by Bill Burns
Faith Tabernacle
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Kremmling, Colorado 80459


This morning as I was involved in my normal routine (making my way to the coffee pot), the Lord spoke one word to me..."carnage." So with coffee in hand I went to my desk and consulted Mr. Webster.

Carnage (from caro, flesh): a bloody and extensive slaughter; massacre

I am thinking, "Uh oh!" And I'm wondering if that has to do with the conflict in the Middle East or a terrorist attack yet to come.

I looked back to the dictionary and saw that the next word following carnage is carnal (from caro, flesh) -- of the flesh; material or worldly. This is a word that I am familiar with because I am a preacher of the Gospel and have preached extensively about carnality, the works of the flesh.

The Lord then spoke again and said, "I will now send a Zadok anointing upon My prophets so that they can identify the true from the false. The sons of Zadok must come forth and stand with My apostles, for false apostles are seeking to gain a position of rule over My people."

I have not ruled out a "carnage" in the natural world because many times we are given signs in the natural of those things that will take place in the spirit. However, the Lord wants His people to understand the present situation in the church as it relates to the establishment of apostolic leadership in the Body of Christ.

There is much clamor right now about the office of the apostle. For several years now the prophetic word has announced the coming forth of the apostles who will lead the church into its inheritance. The problem is that we have the false mixed in with the true. Let us hear the warning of Apostle Paul.
2 Corinthians 11:13-15, "For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ. And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works."

This process of separating the true from the false (precious from the vile) is about to cause a carnage (bloody and extensive slaughter) among the sheep as lines of division are established according to which "apostle" they have associated themselves with.

The false apostles will be those who seek the office for carnal reasons. These apostles will desire to rule over the people for material gain and to gain a position of prominence. They will appoint themselves or seek appointment through an established organization. These false apostles will then demand that the church follow them and submit to their rule.

In as much as the Lord is now rebuilding the Tabernacle of David (Acts 15:16), it is not unusual that He would use Zadok as a type of those prophets that He will now raise up. Zadok, whose name means "just and righteous," remained loyal to David all of his life.

For our understanding, David was a type of Christ and Zadok was a type of those who will remain loyal to Jesus and will submit only to the spirit of Truth. Zadok was a priest, but he was also a prophet. In 2 Samuel 15:27, David identifies Zadok as a seer (prophet). A seer has the ability to see God's appointed, kingly leadership.

Abiathar was also a priest who served David (2 Samuel 15:24-29). Abiathar represents those who will join themselves to the Adonijah's (false apostles) who seek to establish themselves as apostles for personal gain.

Adonijah (David's son) and Abiathar (David's priest) were in the church of David's day. If they were with us today, and they are in type, they would point to their right to rule because of their sonship and service to the king.

1 Kings chapter one records the narrative of Adonijah's plot to become king. Adonijah conferred with Abiathar who followed and helped him. But, Zadok (who belonged to David) did not follow Adonijah. The Adonijah's (false apostles) will not seek confirmation of the true prophets. 1 Kings 1:10 tells us that Adonijah did not invite Nathan the prophet to join him. The reason that Adonijah didn't invite Zadok the seer, and Nathan the prophet is obvious; it is because those who are false servants will never seek confirmation from true servants. The false will only seek after the false for confirmation. So, the false apostles of our day will seek confirmation from other false apostles and false prophets.

These divisions, which are about to occur, are necessary. How else will the true leadership of our time become identifiable to the Body of Christ? The battle will be a bloody battle (carnage), but out of the battle the Church without spot or wrinkle will come forth.

1 Kings 1:39 tells us that it was Zadok who anointed Solomon king. Solomon represents the true apostles who will lead God's people into the fullness of their inheritance in this, the end of the age. The apostles, like Solomon, will seek God's wisdom. And, because they do, they will have a kingly anointing that will enable them to lead God's people into their inheritance and in victory over the enemy.

It was David and Zadok who established the leaders (priests) in their positions of service. (1Chronicles 24:3-5). Once again, it will be according to the pattern as established in the Word of the Lord. It is now time for the sons of Zadok to come forth, and they will be recognized by the anointing that they carry, and they will pour that anointing upon the Solomons of this day, and the glory of the Lord shall abide upon His people. Amen.