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Listening Ears

The Warrior

January 29, 2015

I am the mighty Warrior, your mighty Warrior. Look on Me as such. When attacks come your way, call out to Me. I will go to war for you. I can combat any evil that could come your way and it delights Me to do so. The Warrior, the mighty Warrior, will always go to work on your behalf and send His angels to smooth the way for your progression into the peace for which your heart longs. You may find the battle a bit intense, but know this always: I am at work on your behalf and I will never relinquish your precious heart that I hold so dear, beloved. Never! No, never!!!

The Button

January 27, 2015

In a vision, I saw a man’s finger poised to push a button. The button was round and had a decorative design inscribed on it. My finger is poised to push the button that will bring about some outstanding events in the lives of My dear children. Watch for them to make their appearance soon. I do all things well and what I am about to bring about is no exception. So get ready to participate in events that will not only boggle your mind, but will thrill your heart and Mine. For you see, I have been eagerly awaiting this hour, eagerly awaited blessing My dear children in this very unusual and thrilling way. So get ready to identify the work of your Creator and know true heart peace as your Beloved displays a shining hour of powerful activity in your midst!!!

Come to Me

January 24, 2015

Come softly to Me in the quiet hour. I have words of love to speak to you. I will give you clear direction. I will revive you with My loving presence. I wait for you in the quiet hour. Come to Me and let Me whisper words of love to you. Let Me tell you about My plans, plans to bless you and move you into the most spectacular of moments. The time is fast approaching when you will see all that I have promised develop. Get ready! Look with high anticipation toward your future. I will not disappoint you. I could never disappoint one of My own!!!


January 22, 2015

anticipation – expectation, hope, eagerness, keenness

Let your anticipation soar, beloved. For the hour of wonder is presently upon you and your God is going to show the world His magnificent power. Yes. Let your level of anticipation be out the roof, for your God is going to bring about a shining hour, an hour shining with His glory, an hour permeated with His love!!!

Times of Refreshing

January 21, 2015

Acts 3:19- 21 Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord, and that He may send the Christ who has been appointed for you – even Jesus. He must remain in heaven until the time comes for God to restore everything, as He promised long ago through His holy prophets.

Times of refreshing will come to those who repent and seek the heart of the living God. Do not fail in this practice. Do not fail to seek the heart of your Beloved, for He offers times of refreshing, a refreshing beyond anything the world has to offer. This is the time to follow after the heart of the living God. Focus on Him and His words of truth, and know, as you follow after His heart, He will show you His heart of love, refreshing you deep within and offering to you, His beloved, the reason for your existence on this earth.

Be Lifted Up

January 20, 2015

Knowing the heart of the living God should be your goal. There is no knowledge as deep or as wonderful as knowing Me. How do you get to know Me? Spend time with Me. Talk to Me as you would your dearest friend and confidant. Read My written words of life. I supply all that you need. Do not hesitate in receiving. As you receive, getting to know Me and My wonderful heart of love, I am blessed and I am pleased. Bless Me. Please Me. Draw closer to Me in this manner. You will be surprised at how fast your knowledge of the living God will grow. Knowledge of Me will spread from your heart to others, and that wonderful knowledge will lift you high above all occurrences that could rob you of your peace. Seek Me! Read My Words of life, and be lifted up from the world, the world’s ways, into the rich, sublime world of the living God!!!

sublime – beautiful, morally worth, complete, excellent

A New Year

January 19, 2015

A new year has arrived and this new year holds many events that will surprise and delight. I am the King of glory and it delights Me to bring forth this hour of wonder. I want you to know, to realize, that the dramas that are taking place across your land are not of My doing. They are contrary to My will, but know this truth with a certainty: I am BIGGER than anything man could devise and I am able to set things to right where man has caused chaos.

So, My words to you are:
Stand straight and tall with your eyes fixed on your Beloved, and march most assuredly into the plans of your God with confidence that can only come to one who is devoted to serving the Lord God Almighty, the King of Glory!!!

My Words of Truth

January 12, 2015

I want My children to step into the realization of My truth and its properties. My truth remains steadfast always. It is not weakened with time. It is not weakened with words that are not spoken out of a heart of love. No matter what occurs, My truth remains steadfast. Regard it as such. Regard the truth of the living God as words that live on in power and might no matter what occurs, no matter who speaks them or how they are spoken. My truth is solid. It is firmly planted in My heart and it is spoken with power and might by the One Who saw fit to reveal Himself and His heart through His written word.

My truth stands fast in the heart of My beloved children. I want you to know that I exhibit My truth in My written word in ways you never dreamed possible. You cannot imagine what My written word does in a person’s life. But I can see into a heart and I know that My truth permeates that heart and enables it to gain in strength. So be of good cheer. The living God has seen fit to demonstrate His power through His word, and those who read it and take it to heart will know a certain permanence in their walk, a certain steadfastness in their lives, as they lean on My truth and walk according to the favor that it supplies.


January 7, 2015

nebulous – vague, imprecise, hazy, unformulated, tenuous, ill-defined, indefinable

There is nothing nebulous about My word or My plans. All is very clearly stated in My Holy Scriptures. I have told you all that you need to know to get through this life. Studying the handbook while you are on your journey is the best way to arrive unscathed into your destination. It is all there. It is precisely written for your benefit to help you along life’s way. Take it into your heart and mind. Receive it, as it is: truth, truth to be savored. I have spoken time and time again of what lies ahead for My children. I have told you in clear language that much waits you that will be most satisfying to a heart. So, beloved, prepare yourself for this era in the life of mankind. Prepare yourself by studying My word. Prepare yourself by taking it to heart, and know in the days ahead that your preparation was NOT in vain. No! It was beneficial for you and for those to whom you speak it, it is life and health. Read and learn of Me. Read and learn of the eternal One Who saw fit to prepare you in every way for the events that come to you in this life and into the next. It has been My delight to do so. It has been My delight to fortify you with the power and strength of My wonderful words of life!!!

January 1, 2015

enigma – mystery

Yes, I am a mysterious God. My ways are certainly a mystery to man. Who understands My method? Who can fathom My love for mankind? Oh, yes. I am mysterious, an enigma.

But let Me tell you these helpful words, words that you may ponder. I have told you many truths in My Word. If you absorb these truths, you will understand Me a little more with each passing day. You will learn My likes and dislikes. You will see Me as I am, tender, loving and powerful. If you will draw near to Me through My Word, your life will take on new meaning. Try it. Try reading My Words of truth and getting to know Me better. I tell you this, beloved. You will see Me more clearly, but you will never be able to fathom My love for you. What man can understand the rich quality of My love? What man can identify My love in another human being? Not one. No, not one can show the love of the Lord God Almighty, the One Who gave His life for you.
Giving My life was something that I did out of My loving heart. I have no regrets. No! Every day I am thankful for this act of loving kindness that I displayed for you.

Regard this mystery with a thankful heart. Yes! Regard this mystery with words of praise to the One Who is an enigma, a great mystery, Who willingly gave Himself that you might draw nearer, nearer to that heart that loves you so deeply!!!


December 18, 2014

fluff – nonsense, mess up, miss, botch, bungle

There is no fluff in the work that I am presently doing. All is based on My solid truth. Regard this as a truth that you need to embrace. No matter what comes your way, no matter what you see or what you hear, know that the living God is doing a solid, accurate work and it will be completed according to My expertise without fail. Trust Me. My work is not fluff. t will be completed without fail to My perfect specifications!!!

Clown Shoes

December 17, 2014

The Lord showed me a clown wearing a huge pair of funny- looking, yellow shoes.

Here is what He has to tell us about those shoes:   I, the living, breathing God, have some plans in store for you, happy plans, plans that will satisfy a heart. Regard what I am bringing your way with words of thanksgiving.

The future looks bright. Some of you may think that My plans are a bit funny. You may look at your walk and wonder what in the world I am doing in your life. I tell you this truly, beloved, My plans will richly satisfy a heart. My plans contain everything for which a heart could long. So just bear with Me. When the enemy tries to call your attention to your unusual walk with Me, pay him no mind. Pay his ridicule no attention, for you see, beloved, I am doing something very special in these last days, so special that many will take pause and wonder just what My intentions are in certain instances. Just be aware that I do all things well, and the walk that I have planned for your future is no exception, beloved, no exception at all!!!

I Am With You!

December 16, 2014

I am in the midst of all of your problems and circumstances, right by your side, looking out for you with care and concern. The enemy would have you believe that I am off on a cloud somewhere tending to the harp players and heavenly choirs, but I am not. I am in the thick of things with you all of the time. Do not doubt My ability to hold you secure. Do not doubt My ability to get you free of the enemy’s hooks.

Remember: I love and care for you. It is My desire to assist you no matter what comes your way. Just give Me the heads up and I will intervene on your behalf. I will free you, nurse your wounds, and set you back on the path of My delight, and that is where you want to be, is it not? That is certainly where I want you to be; My path of delight!!!


December 12, 2014

Prayer is communion with Me, your God. I am only a whisper away.
My ear is attuned to your voice whether you whisper or give a loud cry. I listen.
Regard this fact as interesting. Regard it as a blessing.
Regard it as the necessary action that it is. Prayer.
I am only a whisper away. Whisper words of thanks to Me today.
Whisper words of praise to Me for all that I have done and will do, and whisper to
Me your yearning to see Me bring all of your loved ones into My fold.

Be Eager and Receive

December 10, 2014

The eyes of all of heaven are on the earth, watching and waiting for the announcement your holy Father is making to the world. Yes. All heaven is waiting and watching for that wonderful day to occur. I want you to know, beloved, that the hour of wonder is at hand. I want you upright, alert and expectant, for the hour that I am about to present is to be an hour of fantastic revelation. I am eager to present it and I want you to be eager to receive all that I am presenting.

The Unleashing of My Glory

December 9, 2014

I want you to know first and foremost that My glory is part of My grace, My loving kindness extended toward you, My beloved children. Bear this in mind always! Keep in mind also that My glory is given freely and with a willingness to see My children grow in power and strength, going about doing My will with an expertise beyond their abilities.

The glory of the Beloved comes to each of His children as He wills it. It is most pleasurable when I hear one of My own respond to the wonder of this pleasurable experience. The Beloved is about to permeate hearts with His glory, and when He does, He will ask some things of you that will surprise you. He will ask you to get out of the staid and boring and step into the wonder of His holiness and all that it brings. Will you do this? Will you do this for Me, for yourself, for your fellowman? You see, when you walk in obedience to My will great things will happen, things far beyond anything your imagination could fathom.

Will you follow My lead? Will you embrace what I have in store for you? Will you step into the design of My will without looking back? If you do this, you will never be the same, beloved. You will NEVER be the same, and I mean NEVER. Are you willing? Are you ready? Then let it begin. Let the glory of the Lord God Almighty be unleashed.

Out of the Mundane and into the Spectacular

December 7, 2014

mundane – ordinary, dull, routine, everyday, commonplace, boring, unexciting, humdrum, deary, tedious, uninteresting

spectacular – stunning, amazing, fantastic, fabulous, extravagant, magnificent, brilliant, dramatic, dazzling, breathtaking, astonishing, marvelous, wonderful, exciting, incredible

I am taking My dear church OUT of the mundane and placing you right in the middle of spectacular. Be excited and rejoice, beloved, for the hour is drawing nigh. Oh, the wondrous presentation of the Lord God Almighty will thrill a heart and cause many to see the goodness of the Lord! I am eager for this hour. You be eager too. Look forward, anticipate the coming of the spectacular and know that with this coming hour the beauty of your God will shine through the mundane and offer to the world the rays of hope that have been longed for.


December 6, 2014

marvel - to be in awe, be bowled over, be unable to believe your own eyes, wonder, be astonished

Marvel at the wonder of the living God and His great love for you. For indeed, My love is a marvel! It is mighty and something to behold with awe. I want you to know that My powerful love brings forth many wonders in the lives of those who have surrendered to Me. I want you to know that this love, this marvelous love, is given freely and without interruption. That is correct! There in no interruption in My free-flowing love. It is one continuous flow from My heart to yours. Marvel at this, beloved. Marvel at this wondrous truth and receive, receive it with a song of thanksgiving and praise to the One Who is love and Whose love presides in the heart of one who has surrendered and declared his undying devotion to the One Who possesses this awe-inspiring love in a continual flow, flowing from My heart to yours in one continuous motion.

A Bowl of Blackberries

December 5, 2014

In a vision, I saw a bowl of blackberries. Some of them were completely ripe, but there were others in various stages of ripeness. There were leaves and twigs in the bowl with the blackberries. Why did You show this to me, Lord?

This bowl of berries represents My church. Many are ripe and ready for action, while there are others who haven’t gotten to that point quite yet. There are a few thorns and thistles in this bowl and they represent those in the church who are not of the church, they are merely present and have not surrendered their hearts to Me. They do not realize that I want to make something brand new of their hearts. They are content as they are, and cause much discord in My church.

Do not let these thorns and thistles get in the way of your progress, beloved. Maintain your focus and proceed forward into all that I have for you. Pray for those thorns and thistles that they might come to the knowledge of the truth and surrender to Me. But know this: They will not prevent My work from going forward. Yes, they are a mild hindrance, but remember: All things are possible with your God and a few thorns and thistles will not keep your Beloved from having His way on earth. No! They will not prevent the appointed hour from arriving post haste!!!


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