by Bill Burns

Hosea 8:1  Set the trumpet to your mouth!



January 16, 2017:  Get ready, My people, for the flood of My blessings are about to open, and you will be able to see with your own eyes, hear with your own ears, that which I am doing. For those of you who are having trouble, rise up into a position of faith to believe that which I have spoken. You will hear of what I have done across the board in the lives of those who have believed, and you shall be able to know for a fact that you also can get in on whatever I am doing in this season. Do not let the moment pass you by. Walk with Me and I will fulfill My word. Do what I have asked you to do and everything that I have promised to do on your behalf will take place, says the Lord.

January 14:  I challenge you to believe more than you ever have before. I challenge you to depend upon Me more than you ever have before. Test Me and see if I will not be the God who provides that which you need. Come now, My children, and believe. Come now and walk with Me. For, the way before you has been prepared. Find your way into My habitation and abide in it, for surely I will meet with you there. It is a place of security, safety, great joy and revelation--a place of knowing Me intimately. I love you and care for you. So, come. Come with faith. Cast aside your unbelief and your doubt and bring yourself fully into this habitation of joy. Enjoy your inheritance and the blessings of the kingdom, says the Lord.

January 9, 2017:  I am calling you to a higher place than you've ever been. Are you ready? Are you ready to connect with Me in the purposes I have set before you in this year? I want to bless you, My people, abundantly beyond anything imaginable. I want you to have victory over the things that have hindered you in the past. I want to bring you forth into the glory of My blessings in this specific time. So, I am setting the clock; it is time for you to become what I have called you to be. It is time for you to know Me as I am. It is time for you to learn who I am in you. So, walk with Me and you will be blessed in this season. You have My promise, and it is good for all who hear it and all who embrace it and all who walk it out with Me.

January 7:  The foundation of My government has been established in the hearts of My people. Now, My house will be built, and My kingdom will be established. Divine order will become the present work of My Spirit in this year. Order must be established in the lives of My people because disorder will govern the world and its systems. Make every effort to establish yourselves in My order. You can do this by staying in touch with Me, and by allowing My Spirit to guide you from day to day. Stay connected!

January 1, 2017:  Come and connect with Me, so we can go on this journey together. For, I will lead and guide you. I will bring prosperity and healing into your life. Be one with Me. You can be stronger spiritually this year than you have ever been before. You can fight the good fight of faith in a renewed way. You will be able to defeat the enemy as you go in My power and by the faith that I am energizing within you. Learn to live in My presence so that great joy and great faith will become that which you will manifest in the season that is before you, says the Lord.


December 31:  You will experience a greater measure of clarity than you have ever known. I will begin to reveal to you the hidden mysteries that have been saved for this time. I have some things to teach you and to show you. Get ready, for My work is about to be demonstrated in you. Watch! Learn! Listen! Obey! For, you shall be well pleased with the demonstration of My power that will flow into your life like a wind that is blowing through the tops of the trees, says the Lord.

December 26, 2016:  Come to Me and receive the blessings that I am pouring out in this season. These are indeed the days of overflowing blessings. It is My great desire to reveal to you the things that are taking place in My Kingdom, and the things that are taking place in your circumstances. I want to bring revelation so that you can deal with those things and gain the victory, says the Lord.

December 24:  I know the path that you have walked upon. I know the circumstances that you have dealt with. I have been with you, and I have seen. I know, and I understand the things that you wrestle with, the dilemmas that you have gone through, and the questions you have asked. I know your worst fears and I know your faith. Today I have come to encourage you. Those things you have worried about, those things that you are anxious about are known to Me.  Release them to Me, and I will deal with them. I will bring you through the valley of the shadow of death and bring you into the place of wisdom and knowledge. There are things that you must have understanding of so that you can proceed in an absolute faith and trust in Me.  I will bring you to a place of clarity with regard to things that concern you. Be at peace in this season, says the Lord God.

December 19, 2016:  I hear the Lord saying, "I am love. Love is the very essence of who I am. Love is My nature. My love I distribute to all so that each and everyone that receives it may be blessed and may prosper in My kingdom. Receive and abide in the love I give to you. In this coming year great will be the blessings that come to you."

December 17:  These are days of perplexity when you can stray from the path I have established before you. It is possible for the very elect to be deceived. And, the way you avoid that possibility is by staying close to Me, walking with Me, talking with Me. Surely, I have stated absolutely that My sheep will hear My voice. So, listen for the sound of My voice. Listen for the prompting of the Holy Spirit. I will lead and guide you, and establish your feet firmly on the path that I have established for you, says the Lord.

December 12, 2016:  Listen, My people. Listen. I am shouting from the roof tops; this is the season of great joy. And, great joy I will release to you, which will bring strength of victory and power within you. I know what is coming and I know the outcome of everything. Receive that which I am doing right now. Let me deposit My joy in your heart, and despair will go. Come into your rightful position of allowing Me to lead you into all joy, says the Lord.

December 10:  The time of the eagle has come. I am raising up true prophets who will have eagle vision, and they will see and speak of that which I show them. No longer will My Church want for true prophetic voices. No longer will they listen to false words. My people will become supernatural and will not be deceived by the voices of compromise. Rise up, My eagles, and take flight and soar above the calamity of this world, says the Lord. Psalm 103:2-5 Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits: Who forgives all your iniquities, Who heals all your diseases, Who redeems your life from destruction, Who crowns you with lovingkindness and tender mercies, Who satisfies your mouth with good things, so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's.

December 5, 2016:  Arise, My people, and receive that which I have given. Receive the joy of My presence within and upon your life. Receive it. Let joy overshadow you, so that it imparts greatness. Speak in faith and proclaim My will so that you can gain the victory over your circumstances. Establish yourself in thanksgiving and let My peace engulf you. I am with you and for you, says the Lord.

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