by Bill Burns

Hosea 8:1  Set the trumpet to your mouth!



November 20, 2017:  You are a people who have learned the art of thanksgiving. Most of you are of those people who come to Me with thanksgiving. You recognize that I have been with you from the beginning and understood that I have led you and am still guiding you through your troubles to victory. So, continue on this path. Trust Me with all of your cares, says the Lord.

November 18:  Let your faith arise. Let your faith be the prominent part of that which you pursue in this season. Use your faith. Allow your faith to grow. Allow it to become sensitive to My promptings. Allow your faith to come to Me unhindered by doubt or unbelief. Allow it to come and you shall receive that which I have for you, says the Most Holy. Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

November 13, 2017:  My desire is that you grow spiritually and become My sons of light so that you can carry the glory of that which I bring to My people in this time. When darkness is removed you can behold My light, and if you abide there you will become light to Me. Only then will you be victorious and free, says the Lord.

November 11:  This is your day. You have volunteered to be a part My kingdom. So, be cleansed by My blood, and anointed in the power of My spirit, says the Lord. Come forth in the fullness of faith so that you may receive the promises. Receive today. Become strong in the Spirit and maintain a clean heart and a steadfast spirit.

November 6, 2017:  The reward of hidden riches will be revealed to some to distribute among God's people for various reasons according to God's purposes.  These will be both spiritual and physical treasures.  You will  begin to see the manifestation of these rewards in the coming months and years.  Only believe, says the Lord.  Isaiah 45:3 I will give you the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places, that you may know that I, the Lord, who call you by your name, Am the God of Israel.

November 4:  I saw the symbol of the cross. I saw it changing. At first covered by the blood of Christ. And, then it developed a golden hue that spoke to me of His divine nature. And from that golden hue came the glory of His crystallized light shining forth across the generations to bring restoration and great deliverance. Shining forth to open the path that He has established before you. Shining forth to encourage you and empower you to walk upon this path and to take those steps with renewed energy and great hope. The glory of the LORD will indeed carry you from glory to glory upon the path that He has prepared for you to follow. Take the steps. They will lead you to places that are beyond your wildest imagination. And, they will reveal the things that even you cannot conceive of this day. For, out of this journey will come the revelation of the current season, and out of these steps will come revelation to you personally. Come now; walk by faith into My purposes, for this is the hour of perception and the day of My power, says the Most Holy One.


October 30, 2017:  I had a vision of the Lord with a feather duster in His hand. He would go up to a person and begin to dust them off. He spoke and said, "I am going to remove the defilement which has been placed upon people through unbelief. And, I will get rid of that debris so they can be free to have faith again for that which I am going to do in their lives. So, allow Me to cleanse you and remove the residue of failure and stigma that comes upon you because of past failures. Allow Me to do this work this day so that you can be renewed in spirit and faith to receive all that I am doing on your behalf."

October 28:  It’s important in this season what and who you believe. Whose report will you believe? Will you believe what man has said? Will you believe what the devil has said? Or, will you believe what your Father has said? Will you believe the prophetic word and that which He is bringing forth now? Will you make it your own? Will you establish it in your heart? Will you allow it to become the symphony that moves you? Will you allow God’s presence to come because you have asked and because you have believed that? So, again, which report will you believe? If you will believe Me and My word you will become that overcomer that is spoken of, and you will have My blessings in this season. Let it be so among My people, says the Lord, Most High.

October 23, 2017:  You are My children. I love you and I will be with you. I will be with you in every challenge. It is My desire to bring you into that place of perfection in the Holy Spirit where you make the transition from natural to supernatural. It is My desire for you to walk in the supernatural. For, I am going to do great and mighty and wonderful things. And, if you aren't walking with Me you are not going to see it or receive it. Set yourself to see everything that I am showing you and understand everything I have asked you to do.

October 21:  I say to you My people, it is a true saying, that in Me you live and move and possess the essence of who you are. I encourage you to continue your life in Me and allow the life that I have given you to grow. Come forward with understanding, for I will give an extra ordinary grace to see and to hear that which I am doing. The world itself cries out for restoration, and I will release creation into the fullness of this destiny and bring a glorious deliverance to that which I have created. Take advantage of every opportunity for restoration--My glory resting upon you. And, in the glory of this restoration you shall see changes come forth, says the Lord. 

October 16, 2017:  Are you ready and willing to position yourself to persevere in such a way as to receive all that I have for you? Use this opportunity to lay hold of the promises that have been spoken of. Faith will bring the promise to bear in the lives of those who are hearers and doers in this season. Let the blessings come. Let them magnify and bring glory to Me, says the Lord. And, all things will work together for the good of those who love Me and are called according to My purposes.

October 14:  Only believe, My dear children, and all things will become possible to you. These are the days in which I will demonstrate Myself to you, and My fire shall indeed fall. The anointing that I have promised shall come to you. These are the days that shall be called the days of victory for those who will fulfill their destiny by walking the path of obedience, says the Lord. Now come; get up from where you are and come forth. Walk on this road that I am preparing for you and you shall see and hear. You shall be delivered and healed. These are the days that you have desired to see and have yearned for. Only believe.

October 9, 2017:  I know who you are. I know what you have been through. I see the problems that you have faced and walked through. I see the journey you have been on. But, today I am telling you I am bringing you into a course correction that will bring you into the fullness of My joy as you continue. Go forward in faith with the full expectation that you will receive everything that I have for you, says the Lord.

October 7:  Fear not! You know this, and yet you have fear and anxiety over some of the things that are going on in your life. Trust Me with what you are experiencing right now. If you trust in Me, you will be an overcomer. I am with you to bring you through into victory in every situation. So, again I say, fear not. But rather be moved into a place where you allow My peace and joy to abide in you, and everything will be all right, says the Lord.

October 2, 2017:  Rise up in faith. Rise up into a place where you can receive the blessings of the season. Rise up into a place where you can see that My purposes are for you and not against you. I will release My angelic beings to work on your behalf. It is My intention and My position to bless you in greater measures than ever before. Receive it in this moment, says the Lord.

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