by Bill Burns

Archive 2009

January 2009 words --

January 6, 2009:  Anoint the shield and sharpen the sword, for I am with you to bring your enemies to defeat.  I will go before you and shall also be your rear guard.  Fear not and gird up the loins of your faith.  Establish My principles in your life in this time, and you will see the goodness of the Lord, for I am with you to elevate you and bring you above all the works of the enemy.  Come to Me in boldness and come with expectation.  Lift up your hands that hang down, for you have endured the struggle, but now you must come forth as a warrior.  Victory is assured; come and possess it.  I am the Lord of Hosts, and I will lead you into battle.  The battle is Mine, but you are My battle ax, says the Lord. 

January 12, 2009:  You have come in this season to a time of elevation.  The struggles that you have endured in the past will be quickly overcome.  You have a tremendous desire to be found in God's purposes even though you have not seen the manifestation of His purposes in your life.  But, now you will begin to see this manifestation in your circumstances.  Watch, however, for the devil is going to try to bounce you out of what God is doing.  So, it may be like taking three steps forward and one step back, but don't let the one step back stop you.  You will still be gaining ground.  Come into this new day, forgetting the torments of the past.  The Spirit of God will rest upon you and fill you with His presence and give you the determination to go forward, and you will become known as an overcomer, for you will overcome what life's circumstances have thrown at you.  You will also need to break the power of generational curses so that you can go forward in divine purpose.  As you continue to move ahead your faith will increase. 

January 19, 2009:  Do you hear the sound of My rain, children?  When you hear the sound of the raindrops of heaven that form the pools of water upon the ground, you will hear Me call to you to come.  I am calling the water-walkers of this time, those that will set all limitations aside and say, "If the Lord is calling me to come, then I can."  I say to you come, and walk on the water with Me.  It will be a delightful experience.  You will begin to understand that you are not just flesh and blood, but you are spirit.  As a spiritual child, you will be able to do what I do.  Walking above the storms of life shall be your delight.  Walking over all the works of the enemy shall be your victory.  Come now to a new level of faith and understanding.  I say again, do you hear the sound of the rain?  The pools that form will become a river of My grace and glory, which gives life in abundance, says the Lord.

January 26, 2009:  I hear the Lord say, come and ride.  Come and ride upon the wind of My Spirit, for it will carry you into the heavenly places.  Come and ride upon the waters that I am bringing forth in this season, for they shall renew you and bring a fresh anointing upon you that will strengthen and prepare you for that which is coming.  Come and ride in the chariots of fire where you can see from My vantage point.  Now is the time to mount up and ride on the power of My Word.  Ride upon My horses in the season of apostolic power and the release of resurrection life.  Do not allow the enemy to keep you earth-bound.  I say, come and ride upon the power of My presence, says the Lord.

February 2009 words --

February 2, 2009:  I come to you to take you on a spiritual journey.  It is true that eye has not seen, nor has ear heard  of the glory and the wonder that I am about to bring you into.  These times and events have been established on the heavenly calendar, and they shall proceed and come forth in fullness.  Encourage yourself in the Lord even as David did.  Come to a higher place.  Come with desire and anticipation of that which I am about to provide for you and do in you, say the Lord, for I have sent My Spirit to nurture, teach, and empower you.  I have sent My Spirit to take you on a journey into the fullness of the Kingdom and My purposes.  Enjoy the journey, and your peace shall be established.  Psalms 36:8 They are abundantly satisfied with the fullness of Your house, and You give them drink from the river of Your pleasures.

February 10, 2009:  Enter into the fullness of My Spirit, says the Lord, for I am indeed the God who heals all of your diseases.  I now re-establish My covenant promises in you so that you can believe with all of your heart, all of your mind, strength, and purpose to come forth in this season to be healed and walk in divine health that has been released in My kingdom.  Enter into My purposes and into the flow of My Spirit, and I shall revive you and bring a freshness to your spirit and health and strength to your body.  I will bring peace to your thoughts and emotions.  My Word is written on your hearts to be remembered forever.  Go back to the basics and the basis of My Word, and your foundation will be strong and secure.  I say, "Be healed."  Psalm 103:2-3  Bless the LORD, O my soul, And forget not all His benefits: Who forgives all your iniquities, Who heals all your diseases.

February 13, 2009:  In a vision I saw the dance of the apothecary.  He was God's perfumer, anointed by the Lord to make anointing oils.  He was a little guy, maybe 5' 5" and was wearing a leather apron.  He was appointed to make a specific anointing oil for each one.  I saw him going to individuals and the Holy Spirit would tell him what each one needed -- one would need spikenard, another would need sweet myrrh, and so on.  And, for some it was a mix.  The apothecary never stopped dancing, and he would skip off to find the specific ingredients necessary to make the oil.  Once he had the oil mixed, he would take it and pour it upon each person's head so that they would receive what they need for this season.  He knew from the Holy Spirit the exact anointing that was necessary.  The last part of the vision was the oil doing its work individually on body, soul and spirit. 

February 17, 2009:  Do not think it is a strange thing, My people, that the enemy has been sent against you.  Hindering spirits have been sent forth to keep you out of the fullness of that which I am doing at this time.  But, remember My words, behold I give unto you authority; I give unto you power over all the works of the enemy.  So, when you find the enemy's attack against you, then rise up and use My Word as a sword against him.  These are days of war.  These are the days of My power when the enemy will be placed under My footstool, and you are those people who shall do that.  I say again, do not think it strange that hindering forces have come to steal from you that which has been imparted.  Rise up in the anointing, and break the yoke of bondage.  Rise up and have victory over infirmity.  Rise up and be healed.  Rise up and be delivered.  Come into the fullness of My Word and into the fullness of My promises.  Do not let up and do not look back.  The journey is before you; the road to perfection is before you.  I shall perfect those things that concern you, says the Lord.

March 2009 words --

March 2, 2009:  I tell you today that you are My anointed.  You are anointed to war against the enemy and to have victory over all of his works.  I call you My anointed because you can do all things in the strength and power of My anointing.  That anointing that comes to you now is the same anointing in which I walked in My days on the earth.  From this point on I would have you to see yourself differently than you have in the past.  No longer are you merely human, no longer are you restricted, no longer are you limited or under the power of words spoken against you, but today you come under the power of My anointing.  For, I have chosen in this season to give this anointing for you to have; it is yours to receive, yours to be empowered by, and yours to walk in, says the Lord God.  Be My anointed ones, and carry out My purposes.  My plans will be revealed as you go forth. 

March 9, 2009:  This day, says the Lord, I come to restore you and to remove all reproach.  I come not only to restore, but to inspire.  You are designed for greater things than you have the ability to see.  My gifting in you and My power and anointing on you will perfect you and will cause you to come to the elevated place that I have prepared for you.  Lay aside the oppression and come with great joy.  My kingdom is a kingdom of joy, for in the Spirit of the Living Lord there is joy, liberty, peace and power.  The anointing will be poured out upon you so that you will not only be restored, but you will be strengthened beyond what you have ever known.  These are days of My glory on the Elijah company, those who will be used to cause a full restoration that will impact My Church.  Forget all things that are behind you, and move forward without hesitation.

March 16, 2009:  Understand that I am giving gifts to you, My Bride, before I come to take you to the wedding feast.  Position yourselves to receive that which I am doing in this season.  As the season progresses you will be strengthened and become more glorious than you ever have been before if you cooperate with Me.  But, if not, you will become like the foolish virgins, and you do not want that to happen!  Let Me become your guiding light, for surely I will bring you out of all darkness and bring you forth into the glory of My kingdom.  It is my purpose to cause you to be Zion, that city of light that is set upon a hill that the whole world cannot only see, but can come to.  Your anointing will draw others into My kingdom.  My fire and anointing will produce an undeniable light that will draw sinners and the backslidden into the fullness of My purposes, says the Lord.  Be wise now.  Matthew 25:1-13

March 23, 2009:  I say to you, My children, this is the hour of victory.  You will either prepare for victory, or you will later struggle to obtain dominion.  If you will now position yourselves by faith, then all that is necessary for victory will come to you.  But, if you wait until the battle rages around you, it will be much harder to attain.  Arise and receive!  Allow the anointing to come to you that will bring deliverance and renew your spirit.  I am calling to the watchmen to come and establish yourselves on the wall as a defense against every attack of the enemy.  Watchmen, what of the night?  Not only declare what you see in the darkness, but declare that the morning also comes with the glorious light of the Morning Star to lead, guide and show you the way.  Again, I say, rise up.  It is the hour of the warrior, for I have equipped you for this time so that you shall indeed run to the battle and turn back the battle at the gate, says the Lord.

March 30, 2009:  You are children of light.  You are to dwell in the light and let the light shine through you.  Let it bring forth the purposes of My kingdom that will become a standard and a plumb line that will draw many into My house.  Come with expectation, for I have never failed you.  Establish yourself in this time with your heart's desire to see divine purpose and to live according to that which I show you.  The knowledge and revelation of those things that pertain to this season will reveal your gifting, purposes, and destiny as well as the power and authority that I have placed upon you.  Set a watch, for the enemy will speak things to you that will tempt you to back off from your commitment and calling.  His words of accusation will attempt to convince you that you are not truly Mine and that you are not truly gifted.  But, I say to you that My word has been declared, and My purposes are established and will continue to come forth.  Only believe and receive My present work, says the Lord. 

April 2009 words --

April 3, 2009 -- by Bill and Marsha Burns:  A spirit of lawlessness has launched an attack against this nation to cause those who have a propensity to be lawless to rise up against authority figures. This attack will result in abuse, destruction and murder. God’s people need to set a watch and be aware of the spiritual danger that exists right now. We must bind that spirit and forbid lawlessness and rebellion to invade our atmospheres, work places, and communities. And, we need to ask God for His protection in this season because it is the spring of the year when the kings go out to war.
2 Thessalonians 2: 9 The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders.

This spirit of lawlessness will work with a haughty spirit and antichrist spirit to promote strife, contention and division. The outcome of that division will be very detrimental to all concerned. Pride will move people who are given to rebellion to make decisions based on protecting their image or position instead of choosing righteousness, truth and justice. Wisdom will be greatly lacking and the result of the decisions made under the power of this three-fold cord will produce sorrow and regret.

April 6, 2009:  Is it not written that I am the Light of the world?  But, I am also the Light within you, and when the Light burns brightly in you, your spirit becomes a candle of the Lord.  Out of your innermost being, out of the power of your spirit, will flow My anointed word that breaks the yoke of bondage, brings truth and revelation.  These are the days of the revealing of the mysteries of this age.  Arise, you who sleep, and dwell no more in complacency or darkness.  Now redeem the time by coming into submission to My purposes at this time.  I will show you the way, for My word is a lamp unto your feet, and I will bring you forth out of darkness.  As you learn to walk in the Spirit and learn to speak by the Spirit, you will understand Kingdom purpose more fully, says the Lord.

April 13, 2009:  I am calling you forth to a new level of faith and a brand new experience, which shall be called "the dominion of the Lord."  For, I shall establish My dominion in you and through you to be exercised over your circumstances and over all the places where I send you, where you work, and where you live.  I am the Lord of Hosts, and all the earth is Mine, and I call you to also have dominion and to reign with Me spiritually.  These are the days of preparation.  Renew yourselves.  Remove all anxiety, worry, doubt and unfaithfulness.  Place yourself securely in My hand, and I will bring your forth into that which I have predestined for you.  This is the Day of My power, and it is your heritage to walk in the fullness of it, says the Lord.  So, rise up in a faith that will not be denied and will receive all that I have purposed. 

April 14, 2009:  Watch for defining moments that break forth on your spirit. Watch for them, for they shall come to you. There will also be vanishing points if you do not receive the turning points that I am giving in this season. If you choose not to seek after Me and listen to Me, the opportunities that I am giving you to arise and go forth will vanish, and your part in that will be lost. My people, rise up and hear and believe that this season will present many defining moments.

April 20, 2009:  Believe, My little ones. I speak of you as little, as in childlike faith, but not little in power and not little in anointing; only little in your own eyes that you may be large in My kingdom and that you may become exactly what I have called you to be. I tell you that it is My good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Do you not know that within My kingdom I prosper My people and heal them and deliver them? I will bring you into the fullness of that which has been spoken of and written even in the holy scriptures. Today, I speak into your ears that if you will now step into the new season in faith, you will come forth in power. You have walked through the fires and have been tried by the fire. Now you can step over the threshold, beloved, for you are entering a new season of glory and of My manifest presence, says the Lord. Surely, I will come and do this work, and will touch you and will speak a word and lead you and guide you into all of that I have purposed for you.

April 21, 2009:  I would have you to see.  I would have you to awake out of a slumber. I would have you awake to a place in the spirit realm where I can pour out My anointing upon you that will indeed not only cause you to hear my voice, but to perceive my purposes.  For such is the day and such is the hour of the releasing of this anointing of victory into your life if you can but receive it, by believing it, then you can have it, says the Lord.  I come in the power of My kingdom into your life to set you free from every curse, from every hindrance, from everything that the enemy has established against you that will keep you from moving into the fullness of My kingdom.  And I come in the power of My anointing, the fullness thereof, and release that upon you today to be well, to be blessed, and to become the highly favored of the Most High.  In the power of My word and by the hearing of My word your faith is manifest.  For faith comes by hearing and it works through your heart in the love of the Lord.  For these are the times of new beginnings, the times of new seasons, they are indeed the days of restoration for My people.  They are indeed the days when you shall receive the anointing of the fourth watch.  Come with expectation, come in faith, for faith is the currency of heaven. 

April 27, 2009:  If you could but see by way of vision into My purposes that have been established for the end of the age you would rejoice, and again I say you would rejoice.  For all of your troubles, all of your heartache, all of your worry, all of your anxiety, all of your trials, would diminish and flow away in the power of the anointing that I shall place upon you.  These are indeed the finest days of Zion.  These are the days which you, My people, shall have an abiding glory that shall not fade away.  Indeed Zion must dwell in the glory that shall permeate the whole land.  For it has been purposed from the beginning of time and it shall be revealed and brought into manifestation in this the end of the age.  Remember that I have appointed you for such a time as this, and I have called you into My purposes for these days.  You are a royal generation and a chosen priesthood, the mighty warriors of the end of the age--even in the likeness of David's mighty men.  The men of renown that have gone on before you are waiting to see what you will do with this anointing for war that will bring the victory.  This is the hour of the warrior, and the warrior's purpose is to establish My dominion in the land.  Begin by establishing My dominion as a warrior in your home, in your personal life, in your place of work, in your church, and the whole of your lives will begin to flow with an exceeding and abundant measure of power as you go step by step with hearts uplifted into the fullness of My Kingdom, says the Lord God Almighty.

May 2009 words --

May 9, 2009 -- Drink deeply of the cup that I'm presenting to you.  For it contains the living water of this day and if you look closely you will find that there is oil floating on the water.  This oil will establish you in My kingdom as a watchman.  Your eyes will be opened and you shall indeed see.  "What will I see," you say?  You will see what I show you.  "What will I declare," you say?  You will declare what I show you.  My word I will put in your mouth and when you speak them they will be words that change the dynamics of the spiritual atmosphere and the spiritual landscape. This is your time to become what I have anointed you to become, and to be exactly what I called you to be.  No one will be left out.  Everyone will receive the seed.  What you do with it though is up to you.  In the name of Jesus Christ receive the oil of victory.

May 11, 2009:  I saw a threshold in the realm of the spirit, and the Spirit of the Living God said to me: I am bringing My people to the threshold. Oh, you have been here before, but the evil one has hindered you, and your fears have not allowed you to step over the threshold into a full victory, a total victory. Fear has captured you and held you back, and even as you lifted your foot, even as you anticipated the victory and lifted your foot to step over the threshold, the enemy forced you back. Now, you have come to a place where you are not sure if you can cross the threshold, but I say unto you, the door is open, and the doors that I open no man can shut. The doors that I open no devil can shut.  For this reason, I am searching the land over, and I am looking for warriors and looking for those who have a heart of courage. I am looking for those who have a boldness to believe in My word, to believe that which I have spoken forth in this time. Now, I am calling My Calebs and My Joshuas to come forth. For, it is the season in which I call My faithful ones to be conquerors.

May 18, 2009:  Have you heard My word today, says the Lord?  For surely I shall come and confirm it with signs and wonders following.  For I am not like those in the world that make a promise but do not keep it.  I am the Holy One, the Righteous One of Israel and when I speak My word, My word will never return void.  For surely by My Spirit I will fulfill the fullness of that which has been spoken over you, My people.  So take this day and rejoice in it.  Take this day and be glad in it.  Take this day and the sunshine of My love shall fall upon you and lead you in the days that are ahead of you.  For I am coming as the Light of this day to reveal to you the hidden mysteries of those things that will effect you in these days.  Place yourself upon the wall, watchmen of the hour.  Watch and you shall see.  Pray and you shall receive.  For it is written, that if you will ask, you will receive; if you seek you will find; if you will knock I will come and sup with you.  You and I will commune in sweet fellowship and out of that fellowship the glory and the light of this day shall be birthed in the land, says the Lord God.
May 26, 2009:  I indeed say to you, these days are tremendously important.  They are days in which I am bringing spiritual revelation that will position you for your journey to the end of time, the end of the age.  So be sure, My beloved ones, to receive that which I show you.  Hide it in the good ground of your heart and let the Spirit water it and bring forth the abundance of that which I will do in you, through you, and around you.  These are the days of My power and I am revealing to you the signs in the earth that will stir your innermost being and cause you to stand at attention with eyes wide open and a mouth filled with praise and the glory of that which you see and  hear.  Come and sit yourself on the wall, put yourself in the tower, watch, learn, and receive.  Become the greatest of all generations for it is written and the scriptures cannot be broken, says the Lord. 

June 2009 words --

June 1, 2009:  Will you not birth this move of God?  Will you not bring it forth?  For when I come and I rest upon my chosen ones, and when I come and I stir them into action, it is for a purpose.  So let your faith now come to a birthing place and release from your innermost being that which I am doing.  If you but believe you shall ascend, and you will know the glory that mankind desired to know! Be free!  I say be free today!  Wait NO longer, shake off the chains of bondage for I have come to open every prison door and I have come to set every captive free.  For the cry of the Spirit is liberty, liberty, liberty for those that I've called and those that receive.  For where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty and joy for evermore.

June 8, 2009:  I will pour out of My Spirit in a fresh and mighty way.  It will create a flow of anointing that shall become a river that will carry you forth into the blessings of this season.  All you have to do, My children, is believe and position yourself in the River of God so that I can have My way in your life.  If you choose to get in My river, you will be astounded.   You will be established and blessed beyond your imaginations.  Freedom, healing, and provision will come in this season because it is My season, which is designated to bring forth the fullness of the manifestation of the Kingdom that I rule over and abide in, says the Lord.

June 15, 2009:  Have I not spoken to you?  Have I not called you?  Have I not established you?  Have I not set you?  Will I not send you, says the Lord.  These indeed are the days of the revealing of My power and glory in the land.  For, I have a royal priesthood.  I have a chosen generation who have been hungry for all  that I have.  And, I would have you know that there are treasure chests stored up in heaven with your names written on them.  Now as you ascend, as you go forth,  go forth with anticipation; go forth and find the treasure; go forth and find out that which I have hidden for you?  For these are the days when the mysteries of old shall be revealed and the glory of old shall come forth.   I am bringing a river of My anointing to flow in such a magnificent way that when it comes upon you it will carry you into the fullness of My purposes, says the Lord.  Rejoice and again I say rejoice!

June 22, 2009:   In a vision I saw angels bringing shields.  Their arms were full of shields that they were handing out to God’s people, shields of faith to protect us in the days ahead.  They are shields that will deflect the fiery darts of the enemy.  I heard the Lord say, receive these shields, anoint these shields, for in these days you will surely need them, for your warfare will be ramped up.  When the battle rages you will have no fear, for you are moving to a new level of faith as you receive these shields.

June 23, 2009:  You, My children, have heard wisdom, for I say that indeed if you will trust Me with all of your heart, trust in Me in all of your ways, then I can perfect you, lead and guide you.  Then, I will bring you up the path that leads you higher to the new plateau.  Even though you view it from afar you cannot see the narrow path that leads upward.  But, I will show you the ways of ascension as never before, and your faith will be quickened and will cause your journey to be exciting and glorious.  I am now calling a generation to come up into that which exists in My heart for you, and I would have you to be a glorious generation, a powerful generation, a generation in whom I am establishing My dominion.  Now lift up your eyes to the heavenlies and manifest a new level of faith, a faith that transcends the natural, a faith that will lead you ever higher and establish and settle you in My purposes.  This level of faith will allow for the anointing of the warrior to come upon you so that you may experience the victory that I have for you in this very season, says the Lord.

June 29, 2009:  It has been written, says the Lord, and it is true that I am the God of all glory.  And when My glory cloud comes upon you, times of refreshing, times of healing, times of strength and My promises will be established as a seed in the good ground of your heart if you choose to believe this day.  For you must come to an understanding that indeed you are a citizen of heaven.  You live and dwell in another land -- a spiritual habitation where My goodness abounds and My blessings overflow.  These are all for you, My people, all of those who call Me by name and those who believe in Me, who worship Me, who praise Me and serve Me.  For I have come to give you blessings that are exceedingly and abundantly above all that you can imagine.  So this day I would have you to believe in a fresh way, in a new way, on the basis of My word, on the basis of the revelation of this specific season.  I would have you to believe that you are a kingdom child.  Have you not known that I have given you apostolic power; power for warfare?  Rise up out of that position of weakness and victim mentality and declare that you belong to the Lord--a warrior of the Lord.  Do not entangle yourselves in the things of this earth.  For I have called you to be the mighty men of this generation.  And if you answer the call will I not provide for you?  Will I not bring the blessing of provisional reality into your life?  Walk I say in a position of integrity before Me and you will be astounded in these days of the magnificence of the glory that I'm about to pour out upon you.  For indeed the windows of heaven are open, the blessings are falling.  Position yourself to receive, and you will receive the word in due season.  You will receive prophecy that reveals and magnifies that which I am about to do.  You will receive the revelation of this hour.  You will receive the power of the kingdom and the glory of it, says the Lord God Almighty.

July 2009 words --

July 6, 2009:  Not only am I the Lord of glory but I am the Lord of your life.  Do you not know that I watch over you?  Do you not know that I know what you need before you do?  Do you not know that I have great plans for you and a destiny that shall be fulfilled in the very near future if you will but come with a trusting heart and a willingness of mind?  So, I say, come and allow Me to perfect you; allow Me to renew you; allow Me to strengthen you; allow Me to heal you; allow Me to bring the revelation and wisdom of this hour.  For it is My great privilege and honor to give unto you that which the Father has given into My hands.  Behold, indeed, I give you power and authority to walk over all the works of the enemy.  And, I give you the Kingdom and the blessings of it.  I do so in abundance and with liberality.  So, will you not come and receive your portion, says the Lord?  For I have things given into My hands and now I give all things to My people.  They will come in the sync of your understanding and they will come in the wisdom of the word and they will come as you activate your faith.  In the willingness of your heart reach out with a spiritual hand and receive that which I have for you.  So, I say, receive and enjoy.   Let that which I give to you be a revelation and a witness of My love for you and your part in My kingdom, says the Lord.
July 13, 2009:  Because you are My children I would have you take great delight in the very fact that I am watching over you; that I am waiting to see if you will believe that which I have written.  I am waiting to see if you will exercise your faith.  I am waiting for you to come to that place in the heavenlies where you will be a true worshiper; where your spirit will ascend before the throne in admiration and exaltation of the One who has saved you.  I am waiting to see what you will do with this precious time I have placed you in.  I am waiting to see what you will do with this present anointing that comes in the reality of this spiritual season.  My desire for you is that you might arise and come to your potential.  Come to a place of confidence and trust in the Lord your God for surely I am for you, I am with you, and I will not forsake you.  I will lead you and guide you and bring the wisdom of this age to your mind.  I will give you strength of spirit and strength of body as I watch over you.  I contend for you against the powers of evil and keep you in a place that allows you to abide in the Son through the Spirit of the living God.  So renew your confidence this day, My children, and take hope.  Purify your conscience.  Set all things in order according to My word and then the rains of this season that have been promised will indeed come down, the water will flow, and the flow of My river will carry you into the fullness of your potential and within the very heart of the kingdom that I am bringing into manifestation in these days.  For it is written that the end cannot come until the whole world has heard the message of the kingdom; not just the message that Christendom has spoken, but I say the message of the Kingdom--the message that assures you are a kingdom child.  The message that assures your rights in My kingdom and shows you the power of the Father's love in this kingdom.  That is the message that I am preaching in these days through My servants, says the Lord.  Those of you who receive will be very wise indeed for the message and the revelation of this day and the hidden mysteries that are now being revealed will equip you to arise in the kingdom to a new level of faith, to a new level of trust, and a new level of confidence in Me, says the Lord.  What, then, are you waiting for?  Come! 

July 14, 2009:  I have spoken to you in My word and I have said bless and do not curse.  I say unto you, My People, in this season it is going to become very dangerous for you to loose curses against others.  For I am going to show you the attitudes and intentions of your heart by bringing that very curse back upon yourselves.  So heed these words and walk rightly.  Do not allow your attitudes to become curses or your words to become curses.  For surely the door of the enemy will be opened against you and great suffering will occur in these days, says the Lord.  For I have seen the intentions in the hearts of My people and I have seen the strife and the contention and I have seen their judgments and I have witnessed their jealousies but no longer in these days will I allow those thoughts, those words, to be curses to be sent to My beloved, but indeed they shall be returned and bring affliction upon your own house -- not because I do not love you but so you may know what you are doing, says the Lord. 

July 20, 2009:  The enemy is trying to re-establish generational curses by sending familiar spirits to harass and torment. This is in conjunction with the spirit of death that has been released over the nation through the focus and media attention given to the deaths of many celebrities in recent weeks. We're in for a fight against death and destruction on many levels.

July 21, 2009:  Come up in the Spirit to the heavenly realm; this high and lofty place, the place where wisdom, knowledge, and information is boundless and where the secrets of the Most High are revealed--this place where the door into the valley of vision is opened unto you.   Come My people; come to this place.  That invitation is for you each and every day.  So why the hesitation, why the waiting?  The door is open.  When I open a door no man can shut it, nor can any devil.  But, the call must be answered.  Come, and I will show you the things that are necessary for you to know.   I will show you things to come, for I am the God of revelation.  I am the revealer of all things.   Those things that have been held in your hearts as mysteries you can know the answers to if you  come.  Your purpose can be defined.  Your path and your journey can be established.  Your potential can be reached, but only in this place of the manifest presence of the glory of the Most High.  So come.  I'm waiting.  Come! 

August 2009 words --

August 3, 2009:  Have you not heard it said, come unto Me?  For My word declares that if you will come unto Me I will give you rest.  My word declares that if you come unto Me I will baptize you in the Holy Spirit and power.  So again, this day, I say look beyond the natural, look beyond your circumstances.  Submit all you are troubled with unto Me and come so that you might be restored.  Come that you might be renewed.  Come that you might receive the resurrection power of this day.  For I the Lord God of Heaven have not forgotten you.  In fact My Father God  has written your name on His hand that you would not be forgotten.  I never forget My people.  I understand what they are going through.  The answer is in this one simple word, come.  Come unto to Me and I will give you rest, says the Lord God.

August 17, 2009:  The faith of My people, says the Lord, must be tested in the refining fires of My purposes.  These last days will require strong faith, so begin now to strengthen your faith, live in faith, and walk in faith, for the enemy's assault will ever increase until the end.  Begin to live by My faith.  Be brave, be strong and fight the good fight of faith.  Victory will come to those who live in faith.  1 John 5:4  For whatever is born of God overcomes the world.  And this is the victory that has overcome the world, our faith. 

August 24, 2009:  I am the God of goodness but also the God of severity.  So I will test your heart so that it may be purified.  I will come to you in this season to perfect those things concerning you that need perfecting.  For I have chosen you to walk in a calling that is much higher than you can believe, a calling that is much higher than you can expect, a calling that will cause you to walk in the likeness of Jesus Christ and therefore in the faith and gifting that He walked in so that the scripture might be fulfilled that these works and greater works than these you shall do.  For now is the time of the judgment of My house where before the world itself is judged My people must come to a place of purity and righteousness to exercise kingdom power and kingdom authority as My kings and priests.  So let your heart be glad and lifted up with joy and peace before Me.  For, the work that I am doing in you in this season is the greatest work of all.  For that work is to call you to be Christ-like and to walk in the divine nature of My beloved Son.  So rise up now and receive this opportunity to come to the new plateau, which you have yearned for.  But I say, that you cannot come to this spiritual place without first being perfected.  And that is the process that has been going on now for these three years, says the Lord.  I will continue to perfect those things that concern you, My people, so that you may gravitate to this high spiritual level that I have provided in this season where the house of the kings has been established.  So come and renew yourself in Me today, says the Lord God Almighty.

August 25, 2009:  The manifestation of the work that I've been doing will come to a place of perfection in the time of the blowing of the trumpets.  Indeed the season for an announcement is coming.  For when the heavenly host begin to blare their trumpets in the season of the Feast of Trumpets then you will be elevated to a new place if you will now begin to strive to enter in and come before My throne, says the Lord.
August 31, 2009:  Is My name not called the Son of Glory?  I come in this time to call you forth into the fullness of My kingdom, says the Lord.  You have walked around the edges of it and you have partaken of it somewhat, but I say unto you today there is a fullness, a full manifestation of the glory and the revelation of My kingdom that must be birthed in your heart.  For not only am I the Son of Glory, but I come to bestow that glory upon you; that it may change you; that it's light may adorn you; that it's splendor may captivate you.  That which I bring in this season will cause you to turn your eyes from the world and turn your eyes fully upon Me, says the Lord.  For it is written and it is true that I am the author and the finisher of your faith.  So come today.  Come, I say.  Come in your weakness; come in your helplessness; come with whatever it is that is holding you back.  For My intention is to anoint you with the Spirit of My Glory that you may rise up and become exactly what My word says you will be, says the Lord God of Glory.

September 2009 words --

September 1, 2009:  May the sons of Jesse arise to their thrones and be seated upon the thrones of David in heavenly places.  These are the thrones of the joint heirs of Christ Jesus to which you have been called in this time and in this season.  Therefore, I say unto you, forgetting those things that are behind you, press, run to the mark of the high calling that is before you that your destiny may be fulfilled with purpose; so that you are no longer withheld; so that you are no longer restricted; so that you  no longer are living under the darkness of that which Satan has brought into your lives.  For you will now begin to live as a child of light and that light will produce life, not only in your lives but in the lives of those around you.  So I say today, forget those things that are behind you; put them firmly behind you, then turn and face the glory of God.

September 7, 2009:  The Lord says there are a few of you that believe that you are living in the very final moments of your life and you don't think that you will be here to see the Glory.  But the Lord says:  Can I not extend life?  Can I not give strength?  Can I not bring healing?  Will I not fulfill My purposes concerning you?  Do not buy into the lie of the enemy, but rather believe My word.  Come to a place of victory in your spirit and that place of victory will flow into your soul and your memories will be healed and your thoughts will be transformed and then your bodies will be renewed. 
September 14, 2009:  Rise up, My people, and take your position on the new foundation that I have established for you in this season, says the Lord.  I put into your hand today a broom that you may begin by sweeping off the ashes of the wood, the hay, the stubble, so that your foundation can be swept clean; so that you will begin again in this season to build with precious gems, gold, and silver.  For I have determined to have a house in the end of the age that is without spot and without wrinkle.  It will be a house filled with all the glory of My purposes and  the glory of My presence; a house in which people can be healed; a house in which people can receive revelation.  It will be a house on which the glory of the Father will come for those in the world to see, and they will know absolutely that there is still a God in Heaven who cares, a God who speaks, and a God who does.  So arise now to your station.  This foundation, My people, is higher than any you have known before.  It has even been called the New Plateau.  It is the plateau of My purposes.  It is the table of the Lord.  It is a habitation where I will come and dine with My people.  I'll come in this season, and I will prove My kingdom not only to the Church, but to the world itself, says the Glorious One. 

September 21, 2009:  Songs of deliverance are coming to you, for I, the Lord your God, will pour out of My Spirit that you may be relieved of the burdens that you have carried -- those things that have weighed you down; those things that have been troubling to you; those things that you have struggled with.  So I say, come to Me you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest.  For it must be that in this season that you take rest in the presence of your Maker.  You have the ability to come to Me and receive restoration that will come in a position of your alertness, preparedness, and your ability to be fresh and ready to receive, says the Almighty.  You are like the eagle who flies in the skies, turn your eyes upward and you will see that you have the ability to be as He is -- the ability to see and perceive My purposes, says the Lord.   I have called My people to come aside for a moment of rest, a moment of restoration where you can be unburdened now in this season.  Come and rest.  Allow Me to heal you.  Allow Me to invigorate your spirit.  Lift up your voice and call to Me and I shall come.  For these are indeed the days of My glory and you, My children, are the sons and daughters of glory.  So come now and rest, says the Lord.

September 22, 2009:  I have come to you today My people to prepare you.  I've come to open your ears.  I have come to place a desire so deep down within your spirit that the travail of it shall call you to a higher place than you have been.  The travail of that which I am doing in your spirit man will cause you to awaken out of a slumber and come forth into the majesty that I have called you;  into the glory that I have prepared for you.  Call these the days of wonder if you will, watch for the signs, listen for My voice.  For, divine directives shall come into your ears.  And when I call you to pray, do so, in faith.  When I call you to proclaim, do so, in faith.  When I call you even to write a divine decree, do so, in faith.  No good thing will I withhold from you in these days, says the Lord.  But, you must be ready; you must be ready to mount up and  ride on the wind of My presence; you must be ready to search out the things that I have hidden within you; you must become a treasure hunter, says the Lord God.  For many gems have been placed within your spirit;  revelations of these days.  Many of you have longed for these days for you know that I will speak, and you know that a prophetic voice will arise and come forth; you know that words of wisdom and the words of knowledge shall come; that tongues shall be spoken; that interpretation will be given.  These things I say will indeed multiply in the days that are before you. 

September 23, 2009:  The glory is right before you; your feet even on the threshold of that door that has been opened.  Do not fear and do not worry about the signs in the earth, for indeed those things that are written shall come.  There shall be indeed wars and rumors of them.  Pestilence, hunger; all of these things are a sign of the end of the age.  But you, My people, will be covered and provided for and will dwell in the safety of My glory.  You have been told through the voice of the prophets that you should leave those things which are behind and press toward the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus.  Your high calling, not others, not the churches, YOUR high calling -- that which is yours to fulfill and no one else.  So arise, I say, and shake off the dust of the defilement of the world, and shake off the dust of failure.  Shake off the dust of condemnation.  Arise to your position.  For indeed it is time for the sons of David to arise into the heavenly places where the lightning of God shall go forth to destroy the enemy at the sound of your voice, where victory will come.  So do not forget the day of small beginnings, says the Lord, but these are now the days of glory; the days of great things and the culmination of the end of the age to come.  Arise now from the dust of defeat and soar like an eagle.  Gather your weapons, for I will teach you fingers how to make war.  The enemy will come, but he will be astounded at the strength of My people for he has not anticipated your resolve, your commitment, and your faith in Me to bring you forth into victory.  Indeed it shall become a battle cry, "I can do all things through Christ Jesus, the anointed one and His anointing.  Nothing shall deter me."  Victory is assured, says the Lord Almighty.

September 28, 2009:  You will no longer have to wait for the manifestation of My presence, says the Lord.  For these are the days in which I shall come and touch.  These are the days in which I shall come and breathe upon you.  These are the days that I shall come and release My people from the bondages of the enemy.  For there is a cry going forth across the land; the cry of My Spirit; the cry of My voice.  Listen and you shall hear.  Watch and see and you shall know for I am about to perform in this land and among My people the greatest manifestation of My glory that ever has been seen on this earth.  In the days of old they watched for the fire upon the tent; in those days they watched for the cloud.  In these days you will watch for the manifest presence of the Holy One and the breath of the Spirit shall come upon you and move you as the wind of His glory; into the fullness of His purposes.  For I the Lord God have not forgotten My people.

October 2009 words --

October 5, 2009:  Indeed heaven's sound is coming to the earth.  It shall be even as I have spoken in the past, says the Lord God.  Hear the sound of My voice, the sound of the horses hooves in the heavenly places, and the sound of the wind rushing through the wings of the eagles.  For it is time, says the Lord, for My intervention in mankind.  It is time for My power to be released over religious duty and religious exercise.  It is time for the power of the kingdom of God to come forth among My chosen ones.  It is the time that I will bring great favor to My people.  It is time in this season to bring the power of the prophetic word to a higher and a deeper level than ever it has been before.  So rejoice, and I say rejoice again and continue to rejoice for the manifest presence of the kingdom of God is about to invade the land.  If you will listen closely, even now, you could begin to hear the sound of it.  For many of you have been in a time of transition, but you are now coming into fulfillment of that transition as you move to higher spiritual realms.  These things will  point you to this one thing -- I am coming soon and very soon, says the Lord of Glory.  I shall step out on the clouds of glory and I shall call you forth.  In the meantime I would have you enjoy a little heaven right here on earth, a heavenly presence, the glory of the manifestation of God Almighty.  I would have you in this day and in this hour to become children who are hungry and waiting at the Master's feet to be fed.  I would have you to rise up in faith and say, 'peace be still' to the storms of life.    I would have you to understand that you belong to Me and because you belong to Me I belong to you and you have My favor, which is like a cloud of My presence that comes over you.  So, walk in the anticipation and the hope and excitement of that which I am about to do.  If you do, you will see the greatest glory every presented to a people, says the Lord. 

October 12, 2009:  Is it not written that you are a chosen generation?  A generation of royal priests; a generation of kings who rule and reign with Me in My kingdom, says the Lord?  For those things that have been written about the end of the age will now come fully into your life.  So reposition yourself with the understanding that you are living in the greatest days of the church.  You are living in the time and the function of the divine decree that you shall fully possess the kingdom of Almighty God.   You are a glorious generation, a generation that shall come to a fuller understanding of who I am.   So this day rise up and ascend in your faith.  Leave behind all confusion and all doubt and come boldly before My throne so that you might hear My words; so that you might be drawn unto Me; so that I might make you again into a fitting vessel for this day.  Come with expectation and hope and divine power will overshadow you and your faith will be amplified in that moment, says the Lord.

October 19, 2009:  Rise up My child.  Stay no longer on the side lines.  Enter this race and run with strength for I shall empower you in the days that are ahead of you so that you are not surprised, so that you are not defeated; and so that the enemy can gain no advantage over you.  For I am for you, says the Lord God, and I will cause you to triumph always and I will cause every battle to become a victory to you, and I will cause every temptation to become a praise offering for overcoming that which is set against you.  Be sure that you give Me the glory, for I am undertaking on your behalf.  No good thing will I withhold from you.  For it is the season of favor and blessings and that which I choose to bring among My people, My chosen ones, My holy priesthood.  Remember that I am watching over you.  I will care for you, I will lead you and I will guide you into the fullness of that which life can give.  Enjoy the abundance, the favor, the joy and peace of this season, for surely it comes, says the Lord God Almighty.   You have no idea of the blessings that are about to come into your life; about the strength that is to come into your life; about the manifest presence of My healing that is about to come into you life.  In this very moment you cannot comprehend the fullness of that which I am about to bring to My body.

October 26, 2009:  Have you discerned this My people?  It's a new season.  Some would say it's a new day, and it is that.  Some would say it is a new hour, and it is that.  It is a new time and a new season in which I will come to My people in a very distinct way.   I will present Myself to you in such strength and power that you will be overtaken by My Spirit, says the Lord.  As I overtake you, My people, you will begin to understand what I have in mind, and you will begin to understand the process of life in Christ Jesus and of the working out of your salvation by the strength and power of the Spirit of the living God.  For it is to you I come in this season; each one individually, and of course, I will give corporate direction for My people that you may go the same direction; so that they might live in the unity and the power of the most Holy Spirit.  And, you might ask me, "What is required of me Lord?"   Come unto Me.  Come present yourself to Me.  Come with a desire to know Me.  For those are the very simple things that will cause you to be elevated and brought up into the highest places of the Kingdom.  You have an inheritance that you must receive in this time.  You have worked and you have labored for long days and hours.  But, now is the season of receiving the rewards for your works and the fulfillment of the prophecies that are over you.   Receiving the presence of My glory into your life will be the greatest thing that you have ever taken to yourself.  So, I say, "Come!"

November 2009 words --

November 2, 2009:  Defilement has come to your faith because of the trials, tribulation, hardships, disappointments and failures that you have endured.  A supernatural life will be restored if you will cleanse yourself from this defilement of your faith.  The work that I am presently doing among My people is a restoration of faith – in purity and innocence (a child-like faith).  This innocence of faith will produce a strong faith that is not hindered by your past.  The apostle Paul tells you what is required to accomplish this process:   Philippians 3:13-14  Brethren, I do not count myself to have apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead,  I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.
This you must do so that your faith can become strong and pure.  This beginning again will remove the defilement that has stained your faith.  My church will be a supernatural church in the last days, says the Lord.  My church will be a glorious church; a faith-filled people will demonstrate the power of My kingdom.  So, begin today by positioning yourself to receive this work of Mine.  Live the supernatural life,  The war has been long, but now comes the victory, says the Lord.”

November 3, 2009:  If you can receive it, says the Lord, I am going to begin to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that you can even believe or expect in your life as I bring the blessings of the kingdom to you.  It is time for a new start, a new season, a regeneration of My purposes.  For My people have indeed been hindered from the glory of My kingdom in the past.  But, that does not mean that the glory is not there it just means it has not been seen or experienced.  My kingdom is a kingdom of glory and My purpose is to change you from glory to glory into a kingdom child who can experience and live a supernatural life.  So, take heart today, My beloved, and allow Me to become the strength of your heart, the strength of your purpose, the strength of your joy, and the strength of your peace.  Allow Me to do My finest work in these last days among My people.  If you will decide that you are going to be Mine wholly and completely and become a doer of My word, the multiplicity of My blessings will abound in your life.  This is the day of regeneration; it is the day of the blessing, says the Lord God Almighty. 

November 9, 2009:  The Spirit says, "What do you see, son of man"?  And I looked and I said, "I see smoke and mirrors, my Lord."  And I asked this question, "What does this mean?"  And the Lord said, "It means there are many who are living in deception; many who are deceiving themselves and others.  This smoke and these mirrors will do nothing to promote spiritual life.  They will but hide your true intentions and your true motives.  So, allow your heart to be pure.  Allow your motives to be clean.  Allow your attitudes to be from Me, for the enemy is now bringing smoke upon the land, and this smoke shall bring a lack of clarity to your hearts and to your perceptions if you do not allow the wind of My spirit to remove it and to blow it away.  Then, you can be that one who looks to see if the picture that is being presented to you is true and accurate or if it is a false one.  The enemy is now working in smoke and mirrors.  Beware and be wise.  Watch and see.  Be not deceived," says the Lord.

November 16, 2009:  I'm the Lord who watches over you.  Do not forget it, for I have spoken in My word that I would be with you always.   Even though the enemy would try to convince you otherwise, I say to you that I am here and I am with you and I will walk with you.  I will produce in you the water of life, the water that flows out of your innermost being.  So come and walk with me.  Dare to believe that those things that you have heard in these days shall come to pass in your life.  Dare to believe what I have called you to be.  Walk in the power of My Spirit.  For each season has its own power and each season has its own anointing, says the Lord.  Walk in the power of this season where a greater flow of My spirit will come forth.  John 7:38 "He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water."

November 23, 2009:  The Lord says to you today, have you heard My Word?  Have you heard My exhortation?  Rise up My people.  Gather yourselves up and dig for the waters of this season.  Dig for the anointing that you have lost.  Dig new wells of great and strong anointing, for indeed the anointing will bring the glory and the presence of My kingdom upon your life.  Dig and drink.  Sing to the well.  Dig and drink.  Dig and do not stop.  Are you thirsty?  Then dig.  Are you thirsty?  Then take a drink.  For you will find that there is a river of life that flows through My kingdom where trees are planted.  Therein lies the mystery and the secret of the promise of My living water.  So I say today let all dryness be gone.  You have walked through the valley of the shadow of death; you have walked through the wilderness; you have walked through the dry places, but now you are coming to the place of living water where springs bubble up out of the depth of My kingdom.  Therefore, I say unto you, dig and drink.  As you drink, life will again enter in to your temple.  As you drink, wellness will again come.  As you drink the powers of darkness will leave.  As you drink the glory of the kingdom will manifest in you, and you will become strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.  So, I say, drink.  It is the season for the digging of the wells in the pattern and the type of those that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob dug.  Use your faith as a shovel and dig and drink, says the Lord.

November 30, 2009:  Do you not know, My people, that I am your friend?  And because I am your friend I watch over you, I guide you, I speak with you, I heal you, and deliver you.  So realize this day that I am not a hard task master.  I am simply perfecting those things concerning you.  Do not allow yourself to forget that I am your friend.  I know you. I know your name.  I know the circumstances in your life, and I know them well.  Never come to the conclusion that I am not watching over you.  Never come to the conclusion that I have walked away from you.  For I have professed in MY word that I would never leave you or forsake you.   I will be with you until the very end of the age.  Your circumstances and the persecutions that come may tell you otherwise, but indeed I am your friend.  So get this concept in your heart and in your mind that I wish to dwell with you in friendship.  I know that you think of Me as a Savior, as a King and the King of Kings.  I know you think of Me as your healer, as your deliverer and provider, but today I want you to think of Me as your friend.  For friendship is so much more special than simply receiving the things that the Father would give to you.  Walk with Me in this fellowship, for I assure you that if you do, joy unspeakable will fill your heart and the peace that passes all understanding will be yours to dwell in, says the Lord.

December 2009 words --

December 7, 2009:  I want you, My people to receive the gift of My love.  Knowing My love will set you free and position you to receive the blessing of the new year.  So, set yourself to pursue My love.  Set yourself to know My presence, for in blessing I will bless you.  The season of blessing is upon you.  Come and enjoy.  Come and receive, says the Lord.

December 14, 2009:  I am the Lord who loves you, who cares for you, who watches over you.  I am the Lord who brings salvation into your life.  I am the Lord who heals you and preserves you.  I am the Lord who directs you and calls you into places that you have never walked before.  I will escort you through the valley of vision.  I am the Lord most high who knows you personally.  I know your name.  I know where you are going, and I know how to bring you to that place of victory, says the Lord.  I will do so in this present season, so get ready for transformation.  Get ready to transcend those things that have been bothering you; those things that have been shackles; those things that have held you.  For in this season I will elevate you and bring the truth of My reality into your life.  In this season I will allow you to understand in a fresh way that you belong to Me, and nobody can take you out of My hand.  For I am the Lord who watches over you; who provides for you; who delivers and heals you.  So, My children, do not forget these things for I know many lies have been spoken into your ears by the evil one.  I declare to you this day who I am to you personally.  My love, joy and peace is a gift given unto you.  Fully receive these gifts. Fully embrace by faith that which I have given, says the Lord.

December 15, 2009:  That which I give you shall become completely yours because that is My heart towards you, that you fully possess the kingdom that I have translated you into.  So get ready for this new year.  For indeed it shall be a year of triumph for many and it shall be a year of overcoming because it will be known as the year of the breakthrough of those who follow Me.  Zion's path has already been established.  Follow it.  Follow it through My word as led by the Spirit.  For all things will manifest at Zion.  Come then, I say,  My children to that mountain.  Come to the mountain that transfigures you, changes you.  Come and see, come and taste, come and dine, come enjoy that which I am about to do, says the Lord.
December 21, 2009:  I say, though your heart condemn you, am I not greater than your heart?  I am the Lord most high and I have not come to condemn you.  I have come to lift you up; to guide you; to fill you with My joy, peace and love.  I have come to give you revelation knowledge and to teach you and to guide you through the turmoil of this world.  My children, I say learn this day to live in My joy and in My peace for times of tribulation are coming to this world.  The tribulation that is coming has been written about so it should not be a surprise to anyone.  Times will become hard and plagues shall abound and wars and rumors of wars shall exist.  I say look at these things not in fear or anxiety but rather look at them and say these are a sign of the coming of the Lord Most High.  As you see these things coming upon the earth let your joy abound and rejoice for the end comes and the glory will manifest, says the Lord.   It is written that I will have a church without spot or wrinkle.  I will have a glorious people -- those who learn to live and abide in the presence of My anointing and glory.  I am about to reveal those hidden mysteries that you long to know.  The inner workings of the kingdom of God Almighty will be revealed in these last days to a people, a chosen generation, to those who desire Me with all of their heart, mind and soul, those who love Me beyond the circumstances of their lives and abide in Me.  Abide under the shadow of My out stretched wings, says the Lord.  There you will find comfort for your soul and energy for your spirit.  In My presence there comes a refreshing; renewal and great joy will be yours in these days if you will abide, says the Most High. 

December 28, 2009:  I would prophecy to you in the name of Jesus Christ that He is for you and not against you.  He knows what you have gone through, and He knows where He is about to take you.  He wants you to know today that out of the bad will come the good.  And, out of that which is weak will come the strength.  Out of the trouble that has come into your life God Himself will make a judgment in the heavenlies and overturn Satan's ruling.  The glory of His majesty will be found as a canopy over you.  The Lord says to you today, do not be disheartened, do not be discouraged, My children.  Only believe, rise up in faith; rise up to your kingdom position; rise up to a new level of faith.  Rise up, I say, and know that I am for you.  I am leading you and guiding you into the fullness of your destiny, and I will be with you on this journey until the very end of the age.  Your destiny has already been sealed; it has already been written and it shall come to pass if you will only believe.  Abide in Me, walk with Me, stay with Me through the storms of life, and the greatness of the kingdom shall be your gift.  Out of that kingdom shall flow all that you need, all that you require, all that you desire, says the Lord of Hosts.