Marianna, Florida



October 8, 2015

I am uncovering some things, beloved, exposing them to light in order that My children may know the secrets of the enemy. He is not pleased, but no matter. It is time to bring those things that have been hidden to light. It is time for My children to rise up in holy wrath and take up their positions in My vast army.

When many see the things that I am exposing they will be so indignant that they will rise up, and ask Me for instructions to move forward and conquer the enemy. They will be surprised at just how easily I can position My army, and move them into the light of My glory, filling them with the power and might to do wondrous things on My behalf. I am uncovering some things that the enemy thought that My beloved church would never see, would never know, would never be able to see and conquer.

Get ready for some surprises along the way that will enable you to see the Beloved and all that He stands for in a new light, a wondrous light, a light that will light up your heart, enhancing your walk. And know this with certainty: The Beloved has seen fit to make known many things that the enemy brought forth in the lives of many, but kept hidden from the public eye. Now is the hour of exposure. Now is the hour of triumph!!!


October 1, 2015

sojourner – to stay for a time in a place

You are sojourners on this earth, beloved children. Remember that truth. You are just passing through, but while you are on earth, I would have you going about doing good. I would have you doing My will, speaking My words of truth, displaying a kind heart as you touch other’s lives. You are My chosen vessels. I want you filled with My Spirit, doing the acts that I direct you to do.

Dear sojourner, never forget that you serve a God of deep, compassionate love. Never forget that I demonstrate My love to you every day, on an ongoing basis. I never withhold My love. It is always available. I want you to show this same love to others as you sojourn. Be My sojourner of love, bear testimony to others of the abounding love of your heavenly Father, and know, dear one, that your Father’s love is giving you the strength to sojourn in this land with power and might that only I can display through you, My chosen vessel of love.

Treasured Possession

September 15, 2015

You are My treasured possession. I hold you dear. Your worth to Me far exceeds anything in the world, anything in the universe! Rejoice over this fact! And know this, beloved: I am bringing forth a day, a new day, when My beloved treasured possessions will walk in My truth, showing the world at large that I do indeed abide in the hearts of My dear children. I will show Myself to others through you, My treasured possession, and the world will not be able to deny My existence. No! Quite to the contrary, the world will acknowledge that I am very much alive and living mightily in the hearts of My treasured possession, My love, My own!

Nothing Can Ebb the Flow

September 9, 2015

My steadfast love endures forever. There are no glitches in its flow. The flow of My love to mankind is continuous and can never be exhausted. Rely on this fact. Rejoice in this truth. I am the living God, the Creator of the universe. I formed you in your mother’s womb. My hand formed every intricate detail in your body. There are no secrets kept from the Lord God Almighty. All is known, no secrets hidden. Be glad that you serve a God who loves you inside and out and there is nothing that you can do to ebb the flow of My love for you. Nothing! No, nothing at all!!!

Be Strong and Courageous

September 4, 2015

Joshua 1:9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

Beloved, beloved, the days ahead may take on a dire look, but regard these words, take them to heart. Be strong. Be courageous. I will be with you. I am with you. I will not forsake you and you will see My will unfold in a way you never expected, a lovely scenario that will delight every heart that has surrendered to the Beloved. I am your God. I am with you. You have nothing to fear, beloved, nothing at all!!!

Dull Hearts

September 3, 2015

Many of My children are complaining of having a dull heart. I want to talk to you about that condition today. Will you hear Me out on this subject, this subject of dull hearts? You “feel” that your heart is dull? You believe that you have lost your way? Do you “think” that I have forsaken you? Be of good cheer! Let your heart be glad, beloved, for none of this is true.

The enemy has told you repeatedly that you are not doing enough on My behalf. He sets before you an impossible task, a task riddled with busy works that bring no prosperity to a heart or My kingdom work. He tells you lies about yourself and enjoys discouraging you. Do not be discouraged. Your God is with you, He is sanctifying you daily, and there is nothing that can change My progress in a heart that is willing.

Your desire is to walk in My truth, going about doing My will, speaking My words. You enjoy complying with My will, but feel that you have failed Me on all counts. You have NOT failed Me. I am with you. I am moving you along at a rate of speed that brings satisfaction to My heart and inches toward the completion of My will.

I am a patient God. I do all things well. Let that be enough for you. Trust Me. Regard My work with a thankful heart. All is not lost, beloved. ALL is NEVER lost when you serve the God of love, the One Who gave all that you might walk in this hour, this hour of wonder and grace!!!

Own Device

August 28, 2015

Isaiah 65:2 I spread out My hands all the day to a rebellious people, who walk in a way that is not good, following their own devices.

I tell you truly, beloved church, that nothing gets by your God. I see all and I know all. What do I see? What do I know? I see many who are following after their own devices. This word is for those who are seeking their own will, ignoring My truth, following after the ways of the world.

I am the living God, the Creator of all that you see and all that you do not see. I see the actions of man and am displeased. I am longing for mankind to follow after My heart. Do I despair? Do I throw My hands up in defeat? No! Again I say “NO!” I call out to all who will listen and make this request. Know that My will is to see mankind prosper. My delight is to see glad hearts, rejoicing in Me and the liberty that is found in knowing Me, and following My statutes. Those who choose My way will know these things, but those who follow after their own devices will suffer the consequences of their own choices. This is not what I desire. This is what that heart chooses. So get ready to see those who are following after the enemy’s strategies fail and know with a certainty that those who choose Me and My will will know the pleasure of My company and that is a pleasure that none can deny as wonderful, wonderful beyond all belief, wonderful in ways you have yet to experience.

I am the living God. My children delight in Me, trusting and following in My will. But those who follow after their own devices will know defeat of the saddest kind. This is not My will; this is their choice. That is the simple truth, beloved children. That is truth in its simplest form!!!

Be Diligent

August 26, 2015

diligent – industrious, meticulous, conscientious, thorough, attentive, careful, painstaking

Be diligent, My beloved. Seek the face of your God. Never give up. Never surrender your heart to another. I have seen your lassitude. I have heard your cries for more of Me, more of My power. I see and I hear, but I want you to know, dear child, that this is the hour for you to rest in the knowledge that the One Who gave all for you is working diligently in your heart to bring about His desired will. So I want you to be diligent as you wait for Me to finish, as you wait for Me to perform the most amazing feat known to man, a heart change that will last for all eternity, a heart change that will enable you to soar in the heavens with your God.

I am working diligently to bring about My will in your life. I want you to be diligent about waiting patiently for Me to complete My work. Trust Me, dear heart. Trust Me and My ability to bring about the changes that will benefit My kingdom and help you realize with a certainty that the Almighty can and will do a work that will not only change one heart, but change the whole world!!!

Not Offended

August 20, 2015

Matthew 11: 6 And blessed is the one who is not offended by Me.”

Are you offended by My words of truth? Do not be, beloved, for My words are alive. They are truth at its finest. Do not let mankind ridicule your beliefs. Do not bend under the pressure of man. I am your God. I esteem you highly. You should esteem Me highly. Esteem My truth highly. It is given for your betterment. My heart is bent toward you. I desire to see you prosper in My truth, looking to Me for guidance. I will give it gladly. Do not become offended by Me, dear heart. Do not let the world cause you to struggle in your walk with Me. Stay focused on Me and know true heart delight. Do NOT let the world tell you otherwise.

Do NOT let the world cause you to build up offense in your heart. Maintain your focus on Me, on My truth. I’ll see you through to the end. I will be with you always. Don’t be offended by Me, the living God, the God of truth. Maintain your stance. Maintain your desire to walk in My will. You will not regret it. No! You will never regret your stance in Me, to serve and love Me forever!!!

Spread My Fame

August 14, 2015

I, the living God, desire to see My fame spread far and wide. I desire that all come to know Me, to love Me, and to serve Me with their whole hearts. Spread My fame, beloved. Spread it far and wide. Speak of Me often and know, dear heart, that I hear from above. I hear and I am pleased, pleased from the top of My head clear down to the tips of My toes. Now that is a BIG feat, beloved, a GREAT BIG feat!!!

The Great Awakening

August 10, 2015

Awaken, you sleepy-heads! Get with the program. There is much to be done before My return. I want you lively and going about your Father’s business. Don’t get distracted and wearied by the world. Stand up straight and tall and enter into the greatest scenario since the beginning.

Yes! I am winding things up. I am bringing about a great awakening and I want YOU to participate. Get with the program! Get with the plan that I have set before you. Don’t let the world distract you. Don’t let the busyness of the world get you weary. Focus, beloved, on the cause that I have set before you. Seek My face. Learn from Me by delving into My words of truth.

I am eager for this hour to begin. I am eager to see you lively and being about the work that I have prepared for you. Don’t listen to the world. Don’t listen to those who tell you that I am not coming soon, for I tell you that My plans are developing nicely. The end is in sight and I want you, beloved, lively and working diligently for My cause. Don’t be distracted. Focus! The hour of wonder is upon you. The day of the great awakening is at hand, and I want you awake and alive with My will flowing from your being. I want you at work on My behalf. I want you bright-eyed, looking at your heavenly Father for guidance. This is the great awakening!

Awaken you sleepy- heads. Waken, I say, and be about your Father’s business. Be about the greatest hour of wonder taking place on earth! I am the living God. I have extraordinary plans. My plan is to present them soon in a spectacular manner. My beloved church has been dozing. This is a message to awaken you to action! Awaken, oh, sleepy-heads! Be about your Father’s business. Again I say, AWAKEN!!!

Get Ready to be WOWED!!!

August 2, 2015

In a dream, I was walking with a group of people out on a bridge. Everyone was looking at the dark sky. Suddenly two huge golden orbs of light appeared and switched positions. Then they switched back to their original position. The crowd was exclaiming in a happy and surprised manner, and so was I. Then I awoke and I heard the Lord say:

“I am coming soon for My bride, but first I want to get the world’s attention. Yes! My plan is to get the world’s attention in an unusual and profound way. Get ready for this occurrence. Get ready to see My display of wonder. Get ready to be WOWED by the hand of the living God. Again I say, GET YOURSELVES READY!!!”

Be Diligent

July 31, 2015

diligent – industrious, meticulous, conscientious, thorough, attentive, careful, painstaking

Be diligent, My beloved. Seek the face of your God. Never give up. Never surrender your heart to another. I have seen your lassitude. I have heard your cries for more of Me, more of My power. I see and I hear, but I want you to know, dear child, that this is the hour for you to rest in the knowledge that the One Who gave all for you is working diligently in your heart to bring about His desired will. So I want you to be diligent as you wait for Me to finish, as you wait for Me to perform the most amazing feat known to man, a heart change that will last for all eternity, a heart change that will enable you to soar in the heavens with your God.

I am working diligently to bring about My will in your life. I want you to be diligent about waiting patiently for Me to complete My work. Trust Me, dear heart. Trust Me and My ability to bring about the changes that will benefit My kingdom
and help you realize with a certainty that the Almighty can and will do a work that will not only change one heart, but change the whole world!!!

Searching Hearts

July 25, 2015

Psalm 139:23, 24 Search me, O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts! And see if there be any grievous way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting!

I am in the business of searching hearts. I go deep into hearts and root out all that is not of Me, calling it to your attention. Sometimes you squawk about My work, telling Me that it is too uncomfortable and you cannot take any more. In this day, I want to tell you these words: I am doing a fine work in hearts, searching and rooting out all that is not of Me. I want you to know that I do this very deliberately. I have a purpose and My purpose is to prepare My church. So do not be uncooperative. Let Me do My work! Respond to it! Let’s get on with the process. Let’s get on with moving in the direction where My will will shine forth from your heart, offering possibilities alive with activity, activity that will precede My coming, moving you along into the greatest hour known to man – My return!!!

Precious Thoughts

July 23, 2015

Psalm 139:17, 18 How precious to me are Your thoughts, O God!
How vast is the sum of them! If I would count them, they are more than the sand.
I awake, and I am still with You.

I have precious thoughts toward My children. Think on this fact.
Your God, the God Who created you and the whole universe, has precious thoughts toward you.
They are constantly directed toward your heart. They are thoughts that you would not believe.
They are too high and too deep for your comprehension.
But nevertheless they are there and they are directed toward you to My delight.
You see, I enjoy thinking about you. I enjoy directing words of love in your direction.
I enjoy singing love songs to you about just how much I love you.
Think on that lovely idea. Your God actually enjoys the process of thinking about you,
His beloved, and directing loving thoughts your way, precious thoughts, thoughts that are too precious for words!!!
Now! Bear this in mind, dear heart. Bear this in mind every day, every day the enemy tries to pull you down,
remember that My thoughts of you are precious, absolutely too precious for words, too precious for you to comprehend.
Nevertheless they are there and they are for you. They are for your enjoyment.
Enjoy the knowledge that I delight in you profoundly and My thoughts toward you are precious,
much more precious than your mind could ever comprehend.
There! I have told you a truth. Take it to heart, beloved.
Take it deep into your heart!!!

Take Heart

July 21, 2015

Matthew 14: 27 But immediately Jesus spoke to them saying, “Take heart; it is I. Do not be afraid.”

And I say to you today, beloved, “take heart.” I am with you. There is no need to fear. Your God will uphold you through all that the adversary sends your way. Be strong. Hold tight and know that the One Who is all-powerful and loving is holding you secure, secure in His arms of love.


July 17, 2015

I do want you to be My sunbeams, beloved children. I want you to shine for others to see the love of the living God living in you and offering hope and peace to all who will receive. Shine for Me! Shine the bright light of My love toward others. It will change hearts. It will offer hope and bring a peace that the world cannot give. Many walk around with the weight of the world on their shoulders. Let Me take that heavy load, dear one. It is too much for you to carry. Let Me shine the light of My glory your way, and as it reflects off you, many will come to know the true meaning of My love, the true meaning of what My love will bring into their hearts.

Be My sunbeams. Let the sweet light of My glory shine forth from your heart. But, beloved, remember: You must first give Me that heavy load that you are trying to carry and put your trust in Me. Do this first and then watch out, for the sunbeams of My glory will light up your heart and offer to others the wonder of the love of the living God as it shines forth, offering the joy and peace of a new day, a new day of freedom, a new day of love pervading hearts. This is what being a sunbeam for the Beloved is all about, surrender to Me and receive. Surrender to Me and be freed. Then you will know the exuberance of heart that only I can bring, that only I can offer to one who surrenders his whole burden to Me, the Burden Bearer, the Lover of your soul!!!

Come Out With Your Hands UP!

July 14, 2015

I am calling to you. Come OUT of the world with your hands up in surrender to the Lord God Almighty. Now is the time. Now is the hour. I have beckoned to those walking in the world’s ways to surrender. I am saying to you today, THIS day, the hour of surrender is upon you. Come out! Again I say, COME OUT, come out with your hands UP in surrender to the Almighty God. I have plans for you, wonderful plans. Get out of that rut. Step out into the light. Now is the time. Now is the hour of sweet surrender!!!


July 4, 2015

enrich - deepen, improve, supplement, enhance, expand, add to, enlarge, boost, bump up

My plan is to enrich your lives, beloved children. I have a good plan that will enable you to grow in My power and strength, and you will see with a certainty that the living God has touched your heart in a powerful way, bringing you into a new and dynamic hour.

The word of the day is enrich. Be enriched deep within by the power of the living God. Don’t hang back. Move forward into the new hour that I have prepared for you, to walk and to see firsthand what serving the Almighty God will enable you to do on His behalf!!!

Wise Advice

June 30, 2015

I give wise advice. Seek Me before making any major decisions in your life. You may seek Me whenever you have the tiniest doubt about a decision that you are making for your future. I will offer to you My advice, and if you take it, you will find the outcome to your liking, VERY much to your liking.

I am the Giver of wise advice. Do not fail to seek Me in your daily walk. I will assist you. I will give you advice that may surprise you, but know this for certain: The advice of the living God will never fail to bring about the desired result. Why shouldn’t it? I am Wisdom personified and most happy to come to your aid, offering My wisdom and bringing about a result for you that will dignify, always dignify, My creation!!!

dignify – honor, exalt, distinguish, grace

God is True

June 28, 2015

I am true. My truth never fails to accomplish My goals. I want you to savor this amazing fact. You need not be at odds with others. Simply seek Me and My ways. You will find that if you do, you will be able to walk in peace and harmony with your brothers and sisters. My truth never fails to accomplish My goals. So don’t fail to come to Me, seeking My truth. My truth will offer to a heart peace and tranquility, and this, beloved, will enable you to know Me better and display My will to others.

I am a God of truth. I offer My truth to any who will receive it. Do not look to the world and the world’s ways. Look to Me and know with a certainty that the One True God is on hand to offer to any who will seek Him the answer to move forward into the very lovely design of His will. This is what it is all about, beloved, walking in your Father’s will, seeing it accomplished in your life and in the lives of your brothers and sisters. Oh, this is a delightful truth to your Father! A most delightful truth! Take it, receive it into your heart and know that nothing delights Me more than to see one of My own embrace My will.  Nothing!


June 24, 2015

prepare – get ready, arrange, organize, plan set up, practice, put in order.

I am preparing My bride. I am putting on the finishing touches. Much needs to be done before the day of presentation, but I am quite capable of handling it. You may count on Me.

I am doing a marvelous job of preparing My bride. Many of you are thinking that there is too much to be done if I am to present her soon, but I want you to know this: I am doing a marvelous work. It is most pronounced in underlying areas that needed to be bolstered by My hand. I am tweaking a few things here and there. Yes, the final touches are being added also. So I say to you, dear one, succumb to My promptings. Follow My lead and lets get this show on the road.
I am eagerly putting in some things that will cause the world to sit up and take notice, and for this endeavor I definitely need your cooperation.

Give Me the lead and follow, dear one, and know that the final preparations of the Lord God Almighty on His Bride are definitely underway. Yes! They are definitely taking a shape of which I am proud, proud to call My own, and proud to present as My highly favored beloved!!!

The Chicken

June 22, 2015

In a vision, I saw the Lord take a small piece of clay and mold it into a brown chicken. After He molded it, the chicken became alive and starting pecking around for food. What does this mean, dear Lord?

I want you to see that I do all things well. I do all things with intent to bless. The enemy would have you think that I am a vindictive God. I am not! I am a good God, I delight in My own, and I love providing for My own. So hear Me now as I explain to you My intent toward this chicken that I so ably created with My own hands. This chicken was brought into being in an instant to show My dear children that I do all things masterfully and well. I provide for all that I create. No one is lacking when they offer their service to Me. Know that I can take a small lump of clay and bring forth for your eyes a gentle creature that is hungry the moment it is born. That provision I have made available to My own. I give loving arms to embrace that one. I give a loving voice to speak kind words over that new creation. Yes! I am the Creator and the Provider.

Many are saying that there are hungry, suffering people all over the world and there is no one to feed or to speak kind words to them. I say to you, beloved, that is not My doing! No! I have given the best to one and all, but the enemy has come to take away. He robs, he kills and he destroys. Why, you may ask, do I let him to this? The answer is quite simple, it is not a matter of letting him, it is a matter of his right. Many have given him the right to come into their region and plunder, offering nothing in return, but taking away all that rightfully belongs to them. In this day, I am calling whomsoever will come into a new season, a new season whereby the Beloved will shine forth the light of His glory in an extraordinary way. None will be able to deny this manifestation. None will be able to turn away , calling it a fluke. It will be clearly the most wonderful season My church has ever experienced.

I want you aware of this coming occasion, anticipate it, thank Me for it and when it arrives embrace it with every fiber of your being. I want you to participate in this coming occasion and you will see, beloved, that your God has provided well for this season and there is nothing the enemy can do to interrupt its occurrence. Now, that I have told you these words, I wish to make some things clear for you. I, as your God, offer to you a new avenue of hope. It is a splendid avenue lined with all for which a heart, belonging to the living God, could long. So when this hour makes its appearance, I want you to run into My arms, expressing your hope and thankfulness in all that I am bringing forth. Yes, a new season is surely on the way, a new season when you will see the light of My glory shine forth with a brilliance you have not seen before, a brilliance that the world cannot deny, a brilliance that shall shine forth, lighting the way for My church to reign across the world like never before!!!

A Strange Combination

June 15, 2015

In a vision, I saw a tray of peanut butter sandwiches.  
Lettuce was peeping out from between the two slices of the bread.  
Then I heard the words, “strange combination.”

Look on what I am presenting to My church as a strange combination, if you so desire, but know this:  
This presentation that is coming to My church is a gift of My love.  
It may have the appearance of something you are not too sure about.  
It may even be something to which you would turn up your nose.  
But My words to you are:  Open your heart and receive.  
Open the door of your heart wide and receive this strange combination that your God is bringing  your way.  
You may just discover something that is very satisfying to your heart.  
Something that you will not be able to get enough of
and for which you may call out for more and more and more.

A Gorilla

June 5, 2015

In a vision, I saw a gorilla, eating and licking his hands. Why did You show this to me, Lord.

I want My children to eat and enjoy all that I have provided for them.
I don’t want you hanging back and worrying about manners.
I want you devouring what I have to offer, enjoying it to the last crumb.
I have prepared much for My children to enjoy.
I want you to know that it tastes very good.
I don’t want you to worry about taking too much and I don’t want you worrying
about being mannerly when you pull up to the table.

I want you to dive in and enjoy, beloved, enjoy down to the last crumb on your plate and
know that there is more where that came from!!!

A Syringe

June 1, 2015

In a vision, I saw a syringe and then the vision focused on the needle of the syringe.
It was long and sharp. Why did You show this to me, Lord?

I want you to see what is coming your way, church.
I want you to know that I do all things well.
You may cry out to Me that this is not a good thing, but I tell you that it will benefit you.
It will do wonders for My church.
You may say that at long last My church is getting the shot in the arm it has needed for centuries.

Explicit Instructions

May 29, 2015

I give explicit instructions. I give them clearly, precisely, for a reason.
I want you My dear ones, to follow them, looking to Me to move you forward.
As you hear My words of instructions, act on them.
You will see that something beautiful will unfold and this will enable you to take those steps that I speak to you with more confidence.

I am your God.
I delight in you and I enjoy instructing you and seeing your reaction to My instructions as they take on that look of beauty and success.
This is a fun time for My church, a new hour filled with the work of the living God shining forth for all to see and know that He is alive,
He lives mightily in His beloved children, and He has all under His mighty control.
Now, is that not something for which to rejoice?
Rejoice, beloved, again I say, “REJOICE!”


May 28, 2015

The world offers many attractions in this day.  
I see many of My own being distracted.  This word is for you:
Look at Me, beloved.  Look into My eyes of love.  
Do you see anything in the world that compares to these eyes that look on you with sincere love?  
I think not!  Let this be a reminder to you as you go about your day.  
Your God and Savior is looking at you with eyes of love longing for you to draw near and speak with Him.

Can you do this?  Can you get your focus back to where it once was before the world distracted you with its bawdy attractions?  
I hope that you will. 
 sincerely hope that you will get your focus back on the One Who desires to commune with you and restore the peace for which your heart longs.

Come and Sit With Me for Awhile-12

May 24, 2015

I am in the business of coming to the aid of My children.  
I am in the business of giving them peace that passes understanding.  
I look for ways to come to your aid.  I look for ways to bless.  
Come and sit awhile with Me and let Me soothe you and bless you.  
After all, it is My business, is it not?

Come and Sit With Me for Awhile-11

May 23, 2015

Opening your heart to the Beloved is a wonderful thing to do.  
Speaking exactly what is on your mind will relieve you of any pain you are suffering in your heart. 
I love hearing your voice.  I love seeing you get relief from those nagging feelings that cause you strife.  
Come and sit awhile with Me and let Me free you, let Me soothe you, offering the peace for which  your heart longs.

Come and Sit With Me for Awhile - 10
May 19, 2015
Your God, your Beloved, takes delight in His chosen.  
I take delight in seeing you actively seeking My will.  
When you get off course, it is quite simple to get back on course.  
Just come and sit awhile with Me.  
Come and pour your heart out to Me, 
or just come and enjoy My company, 
whatever the need may be.

Come and Sit With Me for Awhile - 9

May 18, 2015

Watch out for pitfalls along your journey.
Watch out for lies spoken to you night and day.
Listen to the voice of your God. Heed My direction.
I have made a way for you to rest in the knowledge that you belong to Me,
your loving God, and the enemy has no hold on you. Do not believe otherwise.
Come and sit with Me awhile and let Me convince you of My loving concern for you.
Don’t delay!!!

Come and Sit Awhile - 8

May 14, 2015 

I am eager for you to realize with a certainty that you have a loving and forgiving God.  
I speak words of love over you while the world downplays My existence. 
I let no lies keep Me from My beloved children.  
Don’t let the enemy’s lies keep  you from sitting awhile with Me on a daily basis.  
We have much to discuss.  I have much to deliver to your quietened heart.

Come and Sit With Me Awhile - 7

May 13, 2015

I offer much to one who will receive.  
Don’t let the enemy hold you back from receiving from Me.  
He will say you are not worthy.  I say you ARE worthy! 
Who are you going to believe?  
Come and sit with Me awhile for Me to convince you of My accepting love.

Come and Sit With Me for Awhile - 6

May 12, 2015

Oftentimes, you may slip in your walk. Do you hide your face from Me?
Don’t hid your face from Me! Come boldly before Me and tell Me of your slip.
I will enable you to gain the strength to get up and move forward.
That is all you need do, beloved child.
Do not hesitate to come and sit awhile with Me and let Me relieve you of your guilt.

Come and Sit With Me for Awhile - 5

May 10, 2015

Occasionally you will find yourself at peace and sigh a sigh of relief. Know that I provide this peace. It would be My delight that you abide in this peace always. You must simply bear in mind that your loving God is at work in your life bringing about His best. Yes! I provide the best that life has to offer. Come and let Me give you that peace in your heart. Come and sit awhile with Me.

Come and Sit With Me for Awhile - 4

May 6, 2015

Taking on the cares of the world is no place for you to dwell. Come to Me. Get quiet before Me and know that your cares are swallowed up into the heart of the living God. Know this: I delight in relieving you of your burden. Don’t carry it a moment longer. Come to Me with your concerns and rest in the knowledge that they are taken into the care of the living God. Come and sit awhile with your God and be relieved of your burden.

Come and Sit With Me for Awhile - 3

May 4, 2015

I am calling My beloved children into a new place of freedom in Me. It is a place where you may sit in My presence, enjoying all that I have created. Look at My creation with new eyes, hear with keener hearing, and know that I take delight in having you res in the quietness of My presence, My eternal presence, being made know to your heart in a most significant way. Come and sit awhile with your Beloved!

Come and Sit with Me Awhile - 2

May 3, 2015

Come and sit awhile with Me. Sit quietly and listen to the birds singing. Know that their song is a song of praise to the Holy One. They take delight in being a part of My creation. They take delight in frolicking in the vastness that I have provided for their habitation. Come and sit awhile with Me and enjoy this aspect of My creation, and while you are at it, beloved, enjoy being quiet before Me.

Come and Sit with Me for Awhile

April 30, 2015

Come and sit with Me for awhile, beloved. Let us discuss your concerns. Lay them at My feet and leave them with Me. Let Me tend your aching heart. I am your God and I am concerned about every aspect of your life. Come. Rest in My presence. Sit and talk with Me. I will soothe your aching heart. I will heal your wounds. I take delight in taking your concerns to My heart and acting on them. Will you do this? Will you come and sit awhile with Me?

The Golden Key

April 26, 2015

In a vision, I saw Someone holding a large, golden key with His right hand. It was covered in loose dirt, and He was taking His thumb and gradually pushing it off the key. Why did You show this to me, Lord?

I am uncovering something precious, too precious for words, but be assured you will know and recognize it as My truth. Man, in the past, has searched world over for the truth, discarding My printed word as fiction. In this day, many who did not recognize My truth will see it for what it is and embrace it with their whole hearts. I am making a deep revelation, a truth so precious, so profound that those who have looked over it in the past will see it, recognize it and embrace it fervently. They will know that it was there all the time, but had only been hidden in order for it to be unlocked for them in this day.

So get ready, beloved. Get ready for the wonder of the living God to be shown to you in a profound way and know that with the deep revelation you are about to see and embrace, your Beloved is only a stone’s throw away from the hour of His return. I am delighted to tell you that I am uncovering My truth, opening a new hour of wonder in your midst. Be ready for the surprise of your life, be ready to behold the goodness of your God in living color. You will be delighted, beloved, SO delighted at this truth that has been with you all along, since from the beginning!!!

A Wide Door

April 25, 2015

I would like to open a wide door and have you enter, beloved. I have many things that I wish for you to attend for Me. Are you willing to come through that door and get busy with the business at hand? I am waiting for your assistance. Will you offer it to Me, no questions asked, just obedient responses?

Eagle’s Wings

April 23, 2015

Come to Me. Let Me bear you up on the wings of an eagle. This is surely a place that will thrill your heart. Come and see things from My vantage point and know with a certainty that your God has all under His mighty control. Do not waver in your stance, beloved. Maintain your stance. The Lord will see you through and He will show you things from His perspective, things that you cannot identify from where you sit. Come to Me. Come up higher and look at the world from My point of view. Let Me bear you up on the wings of an eagle.

A Refreshed Spirit

April 14, 2015

Come and let Me refresh your spirit, beloved. Let Me breathe new life into you. I am waiting. I am eager to begin a new day, a new day where divine hope will spring forth in your heart, lighting each new day with the living God’s unwavering love. Be refreshed by the Spirit of the living God. Be revived deep within. Come and spend time with Me. Look into My eyes of love and let Me give new meaning to your existence. Enable Me to show you the reason that I have called on you to complete your earthly task. I want to refresh you. Be refreshed, beloved. Let Me breathe new life into your heart of love.

The Grace of God

April 13, 2015

The grace of God is with you, beloved. It is a gift that I give freely to all who will receive. It is a gift like no other. It entails more than you could ever imagine. Recognize this gift of My love for what is is: a gift given freely to any who will receive, a wonderful gift given out of the depths of My heart. Grace is a wonderful gift. Receive it and thank Me, for in so doing you will rise above the world’s dominance and into the wonder and thrill of My love!!!

My Treasured Possession

March 30, 2015

You are My treasured possession. I value you highly, more than you can imagine. Look at the finest gem. Look at its clarity and color. Look at its cut. What do you see? I see a gem of great beauty. Know that I see you as a gem of great beauty. Nothing, no one, can compare to you, beloved. You are one of a kind. I made you, and I cut you from the finest gem stone. Your color suits you just fine, and beloved, the light that shines on you is the light of My glory and it produces a clarity that reaches down to the depths of your heart. That is where My focus is, and that is where My focus is centered, on the very depths of your heart, that heart that is My treasured possession!!!

The Secrets of My Heart

March 29, 2015

Would you like to know the secrets of My heart? Would you like to experience the depths of My love? I would love to entertain you with these wonders. Come to Me and be filled with My truth, be filled with the wonder of My love.

This is the hour to draw near to the heart of your God. It is not the time to be focused on the world. Look away from the world and look into My eyes of love. I want to woo you away, far away from the world’s allure. I want you to know the secrets of My heart.

Will you take your eyes off the world and look in My direction? I am trying to catch your eye. Will you give Me a glance? Will you then give Me your full attention? I want to reveal the secrets of My heart to you, and I want you to experience My deep and abiding love for you. Will you cooperate with Me? Look at Me! Look at Me!! Look, I say, at ME!!!


March 27, 2015

Celebrate! For a new hour of wonder is upon you.

Celebrate! Call out a willingness to serve. Be ready!

For all that is coming is surely intense.

The Lord is calling for celebration in this new hour.

He wants His children to be glad-hearted.

Many surprises await you. Much will bring thrills to your heart.

Tablets of Human Hearts

March 23, 2015

I want you to know, beloved, that the time is fast approaching when your Beloved will make an appearance in your life in a dynamic way. Be prepared for this occurrence and know that it brings complete satisfaction to My heart. Know this also, that when others look at you they will read the wonders of My love, for they will be inscribed on your heart in a most satisfying way. This fact is something that will not be understood by man, but will be acknowledged by man, for the inscription will not be ignored. It will be there for one and all to see, for one and all to receive just for the asking. I am telling you today that the tablets of stone are obsolete and have been since I sent My Spirit to abide in you. In this day, I am doing a new thing, a delightful new thing. So be prepared to accept the wonder of it, and know, beloved, that this occurrence is going to delight and surprise even the most skeptical among you!!!

Crisp White Linen

March 21, 2015

Oh! The purity of the living God. It is fresh! It is powerful and it is wonderful! It is to be had by any who will surrender his heart, any who will call out a willingness to follow Me. I am calling out in this day. Come one, come all! There is much to be had by surrendering your heart to the Beloved, much to know and enjoy. Don’t let the world get you bogged down in the messiness of this hour. Look to Me. Look to My purity and goodness, and know, beloved, a true gladness deep within your heart.

I am calling to one and all. I am leaving none without an invitation. Come and realize the true value of serving the Almighty. Come and know the sweetness of My love!!!

The Majesty of God

March 18, 2015

majesty – magnificence, splendor, dignity

There is nothing that can compare with the majesty of the living God, nothing anywhere at any time! Declare this truth! Declare it with gusto. Fall in line with My will. See My will accomplished on earth. For as the will of your Father develops in your midst, the world will take on a new look, a look of love. Now isn’t that the place in which you desire to reside? Isn’t that the place for which your heart yearns to dwell???

Hearken to My Voice

March 13, 2015

Hearken to the voice of your Beloved. Hearken to My still small voice. It may be only a gentle whisper, but it is full of power. It speaks volumes to one who will listen and obey. Come near. I have some words of love to speak to you. I want you to realize some very important truths. Hearken to My voice. Follow My lead, and beloved, step into My embrace!!!

Undivided Devotion

March 12, 2015

I want your undivided devotion, beloved. I want you looking to Me with the expectant hope that I can and will carry out My best in your life. I want your eyes fixed on Me. I don’t want you doubting, I want you hopeful, looking to Me, the Almighty, to set to right those things that hinder your walk.

Be expectant and stay focused on the One Who can and will supply your heart’s desires. Know that a devoted heart will enable the Beloved to work on your behalf. All you need do is just ask and know in your heart that I can and will fulfill that longing deep within your heart, setting your feet in the place of My choosing, the only place that can satisfy a heart!!!

The Warrior

February 28, 2015

I am the mighty Warrior, your mighty Warrior. Look on Me as such. When attacks come your way, call out to Me. I will go to war for you. I can combat any evil that could come your way and it delights Me to do so.

The Warrior, the mighty Warrior, will always go to work on your behalf and send His angels to smooth the way for your progression into the peace for which your heart longs. You may find the battle a bit intense, but know this always: I am at work on your behalf and I will never relinquish your precious heart that I hold so dear, beloved. Never! No, never!!!

The Beat of My Heart

February 26, 2015

Come. Put your head on My breast. Do you hear My heart beating? Do you feel the rich quality of My heartbeat? It is beating for you. It is beating a rhythm announcing that the hour of wonder is upon the world. Come. Rest in the comfort that this beating heart of the Beloved can bring to your heart, and know that as you rest in that place, resting there on My breast, your heart will take up the same rhythm and together we will usher in the start of a new and dynamic hour!!!

My Fragrance

February 25, 2015

Come to Me, spend time with Me and soak up My fragrance. It is a fragrance fit for a King and His beloved. Come to Me and know the wonder of this fragrance as you nestle close to Me. I want you to be permeated with this fragrance, for it is the fragrance of love - deep, pure love, love that has no boundaries and is given freely out of the heart of the Master, the King of kings and the Lord of lords.

Will you soak up this delightful fragrance and be a walking, talking instrument of the Lord’s delight to mankind? Will you allow My fragrance to permeate your heart and offer to whomsoever will come the wonder of the Master’s great love? My fragrance will woo them, woo them out of their complacency, out of their unbelief, out of that place of comfort with the world. I want them to know Me and the wonder of My love. Come to Me and let My sweet fragrance permeate your being.

Be a walking demonstration of My wonder and My love, for in so doing, beloved, mankind will be drawn into My sweet compassionate arms of love, and that is the desire of your Master, that is the cry of My heart!!!


February 24, 2015

I have many ornaments for you, dear one, ornaments that will enhance your beauty, ornaments that will speak to others of My love for mankind. Come to Me and let Me present these ornaments to you one by one. I will place them and position them just where they need to be, in the location that will attract others to your Savior. These ornaments have been in safekeeping for this present hour. Come now and receive them with thankfulness, for they will enhance your walk. They will enable you to shine forth the love of the living God and guide many into My fold. Yes, it can be done. I have planned it and My plans far exceed anything man can imagine. My plans are My plans, without fault, and My plan is to carry them out and carry them out I will.

Yes! I have many ornaments for My beloved and I desire to place these ornaments on you, My beloved. Come and receive. Come and be enhanced for your walk with Me and carry forth My plans without further ado. For the hour is here and the time is right!!!

Spend Time With Me!

February 14, 2014

Come! Spend time with Me. Rest beside the refreshing waters of My presence. Come! Recline in this place of sweet refreshment close to the heart of your God. I have a place for you. I have a place just for you. Do not delay. Do not put off what needs to be done today. Come to Me. Spend time with Me and know the full benefit of being in the presence of One Who is love, precious love. There is no love that can compare to the love of the living God. Come to Me, beloved, and be refreshed, be invigorated and then go forth from My presence and extol My greatness to others.

Oh, that others see the living God’s love through your words, your touch, your essence! That is what it is all about, beloved. That is the main goal that I want you to possess. Come! Come without delay and be refreshed and invigorated by the presence of the Almighty, by the pouring forth of My love into your heart, into your very soul!!!

The Lord’s Love

February 12, 2015

The Lord’s love is better than wine. It is indeed intoxicatingly wonderful. Receive the pure love of the living God and be saturated with the goodness that it provides. It is indeed intoxicating, but it is also a love of great worth, a love that knows no boundaries. No limits are set on the love the Almighty bestows on His beloved. No limits are set on the provision that comes with that love. The living God is beckoning to you today. Draw near. Run after Me. Know the rich quality that My love provides for one who seeks Me first. Yes! Know the rich quality of My love and all it provides, for it is for you, it is for you, My beloved. It is for you!!!


February 9, 2015

I am omnipresent. I am always with you. You may not always “feel” My presence, but I am. I am with you and I take delight in being with you and watching you grow. I take delight in seeing My very own child grow into the person I created you to be. You may think that you are not growing, or maybe that you are not growing fast enough to suit you. I say to you, beloved, that your growth suits Me just fine. I say to you that I love what you are becoming by My hand and I am proud to call you My very own beloved child!!!

My Word is NOT Deceptive!

February 6, 2015

My Word is not deceptive. It is pure truth and it is for you to walk in. Walk in My truth, knowing that I am with you in this endeavor, securing your way and offering you safe passage. No! There is no deception in My Word, none at all. Recognize that fact! Embrace My Word with your whole heart. Do not be discouraged when things are not going along according to your plans. Remember, you gave your heart to Me, calling out to Me to have My way and help you in your walk. Your walk may include some excursions that I have planned for you and deleting some of the plans that you thought imperative. I delete only what is not in your best interest, beloved. I delete only those things that could cause strife in your life. Do not wonder where your God is leading you. Rejoice! For My plans are without exception the BEST, and you will arrive to your destination with a smile on your face and a song flowing from deep within your heart of hearts!!!


February 5, 2015

I know everything. I know from the beginning to the end. I know your future and I know your heart ‘s desires. Yes, beloved, I know everything about you. I care deeply about you. My interest in you far exceeds the passing glance. I look deep within your heart. I look deep into the motives behind your actions. What do I see? I see many things. I see things that will surprise you, things that you do not realize about yourself. Be confident of this fact. My omniscience is beneficial to you. It assists you in your daily walk. It assists you in all that your future holds. Rely on the One Who is able to lift you up out of your circumstances to put your feet on the solid rock of the life that I have planned for you. Rely on Me to present My best to you, and rely on Me to see you through all that life brings to you, beloved, now and forever.

I am the omniscient One. I am a holy and caring God. You may rest in Me. Rest in the knowledge that the One Who knows all cares deeply about His own and your future in Me looks bright, brighter than you could EVER imagine!!!

Your Journey

February 3, 2015

You may not understand this journey that you are on. You may wonder about the stops, the twists and turns that you experience along the way. Just know that I am with you. Know with a certainty that with every twist, with every turn, I am with you, securing your path. Know that the light of My glory is lighting your way even when you don’t realize it.

I am a God with a delicious plan for each of My own. This plan has many surprises included for each of My children. It includes days of sunshine and days of rain. It includes times of distress and times of peace. But you are to know this with a certainty: Your God is with you! He will never forsake you while you are on this journey that He has planned for you, and at the end you will see and understand that it was well worth the effort and time that it took to arrive to your destination.

I am eager for each of you to complete your journey. I am eager to see you completed in this endeavor that we have undertook to bring about this completion, but in the meantime, I know, and I want you to know too, that the living God has looked on your heart to possess it and bless it, and I will see the wonder of this work on that fateful day, and you will too, beloved, you certainly will too!

The Warrior

January 29, 2015

I am the mighty Warrior, your mighty Warrior. Look on Me as such. When attacks come your way, call out to Me. I will go to war for you. I can combat any evil that could come your way and it delights Me to do so. The Warrior, the mighty Warrior, will always go to work on your behalf and send His angels to smooth the way for your progression into the peace for which your heart longs. You may find the battle a bit intense, but know this always: I am at work on your behalf and I will never relinquish your precious heart that I hold so dear, beloved. Never! No, never!!!

The Button

January 27, 2015

In a vision, I saw a man’s finger poised to push a button. The button was round and had a decorative design inscribed on it. My finger is poised to push the button that will bring about some outstanding events in the lives of My dear children. Watch for them to make their appearance soon. I do all things well and what I am about to bring about is no exception. So get ready to participate in events that will not only boggle your mind, but will thrill your heart and Mine. For you see, I have been eagerly awaiting this hour, eagerly awaited blessing My dear children in this very unusual and thrilling way. So get ready to identify the work of your Creator and know true heart peace as your Beloved displays a shining hour of powerful activity in your midst!!

Come to Me

January 24, 2015

Come softly to Me in the quiet hour. I have words of love to speak to you. I will give you clear direction. I will revive you with My loving presence. I wait for you in the quiet hour. Come to Me and let Me whisper words of love to you. Let Me tell you about My plans, plans to bless you and move you into the most spectacular of moments. The time is fast approaching when you will see all that I have promised develop. Get ready! Look with high anticipation toward your future. I will not disappoint you. I could never disappoint one of My own!!!


January 22, 2015

anticipation – expectation, hope, eagerness, keenness

Let your anticipation soar, beloved. For the hour of wonder is presently upon you and your God is going to show the world His magnificent power. Yes. Let your level of anticipation be out the roof, for your God is going to bring about a shining hour, an hour shining with His glory, an hour permeated with His love!!!

Times of Refreshing

January 21, 2015

Acts 3:19- 21 Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord, and that He may send the Christ who has been appointed for you – even Jesus. He must remain in heaven until the time comes for God to restore everything, as He promised long ago through His holy prophets.

Times of refreshing will come to those who repent and seek the heart of the living God. Do not fail in this practice. Do not fail to seek the heart of your Beloved, for He offers times of refreshing, a refreshing beyond anything the world has to offer. This is the time to follow after the heart of the living God. Focus on Him and His words of truth, and know, as you follow after His heart, He will show you His heart of love, refreshing you deep within and offering to you, His beloved, the reason for your existence on this earth.

Be Lifted Up

January 20, 2015

Knowing the heart of the living God should be your goal. There is no knowledge as deep or as wonderful as knowing Me. How do you get to know Me? Spend time with Me. Talk to Me as you would your dearest friend and confidant. Read My written words of life. I supply all that you need. Do not hesitate in receiving. As you receive, getting to know Me and My wonderful heart of love, I am blessed and I am pleased. Bless Me. Please Me. Draw closer to Me in this manner. You will be surprised at how fast your knowledge of the living God will grow. Knowledge of Me will spread from your heart to others, and that wonderful knowledge will lift you high above all occurrences that could rob you of your peace. Seek Me! Read My Words of life, and be lifted up from the world, the world’s ways, into the rich, sublime world of the living God!!!

sublime – beautiful, morally worth, complete, excellent

A New Year

January 19, 2015

A new year has arrived and this new year holds many events that will surprise and delight. I am the King of glory and it delights Me to bring forth this hour of wonder. I want you to know, to realize, that the dramas that are taking place across your land are not of My doing. They are contrary to My will, but know this truth with a certainty: I am BIGGER than anything man could devise and I am able to set things to right where man has caused chaos.

So, My words to you are:
Stand straight and tall with your eyes fixed on your Beloved, and march most assuredly into the plans of your God with confidence that can only come to one who is devoted to serving the Lord God Almighty, the King of Glory!!!

My Words of Truth

January 12, 2015

I want My children to step into the realization of My truth and its properties. My truth remains steadfast always. It is not weakened with time. It is not weakened with words that are not spoken out of a heart of love. No matter what occurs, My truth remains steadfast. Regard it as such. Regard the truth of the living God as words that live on in power and might no matter what occurs, no matter who speaks them or how they are spoken. My truth is solid. It is firmly planted in My heart and it is spoken with power and might by the One Who saw fit to reveal Himself and His heart through His written word.

My truth stands fast in the heart of My beloved children. I want you to know that I exhibit My truth in My written word in ways you never dreamed possible. You cannot imagine what My written word does in a person’s life. But I can see into a heart and I know that My truth permeates that heart and enables it to gain in strength. So be of good cheer. The living God has seen fit to demonstrate His power through His word, and those who read it and take it to heart will know a certain permanence in their walk, a certain steadfastness in their lives, as they lean on My truth and walk according to the favor that it supplies.


January 7, 2015

nebulous – vague, imprecise, hazy, unformulated, tenuous, ill-defined, indefinable

There is nothing nebulous about My word or My plans. All is very clearly stated in My Holy Scriptures. I have told you all that you need to know to get through this life. Studying the handbook while you are on your journey is the best way to arrive unscathed into your destination. It is all there. It is precisely written for your benefit to help you along life’s way. Take it into your heart and mind. Receive it, as it is: truth, truth to be savored. I have spoken time and time again of what lies ahead for My children. I have told you in clear language that much waits you that will be most satisfying to a heart. So, beloved, prepare yourself for this era in the life of mankind. Prepare yourself by studying My word. Prepare yourself by taking it to heart, and know in the days ahead that your preparation was NOT in vain. No! It was beneficial for you and for those to whom you speak it, it is life and health. Read and learn of Me. Read and learn of the eternal One Who saw fit to prepare you in every way for the events that come to you in this life and into the next. It has been My delight to do so. It has been My delight to fortify you with the power and strength of My wonderful words of life!!!

January 1, 2015

enigma – mystery

Yes, I am a mysterious God. My ways are certainly a mystery to man. Who understands My method? Who can fathom My love for mankind? Oh, yes. I am mysterious, an enigma.

But let Me tell you these helpful words, words that you may ponder. I have told you many truths in My Word. If you absorb these truths, you will understand Me a little more with each passing day. You will learn My likes and dislikes. You will see Me as I am, tender, loving and powerful. If you will draw near to Me through My Word, your life will take on new meaning. Try it. Try reading My Words of truth and getting to know Me better. I tell you this, beloved. You will see Me more clearly, but you will never be able to fathom My love for you. What man can understand the rich quality of My love? What man can identify My love in another human being? Not one. No, not one can show the love of the Lord God Almighty, the One Who gave His life for you.
Giving My life was something that I did out of My loving heart. I have no regrets. No! Every day I am thankful for this act of loving kindness that I displayed for you.

Regard this mystery with a thankful heart. Yes! Regard this mystery with words of praise to the One Who is an enigma, a great mystery, Who willingly gave Himself that you might draw nearer, nearer to that heart that loves you so deeply!!!


Faith Tabernacle of Kremmling