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Listening Ears


Recipe 21

November 20, 2014

A sumptuous pie is next on the menu. This pie has a crisp crust and a delightful filling. It is the best pie you will ever enjoy. You might say that it won first place in the pie contest. This pie consists of many sweet words spoken to your heart. They are blended until they are smooth and creamy, poured into the most delightful crust, and baked by the heat of My love for you until the crust is crisp and the filling is fully cooked, no sinking middle and no soggy crust. You will find that this pie will be just right for your palate.

Recipe Twenty

November 19, 2014

I offer you My soufflé. It is light and airy. It is full of flavor and goes down smoothly. It consists of the finest and freshest ingredients. They are easy to find, no dashing around to this area and that area to get them. They are simple ingredients, ingredients full of flavor, easy to find and simple to combine. I offer them to each daily. Come and sample My soufflé and know true heart satisfaction, no truth beyond anything man could conjure up, know the love of your God and His eternal purpose. Simply put, I would say these words to any who would like to sample My soufflé, simply put they are written in My Word and none can deny their simplicity.

Matthew 22:36-39 “Teacher, which is the great commandment in the Law?” And He said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the great and foremost commandment. And a second is like it, You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

Recipe Twenty

November 18, 2014

This is a dish that I am eager for you to prepare. It consists of a variety of ingredients that you will find in My word.
Take each ingredient and measure it correctly. Then you will know, dear heart, that you have prepared a main dish that
will satisfy and delight your guest, satisfy and delight right down to the center of the partaker’s heart.

Recipe Nineteen

November 17, 2014

Remember do not put too many ingredients in the dishes that you prepare for the babies.  
Just keep it simple when preparing dishes for those who are too
young to digest the more complicated dishes that I will ask you to prepare.
  Keep it simple for the babies!

Recipe Eighteen

November 15, 2014

Today I would like for you to prepare something just a little different.
Will you prepare it knowing that the one who will eat it may not like it?
In fact, your guest may spit it out in horror. This recipe calls for My truth, pure truth.
You need not apply any sugar coating to help it go down. Just speak it as I give it to you.
You will find it pleasant, for you will recognize this recipe as one that contains pure truth,
but the hearer may not be apt to receive it as such. Just speak it and then let Me help them in the digestion process.

Will you do that for Me?

Recipe Seventeen

November 14, 2014

This is a recipe that you will always need to prepare for your guests. It goes down smoothly and the taste is sumptuous.
Speak My words of truth. Speak them directly.
Do not speak in any language other than the one that your guest can understand.
What language would that be? Kindness, beloved, a welcoming kindness.

Recipe Sixteen

November 13, 2014

Regard My recipes with reverence. Never forget to apply a word of thankfulness for each of the morsels of truth that are required for each recipe. Remember: The living God is concerned about every aspect of your life. Regard My concern with reverent awe, for it is a wonderful thing to know that your God has you in His focus and that His kindness toward you is vast. Apply that knowledge to each recipe and you will always have a meal fit for a King.

Recipe Fifteen

November 12, 2014

I often see many a meal lacking this particular ingredient. I want you to remember to serve it in abundance.
It is something that will enrich every heart. Remember to let your words be a blessing to others at all times.

Psalm 19:14 “Let the words of My mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.”

Recipe Fourteen

November 10, 2014

This meal is to be prepared for your family on a regular basis. In fact, it can be served at breakfast, lunch and dinner. It consists of many truths that you have hidden in your heart. These are expressions of Me, of My grace and love for others. Yes, serve a healthy portion of love and grace when you are serving your family.

Recipe - Thirteen

November 4, 2014

This dish is one that I believe will be your favorite.  It is hearty, simple to make, and you have all the ingredients on hand.  Serve this dish when you are fellowshipping with an unbeliever.  I do believe the unbeliever will enjoy this right down to the last bite. Serve it often!!!

Recipe Twelve

November 3, 2014

This recipe that I am giving you now is a light and fluffy dish. It is colorful. It is full of things that are good for you, yet it is delectable. You will think you are eating a dessert, but you will actually be eating something that is full of nutrition. Do not fail to prepare it and enjoy it. The ingredients are handy, but you would never think of combining them. I will instruct you. Just listen for My instructions.

Recipe Eleven

October 31, 2014

This next recipe is one that I created for such a time as this.  It is a recipe that I want you to ponder before you start preparations.  Will you do that?  Will you ponder the ingredients in this recipe long before you start to actually prepare it?  You will find that this recipe is a type of concoction that will prepare you for things that are coming your way.  You will know with a certainty, as you ponder, that your God saw fit to prepare your heart for such a time as this.  Thank Me for it.  For this is to be a time that you will need ALL of the ingredients that I have to offer and I want you to use all of them, right down to the tiniest sprinkle.

Recipe Ten

October 30, 2014

I prepare casseroles very well. I take some old and new and combine them. When they are combined, truth appears in a profound way. Delve into the old books of My word and then look in the newer books. You will find that they make a delicious combination. Just as you would go to your refrigerator and combine morsels from another meal with some fresher morsels, I want you to combine the old with the new. You will come up with a delectable casserole, hearty, but tasty. Try it! I do believe you will enjoy it

Recipe Nine

October 24, 2014

In this instance, I want you to search your heart to prepare this next dish.  Just take a few ingredients that you already have and stir them together. Then apply a little heat to them.  You will come up with a surprise supper, a surprise supper, that will satisfy you deep within. Savor it!

Recipe Eight

October 20, 2014

I have some stews that I think you may enjoy. They are hearty and rich with flavor. I want you to dig around in My Word for the ingredients and combine them in a big pot. Stir them. Keep stirring them as I supply My heat. Smell the aroma. Let it go deep within your heart. Let it change your heart. These stews are for your enjoyment and for your growth. Do not fail to prepare them frequently.

Recipe Seven

October 19, 2014 

Listen to My still small voice speaking words of truth to you.  
These words are appetizers of the finest kind.  
Savor them and hide them in your heart for a future day.  
Then when you need a small morsel to get you through a circumstance, 
take a nibble or two and rest in the truth that lies therein.

Recipe Six

October 14, 2014

There may be times when you will want to combine some ingredients that you never thought of combining. I will direct you in this process. Remember: I am the Master Chef and the delectable dishes that I prepare are the finest. So listen to My instruction when you start combining ingredients. Here is an example: Remember that My words of truth can bring delight to a heart, even bring forth a type of euphoria. So as you read these words and the Holy Spirit brings forth remembrances of other words that you have hidden in your heart, these words will blend in a creamy, smooth way and enable you to walk in sync with your Creator. This delights Me. Yes, it delights Me to see this recipe at work in My children’s hearts.

Recipe Five

October 10, 2014

I want you to enjoy these recipes. If need be, get some other books that tell about My Word and delve into them too. You will find many truths and you will also find many untruths, untruths that could make your recipe flop. These ingredients you will need to weed out. But those words of truth that enhance My Word can be mixed in with the special ingredients that My truth brings and this recipe will bring much delight to your heart.

Recipe Four

October 9, 2014

Now this recipe is one that requires some preparation.  Take any ingredient.  Let’s say grace.  Take this ingredient and mix it with love.  Now ponder these words. Delve into the exact meaning of these words.  What do you have when you mix them together?  You have something that could be classified as a delicious dessert.  You may go to a little more trouble, but in the end, you have something that is very tasty indeed!

Recipe Three

October 8, 2014

Taste and see that the Lord is good.  I have another recipe for you.  This one requires little effort.  I want you to take these truths and savor them.  They require no preparation.  They require no heat or chewing.  Just savor these truths and enjoy.

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”  John 2:16

Recipe Two

October 3, 2014

This recipe again requires you to go to My Word. I have some morsels there that may be a little tough to consume, but I have a way for you to receive nutrients from them, and you will find that with their consumption your muscles will grow stronger than you ever dreamed.

These morsels were meant to be chewed. The flavor comes forth as you chew. Chew them and know with each effort you are gaining a strength you never dreamed of having. These morsels that you once looked on as tough, too tough to swallow, will bring much strength to your heart and open your eyes to many truths.

Recipes for an Abundant Life

September 30, 2014

The Living God has recipes that will enable you to receive the promised abundant life. Follow these recipes that I give and know that they are offered with the kindest intent toward My beloved children.

Recipe One
My first recipe requires you to look in My Word. There you will kind many tasty morsels. Take these morsels and blend them together. You will find that each flavor compliments the other. You will see that blended together they become a fine concoction of taste and sight.

I want you to enjoy this first treat that I have for you. Look in My written Word and receive nourishment like no other. Mmmmm! Yes, taste and see that your Lord is good.

God’s Workmanship

September 28, 2014

You are My workmanship. I created you to walk in My truth. I want your walk to be stabilized by My indwelling Spirit. I want your walk to be enjoyed and My Word to be embraced. I am the Master Workman. I created you for My cause. I enabled you to come into a relationship with Me because of My great love for you. Never doubt that I am able to perform within your heart a work of beauty. Rely on Me. Rely on Me, the Master Workman, to create in your heart the beauty for which your heart longs.

I am the Master Workman. I created you to walk in the knowledge of My truth. I created you to be a blessing to your fellowman. Know that the work that I do in each individual heart is a thing of beauty, and I am proud, so proud, to call you My own, My very own workmanship!!!

In the Garden - Twenty Nine

September 27, 2014

Coming into the garden of the Lord God Almighty and resting is a valuable source of refreshment. I want you to come regularly. In fact, it would be to My delight for you to dwell in My garden with Me. My advice to you is this: Make frequent visits into My garden. Make those visits when the opportunity arises or when you feel a little tugging at your heart. This will open the way to more extended visits, and before long you will enjoy the visits on an ongoing basis. Isn’t that what you would enjoy? Extended visits that turn into one long visit, one that extends throughout eternity?

Honey on the Ears

September 26, 2014

The Lord showed me a scene of someone drizzling honey over another person’s ears. Why did You show this to me, Lord? I want My children to recognize the real truth when they hear it. I don’t want you listening to honey-coated words that bear no resemblance to My truth. I want you to recognize My truth and embrace it. Doing otherwise could land you in a heap of trouble.

So I say to you this day: Get in My word. Feed on its truth. Let it rule in your heart of hearts, and know this beloved: The living God’s words of truth will bear you in good stead, but the words of the enemy will land you in a heap of trouble. Regard them as such - trouble. Regard them without a backward glance, for they are not worthy of a glance and they are certainly not worthy of a permanent place in your heart!!!

Mercy and Truth

September 25, 2014

Mercy and truth go hand in hand, beloved. Never let it be said that the Lord God Almighty is not merciful and full of truth. For I am truth and My mercy endures forever.  Those who seek My heart get a taste of My mercy every waking moment. Know that I provide it gladly and My truth, precious child, is something to which you may sink your teeth into and chew, chew until your heart is delighted and your soul has prospered from its nourishment. It is good, beloved. It is indeed tasty and gives to one who enjoys it daily a source of strength that comes straight from the Master’s merciful heart.

Arise, Beloved

September 24, 2014

Arise, My beloved. Stand straight and tall and move forward to the delight of your God and King. I have called you for such a time as this to express My love to others. Do not hesitate. Do not hold back. Move! Move forward expectantly and know that the new hour that is dawning will bring delight to your heart, and delight to those hearts that have surrendered their allegiance to Me.

Arise, beloved! Move forward into the unexpected and know the delight that is in My heart for having you, one of My own, moving on My behalf, expressing My love, and enabling hearts to be satisfied with the wonder of the love of their Christ, their King, their Saviour!!!

I Will Never Let You Down

September 23, 2014

You can always count on Me, beloved, through thick or thin, I will always be with you. You see, I am a good Father, an extraordinarily good Father. I never forsake one of My own. So if circumstances have you feeling low, look up. Look up and see the smiling face of the Beloved, and know deep in your heart that the One whom you serve is true, true to His word and true to those who have His heart’s concern. I will never let you down, dear one. You may count on Me to deliver in full on that truth!!!

Walking on Water

September 21, 2014

Many a person has heard the story about Me walking on water. Some believe it and some do not. You, however, My beloved church, believe and know that I am quite capable of walking on the water that I created. Yes, even the wind and the waves bow at My command. I want you to know, beloved church, that a new hour is dawning, a new hour of wonder. Get your heart ready to receive My manifold presence in your midst and know that with that presence the good people of earth are going to see more than Me walking on water! They are going to see My beloved church arise in a strength and might that will send their senses reeling and their hearts singing, singing about that old, old story and about the love of the risen King!!!


September 20, 2014

pursue – follow, chase, hunt, trail, track, tail, shadow

Pursue Me first and foremost, beloved. Don’t let the world distract you. Maintain your focus on the One Who brings life to a heart, the One Who has your best interest at heart. I am the living God, the Creator of the universe, and I have your best interest at heart. I want you maintaining your focus on Me, following after My heart, and knowing Me on a personal level. Don’t stand afar. Draw near. Draw near to the heart of your God and know true heart’s delight. Pursue Me every day. Pursue Me by searching for Me and My will for your life. Don’t let the world distract you. Don’t let the world gobble up your time. Focus on Me, dear heart, and know the true meaning behind the phrase, “time well spent.”

Jesus, the Source of all Joy

September 2019

I am the Source of your joy, beloved, and it delights Me to be. There is nothing that makes Me happier than to see one of My own smiling with a happy heart. Remember this when your heart is heavy with sorrow. Your Beloved is waiting in the wings of your heart to offer you His joy. I am waiting and willing to apply a liberal amount of My joy to a broken heart. I am waiting and willing to intercede on your behalf and bring that longed-for joy back to your heart. Do not hesitate to respond to My plea, My call of joy, the joy is to be had when one seeks the heart of the Beloved for healing. My joy brings healing to a hurting heart. My joy brings happiness to one who is longing for the wonder of My love to override the hurt that has caused a wound.

Know this: I am in the process of bringing forth in this hour the wonder of My joy in a profound way, in a way you have never realized. Be watching and waiting for it to overtake you and pronounce on you the sweetness that only My joy can bring!!

I Broke the Mold

September 18, 2014

 I broke the mold when I created you, beloved.  I shattered it to bits.  You are one of a kind.  You are My very own work of art. There is no other like you.  None can compare with you.  Now know this:  The finishing work of the Almighty is an ongoing work.  It is a work that is meticulously done by My hand. Embrace the changes that I wrought.  Embrace where I am taking you.  It is a place like no other, a place resplendent with My beauty.  Count on Me to deliver you there intact.  Count on Me to deliver you to this place with all in perfect order.  That is MY job and I do all things well.  I do all things magnificently.


September 15, 2014

I’m ramping up things. I will deliver all that I have promised and more. You will see the kingdom of your God explode in your midst. You will be amazed and thrilled.

I’m causing things to ramp-up. Things are moving at a terrific rate of speed toward that final hour. Prepare yourselves for a most mystifying time, beloved children. Prepare yourselves to see, hear, taste, smell and feel extraordinary occurrences. For truly, I tell you: I am ramping up things at a terrific rate of speed, and the wonders of the living God are about to overtake you, overtake you and bless you, bless you soundly!!!

ramp-up – to increase or cause to increase.
To increase the effort involved in a process

The Tea Cup

September 14, 2014

In a vision, I saw a lovely teacup. Someone was pouring a liquid into the cup. The liquid started to overflow the cup. I heard the Lord say, “Your cup is overflowing, beloved.” Your cup is overflowing, beloved. It has been filled by your God to overflowing. It is a flow that will never cease. What benefit is this overflowing, you may ask? I will tell you: This overflowing offers much in the way of blessings from My hand to your heart. This overflowing is one that brings delight to a heart and offers peace and joy. Receive this overflowing. Receive it with a thankful heart, and know, dear heart, that it pleases Me to pour forth from My bounty to you. It pleases Me greatly!!


September 12, 2014

delay – holdup, wait, stoppage, setback, impediment, hindrance

Many of you think that I am delaying in My work for one reason or another. Some of you are even blaming yourselves! Don’t go there. Don’t even think that way. I want you to know that things are moving along at My pace and they are looking good, very good. So be of good cheer. I am not delaying in presenting the promised wondrous hour. No, you can just say that I am getting My ducks in a row.

In the Garden - Part Thirty

September 11, 2014

The garden of the Lord is fresh and peaceful. You can hear many interesting sounds in My garden. Every sound that is made is in praise to Me. Join in that praise when you enter and sing to Me. I do delight in hearing you sing My praises, beloved. Yes! I do delight in the praises of My chosen.

In the Garden- Twenty-eight

September 9, 2014

I am waiting for My beloved to draw near to Me. I want you to pour out your heart to Me. I never become exasperated with you, dear heart. I am always understanding and ready to come to your aid. Never doubt this fact. I am not like the world. I open My arms to you and embrace you. I whisper words of encouragement in your ear. I give you sound directions. So come to Me, no matter what is going on in your life, and tell Me all about your day, your morning and evening. I will listen attentively. I will embrace your heart and offer My sound advice. Never doubt the advice of the Almighty God. It is always spot on. It is always the advice that will get the desired results. I am full of wisdom and that wisdom I extend to you. That wisdom is given for your benefit, to help you in this life. Never fail to come to Me and tell Me of your concerns or just to tell Me about your day. I am available. I am interested in YOU!!!

In the Garden - Part Twenty-seven

September 7, 2014

Follow your heart’s desire and draw near to your Beloved. Don’t let the world distract you. Do not let the world have its way. Come to Me. Draw near to Me. You will always be glad that you did. You will never regret your decision to draw near to Me. Never! No absolutely NEVER!!!

In the Garden - Twenty-six

September 6, 2014

I am always in My garden waiting. Many of you come regularly and many of you come sporadically. Then there are those who maintain constancy with Me that I find exhilarating. Know this: I am always available for you. I never tire of you and My heart is always gladdened by you. Remember that, beloved, when you are making the decision to draw near to Me or remain at a distance. My heart is always gladdened, so gladdened, when you draw near.

gladden – delight, please, bring joy to, cheer, hearten

In the Garden -Twenty-five

September 4, 2014

I am calling to one and all.  Come into the garden of the Beloved.  Fellowship with Me there.  I have much there that you will find of interest.  I have much there that will thrill your heart.  Come one!  Come all! Be entertained as the will of your God manifests in your life in ways you never dreamed possible. I am eager to present My wonders to those of you who are expectant and eager.  Yes, the hour is right. I wish to present My wonders to all who will enter in, enter into this place that I like to call My garden of delight!!!

In the Garden-Twenty-four

September 2, 2014

I am eager to see how many of you will respond to the invitation to enter into My garden on a permanent basis. I am eager to see how many of you will take Me up on My offer. I want all to come. This has been My wish from the beginning. Don’t hesitate to discuss any of your reservations with Me. I will enable you to see the advantage of this permanent move. I will enable you to take those first steps into the permanence of this new communion with Me, your Beloved.

In the Garden - Twenty-three

September 1, 2014

Entering the garden of the Beloved with the idea of setting up housekeeping is a splendid decision to make. Many cannot stand to think of what they believe to be confinement. There is no confinement in this garden. No. You will see that you are free to do many things that you thought were out of bounds. Yes, coming into the garden of the beloved brings a freedom you never dreamed you could possess, never dreamed was available. So discard that thought, dear one. Come in and be free, be free in Me. That is freedom, dear heart. Entering into My garden, with the idea to stay, is a freedom that will delight your precious heart!!


August 31, 2014

Surrendering to the Beloved is a wonderful thing to do. I may call on you throughout your day to surrender something to Me. Whether it be your time or some favorite activity, I want you to know that surrender to Me is sweet, it is the sweetest of gifts you can bestow on your loving Father.

Holy Temple

August 29, 2014

Come into My Holy Temple. I want to converse with you. I want to give you some clear instructions about your future. Hear the word of your God and follow My lead. Wherever I lead you, beloved, you will know the essence of My presence. You will know the wonder of belonging to the One Who is love. I am enabling you to advance. Draw near to Me. Converse with Me. Listen for My still small voice. I have words that I wish to speak that will help you identify the coming hour of wonder that I have planned. Your God is in His Holy Temple. Draw near. Speak to Me. Listen to Me and learn from Me. Learn those valuable plans that I have laid out for you. You will see, dear one, the Almighty One is to be trusted and revered. You will know the wonder of My love and you will advance into the coming hour replete with My joy.

In the Garden - Twenty-two

August 28, 2014

I am eager for you to set up housekeeping in My garden. I am eager to see you roaming about the garden enjoying the delight of it. You will see, beloved, that you will get much accomplished if you will take up residence in My garden, more than you ever dreamed possible. You see, you will be about your Lord’s business in a dynamic way. So what are you waiting for? Come into My garden and set up housekeeping, enter in and remain with the joy of your God shining forth from your heart to others every single day, every single hour of every single day. Welcome, beloved. Welcome! Enter and stay!!!

In the Garden - Part Twenty-one

August 27, 2014

My garden is a delightful place to visit, but wouldn’t you rather dwell there?  Wouldn’t you rather sleep, eat, and enjoy spending your days there?  You can, you know.  Yes, you can dwell permanently in My garden of delight.  Ask Me to instruct you in this endeavor and then prepare yourself to move into this garden, My garden of delight!!!

In the Garden – Twenty

August 25, 2014

Rest, be at peace and know true heart satisfaction. I, the Beloved, have made a place for you to enjoy. It is a place replete with My presence. I want you to know Me from an up- close vantage point, and what better place is there for you to get to know Me? Close to My heart, in the garden where I wait for you, My beloved, with bated breath.

In the Garden – Nineteen

August 24, 2014

Adventure awaits one who enters My heart, heart-satisfying adventure. You will know activity as you have never known it. You will rest in the knowledge of Who I am to you, your Victor. So be of good cheer. You serve the One Who has accomplished all on your behalf. The victory is Mine and I reign supreme in My garden!

In the Garden – Eighteen

August 22, 2014

I am pleased to extend this invitation to you. I am pleased to make a place especially for you. Walk in the wonder of this place, closer to the heart of your God than you ever thought possible. For it is in being in this place of closeness that you will realize many things of great significance: I, the living God, created you to rest in Me and be filled with the sweetness of My presence. Now, isn’t that a place to relish and enjoy?

In the Garden – Seventeen

August 19, 2014

In the garden of the living God, there is much to behold, much beauty to take into your heart. Be at home here. Be at home and rest in this place of sweet delight. For I tell you, beloved, a new hour is approaching and I want you equipped for all that lies ahead. What better place is there to be equipped than in the presence of your Beloved, breathing in My essence and looking on the wonder of My beauty.

In the Garden – Sixteen

August 16, 2014

I want My beloved close to Me, breathing in the fragrance of My garden. Mmmmm! Smell the essence of the living God in this place of wonder and be satisfied deep within, beloved, for that is what I want for you, deep satisfaction. I want you to know that much is taking place on your behalf in this hour, much that will bring delight to your heart. In the meantime, rest in this place, this garden of your God and know deep within true heart satisfaction in abiding in your beloved.

In the Garden – Part Fifteen

August 15, 2014

Come with Me into My garden of love and delight.  Do not hang back.  Do not think for a moment that you must prepare yourself, just come as you are.  Will you do this?  Will you trust Me to change you?  Will you trust Me to correct those things that are in your heart that cause  you strife in your walk?  I hope you will.  I want you to be content, content in the work that I am performing within your precious heart.  So know this:  I am at work.  I am creating within your heart something of great beauty, something that delights My eyes, something that will put a spring in your walk and a smile on your face.  You must simply come to Me and trust Me to perform on your behalf the work of a lifetime, your lifetime, and know that the benefits of serving Me pay huge dividends, dividends that far exceed your expectations!!!

In the Garden – Part Fourteen

August 13, 2014

Come into the garden of the Beloved. I have much to teach you and much to show you. Do not hang back. You are always welcome. Stay as long as you like. Come as frequently as you please. Coming into the garden of the Beloved brings pleasure to the heart and enables you to grow, grow in the knowledge of your God. Bring your Holy Scriptures with you. We will converse about My truth as we sit on one of the comfortable benches that I have supplied. You may ask Me questions and I will feed you My truth in small doses, enabling you to digest My truth thoroughly. This is a good place for you to feed on My words of truth, a very good place. So remember: Bring your Holy Scriptures with you and we will discuss My truth, enabling you to grow, grow exponentially in the truth of the living God!!!

In the Garden – Part Thirteen

August 12, 2014

Gradually move about in the garden, beloved. Don’t be shy. Walk in step with Me as you take in the sights. Talk to Me about what I have done and what I am doing. Discuss My plans with Me, asking Me questions. I will answer you in good time, when I know you are ready to receive My truth. So don’t be shy about coming and moving about in the garden that I have prepared for you, the garden that holds many delights for the children of the living God. Do not be fearful. I have prepared the garden for you and there is nothing in it that should cause you any trepidation. The more frequent your visits, beloved, the more you will yearn to come. Yes, coming into My hold presence in this fashion will create a hunger for more visits and this is a good thing, beloved, a very good thing.

In the Garden – Part Twelve

August 11, 2014

I am your God and King. I am inviting you to come into My garden of delight. I want you to enter and take in the beauty of this garden, looking at every thing closely and knowing that all was created with you in mind, and My desire to bless. I created the loveliness of the world in order for My beloved children to have an idea of My beauty and goodness. Do not hesitate to tell Me of the pleasure that My garden brings to your heart. I want to hear you state it emphatically. Now one word of caution: The enemy is out to get your attention off your Beloved. He wants you looking the other way and missing the great things that I have planned. Don’t let him dupe you. My plans are without flaw and include you, so be prepared to move in the direction of My will, paying him no attention. The best way to accomplish this feat is for you to come into My sweet garden and commune with Me. I am always there waiting for you. Do stay fixed on your purpose. I am waiting and I always eagerly anticipate our time together!!!

In the Garden – Part Eleven

August 10, 2014

Oh, the garden of the Lord God Almighty is a place that is open to all who will come. There are no barriers. There are no stipulations. Come one and come all and be refreshed by the presence of the Lord God Almighty.  Let us take a walk together. I want to show you some sights and reveal some truths to you as we walk. Look to your left. What do you see? Do you see the blooms on that tree? Are they not lovely? Are they not fragrant? They are of a color that is beyond description. They are of a color that you have yet to see. Do you see that they are turning toward us as we walk past? They are turning toward their Lord and Master. They are beckoning to Me. They want Me to enjoy their beauty and fragrance. I nod My head to them. I walk over to the tree and breathe in the fragrance of the blossoms. This tree is alive with the knowledge of the Lord God Almighty. It is alive with the wonder of Who I am, its Creator. I want you to accept this challenge: Look at the trees and flowers that are around you. Appreciate their beauty. Go near. Examine them up close. Look at the bark of the tree. Look at the intricacies of the blooms, and praise Me for all. Praise Me, knowing that I saw fit to create this beauty out of nothing, simply by speaking it into existence, for you, dear child, all for you!!!

In the Garden – Part Ten

August 9, 2014

Hear the word of the Lord God Almighty: I have prepared a place for you to come to Me and rest, rest in all that I have provided. I enjoy your presence. I enjoy having you near to Me. It gives Me great comfort to see you enter into My presence, coming into My garden anticipating sweet communion with Me, and great comfort. I want you to come often. I know that you have busy schedules to keep. I know that the world is beckoning to you to do this thing and that thing, but I would like for you to put your priorities in order. There is nothing, NOTHING, more important that spending time with your Beloved. Don’t let the enemy tell you otherwise. Recognize his distractions for what they are, distractions, and turn and enter into My garden for a refreshing with Me. I welcome you, beloved. I always welcome you. Don’t get distracted. Come in and have a refreshing rest in My presence. I will speak to you, and reveal truths to you. My presence is where you will find true comfort. Come and be refreshed. Come and be comforted by your Holy God!!!

In the Garden – Part Nine

August 8, 2014

I tend My garden. I constantly tend My garden. I let no blooms go unnoticed. My focus is on every plant in My garden. It produces well. It has the finest of blooms and the most delectable fruit. It has blooms that you have never seen and fruit you have never tasted. My garden is a sight to behold in every way. It is free of varmints and peace and joy prevail in every area. A fine garden it is! A lovely garden for our enjoyment and it will remain so, for it is an eternal garden of delight!!!

In the Garden – Part Eight

August 7, 2014

Fear not, beloved child, for there is nothing in My garden that would cause you anxiety or turmoil. My garden is free of anything that would interrupt our sweet interludes. Yes, My garden is a place of peace and joy and nothing that does not proclaim the wonder of the Lord God Almighty can enter, not ever! So rest in this news this day. Rest in the fact that My garden is free of anything that would cause you disquiet!!!

disquiet – unrest, uneasiness, concern, worry, anxiety, foreboding, alarm.

In the Garden – Part Seven

August 6, 2014

In the garden of the Lord God Almighty you will know peace, yes, but you will also know joy deep within. Rest in the provided peace and joy of the Lord God Almighty, and know, precious child, that I provide it willingly. You need not jump through any hoops to enjoy My peace and joy. I give it with no strings attached. You, beloved, must simply come to Me, get quiet before Me and enjoy My presence. The peace and joy are in the presence of the Beloved. Yes, I am peace and joy personified.

Rest in this peace and joy. Rest. Breathe it in. Breathe in the wonder of Who I am to you and know that it delights Me to see you resting in Me. Yes, coming into My garden and resting in Me brings gladness to My heart, MUCH gladness to your Father’s heart!!!


August 4, 2014

I’m ramping up things. I will deliver all that I have promised and more. You will see the kingdom of your God explode in your midst. You will be amazed and thrilled.

I’m causing things to ramp-up. Things are moving at a terrific rate of speed toward that final hour. Prepare yourselves for a most mystifying time, beloved children. Prepare yourselves to see, hear, taste, smell and feel extraordinary occurrences. For truly, I tell you: I am ramping up things at a terrific rate of speed, and the wonders of the living God are about to overtake you, overtake you and bless you, bless you soundly!!!

ramp-up – to increase or cause to increase.
To increase the effort involved in a process

In the Garden – Part Six

July 31, 2014

The garden is the perfect meeting place. It is filled with the beauty of your God, surrounding you and offering you a place in My heart like no other. Know that the hour of wonder is upon you, stabilizing you and bringing you into a new place. Maintain your focus. Know that the dynamics of your God are essentially pure, practical and effective. I am doing something on the face of the earth in hearts, in lives. Welcome My work with open arms. Embrace it, for in so doing you will know peace in a way that the world could never duplicate, never even imitate. Come, My beloved. Come into My garden and learn of Me. Stay focused on Me and receive true heart peace – from Me!!!

In the Garden - Part Five

July 30, 2014

In My garden there is much to explore. I don’t want you to miss a thing, dear heart. I want all to be shown to you, made clear to you, and to enable you to soar in the wonder of Who I am to you. Wait for My appearance. Do not grow weary waiting, for I am with you even though you do not “feel” My presence. I am waiting for the opportune time to make My presence known to you. Be patient. Come into My garden and sit, breathing in the wonder of My fragrance and knowing deep within My great love for you.

In the Garden – Part Four

July 27, 2014

Meet Me in the garden at any time of the day or night. I am always waiting for you and eager for you to explore the wonders therein with Me. Do not hesitate. Do not hold back. The garden is our meeting place. It is a place rich with My fragrance and the wonder of Who I am to you and to the world.

In the Garden – Part Three

July 25, 2014

Come now into My garden where hope resides. I want you to sit here by this babbling brook and rest. Rest and breathe in the goodness of your Lord and King. I want you to know that I am beside you. I am soothing your fretful heart. You may rely on Me to repair any damage the enemy has caused. Yes, My healing balm will soothe away any hurts and bring about a complete healing. You may rely on that, beloved.

Sit here with Me for a while. Don’t be in a big hurry to move on. There is much to see at this vantage point and I don’t want you to miss a moment of what I have for you at this place, as you rest in Me and listen to the brook babbling beside you. Hush! Listen! Can you hear it? Can you hear the song that the brook is singing? It is a love song and it was written for you. Yes, every note was written with you in mind, beloved, every note!!!

In the Garden – Part Two

July 24, 2014

I have invited one and all to come to Me in My garden. I have told you that there are many things in My written word that I want to come alive for you. I want these truths embedded deep within your heart. Now that you have made your decision to take the first step into this garden, I want you to STOP! at the entrance and look around. What do you see? What do you smell? What do you “feel” deep within? My presence, My loving presence is something you may experience. My fragrance wafts throughout this garden. My loving words embrace your heart, finding a place to go deep. Regard this moment as a “first” in your life, for truly it is. Truly you have entered into a rapturous hour of wonder, of truth pervading your heart and going deep within, pronouncing on you a large step into the wonder of your God, your living, loving, benevolent God, Who delights in you, delights in you mightily!!!

In the Garden – Part One

 July 23, 2014

Come with Me, beloved. Come into My garden of delights. I have much to show you and much to teach you about Myself. Behold My goodness to you in all of My written word and know that every day these blessings are pronounced over you. I am your God of love and I am extending an invitation to you: Come into My garden, beloved, and spend valuable time with Me. I want to embed My words of truth deep in your heart. I want you to know Me in a vibrant way. Will you come? Will you participate in this meeting in My garden? I am waiting for your reply. Please let it be in the affirmative. Yes, let it be a “Yes, Lord!”

Joy of the Heart

July 17, 2014

I am the joy of your heart, dear one. I delight in bringing deep, pleasurable joy to the hearts of My very own. I delight in seeing you smile and bubbling over with My joy. My joy brings you strength. It solidifies those intents of the heart that are done in My name, bringing about the desired result.

I am a God of joy, deep wondrous joy. So know this day that My joy is for you. It is for you to enjoy. It is for you as you walk strong into all that is coming your way. I am your God and I have a good plan for your future and it includes My joy. Step into all that I have for you, dear one, step into the joy of your Lord, the Supplier of the joy that fills your heart!!!

Spiritual Vigor

July 16, 2014

I supply you with spiritual vigor. My vigor can transform a heart and offer hope when all else has failed. Know that I delight in seeing My beloved children walking in this spiritual vigor that I so aptly supply. Many of you are looking at the promised days ahead and wondering how I will use you. You are telling Me that you are old and weary and can barely do the mundane things in life, much less participate in the wondrous promised events. I will supply the vigor, beloved. I’ll supply the necessary vigor. You just supply the willing heart and we will get through those days of wonder with flying colors!!!

God is Love….No Judging

July 15, 2014

I want no judging in My church. Come to Me with your concerns and lay them at My feet. I will deal with any discrepancies to My words of truth. I want you, beloved, to embrace that one instead of judging your brother or sister. If your brother or sister has fallen away from Me and My words of truth, you may remind them of My truth, but I still want you to embrace them and not turn aside from them. They are a part of My chosen whether they have defiled My name or not, and you, beloved, must recognize them as such.

Do not judge your brother or sister. You may judge their actions and point them in the right direction, but if they ignore your directive, you must step back, leave them to their own devices and pray for them. Can you do this? Can you stop judging and looking down on your brothers and sisters? I sincerely hope that you will try. I sincerely hope that you will take My words to heart and follow My directive.


carnage - the killing of a large number of people.

July 10, 2014

I want you prepared, beloved children, for what is to take place. I want you to clear your mind and heart and recognize the work of the enemy for what it is. Will you hear Me now and vow to Me that you will maintain your focus on Me and on My cause no matter what occurs? Will you trust Me no matter what is taking place, trust Me to deliver My best to My children in a way that will mystify and thrill your heart?

I am your eternal King. I declare to you this day these words of truth. Take them into your heart. Relish them, for they are life and health to one who receives them. The enemy has plans underfoot and he plans to carry them out post haste. My beloved children need to stay focused on Me, the Provider of all that is right and true. Pay his words of deceit no mind. Pay his words that will stir a heart to anxiousness no attention. Listen to Me. Focus on Me, come what may, and know that the carnage he plans to demonstrate in your midst will not come nigh your dwelling, not even close!!!

Scriptures on a Cord

July 8, 2014

The Lord showed me a cord, containing small pieces of clear plastic about the size of a return address label. A different Scripture was typed on each in different colors of ink. My word is very valuable. I want you to realize that. I want you to know that it is so valuable that it needs to be read and quickened to the reader’s heart and mind. Read My words of truth. Take them for what they are, nuggets of gold, nuggets of gold that will enable a heart to grow in its ability to do the work of My kingdom. Do not hesitate to take My words in any form and read and possess them. Do not hesitate to take those written words of truth that are guaranteed to make you grow spiritually and bind them to your heart.

I am doing a new thing in this day. I want you to realize it. I want you to take Me and My word in their proper context. I want you to embrace them. I want you to study on My truth and let it enhance your life. No, it is not a game, but you may take it as such, embracing it in all of its forms. So in this new day, beloved, know that the Almighty has made preparations for you to receive and to digest My word in many different forms. They are all good as long as My words of truth are contained therein.

Do not doubt Me on this: My words of truth will take many forms, but each form is guaranteed to do just what it was meant to do, enable you to grow spiritually!!!


July 5, 2014

peerless – unequaled, unrivaled, superior, first-class, matchless, without equal

You serve a peerless God. I am unequaled in all of My ways. Look on My past performance. Is there one who can equal it? No! There is no other like the God Whom you serve. I am the divine One, holy and pure. I am the Giver of all that is right and true. Look at the gifts I bring to My beloved. Look at the words of love that I speak. Look at the blessings that abound for one who has chosen to serve Me. I am the God of love, pure and holy love. I give that love freely. It is not to be equaled. Do you know, or have you experienced another who gave love that is so rich and pure? I am holy in all of My ways, pure, absolutely pure is the divine One, the One you call your God, the One to Whom you look for your daily provision.

I am always with you. I am always watching out for you. I am the Good Shepherd Who takes care of His own, and My quality of care is peerless. Yes, it is pure and holy and it is given out of a pure and loving heart. That is why your God and all of His ways are peerless, peerless right down to the tiniest of details, peerless in every single aspect is the divine One Whom you call your God!!!


July 4, 2014

always – forever, at all times, for eternity, forever and a day

I awoke hearing that old ballad “Always.” Here is what the Lord has to say about “always.” I will always love you, beloved. You are dear, so dear, to My heart. I hold you in the highest esteem. Remember these words. Take them into your heart. Rest easy knowing that your Beloved God and King cares deeply for you. There is nothing you could ever do to change that amazing fact. Look to your right. Look to your left. What do you see? Do you see anything that compares with My love for you, My devotion? Of course you do not. Of course, because nothing compares with the mighty love of your God, the love that He is delighted to bestow on you, His beloved.

I will always love you. I will always care about your life, your future. Regard this truth with much appreciation, and know, dear heart, that a new hour is coming on the horizon, a new hour when you will walk in an appreciation of My love that you have never experienced. When this happens, you will know some truths about My love with a certainty. You will regard them as a bit strange, and different from your way of thinking. But know this, dear one: I created you to walk in this hour for a reason, and that reason is beneficial to My coming kingdom. Regard this time of preparation as a time that is too mind-boggling for the most brilliant of minds, too mind boggling for the most vivid imagination so just embrace it, beloved. Embrace it with all that is in you!!!

True Comfort

June 11, 2014

Only I can bring true comfort to a heart. The world cannot give you the comfort that you desire. There is not one thing in the world that can soothe a heart the way that I can. Remember this, beloved. Remember this truth. When the enemy comes at you with his fiery darts, seek Me, seek Me to soothe away those hurts that cause you so much pain and unease. I will always come to your rescue. I will always intervene and give you just what you need to be free of his taunts. I am a God of love. My whole modus operandi is based on love. Regard this as the truth that it is, because, beloved, I would like for you to display this love to those with whom you come in contact. Love never fails. Love is displayed in My whole being. So know this day that the love of your God will shine forth when you offer a word of hope, a smile of caring and love, and a tender and compassionate touch. Thereby you are displaying My character to another, and when this is done you are being instrumental in giving My true comfort to another!!!

The Second Phase

May 29, 2014

The second phase has begun, beloved. It has begun and I am thrilled to pull out all stops to present this phase to you. Along with this phase will come many extraordinary events. Oh, yes. The cries of your hearts will be answered in many unusual and varying ways. So I say to you this day! Get ready. I am pronouncing a new phase of wonder upon My church, a phase that will get the world’s attention and gladden the hearts of My dear children! The time is right; the time is here!!!

The First Phase

May 28, 2014

The Lord showed me a simple drawing from a coloring book of a man holding several balloons. The coloring had been completed. The coloring was done in a lovely, perfect style. The colors were varied and vibrant. I want My beloved to know that I have completed the first picture of what I am doing on the face of the earth. I’ve done all to perfection. I have left nothing out. The colors you will see are to perfection and lovely to look at. This has been an exacting work. It has not been too complicated, but I have done it in a very exacting fashion, so it has taken awhile. Look on this work as it unfolds in your life and know that your God has seen to it that you have had the finest, every detail has been covered with the vibrancy of color that was necessary for each hour, and everyone who beholds this work will exclaim over its beauty and perfection.

Yes, I have completed the first phase. Let the second phase begin. Let the second phase that will usher in My coming begin!!!

Proof Positive

May 27, 2014

proof positive –evidence considered to be final absolute proof of the existence of something.; conclusive proof , living proof

I want you to look around you, beloved. Look at all that I have created in your midst. Examine it. Look closely at My creation. Ask Me about it. Think about it and then tell Me: Is that not living proof of a Creator, One Who saw fit to equip you with all that you need for this life and also to build you a more than adequate body that does for you all that you need in order to exist on this created earth? I am your God and Creator. I looked on My creation and said that it was good. I want you to see it as I see it, good, wonderful in fact!

Many go around denying My existence. They say that all just came into existence, no planning to it. They are wrong. They have not given it enough thought and they have not been honest with themselves. If they chose to be honest with themselves, they would have to admit that I exist and I exist with a cause foremost in My mind. What is that cause? That cause is to have all of My children close to Me, enjoying My company. That! Beloved, is My cause!!!

Undivided Hearts

May 26, 2014

I want My dear children to have undivided hearts. I want your hearts fixed on your Beloved. “How can I do this,” you may ask? It is quite simple: Choose this day Whom you wish to serve. Choose this day how you wish to conduct your life. It is all a matter of choice, beloved. It is a matter of choosing to follow after My heart, turning your back on the world and taking up your cross to follow Me. It is simple, is it not? It is the simplest of tasks. It is just a matter of choice. You say, “Yes, Lord, I choose to follow You and You only, but sometimes I get My eyes on the world and veer off Your path.”

I know, I know, beloved. I see the world clamoring for your attention. But My words to you this day are for you to get back on path. Get back on that path that I have selected for you and then follow Me, follow Me looking to Me to bring that satisfaction to your heart that the world offers and never delivers. I am the true One. I am the ONLY One Who can bring you the heart peace for which you long. Choose Me! f you get off the path, call out to Me and I will come to your aid. I will assist you as you make the right choices and get back on the path of My selection. I want no divided hearts in My camp. I want you fully aware of Who I am to you and what I have planned for you, and the best way for that to occur is for you to maintain your position in Me by making the right choice, the choice to follow your beloved, turning your back on the world and advancing in My will for you. That is the safest place to be, beloved. That is the BEST place to dwell!!!

Straight Talk

May 22, 2014

straight talk – blunt, frank, direct, candid, up-front, forthright, plain-spoken, honest

I want to talk straight to you today, beloved, about your future in Me. I want you to know that it is secure. There is nothing that could change that fact. You said “yes” to Me and on that day I began a process in your life that will see My will brought forth. You may count on that.

Many of My children have their doubts about that amazing fact. They look on their lives and find themselves lacking in areas. I am telling you that as I see things they look good. Things are going along smoothly, according to My will. Your prayer is still the same, “I want to serve you, Lord, at all cost,” and My reply to you is the same, “You are My beloved, and I plan to use you in untold ways to bring about the hour of hours on earth. You may count on that fact.

Now, beloved, I want you to believe Me. Have faith in My plans coming through according to My will. Have faith that I can and will carry them out with My acknowledged expertise. And I want you to know, beloved, that the hour is just around the corner, so get ready for things around you to explode in the wonder of your God and know, with this explosion of the Almighty God’s making, will come a happy, most glorious time, a time when you will stand in wonder at all My plans coming forth as you enter into a new era filled with wonder and peace. Yes, a peace so wonderful that you will breathe a sight of relief knowing that your God has signified His will in your life and is moving you into a place of unbridled splendor. This is My plan. This is My straight talk to you today. Now I want you to pass along My truth and get ready to behold My glory demonstrated in your midst in ways you never imagined!!!

The Field of Golden Wheat

May 21, 2014

In a vision, I saw Someone riding a white horse along a path that went through a field of golden wheat. Why did You show this to me, dear Lord?

I want My beloved children to see something of great importance. The harvest is ready. I have made it ready. It is ready and I am going to claim My own. I am going to get My own and take them to a happy place in Me. I want you to prepare your hearts to enter into this place. I want you to open your hearts to receive all that I am offering in this day.

I, the Beloved, the God and King of the universe, have prepared you for this fine hour. The harvest is ready. I am ready. Are you ready, precious child? Are you ready for all that I have prepared for your enjoyment? I hope you are, for surely as I speak, the time is right, the harvest is ripe, and I am about to harvest My abundance and take My dear children into a new and happy place with Me, a place where you will enjoy the glory of your God and walk in a peace you have never known, never realized existed.

The time is right. The harvest is ready. Get ready for the events that will bring all to fruition, and know, dear child, that this is what I have been speaking to you about since time began, since I first created you to walk in the knowledge of My love for you!!!

The Spectrum of My Love

May 20, 2014

spectrum – range, band, field, gamut, variety, scale, continuum

The spectrum of My love far exceeds anything you could ever imagine, beloved. It is deeper, wider and its height is far beyond any place to which you could ascend. I want you to know that I delight in showering My love on you. I delight in seeing you soaked in this eternal gift. Receive it today, tomorrow, and forever. That is what it is for. That is the quest that delights your Father, to shower His love on His chosen in amounts too vast for words, far exceeding anything you could ever imagine!!!

Just Passing Through

May 18, 2014

When people are born, they grow to think that they are going to be on earth forever. This is not true, beloved. This is certainly not true. I want you to know that you are just passing through this life on earth, just passing through. Earth is not your final destination. I am a God with a plan for each of My children. My plan is flawless. It includes passing through this life on earth. It includes being born on earth, living a life, according to My plan, and then continues with Me after you have fulfilled that plan on earth. Don’t let the world get your focus off Me. Follow My plan. Follow it closely. You will get much satisfaction out of this life if you will stay focused on Me, following My plan for you.

I want every person born on earth to know that his or her time on earth is limited. I want them to know that it is a part of My plan for you to dwell on earth, but your time on earth is only to fulfill a certain part of My will. Acknowledge this truth. Take it to heart. Live every day seeking out My will for you. Follow My instructions along life’s way, and know true heart satisfaction. And know this: what awaits a child of Mine is too wonderful for words, absolutely TOO wonderful for words!!!

No “Sell by” Date

May 17, 2014

In a vision, the Lord showed me an opened jar of pickled peaches and another one of dill pickles. My dilemma was whether or not they were still fresh enough to eat. Here is what He has to tell us about this dilemma:

I am the Lord your God. I look on your hearts and call them good, righteous in My sight. Know that the enemy will try to tell you differently, but you must pay him no mind. Listen to Me, My voice, and know that I do all things well, and when I gave My life as a sacrifice for you, I completed the work and gave you a robe of righteousness to wear. It is not something that one takes off and discards, according to your actions. It is an everlasting robe of righteousness. Wear it, beloved! Wear it, knowing that it was freely given, but I paid a dear price in order for you to wear it.

The enemy will tell you that it is not for you to enjoy every day. He will tell you that it has lost its power, but he is wrong, again! He enjoys trying to destroy My truth in your mind. He wants you to think that the season for righteousness has passed, but it has not passed and it will NEVER pass.

Regard this truth with a thankful heart.
Regard it and rejoice!

The enemy wants you to ponder inconsequential dilemmas. He likes to get you off track. He wants you to spend your time pondering the mundane. He wants you side-tracked in your walk with Me, wondering if and why. Do not let him get your focus off of Who I am to you and what I accomplished for you, dear heart. Keep your focus on the truth at hand and maintain your stance in Me. Don’t let him waylay you, taking your mind down trails that accomplish nothing. I am your God. I performed on your behalf and gave the best gift life has to offer, and it is an everlasting gift. There is no “sell by” date on it. There is no perishing date on the gifts of the Lord God Almighty!!!


May 16, 2014

struggles - tussle, fight, make a great effort, resist, fight back, move violently, kick

Many of you are struggling with problems and situations. You are having a difficult time of it. I can see that. These words are for you! Look! Look to Me! I will come to your aid. I will assist you in your endeavor to get free of this struggle and take a stand on the side of right. All you need do is callout to Me, call out to Me, speaking your petition, and know that I will promptly come to your aid. Trust Me in this, beloved.

You must learn to seek Me during your times of distress over your problems and rest in the knowledge that I am aware of the ins and outs of your problem and know exactly how to set you upright and move you in the direction of My will. It pleases Me to see that you are not giving in to the enemy’s devices. Know this: He is persistent and he delights in seeing you anguished over his antics, but your God sees all and is always ready to come to your aid and relinquish the bands of your heart from his evil grip. You must simply ask; you must simply seek Me first. Yes, seek Me before you even devise a plan of action. Seek Me and I will cut away all that could entangle you and I will set you straight on the path of delight that I have for you.

So what is the plan? Seek the Almighty One when the enemy comes at you with his wicked plans and know that I will at once disentangle you and cut you free of the enemy’s plan. Then quite simply you may step into the course that I have provided for you, the path that leads to freedom and delight. That is what I have for you, precious child, the path of freedom and delight!!!


May 14, 2014

algorithm - a set of steps that are followed in order to solve a mathematical problem or to complete a computer process

There is a process that is much used to solve mathematical problems. It is called an algorithm. In this process the mathematician must make no error in his sums. He must follow the directions to the nth degree. He must pursue his answer with a determination that will get him the desired result.

I want you, beloved, to know that I am with you, pursuing ALL of your heart. I want to overtake your heart. I want to bring your whole heart into captivity. Just as the mathematician’s pursuit must be error free, My pursuit must Me error free. I must have impeccable timing. I must pursue every moment of every day, for this is a lifelong process that occurs when one says “yes” to Me.

Know that I do all things well. My timing is always impeccable. You may not understand My method or My timing, but know this with a certainty: The Beloved is after your whole heart and I will not fail in My endeavor to possess it!!!

A Pregnant Tummy

May 13, 2014

In a vision, I saw a pregnant tummy. Some one was taking his finger and running it up the center of the tummy and then stopped at the umbilicus, took a clear, hollow tube and pressed it into the tummy through the umbilicus. Why did You show this to me, dear Lord?

I want to teach you something about My ways. I want you to open your eyes and your heart to My truth and embrace it always. I want you to look on My actions and know that I have a good reason for everything that I do. Regard My works with a sense of awe. Look at them from the proper perspective. Yes, I want you to see things through the eyes of your God. Watch Me perform, and know, beloved, that I have a purpose for everything that I do, and the outcome is always just as I expected, meeting My expectations.

Many may look on My work and wince. They may even think that damage will occur from My actions, My work. Know this with a certainty, beloved: I do all things well. All of My work accomplishes My goal and the desired result will meet My expectations.

So I am asking that you relax and rest in the knowledge that your God knows what He is doing, exactly what He is doing, and you may trust in My work, beloved. You may trust totally in the work of your God.


May 12, 2014

antibody - any of numerous Y-shaped protein molecules produced by B cells as a primary immune defense, each molecule and its clones having a unique binding site that can combine with the complementary site of a foreign antigen, as on a virus or bacterium, thereby disabling the antigen and signaling other immune defenses.

Let Me inject you with My antibodies of love. They will capture every particle that is foreign within your heart and set all to right. They will destroy the enemy’s work and increase the wonder that I am bringing about within your heart.

Yes. I have My very own antibodies of love and I want to give you a good injection of them right into your heart. It will not hurt a bit. All you need say is that you are willing, eager, to have Me do this. They will go to work immediately and perform on your behalf a wonderful cleansing, attaching to those things within your heart that are alien to Me and My work.

I will start immediately after you give Me the go ahead. I will begin as soon as you tell Me of your willingness to have this wonder performed on your behalf. It will be awhile before you will realize that the antibodies have done their work, but you will realize it in good time and you will be pleased. You will know a wonderful freedom within. You will positively soar at the wonder of what has taken place on your behalf.

I am your God and I have an injection of antibodies that I would like to give to you. Will you say “yes” to this injection? I will perform it Myself. I will oversee the process Myself. All you need do is give Me the go-ahead. Will you do that? Will you give Me the go-ahead with this new work that I wish to perform? Will you willingly accept this injection of antibodies that I wish to give you directly into your heart of hearts?


May 11, 2014

Concentrate on Who I Am to you, beloved. Concentrate on all of your life that has developed thus far. What do you think of Me? What do you think of My words of truth? Can you embrace all that I am with relish, or are you holding back in some areas that you do not understand.

This is My advice to you: Come to Me. Tell Me your concerns and then wait, beloved, wait for My answer, My response. I tell you it will come. It will be delivered and then you will know with a certainty that the One Who gave all for you indeed cares for you and has plans for your future that far outweigh your wildest imagination.

That is My word for you today, beloved: concentrate, concentrate on Who I Am and if there is anything in question, ask Me and I will deliver you My answer, My response, at the appropriate time. Trust Me to do just that!!!

concentrate – think, ponder, muse, focus, deliberate, contemplate, give attention to


May 10, 2014

vitality - energy, strength, life, liveliness, vigor, get-up-and-go, verve, joie de vivre, enthusiasm,
radiance, high spirits, spring in your step, exuberance.

I am life personified and I want to give My life, My vitality, to each of you individually. I have plenty to go around and plenty left over. Regard this amazing truth, regard it mystified at the God you serve. I want to see each of you walking in this vitality that I give freely. You don’t have to do anything to get it, just ask, just come to Me and ask. It is yours, it is for you, and it will serve you well, very well, in the coming days. Much success is to be had by one who seeks the heart of the living God, much, and I do not want you missing out on one iota of the success that My vitality will bring to you. Walking in My truth is an expert way of accomplishing the goals that I set before you. Walking in My truth and seeking My heart in matters go hand in hand and will take you along to the victory that is found in knowing and belonging to Me. I am the expert in this life-giving walk.

Seek Me. Look to Me. Ask Me, and know true joy in your heart as you skip your way to success, calling out to Me words of thanksgiving and praise. I am your God. I have much to offer one who will seek Me and walk in the truth that I have provided. Seek My heart. Be filled to overflowing with the rich, sweet vitality that I provide and know a truly successful walk in the Lord your God, abounding in My goodness and blessings showered forth plenteously.


May 3, 2014

cheerfulness – happiness, joyfulness, cheer, cheeriness, jollity, exuberance, optimism, brightness, willing and without resentment.

 I want My children cheerful. I do not want you to be downcast, but lifted up, your countenance bright. Will you do this for Me? Will you do this for yourself? Choose to be cheerful. I am with you, guiding your steps. I delight in you and have wonderful plans for your future. You can always count on Me to deliver My best to you. So why be downhearted. Lift up your head. Lift up you head and look on the face of the Beloved. I am smiling tenderly at you. I am beckoning you closer. Come to Me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest. What better place to be than to dwell in the arms of the Beloved. That is reason enough to be cheerful. That is reason enough to stand straight and tall, looking bright with a smile on your face.

So I say to you today, beloved, “Choose to be cheerful. Choose to walk in My love for you, knowing that I am always with you and I care deeply for you. Choose Me above all else and I will see to it that you enter into that rest that I so gladly supply.” I want you to be cheerful. I don’t want you glum and sad, but happy, smiling at Me and smiling at others. Will you do this? Will you at least consider doing this? If you will, beloved, I will teach you some things about walking with the Beloved. Yes, I will teach you some wonderful truths that you may take into your heart forever. Choose Me! Choose to be cheerful and let Me come to your aid. Let Me assist you in your walk of happiness and guide you into the coming hour of bliss.

Now, smile. Smile at Me. Smile because your Beloved God has seen fit to bring something of importance to your attention, something that will bless you mightily, if you will but follow My lead, if you will but offer Me a smile of love!!!


May 2, 2014

sincerity – genuineness, honesty, seriousness, earnestness, naturalness, unaffectedness, authenticity

Be sincere in your dealings with others and with Me. I know your heart, beloved, so why try to hide behind words of untruth? I want to see forthrightness in your words and actions. I want to see you standing upright in all situations. So be earnest in your dealings. Be concerned genuinely and pray for your brothers and sisters. Do not hide behind words of insincerity. Speak words of truth in all situations and you will never go wrong in dealing with others, for words of truth always win out in the end, always bring forth the correct result!!!


May 1, 2014

guile – cunning, slyness, wiliness, craftiness, cleverness--(antonym) frankness

I want My beloved children to be free of guile. I want you to let your yes be yes and your no to be no. Don’t paint any flowery pictures to try to cover up an action. No! If you sin, ask for pardon. If you sin against a brother or sister, go to that person and ask their pardon.

I would have you frank about all that you do. Don’t hide behind words of untruth. Do not deceive. Tell the truth. Tell the whole truth and let the situation develop as it may.

But, beloved, be kind in your telling of the truth. Do not be harsh when dealing with another. Be gentle. Express your heart in a way of purity and light. Be subject to love for another.

I want no guile in My children. I want you truthful and honest in your dealing with one another. I want you to express My heart in all that you do and say. If thoughts come into your mind that are contrary to My words of truth, dismiss them as lies, for that is what they are, beloved, lies!!!

Good Temper

April 30, 2014

I want you to be good-tempered. I don’t want My children arguing and fighting. I want you at peace with one another.

I want you to be good-tempered to everyone with whom you come in contact. Don’t be short-tempered. Give a person the benefit of the doubt and if that does not pan out, I would have you come to Me with your tale of woe.

I don’t want you saying words that tear another down. In the heat of an argument, words can be said that are hurtful. These words tear down, they do not help a situation one iota. Be aware of this. Don’t pull the plug on your temper; keep it under wraps. Come to Me when you feel it bubbling up. Talk to Me and then sit quietly while I help you simmer down. This will do you a lot of good. This will help you in untold ways. Don’t let that temper flare. Cool down, beloved. Cool down a bit and get a proper perspective of the situation. It will help you and it will help others. Give it a try. You will not regret it!!!


April 27, 2014

Give freely, beloved, expecting nothing in return. Give in secret. Give out of a heart of love. Give to those you know and even to those that you do not know.

I am a giving God and I give all in an attitude of unselfishness. My wish is for you to do likewise. Make an honest attempt to do this in My honor. Make an attempt to give out of a heart of love, for in so doing you will reap plenty of rewards, rewards that will come from My hand to your heart!


April 24, 2014

Courtesy is a wonderful gesture and is sorely lacking in the world today. Be courteous to all. Do not be pushy or demanding. Be gentle. Be loving in your acceptance of your fellowman.

I am a courteous God. I give freely to My beloved, displaying generosity. I have always been courteous to mankind and My desire is to see My children walk courteously with one another. You can say much just by extending a courteous attitude, much about the Holy Master Whom you serve!!!


April 23, 2014

humility – humbleness, modesty, unassuming nature, meekness

Walk in an attitude of humility. Do not let your demeanor speak anything but kind humility. I am your God. I gave up all to come to earth and live as you live. I walked a life of humility willingly. I want you to do likewise. Be a blessing to others. Embrace others with your kind words and actions. Let others see My humility in you. This is bound to get the world’s attention, beloved, for the world walks in arrogance and pride. The world is not accustomed to seeing one who is so blessed walking meekly and lovingly, striking a chord of love with one’s actions.

Benefit yourself, benefit Me, walk humbly before your Lord God Almighty just as I walked humbly before mankind!!!


April 22, 2014

I give freely to My dear children and I want you to give freely to your fellowman. I want you to be generous in your giving and in your actions. I don’t want any of My dear ones classified as stingy. I want you classified as generous, generous with your blessings and generous with your actions. Do a good deed every day. Speak words of love to others, words of love never fail in offering a person what he needs in this life.

I am a generous God. I have given to My children freely in many ways. I want you to be generous first and foremost. Don’t hold back. Let the kind intentions flow and offer a blessing to another in word and deed!!!


April 21, 2014

I am a kind God and I want you, My beloved children, to be kind too. I don’t want your attitude to be false; I want it to be genuine. I want genuine kindness to shine forth from your very soul.

Don’t listen when the enemy speaks harsh words about another. Pay those words no attention, but look at that person and see them through eyes of kindness. Be gentle and loving. Be kind with your words and your actions. That is the way I want you to treat your fellowman, dear child. That is the way that I always treat you….


April 15, 2014

I am a patient God. I look at My children and My patience surfaces every time you get off course. I immediately set about getting you back on course, back on that path that I have selected for you. Never doubt My patience. Never doubt My willingness to come to your aid. My patience is always available on your behalf, always ready assist you in your endeavor to get back on course.


April 14, 2014

In this life you will need to make choices, the right choices, choices that will lead you into My will. If you make the wrong choices, the consequences will not be My best for you, but don’t fret little one, I will not leave you by the wayside. I will come to your aid. It would be better if you made correct choices, choices that line up with My words of truth. This would get you to your destination in Me without a prolonged, hazardous journey. So bear this in mind. When a situation arises and you are pondering your choices, think about what My Word says. Think about what I would have you to do, and then take that first step in the right direction. You will not regret your decision. You will not regret having taken that step in the will of your God.

I am always with you, dear one, but as I have told you, as you draw near to Me, I will draw near to you. Bear this in mind. It is a truth that lives on. Follow the course of action that I have designed for you and know that as you draw near to Me, you will hear Me more clearly and be strengthened to move toward that hope that is found in following after the heart of your Beloved.

Created in God’s Image

April 13, 2014

I AM your God and Creator. I created you for such a time as this to walk in My truth. Many will look on your walk as unusual. Many will think that you do not know what you are doing. They will believe you to be “simple-minded,” but I say to you, beloved, “follow the design of your Lord God and Almighty and know true heart peace.

I am telling you today that I am your God and Creator. I am not a man. I am not a woman. My very character possesses the attributes of both and so much more. Yes, dear one, there is more to Me than you could ever imagine. Look on My heart and all it contains and ponder whether or not you have ever known a man or woman who resembled Me. Ponder the fact that I came to earth as a man, presenting My heart to mankind, and no one recognized Me for Who I really was, Who I really am.

I am a multi-faceted God. My heart contains more than you can imagine. It is equipped to do the finest for mankind, it is equipped to save, heal and deliver mankind just for the asking. Ask Me anything, anything, beloved, and I will show you My heart. You say, “But Lord, I am always asking you to do things and You don’t do them. Sometimes I think you are not even involved in the earth, or in the hearts of mankind.” There you are wrong, beloved, there you are sorely wrong. I Am involved in what goes on over the face of the earth. Nothing, no one escapes My notice. I see all and I hear all. Know that I delight in My chosen vessels. I delight in seeing you grow stronger in Me, and when you come to Me with a situation that has you baffled, I immediately go to work on your behalf. You must trust Me in this. You must trust when you deliver your prayer to Me that I hear and I respond. I respond in ways you may not understand, but I respond for the best for you and the best for My kingdom. Never doubt that truth.

Now, I say to you, beloved: You may not understand Me and all of My ways, you may not understand what is going on in the world today, but I want you to rest in the knowledge that I know what is going on and I understand the hearts of mankind. I understand and I set about correcting the thinking that goes against My truth. My truth is to be embraced at all cost. Realize this and know that one who walks in the truth of the Almighty One is surely walking in the face of the world, because the one who walks in My truth is walking in the direction of the eternal hope that is found in knowing and serving Me.

I tell you that there is much about Me that you don’t know. There are things about My personality and essence that you have never realized, but I am your God and Creator and I created you in My own image. So what does that tell you, beloved? Ponder that truth and know that there is much to be realized when you ponder the fact that YOU were created in the image of the One Who is righteous and true, the One Who is capable of things you never imagined, and I AM moving you in the direction of who you are in Me, who you are in the world as My ambassadors of truth!!!

My Banner of Love

April 10, 2014

My banner of love is waving over the world. It is waving in your direction. It is waving over every person who walks on the face of the earth. You see, the Beloved loves His creation, and desires that all come into His fold.

Never think that I have given up on hearts. There may be some of your loved ones upon whom you have given up. My word to you today is: don’t give up! I haven’t! keep your prayers coming. Keep your hearts open to those you love. Don’t turn away. Don’t throw up your hands in despair. I haven’t and neither should you.

I am waving My banner of love over mankind, over hearts that have dismissed Me as fictitious. Don’t dismiss Me and My ability to draw hearts into My fold. My love is powerful. My love can reach where no man can. So keep your prayers coming. Don’t give up. Don’t turn away from those who are walking away from Me, seeking their own will. Draw near to Me. Plead your case and see My hand move. See the sweet breeze of My banner woo those hearts into surrender and see My will accomplished in lives in ways you never dreamed possible.

This is My word for you today, beloved: Don’t give up on your loved ones. Don’t give up praying for them with fervency. I hear and I acknowledge every prayer you pray. I hear and acknowledge every word you speak to Me on their behalf. I hear and respond. Respond to Me. Respond to My goodness. Respond to the banner of love that I am waving in your direction and in the direction of those have not YET acknowledged Me and My love.

Willing Hearts

April 9, 2014

All that I am asking for is willing hearts to do My will. I enjoy seeing these hearts come into the design of My will expectant. Will you surrender your heart to Me? Will you walk in My divine will for you? I am eager for us to move forward. I am eager to see you expectant – eager to see My will unfold in your lives and in your midst.

Come to Me, beloved. Let us be about your Father’s business. Let Me open doors for you that you thought would never open. Let Me close those doors that cause you grief. It is the hour of awakening. It is the hour of wonder. It is the time that you will recognize as the time the Beloved took His place in the history of man and revealed Himself mightily. I plan to do things you cannot fathom. I plan to present a fine hour, a fine hour that will rectify the havoc that the enemy has wrought in lives. All I need is willing hearts. All I need is YOUR heart. Will you surrender anew to Me today, dear one. Will you surrender your heart to Me today, right now, this very moment? I want to get on with My plans. I want to see the completion of a vital time in the lives of mankind. Let’s get busy. Let’s get stirring. Let Me reveal the wonder of My love to you. Let Me show you how I do things. You will see that I do them RIGHT. I begin and accomplish a task with expertise. The time is right. Surrender that willing heart to Me. Surrender to My cause.

Surrender NOW!!!

New Perspective

April 6, 2014

I want to give you a new perspective. I want you to see yourself differently, through the eyes of your heavenly Father. Will you listen to Me and let Me explain?

I see you as accomplished by the hand of the Almighty God, a prized vessel of honor. I see you as lovely, lovely in My sight, nothing is missing and all is perfection. I see you through eyes of love, dear one. I see you clearly, more clearly than you have ever seen yourself, or could ever imagine seeing yourself.

I know that this is a startling concept. I know that it is difficult for you to see yourself the way that I see you, but know this with certainty: What I see when I look at you is truth. There is no untruth in Me, and when I see one of My own, one that I bought and paid for, one that has been cleansed by My saving blood, I see clearly and there is no flaw present, no flaw in My vision and no flaw in you. Now! Ponder that, beloved. Ponder that wonderful truth and thank Me for it!!!

Be Constant in Prayer

April 5, 2014

Be constant in prayer, beloved. Keep those lines of communication open. Any time is the right time to have a heart to heart with your Beloved. Remember that. Remember too that I am calling you into a new place and in this place it is of the utmost importance for you to hear My words to you and for you to respond. Respond without hesitation. That is what constant prayer will do for you. It will enable you to hear Me more clearly and to know My heart on important matters.

I am calling you into a new place, a place of constant communication. You do not have to be speaking all of the time, but keep your heart and mind open to receive clear directions from Me. Keep your heart open to respond to Me. I am eager for this communication with Me to become a part of your life on a fulltime basis. Your part, the part that you will play in this is for you to work at maintaining your focus on Me. Keep your heart open to receive from Me, and know deep within that I have called you into a new place, a very important place, where you will hear My voice, respond, being about your Father’s work in ways that you never dreamed possible.

The time is fast approaching when I will show Myself mighty to the world in untold ways and you will be a part of this phenomenon. So I say to you: Keep the lines of communication open between us and move forward into that most extreme wonders the world has ever seen being on display and you, dear heart, will be a part of this fabulous display of the Almighty God, your God and King!!!


March 31, 2014

Life is full of challenges, beloved. Every day you will face different challenges, some big and some not so big. I would advise you to consult with Me when those challenges arise. Yes, come to Me and tell Me your concerns. I will respond. I will give you clear direction. If it is something that is not pressing, relax. I will give you the wherewithal to go through it when the time arises. If you are perplexed about something in life that is facing you, beloved, remember: I am always with you. I am always looking out for your best interest. Rest in that knowledge. Rest in the knowledge that your God and King is with you, securing you in your walk and He has your best interest at heart every single step of the way!!!

Abide in Me

March 30, 2014

abide – dwell

Abide in Me, beloved. Yes, I have made a way for you to rest in Me, in the secure knowledge of Who I am to you and the security that knowing that truth brings. I am your loving Father and I delight in having you close to Me. I delight in hearing your voice and knowing that you are seeking Me first and foremost in life’s situations. I am a Father Who delights in each of His children and wants to have you home, safe in the confines of My heart.

Don’t let the world deter you from taking a stance to abide in Me. Don’t let the world get you off track. I want you near to Me, safe and secure in Me. Don’t even consider another approach to life. My heart is where you will gain the peace and happiness for which you long. My heart is where you will know the wonder of My grace. Abide in Me, beloved. Come to Me and be safe and secure in the loving heart of the One Who loves you and delights in you always – always, beloved, ALWAYS!!!

No Accidents

March 28, 2014

I have no accidents when I am working in the hearts of My children. At times you may wonder what I am doing, but believe Me when I tell you that there are no accidents made by the Almighty God, no accidents at all!!!

Deep Thoughts

March 27, 2014

I want you to have deep thoughts of Me, beloved. I want you to ponder Who I am to you. Ponder and ponder and ponder the beauty of the earth that I have created with you in mind. After you think those deep thoughts, I would like for you to express your feeling for One such as I, One Who gave His life for you, surrendering His home in heaven to live amidst His created children. Ponder that awhile.

I may sound like I am giving you an assignment today, but I am merely assisting you in developing a sweet, intimate relationship with Me. For as you know, to know Me is to love Me. If you have deep thoughts about Me, all that I have done, all My Word tells you about Me, you will grow to love Me more and more. As you grow in your love for Me, you will grow in your love for mankind. That is what it is all about, beloved, learning to love your fellowman, as you love Me, your righteous and holy God!!!

Sing for Joy

March 26, 2014

Sing for joy, beloved, for you have been rescued from the snare of the enemy and set upon a high place with your Beloved. Sing with gusto, for you have much for which to be glad. I am your God and Creator. I delight in the joy of My dear children. I take delight in the smiles and words of love that you offer to Me. I want you to sing for joy, for your Beloved has seen fit to make a way for you to enter into a new hour. If you have never sung with joy in your heart, beloved, you will. For I am doing a new thing that will send your heart soaring and enable you to realize the wonder and awe of your God and Creator, the One Who loves you with an undying love and sings songs of joy over you with a passion, a sweet, melodic passion!!!

Praise Me With Your Whole Being

March 25, 2014

I created you to praise your most high God. I created you to walk in the wonder of Who I am to you. That is something, beloved, for which you should praise Me.

I am devoted to you. I hold you in high esteem. You, as My dear little children, should hold Me, your God and Creator, in the highest esteem.

I delight in your praises to Me. I take delight in the sweet voices that come to Me. Each voice singing My praise is a sweet delight to Me, I savor every one of them.

So, beloved, bear this in mind during your day. Bear it in mind when you awaken in the night. Think on the One Who loves you, delights in you, and offer Me a word or a song of praise. You know it brings delight to Me, thrills Me. That is the reason I took that journey so long ago, to bring My beloved into that relationship where you could know Me and My goodness expressed to you in all that I AM!!!


March 24, 2014

Many of My children are calling out to Me, asking that I free them from the power of the wicked one. I want you to know that I have freed you. I have completely freed you. You must believe that your Holy God took His task seriously and did everything that would make it possible for you to walk free of the enemy. You must act on these words of truth. You must take them to heart. He has no power over you. I am the All-powerful God Who saw fit to defeat the enemy once and for all. Take these words and meditate on them. Take these words to heart and bear them in mind when the enemy sends his fiery darts in your direction. You serve a powerful God, a God Who is full of love and I love you so much that I defeated the evil one for you. I defeated him once for all. Now you must act on that truth. You must act on the positive aspects of that truth, knowing that I am with you, close to you, protecting you, and you can defeat him by demonstrating to him that you will not succumb to his antics.

You are on a road with Me that is rich with pleasure in abiding in the love of the Holy One. Remember this when the enemy comes alongside you and tries to distract you. You do not have to give him your attention. You do not need to answer his taunts. You simply need to focus on Me, converse with Me, and we will be on our way. We will make good time on this road of delight, the road that I prepared for you to walk with Me as My companion.

The enemy would love to see you stumble and get off the chosen path of the Almighty God. Keep your focus on the prize, beloved. Maintain your focus on Me. Converse with Me. Call out to Me. Ignore his antics. He is out to trip you up, but you need not regard a word that he speaks. Regard Me, beloved. You need only to REGARD ME!!!

regard – look upon, gaze at, view, watch, respect, consider


March 22, 2014

In a vision, I saw someone holding a wad of tangled, gold chain. The chain looked like it needed a good cleaning, as well as an untangling. Why did You show this to me, Lord?

I want to call My beloved’s attention to something that is very important and it is this: You need Me. You need Me to untangle those things that have you in a wad. Will you put all in My hands and let Me get to work? Will you let Me start at the beginning and work to the end? I do know the beginning from the end, and I can untangle all of those things that have caused you distress. I also know how to clean up this mess. I know how to make all come out free and clean.

No more tangled web of distressful occurrences to cause you strife. That is My goal. Let it be your goal to call out to Me and firmly place all in My capable hands and go to work. Let it be your goal to see your Beloved work on your behalf, untangling all those things that have kept you from advancing in My will. You need Me. I need you to surrender that wad to Me. Will you? Will you surrender to Me all that causes you to be downhearted, all that has caused you to be distraught and unhappy with your walk? I will go to work immediately on your behalf.

And those of you who have surrendered to Me, but feel that you are not seeing any progress, don’t ponder the speed of this work. Ponder Me and My goodness that is extended toward you and know, beloved, that I am at work even when you don’t see anything, even when you do not realize it, I am always at work on your surrendered heart, always working on your behalf!!!

I Do All Things Well

March 21, 2014

Mark 7:36–37 And He charged them that they should tell no man: but the more He charged them, so much the more a great deal they published it: And were beyond measure astonished, saying, He hath done all things well: He maketh both the deaf to hear, and the dumb to speak.

I tell you truly, beloved, that I do ALL things well NOW just as I did all things well in times of old. Look on your Master’s hand and be astonished at the display that I am about to present. There will be no denying that I indeed do live and I am indeed at work in the hearts of My beloved children. There will be no doubt that the living God has seized upon this hour to show His might and power in and through His children.

I am your God. I have called you forth for this season to display My earnest work. See the hand of the Almighty move mightily on your behalf, and know that this is the hour to publish from the housetops the greatness of the Lord your God. Yes! This is the hour to proclaim the greatness of the Almighty God throughout your vicinity!!!

The Wicked

March 20, 2014

Look not upon the antics of the wicked, dear one, but focus on the will of your Beloved. I have heard your heart’s cry and I have deemed and purposed to rescue you and set all to right. Pay the wicked no heed. Do not focus on their misdeeds, but focus on the God Who is able to save and to bless. My plan is to hold you secure and bless you in your life, bless you with unfailing gifts that will delight your heart. Do not suffer because of the things you see and hear. Maintain a keen focus on My face and know true heart peace, true heart love!!!

The Glorious Light of My Presence

March 14, 2014

I want you to dwell in the glorious light of My presence, beloved. I want to satisfy the delights of your heart. I want your heart to overflow with the wonder of Who I am to you.

Will you draw near to Me? Will you rest in My presence and be filled with My light? I tell you truly that this is a place of deep wonderment. It is a very satisfying place in which to dwell.

I am calling My beloved into a most unusual place, a place that should be sought after at all cost. Will you come? Will you draw near? I am eagerly awaiting your arrival. My arms are open wide to receive you and engulf you in the glorious light of My presence, beloved, My own!!!


March 12, 2014

epicenter – focal point, center, hub, center of attention

I want to dwell in the epicenter of your heart, beloved. I want to dwell there and direct your goings and comings from there. I want to give you an advantage in this life, the advantage of having the presence of the living God reside in you, benefitting you in every area of your life. I am your God and I delight in you. I want to aid you in your earthly walk. I want to reside in the center of your heart. I want to abide there giving you the direction that you need in your daily life.

Let Me dwell there, dear one. Invite Me into that spot, that most strategic spot, and give you the aid you need. The words of loving concern that I will give to you for others will benefit you and help build My kingdom. The direction I give you in your walk will enable you to grow stronger with each passing day. No day will be wasted. No moment can be discounted when the Beloved is giving instruction. Ask Me into this epicenter of your heart and let Me assist you, let Me direct your path of life!!

Good Stuff

March 10, 2014 00

good stuff – good-natured remarks, good opinion, goodness, good point, good reason, good quality, good-tempered, good value, good turn, good wishes, good word, good worth

I want to give you good stuff, beloved and I want you to bless Me and others with good stuff. I want the words that you speak to be blessings and build up another’s faith. I want your deeds to complement your Holy Master. Yes! I want others to know the God Whom you serve.

Give out good words and good deeds. Wish others well. Speak holy words of love to your Beloved. Pronounce on Me your devotion and willingness to serve. You will see that if you do these things, good stuff will come your way in abundance. You will notice a certain spring in your walk and an easy smile on your face.

I am pronouncing good stuff on My children. Receive. Be blessed and walk in the wonder of belonging to the One Who saw it in His heart to give out the best to His chosen, the best to His beloved children from His storehouse of GOOD STUFF!!!


March 9, 2013

devotion – affection, loyalty, fidelity, dedication, commitment, enthusiasm, committed love

I want your devotion, Beloved. How do I get your devotion? The way your devotion to Me grows is by you spending more time with Me. If you spend more time in My presence, your devotion to Me will grow in leaps and bounds. I am eager for this growth to take place. I am eager to see your devotion to Me and to My cause grow. Will you come to Me and spend more time with Me? Will you nestle in My arms of love and surrender your valuable time to Me? There is no time better spent than the time that you spend in My presence. I am eager for that process to take place and grow. I am eager to see the light in your eyes as you surrender to My cause and rest easy in My love for you. I want your devotion, beloved. I want it at all costs to your day. Plan your day with plenty of time for Me, with plenty of time studying My word and speaking to Me in song and word. You will find that your time will take on a new look, a gratifying look, as you see it as time well-spent, well-spent in the presence of your Beloved, well-spent as your devotion to Me grows and well-spent as you see My will unfold in your midst offering you new hope for all of your tomorrows!!!


March 6, 2014

tend –take care of somebody, to be in charge of something, give attention to somebody or something, watch over, cultivate, nurture, encourage, help, support

I tend My beloved sheep, always. A day does not go by that I do not examine your heart. I look at it from every angle and look deep into all the creases and crevices. What do I see? I see areas that need My attention. I see areas that need My healing balm and I apply it liberally.

Never doubt My caring ways. Never doubt My ability to tend you with excellence. I am your loving Father. I do a grand job of tending each of My beloved children. I know just the exact method I need to use to make all brand new for you.

Don’t doubt Me. Believe Me. I am in the process of doing some wonderful things on earth and I am preparing each of My children for that hour. So know with a certainty that your God and Creator is working on your behalf and tending your heart, preparing you for that day that I have planned from the beginning.

I tend My sheep. Oh, yes, I tend My sheep with an excellent hand. Don’t ever doubt it. Trust Me, beloved, when I tell you that I take excellent care of what is Mine, My beloved!!!

I Judge Fairly

March 4, 2014

I always judge fairly. I give each scenario close consideration. I know the conditions and thoughts that go into every decision My children make. I know your heart inside out, beloved. I know every nuance of your heart and I look on it with fairness in mind - always.

Never doubt your Beloved’s capability in judging each situation that you face fairly. Never doubt that that fairness is mixed with My great love for you. I know you well. I love you much. My desire is to see you walking free and clear of the enemy and his wrath. My desire is to see your heart changed dramatically. I intervene in those situation that cause you strife in your life when you call out to Me. I intervene and go about setting all to right. Trust Me in every situation that you encounter to bring about justice and fairness for you to complete your tasks and walk in that holy place of love and purity.

I hold back no good thing from My beloved and one of these good things is that I always judge fairly - always. You may count on that truth being prevalent in your life. You may count on the goodness of your God shining brightly, lighting the way into a place of peace. Rest in Me, dear one. Rest and trust in the holy One, for I always judge fairly, no exceptions, no excuses. There is no denying it!!!

nuance – subtle difference

Divine Housecleaning

March 4, 2014

I am presently doing a job of divine housecleaning in each of My children. I am taking your hearts and going over them from stem to stern. I am leaving no stone unturned in this task. Each compartment is being scoured from floor to ceiling. I am not whitewashing anything. Everything that I touch will glow with the glory of the Lord your God. You will be pleased with My work. You will be astounded at My ability to cleanse so expertly.

Many think that I am too busy for tasks such as this, but I am not too busy. I am eager for the completion of this task, because I have great things planned when it is finished. So I say to you, beloved: Do not be dismayed. Your God has NOT given up on you. I am moving forward with My task. It is looking good to Me. It is looking just the way that I want it to look. So hold fast to these words. Hold fast to this truth: The living God is doing a fine job of cleaning in the hearts of His dear children, and it will be completed in a timely fashion. These are words that you may count on. Take them to heart, beloved. I want you to take them to heart!!!

Abundant Life – 25

February 20, 2014

Do you realize that I am just as eager for this new hour to begin as you, beloved? I am just as eager to shower the wonder of the hour on the lives of My beloved children. I do have the advantage. I can see it coming. I can see it fast approaching. I want you to trust Me, follow My course, and rely on Me to deliver above and beyond all your hopes and dreams can imagine. This is a part of the promised abundant life. This coming wonder is but a small fraction of the plans that I have in store for those who have chosen to serve and follow after Me!!!

Abundant Life – 24

February 19, 2014

Step into the wonder of Who I am and receive from Me. I know that you are eager for a most pronounced manifestation of My power in your life. I am eager for that hour to begin too. But in the meantime, just draw near to Me and rest in Me. Trust is a beautiful thing in the eyes of the Beloved, a beautiful thing!!!

Abundant Life – 23

February 18, 2014

I offer you hope. I offer you an abundance of My grace. I offer you the peace and sanctity of My heart. Will you come willingly into this new place closer in the heart of your God? Will you step into the unknown, closer than you have ever been to your Beloved? I am eager for this closeness. I am eager for this new hour to begin. Come closer, dear one. Come closer still, and receive the abundance that I so ably supply. Do not hesitate to draw near. Do not hesitate to draw closer than you ever dreamed of drawing.

Abundant Life – 22

February 16, 2014

The spectacular hour of wonder is at hand, the hour when you will step into My plans with your feet firmly planted in My will. Don’t let the world deter you. Keep your focus. Anticipate this advancement in Me with your whole heart. It is just around the corner and with it is coming an abundance of My grace, filling any heart that is receptive. Is your heart receptive, beloved. Is your heart receptive to the Beloved’s grace in this coming hour???

Abundant Life – 21

February 14, 2014

The God and Creator of the universe is speaking to His chosen today and offering much for their future. I want you to receive in full all that I have planned for you. I don’t want any of My dear children to miss out on even a moment of My plans. So step closer to your God. Come into that holy sanctuary with Me. Let Me whisper in your ear the plans that I have for your future. Let Me whet your appetite for adventure, as I tell you what you may expect. The time is approaching fast, beloved. It is approaching and your Beloved is eager to see your advancement played out to its fullest. Come. Let us make haste. Let us make haste in the direction of wonderment!!!

Abundant Life – 20

February 10, 2014

I am rich in mercy and love. It is directed toward you, My beloved. Come and receive the richness of My grace as it flows to you out of My heart of love. Come to Me, beloved, and know true love at its finest. It is your inheritance. It is the inheritance that I promise to all who will follow Me. Come and receive what belongs to you, that beautiful gift that I love to bestow on you, My beloved, My own.

Abundant Life – 19

February 8, 2014

I call you to Myself. I call you out of a heart of love and devotion. Come to Me and receive. Come to Me and know the purity of My love for you. It is sweet. It is wonderfully delightful and I give it in abundance. Come and receive the abundance of My love for you!!!

Abundant Life – 18

February 6, 2014

Step into the glory of the Lord God Almighty and be filled, beloved. Be filled with My joyful presence that offers hope, brimming over with peace and wonderment. I can supply this and I will. I supply this abundance to any of My own who will surrender and look to Me, to My loving heart for the abundance that I so ably supply!!!

Abundant Life – 17

February 5, 2014

I am a giving and loving God. It is not My will that any of My children should go in lack. My will is for you to receive from My hand the abundance that I can so ably provide.

Many in the world look to the world for their abundance, for the happiness, true happiness, that comes by My hand. I say, get your focus off of the world and on the One Who can deliver the finest, no cheap imitations,
he purest, quality-filled life a heart could long for. That is what I supply to those who come to Me to be blessed, no cheap imitations, the real thing!!!

Abundant Life – 16

February 3, 2014

I have repeatedly said that I wish for My dear children to have an abundant life. I want none of My children downtrodden. I want you rising above your circumstances, focused on Me and My wonderful plans for you.

Bear this truth in mind, and bear also in mind that those who come to Me assured within their hearts that I am a good and loving God will be blessed, blessed in ways you never imagined.

I am your God. My wish is for you to have an abundant life, filled with blessings bestowed by My hand. Now! I say these words to you, dear one; believe this in your heart of hearts, believe it with your mind and embrace it every morning of every day, and then stand back and watch Me deliver, watch Me deliver to you the abundance of My grace post haste!!!

Anchor of the Soul

February 2, 2014

Hebrews 6: 18 - 20 That by two immutable things , in which it was impossible for God to lie, we might have a strong consolation, who have fled for refuge to lay hold upon the hope set before us: Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast, and which entereth into that within the veil; whither the forerunner is for us entered, even Jesus, made an high priest forever after the order of Melchisedec. I am your hope, beloved, sure and steadfast. I hope you secure. Rest in the knowledge that your God and King has seen fit to bless you immeasurably. I am your God and King and I hold you secure. I want you to know a time of unyielding quality is fast approaching. This is a time when you will stand tall in the security of Who I am to you. Come to Me and be refreshed, for I have made a place for you to come close, to draw near, and know the welcoming presence of the Almighty One, the Anchor of your soul, your life!!!

A Loaf of Bread

January 29, 2014

In a vision, I saw Someone slicing a loaf of wheat bread. Each slice has a quarter-sized hole in the middle of the slice. Why did You show this to me, dear Lord?

I want to make a point today about the lives that My children lead. I want you to know that something is sorely lacking in your walk. I want to fix you. I want to give you hope. Stop listening to the voice of the enemy and listen to Me. Listen to My still small voice. I will help you in your walk. I want to help you, beloved. I want to assist you in your journey. So be of good cheer! The Almighty has made a way to fill in that hole that is in your heart with more of His presence. I want to show you the way to travel. You will experience much joy in your travels, if you will listen to Me and follow My instructions, but if you persist in following the enemy’s direction and discouraging words, that hole in your heart will remain void. You will not find peace. You will be lacking the very wonder of My sweet presence.

I am calling to My dear children and asking that you follow the promptings of My voice. My direction will give you much hope. The enemy’s words will only bring you discouragement. He will bring no satisfaction to your heart. I will fill that void. You will know true heart peace. Follow Me. Attune your ear to Me; I will make a way into that place of peace and hope. I will fill that void in your heart and bring a new joy in your heart, a bubbling joy that you have yet to experience.

The time is right. Follow Me. Listen to Me. Attune your ear to Me and turn the enemy off. His words bring only a disruption to the process that I am bringing about for you. His words give you only a sadness of heart. I am your God. You are My dear child, and what I want for you the world can never give. What I want for you the world doesn’t even offer. So follow My lead and know true heart peace. Let Me fill that void in your heart. Let Me offer the true gift of hope that is lacking in your life.

I am your God of hope. Your destiny is sure in Me. Your destiny has been planned by Me from the beginning. Don’t get waylaid. Don’t get off track, but follow Me into that new place that I have prepared for you, into that place of peace and hope that will give you all for which your heart yearns, all for which your Beloved longs for you to have!!!

A Crude Looking Tool

January 28, 2014

In a vision, someone was using a crude looking tool on a piece of ordinary fabric.

I want you, My beloved, to let Me take over. You are not getting it right on your own. You need My assistance. I will give you the correct tool to use, if you will lay aside that crude implement that you are trying to use. This is delicate work that needs to be done. I have just the tool for it. So lay aside that crude implement. It will not benefit you one iota in your walk. In fact, it will hinder you. Take up what I am offering to you. Yes, it looks too small. It may look like it is incapable of performing the task, but believe Me when I say that it will perform the task with precision, great precision, and you will never look at that crude implement you are trying to use again!!!

My Grace

January 27, 2014

Dear child of the living God. I have some encouraging words to speak to you today, words that should bring happy satisfaction to your heart. Look into the eyes of your Beloved and know that the words that I speak are spoken in all sincerity and love. Look forward to each new day in Me, knowing that you cannot fall too far from the power of My grace. No! My grace encompasses you and offers you hope for each new day. Look forward to seeing My will develop in your life and know that I am always with you, upholding you in a forward position. I will never let you down.

Do not be discouraged when you falter, but look to Me, call out to Me and I will aid you in your walk in ways you never dreamed. I am able to do the most phenomenal and I will do it for you. Do not doubt. And I tell you, beloved, that as you walk seeking My face you will gain strength with each passing day. I am your God. My love for you is stronger than death; it is stronger than anything that you could ever face. Regard this truth with a thankful heart. Keep your focus on Me and let Me aid you as you walk out the plan that I so carefully planned for you. You will know heart peace and an exhilaration that cannot be fathomed, an exhilaration that will gladden your heart and send you catapulting into that place of joy unspeakable. That is what I bring, dear heart. That is what I have to give. Never doubt, and remember: My grace is far reaching and there is nothing you can do that it cannot reach. Nothing, beloved! No, nothing!!!

Baby Steps

January 21, 2014

When you know that you have gotten off course, beloved, come to Me. I will advise. I will guide you back on course. It may not happen in an hour or a day, but it will occur in increments, baby step increments. Will you remember this?

Do not be downhearted when you fail in your walk with Me. Come to Me. Explain your situation and I will reach forth My hand and secure you. I will bring hope to your heart with each passing day.

I am your God and I care greatly for you. Don’t let failure in your walk deter you. Know that I am always waiting for you to turn your attention toward Me. I will enable you to move forward and bring hope to your heart. Don’t let the enemy discourage you. He would have you think that all is lost, but all is never lost when you serve the Lord God Almighty. Where I am there is hope and peace for your heart. Come to Me. Let Me help you right those wrongs. Let Me help you get back on that course that I desire for you. Let Me aid you in taking those baby steps to recovery.

Divine Pattern of My Will

January 20, 2014

I see the divine pattern of My will taking on a lovely shape in your life, beloved. I see it clearly. I know that you do not see the loveliness of My pattern. Some of you even doubt its existence. You think that you are not progressing, but you are, beloved; you certainly are!

So rely on Me to fully deliver the most splendid in your life. Rely on Me to bring about the most lovely in your life. I am your loving God and I do all things well. There is nothing that I do that contains even the tiniest flaw. Trust Me in this. Trust My expertise to bring about that thing of loveliness for which your heart longs.

I am your God and I am at work in YOU! Never doubt this. Never doubt My ability to bring about the most splendid pattern of My divine will in your life and know, dear heart, that the Lord God Almighty singled you out for this specific hour to walk in His grace in a magnificent way and from where I sit things are taking on a most extraordinary shape, a most extraordinary loveliness!!!

Follow My Directions

January 16, 2014

In a vision, I saw someone using a box cutter to open a box of washing powders. He was cutting around the middle of the side of the box. I heard the Lord say, “You are going about it the wrong way?” You are using the wrong method, beloved. You are not following My directives. Will you listen to the word of the Lord God Almighty and follow My course? Will you to the things the way that I instruct you to do them?

In this day, I am doing a mighty work in hearts. I am performing tasks that man cannot achieve on his own, and I am doing it with an expertise not known to man. So I would say to you follow My directions and know that all will come out to your satisfaction and My satisfaction. This is a crucial time in the history of mankind, a very crucial time. Be aware of that fact and know that man cannot achieve My will without My directions. Will you follow My lead and instruction? Will you do things My way, not the way you “think” that things should be accomplished? I am eager for you to step into the design of My will with both feet firmly planted in My will. Don’t go off on your own, beloved. Don’t try to do tasks without Me, without My instruction. Come to Me with your questions and follow My lead. You will see that the outcome of this procedure will be splendid, splendid down to the final detail, and isn’t that what you want, beloved? Isn’t that what you desire to happen in this coming scenario of great wonder???

Wait Expectantly

January 15, 2014

Wait expectantly for all the Beloved has told you is coming. Yes, beloved, look to the future for all that I have planned for you with an expectant heart. Don’t get sidetracked. Don’t look to the world to satisfy. Look to Me. Wait expectantly, for there is much to be delivered by My hand and what is coming will be outstanding, outstanding in ways you never dreamed possible.

I am your God. Your future in Me is secure. Trust Me; wonderful things are at hand. Be expectant. Be expectant and wait for Me to deliver in full all that I have promised, all that I have promised to those who will follow after the will of the eternal One!


January 13, 2014

loyalty – faithfulness, devotion, allegiance, trustworthiness, constancy, reliability, fidelity, dependability, steadfastness

I am calling for loyal hearts in this season, loyal hearts that will walk with Me no matter what is happening in the world. Look at Me! Look into My eyes of love. Follow My lead and know true companionship at its finest. I want loyal hearts, hearts that will not turn away from Me and look to the world. I want hearts that surrender to Me and know that true heart surrender is ideal, the ultimate for true happiness. I am your loyal God. I am the One Who gave all for you. In this hour, I would like for you to follow My course, looking to Me to bring about the greatest happening on earth since My birth, My return. Know true heart peace as I move you along into the most ultimate hour and know, beloved, that one who follows the Beloved is following his true heart’s desire, everything you ever longed for and more, much, much more!!!

Pure Thinking

January 12, 2014

Matthew 5:5 Those who are pure in their thinking are happy, because they will be with God.

Ah! Pure thinking, beloved! Keep your thoughts pure. Do not entertain anything that is not of your God. And what thoughts would be from your God? “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.* These are the perfect guidelines for your thought life, dear heart, the perfect guidelines!!!

*Philippians 4:8,9


Sheep of My Flock

January 10, 2014

You are the dear sheep of My flock. I care about each of you. I nurse your wounds. I kiss away your hurts. I go after you when you have strayed and woo you back into the fold. I am your beloved Shepherd and I care for each of you individually. You hear My voice. I speak to you. I come to you and abide in your surrendered heart.

Know that I care deeply for My sheep. I will lose none, for My care is expert care. Each of My sheep will know My goodness and My profound heart of love. Regard this truth. Think on this truth, dear follower of the living Christ and know true peace in your heart as you ponder this truth, the gloriously wonderful truth: You are the sheep of My flock, and I care for you individually and as My precious flock!!!

A Job Half Done

January 9, 2014

I don’t want My children to do their jobs halfway. I want them to do them to the best of their ability. Look on the coming hour and know that I am asking you to dive in and partake of the finest hour. Each task that is set before you, I want you to tackle with gusto and accomplish it to the best of your ability, no halfway jobs, beloved, give it your all.

This is the hour to recognize that you have been selected to walk in the might and power of the living God. This is the hour to listen to My instructions and carry them out to the best of your ability. Look forward to participating, look forward to seeing the glories of your Lord God Almighty surround you and remember that a job worth doing, is a job worth doing well, and that is what I am asking of you today and tomorrow. Demonstrate the goodness of your God as you go about doing good and doing good with gusto, out of a heart of love and decisiveness, decisiveness to follow after the heart of the One true God, your loving Savior!!!

Save to the Uttermost

January 8, 2014

Hebrews 7:25 Wherefore He is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by Him, seeing He ever liveth to make intercession for them.

uttermost – farthest, utmost. outermost, furthermost, farthest away, extreme

I am able to save all who will come to Me. Those who are weary of the world may count on total deliverance by the hand of the Beloved. I want you to rest in those reassuring words. My beloved, rest in this profound knowledge.

I am the God Who saves, Who is DELIGHTED to save any and all who will come to Him in total surrender. My saving grace reaches far into the recesses of a heart, turning everything right side up. I leave no stone unturned on your behalf. I accomplish My will in the lives of those who will surrender to Me and I accomplish it well. You will be very pleased in the outcome of My saving work, beloved, absolutely pleased.

Now the enemy would have you doubting My work, scoffing at My methods. Pay him no mind! He is out to discourage you and make you feel hopeless. I want you confident in Me. I want you to know that the One Who is able to save you to the uttermost, is able to bring about His will in a most satisfying way, a way that will bring deep, sweet pleasure to your heart of hearts. Count on that! Count on that truth shining forth in your life!!!

I Delight in You

January 7, 2014

I delight in you, My beloved. I delight in every aspect of you. Remember this truth. Hold it close to your heart. A wonderful season is upon the horizon. It is a season of new hope and clarity about the will of your God. I plan to present many wonders to you, wonders that will satisfy your heart in ways you never dreamed possible. I delight in My beloved. I take delight in presenting this new and wonderful hour to you. I want you to take delight in Me and in receiving what I have to offer. Yes! I want you, dear one, to open your heart to receive all that I have coming your way, and know, beloved, that it truly delights Me to present this coming hour to you, My precious, My own!!!

Two Commandments

January 4, 2014

Matthew 22:37-40 “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.”

Now hear the word of the Lord your God: Man complicates living. He stays too busy trying to please others and not looking to please Me, not seeking after My way. I would have you seek Me first and foremost in any situation. I would have you seek My face before starting your day. If you will do this, a bond will develop between us that you will find most satisfying, beloved.

I need to be first and foremost in your life. I want to be. I want you to commune with Me. I want you to know Me, for to know Me is to love Me, to love Me deeply.

If you will comply with My wishes, many good things will take place in your heart. You will find that your Beloved’s love for you far exceeds anything you ever imagined. You will know a certain sweetness in your heart that will benefit you in your walk and benefit you in communing with others.

You will find, beloved, that as you come to Me, spending time with Me and seeking My face, you will grow to love Me more and as your love for Me grows, your love for others will grow. You will get along much better in this world by following My two simple rules. You will find that the love that you have for Me will grow exponentially with each passing days
and your fellowman will identify this as being the sacred love of the Almighty God bubbling over from your being.
That is what obeying Me is all about, beloved, winning others for the Beloved to embrace with His mighty love!!!

Skillful Hands

January 3, 2014

I guide you, My children with skillful hands. I am a gentle and loving God and I delight in each of My dear children. Regard this as truth and know that I am skillful in My guiding. I never lead one of My own into the pit. I provide along life’s way with all that you need for an abundant life. Remember: I delight in you every step of the way and I will never leave you. I am with you, guiding you, and giving you My expert knowledge, enabling you to arrive to your destination unscathed.

I am a God with skillful hands and I am willing to guide you with My expertise. Never think that I would forsake one of My own. Listen for My still small voice. I will guide and protect you. I will lead you into that place of plenty and you will know true heart’s delight. You will know divine wonder as it penetrates your heart, for you serve a God Who delights in you and delights in taking you to that place of wonder where My truth prevails and every heart is delighted to the very core!!!

United Hearts

January 2, 2014

I want My children’s hearts united with Mine. I want a unity of Spirit to prevail in your lives. I don’t want you wandering off into forbidden territory. I want you set on the purposes of your God. And why is this? I want the best for My little ones. I want what is right and true prevailing in your lives for the benefit of each individual heart, for the benefit of My kingdom.

Look around you, beloved. What do you see? Is it pleasing to see the discord that is taking place? Is it pleasing to see hearts at war with one another? Is it pleasing to hear words spoken that are not rich in the wonder of My truth?

I know your answer. I hear the cry of your heart. That is why I am asking that you seek Me first in all situations. Do not let your heart be troubled. Do not dwell on the negativity of the world. Look to Me. Follow My course and know the sweet unity that following after My heart brings.

I want a unity of heart among My children. I want you unified with the Beloved’s heart. I want you at peace. I do not want the hearts of My children troubled. I want you free in the knowledge that you serve the Almighty God, and I am well able to correct the wrongs that are prevalent in the world.

Will you look to Me? Will you let your heart stay at peace by seeking Me and following the dictates of My word? It is for your good. It is for the good of My kingdom. It is for the good of all mankind to follow after the heart of the Creator.

The birds sing their sweet song. The flowers release their fragrance. Will you let Me release a sweet song through you and fill you with the fragrance of My Spirit? I am willing. I am waiting for your acknowledgement of My invitation. Come to Me. Follow Me. Get to know Me better with each passing day. Stay in My word. Read a little each day. Meditate on the truth that you find therein. This process, beloved, will draw you closer into the unity of heart for which your heart craves. Oh! It is a sweet thing to be in unity with the Lord God Almighty, a very sweet thing. Don’t pass up your opportunities. Don’t pass up this invitation given out of a heart of love and devotion. Don’t pass up what I have to offer. It is for you. It is for My kingdom. It is for US that I am calling you today to come into the unity of heart that I so lovingly offer!!!

A Snails Pace

January 1, 2014

Many of you think that I am working at a snail’s pace. You want Me to speed up this process that I have spoken about to you. You are asking Me why it is taking so long. You are telling Me that you are willing to perform on My behalf.

These are My words to you today, beloved:
I am working diligently to bring about that most satisfying hour. I am leaving no stone unturned in the process. Each task is done with expert precision. Trust Me in this. Now I am telling you that an hour of wonder is upon you,it is hovering within arms reach, but the correct hour of its descent is not here….yet. No. That hour of wonder has not yet arrived, but when it does, beloved, you will be the first to know. You will be the first to experience the hand of your God mightily in your life, reaching forth and performing in ways you never dreamed possible.

Do know this:
Your Beloved is at work on your behalf to bring forth a most startling season of wonder. So My advice to you is keep looking, keep anticipating, and keep thanking Me, for the tasks that I perform on your behalf to bring about this hour are being done diligently with you in mind, right at the forefront of your Creator’s mind. They are beneficial, and too wonderful for words, and they will be most satisfying to all who wait upon their Lord in high anticipation!!!


Faith Tabernacle of Kremmling