May 30, 2015


There is a place that I am wooing you to come to. A place that you have never known or been to before. I Am so very vast, and every time we come together that is what I am doing, every time, wanting you to draw even closer. There is not a moment not a day that passes by that you come into My presence that I Am not calling you deeper, deeper still. Places where you can not come back from, where you are effective and more powerful than this world that you live in now. When you touch the deeper realms of My glory, you have grasped another world, where you partake of your real power and wisdom. Another level of My glory so that you are more effective and can reclaim the territory that I have given you in this world. Deeper still! Do not be afraid, do not let the enemy rob you, do not let fear or pride rob you. You will be amazed at the you, that you were made to be. Do not let familiarity, strongholds of rebellion rob you from coming. They standas enemies, barriers and boundaries that hinder you from stepping into this deep place. You know you really, really belong here, you are an alien to this world, not to Our world and I Am constantly bringing you closer in. You will be so glad that you have come deeper and lose yourself in Me and find your real self. You are greater than you know.   More...

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