By Bill Burns
Faith Tabernacle


In my article entitled Watchmen of the Morning I wrote, "We are in a time of the changing of the guard as we enter into the Third Day, and the night watchman's shift is finished. The morning watch has begun, and a new company of watchmen are coming to take their position on the wall."

It is expedient for the Church to hold to the Berean mindset and to search the word and test everything that is said against the word of truth. However, the seasons that are before us will only be revealed by the Spirit of Truth. The Church needs apostles and prophets who will, like the children of Issachar, have understanding of the times in which we now live who will know what is taking place and what we ought to do to position ourselves in the perfect will of God. (Note: The name Issachar means "He will bring reward.")

The Repositioning:
Those who have been standing in their position on the wall during the night watch will now be replaced by the morning watchmen. Those who do not discern this changing of the guard will not reposition themselves so that they can continue to be used by the Father as watchmen. If the night watchman does not reposition himself he may even be found fighting against the words of the morning watchmen. The question should then be, "How does one reposition himself?" Basically, there are three steps required that will reposition the watchman.

1. One must have revelation knowledge that comes through the prophetic word, which has been given through those who have already taken their positions in the morning watch, or it may be given directly by the Holy Spirit. In Matthew 4:4 Jesus told us that man shall live by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. The word proceedeth means "to come forth" and would include that which the Holy Spirit is speaking today. The Third Day Church will live on the bread of revelation knowledge that proceedeth from the throne of God. When revelation knowledge begins to come forth one must be transformed by the renewing of His mind. The old mindsets must be rethought and changed according to the fresh revelation that is being received.

2. Revelation produces faith. Faith is always the key factor to our ability to function in the kingdom of God. Faith positions us to receive from God, and faith cometh by hearing the word of God.

3. Matthew 7:7-8 "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened." Ask in faith to be repositioned to the morning watch, and pray that the eyes of your understanding would be opened to be able to see in the morning light. Eyes that have been used to darkness must be refocused to see in the light of the Bright and Morning Star. God is faithful, and if we desire to be faithful in our service to Him, He will equip us as watchmen of the morning.

The Gatekeepers:
The gates of the ancient cities of Israel were shut by night, and the night watchmen guarded the walls of the city. The gates of the city were opened during the last hour of the morning watch. Thus, we had on duty (in the morning) both the morning watchmen and the gatekeepers.

The gatekeeper's job was to open the gates and then to guard the gates in case the enemy tried to come into the city. If the enemy was reported to be in the area, the gatekeepers would close the gates.

Small Straws by Marsha Burns -- I speak to those who have been called gatekeepers.  Yet, you haven’t been able to find the gate or know what to do with it exactly if you found it. You heard the call and said, “Yes, Lord, here am I.” But in this time of testing, you have been in the fire and feel like you’ve barely been surviving, let alone maintaining your position as gatekeeper. I see your heart, I know the distractions and the discouragement, but I tell you to refuse to give up! You’ve come this far, and this is no time to turn back.  My promises and calling are without repentance, and your answer is still, “Yes and Amen!”

A Word by Mary Ellen Gilliland -- Message for the Gate Keepers: Behold He comes! He is coming in glory. His outpouring begins. His dyke opens. The floodgates of the Holy Spirit open!     Open the gates before Him. You gate keepers, open the doors. Speak to the gates, saying "Lift up your heads, O ye gates. Lift up your heads, you everlasting doors and let the King of Glory come in." (Ps 24) For where the enemy has come in, like a flood the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him. Speak to the watergates, the headgates, the ancient dykes, and say, "Be thou opened. A deluge is coming." I gift you with My spiritual vision so that you may see, and not miss one iota of, what I am doing in this outpouring, this rain/reign. Know that Pentecost is the time of outpouring in early New Testament days and today. It is the festal gathering, the moad, the appointed time, the feast to begin the outpouring. The Feast of Tabernacles is the culmination.

Both of these words were to encourage those who have been called to be gatekeepers not to become discouraged because they haven't yet witnessed the manifestation of that appointment. The gatekeepers could not have taken their positions before the morning watchmen came on guard duty because the gates could not have been opened at night, but now is the hour of the gatekeepers.

The gatekeepers will be those who, like Elijah, could open and close heaven's doors (see James 5:17-18). As the Old Testament night-watch prophet Malachi's watch came to an end, he prophesied that Elijah would be sent before the coming of the Great Day (first coming of Christ fulfilled by John the Baptist) and the Dreadful Day of the Lord (second coming of Christ). God is about to raise up a company of gatekeepers in the spirit of Elijah. These will be given power to open the gates of heaven and bring forth the blessings of God and close the gates of Zion when the enemy comes against the children of the Most High.

A New Breed of Watchmen:
God is preparing a company of watchmen who will begin to come forth and be visible. These are young prophets being trained by the Lord for the Day of His Glory. These young prophets have been hidden in the House of God for six years.  2 Chronicles chapters 22 and 23 record the story of Joash (whose name means "given by the Lord"). Joash was hidden from Athaliah (meaning "who God afflicts"), representing the harlot church, in God's house for six years and was taught by and protected by the priest of the House of God.

In like manner, the Lord has had His young prophets hidden from the enemy and will now begin to bring them forth as watchmen of His glorious Church. The Lord will give these watchmen revelation of these end times. He will reveal to them the mysteries of darkness, revelation of Satan's kingdom, weapons, and plans against Zion. He will also reveal His strategies for His Church in these end times.

Most of the night-watchmen did not have a revelation of sonship. They saw everything from the perspective of servants and stewards. But, this is the time in which the sons of God's glory will be revealed.

Those who patterned their watchman ministries after the Old Testament types of prophets will continue to see only the darkness of these times of judgment. The prophets of the morning watch and the new prophets now being birthed in the womb of the morning of this new day will see God's plan for a glorious church, a city set on a hill, Zion, the Holy City.

To be sure, the prophets of the morning will see the judgment which comes, but they will not be focused on the darkness. They will not sit and curse the darkness, as many have. No! They will bring forth the light of Zion. These will be sons who know the rights of sonship, and they will be about their Father's business. These are those who know that they are joint heirs with Christ, and they will know what that means in terms of authority.

The sons of glory will not be hiding out in a cave; they will be building Zion, the city set on a hill. They will do exploits for King Jesus. The prophet Joel prophesies of the Army of the Lord that will be seen in the last days "the like of whom has never been." Brethren, read the description of this glorious army as written in Joel 2:1-10 and rejoice! Let us arise and go forth into the sunrise of a new day. It is time for God's people to arise and shine with the glory of the King whom we serve, the King of Glory!