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January 31,

Spirit of Prophecy Bulletin

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The Lord says just as the potter designs each clay pot in different shapes and sizes, I have designed and created each one of you. Everyone has been born with a unique purpose and plan. Each one of you have been strategically designed for a particular purpose, and I will work with each of you in a specific way. Do not fear the potter's wheel and do not refuse it, for this is My workmanship. This is the place where I am molding you and conforming you into My image. This is the place where all impurities and defilement will be destroyed and all bruises and blemishes will be erased. This is the place where the rough edges will be smooth out, broken vessels will be restored and old mindsets will be dismantled. Afflictions, traumas and misfortunes from the past will be annihilated and dreams will be birth and brought forth. This is the place where your mind will be renewed and you will learn to walk in integrity and maturity. This place is necessary for your spiritual growth to bring forth the gifts that I have placed on the inside of you.

Do not refuse the work on the potters wheel but allow Me to transform you as I shape your life and destiny. Trust Me when the process seems too difficult. Don't say that this is an uncomfortable place, but know that it is for your benefit and necessary to bring you in to the fulfillment of My plans. Do not resist the work that I am doing on the inside of you, but allow Me to accomplish My perfect will through you. Allow Me to work with you and fashion you into My image. I Am the master potter and as you allow Me, I will design your life so that you will become all that I have created you to be. You will become a glorious vessel of honor, and others will see the brilliance of the transformed life that I am creating in you. I desire to make something beautiful out of your life as you allow Me to work in and through you says the Lord.    More...

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2015 A Year of Prophetic Motion by Bill Burns
Prophetic word for the New Year.
CD $10

2015 A Year of Prophetic Motion Part 2 by Bill Burns
Prophetic word for the New Year.
CD $10

Prophetic Confirmation by Bill Burns
The number 44 confirms what God is doing in this season.
CD $10

Acquiring The Blessing by Bill Burns
Acquiring a blessing requires spiritual momentum.
CD $10 

Divine Realization by Marsha Burns
This is Marsha's message for 2015.
CD $10

Prepare The Way by Marsha Burns
We must prepare the way of the Lord inwardly first.
CD $10

This Old House by Marsha Burns
It is time to rebuild what has been broken down.
CD $10

Vision Signs by Marsha Burns
In this message Marsha shares 9 visions and their meanings.
CD $10

How Will We Reign? by Marsha Burns
We can only reign with God in His kingdom when we are overcomers.
CD $10 


January 2015 Download
Bill Burns--2015 A Year of Prophetic Motion Parts 1 & 2, Prophetic Confirmation, Acquiring The Blessing
Marsha Burns-Divine Realization, Prepare The Way, This Old House, Vision Signs, How Will We Reign?
J. Burns--Vision Sounds