by Bill Burns

Hosea 8:1  Set the trumpet to your mouth!



January 22, 2018:  It is of utmost importance that you allow the ministry of My Spirit in you.  Through My Spirit, I will empower you and give gifts to you in due season.  I will lead and guide you on your spiritual journey.  I will enable you to be supernatural and to know the reality of My kingdom as you become My dwelling place, says the Lord, and I become your dwelling place.

January 20:  Fight the good fight, and you shall surely win. For, this is your season of victory. All of the things that you have looked at and established as weapons that are formed against you will not prosper. This is the day of deliverance. This is the day of the habitation of My Spirit, who has risen up within you as a warrior going into combat for you. Now, you go with Him. Go! Run the race. Fight the good fight. Press forward into a place of victory for it is your destiny, says the Lord.

January 15, 2018:  It is My greatest desire to bring you into victory in this season.  This is your destiny—to come to a higher spiritual level.  This is a time of new beginnings, so reactivate your faith.  Come and walk with Me.  Come and talk with Me so that I can lead and guide you into the fullness of that which I have reserved for you in this time frame. 

January 13:  Have you heard? I will reveal things to you, My church, so that you can prosper. I will reveal the things that I am going to do so you can come on that path with Me. I will reveal the hidden mysteries and those treasures that have been hidden in darkness--things that help you grow. Trust Me more than you ever have before so that you can go on this journey with Me on this great adventure. Walk the path that I have designed for you, and see that which I will show you in the glory of this season. It will forever change you, says the Lord.

January 8, 2018:  Blow the trumpet in Zion.  Proclaim the blessings of this new season.  Believe and receive that which I am doing, says the Lord.  This is your time, a time of spiritual blessings!  It is time to forget the past and begin again.  The great adventure of 2018 is now beginning, so activate your faith, come, and walk with Me through the glorious landscape of this season.  You will become one with Me in the brightness of My light, and your joy will be unspeakable and full of My glory.

January 6:  In this season the Spirit of the Lord will align His people with His purposes.  This alignment will be brought by way of revelation of God's purposes for individuals.  These revelations will come through dreams, visions, prophetic words, signs and wonders.  We must stand watch and listen so that the opportunities for alignment are not missed.  When the revelation of God's purpose comes you will be brought into spiritual positioning to go through the door that is being opened to you. 

January 1, 2018:  Come and walk with Me. If you walk with Me you will learn of My ways, the ways that have been hard for you to find in the past. If you walk with Me you will become one with Me and if you become one with Me then you will know the way in which you should go. You will be able to receive all that I will reveal in this season. If you come with Me on this journey you will be blessed beyond measure. So come, says the Lord.


December 30:  I am coming to you in greater measure and clarity than you have ever experienced, says the Lord. I will come to you in night visions. I will come to you in dreams. I will come to you in daytime visions. I will come to you when you are praying. I will come to you when you are meditating on My word. And, I will begin to reveal to you the hidden mysteries that have been saved for this time. I have some things to teach and show you. Get ready, for My work is about to be demonstrated in you, says the Most Holy. Watch! Learn! Listen! Obey! For, you shall be well pleased with the demonstration of My power that comes flowing into your life like a mighty rushing river; like a wind that is blowing through the tops of the trees. Listen for My voice, for My truth will set you free.

December 25, 2017:  I would have you to be free of anxiety and worry. Let faith arise so that you will be able to overcome everything that comes against you in this season. I am with you and empowering you.  My Spirit has been sent to you to enable you to respond from a place of faith to receive everything that I have for you in this season and the years beyond.  Come and be one with Me, says the Lord God Almighty.

December 23:  Listen to the sound of the season and you will find My presence. Seek Me and acknowledge the fact that I am with you in a greater and mightier way than ever. Listen for My voice.  This is the season of hearing. Listen and hear, and then you shall know what I am doing. Never ever forget that I am always with you. You will have a greater understanding of My presence than you have had before, says the Lord.

December 18, 2017:  Give and it will be given to you in ways that you will not expect; in ways that are beyond your imagination. I will bring the goodness of the Lord into your life because you have become a giver. Give as I lead and direct. Give and do the things I ask you to do. Give yourself to prayer when I call you to pray; give yourself to help people when I call you to help. Give yourself to Me and My Kingdom and serve Me with a willing heart. And, because you have a willing heart, multiplied blessings are coming to you in this season.

December 16:  I hear that word, "amazing", and I hear the Lord saying: You will be amazed in this next season. For, I am raising the ground that you walk on, which means that the opportunities that you have will be greater than the opportunities that you have had before to walk on the path of righteousness and anointing as the Spirit leads you. Those mysteries--those hidden things that have been reserved for you for such a time as this--will come to bear in your life. Destiny will be fulfilled because you follow the path of My presence. Be ready to turn to the left or turn to the right as I direct you. And, when I tell you to go straight ahead, stay on that path. For, it shall be if you stay on the path that I have prepared for you, all things will work to your benefit because you are called according to My purposes, says the Lord. These are the days in which you need to define who you are. You need to position yourself before Me with a question in your heart and desire to know what it is that I have prepared for you. These are the days of the revealing of those things in your life. Take heart this moment, this day and believe that you will receive that which I have spoken.

December 11, 2017:  Come and be one with Me. Come and sit with Me. Come and talk with Me. Come and let us commune together so that we may be in unity. I want to give you the good things of this season so that you can have all that you need and require. Come and receive.

December 9:  I am calling you into a time of jubilation and praise for all that I have brought you through.  Take your stand in an attitude of thanksgiving, and you will be positioned to receive the blessings of this season.  I dwell in the midst of those who praise Me with a whole heart.   You are in a time of transition that will move you out of heartache into joy and liberty.   Let your faith be established in this prophetic interlude between seasons as you wait for direction and instruction, says the Lord.

December 4, 2017:  As I am looking in the Spirit, I see all of you, God's people, gathered together in one place.  And, what I see is the light of the Lord sitting over you in such a way that your fire is going to be lit in this season. You are going to walk in a place of peace in the Lord. And, you will receive a new reality of His character and who He is. You are going to know Him in fresh ways. You will know that the Lord your God is with you, He is for you, and He is contending on your behalf. He desires to reveal Himself in this season so you will be renewed and fired up to be that bright and shining light that He has desired for you.

December 2:  Hear My voice today and know that I have instructed you. I have called you forth for such a time as this, so that you may accomplish My perfect will as I lead you and guide you into the fullness of this season. Pay attention, My people, to the signs that come. Pay attention to those things that I highlight. Pay attention to the written Word when it becomes illuminated to you, for it will lead you as a light that shines in the Tabernacle itself. Receive the anointing that I am bringing. Allow that anointing to rest upon you like a mantle. Let it become part of who you are. Let the anointing engage you personally so that it overlays the whole of your mind set and your attitudes. Then, those things that I bring to your attention must be quickly dealt with under the power of My anointing. Become My anointed one, and I will lead and guide you. I will provide for you, heal, and strengthen you. I will do all of these things that I have promised you by way of My covenant. Victory is assured, says the Lord God, Most High.

Faith Tabernacle of Kremmling
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