Faith Tabernacle of Kremmling
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Adventurine – life and prosperity
Agate – spiritual warfare, spiritual strength, courage:
            Botswana Agate – warrior’s courage
            Carnelian Agate
            Cathedral Agate from Mexico
            Flame Agate – fierce warrior
            Lace Agate can be red, blue, or white – represents the Warrior Bride
            Laguna Agate – safety in warfare
            Lake Superior Agate
            Luna Agate
            Lysite Agate from Wyoming
            Moss Agate
            Plume Agate
            Purple Sage Agate
            Regency Rose Agate -- victory in territorial warfare
            Rooster Tail Agate from Mexico
            St. Johns Flower Agate
            Vaquilla Agate; vaquilla translates heifer
Amazonite – tranquility
Amethyst – gifts of the Holy Spirit (one of the Ephod stones):
            Lace Amethyst
            Sage Amethyst
Angelite – heaven
Aquamarine – prosperity and blessing, harvest (one of the Ephod stones – Beryl)
Black – horse, power; stealth warrior
Blue (royal) – God’s commandments
Blue (navy) – divine revelation
Blue (light) – heaven, heavenly
Brown – sheep, submission to God, godly offspring
Chalcedony -- sight, discernment, prophetic dreams
Charoite  (said to be the “stone of the Spirit”)--healing
Chrysocolla – love of Christ
Chrysoprase – discernment
Clear or transparent – born again, baptism, righteousness
Coral – prosperity and blessing
Crimson – blood atonement and sacrifice, the Cross
Dolomite – heart for God; covenant
Dumortierite (Desert Lapis) – overcoming
Emerald – everlasting life, grace
Garnet –justice
Gold – divine nature
Gray – wisdom
Green – eternal life, generosity
Indian Paint Stone – warrior of the morning
Jasper – redemption, water baptism, Spirit baptism, the Bride, foundation:
            Autumn Jasper
            Blue Mountain Jasper
            Biggs Jasper
            Bruneau Jasper
            Burro Creek Jasper
            Carasite Jasper
            Chinese Jasper
            Fire Jasper
            Hornitas Jasper
            Imperial Jasper – kingdom authority
            Leopard Skin Jasper
            Morrisonite Jasper – King of the Jaspers represents kingdom authority
            Noreena Jasper
            Ocean Jasper –  found in Madagascar, becoming rare; no longer being mined
            Owyhee Jasper
            Picasso Jasper
            Rain Forest Jasper
            Red Top Jasper
            Red-veined Jasper
            Rocky Butte Jasper
            San Rafael Jasper from Mexico
            Stone Canyon Jasper
            Tahoma Jasper
            Willow Creek Jasper
Lapis Lazuli – divine revelation. The Word, knowledge
Lemon Chrysoprase -- enlightenment
Lepidolite from Wyoming – known as the Peace Stone
Malachite – the prophet’s stone, the gift of prophecy
Obsidian  --  surrendered will
            Mahogany Obsidian
            Rainbow Obsidian
            Snowflake Obsidian
Onyx – intercession, priestly intercession, the Church:
            Cave Onyx
            Silver Lace Onyx – evangelistic intercession
            Striped Onyx
Opal – hope and purity:
            Blue – faithfulness
            Pink -- compassion
Orange – prayer, praise and worship, consuming fire
Pearl – treasure, reward, gateway
Pietersite – vision
Pink – heart, love, compassion
Purple – kingship, royalty, wealth
Quartz – joy; perception:
            Blue Quartz
            Green Quartz
            Lavendar Quartz
            Rose Quartz
            Rutilated Quartz
            Smokey Quartz
Rainbow – covenant, God’s promises
Rainbow Calsilica – covenant promises fulfilled
Red – the blood of Christ
Rhodochrosite – intuition and compassion
Rhodonite – peace; name is derived from Greek rhodon meaning “rose”
Rhyolite – divine guidance
Rosetta – Spirit of Revelation
Ruby --  the blood of Christ; forgiveness
Seraphinite – angelic help
Silver -- redemption
Sodalite – also known as Princess Blue – divine revelation
Tan – Communion, bread, the body of Christ
Tiger Eye – prophetic insight
Topaz – God’s anointing
Turquoise – open heaven; the Holy Spirit
Unakite – unity with God; spiritual growth
Variscite – prosperity
White – purity, righteousness, joy, light
Yellow – enlightenment