by Bill Burns

Hosea 8:1  Set the trumpet to your mouth!



October 5, 2015:  If you will seek Me with all of your heart, knowing the times and the seasons in which you live, you must now hasten towards Me. You must now strive to know Me in ways you have not known Me before. You must come before the throne of grace and receive understanding. To receive the counsel of My will in these days will be the guarantee of promise that you can then go forth into the final steps of your destiny and receive that which I have laid aside for you, to be revealed in these very days. So come, I say, with faith. Come! Rejoice! Come with thanksgiving and receive all that I have for you in this season, says the Lord.



September 6, 2015:  The Lord of Glory would say to you today, “I am the light and the revelation of the times and the seasons. And these seasons and these times change for your benefit. I am advising you to get up from whatever position you have seated yourself in and go with Me on this great journey that will create a new dimension of excitement in your life. And, the blessings that will flow out of it will indeed cause you to know that I am the Lord of all things. I am the Lord of your provision, your healing and of your relationship with Me. You and I will become one in this time."

September 13, 2015:  Tell My people that they have great opportunity ahead of them. Do not allow the enemy to dissuade you. Don’t let the enemy remove this great and enormous opportunity that is before you. And, I say to you, keep your eye on the wheel house, for the times and seasons are changing. The direction will change and I will take you in a new way that you have not ventured into. And, the glory of it shall overshadow you as you go, strengthen you as you go, and bring divine favor into your life in a fresh way that you have not yet experienced. Get ready for you are in the right season to go into the fullness of My purposes, says the Lord.

September 21, 2015:  Rise up and take what I have given you. Take the word I have given you and apply it to your personal life. Do the work, and the blessings will come. They will come in order into the boundaries of the habitation I have given you. Come to the place where you can believe. Let your faith arise. Watch, stand fast in faith, be brave, be strong and you will receive. Don’t let the disappointment of the past hinder you. Come forth in new faith, with a new understanding that you are in the right time, place and season to receive all that I have for you. It is the fulfillment of your destiny.

September 27, 2015:  I have already said that which was necessary. The prophecies that have come in this time, those things which have been spoken, will take place. Be assured that my word never returns void. Be assured that I know who you are and that I will lead you, and guide you. I will direct you into exactly what I have for you personally and then those blessings will become a corporate joy and peace over my house. So lift up your heads and be encouraged. For, I am with you and I will always be with you. I will guide you in the fullness of your destiny. Let it now begin to unfold as you become one with Me, says the Lord God Almighty.

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