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February 26, 2018:  Look up!  Be done with low-level vision.  When you only look at your natural life and are only concerned about that, you lose sight of My presence.  Again, I say, look up; look to Me.  For, where your vision is fixed that is what you are concerned with and controlled by.  So, look up and see Me, and then you will be controlled by My reality. 

February 24:  You are indeed children of light. So, walk in the light. Walk in the power of the light, and darkness will not overcome you. Walk in such a way that you see the glorious light of My presence and allow it to become your light that will illuminate the path before you. And, then you can walk on that path with great comfort, joy and peace because you know that it is a path of victory. It will bring you into the fullness of My purpose and My blessings, says the Lord. Be children of the light.

February 19, 2018:  These are the days in which you must stay connected to Me so that My Spirit can lead and guide you.  These are indeed perilous and dangerous times that you live in.  Therefore, live in a spiritual state of readiness.  Ask of Me.  Ask Me to reveal those things that concern you.  Ask Me to reveal that which is hidden in the darkness of this present age.  Draw close to Me, and I will draw close to you.  I will be with you.

February 17:  My prophets bring forth things old and things new. The way is open for you to let go of things that are bound up in the past so that you may begin this new adventure. For, whatever has assaulted you in these past weeks, whatever has bound you, this is the day to be released and break out so that you may walk the path of My anointing in this season.  I have declared that a new anointing is coming upon My people. It is a more powerful anointing than you have ever walked in. It will break every yoke of bondage. It will release the captive and will cause you to walk in a new place of authority. It will bring the manifestation of your words to fufill My purpose and to call things that are not as though they are, says the Lord. All you must do is believe. I will go before you and prepare the way of My word, and then you will follow and receive the blessings of it.

February 12, 2018:  Be filled with My Holy Spirit, says the Lord.  If you are full of Him, He will lead and guide you into all truth.  He will reveal to you the things that have been hidden.  The treasures hidden in darkness will be discovered as the Spirit Himself exposes those things that you have not yet seen.  Therefore, become full to overflowing of My Spirit because these days will require My light.  Walk as My children of light because darkness is coming upon the earth.

February 10:  Do you believe My word? My word is absolute. For those things that I speak will come to pass. And, those things that come to pass will become the blessings of the children of the kingdom of heaven. So, please, do not forget that I am the Lord of glory and My glory rests over all you do and believe. For, these are the days of the fulfillment of divine things in this land. Be faithful, for I am faithful. And, in your faithfulness you shall see the mighty outpouring of My Spirit, says the Lord God.

February 5, 2018:  Though many of you have come through the valley of weeping, which we call the Valley of Baca, you will cause it to be a spring.  For you shall be renewed and revived. You shall be restored. Consider the past, but prepare to go forward. I love you and care for you. I walk with you, and I will go before you and prepare you for that which is coming. I am the Lord your God and you are Mine; you are a delight to Me, says the Most Holy.  Psalm 84:6  As they pass through the Valley of Baca, they make it a spring; the rain also covers it with pools.

February 3:  I have identified for you the way in which you should walk. I’ve spoken to you ears so that you could hear. Now you must allow your spirit to respond and react. My great desire for you is to walk on My pathway in this season. Enjoy the journey and see My mighty work. Let My glory come down, let My wisdom come, and you shall indeed abound in the promise of all I have spoken, says the Lord.



January 29, 2018:  Make sure that you are spiritually connected to Me at this time.  It is important.  Satan is now roaring against My people.  This is a season in which you can move forward and come higher than you have been in the days which are behind you.  You are living in the last days and, therefore, things are moving quickly.  This is why the enemy is pursuing you.  He has become frantic because he knows that time is short.  1Peter 5:8  Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

January 27:  Listen to Me. I know what you have been through. I know the harshness of the past season that you have had to endure. I know the reality of that, but please understand that it was for your benefit; the benefit of strength; the benefit of your trust in Me. Those things that you have endured and gone through have made you stronger if you believe they have. And, as you come out into a new season you will find the strength that I have given to you will become a reality. It stretched you and caused you to walk with greater dignity, greater revelation, greater focus than ever before. This new reality will benefit you in the season that is now unfolding before you. So leave those things in My hand. The things you endured will now become your ornaments--they tell the world, tell the enemy, you have been through something, and you have come out victoriously on this side of it. This day, see yourself as victorious, says the Lord.

January 22, 2018:  It is of utmost importance that you allow the ministry of My Spirit in you.  Through My Spirit, I will empower you and give gifts to you in due season.  I will lead and guide you on your spiritual journey.  I will enable you to be supernatural and to know the reality of My kingdom as you become My dwelling place, says the Lord, and I become your dwelling place.

January 20:  Fight the good fight, and you shall surely win. For, this is your season of victory. All of the things that you have looked at and established as weapons that are formed against you will not prosper. This is the day of deliverance. This is the day of the habitation of My Spirit, who has risen up within you as a warrior going into combat for you. Now, you go with Him. Go! Run the race. Fight the good fight. Press forward into a place of victory for it is your destiny, says the Lord.

January 15, 2018:  It is My greatest desire to bring you into victory in this season.  This is your destiny—to come to a higher spiritual level.  This is a time of new beginnings, so reactivate your faith.  Come and walk with Me.  Come and talk with Me so that I can lead and guide you into the fullness of that which I have reserved for you in this time frame. 

January 13:  Have you heard? I will reveal things to you, My church, so that you can prosper. I will reveal the things that I am going to do so you can come on that path with Me. I will reveal the hidden mysteries and those treasures that have been hidden in darkness--things that help you grow. Trust Me more than you ever have before so that you can go on this journey with Me on this great adventure. Walk the path that I have designed for you, and see that which I will show you in the glory of this season. It will forever change you, says the Lord.

January 8, 2018:  Blow the trumpet in Zion.  Proclaim the blessings of this new season.  Believe and receive that which I am doing, says the Lord.  This is your time, a time of spiritual blessings!  It is time to forget the past and begin again.  The great adventure of 2018 is now beginning, so activate your faith, come, and walk with Me through the glorious landscape of this season.  You will become one with Me in the brightness of My light, and your joy will be unspeakable and full of My glory.

January 6:  In this season the Spirit of the Lord will align His people with His purposes.  This alignment will be brought by way of revelation of God's purposes for individuals.  These revelations will come through dreams, visions, prophetic words, signs and wonders.  We must stand watch and listen so that the opportunities for alignment are not missed.  When the revelation of God's purpose comes you will be brought into spiritual positioning to go through the door that is being opened to you. 

January 1, 2018:  Come and walk with Me. If you walk with Me you will learn of My ways, the ways that have been hard for you to find in the past. If you walk with Me you will become one with Me and if you become one with Me then you will know the way in which you should go. You will be able to receive all that I will reveal in this season. If you come with Me on this journey you will be blessed beyond measure. So come, says the Lord.

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