October 8, 2012:  I come today, says the Lord, to lead you in the paths of righteousness. The ancient paths will lead to the top of the mountain where Zion is established; where the hills are pouring forth the goodness of My presence. And, out of that goodness My provision will come, My healing will come and My presence will come. For, you are living in a time where the glory of the kingdom is to be made manifest. And, in this glory of My kingdom you shall be forever changed. For, it is written that you will be changed from glory to glory into the image of the Son of God. And, no matter what the price is that you pay, whether it is affliction, sickness, or heartache, no matter what it is at the end of the journey you will be able to say, it was well worth it. It was well worth walking in the Spirit of God. It was well worth standing in faith, contending for the faith and rising up to be one with your Maker. You will say, "It was well worth it", and I will say to you, “Well done My good and faithful servant.”

October 9, 2012:  No longer will poverty capture or hold My people. For, the Lord says, it is My intention to be an absolute provider for those who follow Me. No longer will the enemy steal from you the possibilities and the opportunities that I have in mind for you. For, I am the one who owns provision in this land. It is Mine to give and I shall give it abundantly, and I shall bring it forth into the places where it is needed. I am the Lord God Almighty and no one shall withhold My goodness from My chosen.

October 15, 2012:  I have set those in this earth, those who are My psalmists, and they shall establish a flow, a flow of My river among My people, a flow that will help My people come higher, a flow of My presence. Because their songs come from heaven and their songs are anointed, they shall indeed impact you and bring you into what I am doing. So when you hear the sound of heaven impacting your heart and when you hear the sound of heaven coming upon you embrace it and let it do its work. Let it bring peace to your soul, let it bring joy to your heart and let it bring healing to your body. Let the Spirit of the Lord flow in the sound that I am bringing forth as promised. For such a time as this embrace My sound, says the Lord Most Holy.

October 22, 2012:  I am the Lord God Most Holy, and I come to you this day to touch you, to bring you to a place of remembrance that I, by Myself, visit My people with Holy Fire to bring you higher and to bring you beyond the journey that you have been on. I will bring you into the valley of vision that you might see and understand My purpose in this season. Come with faith, come to receive, come and be refreshed, renewed, restored, and healed. Let My Spirit burn in your spirit and let that fire transform you and take you beyond the natural. Let it take you into the supernatural realm, and let it happen now, says the Lord.

October 29, 2012:  Come on into the Holy Place. The fires are burning brightly. The wind of My Spirit is blowing upon that fire. For, I am bringing forth a fire in this land that shall never be forgotten. My glorious church will arise. The glory that you bring to God Almighty will be consumed by the fire and your sacrifices will be received as you come to Me, says the Lord. I am bringing forth a revival that shall be spoken of in eternity. The demonstration of that which I am about to do shall be so great, so grand and so glorious that it cannot be forgotten. For, it will be indeed the greatest of revivals. My beloved shall come forth transformed, translated into the kingdom of your Holy God.

November 2012 WORDS--

November 13, 2012:  Have you noticed that the spiritual climate of your nation has changed, America?  This is because the trauma of the election is over.  For those who are disappointed with the results, you must now refocus, or a spirit of heaviness and dread will continue to pursue you.  Here is the truth of the matter:  You do not live spiritually in the kingdom of the world, which is under the rule of satan.  You live in the Kingdom of Heaven.  You are a citizen of the Kingdom of God, and you are living in a time when the kingdoms of this world are becoming the kingdoms of our Lord.  Revelation 11:15  Then the seventh angel sounded: And there were loud voices in heaven, saying, "The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever!"

The national election is past, but I am now calling for a kingdom election.  Just as the nation voted, so you must also vote.  You must choose whom you will now serve.   Joshua 24:15  "And if it seems evil to you to serve the LORD, choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD."

You are living in the end times, and all things will take place as it is written in My Word.  2 Peter 1:10  Therefore, brethren, be even more diligent to make your call and election sure, for if you do these things you will never stumble.

November 26, 2012:  I have brought you into the kingdom, for such a time as this, that you might grow exceedingly and abundantly beyond all that you can imagine or think of as My work is being developed and demonstrated in you. For, I am the Lord of glory. I am about to bring you into the glory of the end of the age. Strengthen yourself. When I call to you be ready. When I send, you go. When I say to you, sit down, please do so. When I say arise and go forth, do that as well. Understand that in this season I will make Myself known to you in ways that you have not known Me before. So, arise to the task and allow your faith to soar. This is a time when the greatest of My people shall arise to their positions of glory and demonstration by the power of faith, says the Lord.

December 2012 WORDS--

December 3, 2012:  I am indeed releasing a wave of grace.   My grace is sufficient for you. Arise and run to the battle. Set the standard. Believe the word of the Lord. Dress yourself fully in the armor of God and defeat the enemy that is against you. For, you are designed for victory. I will help you. I will bring you through to triumph every time if you will only believe and establish My work in your life. You shall become extraordinary in this season, says the Lord God.

December 10, 2012:  The time of the eagle has come.  I am raising up true prophets who will have eagle vision, and they will see and speak of that which I show them.  No longer will My Church want for true prophetic voices.  No longer will they listen to false words.  My people will now become supernatural and will not be deceived by the voices of compromise.  You are My eagles.  Rise up now and take flight and soar above the calamity of this world, says the Lord.  Psalm 103:2-5  Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits:  Who forgives all your iniquities, Who heals all your diseases, Who redeems your life from destruction, Who crowns you with lovingkindness and tender mercies, Who satisfies your mouth with good things, so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's.

December 17, 2012:  Indeed these are the days of perplexity. They are dangerous days. They are days when you can stray from the path I have established before you. For, did I not mention that it would be possible for the very elect to be deceived in the end of the age? And, the way you avoid that possibility is by staying close to Me, walking with Me, talking with Me. Surely, I have stated absolutely that My sheep hear My voice. So, listen for the sound of My voice. Listen for the prompting of the Holy Spirit, who will lead and guide you, and establish your feet firmly on the path that I have established for you, says the Lord.

December 24, 2012:  I know the path that you have walked upon. I know the circumstances that you have dealt with. I have been with you, therefore I have seen. I know, and I understand the things that you wrestle with, the dilemmas that you have gone through, and the questions you have asked. I know your worst fears and I know your faith. Today I have come to encourage you. Those things you have worried about, those things that you are anxious about are known to Me, and this day as you release them to Me, I will deal with them. I will bring you through the valley of the shadow of death and bring you into the place of wisdom and knowledge. There are things that you must have understanding of so that you can proceed in an absolute faith and trust in Me, says the Lord God. I will bring you to a place of clarity with regard to things that concern you. Be at peace in this season, says the Lord God.

December 31, 2012:  I am coming to you in greater measure and clarity than you have ever experienced, says the Lord. I will come to you in night visions. I will come to you in dreams. I will come to you in daytime visions. I will come to you when you are praying. I will come to you when you are meditating on My word. And, I will begin to reveal to you the hidden mysteries that have been saved for this time. I have some things to teach you and to show you. Get ready, for My work is about to be demonstrated in you, says the Most Holy. Watch! Learn! Listen! Obey! For, you shall be well pleased with the demonstration of My power that comes flowing into your life like a mighty rushing river; like a wind that is blowing through the tops of the trees. Listen for My voice, for My truth will set you free.





January 4, 2011:  Is it not written that in the last days I will pour My spirit out upon all flesh?  And, are you not living in the last days and are you not made of flesh?  Therefore what hinders you and keeps you from receiving this fresh baptism that I am pouring forth?   The fire of My word, My water and My wind will now come upon My people.  I say, you need this -- this fresh baptism of My fire that will come and burn out the old, the doubt, the hindered faith, and the sins that keep you from Me.  This is the fire that I send upon you even as I did in days long gone by; even as it was on the day of Pentecost when My fire came upon My beloved and upon My church.  And, were they not forever changed?  Did they not then begin to flow in the power of My kingdom?  So I offer this to you, My people, in this season as those who dwell within My kingdom that are hungry; and those who dwell within my kingdom who are seeking and asking and knocking.  For it shall be given unto you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over in this season, says the Lord. 

January 10, 2011:  I say to you, examine the nonsense in your thinking.  For I say, indeed, many of you are occupied with nonsense.   But, I would have you choose to believe and receive that which I am bringing and imparting rather than leaning on your own understanding.  Reflect on and examine your thoughts, attitudes and  motives.  Then, turn your eyes upon the heavenlies and the glory that I am releasing and the revelation of My purposes.  My purposes for you are not to muddle around in the things of the world, but for you to ascend on high and live in the realm of heavenly experience.  For the kingdom itself is now demanding that you live within self-restraint.  You must now begin to live the Christian life in a new and profound way, in a glorious way; thinking upon heavenly things, and upon those things which I have spoken to you rather than being absorbed in the trauma of your own life or in judgmentalism, jealousy or the tribulation that your negative thinking brings you into.  So rise and come higher, says the Lord, and let the wind of My Spirit move you, and let the anointing of My word perfect you, says the Lord.

January 17, 2011:  Rise up in to battle, My beloved, for victory is assured.  It has been declared that My word will not return void.  I have given you power to defeat the enemy of your soul, the one who accuses you, taunts you, and lies to you.  He will be defeated, so take hold.  But do more than that; rise up and ride on the wind of My Spirit and ride upon the power of My word.  Rise up and allow the victory that is about to unfold, to become yours by faith.  Call forth those things which you cannot yet see.  Do so by faith and declare the victory for surely it shall come unto you, says the Lord Most High.

January 24, 2011: I say unto you, My people, if you will learn to develop the art of thanksgiving you will become a true worshiper. You'll become one who worships in truth and in spirit, says the Lord. For the Father is looking for such in these days, and I will have a people who praise Me, worship Me, and give the sacrifice of thanksgiving. I will again have a people who shout from the house tops that the Lord is good and His goodness is running throughout the land. For, in these days it must be that My people know Me, and they shall know Me in the power of their thanksgiving. It is written that I inhabit the praises of My people and I will do so and will become one with them in this the season of ongoing and continuing thanksgiving, says the Lord God.

January 31, 2011:  Come a little higher, says the Lord, for I have called you to be creatures of the heavenlies, no longer bound to the earth.  Come, for the glory of My kingdom cannot be fully understood upon the earth.  So, I say unto you come up into the light of the glory of this season, for you will not be disappointed by the things I show you, nor will you be powerless as many have perceived.  For you are a people who dwell in the power of the kingdom, and the manifestation of My kingdom is about to take place in a greater way than you can even imagine, says the Most Holy.  For I shall come and demonstrate Myself in the land.  I shall come even in the night time and whistle for your presence.  As I call you forth through the sound of My voice then I shall empower you, and impart to you the heavenly gifts that cause you to be more than mere men.  You are joint heirs with the Christ, the resurrection power of this age.  Come and drink fully of My Spirit for the word of truth shall come forth in power and in greatness. 


February 14, 2011:  So come and arise My children and let your light shine. Receive the revelation of this hour.  Arise to your place within the kingdom, where your understanding is nourished by My presence.  When I bring the revelation of the times and the seasons in which you live, it is not only to give you life but it is to prepare the path that is before you that you may walk on this path with great joy.  You know that when I establish a path before you that I will direct you to where your destiny is fulfilled.  Do not worry about what is behind you for I am your rear guard.  I have not only protected that which is before you but I have protected that which is behind you.   You will come to a position of clarity and revelation and the understanding that I am indeed with you preparing the way that leads into the glory of the kingdom.   I am calling unto you today to make your way nearer and closer to Me than you have ever been before, says the Lord. 

February 21, 2011:  Come My people and hide yourselves even for a moment, from time to time, that I may refresh and renew you.  For in this hidden place of the heart you shall be renewed and refreshed.  In the hidden place of your inner room I shall come and we shall have sweet communion together.  And out of this communion shall come the blessing of the kingdom.  I will teach you how to walk in the Spirit; how to know the voice of the Spirit; how to perceive the signs of the Spirit.  Out of this place My glory shall flow, even as a river, says the Most High.  So come.  Come and enjoy; partake and be one with Me, says the Almighty.  For judgment comes upon the world in these days, even as you have been able to see.  But you have only seen the tip of the ice berg.  But you, My beloved, will find yourselves hidden from even the worst turmoil and greatest attack of the enemy.  Come this day and make My place a place of safety, provision and protection, says the Lord God. 

February 28, 2011:  Your natural eyes will deceive you because things are not always as they seem.  Things are not always as you see them.  Things are and do exist in My spiritual realm, and those are the things that are true.  I would have you see beyond the things of the world, so that you no longer look through natural eyes, but look through the eyes of faith.  Begin to overcome those things that are set against you by the power of your faith.  Your faith will sustain you in these days; it will keep you and be the avenue by which you receive your provision, says the Most High.

March 2011 WORDS --

March 1, 2011:  I am coming to you today as the wind, the water, the fire and as the rain -- a habitation of My glory, so that you will flourish in My kingdom and no longer be distraught, condemned or oppressed.  I come to you to set you free and to call you forth into glory.  I am calling you to lay aside all that hinders you and to come by faith to receive that which I am doing.  I am sending you a fresh spiritual atmosphere that brings forth the baptism of My Holy Spirit upon you.  Come with expectation, with joy, peace and faith.  Come and receive.  No longer hold yourself from the water; no longer hide from the wind; no longer disallow the fire.  Come rather and enjoy the fullness of My expression and the fullness of who I am in you.  For, it is written that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit; the Spirit of the living God; the God who transforms you, empowers you, helps you, keeps you in the Way and reveals His kingdom to you.  Come and learn.  Come and live.  Come and walk in My presence this day, says the Lord God.

March 2, 2011:  To some, the Lord would say, there is an ember of coal burning within your heart.  It is only an ember, a little brightness.  But, I say unto you stir up, stir up those coals and let the fire burn.  Stir up.  Call upon the wind of God to blow on that small ember that is within you and bring it to a flame; bring the fire to a fullness. 

Blow wind blow.  Blow upon that coal and bring the fire alive.  Once again set your people ablaze with your glory.  In the mighty name of Jesus let it all happen.  Amen.
March 7, 2011:  Arise today you children of light.  Come forth in the faith of this season.  For I have declared a spiritual season of jubilee; a season which you shall be set free from all bondage; a season which you shall be restored and that which you have possessed shall be returned to you.  So come with faith, hope and expectation.  Come to receive for I have come to give.  And if I, your Lord, come with gifts to give will you not receive them?  Will you not believe them?  And will you not allow Me to place them in your hand, says the Most Holy.  Many of you have been through dark valleys; you have fought oppression and depression.  The circumstances of your life have not been fun.  The enemy has attacked.  Sickness has even come.  But I say to you arise to victory.   Many of you know the valley of Baca, that place of weeping.  You know the dark night of the soul.  You know the places that Satan has held you in bondage, and in those places of bondage the thought of freedom has escaped you.  But, I am greater than the evil one for I have come to destroy the bondage’s he has placed upon you and I will break the prison doors open and lead you out in to the light and glory of My kingdom.  For this purpose I have come--to destroy the works of the devil that have been set against you and to lead you forth in to the glory My kingdom, says the Lord.

March 14, 2011:  In the pattern of My word I have shown you the way.  My call to you will be to come and walk upon the River of God where it is full to over flowing.  And wherever the river goes it will bring life.   Wherever you go, with the flow of that river, you will experience the fullness of My kingdom in manifestation upon the face of My creation.  So come.  Let Me take you deeper.  Come on; don’t stay where you are.  I’m giving you opportunity to be more than you’ve ever been before, says the Lord.

March 22, 2011:  I would have My people to once again be a people of faith.  My challenge to you now is to begin to walk in an absolute faith that refuses double-mindedness and negativity; a faith that refuses to allow the enemy to gain the victory over you. So rise up, you people of faith, for it is by faith that you overcome the world. It is by faith that you enter into a fullness of life in the kingdom of My Son, says the Most High.  Come forth in faith and walk in the power of it.  Demonstrate the kingdom and manifest the supernatural and the fullness of that which I am doing.  Begin to decree and to declare and to write a thing, for as it is written it is released in to the heavenlies and it shall come forth as My word and My word does not return to Me void, says the Lord. 

March 28, 2011:  The Lord says, I have come to give you a life of joy, peace and blessings that are exceedingly above and beyond anything that you could imagine or think. I have come to give you life everlasting. My life alive within your life will manifest as truth that shall set you free. You will uncover the treasures of darkness, and those things hidden in obscure places as only a few have pressed in to. You are about to become a supernatural church; a church to whom the mysteries of God have been given. I encourage you to come up higher. In this elevation of spirit you will know those things which are to come, and you will know those things that are present around you in the realm of the spirit. And, yes, I will even lead you through the valley of vision and into the fullness of that which I have prepared for you. So, come. Cast off the restraints and unshackle yourselves. March forward with hope and expectation. Come with boldness before My throne, says the Lord, and abide in My presence where all things become possible. For these things have been given to you to know and to understand the fullness of the mysteries that have been concealed. I am waiting for you to discover these truths; to find these secrets; to uncover the treasures of darkness and the richness of this life in Christ Jesus, says the Lord God Almighty.

April 2011 WORDS --

April 4, 2011:  In a vision I saw the Lord throwing rescue ropes to those who are bound, those who are stuck.  And I heard Him say, so your are stuck--let Me help you.  Take hold of that which I am giving you.  Take hold of the life line and I will pull you out.   I will bring you through.  Take hold of that which I am offering.  The name of this line is freedom, liberty and glory.  Take hold.  Hold fast because I am going to pull.

April 11, 2011:  In this season I will bring your inheritance to light within your spirit.  For the kingdom of God is yours.  The kingdom of God that has been preached is yours.  The kingdom promises that have been set forth in My word are yours to receive and yours to possess.  So rise up this day out of your weakness, out of your fear, out of your lack of faith, and say, what God has given to me I will choose this day to make mine by believing in His righteousness, in His goodness and in the power of His word. 

April 18, 2011: I heard, today, God asking us rhetorical questions.  Where are you?  Are you living in the feast of this hour?  For He would say it is time, My children, for you to arise to your kingdom position.   Move forth into the flow of My mighty river and the power of My glorious fire.  Let it burn.  Let it become a beacon of light in this world.  Let the fire of a consuming God prepare you, for that which is coming, says the Lord Most High. 

April 25, 2011: Celebrate The Cross.  Celebrate the resurrection.  Celebrate My kingdom, for it has been given to each one of you individually to live in the strength and power of it.  I have accomplished My work in the earth and now it is yours to take up; yours to receive; yours to live by; yours to prosper by; yours to be healed by; yours to have victory over all the works of the enemy by.   Through the power of My blood and the power of resurrection you are indeed a chosen generation, a holy priesthood.  It is written that you shall do greater works than I did on the earth, My children.  But it will only come as you are willing to live in resurrection power.  So come with faith and thanksgiving in your heart, and live in the glory of My covenant for it is one of victory, says the Lord.


May 2011 WORDS --

May 2, 2011:  I speak to you, My people, today, and I encourage you to sow the seeds of the Jubilee. For when the Jubilee comes there is a profoundness, a reality that is spiritual, by way of revelation that reveals who I am and reveals My goodness to My people. For in the understanding of this, the special Jubilee in this season, you will have the understanding that I choose to bless you according to your obedience and your faith. I choose to bless you with abundance even during these disastrous times that plague this earth. So rise up today with new hope; walk in the power of this day and in the power of a prophetic culmination of those words which have been spoken. In fact, those words will establish a spiritual atmosphere that you can abide in, that you can be renewed in, that you can be blessed in, says the Most Holy.

May 9, 2011:  I say to you, My people, have you ears to hear?  And, if you have heard then you know the season in which you live, and you will know the time of elevation that is at hand.  I am calling across the land, and I am searching to and fro, and I am bringing forth a people who will see and know the reality of My kingdom.  They will show many the path that leads to life and the trail that leads to Zion.  They themselves will lead those that are lost along the way and those that are floundering in the tragedy of a mixed doctrine.  For purity and truth shall flow forth.  Is it not written that mercy and truth will kiss.  Indeed, when truth comes, My mercy abounds in the land.  And, it is for this reason that I give you this opportunity to have eagle vision and have yourselves a greater level of communication in the Spirit than ever you have had before.  So, encourage yourself and rise up and fulfill your destiny.  Become a watchman on the wall of this season so that you may see, hear, and know the reality of My soon coming, says the Lord God Almighty.  Rise up.

May 16, 2011:  Arise again, My people.  For, is it not written that I will make you again another vessel--a stronger vessel?   I, Myself, will bring the touch of My hand upon your shoulder and empower you with greater authority than ever you have walked in.  I will bring you to a higher level of faith than ever before.  You are the mighty men of this season; the worshipping warriors that go forth to defeat the works of the enemy.   Come forth and declare the victory even before you can see the results of the battle.  For I say that when you declare the victory beforehand it is a manifestation of faith.  That faith releases My power, My goodness, and My strength.  It will move you to greater heights.  So, rise up and receive that which I am doing, says the Lord.

May 23, 2011:  I hear the Lord saying, arise from the place where you have been seated. Arise and come into the place that I have for you. Come and let us reason together. Come and take a little journey with Me for the journey will be both challenging and satisfying. This journey is going to be a spiritual experience that you have never walked through before. So, come in the power of this day. Come in this anointing. Come with the presence of My hand upon your shoulder. I will lead you and guide you and take you in to this place in the fulfillment of your destiny, says the most Holy One.

May 24, 2011:  Be encouraged and learn to live in the moment, for as you learn the art of living in the moment and seeking My face, that moment will become a treasure to you rather than a judgment. It will become a blessing to you rather than a curse to you. I am seeking those who are Mine, and they must be found seeking My kingdom first. If you do not learn to live in the moment, the signs that I provide, the instruction that I desire to impart to you, and the blessing of that moment will all pass you by and the opportunity will be gone. So, become spiritually awake to such an extent that you are living in present reality. Make sure in this season that you take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves, says the Lord.

May 30, 2011:  I say to you, My beloved, that My eyes are searching the land for those who have hearts after Me. And, I am searching for those who are seekers of My presence and of the spiritual understanding of My word. I am seeking after the seers--those who will see in the realm of the Spirit. I am releasing the anointed ones; My holy ones that will become My army that shall arise and go forth in power. There shall never be a generation like them again, for they shall be a final generation, a glorious generation, and a generation that will receive their commands from the Lord of Hosts. They shall be sent forth to accomplish My purposes. So I say, recognize that this indeed is the end of the age and it is the prelude to those things to come that will bring devastation upon the earth. Therefore, position yourself by faith this day and dedicate yourself to Me for My purposes, says the Lord.

June 2011 WORDS --

June 6, 2011:  I hear the sound of the trumpet of the Master calling to those who are His to come up higher. This is the way, says the Lord; come up to your God. This is the way--reach out to Him who is able to empower you with the authority of His word. This is the way of victory. This is the way of prosperity. This is the way to understand the kingdom of God. This is the way to truth, to effervescent life and to the glory of your God. This is the way of faith. Let your faith arise now for you to become who you are called to be. I am calling you into faith; into life; into joy; into peace; out of sickness into health; out of poverty into prosperity.  For I, the Lord God, call those things that are not as though they were.

June 13, 2011:  Be healed, My people, and rise up. For I am among you to bring forth the present reality of My perfection within. I am among you to heal your body, soul and spirit and to renew your faith. I have come this day to shake you and to remove those things that have hindered you. In the process of this shaking I will impart to you the glory that is written of; the glory that is demanded by the whole of creation; the glory that I have purposed to bring forth upon My people. For it is written and it shall be so that I will bring forth the manifestation of the sons of God, those who come to the truth of My reality, of My kingdom, and of My presence upon them. So rise up and declare your freedom. Rise up and declare your victory. Rise up and receive that which I am doing this day among you and upon each one of you, says the Lord.

June 20, 2011:  I hear His voice say come! Come on. Don’t hesitate any longer. How long will you falter?  For, these are the days of truly entering into the most holy. These are the days of the coming forth of My beloved. So, when you read My word and it says the door has been opened to you and the key of David has been given, then understand you have been equipped along the way as you have walked with Me. This equipping is reaching a fullness that you do not yet understand and possibly do not even see yet. But, out of the fires of your circumstances you have come forth, even as the three Hebrew children came--they came forth from the fires of destruction without even the smell of smoke upon them. Even in these days it shall be so for you.   These things are written for your admonition. They are told again and again to strengthen you.   As you read My word, the word becomes power within you. And, as you dwell in My Spirit, the Spirit imparts power and brings it forth in your life, which will indeed become a river of God that runs fully through you. This river will bring life and strength to you. It will bring the glory of the kingdom into manifestation. I am inviting you to dwell in that place of glory with Me, says the Lord.

June 27, 2011:  On your behalf I speak to adversity, for I the Lord come to bring the power of My voice over the power that has come against you. For, I have been given all authority, and by that authority I speak over your life that you may be totally free from all adversity, oppression, depression, fear, anxiety and worry.  When I am with you, you cannot be defeated. I speak into your life--peace be still. And, there will come a great calm and a great benefit. No longer allow yourself to sit down in the very pit and doldrums of failure, but arise to new heights. As the sun rises each day, arise and shine for you are the people of light; the children of light and the glory of My kingdom upon the earth.  It is time for you to come to a new understanding of who you are in Me and who I am in you. It is time for you to feel the power of My wind upon you; the power of the wind that flows through your mind and regenerates your spirit. Come this day and receive a fresh baptism and allow the wind of My Spirit to move you and to lift you. Come and fly with Me, says the Lord.

July 2011 WORDS --

July 4, 2011:  I am going to make you, My people, vessels of honor. I am going to establish you as the people who can carry the glory of My presence. When that glory becomes a reality to you the manifestation of My gifts will flow from you like a river. I say, the glory is coming. The only question is whether you will carry it or not. This carrying of My glory will be as a result of your desire, your faith and the positioning of yourself before Me to do what I call you to do. The world will indeed see a chosen generation of priests who reveal the glory of My kingdom. The church is to be the manifestation of My glory, a light, a city set upon a hill, says the Lord God.

July 18, 2011:  Angels are on the move, for there is a stirring in the heavenlies as well as upon the earth. It is now time for the glorious church to arise. It is now time for you to be overcomers and more than conquerors. It is time for the kingdom of God to manifest more fully in your life than ever you have experienced. It is now the time of rejuvenation and restoration. It is the time that I have appointed and am now bringing it to pass. Warring spirits are coming in to do battle with you and to be with you so you can defeat the enemy. All of heaven has waited for this moment and this process to begin--where angelic forces join forces with God’s creation, the men and women of the earth, that victory might flow forth; that victory might be yours; that victory shall become an overflowing stream that shall flow forth into the world; that victory will so manifest in your life so that you will never again be afraid, worried, or consider the dilemma of your circumstances. If you need healing, it shall come. If you need provision, it shall come. If you need revival, it shall come. I am pouring out kingdom glory upon the earth. I am preparing you for the year that is ahead of you, for My divine government shall come into manifestation and My rule shall be found among My people, says the Lord.

July 25, 2011:  Let God arise and His enemies be scattered. Let the Holy One of Israel come into the camp of His people. And, may it be that as He comes He brings to you the understanding of His love, His peace, and His joy. And, in all of this My people your faith will be quickened and come to a higher place than it has ever been before. In the quickening of your faith, My glorious church will arise to its position on the earth. And, out of that place of glory will flow the righteousness, power, glory, healing, and provision of Christ. All things that you, My people, need will be presented to you. For, I own the cattle and the gold and the silver. I will distribute to each one that which you need or desire. I am the Holy One and I watch over you. Have you forgotten that I am the Shepherd that leads you beside the still waters and beside the green pastures? Have you forgotten that I have gone before you and made the way smooth? Have you forgotten that I have prepared the paths of your destiny and the fulfilling of that destiny as you walk on the path of life? Do not forget My benefits, says the Lord. And, do not forget that I am leading and guiding you. Do not forget these things, for surely you shall prevail. Write a book of remembrance that describes My goodness, says the Lord.

August 2011 WORDS --

August 1, 2011:  Rise up today from the dead ashes of religion and religious concepts and precepts that bring failure after failure upon your life.  Rise up into a new hope, into a new place where you have understanding of who I am. I am God who is for you and with you. I empower you and carry you to victory. I am for you, My dear children, and you must understand that the enemy cannot win.  Understand that his weapons are useless against you. So, I say, activate your faith and dare to believe that all things are possible to the those who believe. Dare to believe that I am for you. Dare to believe that I am with you. Dare to believe that I am empowering you so that you can live the victorious life, says the Lord.

August 8, 2011:  Rise up My people. Walk the path that is set before you. For, indeed, in these days I will reveal to you the path that leads to life, prosperity, health, provision and to freedom. For, I am the Lord of Hosts, and I shine My light upon that which is being prepared for you. I enable you to walk so that you may experience the goodness of the kingdom of the living God. You are My chosen generation; holy priests, true worshippers, the guiding light that this world needs to see. So, rise up and shake off the dust of the world. Shake off that which has brought failure and discouragement to you. Rise up as the child of God and say, "I will walk this new path. I will walk on this path in the goodness of your glory. In Jesus name, let it be so."

August 15, 2011:  Go forth with great joy, My people, for indeed these are the days of the manifestation of My kingdom. In these days the reality of a supernatural church will begin to be understood in the land and will be according to My purposes. It is My will that My people live in the glory that I bring, and out of that glory will come the supernatural manifestation which you have desired, and that reality will establish you in a greater measure of faith than ever before. I am calling you to arise and come forth into kingdom purpose, says the Lord God Almighty.

August 22, 2011:  Come now My children into a perfect truth, a present truth of that which I am doing. For, in the days that are before you that lead from this point until the time that you call The Feasts of Tabernacles, there will be an outflow, overflow, an infusion of My Spirit in such magnitude that it will elevate you in the kingdom of the Most Holy, to a place where your feet will be like hinds feet in high places. Your eyes will be open that you may see, observe and understand the reality of My kingdom in ways that you have not yet experienced, for these are the days of revelation. These are the days of the anointing of My Spirit that rests upon you that breaks the yoke of every bondage. The anointing will pave the way before you so that you will not stumble, and you will have no doubt. You will walk on this path, and in your excitement of it, great things will be accomplished by you, My people, says the Lord of Hosts. Enjoy the journey. Walk in faith.

August 23, 2011:  I hear the Lord saying that there are some of you that need to cleanse your dwelling place. You need to sanctify it again even as they sanctified the temple in the days of old. Cleanse the spiritual atmosphere. Anoint the windows and the doors and forbid Satan’s intrusion. For many of you works of darkness have been designed against you, which have allowed their access. So, I say, establish again your sanctuary, your place of protection by the anointing, that breaks the yoke of that which Satan has desired to send. Break curses, cast them down, and remove every evil presence from your establishment by the anointing oil and your faith in Christ Jesus. Sanctify the people, the house and even your car, if necessary--whatever God leads you to do. This announcement doesn’t make Satan very happy because he’s been found out. If you have been having trouble, things have been going wrong and breaking down, then it is time to clean up.

August 29, 2011:  I hear the Lord saying receive your victory today. Do not wait for it to come when necessary, but receive your victory this moment. Reach out by faith and allow Me to bring the victory that is before you that can be yours this day without the waiting. And when this victory comes to your heart there will come the sound of rejoicing within. Your faith will cause your spirit man to rejoice, even before that which you need comes. So, I encourage you to receive by faith the victory that you require this moment. The just walk by faith, believe and receive by faith, says the Most High.

September 2011 WORDS --

September 5, 2011:  Arise, My people, and come forth from the darkness.  indeed these last days are evil days and darkness prevails throughout the land.  It is time for you to rise and shine for your light has come and Christ, the Resurrected One, has given you light.   I will touch you, teach you, lead you, and cause your light to shine brightly in these days.   You also will become the light of the world.  Do not hide the light that you have under a basket.  For the light that shines through you will become a beacon to others.  They will find themselves coming out of the darkness and into the light—the light that shines upon you and through you.  So, do not discount the power of that light.  Become that which has been written about you, says the Lord. 

September 12, 2011:  Arise My children for it is time for you to rise and shine in the kingdom of the Father. It is time for you to be fully equipped. I have been teaching you, leading you, and guiding you. Now it is the time of application. It is time for you to apply that which you have learned. Begin to apply by faith My word to every circumstance. Learn to apply by faith the words that I give you so that they will become a light unto your path. Let your faith now arise and come higher. Begin to exercise that spiritual muscle that I have given to you. Learn to walk by faith and believe with a faith that is greater than you have ever exercised before. Your faith will come by hearing and by hearing the word of the Lord and your faith will work through the love of Jesus Christ. Allow faith to become the substance of the things that you hope for. Let is become the evidence of that which you cannot perceive or see. Allow it to become a witness to you that I am indeed with you and I will bring you through to victory as you walk with Me in this season of Glory, says the Lord.

September 19, 2011:  Well, what are you waiting for, My people?  Have I not spoken to you? Have I not come to you? Have you not felt the stirring and the moving in the Spirit of the living God? Do you not understand that these are unique times, that these are great times? These times will bring forth the manifestation of My presence and My kingdom. Therefore, I say again, why do you wait? Rise up and take your position in the kingdom. Rise up with your faith and reach out to receive. Rise up and write your destiny upon the spiritual fabric of your existence. Come forth in this hour. Do not wait any longer. The glory of My kingdom is being poured out in a greater dimension than you have ever witnessed, says the Lord God Almighty.

September 26, 2011:  I hear the Lord say, rise up My people. Weave for yourself new garments in this season, for the kingdom of God is at hand. The glory of that kingdom shall become a covering to you and to those with whom you walk. So cast off the old, forgetting those things which are behind, run the race quickly to that which is ahead. Come into this newness of time and into this season with strength, joy and peace. Most of all come with a glorious expectation of My goodness, My presence and My power. For, surely I am the Lord your God who forgives all of your iniquities, heals all of your diseases, and provides all those things necessary for you. So arise to a new position of faith today and call those things, which are not as those they were. Retain your joy and I say again rejoice. For, I have not left you, I have not forgotten you, or forsaken you. And, it is true that I will be with you always to lead and to guide you; to empower you and to teach you the things that pertain to the kingdom of God. For such is the time and such is the season. Come forth, My beloved, and be what you have been called to be, says the Lord.

October 2011 WORDS --

October 3, 2011:  I prophesy to you that the Feast of Trumpets will birth a new season that will come into full manifestation and go forth in great strength into 2012.  This will be the beginning of God’s government becoming very, very apparent to us.  The blessings of that government will come when we are living under His rule.  We are equipped by those things that He gives to us and made ready to go all the way into this new thing that God is going to do.  You don’t want to miss out on it.

Purpose in yourself to get in on that which God is going to do.  Establish yourself in that understanding, knowing full well that the Day of the Lord comes into manifestation through His divine government.  You will see it.  You will know how to live in t.  You will know how to operate in it.  You will know exactly what that means for you individually, and then you can go from glory to glory into the purposes of God who knows all things and brings forth prophetic destiny by the power of His Spirit. 

Come now, My children, into a perfect truth, a present truth of that which I am doing. For, in the days that are before you that lead from this point until the time that you call The Feasts of Tabernacles, there will be an outflow, overflow, an infusion of My Spirit in such magnitude that it will elevate you in the kingdom of the Most Holy, to a place where your feet will be like hinds feet in high places. Your eyes will be open that you may see, observe and understand the reality of My kingdom in ways that you have not yet experienced, for these are the days of revelation. These are the days of the anointing of My Spirit that rests upon you that breaks the yoke of every bondage. The anointing will pave the way before you so that you will not stumble, and you will have no doubt. You will walk on this path, and in your excitement of it, great things will be accomplished by you, My people, says the Lord of Hosts. Enjoy the journey. Walk in faith.

Go forth with great joy, for indeed these are the days of the manifestation of My kingdom.  In these days the reality of a supernatural church will begin to be understood in the land and will be according to My purposes, says the Lord.  It is My will for My people to live in the glory of the supernatural realm.  The supernatural events that you desire to see will become a reality, which will establish you in a greater measure of faith than ever before.  So, arise and come forth into kingdom purpose, says the Lord God Almighty.

Walk in faith – kingdom purpose in this season is to bring God’s people into a fullness of faith so that the Kingdom of God can be demonstrated.

October 10, 2011:  Arise today. No longer assume the position of a beggar. Arise as a son of God. Arise to new strength. Arise to a position of new faith. Arise to a position of power and confidence, for such is yours in the kingdom of God. For, My kingdom is a kingdom of strength, a kingdom of power, and kingdom of joy. It is a kingdom in which you should establish your rights; the right to be healed, the right to be provided for, the right to be delivered and the right to receive the strength and joy of the Lord. Allow My peace to become your peace that you may abide in peace in these days of tribulation, in these the days of the heartache of humanity, in these days of the overturning of the power of man and the establishing of the power of the kingdom of the Most Holy. So, arise, My children. Go up now and become the kings of this age, says the Lord.

October 17, 2011:  Let the rain from heaven fall upon you. Let it refresh you. For, in the refreshing of that rain your spirit man will be quickened, your faith will be energized, and you will come to know that My glory is coming in a fresh and new way. There will be an abundance of new life within you. My power will spring up, and the power of My word will become the sword by which you will defeat the enemy. Allow the rain of the Spirit to bring that which is needed. It is time for you, My people, to ask for the rain, in the time of the rain, and this is that time. It is time for you to ask in faith that the water of heaven would fall upon you and bring you out into a bright place; into a place of glory; into a place of My presence; into a place of healing; into a place of restoration and renewal. Let the rain of the Spirit become a river that flows through and around you, says the Lord.

October 23, 2011:  I hear in the spirit the battle cry of the Lord; the Lord of heavens armies; the Lord of Hosts saying, listen, My people, no longer fear that which is coming. No longer be afraid of that which you see or hear on the news. No longer worry about those things that affect you, for indeed, I am the Lord of your glory. I am the Lord that leads you, guides you, and provides for you. I am the Lord God Almighty that goes before you and prepares the path that you will walk on in these days. So the battle that is before you is one of victory, a rallying point in these days. When condemnation comes rally to My flag; rally to the victory. When the attack of the enemy comes against you rally to My banner, for My banner over you is victory. If you will call upon My name and if you will fight the good fight of faith then surely I will be with you in this war. I will cause it to become a war that declares victory is yours, says the Lord.

October 31, 2011:  I would suggest to each of you that you put yourself in a place of faith that will allow you to enter into the secret place to receive that which has been hidden on your behalf.  Seek the treasures of darkness and the hidden riches that I have for you.  No one is excluded.  Everybody is involved.  One treasure that is there for you will be the manifestation of healing power.  If you have received some encouragement, some small portion, stay with it; don't give up on it.  You will get strong and stronger as you go, for I am with you and for you.  I know you.  I know your struggles.  I know what you go through.  I know what you ask and desire.  I know your name and who you are, and you are not a forgotten one.  I am bringing you forth into My kingdom, and My desire is to share with you in a very intimate way, says the Lord.  So, enter into the secret place to get full understanding of who I am in you. 

Psalm 91:1-2  He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.   I will say of the LORD, "He is my refuge and my fortress; My God, in Him I will trust."

Isaiah 45:3 I will give you the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places, that you may know that I, the LORD, Who call you by your name, Am the God of Israel.

November 2011 WORDS --

November 7, 2011:  Open your eyes, My beloved, for I will indeed show you wondrous things in these days. The things that you have yearned for and sought after will indeed become a spiritual reality, which you cannot only grasp, see and hear, but the truth of these matters will be validated by the Spirit, that lives in you, as He confirms that which I am doing in these days, says the Lord. For the mysteries of old, the mysteries that have been hidden, the mysteries that have been set aside for this time will indeed be revealed as you continue to walk in My presence and in My power. In this coming year, as you give yourself to My purposes and willingly live under My divine government, the supernatural and unusual shall begin to manifest in your midst. Miracles will bring transformation that you have longed to see, and the healing power of the Most High will flow like living water among My people. I will make a distinction between those who are Mine and those who are not Mine. The line has been drawn in the sand. Do not cross the line but stand behind it in My purposes, in My power and in My presence.

November 14, 2011:  Receive that which I send. Receive it as a blessing. Receive the sound of the kingdom into your being. Let it mould you and make you into the image of My glory and the presence of My being. Allow Me to do this work in you. For, that which would take place in these days has been determined long ago, says the Lord. These are the days of destiny fulfilled; these are the days of discovery; these are the days in which you, My people, can become what I have spoken of you. My blessings now will be revealed in such magnitude and in such astounding ways that you will find yourself surprised and then surprised again and continuing to be surprised by the Spirit of the Lord, for these are the days of the release of My power.  Rise to the occasion and be all that you can be in these season and time.

November 21, 2011:  I’ve come to you to bring you the revelation of who I am and to establish My true character in your being. It will overhaul your thinking, your concepts, and your mindsets, and it will regenerate in you the seed of the Kingdom, the truth and power of the kingdom. For, you have the ability and the right to be strong in the power of My presence. Allow Me, this moment, to open the eyes of your understanding that you may see that which I am doing with you, in you and around you. Do not be discouraged but allow faith, hope and love to arise in your heart. Remember that I am for you, not against you. I have gone before you and prepared the way so that you may walk on that path of righteousness, and that path leads to victory. I do not condemn you, so do not be disheartened but rise up in a place of knowledge, trust and faith, says the Lord God.

November 28, 2011:  I am with you and I am for you. I have designed a path before you that will lead you forth into the redemptive revelation of My present purposes. And those purposes, My people, will unveil your destiny. In this season you will begin to understand Me in a greater way. I will share with you the hidden manna--the manna that has been set aside for this season and for this time. As you eat the manna of the revelation of who I am it will become your present treasure in these days, says the Lord.

December 2011 WORDS --

December 5, 2011: You have been taught My word, and My ways have been revealed to you by the spirit of truth. You have been equipped by the spirit of power as you have embraced the gifts of the Spirit and have believed that you can operate in these. And now you are entering a time of testing so that you can apply that which you have learned and that which you have received. In this season you can pass the tests that come by using the authority that you have been given.  Luke 10:19 "Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”  These tests will strengthen you and will teach you responsibility and integrity. They will equip you to be more than conquerors and enable you to be overcomers.  This is an important season in which I am preparing My people to become a glorious church. It is a season in which you must live by My prophetic and written word. You must now learn to apply by faith My words to every test, and if you do so, you will have victory and reason for celebration.
Present vision will be established as you embrace the challenges of this season. My people will not perish for a lack of vision in this season. Rejoice and be glad for the time of the victory and the Day of My power is at hand, says the Lord.

December 6, 2011:  Rise up, My people, and thus receive that which I am doing among you. Rise up and receive the power of the most Holy Spirit. Rise up into a heavenly place and no longer be bound to the earth. For, I have opened a door in the heavens. I have created a pathway for you to come. And, surely, if you walk upon this pathway you will be given entrance into the glory of My kingdom. You shall be allowed to walk in the valley of vision and the vision that I show you will forever change you. Rise to believe that you will be victorious in every situation and every circumstance. Arise and receive the power of this age, says the Lord God.

December 12, 2011:  I have chosen you for such a time as this to walk in the power of My presence and in victory. For, I have come to raise an army, a glorious army, the likes of which has never been before. For, they shall rise up and run in the power of the Most Holy to defeat the enemy. I am calling to you now. I am calling to you to be restored and to recover the gift of My love, joy and peace.  Beloved, even as this year has passed by, there stands one before you, the summary and the power of which, at this point, is unknown and unbelievable.   But, I call those things which are not as though they were, and you will be astounded at My work. You will be astounded at what I accomplish among My people. It is the day of opportunity and discovery, the day of receiving the blessing of the Lord Most Holy. Renew yourself this day, says the Lord; all things will be possible to him who believes.

December 19, 2011:  I say unto you, truly, truly, that this is the day of recovery, so rise up with hope renewed. Gain access into My goodness. For, surely I will restore that which has been stolen. The process of restoration has come as a part of My ministry. I have come to set My people free, and I continue in the process by restoring them from time to time when it is necessary. Receive today the power of restoration and let the spirit of the living God now invade your spiritual space; let it over take you; let it embrace you. Let the Spirit of God draw you close to the heart of Jesus. Regain this moment, the power of your first love; the power of His presence and your position in God’s kingdom. Regain your position of victory, says the Lord, for surely it is yours.