by Bill Burns

Hosea 8:1  Set the trumpet to your mouth!


MARCH 2017

March 20, 2017:  I know that you understand the season and that I want to elevate your position of discernment at this time so that you can know what is taking place and so that you can know who is for you and against you. I want you to know these things, but you must apply yourself. You must position yourself to receive the anointing of this hour and time, so you can walk in the freedom of the truth and revelation of not only Who I am, but what I will do for you. In this specific time there is a special anointing being distributed to My servants for these days and for these hours. So, get ready to receive it and apply your faith to that which you are hearing right now, says the Lord.

March 18:  Rise up now, My people, come and walk with Me. Come with renewed hope. For, faith is the substance of the things that you hope for. Walk with Me into reality and truth--a present truth that will guide you; truth that cries out from your inner most being. If you will do these things you do well. And, you will find that the kingdom of your God will become a reality to you in a more specific way, in a more personal way and in a more present way, says the Lord.

March 13, 2017:  Find yourself in a position of faith where you can believe Me. Ask for wisdom that you can walk in from this day forward.  Come and walk with Me.  My ways are not your ways. My ways are always empowered by wisdom.  My ways always establish the truth.  My ways will lead you out of the valley of the shadow of death and through the darkness of whatever the enemy brings upon you.  Come and receive this mantle of wisdom so that it might lead you into the days that are ahead, says the Lord.

March 11:  If you will but step out and walk with me the realm of My kingdom will open to you in a fresh and new way. For, the virtue of My house is hidden to most, but as you walk with Me it will be revealed; your eyes will be opened. I will not only to walk with you, but I will lead you, guide you, and teach you. Take that step of faith now. You will indeed be changed from glory to glory, from encounter to encounter, from touch to touch and from faith to faith, says the Lord Most Holy.

March 6, 2017:  I heard the Lord say, "Today you heard My word and it is true. For, if you will embrace the process of clearing the clutter from your mind, you will indeed hear Me. You will see the things that I've desired to show you. You will know of the things that I want to do for you and with you. This process is for each and every one of My children. Only believe what I am saying and set yourself to receive."

March 4:  I am establishing a standard among My people. I am establishing this plumbline so that you might see that as I visit you, the power of the kingdom will come to bear upon your heart and then the manifestation will indeed flow through you. For, this is the time of fulfillment in the day of My power. And, it shall come to pass even as it is written, for My word cannot be broken; the scriptures cannot be changed. They come with timeliness in the right season according to My will. So, I say to you, now it is time for you to arise to your position. It is time for you to become My priests and do the work of a priest. It is time for you to honor Me as it should be in your lives; give Me the glory, give Me the honor. Come to Me with words of praise and thanksgiving and I will indeed meet with you and reveal your purpose, for I am about to carry you into the things that I have designed for this season, says the Lord.


February 27, 2017:  Believe that you can be restored. Believe in Me, for I will bring you to a place where you can do far better than you imagined.  I will help you find the place of believing and receiving. I have undergirded you with the word of truth. Now allow the word of truth to take you on this journey of restoration. Be restored in My presence. Be restored by My word. For, this is the season you find yourself in. This is exactly what I have for you. I say to you, simply believe and allow My Spirit to bring you to a place of restoration so you can be all that you were designed to be, says the Lord.

February 25:  Rise up on your most holy faith. I say this because the world itself is spiraling into the chaos of humanity. And, this will forever get worse as you go to the end of all things. But, you are those who have been justified by your faith. It is a time when you must learn to live absolutely by faith. The word of faith that I have written is the strength and power of this day and you will do well to embrace it and put it to use, says the Lord.

February 20, 2017:  You have heard My word, and it has declared your potential and established the possibilities of that which I am bringing you into. My word will be performed in your life as you believe it and as you exercise your right by way of freewill to have victory over all of the works of the enemy. I declare that you are able to rise up in Spirit and defeat whatever has established itself against you. Remove from yourself every hindrance and be free. Receive healing and be well. Again, I say let every enemy that has established himself against you be rebuked and thus removed, says the Lord.

February 18:  Come, My children, watch and see, for great things are about to happen within the confines of your life. For, those things that are yet unexpected will take place. I will visit you. I will prepare you for that which is ahead. I have come to you in times past to prepare the way, to outline the way and to show the way. So, I tell you that as you enter into this time of restoration I shall indeed lead you through the process that is required. I will bring you higher so that you can see more clearly than you have before. And, in the process of the restoration of our fellowship and your commitment to Me and to the Kingdom, you will become greater and stronger than ever. And, out of the flow of that commitment you and I, My beloved, will walk together, and I will reveal to you those things that are hidden and those things that concern you in these days. Come into the fullness of that which I am doing, says the Most Holy.

February 13, 2017:  The enemy has lied to you. People have spoken against you. But, you need to stir up the Spirit within you. Encourage yourself. And, I remind you that I am for you and I always will be with you to accomplish everything I have set you to do, says the Lord. Be an overcomer in this earth. Live with the right to rule and reign over your life. Simply believe what I have spoken and let it become the word that projects you into your future.

February 11:  Come now, My people, let us meet together. Let us communicate once again as we used to. Come to Me and talk with Me and express yourself to Me. For, the things that you are troubled with I already know of. But, if you can give them to Me then I can work with them. I can do something with them and I can bring them out of your sphere and into Mine. So, again I say, let us talk. Let us once again enjoy one another’s company in sweet conversation. As I speak to you, you will be strengthened. You will be encouraged. The word that I speak to you will become fresh manna and it will become the strength of your purpose in these days. Come in faith, says the Lord.

February 6, 2017:  If God be for you who can be against you? If God is for you, you will indeed prosper, you will have victory, and will receive healing. He will undertake on your behalf and will go before you and lead you into the fullness of that which He has for you. That fullness will include victory and a knowledge of God that you have never had before. Because His love is bestowed upon you, God will arise and carry you into and through this season in a position of absolute victory. You will have victory over hindrances, over infirmity, and over every divisive thing that comes into your life. You will have victory if you will trust and believe.

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