By Bill Burns

Copyright 2001 by Bill D. Burns
P. O. Box 1148
Kremmling, CO 80459



Published by River of Life Publishing

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Kremmling, CO 80459   U.S.A.


ISBN 097-10-7090-3


All rights reserved under International Copyright Law.

All scriptures are from the New King James version of the Bible unless otherwise noted.


This book is dedicated to the

Faith Tabernacle of Kremmling congregation who exemplify the Company of the Redeemed

who are pressing into the Third Day,

for they have purposed to cross over into the new day before them.

My thanks to my wife, Marsha Burns,

and to Glenn Jackson, Jeanine Adams and Sue Walker for their contribution to this work. 

My highest praise goes to the Holy Spirit.




I was introduced to the ministry of Bill and Marsha Burns by the Holy Spirit in the very late fall of 1997.  Since that time we have come to know each other very well, even to the point of actually working closely together with many other precious saints to carry out our part, both individually and corporately, in the establishing of the Glorious Church in this hour.

From the time that I first heard Bill minister the Word of God I have gained a deep and profound revelation that he is a very important tool in the hands of the Father for the task of painting a clear picture in the hearts of God’s people of the true Christian life and of the powerful and glorious Third Day Church that we are called to be. 

It is extremely important in these days for every last child of God, who truly desires to fulfill the precious calling upon their life and ministry, to continually seek after a deep and abiding revelation of the Father’s desire for a “spotless and unblemished” church.

With these things in view, Bill has been commissioned by the Father to put together a “foundational outline” pertaining to the entrance of the Church into the Third Day of Christ, a day of perfect rest and power.  It is very, very important for one to understand that in this last of the last hour the outpouring of the Holy Spirit through a holy and righteous people shall begin to increase to a continually greater degree.

As the Word of God is ministered to hearts that are wholly given, the “impartation” that takes place is one in which the hearer receives the incorruptible seed of the Word and THEN, in that place of intimate fellow-ship with the Father, that the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation, is able to enlighten their heart and reveal precisely that which is necessary for them to carry out their part in the Plan with  pin-point accur-acy.

Bill has done a fine job in bringing the various types and symbols (shadows) from the Old Testament together with the clear and distinct declarations (proclamations) of Jesus, Paul, and the other apostles relating to the fullness of the Father’s will concerning the Bride of Christ and her entrance into the fullness of His glory.

It is my earnest and fervent prayer that as you read and meditate on the words and scriptures in this book you will be elevated above and beyond ALL of the mindsets and attitudes of the past – mindsets and attitudes, which have kept the church in a place of powerlessness and weakness compared with her soon coming glory.

May the Father bless you continually with deep insight into the fullness of His plan for the Third Day Church and your perfect part in it in this most critical and glorious hour.

Glenn H. Jackson

JTL Ministries


Faith Tabernacle