by Bill Burns

Archive 2010


Enough!  Enough of what you have done, Satan!  For this is indeed the day of My power, and I will bless My people exceedingly abundantly beyond anything they can imagine; beyond anything they can receive.  I will bless them in their store house and in their bodies.  I will cause them to be such a blessing that it cannot be overlooked in this world.  They will be my witnesses in this the end of the time and the people will call them "those are the blessed of the Lord". 
So, I say, get ready for the blessings.  You would say, "what blessings?"  I would say unto you, that which I have in store for you; that which I have in mind for you and not as you think but that which I know you need and that which I shall give.  For you are called Beulah land, the place of blessing; the New Jerusalem, the city of blessing.  For you are called the bride of the Lord, the most Holy.  And, it shall be according to that which I have called you, says the Lord, and not according to that which the enemy has purposed for you.  For he lives under the realm of My authority and when I say 'enough' he knows the meaning of that word and he shall withdraw his purposes and his armies from you, says the Lord. 
Out of the habitation of these years past and out of the dust of those years shall arise one new man, the man of power, a man who is formed in the likeness of Jesus Christ -- those that will operate in the fullness of the strength of the Holy Spirit and through His gifts they shall overcome.  And by the power of His gifts they shall be blessing to others.
I say arise, My children, for this is indeed your finest hour, and My blessings shall be poured out into your lives for you are living in My company; you are living under My outstretched wings; you are living in the time of achievement, the time of announcement, the time of overcoming. and the time of the defeat of the evil one.  For indeed these things are written and they shall come to pass even as My word has declared. 
My authority I give unto you.  It is the authority that has been contended for and brought opposition in to your life.  It is the power of the kingdom in manifestation.  You know that you walk in this authority and know that you are suppose to have this authority.  But, I say, at this time you shall know the reality of its purpose, says the Lord.  For indeed even the angels wait to see what you will do with this authority -- this authority of mine that brings power and stops the rain and brings the rain.  It is the authority that calls peace be still to the waves and the storms of your life and manages victory over all the works of the enemy.  This authority I give unto you, says the Lord.  It will be the focus of My work in the days ahead.
So remember those words that I have spoken to you, "Behold I give unto you authority".  Let those words resound in your spirit; let them strengthen you, empower you and pick you up from where ever you might be.  Behold I give unto you power.  I give unto you authority, says the Lord.  And in the days that follow you shall learn how to use this authority.  You shall learn how to walk in this authority with humility.  You shall learn the strength of it and the purpose of it.  For it is My authority that will cause all things to manifest.  It is My authority that shall regain the kingdoms of this world and cause them to be My kingdom, says the Lord.  So walk in authority. 
My children, stand erect and believe.  Begin again to walk as children of victory -- those who are more than conquerors.  Give no quarter and no place to the enemy.  Walk in such a place of victory that even the world will know that you belong to Me.  Rise up from weakness into strength and from hopelessness to faith.  Let My faith become a reality to you in this time, says the Lord.

January 11, 2010:  This is what I want you to do. Walk in My presence; walk in My glory and power. If you walk in the glory all things will be possible unto you and My anointing will come upon you.  You are a kingdom child, and you will receive all the blessings that I have for you.  Get up today.  Lift up the hands that hang down. No longer be weak, but be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.  No longer consider yourself a victim. but consider yourself more than a conqueror, victorious in all things.  Rise up to new levels and to new heights, says the Lord.

January 18, 2010:  The Lord God wants you to know today that He loves you; that He cares about you; that He watches over you. He knows the trouble that you have been through and that you have chosen to stay the course, and in spite of the hardship, to walk with Him. And, the Lord says, now is the time of your reward. These are the days in which I will give gifts to My beloved. For the bride must have her wedding gift and those gifts will be multiplied and they will be varied from person to person. They will be those things which I desire for each of you; whether it be the spirit of revelation, the gift of prophecy, or the gift of healing. For I would have you to know and to understand that I am not a God that cannot see or a God who does not know you. I watch over you and I walk with you even when you do not understand that I am there; even when you have questions and are not sure that I am with you. I have spoken in My word that I would never leave you nor forsake you, and that, My beloved, is the truth. I am calling out to you today to come closer to Me, because I am speaking My words to you this day. I would have you to receive the presence of My glory and to put on the armor of light. I would have you to go to war. Victory is assured! I will lead you in the path of victory and bring you forth on Zion's hill. There I shall also give you opportunities to rest in the midst of the battle. I shall equip you and teach you and send you out again into the valley and into the battle. It is not My purpose to wear you out and I shall not. It is only Satan who wears out the saints. When you find yourself weary and without strength come unto Me with that burden and I shall lift it from you and restore, strengthen, and heal you, says the Lord God.

January 25, 2010:  The Spirit of the Lord says: My people, I delight in you.  And, it is My delight at this time to make you a garden of renown; a place of expression, fruitfulness, safety, and provision.  These things I would have you abide in, for I come in the awesomeness of My power and the authority of My kingdom to place this habitation in your life where the river of anointing flows.  It is living water and produces a harvest in your lives so that there may be an increase of your health, strength, and provision.   It is My good pleasure to cause you to be a garden of life.  Come and partake of the Tree of Life, which has been reinstated for you, My people.   Now come and enjoy; come and partake, for the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations, says the Lord. 

February 2010 words --

February 1, 2010:  My desire is to make you a well watered garden; a habitation of My presence; a place of fruitfulness; a place where the waters freely flow and the trees of life drink from those streams.  May it be that new wells of living water spring up in your life and bring forth the presence of My authority in these days.  May those waters bring you in to a place of blessing, a place where you can come and abide with Me; a place of refreshing and a place of renewal.  For indeed these are My works in these days to restore you and to bring you forth in victory over all the power of the enemy, says the Lord. 

February 8, 2010:  It is important in this season, My children, that you believe; that you come to a place of faith in My word and in My promises, and that you put all unbelief out.  For your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and unbelief should not be found in your house.  Your house belongs to Me, and I bring the power of faith to bear in your life.  Therefore, I say again, defeat all unbelief.  Make it your life's work in this season that you will not allow it to question My word or to overshadow and steal My promises.  I say believe, for all things are possible to the one who believes.  All things may be received by the one who believes.  Be that one in this season; one with Me.   And, may it be said in your heart that I no longer live by the measurement of my own faith, but I now live by the faith of the Son of God, who has given Himself for me.

February 15, 2010:  For you, My people, are in a season of change.  There are things that will change in your life now.  Remain hopeful for those changes will all be for the better.  There will be changes that will come that will re-direct you; changes that will necessitate My wisdom; that will stretch your abilities.  But, I say unto you this day, I will be with you in these changes.  For I am the Lord your God who watches over all things, and I watch over you.  I know the thoughts that I have of you; the thoughts of good and not of evil.  So, when you find it necessary to make changes that will effect your life and to take on new responsibilities or to go in a new direction then worship, for I. the Lord God,  will lead and guide you.

February 22, 2010:  Have you seen My garden?  Have you been in My garden?  Have you drunk the water that comes from My garden?  Have you partaken of the fruit that grows in My garden?  For the garden was given to each one for your pleasure, for your health, for your provision and for the revelation of My word.  So, I call to you to come to My garden where all things began and where all things end.  For it is My good pleasure in this season to teach you the mysteries of the kingdom of God and to reveal to you My presence.  Come and drink fully of the waters of life.  Come and partake of the fruit of that tree that gives life.  And, let the leaves of it be for your healing and for your strength.  Come, says the Lord, to the places that I have prepared for you; come and enjoy; be renewed; be invigorated; be strengthened.   Come and be healed, says the Lord.

March 2010 words --

March 1, 2010:  Rise up on wings of eagles. Soar upon the wind of My spirit and view things from high and lofty places that are above this earth.  Come and be renewed in strength; come and be healed and refreshed, says the Lord.  Be encouraged for I tell you that surely, surely, the words that I have spoken are for you individually and corporately.  So come and partake of the fruit that is being given; come with faith to receive that which I am doing.  Wait no longer, says the Lord, but let today be the day to let the living waters flow and the wind of the Spirit move you into the fullness of My purposes for you.  So once again, I say come and be healed, refreshed and renewed.  Come, and I shall do the work I have spoken of.

March 8, 2010:  Come with Me on this journey into the unknown.  Come with Me and depend upon Me as your guide.  Come with Me and let My Spirit empower you.  As you go test the spirits; lean not upon your own understanding but lean upon My wisdom; eat of the food I will give you; drink of the water I will give you.  Recognize the enemy is after you,  but also remember that I will lead you into victory.  For it is My purpose and My choice and it is by My power and authority that you will stand in these perilous times.  Most of all, I say, do not dread the journey but rather come to this understanding that if I am walking with you and if I have become your guide, this journey will be one of utmost joy.   Get ready to move to higher ground.  Get ready to walk upon the path I have prepared for you.  For indeed these are the days of My glory and the fulfilling of all things.  These are the days of the restoration of that which has been lost among My people.  I am the Lord God and I come to take you to places you have not yet been; to places you have not yet experienced.  I come to give you visions and prophetic words, words of wisdom and words of knowledge that you have not yet spoken.  So, I say again, come and come with joy, says the Lord.

March 15, 2010:  I have come to be one with you.  Not only have I come to guide you; lead and teach you, but I have come to walk with you so that you are never alone or never have to receive the heartache or regrets of humanity again.  For, in My presence there will be joy and it will be unspeakable and filled with glory.  So I say unto you, allow Me to not only bring the fullness of the Holy Spirit alive within you, but allow Me to walk with you.  Understand that even though you do not deem yourself perfected I will still walk with you.  This process of My being one with you will bring you to perfection for the good work I have begun in you.  I, Myself, will bring you to completion.  So come and enjoy the journey for it will be a great adventure in these days.  But determine that you will experience it with great joy and with great peace; for this is My kingdom within you, says the Lord God Almighty.

March 22, 2010:  Many of My people find themselves in a present quandary, not knowing what to do; seeking Me for answers.  Because the lies have come there is a quandary, and you do not understand and do not know what I will do.  So, I say, rise up and give legs to your faith.  Is it not spoken in My word that I will give you wisdom?  And, if you will believe for that wisdom will you not receive it?  What are you waiting for?  Get up and go!  Get up and move!  Many of you, My people, are waiting for Me to move while all the time I am waiting for you to move.  I am waiting for you to exercise your faith to believe and to receive.  Be done with the quandary and allow the confusion to go and allow the questioning of My word and questioning of My desires to be dismissed from you.   Remove the lies of the enemy so that you can get up and go.  I move on those who are moving.  Stop waiting for Me to move, says the Lord, and begin to move by faith; move by truth.  As you begin to move you will find those things which you desire; the wisdom that is necessary; the open doors that I have set before you.  Walk through them.  You must be walking and moving by your faith.  So, one more time I say, give legs to faith and allow that which I am doing to come to pass in this time and season, says the Lord Most Holy.

March 29, 2010:  I am the Lord of glory Who has come to translate you into the Kingdom and to open your eyes so that you might see and have understanding.  I've come to open your ears so that you might hear My message, because that message, My people, will change  and empower you; equip you to live life fully in your flesh in a place of victory.  So come and partake and receive of that which I am doing in this season, says the Lord God.  For I have come in this specific season to transform you spiritually so that you can see and understand with eyes wide open the fullness of your rights in My kingdom.  I would have you live in the fullness of that which I have given because it is finished.  The works of heaven are finished, but your work continues.  And that work would be to be one with Me and to walk with Me in such a way that never you have before so that you might receive an absolute fullness of your inheritance in this time.

March 30, 2010:  It is written that the Spirit of Elijah must come and fulfill all things.  And, so in these days I will raise up the spirit of Elijah in those who are willing; even as I did in John the Baptist, that the world and My people might see that there is a God who is alive; a God Who rules from heaven.  And through the power of the demonstration of the gospel, a fullness of the restoration of My kingdom will come to the earth and be found among My people.  Dare to believe that I can use you in such a manner, for have you not been in the wilderness?  Have I not kept you even in dry places?  Have I not revealed Myself to you?  But now is the season of your coming out.  Now is the season of your coming forth.  Now is the time that you come out of the wilderness in strength and power.  Remember these words that I am speaking to you because it is from the wilderness that you come into the glory and into the promised land, says the Lord God Most Holy.

April 2010 words --

April 5, 2010:   This is My purpose, says, the Lord:   I have come to bring you into My kingdom, an eternal kingdom.  I have come to position you; to lead and guide you.  Follow Me, and I will bring the blessing of the kingdom into your life.  For not only will I bring you into the salvation experience, but I will baptize you in the power of the most Holy Spirit.  I will reveal Myself to you, and I will provide for you.  These things are absolute truth, so I say to you believe and you shall receive, says the Lord.

April 12, 2010:  It is the time of the great crossing over, so wait no longer.  Arise and go forth.  Go to the habitation of your inheritance.  Move with haste, My people, and move with all speed, run and don't walk.  You've been walking through the wilderness, but now you will run to the promise.  Run through the land; run with faith.  Rise up on wings of eagles and you shall not be weary.  For I, the Lord of glory, have come to carry you. I have come to provide the wind that will propel you, and I have come to bring the rain of My anointing upon you.  For when these things come to you and when they overtake you, indeed you shall have a shout; indeed you shall declare the victory; you shall say I did not know it but the Lord, My God, was with me the whole journey.  Now my eyes can see;  now my heart can believe; now I shall go from victory to victory. 

April 19, 2010:  So today, My children, I would have you to take off the robes that have collected the defilement of this world; unbelief and victimization.  This old cloak that you wear carries the defilement of those things that have come upon you and come against you.  But, I say, take that robe off even as the beggar and the blind man of old did, lay it down, and receive new clothing this day.  Begin again and dress yourself in righteousness, peace, joy and faith.  For the journey begins, the journey that I have determined to bring you forth into the blessing and into the promise and into the fullness of your inheritance.  Lay down the old and pick up the new and journey with Me into the Glory of My kingdom, says the Lord Most High.

April 26, 2010:  Rise up, My children, for indeed it is written and it has been spoken and it is true that the battle belongs to the Lord.  Because it is My battle; I will go with you, and I will strengthen you and teach you how to make war.  I shall bring My battle plans into your mind, and I will reveal the plans of the enemy to you.   You shall be able to go forth with a heart that is set on victory and a mind that knows the reality that if I am for you it does not matter who is against you.  For indeed you are My battle axes, but the battle belongs to the Lord.  So, I will lead and guide you.  You are not in this alone.  Take courage and take heart and rise up for you are crossing through the wilderness into the promises.  Rise up and receive the fullness of your inheritance for I am with you.  I have made a way for you and established the boundaries of your habitation.  I am in charge of your times of visitations and I will send you into war at the appropriate time and equip you for the victory.  Yours is to simply follow with a willing and obedient heart and to receive all that I have to teach you.  These are the days of the manifestation of the glory of God's kingdom and the army that has been spoken of by the prophet Joel will now begin to arise into a fullness and the victory shall be theirs.  So come and go as I send you.  Be one with Me.  Follow Me absolutely for I shall walk with you on this path into the fullness of your destiny, says the Lord God Almighty.

May 2010 words --

May 4, 2010:  Come My people, and drink of the anointing that I am now bringing forth.  Come to that spiritual habitation where the river of life and power come together.  Come and drink, for the land is dry and the Church has become a wilderness.  Drink of these waters until you are full, and then go forth.  Allow Me to bring the flow of My waters from you.  The people of the land are dry and thirsty; give them water to drink as I have given you.  Freely you have received; freely give.  You are entering into a season of transformation.  This transformation will come when the rivers clap their hands together, says the Lord.

May 10, 2010:  Get up and come with Me.  I am taking you on a journey that you have never been on before.  It will indeed be a journey of joy; a journey that produces peace; a journey in which I reveal the fullness of your destiny to you and to you alone.  But, you have to come; you have to get up, and you have to begin to move, for I am the God of glory who moves upon those things that are moving.  So move with your faith today, and move with truth.  Come with Me, I say, and begin a fresh journey.  Let us go together into that which has been prepared for you.  Find the secret to living and the keys to the kingdom.  For those things will be revealed to you as you go, not as you stay, but as you journey, says the Most High.

May 17, 2010:  This is true -- I am indeed bringing you higher.  I'm lifting you up to places where you have never been before.  I am bringing you forth in the new season that I Myself have assigned.  For I am the Lord that brings the revelation of that which I am doing.  I bring this understanding to you so that you may ready yourselves and be a part of this activity, which will give glory to the Father and will greatly increase your knowledge of the working and the function of the kingdom of God.  So get ready to learn and make the Holy Spirit your Teacher and align your spirit with Him so that He may teach you.  For you have an unction from the Spirit to be led and guided and taught by that most Holy One.  Embrace this work and be renewed in Spirit.  Embrace this work that I am doing right now for I am preparing you to walk in the glory, which I am releasing at this time.  Walk with Me; talk with Me and be one with Me, says the Lord Jesus Christ.

May 24, 2010:  It's time for the desert warriors to go through the battle.  It's time for the white warriors to arise.  It's time for the mighty men of this season to come forth in the power of the Most High.  It's time to run to the battle and defeat the enemy at the gate.  No longer establish yourself in a position of defeat, but dream the dreams of victory.  Run the race until it is fulfilled.  Receive the armor that I will give you; rise up until you indeed become the lions of the Most High and understand who you are in Christ.  You are more than a conqueror, and I will cause you to always triumph in the war that you are involved in.  Choose to take the trail of victory that I have provided for you and do not stop on the way.  Do not allow the enemy to deter you nor allow the voice of condemnation to affect you, but rather receive the enlightenment of that which I have spoken to you, says the Lord. 

June 2010 words --

June 7, 2010:  No longer allow the bondages of the past to hold you, but break the power of reproach and shake off the dust that has come by way of words wrongfully spoken.  Allow My virtue to come now and rest upon you and flow through you to bring healing and strength to your bones.  Can these bones live?  I say, let the breath of the Spirit produce life in you because you, My chosen ones, believe and declare that victory is yours.  Rise up and dare to believe.  Have no fear; you will become the essence of that which has been spoken.  For out of My mouth comes the power of My word that is transforming and life changing.  And, so I call you to rise up.  Come up higher, says the Lord.

June 14, 2010:  And I say to you today, only believe.  When you believe all things are possible, says the Lord.  I am for you and will cause you to be victorious.  I will empower you by the Holy Spirit.  If you will believe, I will prosper you and heal you and deliver you.  I call you to rise up and forget the defeats of the past.  Launch into a new day and the high calling of a warrior that I have set before you.  Come and be renewed in Spirit.  Come and rejoice.  And I say, rejoice as a warrior who has the victory and it shall be so.

June 21, 2010:  Tell My people that I am about to turn the volume up on My voice.  There is much noise in the world; there is clamoring; crusading; all manor of evil, and they all have a voice.  Those whose ears have been defiled by those things that have taken place in the world will now come into an opportunity to hear My voice if they have never heard it before.  For, it is necessary that you begin to desire to hear Me above and beyond everything else that takes up your time; everything that speaks into your life and is a distraction to you in this world.  Whether it be the radio, the TV, or the voice of people, those things can all become a distraction to you and prohibit you from hearing My voice, says the Lord.
It is necessary that I watch over you, and lead you into the fullness of the kingdom that I have prepared for you.  And, for those things which are written to take place you must now hear My voice.  I will speak in ways that you are not used to.  I will speak to you, and you will hear in a manner that you are not accustomed to.  I will pour out of My Spirit upon you and I will show you signs in the earth and heavens above.  I will lead you by the still waters so that you can still your soul and quiet those things which hinder you so that you can indeed hear Me, says the Most High.

June 28, 2010:  Come My children and let us reason together.  Your ways are not My ways, but if you will partake of My word and open yourselves to the flow of My spirit, then out of your inner most being shall flow rivers of life; rivers of living water.  Then, the manifestation of the kingdom shall flow forth into the world and out of you My words shall bring direction. So I say arise into the activity of the kingdom by faith where it is My purpose to guide you; to lead you; to compel you; to instruct you in the ways you should go.  Let faith be the foundation that you stand on to generate kingdom life, says the Lord. 


July 6, 2010:  You are the people of the very end of the age and it is for this reason that I have admonished you to follow Me.  It is for this reason that I have encouraged you to watch for Me and to watch for My soon return.  It is because hardships shall come, trials will be in effect, and the enemy will rage that I have spoken to you.  Even after I have given you the signs I said watch and be watchful and set yourself upon the rampart with eyes to see and with ears to hear so that I may lead you through these perilous times and these dangerous days that are ahead.   I am the Lord your God Who knows all things and I am your deliverer; the keeper of your soul, spirit and body.  I Myself will be with you.  I will walk with you and reveal to you the hidden mysteries.  You have a part to play in this.  There have been  things written that are yet to be fulfilled.  There are things that will come forth in the thunder of the Almighty that are yet hidden and even sealed.  Take heart and rise up and realize that you are important in the kingdom of God.  For each of you is designated and assigned according to My calling, My leading and My anointings to fulfill your part in the glory of My kingdom.   I have called you for such a time as this because you have a heart of obedience; because you have a desire to know Me and because you want to with all of your heart to walk with Me.  And it is for these reasons that I have prepared your heart and I will  lead and guide you in stronger manifestations of My presence than ever you have known before.   Be encouraged and know that you have a part in this time.  I will perform My good pleasure through you.  Fear not.  Rise up in faith to know and understand that I am with you and I will never forsake you.  These are true sayings that have been written in My word and My word will not be broken, and each word that I have spoken over My people will come to pass.  Do not allow anxiety to persist or allow the devil himself to hinder you, for I have given you authority to walk over all the power of the enemy.  Arise to your place of victory, and let that be the mantle that you wear from this point on.  Wear the mantle of victory and faith, for i will watch over you to fulfill My purposes in your life, says the Most High. 

July 12, 2010:  Behold, I say unto you, a new thing I will do, says the Lord.  For, I am your eraser, and I am the One that removes from the chalkboard of your mind those things that hinder you.  I am the One who cleans the slate to give you a new beginning, a new day, and a new time in which to live.  I am the One who, with one swipe of My hand, can remove the hindrances that bind and hold you.  I am the One who cleanses you from the problems of the past.  And, when the slate is clean and those things that are harmful have been removed, I will write a new beginning for you; a new day for you; a new prophecy for you; a new word to you.  And at the dawning and the revelation of that which I have written over you, you will become a new creation; a new creature in Christ Jesus, with a new life experience, a new purpose and a new destiny.  I have taken you from the devil's hand and placed you in My kingdom and have translated you into that place of glory so that your life will be filled with My presence and My glory.  The book that I have written for you individually will change you and transform you.  Watch for My interaction in your life when the light breaks forth and what you might call mini light bursts in your spiritual atmosphere will all of a sudden bring change.  When that happens know that I am there; know that I have come in that moment to touch you and reveal to you that which you have a desire to know and to deliver you from that which the enemy is bringing against you.  So watch for the light, for it is filled with glory, says the Lord of Glory.

July 19, 2010:  Rise up My people and receive that which I am doing in these days for I am coming to you as the Spirit of revelation.  I will birth the wisdom of the kingdom within; the knowledge of the most high that will lead you and guide you and will take you to heavenly places that you have yet to enter into.  So come with faith and let your hope be transformed; and let it become a true reality of that which I am doing within you.  I will transport you into heavenly places and cause your vision to be clear.  I will create a flow within you of the power of My Spirit that will manifest My kingdom.  In the manifest presence of My kingdom you will find that people are healed, delivered, and set free.  You will find a chosen generation who are ready to rise up through the power of My deliverance into the destiny that I have written for them.  You are kings and priests of the Most High, so allow this flow of My spirit to carry you and bring you forth into the valley of vision where you have been given eyes to see and understand the times and seasons in which you find yourself.  For it will be with perfect understanding that you will walk in My ways.  You will fulfill My desires, and you will bring the glory of the kingdom to this earth in these days, says the Lord of Host.

July 26, 2010:  Come higher and go deeper.  Come with all haste.  For I will reveal to you the revelation of things that will set you free.  This revelation will define your nature and your character, and it will let you now who you are in Me and who I am in you.  You are a pillar in My glorious church.  Will I not bless My church; will I not cleanse My church; will I not speak to My church?  Remember who you are this day, says the Lord, for I have called you to be kings and priests, a holy nation.  To those who answer the call and open the door I will come in and  position Myself to speak with you and open the eyes of your vision so you may see, know and understand those things that are coming in this season.  For I say, the time is indeed short.  Awaken yourself as one who has awakened out of a deep sleep.  I know you; you are not hidden from Me.  I know you very well.  In fact, I know you better than you know yourself.  So arise, come into the light.  Arise, come into the glory.  Arise, and allow My anointing to break forth into your spirit for surely it will be the revealer of those things hidden.  Turn from discouragement, condemnation, fear, and those things the enemy is bringing against you.  Turn, I say, and  establish yourself this day on a turning point; a point in which you turn to Me with a full heart, with full assurance, with full faith that I will do My work in you.  I will complete the work I have begun in you, says the Lord.


August 3, 2010:  I am calling you higher, says the Lord.  Come with eyes wide open but come with ears that you may hear.  For I am the revealer of the secrets that you hold against yourself and I am the revealer of those things that have been hidden and to be discovered in such a time as this.   I am the giver of revelation.  I am the giver of eternal life.  I have given Myself for you and I am calling you today to give yourself absolutely to me with a full heart, with a dedicated heart -- one who will do all of My will.  Allow My Spirit to come into your life to bring cleansing, but not only cleansing but to bring power to accomplish the work that must be done.  So come to Me with a heart of faith that I may bless you in this time with My manifest presence.  Come and allow lukewarmness to fade away.  Come and allow the spirit of fire to rest upon you.  I'm calling you to receive the work of My Spirit today, says the Most Holy.

August 9, 2010:  Come, I say, and receive the blessings of the first born.  There have been first-born generations throughout history and throughout My kingdom.  But, in this season and in this time you are a chosen generation; you are the first born of the very end of the age; the first born of those who will see, hear, and know the mysteries of the end of the age, and you shall know that which I am about to reveal.  All of these things that I show you and speak to you will further your walk in My kingdom.  So I am calling you forth as kings and priests in this hour and even in this day so that you may know who you are and so that you may walk with Me in the glory of the kingdom.  For, many have fallen sway to the lies of the enemy and they do not understand their destiny, and they do not understand that I am for them, that I empower them, says the Lord of Hosts.  Yet, these are things for you to know and keep in your heart.

August 10, 2010:  I hear the sound of a mighty rushing wind.  It is the Spirit of the Lord that comes now to reactivate the Church and to come upon the Church even as He did in the days of Pentecost, as He did in the days long past.  For many in My Church have grown dull and many of them hear no more, but I am bringing the wind of My Spirit upon them.  The power of it will bring them to life in a new and fresh way, so the living rivers in them will begin to move once again.  For these are the days, My people, of the prophetic word when the eagles must spread their wings and fly.  Come higher and allow My living water to bring you to the places that I have prepared for you, says the Lord.

August 16, 2010:  I am coming to you in this season, My beloved, to lead you from chaos to peace. I have come to lead you out of the chaos that the world around you creates and lead you into the kingdom of My peace. For it is in My peace that you will be established where the living waters will flow. It is in My peace that the joy of the Lord, which is your strength, will come. It will be in the flow of My peace, and it shall run in these days even as a river runs. It will bring you into the fullness of kingdom reality and in that reality, My beloved, you will see things and reason in ways that you have not reasoned before. For, you shall see from a heavenly perspective and no longer from an earthly reality and those things that are coming to you will be revealed by My Spirit. You will be established in My kingdom in a very profound and blessed way, says the Lord God.

August 23, 2010:  Arise My children into the glory of this hour and the glory of this day.  Indeed I have spoken to you that I would come and I would deliver and I will bring the manifest presence of My kingdom to life within you.  I have great purposes for you in these days and because these purposes are part of your destiny you must come to that place where you are whole, that place where you are strong, that place where you are in faith and where you are walking in unity and oneness with Me.  So, I say, allow your faith to take wings and allow it to soar and to come up.  For indeed the door of heaven is open to you; indeed the throne is before you; indeed I have called you and invited you to come with boldness.  So I say come now without hesitation, without remorse of things past.  Come in faith.  Come to receive.  Come believing that I am with you and I am for you.  Come in faith My beloved for these are the days of the manifest presence of My faith coming to life within you.  And it shall be that all of your needs are met and that your healing comes physically, emotionally and spiritually.  This is the purpose of these last days, to have a Church that is glorious; a Church that has been perfected; a Church that has been touched, healed and living in the presence of My glory.  Come, says the Lord.

August 30, 2010:  I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying, take up the measuring rod.  Apply the plumb line and the standard of truth to your own lives.  Before you evaluate the things that are coming upon the earth apply My measuring rod to your own lives.  Surely I shall show you that which is out of order, that which is not plumb, that which needs to have correction brought to it, for you are living in these times when judgment must begin at the house of the Lord before it comes upon the whole of the earth.  So knowing that, the Lord says, rise and measure.  Measure your life, your thoughts, your motives.  Examine yourself to see that you are in faith and that you have established the Lord of Glory as your first priority.  Examine yourself to see if you are living the example of Christ in the earth.  Examine yourself today to see if you are believing Me with a whole heart and to see if your faith is little or big.  Do all of this examination with absolute confidence that I will bring you to the point of perfection, for I shall indeed finish the work I have begun in you.  Rise up and do not stay where you are, but come to Me with boldness, faith and the knowledge that I am for you and am with you, says the Lord.


September 7, 2010:  Many of My people are laboring under the burden of anxiety because of their circumstances.  And because they are laboring under the spirit of anxiety they are not at rest and they are not at full strength.  So I say to those of you who find yourself in a time of anxiety, fear not, for I am with you.  Fear not for I have not departed from you.  Fear not for I will not abandon you nor will I leave you without My help.  Turn your eyes again with faith upon Me, says the Lord, and I will lift you up and I will be your strength.  I will become the very strength of your heart and the strength of your body.  For the times of refreshing come from the presence of the Lord.  In My presence your youth will be renewed and you will rise up on wings of eagles.  Take those things that trouble you and place them upon My altar where I can deal with them.  As long as you hold on to them and as long as you fret about them, and as long as you worry about them, they are not Mine, says the Lord God Almighty.

Sepoctember 20, 2010:  I say to you that you are living in the days of revelation.  It is important that My people have understanding.  I'm not speaking about natural understanding, I am speaking of spiritual understanding.  For with spiritual understanding comes the revelation of a way for you to escape the snares of the devil which hold you in bondage; a way of escape from those things in the world that hold you captive.  So I say, escape.  Escape the things that hold you in bondage; the things that trouble you; the worries and the fears, the anxieties and the condemnation that the enemy brings to you because I have already made the way.  The path is open before you.  Walk in faith on this path.  Let this freedom and liberty come in this season, says the Lord, or you will miss that which I am about to do.  The enemy is railing, the enemy is raging to keep you out of the revelation of My purposes and My will for your life.  He has come to steal from you; to mock you; to taunt you, to bring death and darkness, and steal your light and life.  So come to Me with faith, says the Lord most glorious. 

September 27, 2010:  You are My people.  You are My beloved.  I have given Myself for you and I have put Myself in you.  Therefore, be that which is spoken of in My word.  Be an overcomer.  Be one who worships and gives praise to God Almighty.  Be one who fights the good fight against the enemy when He comes in like a flood.  Raise up the standard of My word as the sword that defeats the enemy.  Indeed you are My battle axes and I go with you to battle.  Fear not for I am with you.  Go forth in the power of My kingdom and defeat the enemy for I have given you authority.  Behold I give you power and nothing by any means shall hurt you.  Have no fear.  Walk with an openness before Me and I will cause your thoughts to be My thoughts and your ways to be My ways, says the Lord God Most High. 

September 28, 2010:  The Lord says you are in a time of advancement.  No longer are you to stay spiritually where you are.  Rise up and take the sword that has been spoken about and go forth in pure worship that comes from a pure heart.  Go forth with confidence in Me.  For when you trust Me I will be with you.  When you trust Me I will give you victory.  When you trust Me you shall never have need or want in this earth.  When you trust Me sickness will flee.  When you trust Me poverty will be diminished and taken away.  As you trust Me, says the Lord, then truly I shall walk with you and you shall walk with Me in the glory of this kingdom, even now, says the Lord.


October 11, 2010:  Arise My children and declare your liberty.   For I have come to set you free from all that has held you in bondage.  I have come to break you out of religious format and the dryness and deadness of religious exercise.  I have come to set you free from the torment of religious spirits that inhabit this earth.  I have come to set you free this day that you may be established from the rock of your faith, the rock of your belief, that Rock called Christ Jesus, the Lord of Glory.  Come and be healed and renewed and let the presence of God bring a refreshing of your spirit, soul and body.  Come, I say, for I will set you free, says the Lord Most Holy.

October 18, 2010:  Come unto Me all you who are weary and heavy laden.  Come, I say, and lay those burdens down.  Bring them once again to the altar of God.  Bring them and submit them to Me, for I alone can take these burdens, make the wrongs right, bring you from darkness into light, and bring you from faith to greater faith.  So this day, I say, release those burdens unto Me and rise up on wings of eagles and soar in the heavenlies.  Come face to face with Me now and you shall be renewed and set free, for I am the Lord God of heaven Who watches over all and I will bring you through to victory, says the Lord of Glory. 


November 1, 2010:  Flow river flow.  For I say come forth and drink deeply of the waters I am bringing forth.  For My water brings life and life in abundance.  And where the river flows the glory of God goes and comes forth in manifestation.  The purity of life and that which you desire comes from the river, the flowing of My Spirit; it comes from the glory of My presence.  And this day I am calling unto you to come and drink freely.  For is it not written that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, which temple I indwell?  So allow this water even according to the pattern of the scriptures to flow out and over the threshold of this temple, says the Lord.  And, the water will go forth and touch the nations; the water will be healing to those who drink.  The water of the Spirit that I have prophesied to you shall go forth in these last days in a greater measure than ever it has gone before.  For out of your innermost being will flow rivers of the glory of My water, the glory of My anointing and the glory of My kingdom, says the Most Holy.  Drink freely and then allow this water to go forth and allow it manifest and bring the presence of My  kingdom into manifestation.  Allow it to bring forth the seeds of the harvest; those things which you have planned.  Allow it to nurture you.  And allow it to bring forth a complete and glorious being for such beings you are.  Drink freely of that which I am providing.  Drink of the waters of life.  Run river run.

November 8, 2010:  I am the Lord Who gives you life; I give this life to you in abundance.  And, with this life comes the living waters.  Will you not drink?  And with this life comes the hidden manna.  Will you not eat?  For when you drink of My water and when you eat of My manna you are strengthened.  Wisdom will come to you.  Joy will be yours, and you will possess peace.  I say these are gifts that I give unto My people. These things I have promised and these things I now give.  So receive and allow your faith to function.  For when you touch the hem of My garment you will have that which you have asked for, that which you have sought for, and that for which you have knocked upon the door of My heart. So I say come, come now and receive of that which I give, says the Lord God.

November 9, 2010:  I see seven doors opening in the heavenlies.  And the Lord is saying, "Come up here; the doors are opening.   Spiritual perfection will flow from these doors to My people.  The Spirit of wisdom and revelation will come forth in floods of glory from these places in the heavenlies.  Christian life is no more to be normal, says the Lord.  You are to become supernatural as you were meant to be."  Flow river flow upon Your people, and let that golden oil run forth and bring Your power and tangible presence alive among Your people.  Amen.

November 15, 2010:  And I say unto you, that you were born for such a time as this.  I have known you from the beginning and I have placed you in the kingdom, in this specific time frame, according to My will and purpose.   You are much more mature and spiritual than you think you are, for I am the God that knows the hearts of man.  I have chosen you for this time, says the Lord, so that you may bring the manifestation of My kingdom forth in power and in purpose.  Choose this day to believe.  My word is giving you the opportunity to come up higher and to see the manifestation of the fullness of My kingdom in the earth.  In this time, great and magnificent things will come forth.  For, the kingdom light is shining, the kingdom wind is blowing, and the kingdom streams are flowing.  Come forth, My child, into the fullness of your destiny, says the Lord.

November 22, 2010:  You must enter into the rest of God and that, My children, would mean that you have presented to Me those things which trouble you to such an extent of love and faith that you are able, indeed, to enter in.  For, it is in this rest that you shall be perfected, encouraged and renewed before My throne and in My presence.   You will find that your hope now becomes faith which brings forth the manifestation of My kingdom in your life -- faith that receives the promise and compels you to walk in the glory of My kingdom.  So enter this rest today for it has been given to you  for such a time as this that you might be renewed, healed and perfected in My ways and by the power of My spirit.  Remember this, I am for you and not against you.  This is the time of the release of My glory upon the earth.  And, this release will come forth from you first.  For you have been in a place of transformation and changed from glory to glory by the presence of My Spirit.  Rise up with new hope.  Rise up with courage to believe that I have not only called you but that I will use you to bring forth the manifestation of My kingdom, says the Lord your God.

November 29, 2010:  I hear the Lord saying, it is time for you to arise and go forward.  It is time for you to get up and believe.  It is time for you to receive a fresh anointing and a fresh baptism in the Holy Spirit.  It is time for you to walk in kingdom purpose and kingdom power.  It is time for you to release the living waters that will flow out of you and be the healing agent for those who are in need in these days.   Arise and go forth in the strength and the power of My kingdom.  Arise and meet the enemy and defeat him.  Arise  and bring honor and glory to your God for you are those that I send against the power of unrighteousness and against the powers of the darkness.  So arise and receive the greatness of My light that is now shining forth upon this earth and into your world, says the Lord God.  Arise! 


December 6, 2010:  It is written My beloved and it cannot be broken, that I am coming for a glorious church.  And, if you can believe it and if you can receive it that is the work I am doing in you, even in these days, says the Lord.  For the very good work that I have begun with you, in you and through you, I am bringing to completion.  You must look unto Me for I am indeed the author and the finisher of your faith.  There are those of you who believe your faith is small and that your faith is insignificant and you've even prayed, 'Lord, increase my faith.'  But, I say unto you, the faith of the Lord that is manifest in you in these days will become a greater faith than ever you have known.  For you will be able to say that you no longer live by the measure or the lack of your own faith, but you live now by the faith of the Son of God, the faith that enables you to see beyond the veil and enables you to walk through the valley of vision.  So I say, beloved, encourage yourself today for the work I am doing in you is ongoing.  It is not a small work.  It is not an insignificant work.  It is a mighty work that you may even be unaware of.  But in these last days the glory of the work I am doing in you will begin to shine forth as a light, a beacon to those who have no hope--a radiant light to those that shall come.  That is why I have spoken that you are the light of the world, so let your light shine.  When the manifestation of it comes then I say do not hide it and do not put a basket over it, but allow the glory of My presence in you to shine forth to a lost and a dying generation. Be encouraged, says the Lord.: 

December 13, 2010:  Have you not read that I am the Lord of Glory?  I am the King of Glory!  My glory I share with no other because it originates with Me, but that glory that I am speaking of I will bring upon you.  If you will walk with Me in the place of My glory; the path that is before you, which is already been set ablaze for your journey.  My call to you today is come and walk in the glory.  Come and abide in the glory for all things are manifest in My glory.  Every promise is received in My glory.  Again, I say, come.  Come and receive.  Come and participate, says the Lord.

December 20, 2010:  I am the potter; you are the clay, and it is true that you have been marred, even while in My hands.  But is it not written that I will make you again another vessel?  I will cause you to be a glorious vessel, a vessel that contains the holiness and the righteousness of My presence -- a vessel that holds the living water, which is the reality of the latter and the former rain together.  And, I will fill your vessel to the point of overflowing.  Then out of your inner most being will flow rivers of living water that will impact the world.  I will cause the glory of My kingdom to come into manifestation, says the Lord God of Heaven, the Lord of Glory. 

December 27, 2010:  Come and see in the season that is before you the goodness of the Lord in the land of those who are living by faith; who are trusting Me; who choose to walk in Spirit.  I encourage you to allow yourself to be driven by the wind of My Spirit and to be carried by the water of My Spirit.   My blessings will not be withheld in this coming year, which shall be a year of blessing to those who have been faithful.  So, My faithful ones, get ready for the manifestation of multiplied blessings.  Even though the world itself will be in disarray; even though the economic conditions of this world are not good, you will live within the confines of My blessings.  Lift up your heads and let your worship ascend, says the Lord God Almighty.