Words from the Lord to Marsha Burns

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April 30, 2001: As I establish you in your own place in My kingdom, you must know that you are each My special treasure, unique in gifting and purpose. In your singular expression, I want to pour forth a fragrance that cannot be found in any other. But, I cannot do this as long as you guard your heart in a place of insecurity, afraid of exposure and rejection. Your true essence and strength is masked as long as you try to mimic those you admire. I am not looking for a performance. Tear down all facades and all that is superficial. I can only truly use you in the simplicity of your own being and in the honest expression of your own soul. You must be vulnerable to Me and those I send you to. Get real!


April 28, 2001: I am establishing each of you in the territory and in the kingdom position both spiritually and geographically where you can be of greatest benefit to My kingdom. I am marking out your boundaries and establishing your borders. And, for many, I am expanding your domain. So, I say, lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes, for I am stretching forth the curtains of My habitation and bringing you forth into greater purpose. But, also you must stay within the area that I have assigned to you. You must not remove your neighbor's landmark by overstepping your bounds or usurping authority.


April 27, 2001: Don't give up on the verge of breakthrough. You have made good progress and have stood strong in the face of adversity. Refuse to allow this puff of wind to blow you over. The enemy has tormented you with thoughts of failure and discouragement, but he is a liar. Take these thoughts captive and cast down arguments in your mind that bring despair. Take authority over rebellion in your own heart that has caused you to stray from the truth of the Word. For, I am with you to strengthen you in times of trouble and to bring you through to victory. Be strong and courageous; go forth in the power of My word, with the truth established firmly in your heart. It is an impenetrable fortress.


April 25, 2001: The storms have raged, the shaking has been severe, the tests have been intense, but look where you are! You are more mature and stronger spiritually than ever. You have stood and are still standing. You have pressed in to seek My face in your trials and have gained ground that has been lost. Even now, you are saying in your own heart, "I have?" Because you don't even know yet the depth and significance of your victory. You are still reeling somewhat like a sailor trying to regain his land legs. But, if you will stop to think of the resolve and determination in your heart to stand in the face of defeat and to gain victory in the face of destruction, you will begin to see that you have lost nothing worth hanging on to, and you have gained what you couldn't even see.


April 24, 2001: I speak to those of you who have lost confidence in hearing My voice. The enemy has come against you to bring doubt and confusion and to get you off track. Do not speak a word in presumption, and do not say "thus saith the Lord" if I have not really said. This is a very serious issue. Many of you, My prophets, have desired to be heard, to be noticed and recognized. This has clouded your ability to hear My voice and speak My word so that you hear your own spirit and speak your own word. I will not tolerate this action, for you are certainly not fooling Me, nor are you fooling those who are truly discerning. Repent quickly or I will remove your light. I have not stopped speaking, but your flesh needs to be circumcised for you to be able to hear again.


April 23, 2001: This is no time to fall apart. You have made it this far and stood in faith. Refuse to allow the enemy to bring doubt, unbelief and discouragement and cause you to give up. Take hold of the horns of the altar and rise up in the authority that I have given you to proclaim victory, not in presumption, but by the power of the Risen Lord. Do not try to face these circumstances in the power of your own strength. You need the power of the Cross and a fresh application of the Blood. Come into your closet alone and let us have sweet communion together, for I will strengthen you there and give you the clarity and courage to accomplish what I have set your hand to do. Come! I am waiting.


April 21, 2001: Beloved, I am bringing you through a series of changes that will reposition you, and then I will strengthen you and establish you in that new place. This time of transformation will have far-reaching and long-lasting effects. To some it seems like you have actually digressed. However, those times of digression have been for the purpose of cleansing and of dealing with things that have hindered My purposes in you. You are in an intense time of preparation, and I am stretching and expanding you in a variety of ways before I release you. You are My vessels, and you will be trained by My plans, purposes and objectives. My goals will become your goals. Yield to this process.


April 20, 2001: These are days of quick reversals, for I tell you absolutely that you can expect the unexpected. Many in this hour will undergo sudden change where you find yourself promptly facing the opposite direction and a complete turnaround in your situations and circumstances. Those who have been leaning into a strong head wind where progress has been painstaking and tedious will suddenly be moved and carried by the wind to achieve desired goals and purposes. In all of this, keep your focus on Me and maintain your trust and courage, for I am with you. Do not be afraid.


April 18, 2001: Bring yourself to a point of clarity in purpose. It is time to be decisive in action and clear in direction. Shake off all doubt and unbelief. Refuse to be double-minded about anything. Today is the day to deal with issues that have brought confusion and indecision, for I tell you that as long as you ponder at the pool of perplexity you are not moving forward. Take time to examine what has stopped your forward motion, deal quickly with the fear that has paralyzed you, the issues that have overwhelmed you, and regain momentum. It is time for you to squarely face these issues in the spirit realm and gain the victory over the hindering forces.


April 17, 2001: My beloved, I see the wounds, and I know the rejection that has caused you to want to isolate and walk alone without trusting in men. And, I say to you that this is partially correct, for I am doing a work in you that will be lasting and will strengthen your character. I am establishing boundaries beyond which you must not transgress. They are boundaries involving trust and interaction. I am establishing a level of trust between you and Me that will eradicate your need to trust in anyone else. It will no longer be an issue of self-protection and bitterness, for you will suddenly break through the barriers of self-interest and victimization and begin to see everything from the perspective of kingdom purpose. This will bring a level of freedom and objectivity that you've not known before.


April 16, 2001: Cast off all restraint. I want you to come into absolute liberty in the Spirit where you have the freedom to move as I lead and direct. Kick off the chains that bind you and keep you from free expression of My kingdom purposes. My children, take some time to think about what it is that has kept you constrained. I want you to come into a boldness of conception and execution in all that I have set your hands to do. Move beyond rejection and condemnation; rise above fear and oppression. Loose yourselves from every bondage that holds you.


April 14, 2001: I am preparing you for the days ahead in ways that you cannot even fathom at the moment. Those of you who are already in your kingdom positions will be more firmly established in your stations and will act in greater kingdom authority than you have known. Everything that you need to accomplish what I have called you to do will be available to you in abundance. You will also be established in greater confidence and anointing, for I have set your feet in a broad place. Those who have not yet moved into kingdom positions will have greater clarity of your purpose and assignments as I move you into positions of greater effectiveness. My word to you is to let go quickly of those things that hinder you from moving ahead. There are aspects of where you have been that cannot make the transition into where you are going.


April 13, 2001: I am establishing you in your kingdom positions, for I have an exact place for you to be established and a specific work for you to accomplish. But, you must release all religious fantasy about what that looks like for you. Truthfully, your position is a very practical placement. The first order of business is that you get your own house in order, which means being in a place of yieldedness spiritually where I can deal with your own soul so that you can learn to rule over your own thoughts and emotions. If you don't know how to rule your own "house" how will you take care of the church of God? If you will serve Me where you are, and submit to obedience in excellence in the small, practical aspects of life, then I can use you in greater endeavors. Kingdom government is based on order beginning with the smallest detail.


April 11, 2001: Yield to My process of conviction and correction, for surely I am rooting out religious concepts, mystical theories and false doctrine. Prepare to be challenged on your belief system and those things that are contrary to the truth of My Word. I have established before you the narrow path of truth, and your spiritual strength will come from knowing true doctrine. Haven't I said in My word that you must study to show yourself approved, rightly dividing the word of truth? But, I also tell you that you cannot study My word apart from My Spirit and be established in spiritual reality. I say to you that unless you develop relationship with the Living Word, your flesh will distort and taint the gospel.


April 10, 2001: Hush! Quiet your inside noise, and simply seek My face. You have allowed criticism and judgment to take root and grow even though you've kept it mostly hidden from the outside world. You have given it ground because of your discontentment. Ignoring it will not make it go away. But, I tell you the truth, it will wrap itself around your heart and cause hardness. Your spiritual vision and focus will become clouded and obscured because this will remove you from fellowship with Me. Today is the day that you must deal with the roots of this problem and bring forth praise and thanksgiving from your innermost being. (2 Corinthians 10:5) Casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ.


April 9, 2001: I am allowing tests to come that will reveal your faithfulness. I am seeking those who will be true to Me. The circumstances that you are facing or will face will cause you to demonstrate your devotion. If your loyalties are divided, it will become apparent. This is not for My information, but rather for the purpose of unveiling places of infidelity in your own hearts. Those who have pledged allegiance to Me and My kingdom will also find themselves being separated and removed from those whose allegiance is to themselves and their own plans and purposes. Those who are dedicated and consecrated to Me alone will also find true fellowship with one another.


April 7, 2001: I have been revealing to you by outward manifestation those things that I am perfecting in you. But, now I am going to reveal your inner motivations, behavior and attitudes with great clarity. Prepare to deal honestly with what I am about to unveil. This is a necessary prerequisite to increased discernment, and increased discernment is compulsory to this cleansing process in preparation for the manifestation of My glory. For, I am indeed preparing a Bride without spot or wrinkle. Don't think for one moment that you are alone in this process. Everything that is hidden is being brought to the light, both personally and corporately. Do not be afraid of this operation, but yield in trust and confidence that I am doing a precise work.


April 6, 2001: I am calling you to a place of greater intimacy and power in intercession. Come into the Holy of Holies and listen for My voice. Let Me speak to your heart in quietness and assurance. Allow Me to share the secrets of My heart and the mysteries of My kingdom in clarity. Then, what you have heard in secret declare openly in proclamation. Shout it from the mountain tops! Announce it openly and boldly so that all of heaven and earth will know and understand My intentions and purposes. Refuse to allow the enemy to steal your boldness, and do not believe his lies that your prayers are not effective. Whatever you pray or proclaim according to My will, I will do.


April 4, 2001: I am establishing boundaries in your lives. Just as surely as the land ascribed to the tribes of Israel and given as a possession had specific borders and descriptions, so you also have specific boundaries spiritually. I have assigned a particular territory in which you are to establish My presence, My power and My glory. Your fight to claim and defend your terrain is unique to you. You must concentrate on the areas that I have given each of you to possess. But, I see many of you, My people, wandering from field to field with a desire to direct others in their domain. Be assured that I will not honor this kind of domination and manipulation as you try to direct and control others, regardless of your motives. Your have no authority beyond your areas of responsibility, and I have not given you responsibility in another's field.


April 3, 2001: I had a vision of a man walking alone down a country road. I have had many visions of this same man, which I have come to understand is a pilgrim in progress. As soon as he came into my vision a flock of crows flew down and began to attack him, pecking at his head. And the Lord says, a direct attack has been released against My people to bring distress, confusion and distraction. This is the enemy's attempt to disarm, disable, and distract you. But, I tell you for sure that I am your protector. I am your armor, your shield and your sword. When this attack comes do not cower under this barrage of lies and circumstances. Rise up in the strength of My truth and speak My word. Do not run and hide in fear; be courageous, for I am with you.


April 2, 2001: Stop and consider your heart. I am after the prejudices that you harbor. I want to root out every bias that cannot withstand the light of My truth and conviction. This again, My children, is pride and gives ground for arrogance and a haughty spirit. The old mindsets that you stubbornly cling to will only hinder you. I want to release you from every bondage; I want to break down hindering assignments; I want to tear down strongholds. But, I cannot do this without your cooperation. If you want to be free, you must forgive every assault against you, past or present. Let Me heal every wound and remove old pain and injury from you. Be free!


March 31, 2001: To those who have been faithful and obedient to My will, I call you stewards. I call you faithful stewards, and I am well pleased. And, I have opened the windows of heaven and am pouring out a very great blessing that will not only bring great reward to you, but will affect everything you touch and everyone you contact. Truly, there is an open heaven above you, and you are entering a time of harvest. The seeds that have been sown in obscurity will now yield openly and abundantly. Rejoice in this time of reaping, for your valley of trouble is about to become a door of hope, and you will sing there.


March 28, 2001: Rise up, warriors! It is time to take a stand against the enemy that has been oppressing you. You must no longer take this lying down. The devil is trying to regain lost ground with very aggressive tactics. He has hit your places of insecurity, taking ground that you were unsure of in the first place. But, it was I (the Lord) who gave you the initial victory, and that you can be sure of. Refuse to allow the hordes of hell to drive you back in defeat. Today is the day to arise in boldness and roar back, "Enough is enough." This is no time to give up or be victimized. I am preparing you for great things in the days ahead, but you must win this one before you can move on.


March 27, 2001: Isaiah 40:4-5, "Every valley shall be exalted And every mountain and hill brought low; the crooked places shall be made straight and the rough places smooth; the glory of the LORD shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together; for the mouth of the LORD has spoken." I am indeed after every high place. I am in process of leveling every place of pride in you. I will no longer tolerate the exercise of superiority and control over My precious lambs. Those who continue in cruelty, whether through an outward show of brutality and abuse or an inward attitude, I will level to the ground. Those who have been victims of this behavior, I will lift up and rescue from this perversity, and I will make a way of escape for you. I tell you absolutely that this behavior is an abomination and violates the sanctity of My kingdom.


March 26, 2001: Hush! Quiet yourself. Stop striving. Feelings of rejection will cause you to be defensive and to try to prove your rightness, but that is unnecessary. You don't have to prove anything to anybody. I have called you for such a time as this and have placed you in a most strategic position to accomplish my purposes. These tests have been for the purpose of refinement and tempering. For, indeed, you will come out of this crucible stronger than you ever thought possible. You will emerge with a greater sense of purpose and loyalty to My kingdom. I am perfecting you and preparing you for what is ahead. You will look back at this time in the not-to-distant future and know how valuable these tests were. Don't try to salvage your flesh, your reputation, or your ego. Yield to the crucifixion.


March 24, 2001: Pull yourselves together. The enemy has designed a plan of attack against you, My people, to fragment you. He wants to isolate you and cause you to feel odd and alone. You will suddenly feel like a teenager whose nose is too big. Refuse to yield to these tactics. Rather, take the time to examine the lie that opened the door for this attack. For, I tell you truthfully, that there is a lie at the bottom of these feelings of rejection. Apply the word of truth at the point of wounding, and it will be like a balm of healing. This distraction will cause you to be self-focused and will steal your confidence, boldness and anointing. Rise up in truth and break out of this place of destruction.


March 23, 2001: Heads up! I am bringing that which has been hidden to the light on every level. I will expose your own heart with great clarity. I will expose the deeds of others and eliminate clouds of obscurity and deception. I will expose the motives of those around you and bring to light their intentions so that it will be clear to you exactly how you should respond in various situations and circumstances. When you find yourself in doubt about how to proceed, wait for the light. For surely, if you wait, I will bring clarity in every case and cause you to go forth in wisdom. But, I say, you must allow me to cleanse your own heart first or you will not be able to see beyond your own darkness.


March 21, 2001: You are like an arrow on the string of My bow. I have straightened you so that your flight will be smooth and so that you can reach your destination with accuracy. I have sharpened you so that you will penetrate the mark and make the greatest impact. I carefully but firmly hold you in position as I pull back the string of your circumstances and stretch you to your ultimate limits. I have your goal in sight. My arm is steady and My aim is sure. I will not release you until precisely the right time. Hold steady, for very soon I will loosen My grip and let you fly. You will not miss the mark. I have held you in reserve for such a time as this.


March 20, 2001: Be prepared for breakthrough in a many areas, for I tell you that old ceilings are about to become new floors. Beneath your feet will be the firm foundation of My kingdom purposes, for you are planted on solid Rock. Above you will be an open heaven where you will be released in the liberty of unrestricted communication by the Spirit. Your vision will clear, and your discernment will sharpen as the clouds of obscurity lift. Before you are open doors of opportunity to carry out My plans and to achieve My goals. Those circumstances that have restrained you and held you in check will soon become a vague memory. I tell you the truth, the tests that you have endured and struggled through will be the impetus that will thrust you forward.


March 19, 2001: My children, be diligent to do what I have called you to do. But know this, the enemy will come to bring insecurity and cause you to get self-focused. He will undermine your confidence and boldness in what I have set before you. Do not look at yourselves or consider whether you have succeeded or failed. The responsibility for success or failure is not yours but Mine. Yours is not to calculate the impact of your efforts, but to only pledge allegiance to Me and allow Me to direct your every step. Today, I put My finger on these motives and actions; I want to bring you to purity by tearing this idol down.


March 17, 2001: So, you're feeling a little out of sync! Be diligent to stay focused. Life's circumstances and demands have pulled at you from many directions. It is time for you to put things in perspective again. I'm talking to you about eternal perspective. Do what I have called you to do and allow Me to lead you in walking out the details. Refuse to allow the enemy to overwhelm you or cause you to bear a sense of failure and inadequacy. You are well able to accomplish what I have set before you, but you must watch for the subtlety of a lying spirit that will convince you otherwise. Cease striving and come into My rest, for I will strengthen you for what is ahead and equip you with what is necessary for the tasks I have set before you. Do not be afraid; I am with you.


March 16, 2001: I have allowed this testing for the purpose of purification, for indeed, I am preparing a bride without spot or wrinkle. In these tests every weak place will be given opportunity to come to strength. This is a time to rise up in spiritual soundness and stability and face your adversary. You must confront your attacker in the power of My Spirit. Even though I have allowed these trials to come upon you, I have also given you the answers and the route to victory. You will come through these struggles with great success if you will only seek My face and let Me guide your every step. Refuse to crumble under the stress and strain and pressure of these experiences. Have faith that I will lead you to overcome in every challenge.


March 14, 2001: I had a very disturbing dream this morning before I woke up. It had to do with two men fighting. The fight began with a heated argument and then they had one knife between the two of them, and they took turns slashing one another with this knife until both were bleeding profusely. I kept thinking they would stop the insane destruction, but they seemed to be fighting to the death. As I sat before the Lord this morning, I asked what this was about. The Lord said, "People are using My Word to fight and cut one another. But, I say to you that those who use the Word for the purpose of destruction will come under My judgment. My Word is powerful and is sharper than a two-edged sword, and it divides and makes a distinction between soul and spirit. But, it is the Word that divides, not men using the Word to fight over doctrinal issues. This destruction is the result of a religious spirit at work. My people, have no part in this. Choose love."


March 13, 2001: Your thinking and mindsets are going to be challenged. What began as personal obedience in being chastened and cleansed through personal conviction has in some areas become legalistic and dogmatic. That which I used in your life to bring chastity is what you have used as a measuring device for others. You are assessing others from your place of strength to their place of weakness. I speak to you plainly that this is a point of pride, which is the mindset that I am after. This business of comparisons and competition and correcting others from this superior perch must stop. Have I not been able to bring conviction and correction to your own heart? Do you think that I am unable to do the same with those around you with whom you have found fault? I tell you the truth, every place of self-exaltation will be brought low, for I will humble the exalted and exalt the humble.


March 12, 2001: I am stripping you, My people, of all worldliness and desire to serve yourselves. Haven't I said that you are My priests? Before you can be clothed in priestly garments, you must be stripped of your old garments of the world and of the flesh. I must remove all that is extraneous and superficial before I can clothe you in that which is holy. You must be divested of all honor, privilege and function that does not bring glory to My kingdom. For, certainly I am separating the precious from the vile. I am making a distinction between that which is incorruptible and that which is corruptible. The fires of purification are burning and will continue to burn until there is no more fuel. Yield quickly and give yourselves to this process, for indeed it is for your very great benefit.


March 10, 2001: Haven't I said that My sheep know My voice and will not follow another? My voice is gentle, but firm and will bring a sense of security and safety. I lead you in the way of peace, and I am the solid rock on which you stand. But, be assured that the enemy is speaking in a very loud voice and making every effort to get you into fear. He wants you to believe that every decision you have ever made was the wrong one. He will lead you in the way of insecurity, which is shaky ground. He is ushering you along a path that leads to a dead end of discouragement and despair. His objective is to steal your hope and make your commitment to Me seem foolish and fruitless. But, I say, he is a liar and his path to destruction is a broad one. Resist his efforts to draw you away from faith, and rise up in new hope, for I will not disappoint you.


March 9, 2001: I have taken care that each grain of sand and every snowflake has it's own design. How much more have I made each of you as a solitary being, without equal, singular in character. There is none like you, and I cherish your differences. You are one of a kind, and I have given you particular purpose in My kingdom. Do not disdain your differences or wish you were like someone else. Rejoice in your uniqueness and be yourself. How can I direct you in what I have called you to do if you are trying to be like another? The qualities that I want you to have in common are found in My precious Holy Spirit, but even that fruit will be shaped, molded and given the flavor and color of your individuality. Celebrate your diverse function in My Body!


March 7, 2001: Breakthrough is imminent, but you must continue to press through. Don't give up on the last lap. You must keep on pressing through this time. The test is one of endurance with joy. Remember that the joy of the Lord is your strength, and you can sustain joy through thanksgiving. Refuse to allow the enemy to put a damper on your sense of humor by getting your focus on yourself and your circumstances. Defend your position by maintaining eternal perspective. Isaiah 40:28-31, "Have you not known? Have you not heard? The everlasting God, the LORD, The Creator of the ends of the earth, neither faints nor is weary. His understanding is unsearchable. He gives power to the weak, and to those who have no might He increases strength. Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall, but those who wait on the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.


March 6, 2001: I hear the cries of My children today asking, "What, Lord what?" "When, Lord, when?" "Where, Lord, where? And, My answer to you is that you are not where you are by happenstance. I have a divine plan and purpose for your life, and My timing is perfect for what I will accomplish in, around and through you. I set before you a spiritual road map, and I will fill your heart with desire to move in the direction that I have set before you. Then, I will give you the wisdom to accomplish that which I have called you to do. I will cause you to be motivated by My times and seasons, for I will lead, guide and direct every step if you will only yield to My process. Refuse to allow fear or self-will to abort your mission.


March 5, 2001: The enemy is after your vision. If he can get you into hardness of heart through unbelief, then he can stop your forward motion. Many of you, My beloved, are in the process of deciding that you have been in presumption and that what you thought you heard Me say was not truth. But, I say, you did hear My voice. What I have spoken and shown to you I will bring to pass. Refuse to allow disappointment, discouragement, and delays to cloud your vision and cause you to abandon your mission. Remain true to My leading. Habakkuk 2:3, "For the vision is yet for an appointed time; but at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry."


March 3, 2001: I am placing an unusual hunger in your heart to draw close to Me. I am calling you to come into close fellowship with Me. The enemy has come to steal your desire for spiritual intimacy, but I am stirring up a craving deep within you that cannot be fulfilled apart from My presence. Draw near while the longing is still with you, and put aside those things which lead you away in complacency and worldliness. I am wooing you into vigorous life in the Spirit and removing all vagueness and obscurity that comes with complacence. Make the effort to move close to Me while your heart is still yearning, for if you do not take advantage of this opportunity, further separation will be the result. Come for a time of refreshing and renewal.


March 2, 2001: Go forth in the power of My presence and the strength of My purpose. Your tendency is to want to sit down and lick your wounds, but doing this would not serve you well. Look to your possibilities, and move ahead exercising discernment and faith. This is the end of a spiritual season and the beginning of a new one. The only reason for looking back is for the purpose of reviewing those things that have created strength and stability, not to collapse under the stress and strain of what you have just endured. The storms have raged and the battles have been intense, but they have only made you stronger and better equipped to accomplish what is ahead of you. I tell you the truth, you have been in training and a time of preparation that will serve you well in the days before you.


February 28, 2001: It is time to come out of the places that have kept you from moving forward in My purposes. For some it has been like walking through molasses, and others have felt even like being stuck in quicksand. But, today I give you a helping hand; I reach out through your circumstances to pull you through this blockage. Your time of frustration and entrapment is ending. All you have to do is cooperate with Me and move in the direction of freedom. Truly I am bringing you to greater liberty and simplicity. The complexities of life have added to your frustration, and I want to relieve that burden. With your cooperation I will bring order where there has been chaos and peace where there has been discord. When I ask for your cooperation, I am asking for your undivided attention.


February 27, 2001: You are now entering a time when you can tie up loose ends and bring closure to many things. Your testing has been intense, but those who have yielded to the cleansing will begin to move in greater freedom and power than you could ever have imagined. I say to you that doors to the past are being shut, and you will never go back to those places of bondage. Shake off the dust of rejection and refuse to allow intimidation to be a ruler in your circumstances. You are moving into a new day where you will abide in My glory. For those who can receive it, the days of wandering around in thick darkness not discerning My direction or purposes are ending. For indeed, My glory will bring the light of revelation and discernment that will remove the mist of obscurity. No longer will you see through a glass darkly, but you are about to behold Me face to face.


February 26, 2001: My children, do not be deceived into thinking or believing that I am unaware of your motives and heart attitudes. I am calling you higher, and My desire is to propel you into greater authority and purpose in My kingdom. But My heart is grieved that many of you are still behaving like school children with attitudes of competition and jealousy towards one another. I see the arrogant manner in which you treat fellow servants, and I tell you plainly that this cockiness will hinder your progress. For surely if you desire to be first, you will be last. The humble I will exalt, but those who exalt themselves will be humbled. These attitudes have developed because your vision has become clouded, and you no longer seek only My face, but you are looking at the faces of those around you, comparing yourselves among yourselves. This is not wise! Stop and reconsider your actions.


February 24, 2001: Listen to Me, My church. Many of you know perfectly well what it is to walk out your Christianity in the depth of relationship to Me and in the richness of the revelation of My word. However, you have become shallow in your expression of My kingdom. This is because the fires of purification have become hotter, and the dross of your character and nature has surfaced. In recognizing these things, which have formed like scum on the surface of your life, you have become near-sighted. You have lost eternal perspective and need to be refocused. The vision I have imparted to you has become dim and distant, surreal in nature. Renew yourself in the spiritual reality of your kingdom position. It is time for an audience with the King!


February 23, 2001: My child, you have not yet come through this time of testing, but you must persevere. Do not be afraid, for this phase, with its trials, will certainly come to an end. You will one day look back at this period of time and see it as one of the most important times of strengthening and refining in your life, and you will count it all joy. But, for the moment, don't underestimate the seriousness of your circumstances or the value and depth of the cleansing that is now taking place in your heart. This is a most necessary season of preparation, for the events that will unfold before you will require consecration and dedication to Me and to kingdom purpose. I am preparing your heart to be willing and instantly obedient. Do not despair in your current predicament, for I am with you and will guide you through this valley.


February 21, 2001: Why are you so surprised? Haven't I told you that everything that can be shaken will be shaken? For indeed I am shaking you to loosen all that does not belong in My kingdom. This shaking will allow those things in your heart to surface that hinder your consecration to Me. When these things become apparent to you, you must yield them up to Me and release yourself from everything that keeps you bound. For I declare to you that this is a year of Jubilee in which all who have been held in bondage have the opportunity to go free. This is the year of the favor of the Lord, but this is also the year of justice when you must release those who have been held captive by their indebtedness to you. I speak to you of forgiveness. When you release others, you will find true freedom.


February 20, 2001: I am doing a work of repositioning and bringing various adjustments of placement in My Body. But, I must warn you to yield quickly to the changes. Some of you will have a tendency to jostle for position instead of allowing Me to make a way for you. And, I must caution you that some of you will tend to hold on to your old place, as a matter of maintaining security, while at the same time reaching forth into what is ahead. I simply say to you that you cannot move ahead and at the same time maintain your old status. This is no time to be double-minded. Be sensitive to My leading, for I will indeed direct your steps and guide you in the days ahead to your station of greater effectiveness in My kingdom. Move with grace.


February 19, 2001: I am doing a cleansing work to scrub away all bitterness. Yes, I know you've been hurt. I know that you have been disappointed by people and circumstances that didn't turn out the way you had anticipated. But, beloved, you had your eyes on people, and your expectations were based on your own personal needs and desires. Those idolatrous strongholds have been torn down to give you ample opportunity to place your expectation and desire on Me. Haven't I said that I will never leave you nor forsake you? I want to wash away every place of discouragement that has been rooted in rejection and betrayal. Truly this also can become a place of idolatrous worship if you continue to bow down to this god of victimization. Rise up and shake off the dust of past rejection and come into My peace.


February 17, 2001: My beloved, watch and be amazed as you have opportunities to either walk in the Spirit or walk by the power of your flesh. The difference between the two approaches to your circumstances will be astounding to you if you will slow down long enough to discern. I want to bring you up to a place where you no longer react in the flesh to the things that are happening around you. My desire is to move you from any point of victimization to absolute victory in the spirit realm. This will only happen as you quiet your soul and move in complete trust and reliance on My Spirit.


February 16, 2001: Abide! Abide with Me as you go through this time of testing. These trials are for the purpose of strengthening you and bringing you to greater faith and power in My kingdom. Renew yourself in the truth of My word and stand against the fear that comes from hearing and believing the lies of the enemy. Refuse to crumble with despair and discouragement, for today is a new day. I tell you the truth -- you are on the very threshold of a new beginning, a time when doors will open before you to bring excellent opportunities to bring glory to the Father. You have been in a time of shaking and preparation for what lies just ahead of you. Do not despise this time of preparation, for it is absolutely necessary in your spiritual growth. Rejoice and be glad, for you are being molded and shaped for this positioning.


February 14, 2001: You have been troubled by many things, but I have prepared a solitary place spiritually, a place where you can pray and spend precious time in My presence. Come aside to the secret place and commune with Me in sweet fellowship. Let Me strengthen you from the days of intense battle. Allow Me to bring comfort to your soul. I want to bring a time of renewal, for truly you have been bombarded and assaulted. Come for a time of refreshing and healing. Leave behind the noise of the battle and come to the trysting place that I have prepared for you. I will hide you there and protect you from the hounds. Beware that if you don't use this time to draw near to Me, you will only experience a time of loneliness and a sense of isolation.


February 13, 2001: Position yourselves in victory over every circumstance. Take a stand, and determine in your heart that you are not a victim. You can do this! The enemy has done whatever he could to bring defeat and discouragement, but I come to infuse you with life, vitality, strength and clarity. Rise up into My anointing, which will enable you to succeed. Refuse to allow the devil any more ground. He has roamed about as a roaring lion seeking to destroy you, but it is time to roar back and regain lost territory whether spiritual, physical or emotional. His attack against you is not over, but neither is yours against him. Rise up in the authority that I have given you to bind him and command that he cease his maneuvers against you.

Luke 10:19 "Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you."


February 12, 2001: Beloved, I want you to be still and come into My rest. You have stood against the storms of life, but the forces of nature and of hell have pulled and ripped at you. It is now time for you to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. Come into that place of quiet trust that I am leading you, even directing every step. I will bring strength and stability where you have been shaken in chaos. If you will cooperate, I will bring you into perfect order and serenity. Release yourself from all insecurity and fear, and know that I am with you to bring restoration on every level. Hosea 6:1 "Come, and let us return to the LORD; For He has torn, but He will heal us; He has stricken, but He will bind us up."


February 10, 2001: I keep seeing two things that represent the same idea. One is a long corridor ahead of me, and I keep looking for an open door, but from my vantage point they all seem to be shut. The other is a tunnel stretching out in front of me with some distance before the light at the end. This signifies to me that ahead of us is a focused progression before we reach our desired goal or destination. We are still in process. I also have a sense with these short visions that we have not been this way before, so there is uneasiness and discomfort in this strange and unfamiliar territory. Then, the Lord is reminding me that we are a "microwave generation." We want everything in the next two minutes. However, this is not a two-minute procedure. We are going to have to settle down and walk through this time ahead of us with patience and perseverance, trusting Him to give us discernment and guidance as we go, but He will bring us to His desired objective.


February 9, 2001: Rise up and fight the battle that is before you, for I will cause you to pull down the strongholds of the enemy. His weapons and battle plan include a spirit of heaviness which has been sent to overwhelm you. Heaviness is flanked on one side by a seducing spirit sent to bring discontentment and a spirit of death on the other side to cause you to want to give up or escape through whatever means can be employed, such as sleep, fantasy or denial. A lying spirit accompanied by fear and infirmity have been sent out ahead to prepare the way for a more devastating work. But, your strength is in Me and My power, and if you will set your will against this work of the enemy by refusing to allow your flesh to yield to this devastation, you will win. It is time to change your attitude, renew your mind, refuse to be a victim of this assault. Victory is assured!


February 7, 2001: You cannot hear Me when you have issues of the flesh that produce fear. I want to speak to your heart and bring you into sweet fellowship with Me, but I cannot until you lay down your burdens. Have I not said that I will perfect those things that concern you? But, I cannot do anything when you hold on to your own insecurities and issues of life and make them bigger than life through your worry. Release these concerns to Me and trust Me to bring these things to a conclusion. Press through these overwhelming thoughts, put them behind you, and seek My face. For, I tell you the truth, nothing is too difficult for Me to accomplish, and I will bring you through this valley of weeping. Psalm 30:5, "For His anger is but for a moment, His favor is for life; weeping may endure for a night, But joy comes in the morning."


February 6, 2001: Call for the intercessors, for I tell you that I have raised up intercessors from one end of the earth to the other, and they pray not according to the will of man but according to My will and My purposes. Ask Me to have them pray, and you will be flanked by My warriors and escorted out of this valley of destruction. I will cause those who do not even know you to pray effectively on your behalf. And, I hear and answer prayer! I speak particularly to those who feel isolated and alone -- you are NOT alone. I have set aside for Myself a company of intercessors that know how to pray into My throne room with the kind of faith that moves mountains. They know how to pray the "effective fervent prayer of a righteous man that avails much." I urge you to tap into this resource.


February 5, 2001: Rise up in faith and power. This is no time to be a victim of life's circumstances or the wiles of the devil. You are a chosen generation, part of a royal kingdom, and I have established you with My authority to overcome. This is a new day in which I call you forth to do exploits in My name. Forget about the disappointments and the things that discouraged you in times past. Learn the lessons of those difficult times, but refuse to go down in defeat. Lift up your head, discern the moving of My Spirit, and go with the flow. Make no place for human regret. Renew your mind, strengthen your heart, fortify your spirit, and press on.


February 3, 2001: Now is the time for you to go forth in power to accomplish what I have set you to do. I have gone before you to make the crooked places straight. I have already prepared the way, and the stumbling blocks and hindering forces have been removed from before you. I have opened a door before you that no man can shut, and I will usher you into a new level of productivity in My kingdom. Take full advantage of the opportunities that present themselves, for I tell you that there is an open window of time and space in which you can move ahead with great effectiveness. Seize the moment and possess the advantage as you are faced with unique possibilities. Do not procrastinate, but move ahead with confidence. I am with you!


February 2, 2001: I hear, "Order! Order in the court!" And, the Lord says, I am seated in My heavenly court room, and I am making a judgment in favor of the saints. The time has come when I will demand order, and those things which have created chaos and confusion will be removed. I will not tolerate abuse against My chosen vessels and have issued a restraining order to stop this mistreatment. I will have everything that offends and hinders the work of My kingdom removed. The struggle is over, the case is decided. That which has refused to be renewed has been removed so that your progress can be resumed. Rejoice in the justice of the Lord, all you saints!



January 31, 2001: Come, My beloved. Come into My presence, and I will strengthen and stabilize you. I speak to those who have been reeling like a drunken sailor. The winds of adversity have caused you to be unsteady in a variety of ways, but today I speak into your life to bring peace in the midst of the storm and to bring order out of chaos. Those things, conditions, and situations that have intruded and brought a sense of confusion and mixture will now be identified, isolated and eradicated. Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps and refuse to shrink back from the confrontation that is necessary to bring sanity and stability. It is time to confront the powers of darkness that have brought about this imbalance.


January 30, 2001: Be aware that the devil has maneuvered you into positions where he could ambush you. He has tried to lure you into places of vulnerability where he could launch a surprise attack and catch you off guard. Today is the day when you must gird up the loins of your mind -- that is to bind up and take control of your thoughts. Refuse to allow your mind to wander aimlessly or to get you into thoughts that will produce disappointment, discouragement, fear or despair. For, I tell you the truth, it will be in the back alleys of your mind that the enemy will set a trap for you. It is time to be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Be diligent to think on those things which are true, honest, just and pure. Take your stand in the truth of My Word.


January 29, 2001: I am allowing tests to come your way that will prove your heart. Will you be obedient to My leading and let go of old places of comfort and security? Or will you succumb to fear and refuse to be moved? I am gathering My company and training you to be quick to obey My command. I will give you a kingdom spirit so that you no longer consider your own life as taking precedence over kingdom purpose. Lift up your eyes; elevate your vision so that your focus is no longer on your petty issues and personal objectives. When My mission becomes your own, then your goals will become interwoven with My plans so that there is no separation. Quickly yield to opportunities that will bring you into unity with My Spirit. Be sensitive to My leading.


January 27, 2001: I had a short vision of parrots sitting in trees repeating phrases back and forth to one another that they had learned, and the Lord says : My people, I have not called you to simply repeat the phrases you hear, whether in the secular world or in the prophetic community. I have not even called you to re-word these phrases slightly to make them sound original. I have called you to spiritually lay your head on My breast and hear My heartbeat and to know My thoughts towards My people in these days. My message must not be repeated by rote, but must carry My heart with it in order to be life-changing. These are not only days of transition but of transformation. I look for vessels who I can pour into and out of, not those who are already filled with their own message and importance.


January 26, 2001: I am bringing you into places of specific effort and focused expenditure of energy and resources. I am preparing you for your greatest effectiveness in My kingdom and in that which is just ahead of you, for I am doing a great work in your midst, and you must take your assigned positions so that My purposes can be fulfilled. It is vitally important that you be bold enough to take responsibility for the things I have given you to do, but it is also essential that you do not overstep your boundaries in assuming tasks that I have not given you to do. This is a time when you, My people, must move ahead as one unit, shoulder to shoulder, with your eyes fixed on Me and your ears attuned to My command. Distractions will bring dissipation.


January 24, 2001: My children, I have heard your prayers and seen the contrition of your hearts, and the hindering forces that have kept you from moving ahead have come down. Proclaim your victory and shout with the sound of rejoicing, for I have indeed gone before you to make the crooked places straight and to break down the obstacles that have kept you from progressing. It is time for you to break through these barriers and to break away from the those things that have kept you in bondage. This is your time for a breakaway from old mindsets and situations that have kept you from the fullness of what I have called you to do. This breakout will manifest as a time of acceleration in manifesting My plans and purposes on your place in the earth. GO! Move with liberty and without encumbrance.


January 23, 2001: I issue a warning to My prophets to be on guard against the temptation to prophesy out of your own spirit. Refuse to allow your own desire to be known and recognized to interfere with the strength of My will and purposes to speak to My people. I have a pure message that needs to be released into the earth today, but it has been tainted by your own earthly agendas and issues of life. I call you to move into that place of being wholly given to Me, not moved by your own wishes or desires or by your own intellectual understanding. Quiet your soul, and do not allow My word to be contaminated by that which is finite. I am an infinite God, and My thoughts are higher than your thoughts. My word must come forth in purity.


January 22, 2001: Am I surprised at this attack against you? No! Do I stand trembling with fear and worried that you won't overcome? Not at all! You already know that I have given you authority over all of the power of the enemy. This is a hit-and-run attack, for I tell you, the devil is already on the run. You are not defeated. What you must do is change how you view this situation. You are not a victim; you are strong in the Lord. You are an overcomer. Rise up and assume your rightful position. You have gained the victory through the blood of My covenant and the word of your testimony. This combination is unbeatable by any force on earth or in heaven.


January 20, 2001: The enemy has launched an extremely subtle attack against My people in the realm of personal desire. Personal desire is not a sin unless it becomes idolatry, and I tell you the truth, the enemy will do everything he can to get you to move in the realm of obsession so that you lose all sense of spiritual reality. I warn you today not to allow your heart's desire to become obsessive. Refuse to become preoccupied with any project, idea or feeling, which is the root of desire. This preoccupation will tempt you to operate in justification, manipulation and control, which is like sowing the wind. It will produce a whirlwind. Quiet your soul and come into My rest. Seek only My face and be willing to offer up this obsession as a sacrifice.


January 19, 2001: I am pouring out a fresh word and fresh anointing upon My prophets that will spark new life in them and bring forth abundant life around them. But know this: the enemy will do what he can to shut the mouths and cloud the minds of My chosen vessels. Be on guard for these attacks that are designed to distract and discourage, with the ultimate goal of keeping My word from going forth. Be still and refuse to be drawn into situations and circumstances that bring defilement or deviation from the course that I have set you on. Set your face like flint towards your destination and goals in My kingdom.


January 17, 2001: Lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes; you are going to expand to the right and to the left. I say, get ready for expansion in a number of areas. Let Me first expand your vision to see more of My kingdom and your purpose and position in it. Let Me expand your heart to believe and receive all that I have prepared. For indeed, I have gone before you and prepared the way. I have established your going out and your coming in, and I will lead you in the paths that have been made ready. Let Me expand your willingness to reach beyond what has been familiar and comfortable, and let Me remove the fear that would hinder your progress and keep you in the safe zone. I tell you the truth, nothing ventured; nothing gained.


January 16, 2001: I am giving you assignments that will seem impossible and unrealistic. But, know that I am stretching you in order to bring you to a higher level of faith and service in My kingdom than you have ever known. Do not be afraid to step out and take on a task that you feel unequal to, for surely I will enable you to accomplish what I have called you to do. There are two warnings, however, that you need to consider. Fear will come to get you to abandon your mission; it will be a fear of failure and inadequacy. Do not yield to this spirit of fear. Secondly, you must not allow your own imagination and sense of heroics to lead you into involvement with something I have not chosen for you. Rise up in the Spirit and out of the soul realm where your emotions and intellect lead. Keep your feet planted on solid spiritual reality, and move ahead with your discernment sharp.


January 15, 2001: Watch for those in your environment who try to draw you into agreement with their error or rebellion through manipulation. It is of utmost importance that your lines of communication become clear and without presumption. Do not presume that those in your sphere of influence are in spiritual agreement. Be particularly on guard, for I tell you that there are those who see your stability and want you to take responsibility for them. I am bringing separation even in those relationships of co-dependency and causing My people to stand before Me on their own merit. I have not called you to enable slothfulness or dependence on anyone or anything apart from Me. Be sensitive to My leading, for I will reveal the motives and intentions of the heart by My Spirit.


January 13, 2001: My Word is your standard, and when you line up with the Word, you also become a standard by which others measure themselves. But, I tell you the truth, when those who are in rebellion against My standard see you standing in the light of My truth, they will try to cause you to compromise. They will test you to see if you really mean business in My kingdom. My Word says, "Come out from among them and be separate...touch not the unclean thing." This does not necessarily mean that you separate yourself physically; it means that you stand in an uncompromised position as light in a dark and perverse generation. Let your light shine so that the world will see your standard, your integrity, and glorify the Father. Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might!


January 12, 2001: Yesterday in our intercessors' meeting, the Lord showed us that the enemy has launched a direct attack against us, which has resulted in us being put down, locked out and hindered in various ways. The devil has put us under pressure so that we would make mistakes and allow him to take control of our situations. This pressure has also caused us to lose control in a number of areas and has put us on the defensive so that we are trying to protect ourselves instead of being on the offensive, which is necessary for us to move ahead and gain the victory. The Lord told us that we had to change our mindsets from that of victim to that of being aggressive in maintaining increase. He also warned us to not lose sight of our goal in the midst of the skirmish. We were also shown that God is moving us to establish boundaries in our lives, both personally and corporately, and our areas of responsibility and ministry are being redefined. I believe these things also apply to the corporate church and not just our body of believers. Thank You, Lord, for Your faithfulness and leading, guiding and directing our steps. AMEN.


January 10, 2001: It is a dangerous thing to come against the Lord's anointed, and I issue a warning to those who constantly criticize, nitpick , and find fault with those I have set in ministry. Who set you as judge? Who appointed you to tear and bite and devour? I tell you the truth, whatever you sow is what you will reap. Prepare to be torn and devoured, for you have hardened your heart. But, this hardness of heart is not against those you put down; this hardness is against Me. How is it that your life has become so pure and spotless that you take the liberty to speak against a brother? Are you not blinded by your own faults? Humble yourself today, and repent of this folly. Turn from these destructive attitudes, and clothe yourself with love.


January 9, 2001: I keep hearing in my spirit, "Woe to those who join house to house; they add field to field, till there is no place where they may dwell alone in the midst of the land!" (Isaiah 5:8) And, the Lord says, I have called you to seek Me first and to have personal, intimate relationship with Me. Yet, many of you are still seeking Me and revelation of My kingdom by relying on your church, your pastor, your friend, the Internet, Bible studies, prayer groups and Christian television. You do indeed have a tendency to itching ears, and you have heaped teachers to yourselves. When are you going to come to Me alone? For, you can say, "Lord, I know You." Yet, I say to you, I don't know you for you have not spent time in My presence. You have a knowledge of Me, but you don't really know Me. I call you to come that we may haveintimate fellowship. Come alone!


January 8, 2001: For those who are willing to put aside your baggage (objects, circumstances, beliefs that get in the way ), be prepared to move ahead quickly into what I have set before you. But, for those who are still unwilling to set down those things that are encumbrances, or whatever hinders, it will be as though you are stuck in molasses. Even though you would like to move ahead, you will seemingly be stuck. Examine yourself in the light of My presence, and I will show you what is hindering your progress. I would have you free of all that impedes your progress in My kingdom. Come, and I will reveal what has been hidden, even in your own hearts.



January 6, 2001: I want to share a dream from early this morning that I believe has prophetic significance to the Body of Christ. In the dream my father had left me a note that we were moving to a new location and that I needed to pack my things and take them to the new house. When I got to the new house, it was huge; it had two sections of three stories. 


The people that once lived there had cancer and were moving out, but they had left their furnishings in the house.  The first floor was in pretty good repair.  There were pictures and inlaid collage displays on the walls that were indicative of their affiliations with various organizations, that I knew had to go.  The draperies were very elaborate and, although outdated, had been expensive.  They were fabric sewn to foam rubber and had unusual form and structure. 


The second floor of the house was where the children’s bedrooms were.  It was practically in ruin.  The draperies were similar to the first floor and had the ability to insulate the rooms, but they appeared to have been shredded by what I assumed might have been their pet cats.  In my evaluation, it was obvious that the second floor had to be completely renovated. 


The third floor had a domed ceiling that was very ornately decorated with gold.  It seemed to have not been lived in.  It was unfurnished, but in perfect condition.  There were no windows or draperies, but the lighting was perfect.  Although I did not see the first and second floors of the second section, I did see the third floor, and it was very similar to the third floor of the first section.  Again, it had a tall domed ceiling, but the decoration was a little different.


The house was located on a farm, which was still equipped with huge equipment for working the land.


Interpretation:  My father leaving a note represents a message from our Heavenly Father that we are moving to a place we’ve never been before in ministry.  There are “things” that we need to take with us, but we are moving to a mansion.  (In My Father’s house are many mansions.) The two sections of the house represent both the local church ministry and Internet ministry.   Three stories, or levels, of the house represent three stages the church has been in.


The people that were moving out had cancer.  That speaks of rebellion.  They didn’t take their stuff with them, so we will have to deal with what has been left behind of these ministries.  We will need to get rid of prejudices and affiliations. The draperies on the windows were for the purpose of insulation from the outside, but they kept the light of God out as well.  This first floor represents denominational ministries that insulated themselves to the degree that they were of no effect on a lost and dying world. 


The second floor represents the church phase where the efforts to bring down the “curtains” or exclusivity of denominationalism resulted in “cat” fights and division, which has brought the church to ruin.  The church has behaved like children, and they have been wounded and shredded, and there must be restoration and renewal.  The curtains being shredded also speaks of the church making an effort to reach those outside, but who wants to become part of a church in division?  The world has had more peace than the church. 


The third floor represents the third-day church ministry that we are just now entering into.  It does not have the furnishings of man or man’s good ideas for ministry.  It represents the church coming into its third position where we will minister in the perfect light of God.  It will be without denominationalism (being divided and numbered).  We will come into peace, unity and one accord.  It will once again be like Pentecost where they were in the upper room, in one place spiritually and in one accord.  The domed ceiling symbolizes the glory of God as a covering. 


Isaiah 4:5-6,   “Then the LORD will create above every dwelling place of Mount Zion, and above her assemblies, a cloud and smoke by day and the shining of a flaming fire by night. For over all the glory there will be a covering.  And there will be a tabernacle for shade in the daytime from the heat, for a place of refuge, and for a shelter from storm and rain.”


The farm is symbolic of the extraordinary spiritual equipment that will be at our disposal for the work of the harvest.


January 5, 2001: I had a vision this morning of a bin of all different kinds of shoes, and one would have to dig through the shoes to find two that matched. The styles of the footwear ranged from high heels to hiking boots and everything in between. When I think of shoes, I think of our walk with God. And the Lord says: I am going to change the way you walk. Some of you have had no idea of where you fit in the kingdom, for you have been walking in two different shoes spiritually. You have not stopped long enough to discern what I have equipped you to do. But, I am going to reveal to your hearts where and how I would have you to function or walk in My kingdom. Your place in the kingdom will be a perfect fit.


January 3, 2001: I am establishing you in My plans and purposes. I have gone before you to make the crooked places straight. My thoughts toward you are for good, for your benefit and the benefit of My kingdom. For, I tell you the truth, all things are working together for good. Do not be dismayed at the changes that you see taking place in your circumstances and in those around you. These changes are prerequisite to what lies ahead. Do not be surprised when old doors are shut and new ones are opened. Go forward without regret. I am sending you into unfamiliar territory, and you will be astonished at the opportunities that are before you. Do not be afraid, for I am with you to guide and protect you. Go forward without hesitation.


January 2, 2001: Change is inevitable and even desirable, but I would have you place your feet squarely on a firm spiritual foundation and determine to move through the days ahead with great stability. I am the Rock; I am your firm foundation. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad that you are afforded opportunities to get rid of your excess emotional baggage. Refuse to get caught up in exterior circumstances, which could thwart My purpose. My purpose is to blaze through the fog of your soul that you might walk in greater light. If you are willing, I will reveal your deepest motives and intentions so that you can measure them against My standard and release that which does not measure up. This work is not done by the strong arm of the flesh; it is a spiritual cleansing. Set a watch for condemnation, for that is certainly a work of the flesh. Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might!


January 1, 2001: I hear your cries for direction and purpose. But, I tell you that you must lay down your burdens. Put away your preconceived notions. Come into intimate fellowship with Me, and I will show you what must come to pass. When you come into complete unity with Me, then you will find those of like mind with whom you will have companionship. And, I will use those to facilitate your transition. Do not stand trembling with fear at what might be; trust Me that I am not only willing but well able to bring My plans and purposes to completion in your life. If you will only believe, I will cause this transition to be smooth, and you will go through it with ease. But, if you allow fear to rule, it will be a bumpy ride.



December 30, 2000: My beloved, the chasm is widening between you and those whose hearts have grown cold against Me. My desire is for My people to serve Me with unreserved passion. I am calling you to a new place, a higher place in Me. But, I say to you that even now there are those that are choosing to stay in old places of compromise or even retreat further to satisfy the flesh. Do not weep nor mourn for them. They have been given the same opportunities that you yourself have taken to become sons and daughters of My glory, but they have loved and chosen the darkness rather than light. Refuse to come into agreement with their rebellion through your sympathy for their condition. For, they will withdraw into greater darkness and confusion, and I tell you the truth -- I do not know them.


December 29, 2000: You are about to step into unfamiliar territory spiritually. It will feel awkward, and your steps will seem unsure, but I tell you that I am with you. I have already gone before you to make the crooked places straight. I have already established My purposes and have set you on a course to fulfill all that I have called you to do. Do not be afraid, but do proceed cautiously and in full alert. Continue to quiet your soul so that you can be acutely aware spiritually. I am prepared to release a mighty flow of anointing that will be necessary to accomplish what is ahead of you. Get ready to be carried by that flow.


December 27, 2000: Some of you feel like you have been on a roller-coaster ride. Your emotions have been in control and have taken you up and down and around until you are dizzy and disoriented. It is time to get off of that ride and come to a place of spiritual stability. Your soul (emotions) must come under the authority of My Spirit so that you no longer walk by how you feel. You must walk by faith and by the truth of My word. Quiet your soul. Come to Me and be still. Rest in My presence.
Psalm 131:2, "Surely I have calmed and quieted my soul, like a weaned child with his mother; like a weaned child is my soul within me."

Weaned: detached from a source of dependence; freed from an unwholesome habit.


December 26, 2000: Rise up and take your place, for it is time for divine positioning. I call you forth today to be My representatives. I have authorized and appointed you for special assignments that will fulfill My purposes. But, you must awaken to this move of My Spirit and shake off any spiritual slumber that has settled in on you. Shake off the bonds of presumption and disappointment, and put aside your own plans and programs. For, what I am calling you to do will not even resemble anything that you have conjured up in your own mind. This positioning will only come about as a result of walking in the Spirit and seeking only Me. Any selfish thoughts or motivations that put you in the limelight will abort My true plans and purposes. Abandon yourself completely to Me and My kingdom objectives.


December 24, 2000: I have a stirring in my spirit this morning that there are certain people in the congregation (the body of Christ) that have stationed themselves and positioned themselves for breakthrough. The Lord is speaking again this morning that you are about to breakthrough. You are on the absolute threshold of a breakthrough. He says, I am going to do glorious and mighty things, and you are not to fear what I am about to do. I will break forth in you. Do not discount My ability to work with you, in you, around you, and through you. It is time! You are on the threshold of a breakthrough.


December 23, 2000: Prepare yourselves, for I am about to release a flood of anointing that will be akin to the flooding Jordan. Your religious boundaries will not contain the overflow that is about to be discharged. This river of anointing will certainly overflow your banks and flood your plains. You have been like children playing in a shallow stream compared to what is coming upon you. You will no longer splash and frolic in puddles of anointing and be satisfied. The days of being puffed up like a big frog in a small pond are over. What I am about to unleash will carry you beyond your own agendas and self-importance, for you will certainly know that your God has been among you. This tide of power will diminish even the greatest of your own plans and thinking. Get ready!


December 22, 2000: Some of you, beloved, have forgotten that I came to change your lives. I have the power to rescue you from every pit that you have fallen into. I have the power to deliver you from every dilemma and heal your every wound and disease. I want to heal your broken heart and gather you to My safe refuge. But, you must cry out in earnest and come to Me. I speak to those who are standing alone against the winds of adversity, those who feel that you are alone and there is no help. I am your very present help in times of trouble. I will lead you out of this place of hopelessness and despair. I will restore you to peace. Come!


December 20, 2000: My people, be sensitive to the conviction that pricks your hearts, for I am bringing correction and cleansing. I am revealing the root of confusion, the places of rebellion and self-will. I will bring to light those areas of double-mindedness that have stayed hidden in darkness until now, and am calling you to stand in pure faith in every area of life. These corrective measures may seem like small course corrections, but they will release you to walk in greater spiritual power and effectiveness in My kingdom. I have appointed you and anointed you to specific tasks, and this time of preparation is imperative.


December 19, 2000: To those of you who are battling forces of darkness that you once had the victory over. Do not give up in defeat. You have opened yourself up to generational curses and familiar spirits that have found an open door as your thoughts and hearts have embraced the past. You must not live in memories or thoughts of what once was or fantasies of what could have been. Snap to! Leave those things behind and press on. Come back to spiritual reality. Shake off the cords of regret and discontentment. Move back into sweet fellowship with Me.


December 18, 2000: It is time to offer up your sacred cows, for those places in you that you have protected from conviction will now be exposed and dealt with. There are areas of flesh and sin, that you have reserved for yourselves that will keep you from further spiritual progress if not revealed by the light and conquered. Be aware that you will not have to search deep in your soul to find what I am talking to you about. I will allow circumstances that will suddenly and surely bring this flesh manifestation to your attention with conviction. Be prepared to act decisively in laying the ax to the root, for I will indeed expose the motivation for your behavior.


December 16, 2000: I am allowing places of temporary blindness in your lives so that you can't see where you are going next. This is for the purpose of sharpening your walk by faith. You cannot be self-sufficient and still depend on Me. We cannot be one when you are independent. It will no longer be sufficient for you to depend on the arm of flesh. I am drawing you higher and elevating you in the realm of the spirit so that your spiritual eyes will be opened to a greater degree. Rise up above the blinding storms in your lives, and I will show you things that are to come. Some of you have trusted in an old vision, but it has become dim with the passing of time, so it is time for revision. Be prepared to look past your current circumstances into the realm of the spirit.


December 15, 2000: I keep seeing a vision of a beaver dam this morning, and the Lord says: There has been a work of stoppage against My people where progression and flow have ceased. You can see that many things have been put on "hold" for the time being. Watch closely, for I am removing the barriers that have checked the flow, and you will begin to see breakthrough. Do not, however, become overly confident because the enemy will again try to impede your progress and will be a nuisance. This will be a work of persistence and endurance. Do not give up; victory is assured as you press through.


December 13, 2000: I speak to those of you who go through life as though you were in a beauty contest, always finding yourself being a runner-up and not the winner. I say to you that you are a winner in My sight, but not because of your own beauty and not because of your own works. You are a winner by My grace. Stop striving in competitive effort to be on top, for this is vain and futile. The only way for you to be victorious is to humble yourself and be My servant. For, I only exalt those who are humble, and I debase those who have exalted themselves. Submit, therefore, under My authority and let Me do with you what is the most propitious for you. I tell you the truth, I will lead you where you need to go; I will guide you through the maze of your circumstances; I will exalt you in due time for My purposes and not your own, but only as you yield your life wholly to Me.


December 12, 2000: Watch out! The spirit of religion has been loosed against you, My people, like a tidal wave. It will demand that you "be good." And, there's nothing wrong with being good; what is wrong is that in your efforts to be good, your focus will shift from beholding Me to looking at yourselves. Your desire to please Me by works will overwhelm you and will produce either torment and a sense of hopelessness or a sense of achievement and pride. Look again to Me and be reminded again that the price for your righteousness was paid on Calvary. It's the blood that cleanses and reforms you.


December 11, 2000: My children, I warn you to guard against the fantasy of this season which repeats the lie that you will be fulfilled by relationships, giving and receiving or any of the other holiday trappings. There is no fulfillment in life at all except in the spiritual reality of your relationship with Me. Refuse to be drawn away from reality, for surely it will end in disappointment and despair. The enemy would like to cause you to feel isolated, alone, unloved, uncared for, and insignificant. This is NOT truth. You are never alone, for I am with you. I will not forsake you. You are not isolated, for you belong to My body, made up of many members and set to perform My will on the earth. Nor are you unloved and uncared for. Your life is not hidden from Me; I knew you while you were yet hidden in the womb, and your life and purpose are significant to Me. Resist this diabolical scheme to dump you down into depression and poverty of soul. Rise up in the joy of My presence. The joy of the Lord is your strength; rejoice in salvation and the deliverance of your soul from this discontentment and seduction.


December 9, 2000: If you are willing, I am wooing you close to my breast that you might hear my heart. I am calling a people close to Me who will not only hear My heart, but will allow their own hearts to beat with the same rhythm; that your desires become attuned to My own so that you will carry out my purposes on the earth. Will you abandon your own ways and your own desires? Will you lay down your own life and take up life in Me? I am calling you today to a closer walk with Me. Will you hear the call and draw near? Do not stand and view Me from afar. Our relationship must be close up and personal. My desire is that we become one.


December 8, 2000: I am the Rock on which you must fall and be broken. The tests and trials that you have endured have purpose. They are designed to cause you to come back to your beginnings. Some of you, My beloved, have gotten too far from the Cross and have forgotten the power of My blood. It is My blood that brings reconciliation between you and the Father. It is that same blood that brings healing and restoration to your body and soul. It is the blood that empowers you against the enemy, for without Me you can do nothing. Humble yourselves and stand in awe of this Great Redemption. Come with a broken heart and contrite spirit. (Matthew 21:44) "And whoever falls on this stone will be broken; but on whomever it falls, it will grind him to powder."


December 6, 2000: I speak to you who have faced discouragement and disappointment, and it seems as though every time you get a little strength and rise up in expectation, your hopes are dashed to pieces. As you look around, it seems like you've been in this place of desolation forever and that there is no way out of this desert. But, I tell you that you are there for a season. Whether you know it or not, I have been preparing you and giving you a most unique opportunity to know more of Me and to prove your faithfulness. I have not forgotten you, nor have I forsaken you. I am still as close as the whisper of My name. And when you seek Me in the intimacy of your own heart, I am there. The reason you don't find me always is that your anger and frustration build a barrier between us. Won't you tear down the wall of defensiveness between us and forgive? Stop trying to do things your own way. The presumption that comes from wanting it your way circumvents My perfect and divine will for your life. Give up. Let go. Release yourself to My purposes and plans for you.


December 5, 2000: I speak to those who have been pummeled with feelings of insecurity and rejection. You are having trouble finding any solid ground on which to stand. But, I am the solid Rock, and you can stand on Me. That Rock is the Word, for I am the Word. You can stand solidly on the truth. Your spirit is still intact and sealed for the day of redemption. It is your soul, your emotions that have come under this attack of insecurity. Rise up out of the soul realm and stand securely in the realm of the spirit. Refuse to be sucked down into depression and discouragement, and trust Me to restore and strengthen you. Though you struggle in darkness, I stand ready to rescue you and bring you to pure light. Let Me.


December 4, 2000: Behold, I am doing a secret work in the secret places of your heart. Many of you have set about to try to look better on the outside, presenting yourselves as holy and righteous to those around you, but I see what is inside, and there is still a cleansing work to be done. Behavior modification will simply not do, for that equates to hypocrisy. If you will come and yield yourselves to Me, I will cleanse you and make you completely whole. But, you have to leave the past behind. You must rise up and throw off your dirty garments and make yourselves ready to receive robes of righteousness, for I will indeed clothe you with purity. First, however, you must yield to the cleansing. Come now with a change of mind and a change of heart, and choose to hate evil, for it is shameful to even speak of those things done in secret. Let My light expose the unfruitful work of darkness, and bring a cleansing from within.


December 2, 2000: I keep hearing in my spirit this morning, "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." I believe there is going to be a unique marriage between the supernatural moves of the Holy Spirit of times past (something old) and what is just ahead (something new). What will be borrowed is the anointing from men and women of God who were used mightily in years past, which will be elevated to Third-Day anointing represented by something blue.

A couple of weeks ago I had a dream that I had a new dress and new shoes, the style of which was reminiscent of the "old days" and yet strikingly modern. In the same dream, I was standing at the edge of the freeway, and I saw my car going down the highway by itself. The dream ended with me running to catch up to my vehicle, which represented ministry.

And the Lord says: Get ready to move with My Spirit, for I have prepared you for such a time as this and will release you into a greater anointing than ever has been or ever will be again. I am liberating you to move freely by My Spirit to accomplish the work of the kingdom and bring in the harvest. In times past I have used My chosen vessels for singular purposes. Some have been used to bring forth healing, others for miracles, others for deliverance, others for evangelism and others for various facets of My kingdom work and commission. But, I say to you now, you will no longer be limited by specialized effort. Your limitations and boundaries will be set by your faith and vision.


December 1, 2000: I am calling you to order. Get your house in order both physically and spiritually, for I tell you that in the days ahead I need your undivided attention. You cannot be of maximum benefit in My kingdom when you are in disarray. Every place of disorder is a place where you lack authority. Haven't I said that you will rule and reign with Me? I tell you the truth, you will go forth in power and authority, but only to the degree that you maintain propriety. It is time to protect yourself from extraneous digression, from things having no relevance to life in My kingdom.



November 29, 2000: Take a deep breath, child, and quiet yourself. Refuse to allow the busyness and distractions of this present time to interfere with your personal interaction with Me. I am your lifeline, and if you get cut off from Me, your spiritual life will slowly ebb away. Keep your perspective and priorities clear. Don't forget what is most important. Reject unholy and illegitimate authority over you and deny its power to control you. I am calling you to complete liberty in My Spirit, for where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. Come out from under religious bondage and exercise your freedom in My Spirit.


November 28, 2000: As I direct your steps revealing one piece at a time, I will also guide you one peace at a time. I say again, I will lead you peace by peace. Have I not said that My word is sharper than a two-edged sword and will bring a division between soul and spirit? This peace that I give you will not be measured by what you know or feel or want, for that is the realm of the soul. The peace that I bring will quiet your soul and bring a sense of security to your spirit, for My peace surpasses understanding and will guard your heart and mind. Be still, then, and walk in the quiet assurance that I will move you by My Spirit into the days ahead. Do not be afraid, for I am with you.


November 27, 2000: I give you a key word -- expansion. Get ready, for you will be expanded in unexpected ways. You are about to encounter situations that will cause you to stretch. Your spiritual vision is going to be enlarged. And, some of you would say, " How can my vision be expanded and my expectation enlarged when I haven't seen evidence of my current vision coming to pass?" I tell you that you have an appointment with destiny, and that which I have spoken to you will come to fruition. Do not allow the enemy to bring discouragement to you or to dump you down into depression. Refuse to be lulled into complacency and spiritual slumber. Deny the temptation to fantasy and delusion; set your heart clearly on Me, and do not depart from My word and spiritual reality. I say to you, set a watch and look to Me, for I am the author and finisher of your faith.


November 25, 2000: There are those around you who would draw you off course because they want to get you involved in their schemes and dreams and circumstances. But, I bring a warning to you now, weigh carefully by the Spirit what I am calling you to do until you know for certain My leading. Then, let your yes be yes and your no be no. Refuse to get caught in fear of man and people pleasing. Do not bow down to illegitimate authority and a seducing spirit. You will be tempted to do whatever it takes to keep the peace and not be rejected. But, I say to you, obedience is better than sacrifice, and a heart totally yielded to Me and My purposes is better than service.


November 24, 2000: You, My beloved, are being adjusted and fine-tuned. There are those of you who have become like a sounding brass or a clanging cymbal because you have been operating from a position of intimidation instead of love. Others have clammed up completely, afraid to speak or interact in your environment because of insecurity and fear of rejection. Neither group has actually been heard. Even though you have spoken and interacted, you have not been received because your hearts have been bound in the turmoil of self-consciousness. If you will allow Me and trust Me, I will move you from that place of instability to a place of peace that only comes from abiding in Me. Release your fears and rest in the safety of My presence, for I will bring swift and complete healing to your heart.


November 22, 2000: My people, be still! Refuse to rise up in flesh reaction to the challenges of your circumstances. This is a time of testing, but you can easily come through this trial if you will strengthen your resolve to do My will and be obedient to My word. Give no place for the enemy's condescension, but stand firm in the face of adversity knowing that I am with you and for you. For, certainly, I will walk you through this valley and bring you through to victory. Don't lose sight of your vision!


November 21, 2000: This is a new Day. You can no longer walk in old ways, for I have new things to accomplish through you. I will cause you to be elevated in your walk with Me, for you are coming up higher, and I will change your style of ministry just as surely as you change your garments, for I tell you, the old ways of doing things were for times past and will not be effective in the days ahead. Be ready for change. For those who have ears to hear and hearts to receive and a willingness to be sensitive to My Spirit and be propelled ahead at My direction, get ready. I say, GET READY! For, your ministry will take off so quickly that you will be running to catch up. And, when you are running to catch up, it will be like a run-away automobile; you will have no other priority but to do My will. It will be impossible for you to be distracted from where I am taking you and what I have for you to do. And, you will rule and reign in My kingdom, by My Spirit, with greater authority and power. Because you wield the sword of the Spirit in the power I am about to release, great things will be accomplished. Rise up now, children, and let go of tradition and religious practices that would hinder what I am about to unleash. Get ready to run!


November 20, 2000: I speak to those who are suffering with rejection. You have endured the pain of persecution and of being an outcast. But, I tell you that I will make the outcast a strong nation. I am doing a work of healing in the hearts of My people. For, I am making you a mighty nation who will not be hindered by the wounds of the flesh. I call you warriors; I call you people whose foreheads are like flint, set to do My will and accomplish My purposes. Arise out of the dead ashes and mourning of the past; anoint yourselves with the oil of gladness. I have called you for such a time as this, and you can no longer be hindered by this wounding, for there is much work to be done in My kingdom. Know that I have accepted you, and I love you with a love that cannot fail.


November 18, 2000: Would you be contentious if I were standing there with you? Would you speak the words you speak to one another if I were in your midst? I tell you the truth, the thoughts and judgments you have set against one another are also against Me. I have risen up in indignation against this injustice, for I see your proud look and the discord you have sown. Haven't I already warned you about the spirit of division that has been loosed among you? Are you dull of hearing so that you cannot pay attention to My words of warning? Stop this nonsense, and turn from the works of the flesh. Rise up in the Spirit, be about the Father's business, and mind your own business.
2Corinthians 10:4-7, "For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ, and being ready to punish all disobedience when your obedience is fulfilled. Do you look at things according to the outward appearance? If anyone is convinced in himself that he is Christ's, let him again consider this in himself, that just as he is Christ's, even so we are Christ's."


November 17, 2000: I had a dream that I had gone to see my brother at an apartment complex. As I stood before the door of his apartment, I saw a hand that had been cut off at the wrist lying on the walkway. It had a nail hole in the middle of the palm. I picked up the hand and was deeply distressed. When my brother answered the door, I wanted him to call someone in authority because I believed if there was a dead hand there had to be a dead body. My brother was very nonchalant and said, "Oh, that's been here since September."

Interpretation: Going to see my brother at his apartment complex symbolizes looking at the brethren in a complex Christian community sectioned off by denominations (divided and numbered). The hand with the nail hole represents dead religious works. The authority is the Spirit of God. The unseen dead body represents the complacent religious church, accentuated by my brother's indifferent attitude. September was the Feast of Trumpets, the beginning of a new year, and the beginning of the Third Day of Christ (a day being as a thousand years and a thousand years as a day) because we have just begun the third one thousand years since His birth.

And, the Lord says, I will indeed cut off the dead works from My body. For whatever does not issue forth from My Spirit and come to completion by My power is dead. The days of accomplishing your own works and achieving your own plans and desires in the name of religion are over. For, I say to you that this is a new day, the day of resurrection power. It is a day when you must come into My rest and cease from your own labors. Arise from your own dead works and be lead forth in power and might into this new day.


November 15, 2000: For those who seek only to glorify My kingdom and to be obedient to My call, I am releasing a new wave of glory. Those who have ears to hear will move in a realm of greater revelation and in the anointing to bring forth truth with greater conviction and effectiveness. I am awakening a hunger in hearts that will yearn to hear what I am giving to you. And, they will thrill at the witness of the Spirit as My word goes forth in boldness and manifests in power. The prerequisite, however, is that you have no personal agenda. This is a time when you will learn to come into My rest and execute none of your own ideas and religious notions, for to do so would undermine My plans and purposes. You must not taint the purity of My work with flesh motives and self-promotion.


November 14, 2000: Watch out! A curse of division has been loosed against America to divide not only the nation, but families, churches, friends, and partners in business. Refuse to be offended, and choose your battlegrounds carefully. Do not posture yourselves in self-defense, but only stand and contend for the faith. Some things are worth fighting for; others are not. Walk in the spiritual discernment that I have given you, for I tell you also that not only is the enemy bringing division, but I am also bringing a divine separation, and you will need to know which is which. The separation that I bring will be the result of your drawing closer to Me and will cause you to move up higher spiritually. You will recognize the work of the enemy by the display of anger, violence, rage, and other works of the flesh. You be slow to anger and abounding in mercy and lovingkindness.

A WORD TO AUSTRALIA: My people, you have been ravaged by wolves; you have been shredded by their sharp teeth and have retreated wounded and bloody. You have been scattered like sheep without a shepherd. But, I am bringing you back to Myself, for I am your Shepherd, and I will restore your confidence in My kingdom and My rule. I will apply the balm of Gilead to your wounds and bring healing to your hearts. I am calling you out of obscurity once again to shine forth as light in the darkness. Arise and shine, My beloved, for the glory of the Lord is risen upon you!


November 13, 2000: Behold, I am doing a new thing. There is about to be a GREAT shaking in America, beginning with new leadership. What has been go-with-the-flow of the American public will now change. Expect the new leadership to display signs of stability and speak words of comfort and security, but watch for radical changes and a new direction that will usher in a new era and alignment with end-time events and one-world powers. (reposted from 1999)


November 11, 2000: I remind you today that death and life are in the power of the tongue, and it is My desire for you to always speak life and that you always bring glory to My kingdom through the words of your mouth. Set a watch and be a steward of your words, making sure that every word spoken brings maximum benefit to the hearer, building up and not tearing down. I also speak to those who tend to dominate conversation; I tell you the truth, this tendency comes from pride, and it is My desire that you humble yourself and become a good listener. Be quick to hear and slow to speak. (Matthew 12:36) "But I say to you that for every idle word men may speak, they will give account of it in the day of judgment."


November 10, 2000: Get ready for expansion, for I am bringing increase to My people. This will mean different things to different people--for some it will mean personal expansion in where you live or where you work; for others it will mean increased revelation of My kingdom and a greater understanding of who you are spiritually. The winds of change are blowing, and I speak to you today to be ready to be repositioned so that you can move most effectively with My wind. You are about to be challenged in ways you have never considered, but I tell you that if you are willing to move with My Spirit, these challenges will be exciting and most beneficial. Expect the unexpected!


November 8, 2000: I speak to those of you who are extremely sensitive and creative. I am aware that you have been misunderstood and that you have never seemed to fit. I know of the rejection that you have endured from time to time, but I also see your patient endurance in continuing to glorify My kingdom despite the opposition. Consider My servant, David, who was also very sensitive and creative. He was likewise misunderstood by his family, despised by his wife, rejected and pursued in his time. Yet, I used him to raise up the Tabernacle of David as a place of worship because his heart was given to Me. I tell you the truth, I will build again the Tabernacle of David, which is fallen down, and I will restore the ruins. Haven't I said that those who worship Me must worship in spirit and in truth? But, the church is in ruins because My people have worshipped Christianity and the religious system. They have allowed the money changers into the temple, and it is no longer a house of prayer; it is a house of religious business. But you, My Davids, do fit in My kingdom and have been chosen for such a time as this to restore worship to My house. Take courage, and do not despise your days of small beginnings.


November 7, 2000: Behold, I am raising up and bringing forth leaders who will not compromise My standard. You, My people, are walking through a critical time and season in which following the dictates of the flesh will be disastrous. My church is riddled with soul ministry where those both in the pulpit and the pew sympathize with human weakness and make excuses for those who do not overcome. Now is the time when it is vital that you face every question and dilemma squarely with the Word of God. Your solutions must not spare your own feelings or placate the thoughts and emotions of those in error. I call you forth to walk in the light and to speak the truth in love. I look at the current condition of My church, and I see many in bondage to sin. Haven't I said that the wages of sin is death? I am raising up those who are not afraid to call them forth from their graves and loose them, for they are bound in the grave clothes of their own making. Rise up, Church! Come out of this darkness of compromise, for only those who overcome will rule and reign with Me.


November 6, 2000: Let me share a dream: A man that I know had carved out of wood (perhaps mahogany) a bathroom sink and fixtures, a soap dish, and a toothbrush holder. These items were beautiful, and I commended him on his craftsmanship. As we stood there admiring these pieces, we became aware that the high humidity in the room was causing the perfectly sanded wood to rough up. He became agitated about having to sand these pieces again. I suggested that he needed to put some kind of water-proof coating on them to preserve their beauty, but he wanted to keep them in their natural state. It was then I realized that he would never be able to use these things as they were intended because water would ruin them.

The scene changed, and I was in a cafeteria. It was Thanksgiving, and the traditional food items were displayed and served in the center of the room. People were filling their plates and finding their places around the room to sit down and eat. I was making my way to the kitchen to check on the progress of the cooks when I saw a horse in a corral to the north and east of the cafeteria, just beyond the back door. It was a buckskin, and he was running wildly around the corral. Just as I was wondering if the split-rail cedar fence would hold him, he sailed over it without effort and came through the cafeteria running and bucking. I thought for sure that he would bring great destruction or that someone would get hurt, but he went through like the wind without destruction or injury. The dream ended.

And, the Lord showed me that the bathroom fixtures made of wood represent man-made religion. These religious concepts are beautiful to look at, but they don't hold water. They are useless and impractical. The cafeteria represents practical religion where people feed on the Word of God with thanksgiving, and when they do the power of the Holy Spirit will be loosed among them like the Wind. Like the horse, the power of God cannot be contained by man-made structures. He will break out and manifest among His people with a power that is potentially dangerous if we get in His way.


November 4, 2000: Listen up! Quiet your soul so that you can hear My "still small voice" in your spirit. My ears have not been deaf to your cries, nor have I been unaware of your dilemma. For, I am a God that hears and answers prayer. I am speaking into your circumstances, imparting wisdom into your situation, but the noise of fear has obliterated this impartation. Only when you quiet your mind and emotions will you be able to receive the answers and direction you require. Be still, My child; let me soothe your troubled soul and alleviate the turmoil, for you will assuredly regain composure. I speak into you even now... Peace, be still! Come into My rest and comfort.


November 3, 2000: The enemy has been unleashed to target your areas of insecurity; the devil is indeed roaming around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. But, he will only attack your places of vulnerability. Some of you have already sensed this attack and are scrambling to find places of safety. The reason you are assailable is because you have flesh that is exposed. Be aware that your first instinct will be to find safety for your flesh and that you will try to cover yourself through self-justification. But, I tell you, your only place of safety is under the shelter of My wings. Rise up out of that place of flesh, and find shelter in My presence.
Romans 8:12-14, "Therefore, brethren, we are debtors; not to the flesh, to live according to the flesh. For if you live according to the flesh you will die; but if by the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live. For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God."
Psalm 27:5-6, "For in the time of trouble He shall hide me in His pavilion; In the secret place of His tabernacle He shall hide me; He shall set me high upon a rock. And now my head shall be lifted up above my enemies all around me; Therefore I will offer sacrifices of joy in His tabernacle; I will sing, yes, I will sing praises to the LORD."


November 1, 2000: I was reminded this morning of how animals get restless and agitated before a major storm hits. Then, I thought of how a woman ready to give birth gets uncomfortable and restless just before labor begins. And the Lord says, you are about to enter a season of great upheaval and unrest. In fact, you will look back at the summer of 2000 as a time of relative peace and calm compared to what is ahead. Some of you will be turned completely around by your circumstances and the things that are about to unfold before you. Life will never be the same. This change will occur on every level. For some it will be a complete change of attitude with regard to what you deem important in life, and your priorities will change completely. Some will break out of confining circumstances, for I tell you the truth, the birthing process is about to begin. You are even now in transition, and are about to break forth.


October 31, 2000: I want to remind you, My beloved, that as long as the earth remains there will be seedtime and harvest. Be aware that you are continually planting seeds and reaping the harvest. For, whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. The seed is the word. I ask you to examine the words that you sow into your own life and into the lives of others. Are you planting words of truth that will bring forth a harvest of life? Out of the abundance of your own heart, the ground of your harvest, your mouth will speak words of either life or death, blessing or cursing. Some of you have become weary of reaping the same old harvest of division, strife, contention, fear, rejection, jealousy, discontentment, disappointment and discouragement. Spiritually plow up your ground, break up the hardness of your heart, and plant new seeds by speaking words of life, love, unity, peace, courage and contentment. Go forth in power by expressing My heart in the words you speak, in the seeds you sow, and expect a great and abundant harvest.


October 30, 2000: I remind you today that I have given you gifts to be used to manifest My kingdom. Many of you have placed your gift on a spiritual high shelf to look at infrequently or to use only for special occasions as though the gift itself was something beyond ordinary value. The fact is that it is not the gift that has great value, but it is the use of the gift that has worth. Your heirloom silver expresses its greatest value when used to feed your family and guests. Otherwise it becomes tarnished from lack of use. And, a silver spoon expresses as much virtue scooping out jelly on a peanut butter sandwich for a child as it does serving dessert to a king.


October 28, 2000: My prophets, the enemy has sent a lying spirit against you, and I admonish you this day to only speak My words. Do not speak from your own knowledge of worldly affairs, or your own doctrines, feelings or imaginations. For assuredly if you do this, you will be cut off from fellowship with Me. There will be serious consequences to those who prophesy out of your own soul and your own prejudices. My warning is strong and in to My throneroom and listen carefully, for My words will come with precision and clarity. Put aside all selfish agendas. Woe to those who want to establish a prophetic name for yourself, for surely you will be made a fool.


October 27, 2000: These are times of great consternation on the earth, but I have not called you to fear or dread. I have positioned you and will continue to position those in My company in places of safety and security. What I require of you is to live in My kingdom without compromising My standards, My word. As the darkness of the world becomes gross darkness, you will shine forth and radiate as beacons of light and truth. Those who have lurked in the shadows of complacency will then be drawn to your light like moths to a flame. But, I tell you the truth, the days are coming and are even now upon you when those who love the darkness will be plunged into pitch-darkness, and those who love the Light will become radiant.


October 25, 2000: I exhort you today to consider your strengths, your giftings, the things you CAN do. The enemy would try to get you to meditate on your shortcomings and failures and the things you cannot do, for he would love to drown you in a sea of despair. But, I have not called you to accomplish what you are unable to do. I do not expect you to walk in shoes that do not fit. I have equipped you for certain tasks in My kingdom, and I tell you assuredly that you have been in training for that which is ahead of you. Believe Me when I say that you have been in training since you were a child for the things that have been prepared for you. Even times in your life that you found difficult to endure became a place of instruction, for truly all things work together for good to those who love Me. I will not ask you to reach beyond your ability to achieve My desired goals, but I will cause you to stretch and go beyond your experience to accomplish more than you ever have. Your destiny is to bring glory to My kingdom.


October 24, 2000: I speak to those of you who have taken on more responsibility than you can effectively handle. I call you Martha-Martha, for you are running here and there, doing many things. And yet, you have neglected your primary have sweet fellowship with Me. You have need of temperance. This is a time for all of you, My people, to re-evaluate your expenditures whether of time or money. If you will yield to My will and purposes in these areas, I will cause you to maximize your resources, and you will see the miracle of multiplication. But, I want to impart the concept of simplicity to you. You are My stewards. Unless you manage My resources by way of obedience to My direction, you will squander what I have put under your management and the result will be great dissipation. Exercise self-control.


October 23, 2000: Stop! Look! Listen! See if you can discern the times and the season that is upon you. For behold, you are in a time of progression and a season of positioning in My kingdom. Push through the gray dawn of shadows where your path is uncertain, and come into the full light of My plans and purposes for you. I have called you out of obscurity into clarity. No longer will you wander through life with your mind filled with questions and doubt about where you belong. I tell you the truth, I will move you with precision and accuracy. But, in order for you to be perceptive to My leading, you must rise above your own reasoning and your own soul desires to live in the Spirit. I urge you to break out of the limitations of the flesh like a butterfly breaks out of its cocoon. It is time for you to walk by faith and no longer be restrained by what you know by your senses. This is a new day and a new time, and it is imperative that you discern the moving of My Spirit.


October 21, 2000: The enemy has brought thoughts of doubt and fear along with a sense of inadequacy and failure to many of you. His prime weapon against you to disarm and disable you is discouragement. But, I say that you are MORE than conquerors. When I call you to My service, I also equip, supply and direct. You are not alone, and I do not give you instructions and leave you alone. Haven't I said that My yoke is easy and My burden is light? Come along side Me and yoke with Me, for I would not ask you to do anything that you are not well able by My Spirit to accomplish. Refuse to be overwhelmed. Rise up out of the darkness and oppression that the enemy has encompassed you with and be released in the joy and expectation of victory.


October 20, 2000: Quiet your soul and allow your spirit to be strengthened. Hush the clamor of your thoughts and emotions that cause inner turmoil. Cast out the fear that causes this agitation and unrest. For truly I am your place of rest, your safe haven, your shelter in the storm. Come to Me and calm yourself so that you can hear even My most gentle whisper. Come, for I am the comforter, and I will fortify you with tranquil boldness that will pull down strongholds and scatter the enemy with a word. Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might!


October 18, 2000: In a vision I kept seeing people with bowls...some full and some empty, and I saw the empty ones being filled. And, the Lord said, I am releasing a new anointing and discernment in My Body for ministry. The days of "shotgun" ministry will no longer be adequate...of shooting from the hip and hoping you hit something. It is imperative that you discern the empty bowls, the hungry and open hearts, for I will fill them. You must discern where there is desire, for My words are food and life and will only go where there is a hunger, just like answered prayer goes where there is faith and desire. I tell you the truth that many have brought a reproach on the Kingdom of God through their disobedience because they went without being sent, and they spoke, but not according to My leading or direction. And, they have shrugged it off by saying they planted seeds, but I tell you that seeds that fall on rock are not planted. I urge you, My people, be sensitive to the moving of My Spirit, and go only when and where I lead, and speak only by My Spirit. Anything other than that is religious exercise.


October 17, 2000: I woke up with the word "Bozrah" going through my mind; it means sheepfold, fortress, enclosure. And, the Lord says: even though you hear of wars and rumors of wars, do not be afraid. For, I will gather My remnant like the sheep of Bozrah into a fold and surround you with walls of protection. I will hide you in secret places and cities of refuge until this indignation is past. And then, you shall go out with joy and be led forth with peace. I Myself shall lead you out of exile and bring you to your inheritance.

Isaiah 34:5-8, "For My sword shall be bathed in heaven; indeed it shall come down on Edom, and on the people of My curse, for judgment. The sword of the LORD is filled with blood, it is made overflowing with fatness, with the blood of lambs and goats, with the fat of the kidneys of rams. For the LORD has a sacrifice in Bozrah, and a great slaughter in the land of Edom. The wild oxen shall come down with them, and the young bulls with the mighty bulls; their land shall be soaked with blood, and their dust saturated with fatness. For it is the day of the Lord's vengeance, the year of recompense for the cause of Zion."


October 16, 2000: In a dream I saw three things that seemed unrelated and disjointed, but I think they have spiritual meaning for us. First, I saw a man with a pet boa constrictor. The snake wrapped itself around the man in what first appeared to be an act of affection, but then as the man began to try to loosen the snake's hold, it squeezed him to death. Second, I saw a woman in her home in complete disarray. There were obvious things that needed to be done in the house, but she was busy with doing things for other people for the sake of acceptance and approval. Third, I saw the face of a large rodent.

What I believe these three things all represent is a spirit of religion which will bring death, disorder and destruction to those who entertain it. In the first scenario, religion will confine and constrict you by seeming to give you a sense of personal boundaries, but in the end will kill you spiritually. In the second scene, religion will keep you from doing what the Lord has prepared and put before you, and will cause you to do those things which are unnatural and out of order for the sake of feeling good about yourself. Finally, the rodent (rat) always speaks to me of destruction. I've been told that they can gnaw through a lead pipe, and the spirit of religion will continue to eat at you, always keeping you in a state of agitation because you can never satisfy its demands to be good enough.

The Lord wants us to be done with this spirit and just come to Him with a whole heart. He offers us personal, intimate relationship with Him, which produces life and peace and joy. It is God who changes us into His image from glory to glory. Let us come into His rest!


October 14, 2000: You are entering a new season spiritually. The season that is coming to a close is the one of breaking down, of separation, of tearing apart, of threshing. The season that you are now entering is one of building up, of coming together for a common purpose and of unity. Look around and see that the lines have been drawn. There is no reconciliation with the enemy; there is no patching up of differences with those who are against you. Yet, within your own ranks there will be a tremendous unifying force that will draw those of like mind together in a strong bond. Your loyalties have been established and your goals are becoming clear, for you have yielded to My plans and purposes which cannot be thwarted. Many of you who have felt like you've been alone in a cave are about to become a part of a company of mighty men, brought together with unusual clarity of mission.


October 13, 2000: Beloved, stay close to My heart and be sensitive to My leading, and I will cause My purposes to be fulfilled. Refuse to succumb to vainglory, for it will take you away from My purposes. The world would have you think that you need to be built up in self-esteem. But, that is a lie, for it is only a promotion of self-consciousness. You cannot walk in the Spirit and have your focus on yourself. Haven't I admonished you to take up your own cross and follow Me? My flesh had to be torn to give entrance into My Father's presence, but your flesh is also a veil that prevents your entrance into the Holy of Holies. I tell you the truth -- the enemy is attacking you even now to make you feel inadequate, unloved, unappreciated, and stupid. Please hear me! Do not react by trying to build yourself up or by trying to prove your worthiness, for that will be vain and futile. Refuse to be offended. Know that you are My own special treasure and that you have nothing to prove. Rather, draw close to Me; come into My place of glory and peace, and abide in My place of safety. Come into My rest.


October 11, 2000: ALERT! This is a time when you must discern the spiritual atmosphere and move by the Spirit. This is no time to be lazy or allow the prevailing winds of your circumstances to move you away from your spiritual focus. I tell you that seducing spirits have been sent against you, My people, to draw you away from your First Love. These demon spirits will try to awaken your flesh desires and passions through discontentment. Be especially careful not to fall into a sense of being isolated or lonely, for Seduction will move you to try to satisfy this emptiness by natural means when the only appeasement will come through intimate relationship with Me. The enemy will do his best to reawaken old fantasies, but you must keep spiritual perspective and be about the Father's business. For, the end of behaving carnally will be greater dissatisfaction.


October 10, 2000: This is the beginning of global sorrow as prophesied from ancient times. For, I tell you that the earth will be shaken with mighty force. The grief and sadness and pain will continue to increase until My cup of wrath is empty. To those of you who see the suffering of neighboring nations and through your pride and indifference find satisfaction in their distress, repent of this evil or you will be partakers of their suffering. You, My people, must cleanse yourselves of all filthiness and draw near to Me. It is vital that you hear My voice and are sensitive to My leading, for I will lead you to places of refuge and safety. Seek Me with all of your heart.


October 9, 2000: Rise up from those positions of complacency, for I say to you that to be complacent is to be powerless. I speak to those who have given up in certain areas with an attitude that whatever you do doesn't matter or make a difference. You have released some things from your heart that you once held dear, and you have adopted an I-don't-care attitude. But, I have called you to care, not with soulish sympathy, but with spiritual compassion. I call you to activate your will in agreement with My Spirit. Pray My will. Hold fast to what is good and acceptable in My sight. Be active in My kingdom as I direct you. Be sensitive to the leading of My Spirit. There is much work to be done, and I need players, not spectators. It is time to get off the sidelines of life and activate.


October 7, 2000: Come up higher! I am about to release a new level of anointing in your midst. It will no longer do for you to stay on the last plateau, for I am doing a new thing, and you will not be able to comprehend it if you don't come higher. I hear your question, "How do I do that?" Quiet your soul and seek Me with greater intensity and focus. I will indeed pour out revelation knowledge and deeper understanding of My kingdom purposes. But, you must be in a position to receive what I am about to pour out. You must press through your comfort zone and step into territory that is unfamiliar. I tell you the truth, some of you have remained in old areas of religious comfort so long that you have gotten stuck there; you are truly established. But, I say to you, shake yourselves awake; be bold and take the next step. I am calling those who are willing to fast to break out of religious bondage. What I am about to pour out cannot be received where you are.


October 6, 2000: You are entering a time where your life will absolutely explode with diversity. You, My people, are going to break out of old molds that have confined your gifts, talents and abilities. Dreams and visions that were once extinguished by discouragement and lack of opportunity will now become revitalized. For, I say to you, that you are in the season of resurrection power. What has been dead and buried will now spring forth with new life and take on new meaning. Be warned, however, that you cannot do this by your own volition. That which is being raised up will be by My power, not by your will or coercion. You must rest in My presence, for I am the resurrection and the life and what I speak life into shall live! What I bring to pass shall be established.


October 4, 2000: I am drawing you to Myself with greater intensity than you've known before. This drawing will bring further separation from those who resist this spiritual pulling. For, I tell you that I have set Myself as a magnet, and you are being drawn as tailings. This is a refining process as I continue to separate the precious from the vile. And, I tell you a mystery--those of you who do not resist and are drawn to Me also become magnetized as I am and will begin to draw others to yourselves and to Me. Those who resist will be repelled, and I tell you that this separation process will continue and intensify. Those who think they have chosen safe middle ground and have remained neutral will have to choose. I tell you, there is no middle ground. So, let your yes be yes and your no be no. Choose this day who you will serve.


October 3, 2000: Be sensitive to the flow of My Spirit, for surely I will gather you to Myself and speak to you and instruct your hearts. Then, I will send you out to perform that which I have spoken and to do that which I have instructed. Beware of stopping the flow of movement, the continual gathering in and sending out. I say that many of you prefer to sit at My feet and are reluctant to go out and do the work that I have prepared you to do. Yet, many others of you prefer the doing to the listening. To those who prefer to hear, you will become like stagnant pools; to those who prefer to do, you will become depleted and empty. You must learn to yield to the tidal movements of your spiritual atmosphere in order to flow with the current.
James 1:22-25, "But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves. For if anyone is a hearer of the word and not a doer, he is like a man observing his natural face in a mirror; for he observes himself, goes away, and immediately forgets what kind of man he was. But he who looks into the perfect law of liberty and continues in it, and is not a forgetful hearer but a doer of the work, this one will be blessed in what he does."


October 2, 2000: Expect change, great sweeping change in all areas. For, I say to you assuredly, old things have passed away and all things are becoming new. Even the old things that are worth bringing into this new era will be transformed and take on the characteristics of progression. Those areas in your life that you stubbornly cling to and refuse to yield to this spiritual conversion will become lifeless and historical. You are but a pilgrim passing through this foreign land on your way to a City "whose builder and maker is God." And, I tell you that many of you seek only to find a safe and comfortable place to stop and camp. But, your spiritual camping places are for the purpose of bringing you into greater revelation of Me. You cannot camp on revelation of one aspect of My nature and character and still see the fullness of My purpose. Believe Me when I tell you that the cloud is moving, and it is time to strike camp once again. You must move on to your next destination. But, fear not. I am with you. I will lead you and direct your steps. Come, courageous hearts; let us journey together!


September 27, 2000: You have been set on a course of action with a path to follow. Yet, many of you have gotten into some confusion about what to do next. It is as though you were in a maze with many options, conflicting motives, confusing input, distracting thoughts, mixed emotions and people seeming to pull at you from every side. I say to you, stop where you are, and look up. You will not discern the simplicity of the course that I have set before you if you look at circumstances and consider the chaos and whirlwind around you. Draw near to Me. Quiet your soul. Be anxious for nothing. I will direct your steps.
Philippians 4:6-8, "Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy; meditate on these things."


September 26, 2000: Rise up, you people who still allow discouragement and disappointment to rule your lives. You have allowed the enemy to take you captive and have become prisoners of war. But, I have not assigned you to the prison house; I have called you into light and into freedom. Today, shake off the shackles of unbelief, depression and discontentment. Refuse to be confined by self-pity. This is a new day and there is much work to be done in My kingdom, but you cannot be used in this present place of restraint. You must do what Paul and Silas did in the dungeon; you must praise your way to freedom.
Psalm 107:20-22, "He sent His word and healed them, And delivered them from their destructions. Oh, that men would give thanks to the LORD for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of men! Let them sacrifice the sacrifices of thanksgiving, and declare His works with rejoicing."


September 25, 2000: This is the dawning of a new day. Arise and go forth with anticipation, for I am releasing those things that have been held in reserve for end-time events. And, I have placed you deliberately in your positions of great effectiveness for such a time as this. This is not a time to shrink back or hide in places of seclusion, for it is time for the saints to possess the Kingdom. Many of you have been hidden in obscurity, but I say to you, I have saved the best for last. You represent the new wine, and I will pour you out liberally into this generation. Rejoice greatly, but only release your joy in the context of My presence and holiness. This is no time to try to demonstrate My Spirit in the power of the flesh, for you will not move Me; I will move you! Yield to the mighty working of My power through you.


September 23, 2000: Go forth, My people, in boldness. Rise up out of timidity and fear. Be done with self-focus and short-sightedness. This is a new day, and I am doing great and mighty things. The enemy will bring distractions, things to worry about, too many things to do, but if you will look to Me apart from these distractions, I will open your eyes and bring clarity to your vision. I will cause your ears to hear with precision, and I will guard your heart with peace. For I am looking for those whose total investment is in My kingdom, those who are available to Me to fulfill My purposes on the earth. I will not coerce you into faithfulness; I will not beg you to forsake worldliness, but My call is going forth with an invitation for you to come and follow Me.


September 22, 2000: Watch and be amazed at the things that are about to transpire, for I am causing My people to redeem the land. Those who have ears to hear will take back what the enemy has stolen and used for his purposes. And, I will bring restoration and healing to areas that have been devastated and brought to ruin. I will bring life and joy to that which has suffered desolation. Lift up your heads and rejoice, for this is a great work.

Isa 58:11-12, "The LORD will guide you continually, And satisfy your soul in drought, And strengthen your bones; you shall be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail. Those from among you shall build the old waste places; you shall raise up the foundations of many generations; and you shall be called the Repairer of the Breach, The Restorer of Streets to Dwell In."


September 20, 2000: Completely abandon to My plans and purposes, for you can never achieve anything in My kingdom through your own designs and objectives. Remove yourself from the equation along with your selfish motivations, for I tell you, this is not about you. It about Me. It is about My intentions for My people. My ways are higher than your ways, and My thoughts are higher than your thoughts. Refrain from designing your own schemes and asking Me to bless them, and yield to My order, for what I have designed is already blessed. Seek to understand My vision and then move ahead to fulfill what I have called you to do. Certainly, I will direct your steps if you will but yield.


September 19, 2000: I had a short vision of people in a garbage dump. They were digging through the garbage, trying to find something of value, but it was all refuse. The things they picked up to keep were the "best" of the trash but still worthless. And the Lord says, you will be tempted to go back into your past failures to salvage something worthwhile. But, there is nothing to go back for. This is a new day with new opportunities. Press forward, for there is nothing in your past that is worth redeeming. When thoughts from the past come back to haunt you, send them back to the dung heap. That's where they belong. Do not allow the enemy to draw you back to old places of failure or to saddle you with condemnation and fear of a repeat performance. I am your Kinsman Redeemer, and your past has been covered by blood; the price has been paid. Rise up, and shake off the dust and defilement of old waste places, for you are the Bride of the King.


September 18, 2000: Remember when I brought joy to your hearts to cause healing to come so that your souls could be set free from old bitterness and bondage? I say to those who yielded to this process, this has been accomplished. Now, I am releasing new joy in your midst that will bring victory in warfare. For, I say in this day, your weapons of warfare will indeed not be carnal, but will be released in the power of My Spirit through joy, which is your strength against the enemy. Rise up and smite the enemy with great joy!


September 16, 2000: I will speak to you through every available voice. Some of these voices will be little children whose speech is yet undeveloped. Normally, you would not take the time to listen or strain your ears to understand what may seem to you to be unintelligible speech. But, I say to you, sharpen your discernment and listen closely, for I will use unlikely candidates to quicken your heart to new revelation of My work on the earth at this time. Haven't I said that I will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children? And I ask you, aren't the children the most pure hearts? For they have not yet learned guile. Don't despise or brush off even the most casual conversation, but be alert to a quickening of your spirit that will witness My expression. I will use even the most insignificant vessels for My purposes, but those who operate in pride and have yielded themselves to a haughty spirit will miss the precious simplicity with which I will bring instruction.

Luke 1:17, "And he shall go before him in the spirit and power of Elias, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just; to make ready a people prepared for the Lord."


September 15, 2000: Both in the natural and in the Spirit this morning, I could hear the cry of the eagle, and I knew it had prophetic significance. So, I asked the Lord, and He said: Listen to the call of the prophet, My people. It is time for you to come out of hiding and obscurity and to rise up with wings like eagles to fulfill what I have called you to do. It is no longer appropriate for you to be earthbound when I have called you to fly. You can no longer deny the call of My Spirit to come up higher. Why have you been so discontent? I say to you, it is divine discontentment, for I am calling you, whistling for you, to leave the old places and come into the place that I have prepared for you to fulfill your destiny. For indeed, when you fulfill your destiny, you fulfill My purposes. Come then; tear your old beggar's garment which represents your season of being unproductive, for I have a new mantle for you. Come without hesitation.


September 14, 2000: I had a dream of going to a Seventh Day church. It was wonderful! We had so much fun in the presence of the Lord; there was great joy and liberty in the fellowship, but I also knew that others would not have approved of our attending this church. In fact, an article came out in the local newspaper telling that we had been found in this church, placing us in a position of being ridiculed and rejected. During the course of my dream I discovered that this church was separated by a corridor into two groups in different rooms. The group we had been in fellowship with was incredible, but I made my way down to hall to find out about the other group, all the while thinking that it was such a shame that they all weren't in the same room. When I entered this room, there was no joy or presence of the Lord. They were complaining and grumbling against those in the first group. It was very oppressive, and I couldn't stay there.

Upon awakening, I realized that God is moving among His people to gather His saints where there will be peace, unity, and one accord and where the presence of the Lord will bring joy and liberty. But this moving of His Spirit will be misunderstood by those who are bound by tradition and the previous standard, and they will persecute and rise up against this new spiritual environment and miss God's purposes and find themselves without His presence.

And the Lord says: Beloved, if they persecuted Me, they will persecute you. But, I say to you, count it all joy because you are in the company of the redeemed, and I am about to pour out My Spirit in unprecedented ways. For this is the Third Day of Christ and the Seventh Day of God, and I say it is both the day of restoration with resurrection power and a day of judgment, which will first begin in the house of God. Do not find yourself in opposition to My work.


September 13, 2000: Two words: divine connections. I speak this to you so that you will be alert to those I am bringing across your path and into your lives. There are new relationships to be formed for My purposes, and some of them will seem very unlikely in the natural realm. And, I am giving you opportunities to break down old barriers of prejudice so that your relationships are not the product of your personal preferences but rather the result of My intentions. Also be aware that some old relationships have fulfilled their objective and will no longer be as significant as they once were. Prepare your hearts for this shift, for this will not be the result of desires of the soul but a moving of My Spirit. I say, this is a time of preparation, for I tell you, "Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him."


September 12, 2000: I am bringing you to a place of a new beginning. Old things have passed away, and yesterday is gone. What's done is done, whether good or bad. Prepare yourself with excitement to move forward in the things of My kingdom. Seek My glory by which I have given great and precious promises. Leave the past behind, and set your face like flint to go up to your place of destiny. For, surely I will lead you and direct your steps. I will establish you in peace and guard your safety. Your journey will not be without testing, but I have taught you well, and your victory is assured.
2 Peter 1:3-4, "As His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue, by which have been given to us exceedingly great and precious promises, that through these you may be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust."


September 11, 2000: Watch out! The enemy has brought discontentment, discouragement, and disappointment as a temptation and seduction to get you into self-pity and self-focus. Do not yield to this temptation, for it will only reveal your shortcomings and bring condemnation. And, I say, that fear is the open door through which the enemy has been able to bring torment to your mind , and you will have to stand against all manner of fear -- fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of lack, fear of loss. Rise up in My strength and sufficiency, for I will never leave you nor forsake you. I will bring you through this test in perfect peace if you will keep your mind on Me.


September 10, 2000: I say to you, My people, that I am commissioning you to go take the land. You will take the territory with attitude infused into the spiritual atmosphere. The enemy is working to re-establish his environment over territory that you've already taken. Don't give in to his works of negativity and evil. Do not allow him to take dominion over you. I have set you to establish spiritual authority. Stand against this invasion. Occupy what I have given you. Don't yield to prevailing attitudes; brace yourselves against this prevailing ill wind. Establish your position in My glory, My presence and My power. Protect the anointing!


September 9, 2000: You have heard it said and seen it written that if I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto Myself. I want you to realize that when you lift Me up, you are not lifting up a historical figure. For I am the Head and you, My church, are My body. So, to lift Me up is to lift up and exalt the Body. Every time you encourage and honor another member of My body, you are honored and lifted up. But, I say to you, that every time you discourage, tear down, and slander those who belong to Me, you not only debase the Body, but you deny Me.


September 8, 2000: To many who have felt displaced and unable to fulfill what I have called you to do, I have turned the hearts of the fathers to you to equip and prepare you for greater ministry. I will not leave you where you are. I am bringing order to My church and positioning you in places of increased effectiveness and freedom. I have gone before you to make the crooked places straight, and I am calling you forth to blow the trumpet in Zion. I am calling you forth to awaken those who slumber. Refuse to give heed to the lies of the enemy that would keep you from moving ahead. You cannot change those around you who stifle and quench the Spirit and keep you from fulfilling your mission, so you must come out from under this dampening influence to answer the call. I have given you vision and placed a desire in your heart. It is time to allow this vision to take form and manifest.


September 6, 2000: I have brought you to higher ground and given you a wide place to stand. You have had a greater glimpse of Me and seen aspects of My character and nature that you have not known before. You have come to greater knowledge of Me and had experience of walking in the Spirit. Don't lose what you've gained. Refuse to return to the comfort and familiarity of walking in the flesh again. I say to you, rise up! Soar above the distractions and confusion. Don't go back to bickering and fighting and having to be right. There is only one place that is right; that is the place where your heart is wholly given to Me with no thought of yourselves. Be done with low living and selfish motivations. Again, I say, rise up and walk in the Spirit.


September 5, 2000: There is an evil in the land; it is the curse of the jackals. Do you hear the howling? It has been sent against My people to tear at them and to rip with their teeth, for their teeth are as swords and their words are as knives. But, I have not given you as prey. Come into My refuge and find safety within My gates, for outside are the dogs and sorcerers, murderers and idolaters, and those who practice lawlessness and speak lies. Come into My safe haven, and refuse to allow this curse to bring discouragement. For I say that the enemy will do what he can to steal your joy and cause you to retreat to the shadows. His mission is to cause you to believe that you are also a jackal with no honor in My kingdom. He lies.


September 4, 2000: I speak to those of you who have gotten off course and lost direction and perspective. I am bringing a course correction to you. I am revealing the places where you have departed from the path that I have chosen for you. I say to you, the reason you have gotten off course is because your vision strayed from beholding Me, and you began to behold yourself. You considered your circumstances and feelings and held them in greater esteem than you did the truth of My word and the weight of My purposes. Stop where you are and drop your false concepts and fantasies. Let Me infuse you with divine direction, for I truly am your spiritual compass.


September 2, 2000: I am calling you higher and moving you forward, positioning you for greater effectiveness in My kingdom. I am commissioning you and assigning you tasks that will release My glory. Do not shrink back from what I am about to loose in your midst. Be done with fear of failure and limitations of the past. For, indeed, I am opening great and effective doors of opportunity that you never dreamed possible. In fact, you've never even considered what I am about to make available to you. And, I will pour out My Spirit in unprecedented ways in the days ahead. Remember that you will move forward shoulder to shoulder with others as one unit, in one company, with the vision of My purposes clear. You will no longer be face to face with others, for your focus will be on Me, and your mission will be clear. Nor will you be in each other's faces as a result of insult or injury or in an effort to vindicate your flesh. Rise up out of self interest and selfish ambition; it is time to strike camp and move ahead.


September 1, 2000: I had a vision of a pitcher of milk, and as I watched I saw the cream rise to the top. And, the Lord says that many have filled themselves on the richness of My word and have become enriched in My anointing. Just as the separation of cream from milk is a natural process, I tell you that you will go through a further separation process by which you will supernaturally be separated from that which is ordinary to rise up spiritually into greater glory. You are moving into "third-day" anointing, which is My rest. Just as the process of cream rising to the top has nothing to do with anyone's personal effort, so this process will take no effort on your part except to yield to My process. This is indeed the Sabbath rest.


August 30, 2000: I am preparing you to do mighty exploits in My name. I am sending you forth to do the work that I have set before you. And, I have gone before you and made the crooked places straight. This work is not beyond you, nor will it be burden to you. Rather, it will be a delight as I move through you to establish My purposes on the earth. No more struggle to perform. Rise up out of that place of condemnation, unworthiness and failure, for you are My vessels of honor and the work that I have given you is honorable. Rejoice that you are in a great company.


August 29, 2000: I am leading you, My people, out of that place your have been wandering in that has seemed so dry and aimless. I am releasing you into your greater destiny and the great wealth of My kingdom. For, I have certainly chosen you and called you. I am anointing you and bringing you into the position of fulfilling your purpose in these times. Some of you have even felt a sense of boredom in Christian work. You've been "in the ministry," but you are still unfulfilled and dissatisfied. That is because I have allowed divine discontentment. I have greater things for you to do. Watch and be amazed at the opportunities I am now releasing into your lives. These will be opportunities to do things and bring glory to My kingdom in ways you have never thought possible or even thought of before this. Can you sense the anticipation and excitement of what is about to be poured forth? Get ready, for those I choose and call, I equip and supply. Do not fear, for I will direct your every step. Rise above all self interest and selfish desire, for I am calling you to stand in your place on the wall that will require more self-sacrifice than you have ever considered. I am bringing a corporate vision to My body that will bring order and common purpose.


August 28, 2000: Your greatest heart's desire was to fit and belong, but you have never seemed to fit in anything. You've always been the odd man out, the black sheep of the family. You've come a long way. You've learned it's okay to be different, even desirable. You have had the courage to go against the flow and survive. Because of your willingness to be unique, I am about to open unique doors of opportunity that no one can walk through but you. I have called you for such a time as this, and you fit the bill completely. I am able to use you to fulfill My plans because you have given up your fear of man and desire only to do My will.

I have brought you into order. I am ordering and will continue to order every phase of your existence--leading you, holding you by the hand. You can trust Me. You are not alone. You don't have to do this alone. You don't have to earn My approval or acceptance. I know everything about you, and there is nothing that will cause Me to turn My back on you. I will never forsake you. Relax. Let's be done with formalities and have intimate fellowship together. You are My beloved!

I call you Mary! You have been like a placid pool, not because of lack of opportunity to be in turmoil, confusion or fear. Your circumstances have challenged you in the same way as others, yet you have chosen the best part--to sit at My feet with utter devotion, for you are My devoted one! I have used you and will continue to use you to bring peace and calm the storms of those around you, for they sense the serenity in your spiritual walk. They sense the sweetness of your spirit and the childlike trust in your heart, and their fears are calmed. Today, I pronounce a special blessing on you, My devoted one.

Some of you may be saying (regarding that last word), "That must be nice, but that's not where I'm at." The Lord says to you that you have been put aboard an Adramyttium ship, for it is a ship of destiny. You have felt like you've been on the high seas, driven and tossed. Even though you have diligently searched, you have not found a safe harbor. Do not be afraid. This ship will run aground, but you will only lose those things not worth saving. Take courage and lighten your load. You are in unfamiliar territory, but I am preparing a place for you where you will be welcomed. Even though that old viper will fasten on your hand to keep you from doing the work I have called you to do, you will shake it off in the fire and bring healing and strength to those around you. You have been in the Valley of Weeping, but your well of experience from these recent storms will bring life and wisdom to those who seek to find refreshment. I say to you again, the keyword here is destiny. I have a destination in mind for you, and you have an appointment with destiny.


August 24, 2000: I say to you, this is a day of reckoning. It is time to settle accounts and pay what you owe. For this is a day of justice, and what is left of your balance must be paid. I speak not only in financial terms, but I speak in terms of moral and spiritual integrity. Those things that you have hidden and swept under the rug will be exposed. Those things that you have not repented of and turned from will demand settlement. Matthew 3:8 "Therefore bear fruits worthy of repentance."


August 23, 2000: I speak to My remnant people and tell you that the seed will sprout and grow, and the vine will give her increase, and the heavens will drip with dew, for I will cause you to prosper and take possession of all that I have assigned to you. For, you shall surely receive your inheritance and bring great glory to My kingdom. Though you have been a curse and without honor in your own country, yet I will make you a great blessing among the nations. Even today, I shall restore double to you what has been stolen. Strengthen your hands and do the work that I have set before you, for I have placed you in My stronghold, My place of refuge, and I will protect you there. Do not be afraid.


August 22, 2000: Wondering why all you see today is thick darkness in the spirit realm? It's because the future has been obscured. If you could see what is ahead of you, you would not live in the awareness and fullness of what I have for you today. I say, you have projected out and are only hitting the high spots of the now in your life. Yesterday is gone and done, never to be relived, but only to be left behind. And, tomorrow has not yet arrived; you cannot live those moments until they come. But, today, I have great things to show you, to speak to your heart. Don't exchange the richness of today for a foolish fantasy of tomorrow.


August 21, 2000: I speak to those of you who have an issue of blood. Your spirit has been poured out like water in anguish for these with whom you have "blood" relationship. You have spent all you had trying to bring healing to these situations, but the conditions persist. You feel like you are being poured out day by day as you persist in extreme mental and emotional pain, distress and anxiety. You need healing. And, I am passing by you even now. Touch the hem of My garment so that you can be restored. Let Me take this burden from you today. Release it in faith, and allow Me to make you completely whole.


August 19, 2000: Don't be surprised as I begin to reveal to you things in your heart that must be dealt with. In fact, I'm going to make you consciously aware of attitudes and behavior patterns that run contrary to My Word. These are things that have hindered your walk with Me and have kept you from the liberty of the Spirit that you desire. You will be amazed to find that you are actually getting free in areas that seem to have always been there and have seemingly been part of who you are. But, as you abide in Me and I in you, there are some things that just have to go because they are not consistent with where you are going and what I have in store for you. As these opportunities surface to make choices for the "dross" to be skimmed off, be careful that you don't ignore the chance to be changed by trying to conceal the dark places of your heart. Yield to Me as the purifying fires burn.


August 18, 2000: I speak to those of you who find yourselves in a confidence crisis. The enemy has been reminding you of your shortcomings and speaking to you about what you cannot do. He wants you to fail and to even call yourself a failure. For, in this way he can disable you and keep you from being a vital force in My kingdom. However, these are lies and he is a liar. I said in My word that you can do all things through Christ which strengthens you. Come out of that place where you are trying to accomplish things through the strong arm of the flesh, and step into the anointing where you are the hand and I am the glove, and I can do through you My perfect will and accomplish My purposes. Rise up out of that place where the devil has put you down and caused you to be a victim, for I say you are never a victim, but you are victorious, for I always lead you in triumph.


August 16, 2000: My people, the storms have raged around you so that you have learned to survive in high winds and adverse conditions. You have braced yourselves against the pressure and learned to shout over the noise of the onslaught. But, I am asking you to quiet your souls and discern the times. For, soon the winds will cease and the storms will have blown through, and when they cease, you must rest and be refreshed. If you do not discern the conditions around you, you will continue to brace yourselves as you anticipate pressure, and you will still be shouting when only silence is appropriate. Come into My secret place and abide under My shadow, for I am your refuge and fortress, your place of safety. I will cover you. Come, be still and find refreshment for your souls.


August 15, 2000: I had a vision this morning of a man sitting in a wheel chair with his arms bound with ropes. And the Lord said, the enemy has come to not only to hinder your walk in the Spirit but to also tie your hands so that you cannot do My work. He has been able to do this work against you because you have lost hope and have felt helpless to do anything about your situation and circumstances. A spirit of infirmity has been sent against you to debilitate you. And, I am reminded of the following scripture verses: Acts 3:2-7, "And a certain man lame from his mother's womb was carried, whom they laid daily at the gate of the temple which is called Beautiful, to ask alms from those who entered the temple; who, seeing Peter and John about to go into the temple, asked for alms. And fixing his eyes on him, with John, Peter said, 'Look at us.' So he gave them his attention, expecting to receive something from them. Then Peter said, 'Silver and gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk.' And he took him by the right hand and lifted him up, and immediately his feet and ankle bones received strength." And, the Lord is saying to you who have been lame and have had your hands tied, rise up and walk. Shake off the bands that the enemy has disabled you with. Rise up in new hope. Is My arm shortened that I cannot deliver you from such a predicament? If you will only rise up in your spirit man and kick off the limitations that you have accepted, you will receive new strength to walk out of this place of restriction.


August 14, 2000: 1 Corinthians 13:11, "When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things." It is time to grow up, My children. It is time to come into the unity of faith through pure doctrine. Only by speaking the truth in love can you grow up in all things into Christ. I say to you, put away all evil speaking, conjecture, and presumption. Speak only the truth to one another. If you are unsure of what the truth is, speak nothing at all. Haven't I said in My word that if you lack wisdom, ask? So, if you don't know the truth in a particular circumstance, ask! For, conjecture and presumption issue forth from a haughty spirit. Be still and know that I am God.


August 12, 2000: Keep your vessel clean and pure, for what I am about to pour through you now must not be contaminated by selfish motives, selfish desires, bitterness, or any unclean thing. I want My message to come forth through My chosen vessels in absolute purity. For many would rise up and despise My proceeding word, and you must be blameless. I tell you the truth, the enemy has stirred up those who would issue forth a cry of heresy. These are dissidents being released to undermine the work of My kingdom now and to shut the mouths of My servants.


August 11, 2000: Yesterday as I was coming home from church, I got caught in a traffic jam created by road construction and had to sit and wait about half an hour. This is not a usual occurrence for this country girl! My wait wasn't exactly full and grace and patience, but I became interested in the cars ahead of me and the cars behind me. The people got out of their vehicles and stretched, and after awhile it was obvious to me that the several cars ahead of me were traveling together and looked like a group of boys probably ages 12-14 possibly going camping. They were out of their cars playing and teasing one another. The two or three cars behind me also seemed to be traveling together, and they were foreigners--I believe Spanish speaking, and they started to party. They turned up their music from their car radio and began to dance on the highway. And, I was reminded of the scripture Matthew 24:38-39, "For as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and did not know until the flood came and took them all away, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be." My attention was then drawn to the 55 mph speed limit sign that was just before me, and the Lord spoke to my heart that Isaiah chapter 55 is just ahead of us. The entire chapter is powerful; it is a plea to people both domestic and foreign to come to Jesus, to seek Him while He may be found and for the wicked to forsake his way and the unrighteous to forsake his thoughts and receive the Lord's forgiveness. The Lord extends an invitation to enter into an everlasting covenant of the sure mercies of David. Then, verse 12 sounds like revival to me: "For you shall go out with joy and be led out with peace; the mountains and the hills shall break forth into singing before you." There seems to be no doubt that we are living in the very end of the age; the time is short, and the Lord is calling out, "Ho! Everyone who thirsts, come to the waters." The river of life is flowing, and we are invited to come and presumably to compel those who don't know Him to come. Luke 14:23 "Then the master said to the servant, 'Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.'"


August 9, 2000: I am going to cause you to step out of the shadows and obscurity into luminous exposure. Listen to Me! I am going to eradicate every trace of darkness that has tried to keep you shrouded and hidden. Enough is enough! The enemy has hindered My work long enough. It is time to break through those barriers and break down the walls that have kept you from moving in absolute liberty. For, indeed, I am pouring out My Spirit in greater ways than you have ever experienced. It will be like the Jordan River at flood stage, overflowing its banks, moving too rapidly to contain or control. Get ready for a faith explosion!


August 8, 2000: Watch out! The enemy is going to try to stop the flow of My Spirit through you. He will do it by speaking lies. He has come to kill, steal and to destroy. But, he can only bring his wicked schemes to pass if you walk in the flesh instead of moving by the Spirit. The first thing he will try to do is kill the life of Christ in you through condemnation. Then, he will steal your boldness in an effort to shut you up. Finally, he will destroy your sense of worth in My kingdom and render you ineffective. But, I say to you that if you stay in faith and believe My word instead of his lies, he will have no inroad. I have given you authority to trample on all the works of the enemy so that nothing shall by any means hurt you. So, rise up in victory and walk in the truth of My word, for the devil is a liar and the father of lies.


August 7, 2000: I am preparing you to be a water spout, for I am beginning to pour out My Spirit in greater magnitude than you have ever known. But, I will pour into those who have also made themselves an outlet. I will not pour into stagnant pools or broken cisterns, for these do not foster life in My kingdom. Nor will I pour into pools where My living water will become bitter or brackish. I seek vessels to pour through who have no selfish motives, who will not keep for themselves that which I wish to pour through them to bring life to another. I say to you, prepare your hearts then both to receive and to give. Let My love flow through you unhindered by selfish desire or prejudice or laziness.


August 5, 2000: I issue a watchword today--priorities. Many have been tempted to choose to focus your attention on temporary things instead of the eternal. Some have chosen to invest your time and energy on that which has no lasting value. But, I say to you that you are trying to build on My foundation with wood, hay and stubble, and all of this will burn. Stop where you are and consider what is truly important in My kingdom. Awaken from the stupor of flesh indulgence and shake off the defilement. Re-establish your priorities, and come into order in My kingdom, for I tell you, assuredly there is no satisfaction or reward apart from My kingdom.

1 Corinthians 3:10 -15, "According to the grace of God which was given to me, as a wise master builder I have laid the foundation, and another builds on it. But let each one take heed how he builds on it. For no other foundation can anyone lay than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ. Now if anyone builds on this foundation with gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, straw, each one's work will become clear; for the Day will declare it, because it will be revealed by fire; and the fire will test each one's work, of what sort it is. If anyone's work which he has built on it endures, he will receive a reward. If anyone's work is burned, he will suffer loss; but he himself will be saved, yet so as through fire."


August 4, 2000: There is a great shifting going on, for I am releasing you from situations and circumstances that have been the bane of your existence for some time. I am removing the thorn in your flesh. I have allowed it until now for the purifying of your heart, for you have had a propensity to elevate yourself and walk in pride. But now I see your desire to walk in humility before Me, and I am removing the stones of stumbling, the rocks of offense and the hindrances that have kept you from fulfilling My purposes in your life. I am reminding you of My covenant with you. Didn't I say it would cost you everything? It has cost your flesh, and yet your suffering has drawn you closer to Me and taught you obedience. Go forth now in renewed strength and hope, for the best is yet to come.

2 Chronicles 7:14-15 "If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. Now My eyes will be open and My ears attentive to prayer made in this place."


August 2, 2000: I invite you to come into the holy place. Let your prayers ascend before Me like a sweet fragrance. For, surely I hear and answer prayer. Come before Me with a pure heart and clean hands and pour yourself out before Me. Let your heart melt like wax in My presence. I am waiting for you to put every burden on the altar. You know that what you have been trying to achieve but have been unable to accomplish, I am able. And, I will do it, if you will give it to Me. But, you keep taking it upon yourself to do instead of depositing it with Me. You must leave this responsibility to Me and trust Me. But, I will not do it in your time or by your method, for My ways are higher than your ways and My thoughts are higher than your thoughts. Come, My child; I'm waiting for you.


August 1, 2000: Watch! Be alert and sensitive, for you are My vessels that I pour into and out of, and I am going to begin to flow through you in ways that are beyond what you have experienced before. But, I also tell you not to despise the day of small beginnings. Some of the outpourings will be nothing more than a word of encouragement to a dejected soul. For, I say to you, there is a fresh outpouring of My Spirit that will first fill you and then out of your innermost being will flow rivers of living water, and not one drop will be wasted. Open your hearts to receive all that I am pouring out, and be ready to give full expression to My nature and will. This outpouring will become a continuous flow, a stream of life that will bring cleansing and refreshing to those who are touched by it.



July 31, 2000: I speak to you today about the twilight zone. For I see the hearts of many and discern your thoughts as you see those around you who seem to be living in the full light of day, growing and gaining strength, living in peace and joy. Yet you yourself seem to be declining and slipping into the shadows. And the more you see others flourishing and moving ahead, seeming to frolic in the rivers of living water and enjoying My blessings, the more you feel yourself retreating into the twilight zone. But, I say to you, I am no respecter of persons, I do not value one above another. Neither do those around you exist in My kingdom without challenges. I tell you that this is a seduction, which will try to remove you from this place of difficulty and discontentment to a place of satisfaction. But, this is a function of your flesh and not My Spirit. For where you are now is necessary preparation for what is ahead of you, and if you indeed escape this crucible which is designed to refine and purify you, it will be as though you jumped from the frying pan into the fire, which is seven times hotter. Be content, therefore, with such things as you have, and let this work of purification be done. And, I say, rise up out of that place of walking in the flesh and walk in the Spirit. For, it is in the Spirit that you also will live in the light.


July 29, 2000: I have continued to have a vision of a ghost town this morning, complete with tumbleweeds blowing through the deserted streets. And the Lord says, things from the past that have not been fully released and dealt with have now come back to haunt you. I am bringing you out of places from the past that have become the habitation of jackals. I am talking to you about those places of the past that you have deemed to be points of failure that have continued to mock and laugh at you for lack of success. But, I say to you, I am bringing you out of old waste places, which were deserted long ago except in your memories. There is no need to go back because there is nothing back there. I tell you assuredly that I will bring streams in the desert and cause the living water to flow and bring life in new ways. Isaiah 35:6 -8, "Then the lame shall leap like a deer, and the tongue of the dumb sing. For waters shall burst forth in the wilderness, and streams in the desert. The parched ground shall become a pool, and the thirsty land springs of water; in the habitation of jackals, where each lay, there shall be grass with reeds and rushes. A highway shall be there, and a road, and it shall be called the Highway of Holiness. The unclean shall not pass over it, but it shall be for others. Whoever walks the road, although a fool, shall not go astray."


July 28, 2000: I am calling you to a place of spiritual clarity. Through this process you will find yourself seeking greater intimacy with Me as well. This past phase for you has been like a jigsaw puzzle; you haven't found all the pieces or made them all fit together yet, but you are getting closer to seeing the whole picture. Assuredly, I tell you that the pieces are all there and they will fit together perfectly. For, I have a plan and purpose for you that cannot be thwarted. As with any puzzle, you will find that the temptation to get frustrated will be paramount. But if at those times of frustration you will be still and look at all possibilities, be patient, and don't give up, you will have success. In your greatest moments of frustration worship will bring you through. Trust Me.


July 26, 2000: Have you sensed it? The enemy has tried to envelope you in a spiritual fog so that you cannot see clearly or discern correctly. He has brought an attack against you of fear, rejection and failure to paralyze you and stop you from being effective. This has had a numbing and dumbing effect to prevent your progress and to make you feel cut off from Me. But I say to you, rise up, for the light of My glory will burn off the fog and bring light and truth to your situation. Look up. Be still, for I have not left you nor forsaken you. I am with you. Rejoice, for today is a day of liberty and release. This is a time of breakthrough, for the day declares it.


July 25, 2000: This morning as I waited on the Lord, I couldn't get away from a verse in Song of Solomon 2:15, "Catch us the foxes, the little foxes that spoil the vines, for our vines have tender grapes." A fox is a burrower that digs down and disturbs the root of a plant bringing it to ruin and destroying its fruit. We often hear the word "sly" when referring to a fox. Some synonyms: crafty, guileful, wily, insidious (treacherous, seductive, underhanded, having a gradual effect). What are the little foxes? The Lord says, watch out for the foxes, those sly, seductive thoughts and motives that burrow down to the core of your heart and kill the life of Christ in you. I speak to you of the works of the flesh that will destroy the fruit of the Spirit in you. Catch these foxes! Seize them, capture them, take possession of them and cast them out. 2 Corinthians 10:4-6, "For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ, and being ready to punish all disobedience when your obedience is fulfilled."


July 24, 2000: Prepare yourselves to stretch. For, I am allowing opportunities to come that will be new to your life experience and cause you to reach further than you ever have. Also realize that the enemy will do his utmost to keep you bound in old patterns, ruts, and mindsets by bringing the old familiar lies of failure which produce fear. But, I have gone before you to make the crooked places straight; I have prepared the way for you to go. Will I not, therefore, supply and equip you for the journey? I say to you, I will! See? The cloud is beginning to move. You have camped in this spot long enough. It is time to move on. Your destination awaits, and with it comes higher wisdom, deeper understanding and greater effectiveness in My kingdom.


July 22, 2000: I speak to those who have lost spiritual perspective. For many have been burdened by life's circumstances and have lost sight of My promises. Some have even said in their hearts, "Where is the promise of His coming?" You have held on and held on and held on, believing for the fulfillment of a promise, and yet you have not seen the evidence of its completion. But, I say to you, it is not over until it's over! Keep the faith. Move and make decisions based on your faith instead of on your circumstances and what you can see. For, the things you can see are temporary, but the things not seen are eternal. Walk by faith and not by sight! Set your heart on what is eternal and everlasting. Come back to that place of spiritual reality where your walk in the spirit is fresh and pure, a river of life that brings joy and assurance to your soul. Hebrews 11:6, "But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him."


July 21, 2000: Behold, I give you power to tread upon serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy so that nothing shall by any means hurt you. Did you hear Me? I have given you authority over the enemy and his tactics against you! Why, then, do you allow the enemy to trample you under foot? Why is it that you take the position of the victim in your stubbornness and pride and refuse to rise up in victory? You have chosen to remain a victim so that you can prove your innocence. Yet, you know your own heart and your guilt in this matter, and your heart is far from me. I say to you, this is witchcraft, hypocrisy and double-mindedness, and I am certainly not fooled by your tactics. Isn't it time for you to rip your garments of heaviness and put on your garments of praise? For surely I will restore you. I will lift you up and bring peace once again to your soul if you will but repent of this evil. Rise up in the face of the devil and roar back.


July 19, 2000: I had a quick vision of an old jalopy stuck in the mud. And the Lord says to those who feel dilapidated and run down, you are feeling unloved, unappreciated and unworthy. You feel old and useless in many ways, and you have become stuck in that mindset. But, I say to you, the only thing that causes you to be useless is that you have believed the lie that you have no value. You are valuable to Me. You are My own special treasure, unique, matchless and peculiar. I have a specific and perfect plan for you that is unlike any other. But, this plan cannot be implemented as long as you are stuck in your rut. Rise up, and anoint yourself with the oil of gladness, for I will cause you to come out of that place of neglect, and I will restore, renovate, rejuvenate, repair and rebuild that which has come to ruin.


July 18, 2000: Beloved, I call some of you Marah for you have become bitter, angry and discontented. You have formed judgments in your heart that come from a root of bitterness. You have judged and made comparisons that come from your own flesh desires and motivations. Your focus has turned inward, and your selfishness has become more important in these current circumstances than godliness, for you have become spiritually nearsighted, even to the point of blindness. I say to you, Marah, rise up out of this egocentric pit and seek My will. For, I will certainly rescue those who have a heart after Me and set your feet on the path of the just and establish your ways.


July 17, 2000: I am reminded this morning of a dream I had a few nights ago. In the dream Bill and I had built a campfire in what seemed like a deserted place when a woman walked up to us and asked if we had seen the house. We told her we didn't know of any house, and she went on to describe a house that had been mysteriously abandoned and urged us to go look at it. The house was surprisingly close to where we were, and as we walked into the house, we sensed the spiritual emptiness, almost a spirit of death. We went from room to room noticing that a family had lived there and had been about life as usual when they suddenly were removed either of their own volition or by an outside force. In either case, the mystery remained. The details of the rooms were very vivid. I remember going into what was obviously a girl's room. Though her room was tidy, the things she had been busy with were still on her bed and desk. There was a washing machine at one end of her room where she had been doing laundry. I looked inside the machine, and it still contained water and articles of clothing. That scene was indicative of the entire house, neat and tidy for the most part, yet evidence of the family going about their daily affairs before their disappearance. There was a cake in the kitchen half-frosted, yet it had become as hard as stone.

As I contemplate this dream one more time, I hear the Lord saying that many of you are about to abandon life as usual. And, I hear my spirit asking Him, "Lord, is it by their own choice or by force." He says, it is both. The enemy has come to destroy families and the blessings that I have bestowed upon them. The mystery is that the abandonment will seem to be by choice, but will be motivated by the powers of darkness. Those who are not willing to stand and fight to maintain what I have called them to, will most certainly abandon My perfect will and will take nothing with them. This is a great tragedy.


July 15, 2000: I speak to those who are doing your utmost to promote yourselves and your ministries and to be seen by men. Haven't I said that if I be lifted up I will draw all men to Myself? Yet, I see jealousy and competition among My people, which is a grief. I say to you, stop and examine your motives. Look to see what is really in your heart. Are you truly lifting Me up and promoting My kingdom? Or, are you set on making your name known among men? I am calling you to come back to your First Love and to die to selfish ambitions and self-promotion.


July 14, 2000: It is written that this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. And I say to many of you this day that condemnation has come because you are walking with Me, and others have been convicted of their sin in your presence and by your words. Because they loved darkness rather than light, they have cursed you by the words of their mouth with a curse of condemnation. Have I not said that there is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus who do not walk according to the flesh but according to the Spirit? So, I say to you, arise! Shake the dust of rejection and condemnation off. Allow the enemy no place of torment in your soul, for he is a liar and the father of lies. Walk in the light and in truth, for you are vindicated in My sight this very hour.


July 12, 2000: I say to you, come into the light, for many are still walking in darkness, and the deeds of darkness are like a thick fog which keeps you from seeing clearly. The darkness of deception is like wearing blinders. But, I have called you, My people, out of darkness into the bright light of day. Walk in the light; walk in the Spirit, for the deeds of the flesh are dark. Put off the old man with his deeds, and put on the new man. Be renewed in knowledge according to the image of Christ. Walk in newness of life. Romans 13:12-14, "The night is far spent, the day is at hand. Therefore let us cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armor of light. Let us walk properly, as in the day, not in revelry and drunkenness, not in lewdness and lust, not in strife and envy. But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to fulfill its lusts."


July 11, 2000: Behold, I am doing a mighty work in the hearts of people everywhere, for I am exposing and bringing to light the deeds of darkness. I am revealing those things which have been hidden. I am disclosing that which has been cloaked in secrecy. For, I am indeed unveiling hypocrisy in the church. And, at the same time, I will vindicate My servants who have been falsely accused, for I will openly separate truth from error, fact from fantasy, and I will cause those of upright heart to stand as witnesses against deception and unjust motives. I say to you, judgment has come to those who have touched My anointed and harmed My prophets.


July 10, 2000: I speak a word to your spirit, "wormwood." For, many of you have allowed seeds of bitterness to be planted in your hearts, they have taken root, grown and are now producing fruit. The bitter, toxic substance produced in your soul has tainted the inside of your earthen vessel, so that everything that I pour into you comes out contaminated by the condition of your soul. The remedy for your condition is that you come to Calvary to be washed in the blood of the Lamb. You need to receive forgiveness, but if you won't forgive, neither will you be forgiven. I ask you, do you want to be forgiven? Then, you must release those who have hurt you and caused you to feel rejected and outcast. You must release the past and press on, forgetting those things that are behind. For, surely I will bring healing to your soul if you will uproot your wormwood and cast it away from you.


July 8, 2000: Do you hear the roaring of the Lion? Do you hear the sounds of victory in the heavenlies? For, I say that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. I have promised you victory. Though the enemy has come in like a flood, I have raised up a standard against him. You, My people, will begin to see that you have gained the advantage and won the battle that you have been in, for I have indeed given you power to tread upon serpents and scorpions and over ALL the power of the enemy so that nothing shall by any means hurt you. I say to you, arise and take the spoils of war; possess and occupy the land for the victory is sweet!


July 7, 2000: My people, you have become scattered. You are scattered from one another, scattered in your thinking, scattered in your devotion. Many have lost focus and become divided in your intentions and purposes. You have become broken cisterns that can hold no water. You don't know whether to go forward or to pull back, to sit down or to stand up, to shut up or to speak. Some of you even question what I have spoken to you, saying it probably wasn't the Lord. You feel abandoned and forsaken, and yet I have not left you. Come back from the waste places where you have been driven, scrambling around like creatures of the night in the desert. Rest and be refreshed in My presence.


July 5, 2000: I had a dream last night of someone answering the telephone, and the receiver became a short, black, vicious snake. Suddenly, I had a machete in my hand and told the person to throw the snake down, and when she did, I cut the snake in two. As I am reminded of the dream this morning, I hear the Lord saying: The enemy has come to speak destruction to you and to bring a message of discouragement. He will come in everyday ways and in everyday circumstances so that he can catch you off guard. The venom of his bite will paralyze you with rejection if you don't throw him down and cut him off. I say to you, do not receive what the enemy speaks to you, even if it comes through a friend. And again I say, be on guard. Watch for this attack, for it will surely come.


July 4, 2000: I have seen the whirlwind of activity around you and the dust the enemy has stirred up to bring confusion and cloud the issues. But, I have also seen your willingness and ability to stand firm in the face of turmoil and not be moved by the chaos around you. And, I say to you, well done My good and faithful servants. You have refused to cave in and release yourselves to anger and debate. You have humbled yourselves in trust and obedience to My word. And, I tell you, that this test is ending. You will find that clarity will come just as surely as the sun burns through the morning fog. Rejoice! For the victory is sweet.


July 3, 2000: My people, rise up above the petty issues of life and activity. I have called you to serve Me unreservedly with a whole heart. Refuse to get your focus on circumstances and self-interest. These are days when the enemy will use every possible crack to drive a wedge into and bring division. But, I have not called you to division. I have called you to unity, peace, and one accord. I have called you to serve one another with generosity and liberality. Level the walls of pride; humble yourselves before Me. For, I am looking for chosen vessels, those who are willing to wash the feet of another without complaint or motive. I say again, rise up and yield yourselves as vessels of honor for My purposes.


July 1, 2000: I am going before you to open doors of opportunity for ministry. Some of you have become satisfied with status quo and settled back in places of comfort and routine. But, I say to you, I am going to upset your routine and bring great surprises. You will be afforded opportunities to grow in many ways as you yield to My Spirit. This is not a time to be at ease; it is a time of preparation for what lies just ahead of you. Quiet your soul and be aware of the many ways that I will lead you and position you in places of effective ministry. Though some will minister to groups, yet most will find ministry in personal relationships.